Icons and User Names are Awesomeness…

So you want to comment huh?  Then you’ll have to sign up. If your willing to put up with Captain Planet jokes, ready to debate whether or not Maito Gai is awesomeness and don’t take yourself too seriously then welcome aboard. ^_^ Don’t worry if you don’t understand the following jokes: 1. Captain Planet 2. Patrick Swayze 3. Dumb as hell – you’ll get them eventually…


1. Step one click HERE to sign up for an account.  It doesn’t cost anything and wordpress doesnt’ try to ever sell anything so it’s easy and asks for nothing special. I also suggest select JUST A USERNAME PLEASE or you’ll be asked a bunch more questions to set up a blog but thats totally up to you.

2. After completing the initial set up you can go at anytime to wordpress.com to log in from now on.


1. Log in at wordpress.com

2. After logging in look at the gray Wordpress tool bar at the top left of your screen.

3. Hover over MY ACCOUNT and then select (click) EDIT PROFILE.

4. On the right hand side you will see a place where you can click BROWSE to upload a pic from your computer to use as your icon.

5. After selecting a pic and cropping it SAVE IT! 

6.  Be sure to rate your pic as “G” otherwise is may not ever show up no matter how many times you upload it.

7.  You may have to confirm you e-mail address before your new icon shows, so be sure you can access the e-mail you give to wordpress.

8.  Pic still doesn’t show?  Try clearing your browser’s cache and refreshing the page.  If you switch computers, you may have to clear your browser again…icons draw from the cache so that they load faster.  It should only take about 10 mins for your icon will start to show.


1. Hover over MY ACCOUNT  then click EDIT PROFILE

2. Scroll down a bit till you get to the name section

3. Type in what you want your screen name to be in the NICKNAME section

4. Scroll all the way down and click UPDATE PROFILE

5. Then scroll to DISPLAY NAME PUBLICLY AS drop down box and your nickname that you just entered should be an option, select it and then scroll down and click UPDATE PROFILE again.

To add Kanji or Katakana you just do the same process but you have to copy and paste it into the nickname section unless you have a keyboard that types Kanji.  Here are some family names from Naruto that you can copy and paste into your name:

千手 – Senju
うちは – Uchiha

猿飛 – Sarutobi (Asuma, 3rd Hokage)
干柿 – Hoshigaki (Kisame)
鬼灯 – Hozuki (Suigetsu)

波風 – Namikaze
日向 – Hyuga
うずまき – Uzumaki

There are many others.  If none of these is what your are looking for I suggest you go to naruto.wikia.com



(Easy way) 1. Easiest way is to click the iareawesomeness title at the top of the blog, it will bring you to the primary page, book mark that page.

(Hard way) 1. If you want to be all Gaara Hardcore about it, then scroll up to that WordPress gray tool bar at the top of your screen and hover over BLOG INFO in the upper left hand corner and then click SUBCRIBE TO BLOG. This actually looks good for me when alot of people subscribe to the blog so its cool if you want to do that but not necassary.

2. Now that you’ve subscribed when you log in, hover over MY ACCOUNT, click GLOBAL DASHBOARD, scroll down a bit and under PUBLIC BLOGS on the left side you will see an iareawesomeness link to click to go directly to the blog but step one is just easier…


1. If you look to the right on the iareareawesomeness side bar there is a catagories section that breaks the posts into the weekly posts, WTF’s and anime posts. Select any of these and it will bring up the previous three in that catagory, you can go back further by selecting the PREVIOUS ENTRIES link beneath the previous three.


Not really, just don’t piss me off.  And don’t piss off any of the veterans of the site either.  Pretty much what will piss me off is if you say stuff like “John is fucking gay and his theories are retarded.”  If you want to critique a comment then go for it.  Just don’t be a dick about it.  We don’t come to the blog to be pissed off, we come to the blog to be entertained.  So just relax, don’t be full of your self and you won’t get blocked or edited.


