Naruto Manga 427 + Konohamaru performs Rasengan?! + Tsunade meets her end?!

Naruto Manga 427 <spoiler><pics><raw><translation>

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You ready to fight?

You ready to fight? Cool... Konohamaru, get in here and show this guy whats up...

Hey everyone,

I’m really sorry that the break down was late this week but if you understand Thanksgiving then you know its like the laziest day in America each year.  We just sit around all day, eat lots of food and watch football.  I’m still sore from the annual flag football game we play every year on Thanksgiving and I have a large gross looking bruiseon my shoulder that’s turning all kids of weird colors.  Anyway, that’s why I’m behind but its back to business now!  It was a good (not great) issue of mangathis week and we’ve got some stuff to talk about but a couple things were obviously left out to the frustration of many a reader. Speaking of frustration, have any of you been following the DATEBAYO thing? But lets talk about the stuff Kishi decided to include in this issue of the manga.


Toungue already?! Couldn't he ask them out first?!

Naraku laid the smack down and pwnd a Konoha nin with this giant beast of judgment scene above.  I like the judgement angle of his power but it sucks that it rewarded the coward with his life.  I’m also a bigger fan of fast moving  hand to hand combat and jutsu rather than this mystical stuff. But this kind of power translates well into the manga as apposed to the hand to hand stuff that translates well in the anime.  Several issues back I asked who seems to be the coolest realm/path of Pain and Naraku was one of the most popular.  Are you still digging this character or does he need to be pwnd ASAP?

That's one hell of a petting zoo they have in Konoha isn't it?!

That's one hell of a petting zoo that they have in Konoha isn't it?

The crew dealing with Animal realm’s petting zoo has split into two parts, one led by Inoishi and the other led by Ibiki.  In a zombie or scary movie this would be the part where someone dies, usually the lovable token black dude or the annoying prick that no one likes.  In this case it may be the crazy interrogator who is covered in scars from being tortured himself… Ibiki.  Ibiki does make a fatal mistake when he says “I am your opponent!” Translation: I am the one you will kill shortly!

Good luck against Animal Realm Ibiki, you’ll need it.

I will continue to stretch out my part of the story for as long as possible! Believe it!

I will continue to stretch out my part of the story for as long as possible! Believe it! That is Kishi's way of the manga writer!


OMG! They are spending so much time showing us nothing when it comes to Naruto’s training in frog land.  It seriously climaxed way back when it showed his sage eyes.  They should have just stopped checking in on him there, it would have made it even more awesome when he returns to Konoha.  It’s not even worth adding a survey question for this one.

Hopefully this isn't a flashback that can used in a court of law... (only people with fucked up imaginations will get that joke)

Is it Poop no jutsu? Cause Konohamaru looks seriously constipated...

Konohamaru has a flash back that has Naruto playing the part of Sensei.  This flashback motivates and makes Konohamaru believe that he stands a chance against Naraku so this must be a powerful jutsu unless Naraku is a serious perv.  But what is it?

I'm gonna fight you... in seven years when I'm much bigger, stronger and have better techniques... but I will fight you!

I'm gonna fight you... in seven years... when I'm much bigger, stronger... and have more people with me... but I will fight you!

Konohamaru grew a pair and threw down a challenge that seems to have bought Ebisu some time.  We have scene nothing but ultimate sexy no jutsu from Kono but Naruto showed him a technique so hopefully he has some sort of skill level at this point.  I’m happy to see Kono come into his own and I say it’s over due!  This bodes well for a time skip after the invasions as well (feel free to crap or cheer on that thought in the comments section).  But that depends on Kono surviving a fight with Naraku…

The last lines say “Where is Deva Pain Headed?!” I think we all know the answer to that question.  Can we start singing the funeral march now for Tsunade or should we wait till the end actually comes?  Then the last line reads “Next issue, terror!!”  I can’t take to much from that last line because that could mean anything but neither hints at anything to do with Kakashi.  We’ve done two polls now on whether you guys think Kakashi is dead or not and both were nearly 80% believe him to still be alive even after last issue where he is sitting around a camp fire talking to his dead father!  Was that really the end of Kakashi?  Does it end with him talking to his dead father at a camp fire?  I know he saved Chouji and all but honestly I’ve felt like shooting a missle at Chouji more than a couple times so I hardly think that was the way a great character like that should go out!  I’m not running another poll on Kakashi’s death until we see him again in a future manga.

Thats about it for this episode, hope you enjoyed it.  A few quick things.  I’ll have the best theories from the THEORY SUBMISSION POST up in a new theory post later in the week (great submissions so far, keep it up!).  And alot of you email me about user name or icon issues, all of which are covered in the FAQ/ICON/USERNAME link that is in the user bar on the right top side of this page in the catagories section.  Other than that, lets hope for more answers than quetions in the next issue and I’ll keep on the spoilers as usual.

Ja mata,




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  1. Fiiiiiiiiiirst! Hey Alec, translate my Kanji… read it and weap baby! Whoop Whooooop!

  2. damn it! I was hope’n to steal it this week.

  3. hey bono what your kanji means??????????/

  4. Yo bono, i would if i honestly gave a flying f***…

  5. Well here goes my two cents. I’ve perused all the Naruto manga where Naruto was in Kohona pre-shippuuden, but to no avail. I can’t find the scene that Konohamaru is flashbacking to. Unless I missed it (totally plausible) I think Kishi is showing us a ‘future flashback’, that is to say a flashback that of course has taken place in the past (Naruto’s clothes are a giveaway), but has not been shown in the normal course of the past manga. So, what do we know? Konohamaru is the grandson of the third (a genius), has had a snooty but elite teacher, and until now has been comic relief. The more I think about it the less likely I think it is going to be a sexy jutsu. Konohamaru is wearing a forehead protector now, and not the goggles, so he is at a stage of learning real jutsu. Did Naruto figure that Konohamaru may have wind based chakra based on his family ties? Maybe taught him a wind blade type? Combo that with a shadow clone technique? The Rassengan? Did Ebisu help kono sign the contract scroll with the Monkey King? Obviously Naraku’s judgment jutsu takes time to grab the soul, or whatever, pull it in, and devour it. So, Konohamaru has time to distract him so that Ebisu can get away, and probably run away with kono.
    I think old scarface is gonna tell Deva to, ‘say hello to my little friend!’, and then promptly be peed on by a rather large dog.

  6. well Naruto couldn’t have taught him anything wind related because Naruto himself didn’t know what type of chakra he had until very recently… monkey king possibly but i think the monkey king would teach him more jutsu’s than actually waste his time working with konohamaru. It seems to me that the king was giving the third a lot of lip even though he was super strong and he was the hokage, so i doubt he would work directly with konohamaru. i think he’s just flashing back to when Naruto taught him how to use shadow clone, because when NArut retuns that’s the first thing he says to lil’ maru

  7. *Naruto

  8. you see, what we don’t know is Rock Lee is at the liquor store getting ready to open up a can of whoop-ass!

  9. I do t think element based was possible for Naruto by that point but the first part of Rasengan was just swirling chakra ball so that is possible. It may just be a flashback to the kage bunshin that Alec was referring to.

    @ Alec – I think Bono thought you enjoyed the battle and running joke. Pretty sure he doesn’t mean anything by it.

    @ babyfox – Bono’s says “number one”

  10. haha so is konohamaru actually gunna tell anyone he saw danzou cuz that is kinda big…

  11. I was wondering what happened to the other teams? The only one I have seen so far is team 10. Where is rock lee my other favorite? Did they go on vacation or something? How about the allied villages ? It seems like whenever other villages are in trouble, the leaf village is always there. When is it there turn?

  12. I wonder how powerful Ebisu really is, I hope he’s better than freaking Iruka.

  13. haha they arent showing kakashi because he just got up and hes coming to save konohamaru

  14. I think that they’re reserving the rest for da best part. If not, Kishimoto would make a very bad mistake because his idea of leaving pass to the next generation would’nt be too much consistent. I think that Neji and Rock Lee would come soon, and I think the last one will help Ibiki and the rest with the Animal Realm. Or maybe I hope so…

  15. @ Jeremiah- i know what bono was doing and i figured it would be along those lines, and yet i couldn’t resist giving the greaser impression of non-chalantly ignoring a great rival, as too make it seem like no big deal…

  16. @squishy- the greatest excuse for kishi not to draw anybody in the series. they’re out on “missions”, something that says i don’t want them coming back yet to die in vain, or to actually save the village so instead I’m going to kill off all these weak excuses for ninjas you’ve never seen before.

