Bleach Manga 358 spoiler + Bleach Manga 357 discussion and breakdown

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Bleach Manga 358 <spoiler><pics><raw><translation>

*post links to spoiler scripts and pics and videos in the comments section*

-Breakdown and discussion for Bleach Manga 357 is below-

Renee (aka Elfarren) back again this week with the Bleach breakdown, because apparently you boys just can’t get enough of me.  ^_^  Actually, it’s more along the lines of this being a recovery week for everyone else who writes for the blog, so the man behind the curtain asked me to step in for Ero again and I have happily obliged.  Shall we get started, then?

Barragan feet of doom

Dude, wash your feet once in a while and maybe people won't keel over dead every time you walk by.

Barragan obviously never got the memo about cleanliness being next to godliness, because the guy’s got feet so killer even the gound tries to avoid his approach.  We see here the effect his released zanpakuto form has, and it looks to me like anything that gets within a foot-wide radius of the man turns to dust in the wind faster than Kansas can can come up with another hit song.  (For those of you who didn’t get that, you’re missing out on some great classic rock.)  I started a mini debate in the comments last week about this, because it appears to me that Barragan doesn’t necessarily have to direct his zanpakuto to affect people with it, but that in essence he is his own zanpakuto and his ability raditates from him like an aura.  There were some among you who disagreed with me, so it sounds like poll time, to me ^_^

Soifon's in trouble

You know when Tite does a close-up of your eyeball like that it means the sh!t has officially hit the fan.

In the meantime, Soifon’s situation isn’t looking any better this week.  Barragan releases his morning breath “Death Breath” in her general direction and barely manages to hit her arm with it, which then proceeds to disintigrate while Soifon stares unbelievingly.  What she does next makes up for her inital response, though, and reminded me why I like her character so much ^_^

Soifon's Hardcore

Because you don't get to be a captain of the Gotei 13 by being a whigny little b!tch

No hesitation, just cut the damn thing off and let’s get on with the battle already ^_^  Soifon is hardcore right here, and I abso-freaking-lutely loved seeing Omaeda’s reaction when she ordered him to cut her arm off.  If there’s ever a zombie invasion of Soul Society, you can bet your @$$ I’ll be teaming up with Soifon, because the woman knows what it takes to survive at all costs.

This dilemma presents us with an interesting situation, however, and one that I also brought up in the comments last week: how can Soifon “kill” Barragan if everything that touches him rots away and he can project his aura-like ability away from his body like this?  Even if she managed to hit him with Suzumebachi once, her zanpakuto would rot away before she’d have a chance to hit him the second time, and that’s if she could avoid Barragan projecting his deadly aura to attack her.  There’s also no telling if her zanpakuto could come back from nothingness like that.  As far as I’ve seen, zanpakuto can reform if they’re shattered, but I’m talking destroyed to the point of there being nothing to reform.  What do you think, does she have a chance?

I'm a little teapot, short and stout ...

I'm a little teapot, short and stout ...

Meanwhile, Toushirou is being as annoying as ever.  After his potential comeback last week, when we all collectively groaned that the little bastard will never die, Halibel gives him the finger and tells him to go back to Little League the only way you can make an annoying little bastard like Toushirou understand …

Halibel FTW

Halibel FTW!!!

Who else among you cheered with me when you saw this?  ^_^  Toushirou is waaaayyyyy out of his league here, and Halibel has no reservations about letting him know just how beneath her level he really is.  As hopeful as I am that this fight will put him out of commission, though, do you really believe this is it for Toushirou?

So that’s it for me this week.  I tried to make it a bit longer in light of how ridiculously short last week’s breakdown was, so I hope you enjoyed it ^_^  Bubble contest winner below … I’m not gonna do a top ten, partly because I’m lazy and partly because I’m new at this, but last week’s winner was Mudshovel, who made me laugh pretty hard when I read this ^o^  No contest this week – there just weren’t any good panels that I saw, sorry *shrugs*

bleach bubble

This week's winner brought to you by the letter M - Mudshovel


Update: Top 10 Reasons You Should Start Wathcing One Piece + One Piece Chapetr 543 Spoilers Confirmed!!! One Piece Chapter 542 Discussion and Breakdown! New One Piece Demotivational Poster and One Piece Movie 10 Update! 0-0

