Naruto Manga 428 Conversation + Pain vs Tsunade + Discussion and break down of 427

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Naruto confused

Naruto is as confused as we are as to the state of Kakashi's condition. Could you beat Naruto in a staring contest? Believe it!

 Hey everyone,

This was a great issue!  This is what I was hoping for last week which was a good issue but really advanced no aspect of the story line.  This week we have much to talk about so lets get right to it!

Put your

Put your hands together boys and girls for Konohamaru, who finally grew a pair ^_^

It’s amazing how little this part of the story moved in comparison to the rest of the chapter.  We saw some more flash backs of Naruto and we got to see Konohamaru slap his hands together -_-  Wow! Very much like last issue, nothing much to start off the new issue… I was about to be very pissed off until I read the rest of the issue which was very cool.

But lets focus on this one panel for a second, what can we take from it?  Well, unless he has a really funky way of performing the Rasengan between his hands, we can conclude he is about to summon something or create a mass shadow clone.  Either way, will that be enough to defeat Naraka Pain?

And I ran, I ran so far awaaaaaay...

And I ran, I ran so far awaaaaaay...

 Naruto finally figured out what we had all been thinking and commenting and posting… All he has to do is use his shadow clones in order to buy himself some time to enter sage mode.  This was helped along by Fukusaku’s comment about how its like trying to look left and right at the same time.  This obviously reminds Naruto of his Rasengan training with Jiraiya in which he said the exact same thing… We all know where this is going, so no need for a survey question here…


Thanks Akamaru, your input is extremly valuable to this conversation -_-

 The funniest thing about this panel is that Tsume and Kuromaru completely pwn Kiba and Akamaru just based off of looks alone!  Why does kiba look like he’s a little kid on one of those quarter little kid rides outside of a grociery store? Tsume and her dog look like they would scare the shit out of anyone in that stance and are ready to seriously F&*K S#!T up! 

It’s great to see them involved in the invasion!  As you all know, I’ve been complaining with the rest of you that I wanted to see more of Konoha’s finest involved in this epic battle and we are now starting to see that come to fruition.

Konan is

I always knew Shino was a pimp. If that's not the most B-boy stance ever in Naruto manga then I don't know what is...

 The Aburame clan has a much tougher challenge ahead of them with Konan as their opponent as apposed to the Inuzuka’s above who are dealing with the Preta path.  The swarming techniques used by Konan (paper) and Shino (insects) should make for an interesting match.  I really like Shino but Konan is one of my favorite characters so I’m kinda pulling for her to come through.  It’s not going to be cool with me if they kill her off.

Seems as though Kakashi is on Tsunade's mind as much as he is on ours lately...

Seems as though Kakashi is on Tsunade's mind as much as he is on ours lately...

Tsunade reacts violently when her slug reports back the condition of Kakashi… but she looks very angry and shows it by kicking the S#!T out of her surroundings.  Her is something to chew on, if her reaction to death is like Jiraiya’s then Kakashi isn’t dead, she’s hella angry like he’s gotten beaten within an inch of his life.  I may be reading to much into this but…

The response is ambigious at best...

The response is ambigious at best...

Chouji asks about Kakashi and Tsunade doesn’t answer, then she says “Hurry Choji”.  This could mean “Kakashi is dead and you need to hurry up and get to Chouza, who is still alive” or this could mean “I’m not sure he’s going to make it, hurry up tubby and just maybe he might!”  Last week I said I would stay away from the Kakashi, alive or dead survey questions until something more came up but it just so happens that more came up this week so it’s back again…

I just flew in and boy are my arms tired...

I just flew in and boy are my arms tired...

If Kakashi wasn’t enough to worry about, Tsunade is about to meet her maker.  She’s F#^Ked.  As mentioned in previous posts, Tsunade is going to be weakened by healing almost every freakin Nin in Konoha, as Kishi says Sakura has to grow up and Deva Pain has just arrived.  He will ask where Naruto is, Tsunade of course will begin to have flash backs and she’ll tell him to go F himself.  A battle will ensue that will end in Tsunade’s death and the beginning of a focus on Sakura as promised by Kishi.  I really hope I’m wrong but I don’t think I am.  Here’s your chance to disagree…

If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?

Deva Pain: If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?

Tsunade has come face to face with the same person who killed Jiraiya!  She wants this fight more than anything I would imagine.  This battle should be epic!  Tsunade’s insane strength, against Deva Pain’s powers of the Dark side esque force push…

Preta Pain loves the black rod...

Preta Pain loves the black rod...

Preta Pain has collected the black rods from the former animal realm and is about to fight Kiba.  Preta and Animal realm had a specific mission to collect these rods from the deceased body, which leads me to believe that they are important some how… but how?  I have no idea on this one.  It could be nothing or something… If you’ve got thoughts on this, put em in the comments section.

MAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIITOOOOOOOOOO GAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIII! They are coming back! Finally!  But what purpose will they serve.  Kiba has Preta Pain. Asura Pain was pwnd by Kakashi. Deva Pain is fighting Tsunade. Hmmmmm that leaves Animal Realm or Human Realm or both to Rock Lee and company.  I’m sure Gai will also freak out if he sees what has happened to Kakashi.  Anyone think the 8th gate will be released?

So now that we see what the match ups will generally be which are you looking forward to the most?  And which is Naruto going to become involved with?

I know I will be crucifide for even bringing this up BUT its lining up rather nicely for a Naruto vs Animal Pain fight, correct?  For those of you who know  what I’ve wished for since the introduction of  the Animal realm then you are laughing at the me uncontrollably right now.  See my PREDICTIONS from 4 months ago to see what I was hoping would happen, try not to laugh too hard.  If team Gai fights Human Realm… I’m just sayin, its lining up nicely for that scenerio…. Stop laughing at me! ^_^

The last lines say “Tsunade in grave danger!”, which is probably referring to the smack down that Deva Pain is about to lay on the weakened and chakra depleted Tsunade.  The second line says “As hokage” I now pronounce you husband and wife! JK  That could be referencing Tsunade, Naruto or Konohamaru… We’ll see!  My finals are almost done so I will be back on the site on a more regular basis soon.  Until then you really need to read Ibiki’s posts about Kakashi and Rin! She ties in the six phrases that were pulled from Jiraiya’s books to decipher the “secret” code brilliantly but I must warn you that they are for mature readers only.  They seem to be getting more and more mature as she goes onto each sentence, I can’t wait for the next one! Click HERE for the main post and then click on the chapter to read each post. Eventually she will have all six covered, complete awesomeness! I can’t recomend reading these enough to those who don’t blush easily. That’s it for now… have a awesomeness week and I’ll post some WTF?! posts this week that are hilarious!

Ja matta,


Read 6 sentences! Thank me later!

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  1. First!!! Suck it Bono.

  2. Maybe they are collecting the used rods because they have a limited number and need to collect them back in order to add them to other bodies to make more minions.

  3. Fahim’s Naruto Manga 427, if you want to put it up.

  4. Actually i think that everything is about those rods.. as we know nagato is at his tower and has the dead bodies fight for him… He transmits waves to these rods so the 6 realms can move.. actually if someone poseses one of this rods and knows how to translate them he could read every move of every realm… The former animal realm is dead but the rods where still transmiting that means that the waves dont go to every realm’s rod individually but at every rod.. i mean when nagato sends the signal to deva pain to punch with his right hand animal pain knows that that was the order.. So if one has the rod and the knowledge could easilly deafet every realm cause they know their next move…

  5. @ Vered – We had it up until the translation came out. Thanks. On more than one occasion you have hooked us up ^_^

  6. @ punxed – Do they allow Nagato to control them like puppets or just communitcate attacks. I’m thinking its not like a puppet. I think its a way for them to communicate with each other. So it would be a great way to find out what they are thinking ahead of time. Shizune has one right now, so we’ll see. I just don’t think the rods are so controlling that Nagato is actually deciding when to punch with which hand and so on…

    Great thoughts, good work.


  8. But the realms are dead person.. u are thinking that a dead person can make battle decisions??? like nagato bring life to dead and controll them??? i dont think thats posiible…

  9. @ punxed – Good Point.

    Rinnegan = zombie maker ^_^

  10. @ punxed – But in my defense Oro brought back the 1st and 2nd, niether of which was controlled like a puppet. Both opperated on their own. I wonder the limits of the Rinnegan and how powerful it actually is.

  11. Also, if he can send chakra & commands out, then what about sending a chakra attack into Pain with the conductor? The ultimate long distance attack.

  12. Or if they are dead dead and controlled like puppets then the first animal realm would still be kickin it, instead of laying on an examination table in Konoha and then being used as a body sheiled by Preta Pain. It goes beyond puppetry, I say.

  13. @火影 千手 Jeremiah- u got a point but u see the hokages where back too life and they knew what they were doing… but they couldnt disobey the orders.. u see there was a scene (i think) that they asked sry from the 3rd but they couldnt do nothing else because of that forbiden jutsu.. u can see clearly that all 6 pains are 1 person.. if it was the same type of jutsu we could see the diffence at the 6 personalities.. but its clear that all the 6 realms are the same personality… but i am wondering how the 6 realms are abilities to the rinnegan.. i wonder if the first rineegan shinobi had the ability to control 6 bodies( but that likely inpossible because he could have the tecnology that nagato has to do it…)

  14. First Rinnegan user = Sage of the Six Paths


  15. @火影 千手 Jeremiah- now that u put it that way….. there is point to it…

  16. WHAT DO YOU MEEN NO NEED FOR A POLL!!! FUKUSAKUS COMMENT WAS REFFERRING TO A STARING COMPETITION WHICH NARUTO INSTANTLY EXCEPTED! look at that champion stare in the first pic and you can see he wants to win bad as the staring takes a toll in the second pic.

    in fact the whole manag has been mistranslated and is actually all about extreme nursery games, konohamarus playing extreme slapsies, shino is playing sharades and tsunades playing red light green light with pain, chouji and the black ops. chouji got caught so he runs off crying.

    the black rods are liquorish, PAIN LOVES THE LIQUORISH!!!! thats why he has it all over his bodies just incase he feels the need for liquorish goodness.

  17. the black rods are liquorish, PAIN LOVES THE LIQUORISH!!!! thats why he has it all over his body and why he invaded konohoa to retrive his liquorish.

    WHY IS THER NO NEED FOR A POLL FUKASAKUS JUST TELLING NARUTO ABOUT THE GREEN CROSS CODE. hes right u no, u try looking left and right at the same tme while crossing its deadsville for u mister.

    and kakashis looking down at a just for men gray hair removal panflet on the floor. DONT DO IT KAKASHI, DNT RUIN UR LUSSHUSH GRAYS!!!!
    as u can see ur all reading to much into these mangas


  18. serios theory now

    pain are puppets to nagato who lives in evil tower, he uses rods to control bodies and rinnengan to unite them. Kakashi no dead, writer biding time waiting to make kakashi return without mask hopefully yay. Gai will help on of the fights not sure which one. In the end, pain will be defeted but at the cost of tsunade. Naruto will arrive late see everyone dead so he and sakura will go on a avenging mission to nagato where naruto will use sage mode to unleash can of woopass.

    screw sasuke, screw sasuke, screw sasuke.

  19. There is no need for a survey question for the looking both ways thing because it’s referencing the Rasengen training arc with Jiraiya where he said the exact same thing. He’s going to use clones again to enter sage mode.

  20. @Jeremiah: I can buy team Shino because, you nailed the pose. Team Kiba? Hell no, that’s team Tsume all the way around. Once again, becaue the dimestore cowboy, yeah, you nailed Kiba with that one also. Team Tsume’s battle is going to be bloody and intense.