  17. If we are to determie just what type of jutsu Naruto taught Kono we have to look at the time frame of picture. Naruto in it looks like he did before his 3 years of training with J-man. So let look at what he would have known then.

    1. Shadow Clone Jutsu, his first major skill.
    2. Summoning technique with the toads.
    3. Rasengan

    Now if he uses a shadow clone technique, he will not win the fight. First no one has as much chakra as Naruto, at least in the village. So he will be very limited it how many and of what power. I belive if he does this, it sets up for a rescue from someone in the village.

    If he does a summoning, first i don’t think it will be with the monkey king, that would have been with his grandfather, not naruto. Naruto would have had him sign a contract with the toads. In this respect, keep in mind that the type of toad summoned is based off the summoners experiance and chakra. Naruto had issues summoning anything good, it was with the nine-tails chakra that he summoned the boss toad. I believe if he does this it could lead to a tie in to which he summons a toad. That will help tell naruto the situation or even summon naruto himself, he is in the area that toads are summoned from so it is feasable that Konos will of fire pulls Naruto back.

    If he was taught the rasengan this might actually do somthing, this would be the only KNOWN way Kono would have a chance by himself. Not many would think of a kid that age to have an ability to do that. It would also be a one time shot, if he misses he is dead.

    I also think that it could be a tie in to the ability that naruto was told not to use, maybe it is something like the 4ths teleportation or a variation that was taught and requires a chakra point, ie Kono.

    Just my Two.

  18. I dunno, I like the idea of having Shino around to throw fleas on the Animal Realm. And, remember an immature Lee’s strength against Sasuke’s immature Sharingan. Just because one’s eyes are fast enough to see the movements doesn’t mean that one’s body can react. In the end Kishi decides who lives and dies, whether or not they are there (I think) is immaterial.

  19. Konoha feels Pain’s wrath with every failed attempt at locating Naruto. (Cover of God Realm)

    Switch Scene to Konohamaru vs. Hell:

    “Dammit Konohamaru, why couldn’t you just have gotten away. Don’t worry about me. Let the grown ups fight, you still have time left,” said Ebisu. “Sorry sensei. But what would Naruto do in this situation,” asked Konohamaru. (Ebisu has a flash back of Naruto.)

    “Naruto, how you’ve changed this brat. I’ve already ordered back up prior to arriving. Don’t over do it. Just last until back up arrives,” said Ebisu. “Fool. Like he’d last until then. I don’t care who my victims are. Children are also capable of feeling Pain,” said Hell.

    (Hell turns around) “Konohamaru, watch out for his eyes. Its a powerful technique, don’t get hit by it,” said Ebisu. “Its time I use it. Thanks for this, Naruto. Mass shadow clone jutsu” said Konohamaru.

    (About 100 shadow clones appear) “Interesting. It won’t work unless I get the correct one. Perhaps I underestimated this kid,” said Hell. “Shadow clones, and a lot of them. I had no idea. Must be Naruto’s work. Heh, perhaps he should have been Konohamaru’s sensei,” said while smiling Ebisu.

    “I can’t make quite as much as Naruto. But at least I should be able to hold him off until the others arrive,” said Konohamaru.

    Switch Scene to Mount Myobokuzan:

    “So Naruto, how do you suppose we move on from here. I am incapable of training you any farther. If you are to be able to draw in natural chakra while moving, you’ll be a Sage to surpass any Sage in history. I still doubt the possibility, but if its possible, surely its something only you could do,” said Fukasku.

    (Naruto pants)

    “To draw in Natural energy in order to enter Sage mode while moving. Let’s think… I got it,” yelled Naruto. “What, are you saying you you’ve actually discovered a way,” asked Fukasku. “Actually, when you put it that way, its actually quite possible,” smiled Naruto.

    “Really. If so, could it be done by others,” asked Fukasku. “Nope. This is something only I can do, as it uses an extreme amount of chakra to balance the trick,” said Naruto. “Alright enough of the jokes. Let me see it,” said Fukasku.

    (Naruto relaxes and produces one shadow clone)

    “Shadow clone jutsu. Wait. I get it. While your shadow clone draws in the natural energy, you are free to fight and attack the enemy, while another you gathers the chakra. Brilliant idea.

    Once the shadow clone disperses, the natural energy will be transfered to you, causing you to go into Sage Mode. Of course not even Jiraiya could do that. You need an abundance of chakra to be able to draw in natural energy. Having your chakra halved would be an impossible feat,” said Fukasku.

    (Naruto’s shadow clone continues to draw upon Sage chakra, while it undergoes forms of Kyuubi influences)

    “Not if I use the Kyuubi’s chakra. True, I can’t fuse with you to draw in natural chakra, but my shadow clone can use the Kyuubi’s chakra to have a bigger chakra source, allowing it to go into Sage mode,” said Naruto.

    “Hmm. You’re a genius Naruto. You really are the Child of Prophecy,” said Fukasku. “Alright I got it. Sage mode,” said Shadow Clone. “Alright. I’ll show you what a Sage really can do,” said Naruto. (The shadow clone disperses and Naruto goes into Sage mode)

    “Heh. I guess its really possible. Perhaps its time we get you ready to go back to Konoha. First lets get you healed up. As far as I’m concerned. You’ve already surpassed Jiraiya and myself. There’s nothing more I can teach you here. Let’s get you patched up and ready to go,” said Fukasku.

    “I surpassed pervy Sage. Now its time for me to avenge him,” said Naruto. (Naruto balls up his fist)

    Switch Scene: Tsunade continues to heal the village

    “What’s taking Naruto so long. He must not have completed his training. “We’ll just have to wait a little bit longer,” said Tsunade. “I hope this Naruto is worth all the salt,” said Anbu 1. “Sure is. Remember he’s the student of Jiraiya. There’s no way he’d let Akatuski get away with this,” Anbu 2.

    (A huge wave pushes Tsunade and the four Anbu backwards into rubble.)

    “So. I’ve been wasting my time here. While I spent all my energies destroying this village. The 9 tails goes off to train,” said God realm. “Is everyone okay,” asked Tsunade. “We’ll be fine,” said Anbu 3.

    “So. You’ve found us. Looks like we’ll have to hold him off until Naruto arrives,” said Tsunade. “Tsunade, should I call for back up,” asked Anbu 1. “No. I have a personal grudge against him. No one else should get involved. This one, is for Jiraiya,” said Tsunade.

    “That’s right. The last Sannin. Oh how I’ll enjoy this one,” said God realm.

    Switch Scene to Code breakers:

    “We’re here,” said Ino. “Shizune. Feel us in on anything you’ve covered,” said Shiho. “Oh yeah. Pain’s secret is about to be blow open. We have the top interrogation specialist with us with an abundance of information on Pain. Plus I just recovered information from the autopsy report. We’ll put our heads together and start immediately,” said Shizune.

    Next Chapter: Tsunade vs. God Realm. Naruto prepares for departure.

  20. I’m thinking the flashback is more symbolic than an actual jutsu (which prolly was sexy no jutsu); Naruto is the inspiration that got Konohamaru’s balls to drop, it’s his attitude Kono emulates and admires.

    This can go two ways: Konohamaru has learned something from Ebisu (like the monkey dance) and can hold his own long enough for help to arrive (after his teacher sacrifices himself) OR he can say bye bye to his tongue-soul (which will make Naruto go 5-tails bananas).

    Konohamaru in the anime (yes, sometimes filler can serve a use) has been shown taking on some grittiness and age-appropriate heroic assignments without being asked (evacuation of citizens, taking care of the academy kids during an invasion). Standard issue young hero stuff, so I’m not surprised to see him leave comic relief at this point.

    Although I do want to dummy slap him for being a dumbass. I suppose balls dropping might also lead to testosterone poisoning. Eh. What are you gonna do? Leaving comic relief doesn’t mean he’s going to avoid tragedy. This gets interesting.

  21. apparently, i’m spamming the comments. sorry. browser barfed.

    There’s no one to take Ibiki’s place if he croaks, unless it’s Inoichi, so I’m not so sure about him dying. Hoping there’s going to be a decent battle, tho. He’s a tough motha.