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Fan_Art_One_Piece___Luffy_by_Raynart_Tradnor(Art work done by Raynart-Tradnor from Deviantart)

It’s summer time, folks, so here’s your chance to get up on that new anime/manga you’ve been putting off. Now is the time to start watching those new series you just didn’t have the time or interest to watch over the year. Come on, you’re not the only ones busy, either, because I got a job and shit to do but I’m picking up 5 new manga to catch up on…because I have no life….Ahem… 😉

I recommend One Piece as one of those manga you NEED to read because I know from personal experience how awesome this series is; but, for all of those still in doubt, I compiled a Top 10 list to hopefully change your mind. Let’s Go! 😀

Top 10 Reasons You Should Start Watching One Piece:

10. As of volume 46, the series has sold over 140,000,000 copies domestically. (Dayuuummmmm! To put that in perspective, Naruto has sold 71 million domestically.)

9. The manga is the first to increase the sales of Weekly Shōnen Jump in eleven years.

8. Volume 27 of One Piece holds a manga sales record in Japan, with 2,630,000 units sold in its first printing alone.

7. One Piece is the fastest manga to reach sales of 100,000,000.

6. One Piece is the third highest selling manga in the history of Weekly Shōnen Jump, (behind Kochikame and Dragon Ball) and is currently their most acclaimed and all-time third-best-selling title in Japan. (Suck it Naruto and Bleach) 😛

5. Did you know that people who don’t watch One Piece don’t go to heaven… 0_0

4. One Piece was the most successful manga series during 2008 in Japan with 5,956,540 volumes sold. Volumes 50, 51, and 49 placed first, second, and fourth, respectively, on Oricon’s list of bestselling manga volumes.

3. Shinobimadness will be doing One Piece Arc Breakdowns so you all can catch up together!

2. One Piece is personally recommended by Supertrek89 so it must be SUUUUUPEEEERRRRRR!

And last but not least,


(All of these the above statements are fact…to the best of my knowledge.) 😉

So did I do it?

It’s that time again so let’s get in to it. For some reason this chapter flew by pretty quick for me, a lot of action and a lot of hauling ass, so I’ll keep it shorter than usual.

Here’s this week’s AMV, recommended to me by Mudshovel, who has gone out on a One Piece AMV witch hunt this past week. This video covers the Skypia Arc and the creator, Suno315, deserves a lot more than the measley 785 views he has. Thanks a lot, Mud, for the contribution. 😉

As for the movie update, well, I’ve watched 7 of them so far and I agree with the folks who said it’s a ‘hit and miss’. There’s definitely movies I did like and movies I didn’t so much. Maybe I’ll do a post on all nine movies the day movie 10 comes out…we shall see. One Piece movie 10 now has a title ‘Strong World’ here’s the latest trailer.

This weeks Spoiler video and all I can say from reading this weeks spoilers is be prepared for another kickass chapter. The script for what’s going on is down in the comment section.

Finally! I don't know about everybody else but I've been waiting to see Magellan get his ass kicked for a while now. ;)

Finally! I don't know about anyone else but I've been waiting to see Hannyabal get his ass kicked for a while now. 😉

Carue what are you doing with that shovel? Noooo, i told you not to bury Tiny in the Pet Cemetary! XD (Naruto and Stephen King reference btw)

Carue what are you doing with that shovel? Noooo, i told you not to bury Tiny in the Pet Cemetary! XD (Naruto and Stephen King reference btw)

Alright on to the breakdown.

Oh shit, I think the cloud is planning something! The sky and Ace may be in cahoots together Marines stay sharp! 0_0

Oh shit, I think the cloud is planning something! The sky and Ace may be in cahoots together Marines stay sharp! 0_0

We start off with Ace chained up to a chair above deck on a Marine ship as he is being transported to Marinford. He looks kinda apathetic and he looks kinda regretful, as if he’ll never be able to see the big blue ocean and white cloudy sky ever again. It’s good to know he isn’t some kind of emotionless robot who doesn’t care whether he dies or not. I’m sure he’s come to terms, but it’s good to see a little emotion in his eyes, or am I just seeing things? Tell me how Ace feels at this point.

