One Piece Chapter 544 Discussion and Breakdown + Chapter 545 Spoiler Prediction!!! New Motivational Poster Included! @_@

-One Piece Breakdown Below-

Picture 1

Galdino's and Buggy's faces.....Priceless! XD

Galdino's and Buggy's faces.....Priceless! XD

Here’s this week’s Spoiler pic and video. The translation will be down in the comment section and thanks again to Naruto1piece for the vid.

-One Piece Breakdown Below-

Pardon me for my lateness because I know I said I’d have it out this evening. That is until I got sidetracked but no worries though because it’s coming right now…(that’s what she said 😉 )! This Breakdown might be relatively longer than the usual ones because I have a lot on my mind after reading this chapter. (And no I couldn’t resist the joke!)

Here’s this weeks AMV! Another one from JuniZoroFan who’s account will be deleted soon. Something about copyright on AMV’s and whatnot. This is more of an emotional one so enjoy this while you can. Funny thing is Brook’s not in this one and besides Robin he’s probably lost the most. Well it couldn’t be helped since he wasn’t part of the crew by the time this vid was made.

GAHHHHH!!!! My eyes are bleeding out profusely!!! *_* And to make things worse they didn't even bother to shave!

GAHHHHH!!!! My eyes are bleeding out profusely!!! *_* And to make things worse they didn't even bother to shave!

The front cover says it all about what has happened to Sanji. Sanji has betrayed us but more importantly he’s given up on himself. He’s turned into an OKAMA!!! WTF, how does this help him out any? In actuality there are a few Straw Hat members I am a little confused about why Kuma sent them to their separate islands. First I’ll start with the obvious. Luffy was sent to an island that had great knowledge on Haki and he also experienced and used Haki there. Nami was sent to a sky island dealing with weather. Usopp was sent to a jungle island where he met a brave warrior and seems to be learning new things. Franky was sent to a snowy island dealing with mechanics and advanced weaponry. Robin was sent to a country that has been building a bridge for the past 700 years. It has history behind it but the head warden won’t tell her what it is and now she’s a prisoner in cuffs…again!

Now the ones I’m confused about. Brook was sent to an island with cult members practicing summonings and black magic. Chopper was sent to an island where birds rule over men…are these birds Awakened Zoan Users? Zoro was sent to a ruined kingdom where Perona has taken up residence. Last but not least there’s Sanji winding up in Kamabakka Kindom…a land full of transvestites. We know these islands will help the Straw Hat Pirates in someway I just can’t figure it out for some of them. But the question that’s been nagging me the most is did Kuma send them to specific islands on purpose? I believe so it’d be to much of a coincidence if you ask me. What do you’ll think? Oh, and feel free to post in the comment section what your take is on why the crew members arrived on their unique islands and how their separate areas will assist them in their upcoming adventures.

It seems the people who voted “Blackbeard isn’t here for Luffy he’s just here to have fun!” last week for the poll ‘What are Blackbeard’s intentions’ were most accurate, so pat yourselves on the back to a warm round of applause. You’ll were correct in saying that we KNEW Blackbeard’s goal in taking down Luffy at first was to gain the reputation suitable for the Shichibukia title. So when he took down Ace and was given the title of Shichibukai was there anymore reason to spill Luffy’s blood. Nope, and some might say he didn’t even know Luffy was in Impel Down at the time of his arrival.


DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN! I didn't see this coming... -_-

Adding on to this Blackbeard says it was fate that Ace would be beaten then captured and not Luffy. Put it this way. Ace was already on Blackbeard’s trail for the crime he committed aboard Whitebeard’s ship. Apparently it wasn’t too much of a pursuit according to Blackbeard and crew because they act like Ace could have stopped at anytime and given up on Blackbeard. But when Ace found out that Blackbeard was after his lil bro Luffy then he couldn’t possibly let him be. Not only would he be bringing shame to Whitebeard but he’d let his brother get killed. So in thanks to Ace’s stand and sacrifice against Blackbeard Luffy’s life was spared. I wonder how Luffy will take to this BS…