  21. pssst…Jeremiah, that was Kakashi with the look both ways at once…

  22. It was the training with Kakashi that Naruto got the idea of looking left and right at the same time. If it was with Jiraiya he would probably have already had known Fuuton:Rasengan when he came back from his time away.

  23. i wanna see what jutsu was naruto training alone at myabokuzan…^^

  24. nagato controls pain through the rods. He can most likely posess anyone’s dead body after implanting the piercings. If anyone else posessed an unused set of the rods they could read pain’s orders and movements or possibly trace it back to it’s owner location.
    Tsunade will definately die or be near death at the end of her fight with pain. That particular vengeance belongs to Naruto, much like when shikamaru avenged Asuma. Old Tsunade beating pain would be like Preggo Kurenai pwning Hidan instead of Shikamaru.

    Naruto will most likely use clones at first to make sage power. eventually he’ll run into #8 who’ll will train naruto on how to use the 9Tails. He’ll then be immune to genjutsu like #8 and won’t have to worry about mangekyou as much.

    Itachi implanted ameratsu in sasuke’s eyes so tobi/madara/obito would use his time space powers to get rid of the flames in front of sasuke. Itachi was unable to complete that particular genjutsu and he wanted sasuke to see it first hand. Sasuke uses it to clear the flames from hawk and #8. Sasuke seems to be unable to use mangekyou without serious damage and tobi/madara/obito is probably getting ready to jump into sasuke’s body at any time just to piss off Naruto even more and control the super kyubii they’re going to create.

    Naruto will make the 9tails his bitch and it will hold still while he fights to create some kind of 4Tailed-Sage mode that will make jiraiya’s hermit mode look like stupid baby frog shit. Sage mode will heal Naruto from the damage inflicted when he goes 4-tailed.
    akatsuki is still pretty much a mystery but i’m under the impression they’re being run by the 4th hokage. The 4th is the only one who could have saved tobi/madara/obito and used the body in time. Kakashi was bitched out when it all went down so who knows what happened to old one eye obito while he was out.

    It would be awesome if pain used those rods on Jiraiya’s and Itachi’s corpses before fighting Naruto. As if Naruto doesn’t cry enough he’ll have to go through Jiraiya’s pervy pierced corpse before he gets to pain.

  25. dude has anyone heard of anytying wrong with wordpress? my avatar changed back and i didn’t do anything?

  26. What does the Human Realm do? I don’t remember seeing his power.

  27. Remember, Everytime Naruto advances in strength, he develops abilities that correspond to the enemies he fights. A good example is when he learned element manipulation. He fought the As. enemy who could use all five elementals. This arc is no different. Pain has these rods as a way to collect nature energy to give energy to dead puppets. Pa frog keeps repeating that you can’t move and go into toad sage mode, but the Pain group are using the rods to actually do just that.

  28. Is Konohamaru doing a wind element seal like that ANBU guy in the other chapter?

  29. Is that a wind element seal that Konohamaru is doing?

  30. im ready to see the complete version of the rasengan. sense the rasenshuriken was barely have complete, i wonder what the full completion of the rasengan is and if what its going to look like

  31. AHHHHHHHHHHH I hope kakashi survives
    ho thinks that he will survive
    I DO!!!!!!


  32. seeing the people of konoha at war is way too cool.
    now, we could see the strength of each clans.
    although i was dissaponted seeing kakashi die.
    i think the “pains” would retreat later on.
    its either they’re tired or they have to escape.
    what if the 2 village members sent by the raikage arrives?
    or a little help from the hidden sand?
    right? hehe. anyways, we are looking forward to
    naruto chapter 428.
    goodluck. naruto rockz ^^.

  33. Tsunade shouldn’t die so easily, even if she depleted her chakra healing everyone. I’m sure she’ll put up a good fight. This is how I think it’ll go,Tsunade and Deva Pain will start talking about the past blah blah blah, Tsunade realizes who the Pain really is(which gives her an edge over Deva Pain), then they start to fight, Deva Pain kills all the anbu people protecting her, then the real Tsunade vs Deva Pain will start. Oh, also the line ‘As Hokage’ I never once thought it referred to Naruto or Konohamaru, I think it’s 80% likely to refer to Tsunade only. She did say something like that during the 3 sannins fight(the one with jiraiya and tsunade against orochimaru).

    I hope kakashi survives too. Chouji better run fast! I think Sakura will be the one operating on Kakashi, if I remember correctly she was stationed at the hospital earlier.I hope she shows some awesome medical skills!

  34. i do believe that the black rod is used as the main power of pain. i think what it does is it re-animates dead ninjas into another realm of pain. what do you guys think..

  35. they are collecting the rods, because they will stick it into jiraiyas face, and make jiraiya one of them

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  37. hmm.. what about the natural energy that Naruto learn to gather?
    is it possible that the energy / chakra surround pain that been transmitted to each other caught Naruto’s Sage Mode?
    Hopefully that’s the way to defeat pain..

  38. @jeremiah i think i know why the there are dead realms even though they still have those black rods. it is because it is a chakra reciever. when you destroy the realm’s body, the chakra channels inside their body will be interupted. thats why their dead.

    @SLAPnHOES, the jinhuuriki of the 8th tails is immuned against genjutsu because of the 8th tails. that is one of the specil skills that the 8th tails give. it is not his ability. remember that it is a special genjutsu cos it is cast by mangekyu sharingan.

  39. i am still wondering what will kono use against pein. he uses a standard hand seal, that means he’s gonna use elemental jutsu. coz non-elemental jutsu like kagebunshin uses special hand seal.

    a dragon hand seal means wind release jutsu. but i am not sure about kono’s nature. that suggests that it is neither kagebunshin nor summoning. when he remembered the “kono i would like to teach you something” that naruto said, it only says he remembered naruto when he taught him the sexy jutsu. it doens’t mean that naruto taught kono some other jutsu than the harem

  40. Well Naruto rasenshuriken is incomplete – in the sense he cannot use it..but in sage mode he can – and it appears he can throw it as well.

    Tsunade is going to die..Kakashi will live..but who will be Hokage? Danzou?

  41. i don’t care what you guys thought about that issue…all i want to see is tsunade’s real face (i hope she’s not like chiyo) when the jutsu (the one that makes her young) wears off when she runs out of chakra…omg! i am dying to see the next issue…it may not be there but still i would really like to see the AGED TSUNADE…

    hey guys, do you have any ideas on what tsunade looks like???(like any links or something????)

  42. hmm…my icon chaged on it’s own!!! where is the pain face i had here???

  43. She probably looks the same except lighter hair and face paint. I just thought this but if the piercings transmitted chakra how did Jiraiya defeat the three from before. If they were just bodies receiving energy since that flow wasn’t stopped shouldn’t they have lived. They were resurrected instead. Unlike Asura they weren’t living afterwards. Does anyone know why?

  44. well…their bodies could have been useless after that fight and the real pain had to throw them away!!! that’s my guess….

  45. I just hope the look both ways comment doesn’t mean Naruto’s cloone will be giving him a piggy back ride while he runs around gathering natural chakkra.



  48. @Roberto: DUDE, please comment without the caps lock if you want me to read. I’m too old and mean to tolerate that crap. ^.^

    But srsly…

  49. ….When the heck did Kushina come into this, lol? Why would she be controlling the Peins?

    I just… want Kakashi to be alive.

    I have a feeling Tsunade will die, but I hope not.

    And if Sasuke comes in and screws everything up even MORE, I will be PISSED.

    But yay, Team Gai is back!!!!!!! ….Now where’s alll the other Jounin and Chuunin? Is Kurenai still pregnant (how much time has passed)?


  50. Ok the main reason why I think kakashi is alive is the kishi interview, He said that he would write about sasuke, and he did….alot >_<. Then he said he would write about sakura and kakashi after sasuke, especially kakashi. So far we have seen kakashi in one fight after all the sasuke stuff, that is not alot of writing about kakashi. It makes me think he is alive, or we will see a long flash back arc soon.

  51. WTF how did my icon change? I did not change it myself, hmmmm.

  52. I’m getting beyond annoyed at the fact they won’t show what’s up with Kakashi. Uh, seriously, who cares about everything else right now. I just want to know if Kakashi is dead or not.

    Although, truthfully, I’m interested in seeing Tsunade vs. Pain. Tsunade better kick some Pain ass.

  53. my icon changed too…wtf is going on?????????????????????????

  54. Sorry about the icons guys. I’ll research this, but my guess is this is a bug from the new wordpress software that just rolled out. Meanwhile, change it back, let’s see if they stick.

  55. Well, here is another installment of my two cents. As far as Konohamaru is concerned, I still believe he is using a distraction to save Ebisu and get away to re-think a plan. This is very much like a young Naruto, and I think that it is fairly clear that Konohamaru follows in Naruto’s foot steps in stubbornness and style. With the Dragon hand sign shown we can rule out summoning. So, what is it? I still think it is a clone jutsu, but there are techniques that the third has used that use a Dragon hand sign (earth dragon, fire dragon bullet), but those are B-ranked techniques. Now, this may be Kishi showing Konohamaru’s drive (that mirrors Naruto’s drive), in an example of the ability to perform jutsu above his rank. I feel as though this is just a setup issue. Konohamaru makes his move, more Kakashi uncertainty, the chakra conductor retrieval fight, Konan vs. termites, team Gai soon to be making dynamic entry (that just sounds dirty), and the 106 about to face Pain. Obviously Pain does have an agenda against the 3 sannin (as predicted on this site). The Aburame are setup to go toe to toe with Konan (as predicted on this site). Naruto gets the ‘hey, use a clone to make that work’ clue (as predicted on this site). Team Gai will return shortly (as predicted on this site). Tsunade (the 106) is about to face off with Yahiko pain, and I never get tired of saying, “As predicted on this site!”. So, what happens next is easy, but which will happen first, and which will continue to drag on?

  56. @ ibi, i can’t, every time i do, the screen gets caught in a perpetual loading mode… damn word press

  57. i think that sasuke is going to find naruto then they are going to fight then they will become friends then they are going to stop 5th hokage vs pein then they are going to kill pein then friends like before in normal naruto where sasuke calls naruto a loser then da da every thing is back to normal but i think all this will happen in about 9 more manga so yeah.

  58. I just want to seee if my icon has changed.

  59. no it did not and i made the change a long time ago, hmmmm… well it is still kakashi ^_^.

  60. @kalid: Wow! That is a hell of a timeline.

  61. I think there is a bug like Ibi said. Worspress just switched to a new system so it might be F’d for a while.

  62. what you said about naruto using clones to distract is a good thought . But i think he’s going to make one other clone to gather half of the natrual chakra for he won’t loss control trying to to gather that much chakra.

  63. ight let me tell ya’ll wassup, or atleast what i thinks going down. Kakashi will not die! or atleast i hope not! Kakashi is a main character and his battle wasnt as epic as Itachi’s or Jiraiya’s! Kakashi is one of the main character, he has to go out with a bigger battle!

    Next i think Tsunade will be saved by Naruto!!!! Think bout it Naruto’s training is finished, he now knows how to gather the natural chakra! so he heads back and saves tsunade’s A**!!!!

  64. Heres a thing, Naruto will use the KB, since its his primary tech.
    One will go Kyuubi and other Narutal…
    He might fails with the bunshins, and perhaps he asks for Kyuubis help to do it.

    Well if you ask me Naruto going SM with bunshins is good 😀
    Go Naruto Go…

    Anyway Hell save Tsunade yet again!!!
    Hell use mass kbs to scatter around the city… get info and go to Tsunade first as others Shinobis will hold the other Pains.
    Can wait for the next ep!!!