Over in Marine HQ Son-Goku…I mean Sengoku is just getting word that neither Whitebeard or Blackbeard can be found. Maybe their off exchanging information on how to actually grow some beards in the first place…But wait, what’s this? Sengoku is then informed of an unmarked Marine vessel has just landed at Impel Down. Who can it be? IT’S BLACKBEARD AND HIS CREW!!! WTF are they doing there? Holy shit, even though I hate his character the action is about to bump to a whole new level now that another Shichibukai is here, nonetheless Blackbeard. It’s pretty obvious to me why he’s here: because he’s after Luffy, right? I also recall, though, he was after Luffy for his 100 Million Beri bounty, which would increase his reputation and qualify him for the title of Shichibukai. Now that he’s a Shichibukai, does he still want Luffy or is he there for another reason?

So after Blackbeard kicks some Gaol Guard ass, while at the same time saying he’s on their side (Hypocrite), we cut to Vice-Chief Hannyabal who is experiencing a mental breakdown over the predicaments happening all around Impel Down. No need to fear, Hannyabal…oh f**k, Chief Magellan is here. For some reason, I thought he’d be on the ship headed towards Marinford. Anyway, he took care of the rioting on Level 2 and sealed off all the exits with poison…cheating bastard, you can’t stop your enemy from escaping with your poisonous powers…well, that’s Buggy’s logic, at least…

Wow...I think she just jizzed her pants!

Wow...I think she just jizzed her pants!

In a last ditch effort to stop Blackbeard’s advance, Magellan gives permission to the guards for the release of M. Bison…Shiryuu. 😉 What does Shiryuu do after he’s finally released and given back his sword? He starts slicing up guards, that’s what! Now, I don’t even know Shiryuu’s intentions. At first I thought when Luffy would get down there he would speak out and Luffy would help him escape and they’d take down Magellan together. It’s the complete opposite. Time for a new poll on Shiryuu.

Meanwhile, all over Level 4, the prisoners are running amok and the Blugori are handing out ass kickings left and right. Well, that is until Mr. Giant Winking Ugly Face steps in and trashes them. Then comes along Luffy, Crocodile, and Jimbei, and the Blugori are basically out of the picture. Then, we finally get to see the Demon Guards in action. If the Demon Guards are stronger than the minotaur Luffy, Buggy, and Galdino had to fight, then prepare for an epic battle, right? Wrong! The Demon Guards are swept aside quicker than a Trekkie at a Star Wars convention. (Sorry, had to with all that’s going on recently 🙂 )

Go Team Awesome GO! 2 punches and a.....did Crocodile just Bitch Slap the Zebra? XD

Go Team Awesome GO! 2 punches and a.....did Crocodile just Bitch Slap the Zebra? XD

Well that’s it for this week. The two biggest revelations were the arrival of Blackbeard and the fact that Shiryuu is sent to fight him. Here’s this week’s motivational poster. I particularly like this one and I’m sorry for whoever this offends.

lame_title_feat__Nico_Robin_by_soumakyo(Artwork by soumakyo from deviantart)

Full Metal Alchemist manga 95 breakdown + FMA manga 95 discussion + Three times more demotivational posters

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Hello, I are awesomeness minions

It is time for one of the most awesome, metal bending, flame burning, shirt ripping manga to join the I are awesomeness lineup. It is time for the…

Full Metal Alchemist breakdown: chapter 95 beyond the flame.

Full Metal Alchemist breakdown: chapter 95 beyond the flame.

Ok, so I will start off with a short special explanation of the Full Metal Alchemist manga.  The old anime and the current manga are very different, so if you try to read the manga with knowledge based off of the anime, you will be lost.   The new Full Metal Alchemist (the dark brotherhood) anime that is currently running is going to follow the manga storyline, so if you don’t want to spoil the new anime don’t read my breakdown on the manga.  With all that said, let’s get into the breakdown, shall we?roy v ed

