Theory Post: 3 questions. Looking back on Naruto Manga 370

Hey everyone,

This is a theory post.  The theories will be focusing on Naruto Manga 370 translated by Mangashare. I’ve taken the relevant panels and put them below for you to reread.  The rest of the post is way down below these panels… enjoy ^_^


This post is to actually extract some theory from your mind.  Looking over the comments I’ve noticed many of you have unique thoughts over what you think is going to happen.  Some of you who have been here since day one know that I used to give you guys a forum to submit theories and I would post the ones that showed thought, potential or were just humorous.  I got so busy with school and the blog got so popular that I no longer had the time to read all the submissions but with Thanksgiving break coming up and the theories on Pain and whether or not Kakashi lives or dies getting old I thought I’d focus on the most revealing issue since the last time skip, Naruto Manga 370 “A Premonition“.

This issue is filled with hints at the future, many yet to be realized.  It leaves many questions unanswered.  I edited it down to the panels above but you can click the link above to read the whole issue form the original source,  What I would like you to do is, click the eye’s below and give me your best thoughts/theories on these three following ideas related to this issue:

1) Jiraiya refers to “that” jutsu.  He’s not talking about Rasengen obviously because Kishi wouldn’t refer to it as “that” jutsu, he would have said that Minato meant for Naruto to complete Rasengen.  Obviously Rasengen may play a part in that but “that” was surely not referring to what Naruto used against Kakazu. Is it what ever tore up those mountains that Naruto didn’t want anyone to see or is something we havn’t even gotten a glimpse of yet?

2) They talk about the control issues that Naruto has with the Nine tails chakra but that Minato intentionally sealed only the Yang portion of the chakra within Naruto to leave it for him, knowing something of “grave importance” that Naruto may eventually have to deal with.  Was Madara the grave importance? Did Minato know that Naruto would have to fight him one day? And how will Naruto eventually control the chakra? Itachi’s secret power? Will sage mode do the trick?  A secret blood line limit? Will it be “that” jutsu that controls the nine tails?

3) “Madara lived at the time of the founding of Konoha! There is no way that he would still be alive 15 to 16 years ago!” Jiraiya also talks about Madara having been defeated at the Valley of Ends by the first. This is a set up, a fore shodowing technique that authors use to set up a plot twist.  They pose a valid question and then deliver something directly contrary to reason, only to later have the pay off that is  a shocking twist to the story.  I’m not claiming Tobito is true, I’m just asking WTF is going on.  To simply brush this off as a result of a healthy life style or powerful Jutsu similar to Tsunade’s is not giving enough credit to Kishi.  Something is up here, we all know it, Kishi knows we know, but what is it? 

Is it painfully obvious like the Nagato is the “real” Pain secret? Is it the obvious answer that we all argue over and over and over again? What are your thoughts?

So this is not for everyone, I get that.  This is for those of you who have thoughts and theories burning in their brain that have to get them out somehow.  Click the eye’s below to submit your thoughts and theories on these subjects.  I’ll post the best ones below and the comments section will be the area to critique the best thoughts and theories, as well as for quick comments on the questions posted above.  Do not submit big long theories in the comments section. I will delete them! Submit your long thoughts and theories and I will post the best one.  Quick comments, thoughts and critiques only in this posts comments section. Have fun with it and i’ll update the post shortly with Best of.

Ja mata



Click the eyes below to submit your thoughts and theories!


Check back shortly!


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on November 24, 2008.

30 Responses to “Theory Post: 3 questions. Looking back on Naruto Manga 370”

  1. first (haha i never get first suck it bono)

  2. o yea sorry jerimiah the eye link wasnt working so i left it here

  3. hey jeremiah, the link isn’t working.

  4. wait why the hell is this up?

  5. I just fixed the link. Sorry guys.

    @ Renzy – I submitted your theory through the fixed link. Thanks ^_^

  6. ohh, looking back i get it… geez jeremiah why would you confuse us like that especially the vets, our brains are fading as we age compared to these young wipper snappers who constantly join us…

  7. @ Alec – figured you’d be first in line to submit your crazy thoughts ^_^ Looking forward to reading them.

    Remember when you, scorpion and erich dominated the theory side of this blog? I’m hoping to hear from all three of you especially.

  8. Or perhaps the legendary Sannin of iareawesomeness have passed the torch to the newer generation of readers… we shall see ^_^

  9. Dear Jeremiah,

    on page08 of the episode which follows Naruto manga 370, Jerahia orders the frog “find Ibiki. He knows how to handle this guy.” to which guy is he referring to?
    since Jerahia has trapped the guy he was interogating about Pain I think it is him. Or who could it be else possibly?

    Re- Kakashi, Kakashi says in the recent manga on page 02 “Obito… Rin… Master… I will join you soon.” Than he meets his father. This could have to meanings:
    1. Kakashi won’t die yet. He will be influenced by the words of his father and will gain conciousness by willpower again. Because his father seems not to be at a place Kakashi assumed. It suprises him to meet him there. Wherever “there” is. It appears to me to be some kind of dimension between the world of the living and the world after death where he meets his father. It symbolizes a cross where he can turn around and go back the way he came or he can choose to go where the death people are.

    2. It could still mean that he dies, cause he says, that it will take much time to tell his lifestory. That implies it is all over.