  65. I’ve reported the icon issue and will report it again–noting that the damn things won’t switch back.

    Let’s call in Mighto Gai to go ten rounds with the software!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. @EroSennin: awesome. Still your squeeing fangirl. ^.^

  67. @ Ero aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! It’s Ero-Senin!!!!!!!!!!! let’s get him!!!!!!!!! *inner ibi*

    no seriously, nice try but the shadow clone jutsu is a B-ranked move and then transforming yourself and the clone at the same time is an A-ranked move, so konohamaru can handle things above his rank (plus technically Naruto is still a gennin and he could destroy half of Konoha, all of it if the same pathetic ninjas were around as they were in the beginning of pain’s invasion). This is a setup, but probably to show how much he’s changed as well (he can now save his tutor, which i don’t know how much Ebisu can be a hokage, major wtf!?!?!?, especially if he get’s his ass whooped by one pain). And that’s why ebisu should kill himself (refer to an older post)…

  68. @Ibiki: Thanks, but after reading your ‘Six Sentences’ chapters…I’m the fan. You may need to do age validation on that. (putting the Ero in my Sennin)

    @Alec: lol..’inner Ibi’
    I agree that Konohamaru can handle a jutsu above his rank, and that in itself is Naruto-esque. But, we see a Dragon hand sign. Rasengan needs no hand signs. The summoning jutsu hand signs are: Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, Ram, and Palm On Ground (found on Naruto-wiki). So, unless Kishi just penciled that in for effect, we may see something new from the grandson. But, I just have an (unfounded, no evidence) feeling it will have something to do with shadow clones.
    Yes, Ebisu needs to throw himself upon the short sword (though disembowelment is how seppuku was performed with the wakizashi). Maybe he has a great history that we don’t know. What I do know is it seems that his huge ego is grows so well from being fertilized with the snooty bullsh*t that spews from his mouth.

  69. oops…grown sorry for the poor verb tense agreement.

  70. who knows, maybe he’ll summon a dragon or something, or something dragon shape based off his super sexy techniques…

  71. Alec, :blink: are you jealous? lmao. And still chuckling about inner Ibi…

    Dragon hand sign…not convinced that’s shadow clone, Naruto puts his first two fingers in a cross to do kage bunshin. This isn’t one of the 12 signs. I never noticed that before. Is it a completely unique seal? Or a variation on an existing seal?

  72. Kakashi crosses his fingers to, and so does the third when he performs the shadow clone…

  73. OK, the helpful folks at WordPress sent me this reply about the icons (avatars):

    We’ve changeed all avatars to use Gravatar. Please see to change your Gravatar.

    Automattic |

    So if you’re having trouble with your avatar, follow the link to get a Gravatar–note the cap, lol. (WTF?! I freeking hate marketing speak.) Your WordPress…now new and improved with Gravatar TM…don’t any of you bitches try to steal that name now…nice of them to send us a heads up, eh? Hope that helps with the icon sitch.

  74. i hope everyone is ready for the new swayze movie Christmas in Wonderland!!

  75. hey people…i fixed my picture!!! you could have asked me!!!
    well, all i did was “instead of clicking on the CHANGE THE G…..(whatever), i right-clicked it and then opened the link in new-window!! that way it worked….

  76. hey people…i fixed my picture!!! you could have asked me!!!
    well, all i did was “instead of clicking on the CHANGE THE G…..(whatever), i right-clicked it and then opened the link in new-window!! that way it worked….

  77. omg! who approved the earlier comment???
    knock knock
    who’s there?
    jeremiah who?
    the moron who just disclosed your identity!

    (i hate to say it..but this weeks comments are widely based on the bug-reporting….that’s ******* hilarious)

  78. Nope Konohamaru is not using shadow clones jutsu (at least the forbidden one & lets face it the other ones are crap anyway).
    Seal for clones is shown here by Kakashi:

    Its very close to Earth element jutsu..very close..I dont believe its summoning..what is going to summon? the monkey? Well here is Earth element jutsu:

    Or Does Konohamaru have a bloodlime limit – like the 1st hokage? Mokuton? – unlikely given the 1st did hundred hand movements…

    Definetly not a conventional summoning – you need blood for that..and you need to hit the ground with your palm lol.

  79. Tsunade is gonna survive alrite…
    Kakashi is gonna to survive, just when Tsunade is owned, sakura is gonna jump in and own. Then sakura is gonna get owned and naruto is gonna get an instict and own. THe battle is from there

  80. i8 still dont agree that koo is using a naruto’s jutso. he’ll be using his own

  81. うん、あなたは馬鹿な猿だ / microtube: *I* approved the comment so everyone else could see your douchebaggery and your twin identity. Chill man. One ID should cover it, don’t you think?

  82. @ibiki i think the reason why they use cross fingers for the max shadow clone is that the technique itself was forbidden, there might be others signs we havent seen yet

  83. Ohh thank’s microtube/ whatever, yeah the whole right click thing worked and now my GRavatar (wtf? is back…

  84. @ losers – great stuff! Love the breakdown. ^_^

    As to the Microtube thing… I have no idea what is going on. I’ve been studying for finals since my last comment. I’m to busy to read all the comments to find out why you were calling me a moron so whatever…

  85. @losers… look at the thumbs and pinky fingers in all the seals konohamarus are different… so it shouldnt be an earth technique

  86. “This obviously reminds Naruto of his Rasengan training with Jiraiya in which he said the exact same thing… ”

    stop talking like you know everything…it’s not jiraiya…it was the training of naruto with kakashi….

  87. Here is a link to the 12 hand seals, in case (like me) you don’t have them memorized.

    @renzy I did come across one earth technique that (supposedly) requires a dragon hand seal. Info came from fansites, tho, so maybe that’s not legit. I do remember water and fire dragon jutsus, but no wind dragons (yet)…and wouldn’t THAT be interesting?

    @charzelo and Alec or anyone else: so if the kage bunshin no jutsu seal is a cross…is it possible its a variant of ox and/or ram? Is it possible for seals to be combined to save time? OR could there really be more signs? Or was this a Kishi mistake that he just rolled with until we make a big deal about it?

  88. naruto charactor is getting boring cause every time he learns new technique he uses his clones. he cant even make a rassengon and the wind shuriken rassengon with out his clones. man it is getting boring and this fight is lasting forever. think tsunadi is going to die kakashi is going to come back to life and be hokage

  89. umm, i think cause what naruto used was way before we had an introduction to anything else in the world of hand signs, thus making it that Kishi used that because there was nothing else, because he hadn’t yet thought of the zodiac thing for the hand signs. Or it could be a varitaion on the regular bunshin hand sign (too lazy to find out which that one is)

  90. come on people get real, no offence or anything but konohamaru doing the rasengan is something they’d pull off in the anime fillers, kishi would be stupid enuff to make him do it in the manga. the naruto manga has been one of the greatest mangas so far thus meanin kishi is NOT stupid and wouldnt go as far to have the rasengan thrown round like a normal jutsu… its something the 4th created, its something kishi created to be so extra ordinary, the only way hes hand it round the block like a hoe of a jutsu would be if he started smokin crack off a monkeys arse. and as to kakashi being dead, i hope not, if kishi kills kakashi then he might aswell give maito gai the mangekyou sharingan level 5 and give sai the rinnengan, and yeah on top let konohumaru kill naruto with a rasenshuriken. hopefull niether will happen, one thing i was dissapointed in though was the fact that the fight between pain and kakashi was SO shit, first time sharingan vs rinnengan and it was so stupid the way they made kakashi look so weak, running out of chakra liek he was as old as his hair looks? im not sure about the whole madara/obito/tobi story but i hope it is real and kishi does do something extra crazy like it with the story, because if not there wernt no real reason for kishi to introduce obito in the first place, then have kakashi cryin his name out and jus leave the poor guy dead? well am beleiving in kishi for now hes made me happy thus far thruout the manga jus hpe he keeps us all happy, and PS kishi must be on some hard acids to come out with the storylines! dont ya fink?!

  91. @Alec: I’m kinda thinking along the same lines myself. And I vaguely remember now a Kishi interview where he admitted he screwed this up and now has to live with it…but I could just be making stuff up in my head. (and yeah…not worth looking up…)

  92. Anyone think that the pein tsnaade is about to face might actualy be her boy friend because remember she had a brother and a boy friend who looks like that pein

  93. check my pic out, iv jus got the orochimaru seal

  94. awww u cant see it, well u can check it out by going to

  95. Well since Naruto follows Star Wars so closely, we can use that story line to determine Tsunade’s future, or lack there of.

    Kakashi represents Obi-Wan Kenobi. He survived until a ripe old age until he was killed by Vader (AKA Sasuke).

    Jiraiya represents Master Qui-Gon Jinn = Died while fighting against a powerful sith (AKA the Akatsuki’s very own Pain)

    Orochimaru represents Chancellor Palpatine (AKA the Sith Lord) = Dead, killed by his pupil Vader/Sasuke

    Princess-Tsunade could be represented by Queen Amidala (Padmé) = Dead while bring new life into the world in the form of Luke and Princess Leia. Tsunade is giving life to the village via her summons Katsuyu and dispersing her life force to the wounded.

    If you correlate Naruto to Star Wars then Tsunade is going to die. She may have a little fight with Pain, but Sakura will inherit her “will of fire” and continue on to fight the Atatsuki (aka the Empire)

    Naruto is represented by Luke, who of course is the primary hero of the story who brings balance to the universe. He is trained by Yoda (AKA Fukasaku)on the swampy planet Dagobah (AKA Myobokuzan). Luke’s power are refined and he reaches his next major mile-stone in development. However he is unable to fully master the technique’s Yoda tries to teach him. Luke/Naruto leaves Dagobah with his new skills to rejoin the fight with his friends. He continues his training on his own and struggles to resist using the power of the dark side (the Kyubi). He has a greater understanding of how to draw upon the force which is part of the natural world around him.

    Too many parallels here, so I would have to say Tsunade is dead and Kakashi will be fine.

  96. This is probably one of the better fan videos representing the parallels in the pre-shippuden era of Naruto and Star Wars.

    This will probably be an old topic for many of the seasoned Naruto fans, but for newer fans this should spark a realization that these two stories share a common plot. They simply have alternating time-lines and a few unique character to each story.


    (Ps. no offence meant….lol)
    (I just wanted to say that to a lot of people once…lol)

    YOu suck Jeremiah
    (ps. same)
    (pss Same)


    And i agree, tsumi completely pwnd kiba there! And i mean, Shino’s turning out to be that Ice cool Attitude Guy!
    I MEAN just look at that pose- it SPELLs AWESOMENESS!!!

  98. dude, y the harshness?

  99. OMG OMG OMG skyhigh303’s back omg……..
    yeah yeah i know i missed me too lol
    any ways so wtf is takin so long to kill tsunade off i mean honestly you’d think that someone of those six pein woulda just put the tiny bit of extra effort required into killing her already but whatever. And for the record shino vs paper mache girl is actually a pretty good match up and one i never thought of plus shino looks pretty damn close to awesome in his hoodie.

  100. Am suspecting the Wind element and then the Earth…. but wondering if kono is capable of doing that?

    Well am still wondering abt it, bcz naruto stole the forbidden scroll ages back… though he did learn only MassKB. Wondering what else he did pick up from it. …..

    This is from the Sora arc and heres an image where Fuuka uses the seal made by Kono, its like not the frst seal of the tech, she use this particular seal in the fourth or fifth position before making the final seal for an element. Except for Fire, this Konos seal comes for Water Element, Wind and Lightining. Except for water there is slight variation in the thumb. And these are elemental summoning seals… elements in the form of animals..

    Variation with thumb…Raiton…Lightning Element..Raiton Jibashi

    Variation with thumb….Fuuton….Wind Element..Fuuton Hanachirimai

    Anyway… funny thing is this type of seal so far in the ep doesnt start…any elemental moves…..means that it comes in between many seals..
    definitely its not the rasengan or definitely not MKB to 100% and definitely not the Fire elementsl Katon moves also…

    Guess is this is either a self made, cant expect a pervy move….though….
    This must be either Forbidden Tech or A summoning move…. coz itll be followed by another one seal atleast….