In the last chapter, Envy reveled to Mustang that he/she/it was the one who killed Hughes.  Mustang burned Envy back down to it’s ugly evil tadpole looking state…I think he was just hungry and wanted some fried frog, but Edward seemed to think Mustang was going down the evil path of revenge.  This chapter starts with Mustang ready to burn the crap out of what’s left of Envy, but Edward has envy grasped in his hand tighter than when he grasps himself on a lonely Saturday night…BURN! Hell yeah!…You know that was funny! *chirp, chirp, chirp*…  Well, anyway, the start of this chapter was taken out of every generic revenge manga ever made.  Edward, Scar and Hawkeye gave Mustang the classic “don’t become a monster, revenge will consume you” speech.Bitch SlapThey wore Mustang down until he finally gave up on his revenge.  Envy then started an “I hate humans” rant, trying to put them all down and get them to fight amongst themselves.  Edward finally points out the obvious: that Envy is Envious of humans. *shock* Surely someone named ENVY couldn’t be Envious. I think the next part is best explained by a demotivational poster.SuicideSo, Envy finally meet his/her/it’s demise by way of suicide…and I was hoping to see Mustang chewing on some roasted tadpole.    But we now move on to bigger, better, and much more sexy and muscular things…presenting GENERAL ARMSTRONG! (and his dominatrix sister)

She is just a bundle of hope and joy.

She is just a bundle of hope and joy.

We get back to some good old action with the Armstrong siblings fighting the homunculus Sloth.  The battle between the Armstrong’s and Sloth got a little complex after the mindless dolls or zombies joined the fray.  The good looking Armstrong sister, along with the soldiers, started to fight the Zombies while the even better looking Armstrong brother used his sexy shirtless body to take down the Sloth.  The battle between Armstrong and the Sloth was a battle of the man muscles.   Armstrong was receiving what his *cough “bitch”* sister called love taps to the face and could not block due to his dislocated shoulder.  So, Armstrong came up with the plan of using his raw sexiness to incite Sloth to rub his shoulder and make it all better.

I wonder how much a happy ending will cost?

I wonder how much a happy ending will cost?

But, Sloth took it a little far and didn’t yell, “surprise!”

See what happens if you don't yell SURPRISE!

See what happens if you don't yell SURPRISE!

But now that Armstrong was back to his old self, he used his long spikes of justice to teach Sloth a lesson.

This is the power of a handlebar mustache.

This is the power of a handlebar mustache.

Now the manga cuts to the guy in command, who orders the artillery to kill innocent civilians in an attempt to stop the main gate from falling. Then, out of nowhere, Mr. I have a chainsaw for a arm gives the evil bastard who ordered the attack a little talk to the hand action.

Damn, they just put chainsaws on everything now.  Let us just hope he don't hove one in that special place.

Damn, they just put chainsaws on everything now. Let us just hope he don't have one in that special place.

Now for the surprise: Izumi pops in to dig a tunnel all the way to the residential district. I love it when a manga has female characters that are just as competent, if not more competent, than male characters *glares at Naruto manga*

Holy shit, she looks crazy. This is one women who won't get stabbed by an EMO in a weelchair.

Holy shit, she looks crazy. This is one women who won't get stabbed by an EMO in a weelchair.

Time for my official demotivational poster for this breakdown.armstrong

Ok, I know this has nothing to do with this issue of the manga, but I want to know what you people think of Van Hohenheim (Ed and Al’s dad). Do you think he is a genuine good guy, or is he just looking for a way to die?

Untill next month,

Scorpion Legacy

Bleach Manga 357 spoiler discussion + Bleach Manga 356: Tyrant of Skulls

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Bleach Manga 357 <spoiler><pics><raw><translation>

**put links to spoiler pics and scripts in the comments section**

Renee here (aka Elfarren) with this week’s Bleach breakdown. I’ve volunteered since everyone else is tied up with various activities *ahem!* but please keep in mind that this is my first time … writing the breakdown, you pervs, get your mind out of the gutter! LOL


Tite sure knows how to set the mood, and the opening color pic of Renji lounging, telling us all to sit back and relax, felt like a nice way of saying, “Here’s a little reward for dealing with Naruto the past few weeks.” ^_<  Thank you, Tite Kubo, for making this week’s TGIMF worth the two week wait.