    @Jeremiah: I’m still laughing at poop no jutsu, among other things. ^.^ nice

    @EroSennin: you, sir, are my new hero. Funny, astute, AND with Jiraiya’s icon. Can I be your fangirl? ;P~

    @renzy: I don’t think Konohamaru saw Danzou afterall, the spoiler said that, but that isn’t what the manga itself covered.

  22. I think it would be quite lame if Konohamaru learned the Rasengan. So far, only four people know it, and only one person has mastered it (Naruto). Give him something stupid, like the chidori.

  23. […] Naruto Manga 427 + Konohamaru unleashes Rasengan?! Naruto Manga 427 –Break down of Naruto Manga 426 below– […]

  24. lol kingcam07…if Sasuke could hear you telling his chidori “stupid” he would use his ms on you…hehe

  25. btw what’s your icon??it seems funny but i can’t see it clearly!

  26. Really, it’s Killer Bee, aka the sasuke killer.

  27. @Ibiki Teishi: Thanks. *blushes* You bring up a good point about the anime. It got me wondering, though I know that your right about the flashback being symbolic, how much of a connection is there between the anime (or movies for that matter) and the manga? It seems like the anime, except for the filler stories, uses the manga as a story board. The episodes practically end where that particular manga ends. Yes, I am most definitely over analyzing, but that’s the fun of this site. I don’t think Ibiki will die, but I’m pretty sure he is about to get beaten to within an inch of his life (looking at him I’d say he has been there before).

  28. oh…i see..well don’t laugh but i thought that it was an old man…lol

  29. Yeah, I think I’m gonna change it to something cooler tomorrow.

  30. Why? What r u guys on about..Konohamaru just had some random flash back – the flashack he was referring to.I am pretty sure was when Naruto taught him the sexy no jutsu..

    I think Konohamaru has his own unique techniques, he cant replicate NAturo techniques apart from the sexy justsu..because Naruto is too powerful and is probably the most powerful one going around one..maybe just maybe MAdara might be stronger.

  31. shut up….
    i’m the winner hehehhehhhehh

  32. I don’t think anyone is stronger than Madara because he controls spance/time. Naroto has a shot at him only if he could control the nine tail (like the eight tail guy) to snap himself out of a genjutsu. Sasuke has a shot at Madara too. So I think only with Naruto and Sasuke together, will they kick Madara’s butt.

  33. Are you serious, I love Naruto, he’s my top three favorite characters, (the others are Jiraiya and third, both dead). But Killer Bee would mop the floor with him, and I don’t know how he could ever deal with Rock Lee and Gai’s taijutsu. He might be at Sasuke’s level now, but Killer Bee tore up Sasuke like he was a little kid(Konohamaru).

  34. ok naruto taught konohamaru the sexy jutsu in the second manga… if you actually look at it he is still wearing goggles on his head and not a headband

  35. and @ibiki your right haha it looks to me like konohamaru just watched those two guys get thr asses handed to them

  36. I think Konohamaru’s using a kagebunshin tecknique and he’s just buying time to help ebisu. I also think that naruto is going to master his sage fusion tecknique by using the kagebunshin as well.

  37. I was wondering if it was the two guys spirits or tongues that Naraku was pulling out.

  38. @EroSennin: good point about anime vs. manga. I’ve found the filler informative about character development, enough that I feel like I have a better feel for plot developments and twists in the manga.

    Unlike many, I’m not a filler hater, just appreciate the little jewels buried in the poo, I guess. This Konohamaru sitch is kind of like that.

    Because of recent “filler” scenes in the anime, what just happened in 426 makes a lot of sense to me. Better than if we hadn’t seen him since the double sexy no jutsu of Sasuke on Sai (and I’m STILL loffing about THAT one).

  39. I think that kono could learn rasengan. His grandpa was the 3rd and every other relative of a hokage is crazy strong.

  40. hahahahah

  41. @ kingcam07 – i think its a Genjutsu and i think that they look like tongues. Human Realm can be seen pulling the spirits out in one of the earlier chapters Chapt419/Pg8.

  42. Kono could have a number of different things. Both his grandfather and his uncle were wind users and the kagebunshin is his grandfathers jutsu so in reality he could have a lot more chakra then people think. The 3rd was known for the levels of chakra he had while the 4th was known for his abilities. Guess we will have to see.

  43. kingcam i think the same..that there are their tongues…eww

  44. eh…..

  45. @babyfox: their tongues??? i thought that pain guy pushed something into their mouth…are you sure?

  46. hi guys! its nice to bee back after a week long non-naruto life. its realyy hard when you study a lot and yet you try to visit web pages like this.

    about the jutsu naruto taught kono, im pretty sure its rasengan. if not, i would be useless.

    1. if it is kagebunshin, what a waste of time. adding another kono is just like nothing (or maybe atleast, adding another punch for the realm to kick kono’s ass).

    2. if it is summoning, he can’t summon edible allies if it is toads. or if it is the monkey, i dont think he is capable enough.

  47. why are you all guys having word/s written in Japanese before you names?

  48. …. it hard to be back after a long lost. i hate to say this but i will be posting comments during weekends only coz i got to concentrate on my studies. you know…
    the topics we are dealing with are getting harder and harder. my professors suck!

  49. @glen: the kanji are clan names, Jeremiah asked us to pick sides–Senju or Uchiha. See the comments from the prior post (426) and instructions for users names (FAQ/Info/User Name link).

  50. i agree with glen.. its a waste of time if its kage bushin or a frog summoning.. but i really dont wanna see konohamaru do the rasengan… it is supposed to be on narutos tree… not like bloodline limit but secret technike…
    also glen i understand u totally .. i got a a project to do and was supposed the deadline be in octomber:P here in greece greek universities are better.. cause u dont do nothing… only cheking chicks:P

  51. Hey i was just thinking?

    seein as they showed obito and rin, whats the possibilities on the animated version of kakashi gaiden making an apearence as this a good chance in the story line to show the past.

    then kakashi comes to life/reality and kick ass 🙂

  52. What I find strange is Pain’s endurance. Up til now all ninja’s except maybe for Kisame, have all a moderately low to high chakra endurance while Pain fights with 6 bodies against a whole village using high level jutsu’s (or so I presume) the whole time.

    No matter how gifted Pain is and no matter how good his abilities are, his chakra is a limiting factor. He should have run out of chakra by now. Heck, Naruto himself in Kyubi mode would probably have run out of chakra 3 times by now!

    So how exactly can Pain keep on fighting without even showing any fatigue etc?
    My guess is that he’s already using the other mystical creatures (biju’s) chakra to fight. I don’t see how else he could keep on fighting like that.

  53. @ nighthawk he already has 7 bijus (i can’t spell them) with him.

  54. ^Jonn, Asuma was the thirds son, and he definately wasn’t super strong.

  55. I have a symble now, see if you guys know what it means.

  56. @microtube i think i am…
    @glen!!you’re back!how are u doing??
    @punxed you’re from Greece too???

  57. @nighthawk I think that may be addressed when Konoha figures out how to beat pain, we’ll have to see and wait.

  58. @nighthawk first of all peins bodys are dead so it would be strange sowing fatigue.. the fatigue would ocure at nagato”s real body not the dead ones… and second the bijuus are really needede from tobi/madara not pain… so i dont think tobi would let him lay hands on that power…
    @babyfox i am that mitsos dude just mitsos was taken..

  59. ahh..i see^^

  60. ok i think it could be rasengan cause kono is related to asuma so he could have wind chakra also and naruto could teach him shadow clones its jounin level but preety basic but its definetly not toad summoning because jiraiya has the scroll so he couldnt sign his name so that only leaves rasengan nshadow clones which he could master easily being the grandson of THE GREAT THIRD HOKAGE

  61. ye good chance it is shadow clones with rasengan cause that pein is gonna catch kono pretty easily unless he doesnt kno which one and if he sucks that slime thing out of a clone who knows what will happen kono probably has alot of chakra he is like narut

  62. there is one problem though even though in the pic naruto has goggles naruto learned the shadow clone jutsu then right after he got the headband from iruka so it couldnt be shadow clones bcz from then he stopped wearing the googles so it actually is ULTIMATE SEXY JUTSU!!!!!!!!!!