In the past people have let me know that for some reason they access the blog through devices that don’t allow them to comment, so they’ve contacted me through other sources.  This source is the PS3.  If you have one and want to add me, then my user name is: uwishuweremiah

I sometimes take a while to add people so don’t be butt hurt if it takes me a while to accept.  I look forward to seeing some of you on the PS3, I’m sure we’ll figure some way of finally achieving our goal of electing Captain Planet as president of the world in 2012 through this network.

(Thanks goes out to SCHY for this idea)


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on October 9, 2008.

32 Responses to “Icons and User Names are Awesomeness…”

  1. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirst! Does this count as a post?

  2. Yeah I’ll count it as a post just so u can get your self-confidence back.

  3. So kind.

  4. I don’t think the new people will get Swayze jokes or dumb as hell w/o some serious digging…

    That’s why i say us vets/Varsity hang it over their heads like their a bunch of JV players

    Too mean?

  5. HAHA! Niiiiice… I’m gonna repost the Swayze jokes but dumb as hell probably dies with the vets…

  6. geez, Jeremiah don’t be so protective, way to remove all the older posts, i.e. the “your dumb as hell” post…

    i was gonna have some fun with that one, but whatever

  7. i’d like to see that one, it sounds funny.

  8. It was really funny. It was someone calling me dumb as hell because I didn’t think Pain’s new body was Konan…

    I’m sure you can see the stupidity in that comment and what ensued afterwords.

    A recent comment on the manga 411 post is just as retarded.

    @ Alec – I don’t think I erased it. It’s probably still there. Just have to search through the old weekly posts.

  9. Just posting on every post i see….

  10. Bono.i bet you live in your computer (just pissed,you’re always first).

  11. I’m still trying to figure out the Patrick Swayze jokes…

  12. And…I’m having trouble getting my icon to show up. How long does it take? I got the Kanji script to “catch” right away.

  13. @波風- Penny: Havn’t seen any icon changes, but your kanji is up.

  14. @penny- why not?…btw the avatar takes smoe time to change, just clear ur browser cache to speed up the process 🙂

  15. @harshytkage: I “refreshed” (sorry for the innuendo – I just got done watching E= MC Swayze) several times already. It was a second attempt after the one I tried a couple of days ago – still not working.

  16. It’s working now, obviously. I completely closed down and it popped right up. Thx.

  17. My icon hasnt changed yet =_=

  18. @ schy – email me if you want me to change it for you.


  19. @ Penny – go into ur profile and check ur gravatar, if the picture u uploaded is there then it’s only a matter of time. If not, you did sumthin wrong >_<

  20. Thanks buddy. ^.^
    But I think reflex has changed it when he used my account. When i view my profile the correct icons there. But not when i comment. When i comment theirs “shit on wings” So im just waiting for the change.
    Does it take about a month to change for comments or summut?

  21. should only be a couple days…

  22. Even a couple days would prolly be pushing it.

  23. Wait so what does that mean about my icon 😦

  24. Ummmm…. Schy, why did you change ur name to lanif?

  25. i liked schy better…lanif sounds too un-schy-ish…

  26. Just wanted to see if i could change it.
    But i changed it back once i saw my comment was awaiting moderation.

  27. Lol, to tell you the truth I have no idea what Schy, Lanif…or Harshy means in the first place. But then again no one knows what the hell Supertrek is either. 😉

  28. At least my name changes fine 😀

  29. @supertrek- we abbreviate my real name HarshyT(which you’ve probably seen mentioned in many posts to umm…emphasize it…) to Harshy coz it sounds better and cuter!
    (Puppy dog eyes!)

  30. lanif is “final” backwards.
    And SCHY is just my name….which means me.

  31. Oh yeah and before i forget.
    “What does that mean about my icon :(“

  32. Schy is your real name? What’s your ethnicity? O_o

    Btw, I never noticed that “lanif is “final” backwards. Lol. I was always bothered by the name “lanif”.

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