Toushirou lives

So, first thing’s first, and I have to say, this really made me roll my eyes when Toushirou popped up behind Halibel and tried to give her the old slice and dice. It would have been much better if he yelled, “SURPRISE!”, first, but he’s so cold I bet his balls still haven’t dropped. I understand he’s a fan favorite and therefore low on the list of possible characters to actually be killed off, but I was so hopeful last week when I saw that dumb@$$ look on his face after Halibel cut him in half … I really was … *sighs in resignation*  To make the best out of this unfortunate turn of events, share with me how, precisely, Toushirou will get his @$$ handed to him ^_^

Soi Fong

Moving on to a much more awesome fight, it looks like things aren’t going so well for Soi Fong. I had a lot of confidence that her character would kick some solid @$$ this week while spouting off in last week’s breakdown, but now I’m not so sure. Osteoporosis is a b!tch by itself, but to suddenly be hit with it in the middle of a battle? The odds are now officially stacked against her in my opinion. Please, argue with me in the comments and tell me I’m wrong, because I like her character. I have to admit, though, that Barragan’s released form is so awesomeness that I’m having trouble caring right now – I just wanna see him fight ^_^ I’ve been wondering if Suzumebachi could kill him anyway, because his ability is, in essence, death. How do you kill death incarnate? Hmmm ……..

Espada 1 Grim Reaper

So that’s it for my breakdown. Sorry if it’s short, but I’m not as versed in the Bleach world as I am with Naruto, so no predictions or innuendo this time … okay, so maybe I snuck in a little innuendo for old times sake … stop complaining, you know you like it ^_< And just because I know the legion of guys out there will cry foul if I leave this out, here’s a pic of Halibel in all her skimpy glory ^_^  Bubble contest below!


You know the rules by now, so give me the best you’ve got @_@ LOL

bleach bubble

One Pice Chapter 541 Discussion and Breakdown + One Piece 542 Spoilers Confirmed! Spoiler Video and Spoiler Pic + Demotivational Poster Included!!! 0_0

•May 9, 2009 • 31 Comments

First off, One Piece Movie 10 is coming out at the end of 2009! It’s completely written by Oda himself so be prepared for a One Piece movie unlike any other. Now I myself haven’t even seen 1 One Piece movie but I will start now and finish all 9 others before this one comes out. It comes out December 12, 2009 over in Japan I believe. Who knows when the subbed version will hit our shores. Here’s what we know so far YOSH, I can’t wait! *_* By the way since I haven’t seen any One Piece movies can you’ll give me a heads up?

Here’s this weeks spoiler for One Piece 542! There’s no translation in the video but there’s plenty of translation down in the comment section. Enjoy!

Oh for f**ks sake I hate this guy. I hope one of those guns logged in his pants go off so there's no chance of him spreading his infested seed!

Oh for f**ks sake I hate this guy. I hope one of those guns in his pants go off so there's no chance of him spreading his infested seed!

Here’s this week’s AMV brought to you by Hkira17Tube! This AMV is awesomeness incarnate and is a tribute to Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji. Turn up the volume and enjoy! 😀

Ah, looks like we got ourselves a cook off! Well, it wouldn't be very fair if it was a beauty contest now would it? ;)

Ah, looks like we got ourselves a cook off! Well, it wouldn't be very fair if it was a beauty contest now would it? 😉

Alright so let’s get this breakdown started! :0

No no no, it's Impel Down's latest roller coaster ride attraction! "Prisoner Escape".......dumbass's

No no no, it's Impel Down's latest roller coaster ride! "Prisoner Escape".......dumbass's

The prison guards make there way down to Level 6 and bust in with gas masks on only to find Luffy, Ivankov, Inazuma, Jimbei, and Crocodile missing and a Stairway to Heaven. Nope, they’re not dead but thanks to Crocodile’s Suma Suma no Mi powers there is a stairway and Luffy and the gang of escapees hauled their asses up there and out of Level 6. *grumbles something about how much he still hates Crocodile*…

I'm tellling you if M. Bison gained a few punds, developed a prisoner lilling fetish, and was thrown into the One Piece world he would be Shiryuu! 0_0

I'm telling you if M. Bison gained a few pounds, developed a prisoner killing fetish, and was thrown into the One Piece world he would be Shiryuu! 0_0

Ahem, anyway the dumbass guards still can’t seem to figure out that the prisoners escaped through the path leading up to the gigantic hole in the ceiling until lo-and-behold Shiryuu speaks up! That man was down here the entire time and now he decides to speak? Why didn’t he escape with Luffy and the others? Does he really hate prisoners that much even though he is a prisoner himself? F**k you Shiryuu and I hope you get what’s coming to you! Why didn’t you just save all of us all the time and kill yourself? >_< Anyway, Shiryuu offers his help in taking down the escaped pirates and even though it doesn’t show the guards agreeing we all know it’s gonna happen. There going to need him anyway since in recent chapters the power scale has drastically tipped in Luffy’s direction with the addition of so many Nakama. Meanwhile, in the Monitor Room Hannyabal is freaking about losing his position over the predicaments. He then summons Sadi-Chan, Saldeath, and all their subordinates to Level 4 to put an end to Luffy’s movements. Prepare for battle bitches! 😉

Quick Translation:*pointing people out from left to right* "You're scrwed, you're scerwed, you're screwed, lady in the fur has a shot, and dude in the bunny're f**ked!"