  63. if he has goggles but he doesnt so its shadow clones or rasengan

  64. Kono Unleashing the Rasengan!!
    Its quite possible, Naruto might not become the Hokage after all, since Kono is a descendant of Third [Sarutobi]…Naruto might probably teach Kono his techniques….
    and Naruto might have some other destiny for himself planned out.
    At the very first episodes he wanted to become Hokage… but after meeting sasuke.. he did say…. Can someone who cannot save his friend become a Hokage???……
    I can even be wrong on this………
    I think Naruto might have lost his love for being a hokage…
    Naruto will surely save Konoha and others… that am sure….
    Anyway naruto will surpass the Hokage…. :]
    Hope Naruto doesnt die in the end…

  65. Cant wait to See Kono kick ass this Pain all by himself…
    Its quite similar seeing Naruto fight Zabusa… he scared… but somehow does it…

  66. well i believe that Naruto will become Hokage…but only after saving Sasuke’s butt…

  67. And moreover Naruto will fight Naraku…… Naruto will save Kono.. and hell fight Naraku first….

    Which place do u guys think Naruto will appear first??

  68. okay i think Konohamaru is going to have learnt rasengun BUT alot of people on other forums that i have been to ain’t thinking he learned rasengun that ain’t automaticly gonna be able to 1.hit him with it strong like rasenshurikan to even hurt pein and 3.pein ain’t gonna a let him hit him with it if he does do rasengun he is gonna form it and then he is gonna be K.O

    bottom line

  69. I dont think naruto will show up till the very end of the fights.

  70. eermm the series are called naruto.. the point is for naruto to become hokage.. that phrase “can someone who cannot save his friend become a hokage??” was to give a emotional emphasis.. dont try to get a conspiracy and a theory on every phrase.. kishi its just a man he has to have dialogues u know… and naruto didnt fough zabuza kakashi did.. naruto and sasuke fought haku..

  71. naruto and sasuke had to fight a water clone of zabuza in order to free kakashi from some like water prison

  72. yeah thats my point:P and a shadow clone is 1/10 strong from the real one.. i could beat that guy too.. just gimme a knife:P

  73. @うずまき punxed
    kinda get what you’re saying….. .. I did say could be wrong na… lol….
    Naruto does surprise ppl.. unpredictable ninja… lets see what happens…

  74. @narutmoan ermm m8 it doesnt matter if its kagebushin or rasengan… do u rly think that konohamaru stand against pain???? even with sharingan rineegan byakugan and the kyuuby chakra konohamaru aint gonna hurt pain… he just stalls him for reinforcments to arrive…

  75. i think hes gunna slip and fall on a button that unleashes a missile out of demon realms head that happens to hit the pein hes fighting and he blows up

  76. i know this is out of subject but sumfin thats gonna boggle all ur minds! manga 240 page 06. at the bottom an enemy appears infront of obito… but the crazy thign is he appears out of the ground like zetsu! also makin the same noise he makes when he does it! lemme know what ya think!

  77. The headband might be mistake. However, I don’t believe that’s the case. If Naruto did teach Konohamaru a technique, then its probably the rasengun or uzumaki barrage. The technique for clones are taught in the academy. I don’t know if they are same type Naruto uses, but it would be strange teaching something you may learn already. In addition if it was mass cloning then Konohamaru would need chakra similar to Naruto. Although none of it leaves either out as an option. Summoning justu is different. In order to pass along that skill he would need the same contract Jiraiya had him sign. It can also be something Naruto has never showed or is incomplete, though, that seems unlikely.

  78. Shezi – that is crazy, I wonder if they are from the same clan or something. I’ll have to check that out tomorrow.

    @ outlaw – I know there have been mistakes made by the manga in the past especially when it comes to headbands (WTF?! Pain wears a Konoha one at one point) and the pendant that Tsunade gave Naruto but I think this was intentional and Konohamaru has been shown a technique by Naruto… I may be wrong but we shall see…

  79. they are not from the same clan…

  80. @Shezi ‘zu’ seems to be a common SFX used throughout the manga for several movements and noises, not just the mayfly jutsu that Zetsu uses to move into the ground. Now, I don’t know too much about Village Hidden in the Rock (where the ninja in 240 is from), but you may very well have hit on where Zetsu is from (I have never seen a scratched out forehead protector on Zetsu).

  81. Konohamaru isnt going to do much with I dont think the techinique that Naruto taught is relevent..maybe he changed whatever justsu Naruto taught him (if he did teach em anything lol) to made it more powerful.

    Konohamaru- we dont know who is parents are…so we dont quite know his strenght or his affinity or anything like that. Maybe he was adopted by the 3rd? who knows.

  82. wat a boring episode.. kishi is making fun of us.. god d@#$!^%.. he make us talk about things from the past and wat will happen next to the manga.. while he watches and reads our post… lol.. i think kono will get beaten up by naraku pain bigtime.. while there is a possibility naruto will use his shadow clone to gather up natural energy if fukasaku cant merge with him.. the other villages wont even send their re inforcments to konoha.. i think if they want to defeat pain, they should go to the rain village and find the source.. i think the six paths are just summons and pain just transfers and amplifies his chakra by the chakra receivers he embedded in the corpes of his subjects.. just an opinion.. lol..

  83. ya…ero is irritatingly right!!! that sound comes everytime (i doubt they show it when someone shits!!!)

  84. When Konohamaru unleashes his Sexy no Justu, Naraku Path will collapse due to blood loss and will become defeated cuz he is SUCH a pervert.

  85. Ok, we can rule out rasengan. Kishi wouldnt just give kono narutos ultimate technique. My guess would be he’ll use shadow clones, but only 1 or 2. This will distract Naraku or something then Someone powerful weve seen before will save the day. As for naruto, i agree with jeremiah. Theyre didnt need to show us all this shit about him not being able to fuse. He should have brought him back super powerful no strings attached. Also i am going to get paranoid about the red shit on narutos eyes. Its just not cool like sharigan. =(

  86. @Nighthawk00, the answer is simple. pein has alot of bodies. i think they consume their own chakra. each body has its own chakra

    @babyfox, im still cool… ahahaha. you miss me? i missed you too… ahahahaha!

    @千手 Ibiki, i read that part. but it doesnt say you must. well, just read mine. its better than clans

  87. @火影 千手 Jeremiah, can you read my kanji?

  88. I checked the technique used for the academy. Its the regular bushin no jutsu. The version Naruto uses is different. The Kage included in its name made that clear. I was wrong. It is more than possible that its the technique Naruto was teaching. Plus we have already seen Konoharmu use Kage Bushin No Jutsu.

    If the skill is Rasengun then I believe Pain has little to do with it. The important thing is how Konohamaru uses it. There is no rule stating that he can’t beat Pain. However, it is something unexpected.

    Also, I looked it up. Zuzuzu is the sound of heavy movement. Although if its verbally spoken it could mean something else.

  89. i think there’s a possibility of kono using a mass clone jutsu. if it is taught by naruto it must be a kagebunshin.
    i remembered the kakashi gaiden part. since kono is from the clan of sarutobi, he must have great chakra stored. in the kakashi gaiden the shinobie they fought seemes to gbe a regular one and he can make mass clones

  90. 2glen yes i missed you!!!hahaha^^well what is your kanji saying???oh!!EVERYONE HAVE A NICE MONTH!!

  91. hmm..Jeremiah did you changed the time zone of the blog??or am I wrong?

  92. it is getting boring now cause this fight is taking forever.

  93. @伝説の三忍EroSennin – it mite be a regular noise BUT the person is appearing halfg out of the ground liek hes jus come out of it…. jus like setsu.

  94. I wonder whats Sakura doing. I think she can take on Animal Realm. Remember how she took out the centipede with just one blow?(Chapt421/Pg02)

  95. yeah right!!! sakura fighting and winning animal realm…that’s….um….never gonna happen!!!

  96. ok! jerimiah…why is my comment awating moderation??? aren’t i supposed to be a registered user(meaning it doesn’t need to wait for moderation)

  97. i think he is using shadow clone, he might tell the pein that he know where he is and run away, then the pein follow him, when he catch him, he finds out he is a clone and that the real kono already saved ebisu.
    Thats my thouhg XD.