Jet Pistol means STFU NOOB! XD

Jet Pistol means STFU NOOB! XD

BAM!!! JET PISTOL to the gut BITCH! Unsurprisingly Blackbeard gets up and retaliates by drawing Luffy in with his Kurouzu (Black Whirlpool) and making physical contact thus sapping all the DF ability out of Luffy and slamming him into the ground. This would explain the blood since temporarily his body isn’t made of rubber anymore at that point. As I thought Luffy doesn’t stand a chance against Blackbeard at this stage and Jimbei confirmed it for me. Not only was Blackbeard able to give Shanks those 3 scars over his eye while on Whitebeard’s ship BEFORE receiving the DF, but he now has the DF ability which he claims harnesses the very power of the devil. You don’t f**k with that and I don’t care who you are. Luffy does not need to worry about this man anyway because luckily he’s not here for a fight. I’m just glad Luffy got a VERY decent hit in but I’m afraid that’s all Blackbeard would’ve allowed him to do if the fight had continued. Blackbeard did say something about Luffy’s Haki improving though. I don’t recall Luffy doing Haki recently…was there some Haki force behind that hit he just did like when the Amazons put Haki into their arrows? Hmm…

Crocodile come on! Less Mr. Talkity Talkity Talk and more Stabby Mc. Stab Stab! >_<

Crocodile come on! Less Mr. Talkity Talkity Talk and more Stabby Mc. Stab Stab! >_<

Anyway Blackbeard isn’t here to fight but instead here as part of his plan. A plan we know nothing about at least I don’t. If you’ll know something let me in on the loop. I enjoy the exchange of words between the former Shichibukai Crocodile and the newest Shichibukai Blackbeard who took his place. I just wanted them to kill each other on the spot because that would have made my day! 😉 Before anything gets out of hand between the two though Magellan’s poisonous ass starts to arrive. In a hurry and probably fear the prisoners start head up Level 3 while Blackbeard let’s them all pass saying this “panic” helps his plan…I don’t have a clue how.'s Black Betty! "whoa, black betty (bam-A-lam) whoa, black betty (bam-A-lam) Black betty had a child (bam-A-lam) The damn thing gone wild (bam-A-lam)" XD's Black Betty! "whoa, black betty (bam-A-lam) whoa, black betty (bam-A-lam) Black betty had a child (bam-A-lam) The damn thing gone wild (bam-A-lam)" XD

Another Demon Guard shows up…no wait, the same Demon Guard that was already defeated shows up before Magellan. It’s the Minotaur and here we learn something very important from Crocodile of all people. These Demon Guards are Awakened Zoan Users and in the comment section Captnmexico commented weeks beforehand that Chopper’s monstrous form may be a demon laying inside of him. Seems he was correct. Zoan Users seem to have an inner demon in them that can be awakened which makes them stronger with insane healing capabilities. I just don’t know if EVERY Zoan User can do this though.

Shiryuu: "I have now sufficientyl tested that my sword does indeed still work on human where's that damn Blackbeard? What...working with him? Nooooooooo..." 0_0

Shiryuu: "I have now sufficiently tested and come to the conclusion that my sword does indeed still work on human where's that damn Blackbeard? What...I'm working with him? Nooooooooo..." 0_0

While Magellan is still making his way over we find out what happened to Shiryuu. Abso-f**king-lutely nothing! In fact I think he’s not even on Level 1 anymore. He says, “You trying to bring Magellan DOWN here?” So that means he’s on one of the lower Level’s now! He’s cutting off all transmission to the outside world so that they don’t know what’s going on in Impel Down…for instance things like Blackbeard’s appearance. Think about it. Blackbeard arrives and Shiryuu is set free to take care of him. They meet up on Level 1 where they talk for a bit and the next time we see them they’ve parted ways without a scratch on their bodies. Now Blackbeard is down on Level 4 to see through a long awaited plan while Shiryuu is going around cutting off all communications to the outside world. I don’t know about you’ll but that seals the deal for me that they’re somehow working together.

Props to Blackbeard for setting One Piece's existence in stone for me...what was this supposed to be funny? Well guess what? SURPRISE!

Props to Blackbeard for setting One Piece's existence in stone for me...what was this supposed to be funny? Well guess what? SURPRISE!