    Cant be right also.. anyways… seen this seal before in any other eps? Anyway lets see what 3rds Gson can do….. hope it not a crappy move… whatever so it wont do anything to Pain…

  101. image links for the above post.

    Fuuton hanachirimai

    Raiton jibaashi

  102. sry for the outbreak guys….(and alec)

    btw, by implying that Naruto follows star wars so closely,
    would that also mean that you are implying that WE will actually Get to HEAR SASUKe SAY-
    Sasuke- NARUTO! i am your father….
    Sasuke-Kakashi has taught you well, come over to the dark side and i will complete your training..


    though seriouesly, i’ve read a few t”theoties” that the pein tsunades gonna fight is “dan”, now i would like to ask in what perspective does it even look remotely like dan

    and i’ve also heard smfin about naruto’s mom controlling PEIN> NOW THAT ID DOWNRIGHT STUPID!

    (But as simon cowell says-“just an opinion….”)

  103. There is a story, maybe you’ve heard of it…Hamlet? Or how about the story of Jesus, or Robinhood for that matter. The overall theme of Naruto is an old one. What makes a story great is how it is told. Of course you can find a connection to star wars, but the real question is, “is that a surprise?”
    Anyway, going out to the gulf for two weeks, so I’ll type at you later.

  104. hey Jeremiah when the spoiler is coming out??

  105. wooow… this is getting good…… its my first time soo chill.. anyway…

    lets go stright to the points….. TSUNADE wont die but she will be close to dead! what will happen to pain? somehow she will get help from someone and pain will backoff.. if u think about.. she was using her shakra all along to heal ppl, this is a way to give a reason to her death. but if she dies! who will be the Hukage? naruto? no way near it.. no one is there that is strong enough to take her place! but naruto need to get stronger and stronger to kill pain! after all he will kill pain himself! and to give naruto another reason to kill pain and get stronger is KONOHAMARU’s death! (i dont think it will happen) but this is give naruto 150% reasons to get stronger and kill him….
    in nearly every fight, to stop an enimy or kill him there has to be someone who is stronge “kakashi” to die. in addition, pain will backoff..

  106. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttt???i have still this icon????i changed it like an hour ago….DAMN!!!

  107. YES!!!!!!!my icon is BACK!!!

  108. @ibiki look in the anime at the beginning of the arc with sora when he uses all the wind stuff on naruto… i think one was a dragon (:

  109. @renzy: DOooood…seriously? Thx for the tip. That’s the thing about Kishi’s new and improved ‘filler’ it usually takes you somewhere important (or at least interesting).

  110. @babyfox – we usually see it Tuesday.

  111. ahh..thanx!!i forgot^^

  112. @babyfox the spoilers always come out on either wed or thursday

  113. also there is no way in hell dan is pein… the relationship is too close to yahiko, and jiraiya actually identified him as yahiko

    and narutos mom controlling pein is also rediculous… she was an anbu there is no way she would have that kind of power

  114. o and sorry but damn you jerimiah stealing my thunder haha

  115. ty renzy:)

  116. Anyone noticed the conspicous absence of the hyuuga clan from the battle…(not including Neji), i mean, the do have the so called strongest Taijutsu in konoha!

  117. BTW guys, there’s smfin i wanna ask! Where are all you guys from, i’m from India!
    PS- i just started posting now though i’ve been following this blog for quite some time now…

    PSS Patrick Swayze!!Someone tell me!!!

  118. Man college sucks I dont haave the time to read what everyone is saying >_<. I get winter break soon so I can read all the crazy stuff then, also I will use my sharingan to predict what will happen in the manga -_+.

  119. im from buffalo New York in the US haha and the swayze and captain planet = awesomeness

  120. @ Lastscorpion – I’m in the same boat. I have no clue whats going down on my own blog… @_@

    Can’t wait till winter break… 3 finals down, 3 to go and one 20 page term paper.

  121. @ Harshytkage – click HERE for info on the Swayze (AKA Captain Planet)

    A year end wrap up is coming around Christmas which will address all the inside jokes that the vets qoute for the noobs.

    I know I keep saying stuff is coming… but believe me, once school is out, you A holes will be sick of me.

  122. lolz…

  123. hopefully everyone dies but kakashi i dont kare about anyone else and if naruto is the strongest person in the village right now why wont they let him be hokage like gara he was the stringest and he became hokage of the sand

  124. @jjjjjjjjjjjjjj – Gaara was the strongest after the Kazekage had died (killed by Oro) and they were ready to name a new Hokage.

    Same as the leaf, Jiraiya was the strongest when the 3rd died and they offered him the Hokage position when they were ready but he turned them down. Tsunade was the second strongest (being one of the three legendary Sannin) and she accepted. When she took the role she could destroy Naruto with a flick of her finger, remember?

    Things are different now. When and if she dies or steps down (I’m thinking soon) we’ll find out who the next Hokage is.
    I would think that if (and I think he is) Kakashi is still alive, he would be the next Hokage… he might pull a Jiraiya though if he is ever put in that position.

  125. i dont think ill like the next issue. All naruto seems to be doing is trying to learn a new technique then cant then uses a shadow clone then learning it. Thats probably what will happen with the sage thang.

  126. @ harshy, naw its all good, representing the Yay area from San Jose, California (the land of gold, honey, and where even Austrian muscle builders can become governators)… the yay area is really the Bay Area but we call it yay for reasons way too long and confusing to understand for outsiders…

    and the hyuuga clan has been absent from everything, so we don’t bother asking when they’ll show up, though there was one at the beginning of the invasion (419 07) and he’s wearing some sort of sign I have yet to have seen before anywhere on his arm…

    @Jeremiah- bring it on, anything you give i can take it (and not in any sexual reference to an A-hole, which you just called all of us)

  127. even if naruto is the strongest ninja in the village he is still dumber than shit… you forget brains have a role in becoming hokage, and i think after a time skip he will come back matured… how awesome would it be if in the time skip (like gaiden) they did thing on the fourth? i would love to see it, so many questions would be answered

  128. Shut up i know where your coming from but i can relate to Naruto sure his a bit slow at catching in to things but thats what we admire about him so shut up all i’ll rasengan your ass

  129. really?… like are you serious right now? haha i dont admire people for being stupid personally i feel its a lil bit of comic relief… people admire him because he works his ass off to achieve his goals, and he will be smarter some day but hes not yet from what weve seen hes an airhead

  130. guys, please back off blonde haired-blue eyed people… we try very hard to make it in society and it doesn’t help that Naruto is drawn by a guy from Japan… so yes we do have moments of stupidty, everyone does, we just have it more often than most, except because Kishi is japanese, he portrays Naruto as being simply stupid all the time. That is incorrect, we as a group are only dumb most of the time, not all the time, who do you think we are, gingers?

  131. See that way kakashi or tsunade can’t die one has to survive to mentor narutp till he smart enough to be hokage! Your right u can’t make a dumb ass hokage!

  132. haha @alec im blonde haired and blue eyed too! haha gingers have no souls… youtube summer heights high and watch the section with jonah in i think the first episode its great! haha and thank you legend ive determined kakashi will live in the other post

  133. to be honest naruto it is true naruto always uses he clones for each new technique ( borring) and then he always depends on other people or the kuubi`s power. without kuubi he is nothing. i think the most strong of all now is sasuke. the whole naruto manga is getting boring now cause, j-man , asuma and kakashi died. no one else is left. and the fight it looks like it gonna last for ever. tell me if i am wrong??????????????

  134. I can’t believe you all have forgotten about Danozou so soon. Here is what I think will go down. Tsunade will beat pain with the help of sakura and shizunei, but sakura and shizunei will be incapacitated as well as Tsunade. Danzou with his rampant political and military ambition will then murder Tsunade and use his anbu to take over the village by force. Thus naming himself as Hokage. Pein will be beaten back and naruto will return just in time to save all of the main characters who survive from the tyranny of Danzou. This will begin the next story arc of Naruto where the the remaining main characters will have to fight to free the hidden leaf from the rule of Danzou the false Kage

    Kakashi is dead, he was talking to his (long dead) father in the last scene of the issue where he saved Chouji so he could get away. I don’t like it either but he’s dead, he died a death befitting a man of his caliber, grand fight or not.

    Sasuke won’t show up in this ark, he will meet up with Naruto and the rest of the cast some thime after they flee Danzou’s wrath and they will form an uneasy alliance to destroy Danzou, who if I remember correctly was one of the people who was directly responsible for giving Itachi the Order to eliminate the Uchiha clan.

    that’s as far ahead as I’m willing to speculate on the main story line of Naruto. It is only my opinion and you’re welcome to interpret it as you see fit.

  135. umm, from this point right now, you’re not wrong… but things will hopefully change, and that’s where it’ll get cool, but if it doesn’t, then yeah, it’s going to suck…

  136. @Iambitreallyhere – yeah, danzo gave the order to Itachi to massacre the Uchiha clan as the leader of Root which Itachi was a dedicated member of. I don’t think it will be smooth sailing as you mentioned between Sasuke/Naruto. Itachi giving Naruto powers fore shadows that Naruto will have to use it to stop Itachi. I smell time skip after the invasion arc. But I’ve liked the thought of Danzo and Sasuke going after Danzo for a while. Need more meaningful manga stat.



    Kakashi is alive….

  137. @harshytkage-i’m from Greece!
    and Jeremiah i hope you are right about Kakashi…

  138. yo guys…btw what was it exactly that that sasuke bitch pulled off while savin karin from his own friggin amaterasu, i mean after that he reffered to some new power…etc…etc…

    also i echo all of you guys…using Shadow clones from evrything is just boring now, you’d think he’ll send a clone to the restroom next time. 😉

    btw guys- My avatar is really ME Simpsonized!!

    google! for “simpsonise me”

  139. DUDE! that reminds me~
    What happened to kabuto(aka raped by oror) i mean, he/they is/are
    a/an integral part of the story, though maybe not in this arc, but sure keeps thing sinister….thoughts????

  140. DUDE! that reminds me~
    What happened to kabuto(aka raped by oro) i mean, he/they is/are
    a/an integral part of the story, though maybe not in this arc, but sure keeps thing sinister….thoughts????

  141. i knw it’s a wierd place to ask but anyone know where i could get a high quality ripped version of David Cook’s “Light on”???

    ps looks like i’m starting to spam here, so i’ll stop for a while…lol

  142. @うちはbabyfox9, its nice to see you back!

    about kakashi, i dont think he’ll die yet. if he’s dead now, kishi made a damn death for him. lets give the shitting kishi a chance to revive him.

  143. if Naruto doesn’t get there when these… things… are in konoha i believe he’ll be pissed at them because of what might happen to Kakashi and Tsunade (i think tsunade will die and kakashi lives) he will say sumthin like “i’m done running from them, now it’s there turn to run” i really hope he fights them now when the things are still there though.

  144. What about when Kakashi and Naruto fought Itachi and Gia with his team fought Kisame. Pain placed them inside another body with 30% of there chakra. I think this is the same ability with dead bodys. i could be wrong

  145. what about the ability pain used on Itachi and Kasame that required 30 % of there charka. wouldnt that ability and this one with dead bodys be similar

  146. @iamnotreallyhere i can see danzou taking over like you said, but he is looking out for the better of village even though he has controversial decisions… if he does take over none of the ninja will have to flee because they wont be in any danger especially naruto

  147. @epyon it basically is the same except pain is able to divide his powers into six realms to fight and i think the dead bodies he uses have independant chakra sources

  148. @renzy10- Danzou is a villain who seeks to gain power through deceit and treachery, this alone makes him unworthy of the title Kage. That he is willing to let hundreds if not thousands of his fellow villagers die in his mad quest for said title is testament to the fact that he has little to no respect for their lives. These are not actions taken by a man who seeks the betterment of his people. If you want more proof just look at how messed up Sai is, I mean really….