  98. im pretty sure like going in the ground like zetsu does is a common technique is the hidden rock… i forget where but somewhere in the anime its used by like 4 people

  99. @Shezi: Interesting. I also noticed another hidden rock nin in the next chapter, invisible and moving through rock. I don’t think either are Zetsu, but I hadn’t really thought of it before, either. Cool. Thanks.

  100. Ur first comment needed to be approved but you are good to go now. I would also recommend some English type in ur name.

  101. Jeremiah, you’re dumb as hell…

  102. Konohomaru is going to use the same tecnique of the 3rd hokage!!
    it is the same tecnique the 3rd used against orochimaru
    “shurique kage bushin no jutsu” but since konohomaru can be a genius e “maybe” got some good chakra lvls he can create a massive at least 1000 shuriquens to hit pein.

  103. why so much hate?

  104. @ Alec – Yes, this is all very true but what in particular angers you my friend?

  105. yamoto came out of the ground in the anime….

  106. why thank you surje haha its prolly an earth technique… also in the most recent anime kakazu like fused with water so crazy thought but what if naruto fuses with the wind and thats how the space time stuff really works?

  107. The idea of fusing with wind is far fetched and too “fictional”. It sounds like something made up.

  108. nothing, it just hasn’t been uttered in such a long time, i felt that it needed to be mentioned… just reminiscing on times gone by…

  109. Those were the good old days weren’t they?

    I read your theory submission. Very cool. I’m turning it into a seperate post by it’s self, so be prepared to defend it ^_^

  110. Hm, I don’t know whether Jeremiah is being polite or if I misunderstood Alec’s flame. Anyway for theory posts how much proof does one need for it to be accepted. Also should we cite sources?

  111. @nighthawk it was made up haha it was just me saying what came into my head

  112. and if it turns out to be right somehow you heard it hear first haha

  113. @jeremiah, read my kanji

  114. @jeremiah, why aren’t you answering the posts for you?

  115. @ Glenn – because it’s finals season at my school. Once I get to my computer I will tell you what your kanji says. Kanji doesn’t show on this crap computer I’m on now.

    @ outlaw – zero sources are needed for theories but they help because people will usually tear them apart citing sources from the manga.

  116. I just feel this is completly off topic, but does anybody know that naruto was the 7th most searched thing on the internet this year?.

  117. @ Glenn – Hard to read but something about cheating and dying or cheating death?

    This other one is a translation of the new member that uses Pain with a black back round as his icon.

    うん、あなたは馬鹿な猿だ = you are a foolish monkey

    LMAO! Nice.

    You should add some sort of english to your handle though, so that if you change your Kanji or icon and we can all still refer to you as that english name without wondering who that person is. Everytime you change your screen name though a moderator has to approve your first comment before you can post without moderation. (Just a warning so that you don’t get angry at the site)

  118. Hi everyone,

    it’s me again with a new manga 427 spoiler, which is not confirmed, yet. The only mistake it contains is that the author falsely names the “Sage Mode” as “Sennin Mode”, which is stupid bullshit, but the author might be some kind of stupid.
    anyway the rest of the plot is still good.
    what do you think?

    Here’s the link:

  119. seriously…where are neji,guy,lee,tenten,hinata,kiba,shino and the others? they could jump in to help. also konoha saved gaara once couldn’t they help konoha now?

  120. that’s totally fake!!! the first few parts might be true…but the later part is too good to be true….sort of like some fan quoted some parts from a fan fiction….

  121. @ tom – totally agree! Top Ten characters that I’m wondering when the hell or if they will ever be part of this invasion story arc

    10. Kiba
    9. Shino
    8. Kankuro
    7. Temari
    6. Rock Lee
    5. Sasuke
    4. Raikage and his Nin
    3. Gaara
    2. Hinata
    1. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMaaaaaaaaaaaatio Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiii

  122. even i don’t know where the konoha ninjas are? it’s like kishi wants to kill all the weak “JOUNINS”(most of whom we never saw btw) and save the famous genins, chunins and jounins for later….maybe it’s for the better good…i mean…how many more deaths are we supposed to see? itachi, jiraiya , kakashi…that’s the limit…it’s better if they don’t show up!!!!

  123. True. He may be thinning the heard so to speak.

  124. so many deaths…. i am gonna get depresed… konha has turned to a cemetery:P

  125. i really want that spoiler to be true because it starts to bring everyone together for a showdown which would be kick ass.
    so far i think one of these things will happen.

    1)because sai is working for danzo hell find out about the plot and because he likes naruto hell send a message to him. naruto will arrive and fight pain, get inspired by the way the village has accepted him and protected him and finish pain off.

    2) pain will be eventually be taken down by the konohoa ninjas and naruto will arrive late. hell see all of the dead and people who sacrificed themselves for him and be upset. hell then go hunt downn the source of pain, nagato in that village hes in and fight him, maybe even have to fight a pain version of jeriah.

    3) sasuke arrives gets gang raped by pain and crys like a bitch. then he runs back to madara with his tail between his legs get slapped upside the head and run some more. only to run into raikage and killer bee who hit him with a shovel which is his one weakness…… then he gets kicked in the nuts by me.

    personally i like number 3 lol

  126. Oh, that was so fake i couldn’t even watch it all. blergh. I shut it off when it got frog master barfing compliments all over Naruto for doing the impossible just like that. ish.

  127. Nice spoiler, except we predicted sage kyuubi mode months ago… and wtf were all these other ninjas in the supposed spoiler

  128. […] Naruto Manga 427 + Konohamaru unleashes Rasengan?! Naruto Manga 427 –Break down of Naruto Manga 426 below– Hey everyone, I’m really sorry that the […] […]

  129. Theres no way Konohamaru can learn a technique of that Magnitude Rasangen its an imperfect technique pasted down from the Yondami i just goin to bide my time with this till the spoiler comes out

  130. The spoiler will prolly be out tomorrow morning. Well have some stuff to talk about then hopefully.

  131. ok. that last scene where kono jumps out and yells at pain is actually a shadow clone for distraction. the real one is going to snatch his sensei while pain goes after the fake. case closed.

  132. i dont think that konohamaru have the power or skill level to learn something like rasengan, so i have to say narutos new harem jutsu which naruto was talking about sipshuuden 1.

  133. i was wondering…. what happen when akatzuki has destroyed? like would naruto end, or are there something new? this looks like the end of series?

  134. i was wondering…. what happen when akatzuki has destroyed? like would naruto end, or are there something new? this looks like the end of series?

  135. @wouldn’t you: the third one is more appropriate…ジャアク

  136. @maricoz: naruto was about that age when he learned rasengan (he had the kyubi to help but konohamaru isn’t stupid either…)

  137. They won’t kill of Kakashi that easily. If anything Kakashi will give his Sharingan eye to someone before he dies.

  138. i did the same thing ibi…the spoiler was a total crap..but it would be sweet if Naruto learned the fusion with Kyuubi^^

  139. its obvious wats gonna happen, tsunades gonna unleash her ultimate jutsu called neurofen it targets the source of pain. and acts fast. lol it will then unleash a soothing action letting everyone relax.

  140. I saw a spoiler this morning. I’m not sure if its real or fake. There are no pictures.

    Posted by: kaze1028
    Translation by: Hattifnatten @ Naruto Fan










    Konohamaru faces Pain.
    “I’m gonna be hokage someday, so I must fight, I promised Naruto-niichan, bla-bla-bla…”

    Scene changes to Naruto training.
    He fails to collect natural enegry while moving.

    All Katsuyu’s slugs Tsunade sent arrived to everyone.
    It attached to Kakashi, but he seems to be dead.

    Chouji arrives to Tsunade.
    Chouza is alive and moved to hospital.
    Chouji cries.

    Another Pain arrives to where autopsy Pain is held.
    Black tube is pulled out. That moment enters Kiba and his mother.

    Aburame family faces Konan.

    Team Gai finishes it’s mission and feeling uneasy about Konoha.

    Yahiko Pain arrives to where Tsunade is.
    “It’s been a long time” Tsunade says.

    Nest week fate starts anew.

  141. @wouldn’t u like to know-mwahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

  142. @why: なると isn’t done yet! Naruto still has to deal with sasuke and then madara (including the fillers after sasuke changes sides (again) and then they fight madara….then the new 2 extremely powerful ninjas(even more than madara…i heard this from a reliable source and i strongly believe this)….umm…the number adds up to….let’s see….maybe 150-200 other manga chapters….
    the series will end when naruto dies(that’s my opinion) or when naruto finally makes the world a better place to live in (by ending the wars…which doesn’t seem possible…)

  143. Hey everyone,

    this appears to be the real thing: a spoiler is now available for manga 427:

    what do you think about it?
    tell me your opinion!