Up on Level 2 thanks to Blackbeard’s persistence of busting down doors the escaped prisoners are free to go again. Back down on Level 4 Blackbeard gives some last words commenting on Luffy’s adventure to Sky Island. He announces quite proudly that if that existed then ONE PIECE is out there somewhere! The Age of Pirates Dreams is not at an end and then he laughs like all egotistical maniacs do. Then he announces what he plans to do…sort of. He’s here to make a grand announcement. To set the stage for an unprecedented event that will change the world in a just few hours. What the hell could they be showing that would do such a thing? Is it Ace’s execution…then they wouldn’t be in Impel Down they’d be in Marinford! Team Awesome just ignores him and heads up to Level 3 with the rest of the prisoners finally.

I'll help you...with your pants... :)

I'll help you...with your pants... 🙂

And this has to be Oda’s dirty mind at work. A dominatrix type like Sadi-Chan being tied up in bondages by the ultimate transvestite all the while she’s moaning “Mmmmmm, I must to be the one to dominate”…W.T.F! I mean I wasn’t the one to complain and I enjoyed the pic above…that’s why I posted it. 🙂 So after they get her down Blackbeard and Magellan face off. They announce their names and swift as hell Magellan uses ‘Hydra’ poisoning Blackbeard and his entire crew. While passing up Blackbeard he says he has no time to waste with the likes of him and he thanks Hannyabal for his valiant effort. Now this is interesting. Magellan offers not only his thanks but his blessing saying Hannyabal is the only successor he has. This is to the man who always plots to overthrow Magellan so blatantly in the public which is funny as hell BTW. So what does Magellan need to do so badly that he doesn’t stay to interrogate Blackbeard? He wants Luffy and he wants him BADLY!

Ewwwwwwwwwww! That'll teach you to have an orgy with Magellan...LOL!

Ewwwwwwwwwww! That'll teach you not to have an orgy with Magellan...LOL!

So let’s review real quickly. Sanji is an Okama. Zoan Users have an Awakened State. Blackbeard isn’t here for Luffy. He’s here to reveal something that will shake the foundations of the entire world (A.K.A. he’s just having fun). Blackbeard and Shiryuu are most likely in cahoots together. Magellan might have just defeated Blackbeard’s crew (We all know this ain’t true). Ivankov just might have “surprised” Sadi-Chan! 0_0 And Magellan wants Luffy BADLY! Alright the last two were exaggerated but the revelations in this chapter are enough for me wanting to come back for more. Is Blackbeard going to recover (Yes)? Is he going to reveal his plan? Will Luffy and Magellan square off? Are Buggy and Galdino (Mr. 3 ) finally going to reach Level 1? Will Sanji come to his senses? We can only wait for these answers. So that’s it for today sorry it was so long but there was just so much to cover. Here’s this week’s motivational poster. Comment, predict, and post. See you’ll soon! 😀



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  1. first.

  2. hot chapter and even hotter breakdown! (I am not talking about impel down)
    btw, FRSIT!!!

  3. when you get a flash-light, remind me to take a peek too…alright?

  4. Xth

    Sanji – To learn how to form better bonds with people aside from women or simply to go insane. (Maybe Kuma’s mind reading is slightly off)

    Brook – Becoming the leader of the occult to gain a crew that will allow him to see Boo (The whale) at the opening to grand line. At the same time helping the citizens of that place in some grand awesome and perverted way. (It could be to test his willingfull to keep his promise, being in a position as king and having to remember his promise to Boo and the Straw Hat Crew. That and or Kuma is just picking what the island itself needs)

    Zoro – Relax and spend his days being taken care of by (Perona) Ms. Horo Horo. Gain her friendship then ending in a position where he has to protect her at all costs reviving his will to protect those close to him now including Perona and the Straw Hat Crew. (This or Kuma wants to create a new race of Horo Horo Hollows.)

    Chopper – Learning to awaken and control his inner devil and its fruit powers. Doctoring (gotta treat the islanders without tools) or surviving in the worst condictions. Communicate with the wild and fly off the island.

    I was also thinking that maybe the island itself doesn’t have to offer a single thing for the Straw Hat Pirates but rather where they would end up by going away from it or something that would arrive to these places and Kuma places them there knowing what is comming. Kuma probably observed the Straw Hat crews personallity after he first fought them and decided on that. Not stalking but paying detailed attention in the few times he has encountered them.

    Blackbeard and Shiryuu are surely working together that or Shiryuu is one of the luckiest oppertuniest known to One Piece. I think there is a 7th level to Impel Down and BlackBeard is using the situation to climb down the level to gain something powerful ally, item, map, random monstem, devil fruit o power. Shiryuu might also be playing the mobility part. As for the plan perhaps Blackbeard is obtaining something to use against WhiteBeard and will use it to defeat him.