    Besides that do you really think the village is just going to let him waltz in and name himself Hokage? Especially when they find out that he held his forces back just so that he could force the issue if he had to? That alone could spark a civil war, which would be pretty much as I predicted. Either way I don’t see Naruto taking kindly to Danzou being Hokage, and I don’t see Danzou having very much patience with Naruto either. If it came right down to it though I think that the village(or at least most of it) would back Naruto over Danzou any day.

    And don’t try to say that he was counting on Tsunade to keep casualties to a minimum as I believe that he was just saying that to pull the wool over his subordinate’s eyes. This is just my opinion and your free to interpret it as you see fit.

  149. @iamnotreallyhere im not really disagreeing with you i think danzou is an asshole… and i said betterment of the village not the people he will do whatever it takes to keep konoha on top… you said naruto and all the remaining ninja would have to flee, that i disagree with, danzou would keep ninja around because hes so militaristic… the only way he would have a ninja killed would be if they were a direct threat to him or the village

  150. Danzou will be made Hokage one day, and it’s going to suck. But I think it’s blind Kakashi first, then Danzou–right about the time Naruto’s starting to feel pretty powerful. It’s gonna be messed up.

  151. It would be awesomeness if Naruto got a little edge to him but I think Kishi doesn’t have the balls to do it. He’ll stay the naive, believe it!, hero for the entire manga.

    Wouldn’t it be great if he had to be restrained, not because of the fox but because of actual anger?! @_@

  152. I think Naruto will learn to combine
    the Clone in his body
    its mean he will have three head

  153. It’s getting a little cold on this forum. *brrr* haha

  154. Hi glen!!nice to see u too:)i believe the same..Kakashi won’t die yet…or else I’ll go in Japan and kill KISHI!!!!

  155. @Jeremiah: I think it’s really headed there as he grows up. But we’ll have a timeskip (or two) first…

    or maybe i’m full of crap today, as most days. ^.^

  156. Oh, and Jeremiah…Vanilla Ice’s younger brother? SRSLY? *pukes* LMAO

  157. Ya naruto need to get more gansta and stop being so naive, I think he still hasn’t grown up yet, maybe the death of tsunade and if danzo trys to claim the postition of hokage will final make naruto a man and he’ll finally grow some balls, and when is naruto gona bone hinata or sakura maybe some pussy will put him on the right state of mind to be a man!!!!

  158. I agree with iamlegend206 I don’t think naruto’s truely grown up yet but not for the same reasons as having sex with a girl. I think that when he grows up he will be hokage and right now his got the moves but not the right attitude. He needs to learn that defeating pein to avenge his teacher/friend isn’t good his only reason to fight pein should be for the protection of the village and the people in it. If he doesn’t learn that which he will he would be like sasuke except cooler and not killing his brother.

  159. Tia 2008@ I didn’t mean naruto has to have sex to grow up but naurto just isn’t full aware of his situation! For instance he has never asked who his parents are. And he has never notice he looks just like the fourth hokage, he never notices that hints like him, like jerimah said he niave, to the point that it’s getting real silly how naive he is.

  160. Hey stop picking on Naruto sure he may be a bit slow and Naive but thats what i love about him he has to keep that attitude about him sure the time will eventully come where he’ll have to grow up but if his considered slow about catching on to certain topics like Chakra manipulation or what ever it may be he’ll end up making it up in the long run

  161. I can relate to Naruto so quit fuken picking on him dammit i bet cha he’ll make the best lover out of all of Konoha Dattebayo

  162. Kishi has to keep that Navitie about Naruto that’s what makes Naruto so great

  163. danzo is madara, they have same hair they both hav ties to the mist village they both hate tsunadae, they both have the marks on their faces and cover his sharingan also his space time jutsu wuld allow him to traqvell back and forward to akatsuki etc very easily. i think the reason he unleshed the 9 tail fox only 2 times on the village was bcoz he wanted sealed in a body ie naruto so he could use its power and thats the only reason he used it twice was bcoz only the 1st and 4th had ways of controlling the 9tails.

  164. oh and they both wana become hokage, and danzo wanted uchiha dead thatsd wat madara wanted aswell

  165. @iamlegend206 – I can’t recall any proof that shows naruto has never asked who his parents are, for all we know he’s asked plenty of times and just been told that it isn’t known.

    The only thing i’d say naruto is Naive about is bringing Saskue back and things being like they were before.. but who knows, maybe sasuke does eventually come back and save naruto kinda like he did with Haku.. his body might move before he knows it.

  166. @Alasdair- I have also considered the possibility that Danzou and Madara are one and the same. Though there is little evidence to suggest this. As for him covering his sharingan, why would he need to? He’s an Uchiha, and don’t all Uchiha have sharingan in both eyes? And can’t they turn it off? In any case we’ll just have to wait and see.
    As for Naruto being Naive, he can’t stop being that way because if he did it would invalidate one of the series basic foundations. To put it very bluntly Naruto is the redeemer in this story. Just look at how many peoples lives he has changed for the better. To go hard on us he would have to throw away everything he has ever cared about in his entire life, and we already have a character like that, Sasuke.

    Or in short Naruto is Kishi’s Yin to Sasuke’s Yang.
    That’s just my humble opinion on the matter though…

  167. Alasdair, yeah we talked about Danzo= Madara, but we agreed he isn’t, just way to many places to be at the same time… Danzo is just his own person, while madara=obito is still by far a more plausible theory…

  168. @ Alasdair… prepare yourself if you want to open that can of worms. I was the first to suggest Danzo=Madara. I fought off many angry fans who want to see Tobi come back with his half gimp body from being crushed under a huge rock to defend my theory. That was back in the day before Bono really was first at everything.

  169. Oh and Bono if you ever do switch your Avatar you should make it the 1st Hokage. But only if you’re back on your game.

  170. i think he’s left in disgust… probably off w/ that teenage chick or whatever

  171. Thanks SOO much for the shout out-at the beginning of the post!
    It really helps, and thanks everybody else for your advice! It’s all in my storage box in my head =^_^=

  172. hah! Bono’s oldschool!
    Harshytkage’s the top-dog now!You all will see!!
    Swayze away!!!

  173. yeah, no…

  174. i did say you’ll see alec…

  175. hey jeremiah!

    There’s snow on the bottom of my screen but the snow never reached here(The winds(?) blowing it from left to right)!….lolz

  176. Merry Christmas everyone!!(oops a few weeks too early!)
    Belated Happy Birthday to Me!!

  177. we need a survey ranking the commentors, just a thought…

  178. Ah, i see i’m getting unpopular…eh alec?

  179. no, actually… nothing to do with you, i’ve been wondering if we should do this for a while, but we should wait till later so erich and lastscorpion have a chance to return since they’ve been busy with school… give the rooks a chance to hear they’re awesomeness

  180. oh! guess i’m one of the rooks too…i’d like to see their awesomeness!
    Though it is a nice idea to have a commentor rankign!

  181. @babyfox, if kakashi is really dead and your goimg to japan, pls inform me. i’ll join you there. i’ll torture kishi first before you kill him. i’ll let him experience what kakashi has experienced.

  182. A thought on Kakashi
    Even if he doesn’t wind up dead he has gone beyond the limits of his own chakra level. If what he told Sasuke way back when durring his chidori training is even near right then he probably has done irreparable damage to his own chakra network, possibly crippling him, or at least weakening him.

    If this is the case I would like to see him pass on his Sharingan eye to Naruto, that I think would be awesome.
    If he had Kakashi’s sharingan eye he could pwn pain like he was nothing. That and I would like to see what form the sharingan would take activated with Sage chakra.

  183. @glen yes..i’ll tell you!!!it’ll be very sweet….KISHI!!!PREPARE YOURSELF!!!!Mwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

  184. @ harshy – the snow goes only so far down the page. Since there are nearly 200 comments you can’t see it snowing all the way down here. It only snows in the higher elevations ya know ^_^

    @ Alec – not a bad idea but that could get brutal, I’m also looking forward to Lastscorpion, Erich and others returning on a regular basis during winter break.

    The spoiler should be out any time now. If someone finds a link please post it in the comments section here and one of the moderators will post it on the main page if it looks half way decent.

  185. what you guys need to understand is that naruto didn’t show anything to konohamaru, all he taught him was the sexy jutsu (which is useless here) and never to give up and stand ground, no matter what the odds are, thats what being hokage means………thats what konohamaru is doing

    note : when naruto taught konohamaru, he didn’t know rasengan let alone wind rasengan………and he won’t use shadow clones because no two characters fight the same way.

  186. note : when naruto taught konohamaru, he didn’t know rasengan let alone wind rasengan………and he won’t use shadow clones because no two characters fight the same way.
    @ rahul – that’s really not true, more than one characters could fight the same way, not really the same but they could have the same techniques. Sasuke and Kakashi know chidori..Naruto, Jiraiya, Kakashi, and the 4th (forgot his name) can do the rasengan.

    What I actually believe is going to happen is that Team Gai is goin to see Konohamaru fighting with the Pein but they’ll witness a power that Kishimoto is not even going to show in a panel. (all we’ll see is the reaction on team gai’s face).

    You know, I havn’t seen anything about hinata yet? does she still shy around naruto?

    Another theory i had in mind was that 8th Tails and his host will somehow encounter naruto, but they won’t fight. I beleive the 8 tails will try to convince naruto to befriend the beast by removing the seal.

  187. @ Iamnotrealyhere – Dude I never thought about that. That would be sooo true but then again, naruto might have the sharingan already…mabe he just has to unlock his own. like Ichigo is the substitute shinigami, naruto might be a….substitue uchiha. lol

    ahhh you know what would suck guys? What if Kishimoto died tomorrow? do you realize how many people would go crazy? I know I would go crazy because I wanna know how this interesting story would end.

  188. the thing is rahul naruto was wearing a forehead protector in the first image, and it shows that either kishi made a mistake, or naruto taught him something else that wasnt in the manga

  189. Script from sss83:

    捕まる木の葉丸。助けようとエビスが突進するが跳ね返される。捕まりながらもペインの 能力を見 定めはじめる 木の葉。が、魂が抜かれていく。そんな中、ナルトとの修業を思い出す。

    Konohamaru gets caught. Ebisu charges in attempt to rescue him, but gets fended away. Even when caught, Konoha (maru) tries to decipher Pein’s powers. But, his soul gets slowly dragged out. During that moment, he remembers the training he went through with Naruto.


    Smoke surrounds Konoha(maru) and then Rasengan!!


    I am genin of the Sarutobi clan, last name Sarutobi, first name Konohamaru – remember that!!

    Pein is defeated

    Tsunade and Pein. From conversation, it looks as though she realized that this is Yahiko.

    Pein asks where Naruto is.

    そのあと何やら人柱力、戦争について話す。そして協力するなら助けるとペイン。五影を なめるな と綱手。そし てナルトは手に入らない、ナルトは強いぞ!!!!!!
    Then they start babbling about Jinchuuriki’s and wars. Pein says that he will spare her life if she cooperates. Tsunade tells him to not underestimate the 5-kages. And tells him that he won’t get Naruto, as Naruto is strong as well.

    Shizune’s group is talking to the Angou-bu (code-deciphering group) about the information they have on Pein.

    They start to realize the nature of the chakra signals manipulating these dead bodies.

    そのとき長髪のペインが登場。シズネの頭を掴み、うかつに動いたらこの女を殺すと一言 。
    The long-haired Pein appears. He grabs Shizune’s head, and threatens to kill her if anyone moves.