  144. I posted the spoiler with pics video on the front page. I will update it when Fahim finishes his.

  145. tsunade is dead

  146. Yup. This is the beginning of the end for Tsunade.

  147. Mmmm.

    With regards to Naruto’s training, would it be possible for him to create a shadow clone and let the clone gather the natural energy, and then have the clone disperse itself so naturo would gain the energy?

    Mann, i hope Kakashi’s not dead =[

  148. whaaaaah?????Kakashi maybe dead???oh no no no NOOO..i don’t think i can take this…i hope he is alive…KAKASHI DON’T DIE!!!

  149. if kakashi dies ill prolly go on a killing spree

  150. Good to know…By the way what part of the world are you from, so that I can stay far far away?

  151. @Renzy – Please put me on the “Do not kill list”

    What if during your killing spree Kakashi woke up and was like “Hey Renzy, I’m fine…gaaaaah!” He screams gaaaaah! cause you just accidently shot him, killing him in your blind rage!
    How’s that for irony…


  152. Here is a better one don’t do it and show him proud instead. Anyway unless I’m misunderstanding Kakashi is dead. He doesn’t seemed to be moving. That added with flashback mode = not good. (Slug might help though – go Tsunade chakra revive) Funny how no one else gets the whole no way, no way, no treatment.

  153. Well said.

    P.S. Renzy doesn’t seem like the killing spree type.

  154. @outlaw630 – no way, no way, no treatment.??????

  155. He means that no other character gets the “this can’t be happening!” response that Kakashi gets. Much love for K dog on a whole nother level than any other character.

  156. @wouldn’t u like to know…laughing. crying i’m laughing so hard.

    Yay spoiler! Yep, yep, Tsunade you are done. Caught sight of Konan in the pics, then outlaw mentions Aburames fighting her. Cool. Inuzukas fighting a pain in the autopsy room. Huh, didn’t I call this way back ppl? Didn’t I? Kids and parents, wasn’t expecting Aburames, but where the heck are the Hyuugas huh? And the Naras? Yamanaka and Akimichis have already been brought in.

    Kakashi better be alive, I don’t want my story to be a tribute piece. BTW, I’m updating that fanfic with chapter 2 tonight when I get home to my story computer.

  157. Fahim’s Spoiler Video

  158. I’m very sad. I’m offshore, and can’t see youtube. I’m forced to use my phone just to read the post.
    @Jeremiah, Ibiki, babyfox, and all other regularly posting people: Is tsunade dead?! I’ll miss the twins. Pain, I’ll never forgive you! 106, you’ll be missed.

  159. @EroSennin: I don’t think she’s dead, but she comes face to face with Pain and seems to recognize him. The battle is about to begin.

    Which, makes me go back to all the scuttlebutt about J-Man knowing the aspects. Couldn’t that be because the Major Pain is picking nin who are Ichiban Enemies of Konoha. Of course, J-man would recognize them, Tsunade as well.

  160. exactly! He made them call themselves the legendary three in exchange for their lives.

  161. finally we are going to see different characters. i like the aburame family. paper vs bugs… that would be a good fight. eat the paper shino!

  162. i was wondering what technique does konohamaru have. its not rasengan coz it got seals. did you see the hand seal he have? its for summoning. i wonder what will he summon. tat cool.

  163. Hi,I’m is…:D

  164. hmmm…Aburame vs. Konan. Termites? Or book worms? Silverfish?

  165. Cockroaches!

  166. if he tried to attach the female bug, konan could easily avoid it!

  167. konohamaru summons.

  168. Naruto will use kagebushin to finish sage mode, while the real naruto was running, the shadow clone will try to take natural energy

  169. for any one interested here is a site (for manga) I just recently ran across.

  170. can’t wait to see what happens

  171. Just heard from a reliable source, the technique naruto taught the kid is mass shadow clone jutsu and guess what kaka aint dead. cheers!!!!

  172. where MAITO GUY,,,,,??????????



  174. Thankyou for making this site. I am a keen lover of naruto and i thoroughly enjoy reading the aftermath of every manga, and seeing your opinion’s in particular. I also enjoy reading / viewing the spoilers when they come out = ], although so far 90 % have not come through i believe 99.9% of the time your spoilers are better then the real mangas = ]. Once again thankyou for such an awesome site = ]

  175. what do you think he will summon??????

  176. It could be one of the frogs…

  177. @ Rawlingz – thanx ^_^

    @ babyfox – I think its a shadow clone technique

    @ Ferretupyrs – very possible

    @ Andika – fo real right?!

    @ The X manga – Yeah I agree. I think that is the way its gotta go.

    @ Glenn – Shino would reply “eat my cock….roaches Konan”


  178. Just wanna say….Tsunade shouldn’t die, she IS a Sannin after all, if Jiraiya could take on 6 pains at once, surely Tsunade can kill just one? Haven’t actually read the naruto manga 427 yet, so maybe my assumption is inaccurate, but just typing this because of the line ‘Tsunade meets her end?’. Also, a very random thought… if naruto becomes hokage at the end of the whole series, he’ll become like the first ever genin hokage right? unless they have some chuunin exam and some jounin exam(if there’s such a thing) before the series ends…

  179. Why does everyone keep saying that a Shadow clone has only 1/10 the chakra of the person who created it. They say Time and Time again that his Chakra is split evenly among the clones so if he summons one clone both the original and the clone both have 1/2 of his total chakra. If he summons 9 clones then the 9 clones and the summoner all have 1/10 of the casters total chakra. The reason Naruto is so strong is because he can summon Thousands of clones all having equal chakra to his own at that time.

  180. its not the chakra… a shasow clone is only 1/10 strong from the original shinobi…

  181. its pretty amazing he could make like four clones and manage two rasenshurikens… thts rediculous

  182. also they are all equally strong but the clones cant take as much damage… thats how ive interpreted it

  183. no i think it is said at the series… that a kage bushin has the 1/10 strenght of the original.. i think at the episodes with zabuza

  184. hmm, punxed, I don’t remember that myself, would be interested to research that. Anime or Manga?

  185. anime… corect me if i am wrong.. i am sure it says smthing for the bushin i think its that..

  186. yeah, that was with the water clones with the 1/10th strength, it was when the third was fighting Oro that the ambu guy mentions shadow clones splitting all of your chakra evenly…

  187. holy freekin’ crap…i just went back to the Zabuza arc to look for the comment about the clones. Anybody ever comment on the fact that the guy who had adopted the little kid has an x on his chin just like Danzou? W. T. F.?!

  188. what guy????

  189. The guy who adopts Inari and then gets publicly executed by Gateau.

  190. @ Ibi – can you link that page? I’m sure its just a character trait they have in common but I would like to see it anyway.

  191. Deidara owns!

  192. @ Deidara – where do you come from? You show up like once a month and yell something about Deidara… its like you have Deidara terrets ^_^

    Unfortunatly you didn’t finish the sentence…

    Deidara owns the title as the manga’s biggest Douche.

  193. on tsunade not being able to handle 6 pains, if she can’t don’t forget that she has had the slugs healing all the seriously injured Kohono ninja. Where jiraiya was fresh, and in sage mode.

  194. @ EroSennin – Good point. I totally agree. If you look back on my post when she started doing that I pointed out that this would give the excuse to kill her off.

    Did Jiraiya ever confront Deva/God Realm Pain directly or was it just the other bodies? I can’ t remember. The reason I bring this up is that Tsunade is facing God/Deva realm directly, like Kakashi did… and we all saw how that fight turned out.

  195. @Jeremiah: Here’s the shot that made me pee just a little bit.

    Danzou douche’s decent son? Could be. Note that he lost his arms and is young and handsome just a few years before the start of the Manga. So…no way this is Danzou…but the resemblance is amazing. Unless it’s a clan mark or a secret society mark…either way…interesting.

  196. @EroSennin: r u kidding me? Jiraiya faced pain sh@t faced drunk, thanks to Tsunade and he still rocked! jk. sorta. ^.^

    But yeah, thanks to the slugs, she’s going to have difficulty. I want her to own one or two aspects, but I know Kishi wont let her do that…she’s a grrrl dontcha know. pfffft.