    Yay Nami!

  5. @kyouto: i actually think they were sent to the islands simply to improve their own fighting ability and not to gain some sort of life experience, but i guess thats just what im thinking

    as for what the crew will be gaining from the islands, i agree with all the ones you mentioned in the breakdown supertrek except for Robin. I think that she was sent to the bridge building place simply to gain some more physical strength since her ability pretty much depends on how strong she is…

    Chopper: I really had no idea what chopper would gain but the awakened zoan thing is quite interesting and if those birds really are awakened zoans then i guess he could do it. i also think its interesting that if chopper manages to do is, he will go from being one of the weakest members of the crew to one of the strongest almost right away.

    Zoro: I reckon that peronas negative ghost technique wont effect someone with a strong enough spirit so thats what i think zoro has been sent to her for. If he can strengthen his spirit then his asura technique will be stronger as well or maybe he will develop another technique using his spirit.

    Brook: The only thing i can think of for Brook is to gain some more fighting experience by fighting that other village for the people who “summoned” him. i guess since he was floating on an ocean for 50 years he is lacking in a bit of experience or maybe there is someone with a devil fruit ability similar to his?

    And finally Sanji: I cannot describe how dissapointed i was when i saw this weeks cover! i was thinking that sanji was going to gain some knowledge from fighting some ballet kenpo users or something like that but it looks like i was completly wrong with that idea. Maybe he will develop another technique similar to diable jambe or something like that butr i guess like most of us, i really have no idea what he is doing right now.

  6. OMG SUPER – if you late with this breakdown again, the 3 people who actually read it may get mad and go somewhere else 😉

  7. 6th…does that count..?

  8. Remember he asks them were they wouldnt want to go if they were to go on vacation or whatever, i think he has some kind of ability to send them to somewhere that corrisponds with their deepest personalities. Like they say here at the bottom is says if thats what your heart trully desires. The island of amazon lily is what men across the world seek to go, and luffy being luffy wishes to adventure across the word to places never set foot on by man. If that makes any sense. So i would expect its similar for the rest. So pretty much for the reasons above but thats because of their personalities, not because kuma sent them there on purpose.

  9. and i dont think sangi has really changed, i think hes faking it so he doesent get raped lol, if you look on his right arm (the one holding the shoes) theres a stress mark, so hes really tense and annoyed that he has to pretend to be on okama lol

  10. Great Breakdown super – i think we all knew that you would post the sasi-chan pic the moment we saw it at OneManga. lol.
    I think Kyouto said bascially everything i was gonna predict (except about sanji – didn’t think of it like that).

    Quite obvious that they’re working together, perhaps blackbeard is offering shiruyu the postion of chief warden again if he works with him?

    Hmmmm demotivational posters – supers excuse for smut 😉 lol.

    @reflex: LMAO, quite you – i hear a 4th is on the way. lol

  11. Sadi-chan**

  12. Phew, what a long ass day. Just came from a movie premiere and I was in the movie! It was awesome! 😀

    @Pain: I gotta flashlight right here. *Hands Pain flashlight* She’s wearing pink today! 0_0

    @Kyouto: Interesting theories you got on the crews purposes. And thinking up of a Level 7 eh? If you’re proven correct you best know that I’ll give you a shout out on that manga’s breakdown. I think Kuma sent them to these certain islands on purpose. You’re right he has been observing them and may have sent them to these islands knowing their abilities. He knows Nami uses weather based attacks so he sent her to “Weatheria”. He knew Franky was a modified human/cyborg so he sent him to “Karakuri Island” The Birth Place of The Genius. And etc…for other members of the crew. I’m still confused on some crew members though. The only thing is it seems Kuma doesn’t have to have been to these islands to accurately send them their. I highly doubt he’s been to a Sky Island for instance.

    @Tobi: I just know Robin is a history buff and the head warden blatantly said this 700 year old bridge had history behind it but he wouldn’t tell what it was. Perhaps you’re right she will improve her fighting skills also because it wouldn’t be exactly fair if everyone else increased their strength and she just touched up on her history. 😉 I like your Zoro improving his spirit by training with Perona’s ghosts theory the best. I find it quite likely actually.