Quick Translation:*pointing people out from left to right* "You're screwed, you're screwed, you're screwed, lady in the fur is cool, and dude in the bunny're f**ked!"

Down on Level Five Ivaknov is gathering his troops and instilling in them the vill to fight through an ‘honest to God’ speech! I mean he basically tells them that most of them aren’t going to make it and what awaits them is torture after they fail in their attempts to reach Level 1. Lol, it would have been easier if he just gave all of them Vigour Hormones in my opinion…Bon-Chan seems to be doing well now. 😉 Luffy doesn’t wait for the speech and moves ahead with Jimbei and Crocodile. Crocodile’s smug ass shows off some more of his power and they reach Level 4 just like that.

Yes, use the 'Force' Jimbei! The 'Force' is strong with you I see how you made it so far in this world of pirates! XD

Yes, use the 'Force' Jimbei! Anybody else notice that Jimbei is a Pirate-Jedi-Fishman-Ninja? Is he even beatable? XD

What awaits them are…more dumbass Gaoler guards! Damn, I thought they’d encounter Sadi-Cahn and her Demon Guards at least! Well, the guards don’t stand a chance against the 300 Million Beri pirate Monkey D. Luffy, Shichibukai Jimbei, and former Shichibukai Crocodile (I’m sorry I just had to introduce them like they did in the manga. 🙂 ). The pathetic guards are quickly swept away in the ensuing battle before they get the chance to effectively use their Gaol Bullets. Hmmm…I wonder what they are? Bullets made out of seastone perhaps? These guards may cause trouble in the future if that’s the case. (Special note here: we finally get to see Jimbei fight.) Fishman Karate done by a professional means total PWNage without having to touch your enemy!

Either he has to REALLY take a shit or that's his "Oh F**k' face because he knows he's about to get his ass kicked! You decide...

Either he has to REALLY take a shit or he knows he's about to get his ass kicked! You decide...

All the way up on Level 2 Galdino (Mr. 3) and Buggy the Clown have nearly accomplished their goal in escaping. They plan to cause another riot so that in the confusion they can finally make it to Level 1. Using Galdino’s Doru Doru No Mi ability they create wax keys for all the jail cells allowing the prisoners to escape and riot again. Oh what’s this? Level 2 doesn’t have any Blugor anymore because Hannyabal sent them all down to Level 4 to intercept Luffy and crew! In that case hahahaha they’re f**ked! XD

"With our shitiness combined we form. TEAM DOUCHEBAGGERY" >_<

"With our shitiness combined we our.....TEAM DOUCHEBAGGERY" >_<

Down on Level 4….WTF Crocodile has lent the cell keys to Das Bonez (Mr. 1) to help him in his escape! Oh great, now we got two assholes to worry about. Well, you manage with what you’ve got. I just hope Luffy keeps a sharp eye out but knowing his gullibility and ability to trust anyone I have a feeling it’s going to turn out bad. If it wasn’t for Ivaknov and Jimbei on his side I’d think Luffy would be completely boned. On Level 4 all around them Luffy and Ivaknov’s small army of okama are causing an uproar and destroying whatever gets in their way. Meanwhile, Hannyabal is getting requests to send back reinforcements headed to Level 4 to stop the riot in Level 2. Let’s go Hannyabal if you want to be chief you’ve got to make these kind of managerial decisions quick and without fail. I’m afraid you’re not qualified so please step to the side and hold your head in anguish. 😛

That's right do as I send Sadi-Chan to my private quaters.... ;)

I know! Quickly, send Sadi-Chan to my private quarters.... 😉

The chapter ends with the scariest scene I’ve ever seen this week. If I saw an army of that caliber and craze heading in my direction you best believe I’d be headed in the opposite direction or join them on their riot just to save myself.