    He peers into her head and finds out that Naruto is in Myoubokuzan.

    Tendou-pein gets this message – on to next week

  190. If this spoiler is correct then it would be an insanely awesome issue. We’ll see… I’m not 100% sold yet.

  191. Yeah, I’m not completely convinced about a Konohamaru rasengan. But a lot of the rest of it looks plausible…and cool.

    But I think there’e going to be *something* about Kakashi this week, because the anime is going to have Kakuzu get his last hearts taken out–remember how Kakashi has to finish the kill and some of the things he thought (it’s almost time for Naruto and the rest of his generation…I’m almost obsolete…kind of thoughts).

  192. if its true tsunade is gunna die for nothing haha

  193. Yeah, the spoiler sounds fake to me.

  194. I’m not going to disagree with you Scorpion BUT everyone said last week’s spoiler sounded fake cause it had kiba, shino, and Team Gai back in the plot which sounded too good to be true. We’ll just wait and see.

  195. sounds fake, i don’t think Konohamaru should be learning rasengan, diminshes the coolness of the move…

  196. From what i’ve read on different forums i’m more convinced that he has learned the Rasengan.. i mean if naruto taught it to him before the time skip that’s 3 years right there that Konohamru had to learn/master it. I fail to see how it makes it less cool, i mean naruto has already totally completed the more powerful upgrade of that jutsu… and after all Rasengan is just a Jutsu and if it is true that he learned naruto is turning out to be a pretty decent teacher considering he already trained Konoh to do sexy jutsu, kage bushin and maybe Rasengan.

  197. I like the idea of Konohamaru being able to use the Rasengan … one day, but not now.
    The spoiler sounds fake to me. I think Kakashi will be ignored this week, the Kiba-clan will get attention and Konohamaru will show off. Tsunade will do nothing.

  198. I agree with you Alec. If its true then just about everyone is capable of using Rasengan. And Naruto is not special anymore.
    I was just wondering, even if Kakashi is all out chakra isn’t he capable of breaking the chakra gates like Maito Gai and Rock Lee? I seem to recall one of the earlier anime episodes where its about the time of the Chuunin Exams and Kakashi broke one or two of the gates to reach the top of a peak where Sasuke was waiting to be trained.

  199. i wouldnt be surprised if naruto uses a shadow clone to gather up the sage chakra for him or if him and kyubbi dont work something out.

  200. Wellll, Arrun, I don’t know if it means *anyone* can do Rasengan. Konohamaru is Sarutobi, and he could have wind chakra. Good pedigree, good chakra level, good drive, if he has the elemental chakra for it I can believe it.

    I just don’t know if Naruto would teach him his best move…yeah, he would, if Konohamaru asked him the right way.

    Still, this would be a huge plot development not covered anywhere…not saying it couldn’t happen, just saying it’s a little nuts. So I’m skeptical.

  201. What is special about naruto is that he learned that jutsu in about 2 weeks… I dont think that the Rasengan is that difficult of a jutsu that you couldn’t learn it over the course of 3 years. Not mention lets face it naruto isn’t the quickest or best at jutsu so the fact that he did master it goes to show that it prolly isnt’ that difficult of a jutsu.

  202. Having said that i’m not saying that just anyone could learn it, like Ibi just said, good pedigree, chakra level, etc…

  203. well naruto found a new way to use rasengan by simplifying it with the clones, its more difficult to invent a way of doing something than being taught… its kind of like a science experiment, the scientist who does it first does the most work and gets the accalades, where the actual experiment could be done by high school students if they are given the proper instruction

  204. First off when did naruto find time to teach him rasengun and how long did take him to learn it? The rasengun is sacried you just can’t teach it to anyone. And what they gona do have flashback of naruto teach him rasengun, that stupid he should use a move that the third taught him the rasengun is a A-rank jutsu it was suppost to be immposible a kid naruto age to do it, now to kids at that age have mastered it that just takes away from the whole mystique of the difficulty of the jutsu. Remember how shock oro was when he seen naruto do it to kabuto!

  205. Everyone has valid points…

    But remember wind chakra is not necassary for a Rasengan. Also remember the first Rasengans performed by Naruto were merely swirling chakra. I say merely, but thats still very difficult, especially since he learned it within a couple weeks but Minato invented it, Kakashi can do it, Jiraiya could do it, is it hard to believe that the third’s grandson could do it at the swirling chakra level?

    Naruto then adds the wind chakra under Kakashi’s tutalage and no one knows how far he’s taken it now.

    It’s not blasphemy for Kono to pull this off, its not even a blood limit technique. It’s the younger generation showing signs that they are coming up… “Theme of the entire manga”

    With all that being said, lets wait to see if this pans out, shall we?

  206. Aww…c’mon, Jeremiah, we were about to have an argument. ^.^

    Still, I think I disagree that wind chakra isn’t necessary to the jutsu…and would respectfully ask for evidence, sir. And maybe you don’t NEED wind to make it, but the nature of the jutsu sort of draws on that–it is wind-based at its core. It’s just a shape manipulation not an elemental by itself, but the spinning is a characteristic of wind.

    This makes it a natural jutsu for Minato and his son. Kakashi can do it–but he can copy everything except kekkei genkai. So we do know it’s not a bloodline technique. Jiraiya is a freeckin sage–so who knows what his natural tendencies are…huh, listen to me refer to him in present tense.

  207. oh fuck! these snow flakes followed me all the way to the bottom! this is getting kinda creepy!

  208. @ Ibi – Nobody knew what Naruto’s chakra element was until Kakashi tested it. Naruto had performed the Rasengan on Kabuto and on the water tank in the roof top fight with Sasuke before he trained with Kakashi and learned to add chakra with tips from Asuma. When he trained with Jiraiya, he was swirling chakra around in a highly concentrated ball, hence the balloon.

  209. Fahim’s Spoiler Video

  210. Here’s yo proof Ibi, Enjoy the flash back of training with Jiraiya ^_^

    Jiraiya’s steps to performing Rasengan:

    Step 1
    Step 2
    Step 3

    Move chakra + add power to chakra + concentrate the chakra = Raaaaaaasengan!

    P.S. None of this means the spoiler is true, just saying that you don’t need Wind Element to perform the Rasengan as Jiraiya taught Naruto… What Naruto does now is special but the Rasengan is a technique that Minato invented as the first step to “that” technique which Naruto has gone farther than any other nin, in terms of coming close to completing.

  211. @Jeremiah: excellent points. And convincing. Or was the chakra paper just to convince Naruto of something that was painfully obvious to the rest of them? (mkay…i’m reaching hard…LMAO) I concede.

  212. Well konohamaru is part of the sarutobi clan he definitly able to learn rasegan and the spoiler is real I saw it and let’s tell the truth its good to see him kick the hell Paths ass

    The will of fire lives on

  213. Ah, but it’s not Jiraiya’s ‘training’ that convinces me, it’s Kakashi and the paper. “You on the other hand are a zero. We have no idea which nature your chakra leans towards.”

    Jiraiya’s an old fox, he’d already played with the seal on the kid’s gut, I imagine he’s got an idea what going on with the chakra before the lesson begins.

  214. Thanks Vered!

  215. Did you pull a muscle reaching that hard? ^_^

    Counter point: What does wind chakra do? Cuts like a knife.

    What happens when you run a knife through water? slices right through it.

    What was the balloon filled with? Water.

    Do you cut water to make it move? Nope, you push it. Or as Naruto says in the manga… “You smack it from different angles like a kitten playing with a ball of yarn.”

  216. Pull a muscle? Actually, I put out my back…lol. Yeesh, are you trying to make me holler uncle here? ^.^

  217. The point is in the NARUTO series, Naruto was very interesting, powerful, funny, and entertaining. IN NARUTO SHIPPUDEN he is nothin specail yet. At 15 yrs old he is still not feared as much as he should be. Kishi is really disappoinnting his Naruto fans, evrything spacail about our character is beening taken away. In the Manga even his fight scenes are not that great. Everyone fight scenes are so great, when it comes to Naruto what do we get a big fire ball then fight is over. Havent You ‘ll seen a Sasuke fight scene, AMAZING. Even Kakashi looks amazing. I Think Kishi is just disappointing the naruto fans. Imagine you ll imagination is starting to sound better than the actual manga. I sit down reading you’ll post and im very amazed and entertained. then when i read the manga i get disapionted. We all were looking forward to a new jutsu from Kono and a fight with Pein vs tsunadi. What did we get, lol.

  218. @ Ibi – sorry >_< didn’t mean to throw down so hard. You asked for proof, just giving u what you asked for ^_^

  219. @ Blacks – I feel your frustrations. I want the ground to shake when he walks from his power and people to recognize Naruto as the Ulitimate Nin but the best part about reaching a goal is the journey getting there. So we have to be patient.

    It’s possible that Shippuden’s focus is not Naruto and the next time skip (whatever it will be called) will be more on Naruto again. If there is one of course…

    *crossing fingers*

  220. @blacks – how can u possibly say he isn’t special in Shippuden? He completed a Jutsu that was thought to never be able to complete. As far as his fights… u must have forgotten his fight with Oro when he goes 4 tails… that fight is amazing, my fav of shippuden.

    Naruto as an entire series has never been totally about him, and that is EXACTLY what i love about it… if i wanted to read another story about ONE important character i’d go back to DBZ and read about goku..

  221. Hmmmm I did not think the rasengan thing was true, when the hell did naruto teach that to him, it had to be pre time skip.

  222. Hmmmm I did not think the rasengan thing was true, when the hell did naruto teach that to him, it had to be pre time skip.

  223. If i recall Naruto’s been a bit too busy to teach a technique of that caliber like the Rasengan to Konohamaru it could have been the pre time skip who knows well now that pein know’s that Naruto is in Myobokuzan theres no stopping him

  224. well a month walk is in pains way.

  225. @ Scorpion – It’s for sure pre time skip. In the panel from last issue Naruto was still in his old uniform.

  226. @Jeremiah: lol, typical litigator’s move. Can’t let it go with a settlement, has to go for the throat. ^.^ (It was funny.)

    BUT, I have to point out to you that your were doing better before the counterpoint. Wind cuts after it’s been TRAINED to do so, and that wasn’t such an easy thing to get it to do, because it’s just…yeah…swirling around.

    Still…Kakashi and paper covers all the other arguments. ^.^

  227. @Maricoz89- only about a mountain of summon creatures, fukusku, and one probably pissed of Naruto, espeacialy when he hears what pain has done to the leaf village.

    On a side note I imagine that Naruto will somehow fuse with one of his clones like he was trying to do with Fukusku, thus allowing him to use sage mode. It would be a much more creative method of using his KB anyway.

  228. -everyone
    Well…judging from all that’s been said above, i can gather that most of you aren’t “cool” with konohamaperv learning the rasengan, the only thing that i can think of is why?
    I mean, the rasengan is a a-class jutsu centered basically on chakra manipulation, which aka requires, hard work more as compared to talent(AKA naruto learnt it. Ha!)And considering kono had 3 years to master it, it’s fine. Also remember that kono isn’t from a so-so clan, he IS a Sarutobi.AAAAARRGGHHHH!(Oh sorry, it’s the first time i’ve seen the snow come so low(take dat jeremiah) and i thought it was a bug 😉 lol)

    Also, i’d say that the rasengan is looking more cool as compared to less cool(LESS COOL = Mockery of the rasengan in the FILLERS!)
    It’s acting as a sort of Trademark jutsu for the Narutoesque people and it also shows Kono’s transition from a useless trick playing perv to a Useful and Powerfull trick playing Perv(AKA not merely Comic Relief).

    Well….this was my first post that was actually meaningful and not centered around pointless jokes or mistimed Celebration alerts.
    I’ll leave the rest to you expert dudes!