  10. The guy Jiraiya is referring to is the one that he turned into a frog during the interrogation.

  11. im sure you know ibiki is the interrogator lol but the guy he needs to interrigate is the one whos head inos dad (forgot his name) is going through

  12. It is the same guy, the one Ino’s dad is going through is the guy Ibiki was/is interrogating.

  13. Correct. The guy’s mind who Ibiki and Inoishi are going through is the one that Jiraiya turned into a frog.

    That seems so long ago… Jiraiya was still alive… happy times.

  14. god that was a lot of work, good luck accessing the info in my sheet.

  15. 1) I think ‘that’ jutsu refers to the shishou jutsu used to seal the yang chakra in Naruto. Jiraiya must have tried to open the seal to see if Naruto can control or suppress the yang chakra without the aid of the seal. This is because he felt that Minato left the yang chakra for Naruto to use. And in completing ‘that’ jutsu he will be able to utilize the without being overpowered by the demon fox.

  16. when are the best ofs gunna be up?

  17. When J-dog actually finishes reading mine…

  18. Damn it i forgot to add the theory about Madara wants sasksue to get an ms level 2, so he can take it (either by immortality jutsu or straight up stealing them) and get a level 3 or four ms. That might be the true power of the sharingan he was talking about.

  19. best of, will be part of the new post when 426 is translated.

  20. i just wanted to ask u

    is kakashi gonna die???????????????????????

    well if yes manga sucks

    if in anime kakashi dies anime sucks tooo

  21. Jeremiah, your dumb as hell…

  22. Heres a theory i came up with:

    Minato is still alive and controlling all the pains. He is constantly fed information from Kakashi. They want it to seem like kakashi dies so he can join up with his old master and get naruto. What they want with him im not sure. Im not saying kakashi is bad, hes just secretly working for Minato.

  23. ok look at alecs comment… now switch jerimiah to ben

    kakashi mourning for his old team (INCLUDING MINATO) is in his head… if he knew he was alive why would he mourn his death

  24. Summary;
    1.Frog’s belly has key matching Naruto’s hakke seal
    2.Each year 4th seal weakens
    3.Key left to reinforce seal
    4.Twist Shishou seal – Jiraiya hammered
    5.Minato entrusted key’s jutsu design
    6.Naruto to complete ‘that’ jutsu
    7.Only seal Yin Chakra – shiki Fuujin
    8.Sealed Yang Chakra into Naruto
    9.Minato knew something important – regarding Madara

  25. There is no doubt that Minato knew something regarding Madara, whether he was the controlling the kyuubi at the time of the attack – or even before that. I still think Itachi here is vital and it could very well be, when he was kid that Minato told him something important – that led to Itachi wiping out his clan or whatever, cos quite clearly..Itachi could have just ran away with Sasuke lol..participated in the coup or even assasianted Danzou..

    ‘that’ jutsu – its definetly not Rasengan or the completion of rasengan. unless after adding wind to it..its not still not complete..i still find it hard it believe it is rasengan..because the frog questions whether naruto needs it?..well Naruto definetly needs Rasengan lol..its like his only move..

    “So the physical recomposition of yin and yang chakra seems to have something to do with the secret clan techniques, genjutsu, and medical ninjutsu. The old way of explaining how jutsus are created is too simple to explain them. Too bad Kakashi couldn’t get into it, but I guess Kishimoto is saving that.” – stolen

    Now physical recomposotion – is got to do with space/time jutsu, shadow technique, chouji getting fatter jutsu etc. So is that jussu perhaps overcoming the shiji fuugin seal? to summon death god? and the ability to seal whoever whatever he wants without a sacrifice? or using the kyubbi as the sacrifice itself? Clearly ‘that’ justsu has a link to Madara..

  26. Itachi couldnt have ran wit sasuke, coz then his brother would have no motivation to live it large(he left sasuke alive so he’d have sumthin to work towards). . . Plus who wants to go on a roadtrip wit a guy after killing his mom. & dad. . & uncle. . . &… Well you see my point

  27. ok! i haven’t read what other said in this post but i read the “THEORY SUBMISSION POST” as the title and i wanted to share a little theory i came up with(sorry if this was already on your mind or some other posts)

    so, jiraiya left the 3 students at rain village after 3 years….one of them had rinnegan (nagato)…
    let’s see….madara was eligible to be their sensei (first…he is the akatsuki creator…he was exiled from konoha and could have hid in the war that was taking place in RAIN) and it’s pretty obvious that he wanted to get his revenge on konoha and getting nagato to his side could ease that)

    so, now we see pain(nagato) as the leader of akatsuki (i doubt that…zetsu does seem to think madara as the supreme leader…like at the sasuke itachi battle…and that would mean pain is working under madara…)

    so my guess is that after jiraiya left the 3 kids…one of them (i strongly believe yahiko) died…. madara took the kids under his custody (that seems to work out very well in this manga…like how zabuza got haku)…made pain grow into this form (which i believe will be ended by yet another emotional talk with naruto…meaning the final fight is still Madara vs. Naruto) and that’s the history of WHO PAIN IS? and HOW DID NAGATO TURN OUT THIS WAY….

    summary of the theory: madara is the supreme villain and pain will soon change sides (once he gets beaten up by naruto and then naruto makes pain think just like him (like with gaara…priestess shion… and maybe Haku…). Pain isn’t evil…Madara was the main villain all along….

  28. haha jerimiah when are these going up?

  29. zcikwfkpiycxmjyvwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

  30. hell yeah!
    i am second-last here too!!!
    this is cool!!!

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