Picture 11

Militia Check List: Giant scary winking face (Check), Captain Hook smoking a cigar (Check), drugged mumified looking guy doing ballet (Check), Pirate-Jedi-Fishman-Ninja (Check), crossdressing minions (Check)'re all ready to go Luffy! XD

Well, that’s it for this week and I know the breakdown is out later than usual but you try doing over 20 pages of papers, 2 finals, and posting breakdown in a week! >_< Lol, just try dammit! Here’s this weeks demotivational poster. Comment, predict, and discuss! See you’ll soon! 😀


Last thing…

Temari vs Konan Debate

•April 29, 2009 • 114 Comments


Who will win? You decide...

Who will win? You decide...

This weeks debate is who would win in a fight between Temari and Konan.  Same rules apply as the other two debates.  Place your arguements in the comment section and vote below ^_^  Short mini stories/scripts on how the fight would go are not only allowed but encouraged!

Past results:

Kakashi (1-0) defeated Maito Gai (0-1)

Itachi (1-0) defeated Naruto (0-1)

Bleach Manga 356 spoiler Pics are available!!!+ Bleach 355 breakdown and discussion + Demotivational Poster

•April 26, 2009 • 53 Comments

Bleach Manga 356 <Spoiler><Pics><Raw><Translation>

*Put spoiler scripts and links to spoiler pics in the comment section*





-Breakdown for Bleach 355 is below-


Ohayo Gozaimasu,

Ero Sennin (Bryan) doling out the 355th Bleach breakdown. I’ve had some trouble with my computer, so I apologize for my lateness. Anyway, another great issue from the folks at Bleach: we catch-up with the remaining top Espada, although it’s not looking very good for Soul Society.


Well, unlike Naruto, Bleach has given us a decent issue to pick over through Golden Week (nobody’s puppy got killed here…yet). Speaking of puppies, we open with Sajin watching over Izuru as he heals the injured in the protective barrier. It seems that Izuru has sensed the faltering of the leftover captains, or maybe he is reading something in the Espada. Whatever it is, the foreshadowing is not positive (unless you are rooting for the Espada). Of course, this is to sidetrack us, but at least someone knows how to leave a fan before Golden Week.


Shunsui, my personal slacker hero, seems to be dodging around ok, but has had his hat cut by Stark. Still, in all, he doesn’t lose his calm demeanor even as blood trickles down his face. Personally, this is one Bankai that I am looking forward to. Anyone who lounges around this much must have tons of stored energy to release. I respect that. You see, I’m not lazy; I’m harnessing my Chi. The mutual admiration between these two is a bit silly. It’s like watching the two laziest people on earth arm wrestle. Kind of an Over the Top meets Half Baked.


Soifon and Omaeda seem to be having problems with Barragan, but I think that this is a premature evaluation – don’t let it upset you, it happens to us all….uh, but not me. *sniffs as chest is jut out in a sad attempt at machismo* Anyway, just as with Shunsui, Soifon has yet to release her Zanpakutô. Though they didn’t enter with power limiters, there is still another level of power to her. In turn, Barragan hasn’t released that lazy boy battle ax of his. Hell, old one eye only just got out of his chair. Omaeda is back to his roll of comic relief, and the man is just dumb, dumb as hell. Something about that big man and him giggling like a school girl just makes me roll my eyes, but we’ve seen what happens in Bleach when the comic relief get serious.


Little Tōshirō has his hands full with Halibel (oh! double entendra), but that is no surprise to the readers here. The results of last week’s poll said there were an overwhelming amount of people (52%) who believed that Tōshirō didn’t stand a chance. So far, it is looking like they were right.

61Well, he is the 10th seat, against the 3rd or 4th strongest Espada (depending on what Yammy is doing). But, we know the Gotei 13 aren’t divided that way.


Halibel releases her clothes…uh, er….her Zanpakutô, and steps out of the vagina of power vajayjay of vigor tsunami of strength (oh, don’t give me that look…you thought it too). Tōshirō, at this point, comments on how her outward appearance hasn’t changed much….man, this guy IS frigid. Just as Tōshirō thinks that he shouldn’t underestimate her, he and his Zanpakutô are sliced in half. It happens so fast that he doesn’t realize what has just happened. How powerful is this woman?

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