  229. In order for him to do that doesn’t he have to be on good terms with the Kyuubi the chakra that resides within has to be complaisant with the sage chakra he can’t harness both

  230. Awaiting Moderation?????Why????i’m registered and this isn’t my first post here!!!JEREMIAH???

  231. if he fuses wit one of his clones that’ll look nasty…

  232. ok guys this is my neww account=] i’m an official member of wordpress? haha only thing i wanna know how to do is how do i change my icon?

  233. “The second line says “As hokage” I now pronounce you husband and wife! JK That could be referencing Tsunade, Naruto or Konohamaru… We’ll see!”

    I think this is referring to all 3!

    I would also think it would be awesome is it soon beocmes from a Tsunade Vs. Pein to a Tsunade and Sakura Vs. Pein! XD

  234. I think it would be so much cooler if he started using the fox. After a while I get sick of him using the shadowclones.

  235. the black rods are chakras recievers that are used to reanimate and control the dead bodies which are in fact the paths of pein. pein still somehow can only input one ability into each bodies except for deva path

  236. @Blackoreanboi- not if his clone were to transform into a small toad or something. Though I’m hoping that he’ll figure out a way to draw in natural energy while moving.

    @Maricoz89-I don’t think that the sage chakra and the Kyubi’s chakra clashing is the problem. I think it was that the Kyubi was rejecting Fukusku fussing with Naruto that was the problem. It’s my understanding that at one point in his training that Fukusku said something about how the Kyubi’s chakra helping Naruto recover faster than normal. At least that’s how I understand it.

    And for the record I’d like to sat that I’m cool with a rasengan wielding Konahomaru. Kids got to learn his jutsu from somewhere and I don’t see him learning much from Ebisu.

  237. Ok here is my prediction. Tsunade and pein will talk about war.
    Pein will talk about pain of war and how he whats to stop it and no one is getting in his way. tsunade will say he is a terrost and she will stop him. Naruto is strong too and he will beat you.
    Konhamaru does shaddow clone then rasegan. bang goes one pein in some rubble. shizune and co get catch by pein he grabs her head and see that naruto is in frog mountain. he tranmits info to other peins. but even they do no were it is. Why is that you might ask cos it a secret place that no one knows about.
    So pein will stay to find out were it is. Giving naruto and friends time to figure out how to kill him. Therefore nothing really happens. I don’t think pein is going to die so early yet.
    konan might die, she is not that strong. Also tsunade might well die. I don’t think kakashi is dead. I think he will have a part to play in the civil war that will develop in konoha. I think all the peins will die but he himself will not die. confused. There all death bodies being controlled by pein from a distance. Giving chakra, and information between them. you can interupt it by you can’t kill him.

  238. @ harshy – faces go to moderation for some reason 🙂

    That’s why the vets use ^_^

  239. who was narutos most recent fight against? Its been so long since weve seen him fight.

  240. hmm last i can remember is his attempts at attacking tobi. then i guess his last real fight would be with kakuza. but thats just from what i can remember…it does feel like its been along time

  241. wow, just saw the spoilers. looks convincing. I know konohamru has the pedigree and all but who’d have thought that the once whinny kid would be capable of rasengan, ultimate chakra manipulation. i guess if kishi had dropped a clue about Naruto tutoring him earlier on then this would seem more believable.

  242. Pain is kicking Konohageture’s ass and oh no not a normal beat down, main character killer. Its great seeing Konohamaru use Rasengun. Just adds more to his awesomeness. Naruto and Fukusaku will return to a very different mood. Probably won’t take it well.

  243. Ah thats gay..was really expecting something unique from Kono, something the 3rd used against Oro..oh well. Still I think Fahim might be playing around (I hope so) whilst the spoiler might be true..the translation might be wrong (regarding the rasengan part)..

    I dont question Kono ability – I just though he would have come with somethign just as good if not better than rasengan..(considering Naruto already has jutsu much stronger – his wind rasengan).

    BTW shippuden means hurricane right? I guess we already saw teh hurricane then, when Yamato combined his water jutsu with Naruto…which probably brings the possiblity that Kono has water element and he will figth together with Naruto against Pain..and combine their rasengans or whatever..

  244. At the rate things are going naruto will probably be the 8th or 9th hokage! heck konohamou is even lookin more like hokage than him right now

  245. i still cannot believe Kono knows how to do rasengan…omfg..c’mon..this is Naruto’s thing!!btw i liked the end of the spoiler:AWESOMENESS!!!

  246. Konohamaru gets caught. Ebisu charges in attempt to rescue him, but gets fended away. Even when caught, Konoha (maru) tries to decipher Pein’s powers. But, his soul gets slowly dragged out. During that moment, he remembers the training he went through with Naruto.

    Smoke surrounds Konoha(maru) and then Rasengan!!

    I am genin of the Sarutobi clan, last name Sarutobi, first name Konohamaru – remember that!!

    Pein is defeated

    Tsunade and Pein. From conversation, it looks as though she realized that this is Yahiko.

    Pein asks where Naruto is.

    Then they start babbling about Jinchuuriki’s and wars. Pein says that he will spare her life if she cooperates. Tsunade tells him to not underestimate the 5-kages. And tells him that he won’t get Naruto, as Naruto is strong as well.

    Shizune’s group is talking to the Angou-bu (code-deciphering group) about the information they have on Pein.

    They start to realize the nature of the chakra signals manipulating these dead bodies.

    The long-haired Pein appears. He grabs Shizune’s head, and threatens to kill her if anyone moves.

    He peers into her head and finds out that Naruto is in Myoubokuzan.End.

    Tendou-pein gets this message – on to next week

  247. Whats so wrong with it being the Rasengun. It was the top choice. It had to come from Naruto and at a certain time.He had no way of teaching Konohamaru summoning Jutsu. Plus Shadow Clone was already introduced several chapters back. There would be no point in the flashback suspense wise if it were that technique.

  248. @losers back over the summer lastscorpion brought this up and we thought maybe narutos second element would be water, making him capable of doing this himself

  249. i thing that kona homoru will kill pain cause off how much determanation to become hukogage be for nARUT

  250. @losers – yea, i’d rather see kono using one of the third’s.

  251. @ Blackorean – click HERE to learn how to change your icon.
    @ krodude – nice job repping Rock Lee! About time someone did!

  252. @renzy10 i strongly believe that narutos second element is water…. first of all because he has to beat sasuke and second 4ths name was namikaze minato and i saw at naruwiki that namikaze means waves and wind… cuinsidence??

  253. konohamaru using rasengan to defeat a pain is ridiculous. seriously. kakashi and a team of jounins got their asses handed to them by 2 pains and now Kono is going to beat a pain all by himself???? it just doesn’t make any sense. the story isn’t flowing as tightly as it should be. konohamaru beating a pain by himself completely shatters the powers and mystique of the anbu, nevermind what it does to the rest of the characters like gaara, naruto, kakshi, jiraiya, tsunade, etc. it cheapens everything that they’ve worked so hard for. Even Gaara DIED fighting a single member of akatsuki. does this mean konohamaru, a kid who’s never been seen doing a single jutsu other than pervy lesbian/gay jutsu can now beat gaara? I mean, now that kono is so strong, kishi should just forget about everyone else and send him to fight madara and the rest of akatsuki. i mean, why not just send him to fight sasuke and falcon as well while hes at it. i’m so angry.

  254. also, sasuke himself nearly died fighting a member of akatsuki: deidara. the only reason he survived was because of orochimaru’s summoning of that big snake..its name i can’t remember at the moment. Even the the weakest pain is still a member of akatsuki, he should be able to wipe the floor with konohamaru.

  255. @suppy –U think that konohamaru is gonna beat pain…?? dude u are naive.. THERE IS NO CHANCE KONO BEATS PAIN.. kishi is just showing that konohamaru is grown and he got the guts to fight a rival when sure death awaits for the sake of his friends… Someone will step up…

  256. Pain runs off, having found Naruto’s location… Tsunade lives another day (god dam it), unless she tries to stop pein from leaving. Mt. Myukozyban (too lazy to find how to spell it right) is where pein will fight Naruto for the first time. Where Naruto uses sage mode and completed rasengan, but he may use one or two of the fourth’s other jutsu but not all of them… this is why it’ll be the battle of the beasts because it will be like two armies are fighting eachother. Naruto with the help of the frogs and his clones fighting all the peins (pain restocks on his way over) and there summons and whatever tricks he still has. The amount of chakra will be so amazing mt. myzokuyban will be almost destroyed with these two going at it, until pein is almost wiped out but is actually saved by aloe-vera. with tsunade coming in to save Naruto from his death.

    this will be an epic battle but pain will live for now, as will naruto keep the fox, it’ll be a draw in which we finally get to see how powerful naruto is (maybe he put on some old school leg weights with jiraya and ran around for three years with those on)… Naruto is shown to be strong, and after watching the footage, Madara will comment that Naruto is even stronger than saskue, especially without the curse mark, so he again pushes itachi’s eyes on saskue, who finally says yes after watching Naruto reveal jutsu’s he’s never seen before. Naruto still hold two jutsu’s back (probably the death seal one, which his dad did invent, and he holds back his bloodline technique, which he’ll save for saskue.

  257. why would naruto possibly ever have a reason to learn the shiki fuujin? seriousely if he used everyone is f***** cuz the kyuubi is released if he dies…jiraiya wouldnt teach him that one sorry alec

  258. View them as different opponents. The same way one Pain is weak to physical attacks the next one is not. Its all about which one your fighting at the time. The same logic applies to any fight in the series. Matching this and that with ones skills.

  259. @Alec- i agree with the idea that tsunade will live for now because it would seem like they couldnt think of anyone to kill tsunade if pain kils her because hes already killed jeriah. it would be lame if two of the sannin were taken down by the same guy. Naruto hasnt been using leg weights and we would’ve been given a hint if naruto had learnt any of the 4ths jutsus. i think hell have learnt some of jeriahs toad techniques. i think ur wrong about the beasts reference. I dont see frogs as beasts really lol. i think it may be killer bee versus naruto. it may seem far fetched now but remember kishi said that killer bee would invade konohoa perhaps hell strike a deal with akutski to save his own life for now. remember a relative of a hokage will join akutski. I like the idea of sasuke using itachis eyes.

  260. i still believe the sound village people are going to attack too. remember the guy with the fur on his back? and claws? and the other guy that can shoot sound waves? I KNOW they’ll definately be back

  261. well…i believe the other villages are quite out of the picture….dont you?


  262. @blackoreanboi ermm those guyz are dead.. .right??? or maybe tsunade brought them back to life^^ LOl

  263. @punxed- EXActly!!

  264. Pure AWESOMENESS!!!!!

  265. @Jeremiah-yeah i thought this thread needed some Rock Lee. Now some1 needs to use Gai as their icon!

  266. @ Scorpion – holy shit! That is money!

  267. Yo jeremiah…planning on doin anything with

  268. Possibly not sure yet. Just a jump page to the blog right now.

  269. Pure AWESOMENESS!!!!!…

  270. […] Naruto Manga 428 (spoiler script and pics) Pain vs Tsunade + Discussion and break down of 427 Naruto Manga 428 Fahim’s spoiler awesomeness below, matches the script in the comments (Japanese and English […] […]

  271. My first post! but here’s my two cents..

    I believe Pein will leave Konoha immediately since 1. He’s realized where Naruto is (his mission’s goal), and 2. He’ll have to restock Pein bodies (or reviving..) before fighting Naruto, whom he knows is powerful. If Danzou is going to take over Konoha with his Root peeps, I think in his mind, he’ll just be doing it cuz he’s the only one that can run Konoha the best. His intentions to become Hokage are clear, but his underlying motives/goals are still too mysterious. To me he’s just the diehard Konoha-must-survive & ‘ends justify means’ geezer and not Madara. Naruto’s training is almost complete so he’ll be back in 3-4 manga-weeks. To what situation he comes back to is a guess but doubt he fights Pein just yet. I also like the fact Kono did learn the Rasengan. Although it does seem to undercut the exclusiveness of who yields it, it doesn’t come as a surprise that another legendarily-talented’s child is able to learn it, though they are goof-offs. I think Tsunade stays Hokage, but Naruto is now elevated to a powerful status like his father once was with the 3rd as Hokage. This can be seen in recent manga where everyone talks about Naruto and also won’t give up his location.