    @Reflex: FOUR people read the breakdown before you posted so take that you pessimistic bastard! ;P LOL! And who’s to know all the people who just vote, read the breakdown, but don’t comment…

    @Turpend: Personality is definitely a factor in where Kuma sends people flying but it’s definitely not personality alone. Like you said he asks people where they want to go. Remember he asked Perona where she wanted to go before sending her there. He can’t psychically read people’s personalities is what I’m trying to say or else he wouldn’t have asked where Perona wanted to go. Instead he would have just sent her there no questions asked. It seems he needs something to go off of.

    I didn’t notice that stress mark on Sanji’s arm! Maybe he is faking it all. The idea crossed my mind but it’s not like Sanji to…ah nvm, he’s dressed like an okama now he could be desperate to do anything just to get off that damned island. 🙂

    @Mudshovel: Of course, I saw you comment on it in the last breakdown and I couldn’t resist. 😉 Sadi-Chan FTW! Blackbeard and Shiryuu are indeed obviously working together in my mind. Watch Kishi pull a fast one on us though and we find out that they’re still enemies in the future. I’d be hella surprised though…Oh, and the poster was a brilliant inspiration not smut! *_*

    @Anyone: What’d you’ll think of the AMV? I tried to pick something emotional this week and I would appreciate some feedback to influence my future picks to your likings. Do I do action, story telling, emotional, flashy, pairings perhaps? That is all.

  13. @super: You’ve got mail dude – help me out pls!

  14. @super: In regards to the AMV:

    I thought it was good, however i think it only caters for the ppl who’ve read OP and understand their pasts IMO. I know that if i knew nothing about OP then i’d only want an AMV with all battles.
    Personally i think it was good – one to many battle Amv’s and in the end you’ve seen them all. It nice to mix it up a bit. (too bad it wasn’t one of mine or everyone would be on here typing ‘OMG AWESOME SAUCE BREAKDOWN AND AMV’ instead of ‘first’) LOL.

  15. @Mudshovel: Thanks for the insight baka! I replied to your email btw. 😛

  16. @ super – actually there were only 3 before me…. the one guy just said “first”, and made no comment about the breakdown so he does not count

    oh and btw…. ONE PIECE is awesomeness… i just like to piss you off super…. it NEVER get boring 😉

  17. yeah yeah i got ya, i didnt believe he could read minds, more like his ability- since his ability is really damn confusing anyways – maybe just tapted into their subconsions and sends them there, its not like kuma is going in and readint there mind, but his powers just do it on there own. I couldnt tell you if he has control over it somewhat but i wouldnt be surprised. Either way the whole pacifista thing and his abilites are kinda confusing. Is he the original and the rest of the pacifistas are clones? Or did he recieve a consiosness after recieving the paw paw fruit? (shrug) im just interested to find out.

  18. You know what’s going to be awesome?
    When the crew reunite and Zolo sees Sanji in a dress.
    Oh the hilarity!

  19. @REfelx: I was never pissed off I know you. 🙂

    @Turpend: Ah, I see where you’re coming from. Indeed Kuma and the other Pacifistas are confusing. The replica Pacifisatas can shoot lasers from their hands and mouth while the original one (Kuma) can only shoot lasers from his mouth and has the Paw Paw ability on his hands. For more information on Kuma you can look here

    @Katiekaratekid: Lol, that would be hilarious…that is to say if Sanji does come back like that. The okama mode may be a different form of attack Sanji may only use in extremely dangerous situations…just a theory.

  20. hahahaha!!! Okama mode = anti-rape defence

  21. Reflex: Allow me.

    Super: Remember Nami and Robin are mine dude!

  22. But seriously on the subject of one piece When I saw that pic of Sanji

    I was like “WTF”

    Even though some of the explanations provided actually make sense.

    I think Blackbeard is all talk. I think he is just bluffing on this thing that will rock the foundations of the one piece world…

    Besides that poison hit looked like acid burning through someone’s skin….(Thinks about Luffy and Magellan Round 1).

  23. @Ace: LMAO, you can have…Nami. Robin is to experienced for you anyway! 😛

    Now on to a more serious topic. Blackbeard definitely isn’t bluffing but if you call it right you must have keys to Oda’s top drawer where he keeps all his ideas. If this is all a big bluff I hope Luffy and Ace (Not you 😉 ) kick his ass together.