  197. all the sannin will have been weakened to have been killed… or at least kishi puts it that way haha oro was obvious but then fukasaku said that jiraiya could have easily lived but he didnt take pain serious now tsunade with her slugs… shes screwed

  198. LMAO at the end of the spoiler….Awesomeness.

    P.S I think the swayze and his alter ego captain planet will seal the ten tailed bijuu (Pikachu) into kakashi, this make him the most powerfull hokage EVER!!!! MUHAHAhahah…. -_+

  199. My brother is really into Naruto… any ideas on good Christmas gifts for him???

  200. lol lastscorpion!!

  201. @fancyfortunecookies how old is he? Does he watch the Japanese releases? Does he read the manga?

  202. @fancyfortunecookies-hmm…why don’t u give him a Naruto dvd with the Shippuden movie??(not the second one cause it’s not yet released)…

  203. oh!i’ve just watched Naruto Shippuden ep:D

  204. O.K., Jiraiya Faced the long haired summoner, the fat jutsu absorber, and the one with the chakre conductor slanted through the nose. Then about 379 he has the first three Pains on the ropes. At that point laserhead takes Jiraiya right arm, and appears with the last two Pains, including the Yahiko faced Pain. Jiraiya is stabbed with the chakra conductor lance, and shortly thereafter has his throat crushed.

  205. how fuckin AWESOMENESS would it be if after this was all over….and naruto becomes the victor….before he can succeed the previous hokage…he has to have a chunnin battle with all the ninjas…hmmmm hmmm…sorta like one of those comments above..i forget and am too lazy to scroll back up ..but u know who u are…yes U…hahaha….. ~avid~

  206. I’d be pretty mad if Konohamaru got to learn rasengan, a move that has made Naruto unique.

  207. Sorry for the poor grammar in my last post, I was rushed. Hey babyfox9, where did you see the latest Shippuuden? Its not on Dattebayo, or Narutofan yet.
    Hook a brutha up!

  208. He’s going to summon a frog – thats how naruto will end up coming back to konoha

  209. What’s good y’all, konahumure can’t summon no toads man he signed the scroll in blood to be allowed to do it, if I’m jariya the one possied the scoll of toad summoning and he didn’t ever associate him self with konohamure in manga. But it would make since if he summoned lord imba the monkey king, he could have been taught that by the Third so he could protect him if ever a dangerous situation like he’s in now, but that was said by someone else early this week I’m just repeating it. The clone ideal to make natrual energy make perfect sense, but it seems to easy for kishi to write, I hope he come up something more difficut that makes naruto’s true natrual ninja ability shine. Something that from the outside look easy from the outside but some we know is really hard for naurto to master during his trainning. I hate that I can’t post more comments of my ideals but. Be on my iPhone at work reading the blog but I need wi-fi and job is strictly wired. So I have what till I get home but. Usally be tired or hop on call of duty. I ya I got the naurto game ninja storm for the ps3 but it got hella boring to play after a few hours. And jeremiah I like how u run your site it why better than other forums I looked at before.

  210. @fancyfortunecookies: Get him a clefairy doll!

  211. Konohamru doesn’t even possess the capabilities to summon toads like you said he hasn’t even been assigned to any toad whats more he may possess perserverance similar to that of Naruto but what’s that without technique god the manga getting interesting

  212. when’s the new chapter going to be released

  213. never mind. I found the raw 86-87 at awesomeness!

  214. Blah blah blah.

    Naruto is going to cruch Pain and then he is going to crush Sasuke and marry Sakura. Then they will have Nrauto Jr with pink hair.

  215. that is the worst idea ever

  216. konohamaru wont use kagebunshin. we can see that he is making a hand seal in the spoiler. and that hand seal is a part of the seals summoning have. i think he will summon. i am not just sure what will he summon

  217. @Glen07: But, it looked like Naruto was wearing the goggles in the spoiler flashback. Now, this flashback (and the one from 426 for that matter) can be purely inspirational, but if it is a reference to the Konohamaru Jutsu then it will be shadow clones.

    @Anonymous: WTF?!

    I think it was Ibiki who said (in the 425 posts after 426 came out) that the forehead protector on Naruto in Konohamaaru’s 426 flashback may have been a mistake. It looks like Ibiki was right!

  218. the new manga is up at

  219. @kingcam07 youre avatar looks like piccolo to me for some reason, anyways the spoiler says kono jutsu will be kage bushin, i believe this to be true.
    -about pein keeping the fight this long and his chakra stamina, you got to remember that the real one isnt among the six, his rennigan allows to stay back from the fight and control the six bodies through the chakra receivers(probably with some chakra producing energizer bunny hooked to him)
    – tsunade might die and kakashi better not.
    -donzu sucks a$$

  220. @うん、あなたは馬鹿な猿だ: I know this feels like it is taking forever, but the battle between the Uchiha brothers took like 11 issues. This will be at least as long, probably longer.

  221. @EroSennin: that was Jeremiah, not me. durn.

    New Chapter is out!!!! Kakashi!!!!!!!!! Nuuuuuuuu.

  222. @erosennin thanks im watching 86-87 right now. total awesomeness

  223. oh, sorry to steal your thunder (or give it away as the case may be) Jeremiah.

  224. just read 427 its just one giant setup which sucks for me cuz i want more, big hungry ghost realm pein wants more delicious ninjitsu, and whats this about the three tail arrival arc filler blarg.

  225. just finished reading 427, kakashi’s still alive! uh…well kinda. I mean, at least we FINALLY see one of those many katsuyus on him and chouji is running back to save him.But I don’t want Tsunade to die! I mean, I know it’s like passing on the will of fire blah blah blah, but please no Tsunade don’t die…After all she does have more info now, only she has less chakra. :/ anyway Tsunade’s fight with God Pain would be very interesting.

  226. Shino v Kohan seems interesting and gais team seems to be coming back. We are finally starting to see everyone come back.

  227. the aburames are enough for konan. that eould surely be a noce fight! viva shino!

  228. I finished reading too. There are a lot of battles going down. Tsunada gave the silent treatment when mentioning Kakashi to Choji. We know what she is thinking. Konohageture is getting hit bad. This might cost a bundle plus some to rebuild and that’s if they make it out. Not to mention the number of shinobi gone.

  229. Also seems like the answer to sage chakra is so simple it was over looked. No clones, no standing still running straight up movement deny the odds. GO Naruto!!1

  230. i checked the hand seals that summoning uses and the dragon hand seal (which konohamaru used) is not included. and now i am wondering what jutsu he will demonstrate.

    now it is confirmed that konohamaru will be using a jutsu naruto did not teach him. when he thought of the “konohamaru i want to teach you a jutsu” its was just really symbolic. he just remembered naruto. thats all.

    kono will be using a unique jutsu. a jutsu of his own or a high class jutsu. maybe a jounin level.

  231. i think he will have a good fight. but killing a body of pein that even kakashi wasn’t able to do is impossible for him. i think he’ll just buy time. then, when he is almost done, naruto shows up with complete and flying Fuuton: Rasenshuriken.

    then the body of rein wil say his last word: “waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh”


  232. (hey this is a theory jeremiah)

    naruto now fights the 6-1(that he killed. the one who fought kono) -1(the one that the inuzuka will kill) so now only 4 realms of pein. oppss.. i forgot the summoner. i think ikibeki is not a useless jounin. so naruto vs 3 realms of pein.

    i think, with only 3 bodies left, naruto will easily kill the other 2. the god realm will the only one who will reamain. then once naruto get the news that that pein “killed kakashi” and probably also tsunade, we will see a naruto+sage mode+kyuubi chakra. but before naruto kills the last bodie, the real pein (nagato) will come out. now we will see the true powers of rinnegan.

  233. hey i forgot the other pein that kakashi fought. i think his useless now. so naruto vs 2 realms

  234. i think kakashi is really dead. kishi sucks! he killed kakashi in a very simple and nonsense way (lacking enough chakra).

    tsunade confirms that. but still i can’t accept that its the end for kakashi. so i think he will gain life again like jiraiya did. and with the help of katsuya, he will be safe.

    i hope so…

    damn you kishi!