    Last thing on my mind is Kakashi. I think he’s dead..hurts to say it but what other big figure can die in Konoha since Pein & Akatsuki have been going down like flies and they finally show why they’re S-class killers.

  272. what time the manga is coming out???

  273. renzy that’s the point, he would use the shiki fuujin to seal the enemy inside of him and instead of himself, he would sacrifice the fox if necessary and it is one of his dad’s techniques.

    And the fox dies within Naruto, that’s the way the seal works. If the fox is removed then Naruto dies, if Naruto dies, then the fox dies, which is why he’ll loan him chakra at certain points (reread 95 16)

  274. @alec very nice but read when sasuke and naruto meet at orochimarus layer… when sasuke sees the kyuubi he says something along the lines of “…you better hope you never kill naruto” idk memory haha

  275. <— right there

  276. Man, this sucks. They had the whole thing set up. The demon fox rejecting the toad sage, the need for two people to go into sage mode. Finally, they could have help naruto harmonise with the nine-tails so he could use sage mode. But no, they go pull the look left/right trick and make some friggin clones. Damn.

  277. @ Renzy – yup, to tired and lazy to look that up right now.
    @ Mitsos – any time now. Also, I dig the icon but you and Punxed look like twins now.

  278. oh wait…they are dead? haha when did they die?

  279. Erm isnt the kyuuby a natural phenomenon of copressed chakra etc etc…??? can it be disapeared by the death of its host???
    @火影 千手 Jeremiah– punxed-mitsos same person.. just bored to login to wordpress^^

  280. I may be missin somethin here but I was thinkin about it and and didn’t Jiraiya pull a giant scroll with a toad on it out of his belly and say go to Naruto do you think that this will be a factor in the fight

  281. didnt the sound ninja get killed by gaara during the chuunin exams?

  282. @punxed technically inside naruto is just pure chakra, i think the kyuubi would need narutos body to actually gain any substance

  283. that’s in reference to something else later on… it wouldn’t matter if the fox got out because than saskue could control it’s chakra anyhow, and now with the ms, can tame it completely. Not to mention tobi’s still there…

  284. no, it is his body and only his chakra can leak out… unleashing the gate would indeed release the fox in his physical state…

  285. What if the “relative of a hokage” that joins Akatsuki is Konohamaru? Kishi never said that the person would be alive, and with Pain’s abilities, I’d say it’s plausible he could wipe the floor with Konohamaru and then turn him into one of this six path bodies. That’d probably send Naruto right to five-tails kyuubi mode if it happened.

  286. but what im saying is it would basically use narutos body as a “sacrifice” haha im doing a bad job explaining but like he would take narutos body like with four tails and just transform more and more with each tail, he doesnt actually have his own body… if you can follow me haha

  287. @lastscorpion: @.@ Bwah! I almost cried I laughed so hard. Thx!

  288. o ya also i forgot to mention killer bee isnt the relative of a hokage hes the relative of the raikage… different people the hokage pertains only to the hidden leaf

  289. @Elfarren — i think if kishi kills konohamaru a 15 year old boy Narutoworld citizens will Riot against kishi goverment (like we have here in greece^^) COPS PIGS MURDERERS… A.C.A.b

  290. is the manga up yet???

  291. relative of the hokage will probably be tsunade’s little brother. Just out of curiosity, who are Konohamaru’s parents maybe Naruto and Kono are related ? Lastly wouldnt it be really nice if Rock lee learned Buddha’s palm?

  292. apparently it doesn’t matter cause they can store a giant body inside a young kids… refer to Gaara for a reference in that he was able to separate his body from the shikaku, but not completely because the seal holds them together…

  293. maybe eight tails joins akatsuki, or saskue, or one of Gaara’s siblings…

  294. Konohamaru used Rasengan.

  295. New manga is out.

  296. Also it says that The real Pein is somewhere around the city.

  297. no he’s probably in the tower back at the water country… maybe it’s zetsu, jk

  298. called it with the rasengan

  299. Kono had to use a clone also, i think the clone is a crutch that both him and naruto will grow out of.

    and the flashback of naruto telling kono about rasengan… priceless rofl

  300. I hope youre right bendercu

  301. dude bleach is out and commander yamamoto is a friggin god of everything…

  302. Yea I think with the Sage training that Naruto went through was a good enough for concentration so he should be able to to Rasengan without a clone.

    If not that would be pretty weird…to fully master Sage mode, but not be able to do a one handed Rasengan.

  303. Lol. I thought of a new technique for Naruto.


  304. lol…the flashbacks were really sweet, but it was hard to laugh.

  305. 427 was a great chapter, interesting info from shizune. anyway, if shizune said those pierces are acting as a device to control dead bodies. is konan included to those dead people that pein is controlling because she has those peirced earings herself. idk whats the reason for konan doing same sht peircing to herself like pein. the only i can guess is konan is half dead and alive (she was paralyzed during the incident, where yahiko was killed.) pein was abled to find a way for konan to get at her feet if he put those receivers. does my thought even make sense or what. im happy if you give a feedback from my idea.

  306. ps: i hope if konoha village ever finds the host of the 6 dead ninjas, i dont expect pein to be a naruto alike, who only gud at a specific one jutsu, like using his rinnegan eyes to bring dead shinobi alive and just use that ninja learned skills. that would be like the kid naruto who only knows is clone jutsu shits.

  307. wtf. kono really used rasengan. but his is pretty smaller and weaker and he even needed an aid from a shadow clone to handle the rasengan. like naruto’s great ball rasengan.

  308. ebesu sucks. he is a stupid jounin. he made a direct attack. doesnt he have any ninjutsu? konohamaru is far wiser than him who made a shadow clone while attacking.

  309. i like how the things are going. the manga has a pretty faster phase now compared to the kakashi part. almost another arc for kakashi.

  310. hell yeah!!! that was an awesomeness!!!!

  311. Well Konohamaru having the capabilties pasted on from Naruto to harness the Rasengan apperently that Pein you see Nagato Pein or what ever isn’t he the real one transmitting chakra to those dead bodies or something now that Pein knows Naruto is in Myobokuzan theres no stopping him

  312. Kakashi’s situation isn’t mentioned again..i wonder when they’re going to show what hapened to him..

  313. btw did you guys watch the new ep??awesomeness:D

  314. yep: the shippuuden 88…right?
    both of them were awesome…
    it was so great that i watched it 18(or maybe 19) times….
    great manga…great episode….i love you kishi (and i really didn’t know he was so young!!!)

  315. but i second what ebisu said…”when did he learn that jutsu???”

  316. @Glen – Ebisu was trying to protect Konohamaru by getting captured. I don’t think he was really trying to take on Pain from a battle standpoint. Although it would be great if he could actually show some fighting moves.

    Any chance Konan could be the one controlling Pain’s bodies? Chances are its really Negato but where would he be hiding?

  317. the water tower where all the dead bodies are brought… this is why pain mentions if he had revealed his secret Jiraya would have won because he could have ran over there really quick and wiped out nagato before the bodies could do anything. I bet his chakra works much in the same way as light rays, thus the instant communication and the ability to be carried over long ditances w.out anyone noticing them, because they are so high of a frequency for normal people to pick it up… i’m still completely clueless as to how Nagato killed the chunin all so long a go…

  318. Actually alec…..light rays come in a medium frequency wavelength range(I’d say from 3600-7800 Angstrom) so it isn’t actually thaat high frequency, though it would be UV or even Cosmic rays!

  319. light as in electromagnetic radaition waves, it was to give people an idea cause there are younger people here, or people who have no idea what an angstrom is…

  320. oh….sorry, i was jus tryin to be Smartass!


  321. lmfao…the last 4 posts were fucking hilarious…. =))

  322. ^|^…

  323. oh fuck! these snow flakes are really giving me creeps…and to make the matter worse, they are now changing directions!!! GOD! SAVE ME…
    btw, it never snowed in my place….i have never seen snow before(except on tv)…and if this is how snow falls…i am glad that i never actually saw it….

  324. hey, harshytkage…are you trying to be the first poster(and so, waiting for the new post)???
    i will beat you this time….BELIEVE IT!!!

  325. oh my GOD!!! these snow flakes are driving me nuts!!!!
    what’s wrong with you people??? are you trying to kill me???

    p.s. harshytkage, i am going to bed…it’s really late and i have to get up early tomorrow morning….
    you win…again!

  326. YAY!!First again folks…(hope so…)

  327. Dude- now even i’m feelin sleeepy…..hurry up with the post guys!!

  328. guys….why do so many pple think kono actually owned pein. It was just catching him off guard. A full force rasengan hit kabuto and didnt kill him. Why would u think that a frickin tiny rasengan by konohamaru will kill pein? the frickin God… as the manga says, pain is invincible. It kinda sux though…the fact that pain is heading towards naruto, 1. i dont want either of them to die yet, and 2. naruto wont have to learn sage mode outside of myobakuzan, and 3. pain is walking into a trap where naruto is like really powerful…and pain probably won’t get a boost there will he?

  329. Ok guys….i’m at my limit….cant stay….awake…..any…….longer….Numbuh…….one……………..(NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!)

  330. うん、あなたは馬鹿な猿だ how old is Kishi???

  331. Kishi is 34

  332. We know that everything evoles around Pein transmitting chakra to his follow counterparts but apparently theres someone in the shadows ocastrating tha whole ordeal we also know that pein uses corspes at his disposal maybe manipulating and altering them back to life in his own shellfish means so i guess we just have to be patient and see how the story progresses

  333. @ maricoz – it’s Nagato from his tower 100%

    Switch to the new post. This one is retired.

  334. Nagato is the one ocastrating the pein’s and activating the devices so Deva Pein is just one of the many bodies he brought back Yahiko yeah it makes sence but then i start to question why is Konan so attached to Yahiko (Deva Pein) when Nagato is the actual culprit behind the destruction

  335. I would love to see this series, especially since I think the original Naruto series is so great. Only thing is, I’m not into subtitles (except when watching yaoi), so I’ll just have to wait until they dub it. Hopefully I won’t have to wait longer than six months.

  336. I like the flashback part. It is a bit slow which is normal for flashbacks but it is one thing not to miss.

  337. choji is soooooo pathetic in every battle he gets owned and the others need to save him, he should be killed of i reckon by sasuke or someone

  338. huzumuk no he tsnt n´free thess may gay vs baxe no no ha hah ha ha ha ha ha grand father but huzumuk traint ºººuººn obito.
    obito the boss but the charingan yes,vence o ochia madara but shing cap de photo hahahahahahha no cridit but konoa foi destrid em 14233 days and kiled of reckon by sasuke or someone
    hes tsbk baki hygsvzg fret faihgt oavs yab
    bvcs zc<b< ceste
    no fdeers
    fre terd cono konaoa gfs sfz fa<jgta zbsfgts zvsgfs vfrzhbs a
    bsr vghfzn ahfsnats sad YSWDa xg&AUSVhxrasfv hsfrea
    svadHGWFVqwcv ASY FDuhdjfVAD AsCHagCSV sYGV aycvjASX BAScbvmASC
    SA CHa bsvchmgas

  339. I truly love this website…

    Thank you all for keeping the Awesomeness alive!!!

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