  235. Kakashi is NOT dead! The fact Tsunade doesn’t say it directly seems to be more proof of it IMHO.

    Some interesting things…

    As predicted months ago, Naruto will use kage bushin to gather natural energy for sage mode. Now the question, will he be able to develop it to defeat Pain before he kills Tsunade? (I think we know the answer to this question).

    Konahamaru gets bold… but what will be his technique? I think Naruto shows him Rasengan, but Konahamaru has to learn how to use it for himself and may make modifications (new jutsu result perhaps?). Results not quite to Naruto’s ability but enough to do some damage. For some reason, I don’t see Kishi trotting this kid out just to kill him off in some pointless fashion. Konahamaru will survive and show what he’s made of. Whether he wins or not… who knows?

    The wildcard coming up has to be Neji. His ability to sense and close chakra points would be invaluable in this battle. How soon before he joins the fray?

  236. @Tony so your still hoping that the jutsu that kono will use is a naruto influence? haha.

    common. its just showing of remembering naruto for kono. he’ll use his own jutsu. no naruto influence. i think team guy is coming. and now we’ll see the everyone’s favorite….. maito guy! whoooooooo!!!

    unleash the power of youth! viva guy!

  237. @うちはbabyfox9 how are you? i miss your smilies! ahahaha!

  238. @ glen07 I hope you’re right. It would be great if Kono develops his own stuff (ala No.2 Knuckleheaded Ninja).

  239. EroSennin sorry i didn’t answer u but i was can always watch the raws at youranimenow(dot)’s a really cool site!!
    glen!!!i’m fine!how are you??are u doing well in the university??:)
    well, i miss my smilies too!!!^^haha

  240. 🙂

  241. The reason Tsunade doesn’t say anything is because she knows its not good. Her silence was after she told Chouji to retrieve team Choza. As for Konohamaru its been said before there is no rule saying ha cannot stop that Pain. We don’t know its power nor do I remember seeing it fight.

    Finally about the clones, why cling to an idea that is not being put into use. Naruto was turning into a frog while running that’s something right there. Why would he risk becoming one permanently by splitting himself knowing that if even one of them changing it all goes back to him full fold when its released. Chapter 412 remember?

    Then again. The left and right thing was the boldest hint for that scene so my post above is more like a meh? Since it seems like Kage Bushin will be the case which is more effective. Protecting a clone then releasing it to transfer the chakra or having the clone act on its own while moving?

  242. no no no NO!!!!!!!!!!!it can’t be…I refuse to believe Kakashi is dead…….DAMN U KISHI!!!If you did such a think i’m gonna KILL U!!!!!

  243. oh EroSennin there is and dignaruto,com!i really like this site:D

  244. Jeremiah i though that u had to reply with “the power of youth. MAITO GAI” or smthing every time someone brings maito guy up….

  245. kakashis not dead after her silence she told chouji that he needs to hurry… this means hes not dead yet just really really close

  246. Tsunade said he needed to hurry cause he had to take his father to the hospital and when Chouji asked her about Kakashi she sais she was sorry..WHY???…*cries on the floor…KAKASHI!!!!!!*

  247. The slug wouldn’t waste it’s time with so many injured nin around if Kakashi were dead. This is EroSennin.

  248. OMFG!!!!naruto Shippuden is charging towards a New Arc..Thursday December 18 The “Three Tails’ Arrival” Arc!!!!!Finally!!!

  249. She actually doesn’t say sorry, she’s says nothing “…” read into that what you will but pretty much confirms that she believes Kakashi to be dead.

  250. @ punxed – as soon as finals are over you will be sick of hearing me scream Maaaaaaaaaaaaitooooooooooo Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii!

  251. There is one thing I find strange. The amount of effort going in to say Kakashi is dead. Its like a setup. Personally I think he is about to pull a Tobi. Why not he moved his body through time and space he was one maybe two steps away from that. (I’m also thinking in order for that to happen maybe he has to actually be dead but once again meh?)

  252. I don’t think the slug would bother if he were dead, not with all the seriously injured nin around.
    @火影 千手 Jeremiah: Stop bothering with that education that you’re paying tens of thousands of dollars for, can’t you see you need to update this page that you put together for free, and my entertainment. ;p Good luck with your finals.

  253. oops!!yes Jeremiah you’re mistake..

  254. Well it could go down like garra tsunade kills god realm the gives her life to save kakashi “entrusting the leaf the the next generation”

  255. Making Kakashi feel like crap for a long time… However you are right it could go down just like that.

  256. @lastscorpion: that is exactly what I’ve been saying all along, so I hope we’re right. Clearly, Tsunade wouldn’t be smashing walls and answering with ‘…’ if she thought Kakashi might pull through.

    I think Pain’s going to kick her ass, and her dying effort is going to be unsealing her special ‘I will never die in battle’ sealed chakra to save Kakashi instead of herself.

  257. Kakashi dying by loss of chakra has been foreshadowed since he taught Sasuke chidori, really before that, with the Zabuza fight laying him up. So, killing him this way has been sort of predicted…but, until I see the body going into the ground, I’m not going to believe it.

    Kakashi becoming the next Hokage has also been foreshadowed.

    It does feel like a set up, but then, maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part.

    If we all clap our hands at the same time, do you think he’ll come back to us?

  258. i think we should form a militia for the sole purpose of kidnapping kishi for attempting to kil kakashi …thats of course if he has not already killed him…god dammin…at least let us see his face…and that corny attempt of showing his fathers face was wack…thats not the same as kakashi actually takin his mask off…but anyway…LETS GET KISHI GOD DAMMIT…

    @ OUTLAW…i think he made a VERY good point…..i dont think the slugs would bother with him anyway if he was dead…and if its his “runnin out of chakra” which is the problem…well are those lil slugs..basically chakra refills….didnt tsunade say in the beginning…take my chakra..and heal the wounded…so whats not to say that the slug will give kakashi some chakra…hmmmmmmmm ~avid~

  259. @glen: now!!! sum it up! it will take atleast another year to see the fight between naruto and the REAL pain….

    thanks god it’s December!!! LOL さよなら二千八。

  260. I think naruto will kill pain before the next time lapse but right after he kills him the time lapse will come

  261. I don’t get something…when a shadow clone disperses you get the experience it had but you don’t get your actual chakra input back. Why would this be any different for sage chakra?

  262. yup you guys were right tsunade is done for

  263. With a shadow clone, it is 1/10 as strong but it doesn’t necassarily take 1/10 of your chakra. It takes different amounts from different Nin depending on skill level and effects Nin differently depending on the size of their Chakra pool. This is different for sage chakra because you are using and pulling in natural energy, making you much stronger.

  264. @ jonn – The real Pain (Nagato) or Deva Pain (Yahiko)?

  265. @ Eddie! (Last Scorpion)
    *Nice Gai Pose*
    Been too long, good to see you again ^_^

  266. Jeremiah, I’m still not getting it…the experience transfers from the shadow clone to the original. Fine. We seem to agree that you still use your own chakra, which technically gets cut proportionally to how many you make (Ch. 100, p, 6 on Mangafox). Ok. But the clone is the one pulling in natural energy, so the clone should technically get stronger, why does that get transferred? Or is this just a technique by Kishimoto to keep the story moving?

  267. how are the clones gonna get the chakra back to the original? there is no way that’s how

  268. and this shadow clone shit is geting old he should learn more wind element techniques like a wind dragon or some shit or find out what his other elements are

  269. kakashi and slug tits arent gonna die beleave in the will of fire!!

  270. @Sean, welcome. I will tell you this is an older thread and the newer one is here (too lazy to html):

    Also…slug tits? really? I oughta slug you…

  271. pwned w/ a pun, lolz

  272. Kakashi and Jiraja can’t kill Pain, so what Konohamaru do this?? He can use rasengan? LOL^^

  273. I cant believe freaking konohamaru can use rasengan!!!???? His is all tiny tho but still come on is everyone gonna learn to use rasengan now? It is all thanks to naruto cuz he learned to make it easier to learn with shadow clones and instead of taking ten years or something it only takes a month.

  274. Those are truly wild animals. That is such a sight. The drawings gave justice to the story.

  275. ^^^^ no jusu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  276. i want to see funky no justu

  277. & right after this episode airs on Shippuden they will have a 10week fillar ark just on Konohamaru haha jkjk.

  278. Thank you IRA!!! I love your great work!!! 😀

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