    And I was just thinking all Blackbeard had to do was absorb the poison in total darkness like he does for people and objects.

  24. @Tobi – That seems more accurate. For either case here is to hoping they can all become stronger.

    @mudshovel – Sorry about that but at least your on the wavelengh, be sure to post something if you are able to think of it.

    @Supertrek – Thank you please remember that.

  25. Hey Mudshovel that Video was killer, It was so Good and Funny My tummy hurts from Laughter.

  26. @Mudshovel: ROTFLMFAO!!! XD That vid was f**king hilarious dude thank you!

    Spandine: “This is madness!”

    Luffy: “Madness? THIS IS SPAAARTAAA!!!” *Punch*

    Ahahahahhahaa! 😀

  27. @lelulalilo: Glad you liked it. Thought i killed off all the convo after i posted that 😛

  28. @super: lol thanks. Personally i liked the luffy part
    “Tonight we dine in hell!”

  29. I wonder where Oda is headed with this Arc? The original premise of the Arc was to save Ace. Now that Blackbeard has declared he has something up his sleeve that when revealed will shake the world to it’s very core…I wonder if Oda can fit Ace’s rescue, the battle at Marinford, and the revelation all in one arc. I’m jizzing in my pants from the very thought of all the things to come. (figuratively…for now) 0_0

    Anyway I got some suggestions of waht might be revealed.

    1. He (somehow) knows the true history behind the World Government.

    2. He is related to somebody VERY important by blood.

    3. He reveals that he has defeated one of the Yonkou (Four Emperors that rule the second half of the Grand Line).

    4. He reveals he has interest in becoming one of the top heads in World Government.


    5. He claims to know the whereabouts of One Piece.

  30. One Piece Chapter 545
    Source: 2ch
    Forum: ttp://

    Credit: Nja
    Verification: Confirmed












    Translation by Aohige_AP
    The Okama-king stays behind on level 3 to allow others to escape to level 2.
    Inazuma cuts off the stairs to level 2

    Ivankov vs poison man

    Inazuma waits at the top of the stairs alone.
    But the one to emerge victorious was the poison man

    “Are you here to slow me down too?”

    Inazuma is taken out quickly

    Finally, Luffy and co are cornered.
    Mr.3 uses candle wall to stop Hydra,
    “Escape now while this holds”


    Forgot what the title was
    cover image was Robin

    details on coverstory: Robin escaping from the forced labor, and taking off the ropes from her arms.

    I think the Okama king did well.
    When the poison man appeared in front of Inazuma, he was bleeding from his head and mouth, so Ivankov may have damaged him

  31. Wow thanks for the spoiler Kyouto! Holy shit Magellan is kicking ass and taking names no wonder he’s the Chief in charge of a place like Impel Down!

  32. wow! the opening song is awesome!

  33. So I guess they are going to show just 2 cover stories for the crew. I was hoping they show Sanji escaping or something but i guess he is coming back an Okama (aka fag).

  34. @Captn: Please don’t use words here such as fag (Okama, Gay, Transvestite, Homo that’s all ok). You never know who may read and get offended and even if you don’t care I do.

    If they do show only 2 covers for each member I hope the anime goes into more detail…maybe those will be filler episodes. I’m looking forward to those if it’s true. After all the anime is almost caught up to the manga.

    @Pain: Lol, you just heard the newest opening to the anime? 😉

  35. Script to the spoiler video.

    pic 1:
    Chapter 545: To the outside world where the sun shines
    coverstory: Robin “they do such terrible things”

    pic 2:
    Ivankov: Inazuma!
    Inazuma: roger… “Oobasami” (Giant scissors)

    pic 3:
    Magellan: Even if you buy time for them, there’s no way the strawhats and others will escape here.
    Ivankov: Buy time? Nnnnnfufu are you thinking you can win against me?
    I will show you the ultimate power of the Newkama kung-fu of Kamabakka temple!!!

    pic 4:
    [Level 3] Ivankov vs Magellan
    Ivankov: GYAAAAAAANU!!! My face!! My face is meltinggg!!!
    My face…. Face….. it’s melting… it…. ISN’T MELTING!
    I was using heavy makeup!! Oh it doesn’t melt? You got me there, heeehaw!!

    Pic 5:
    [In front of the chopped stairs]
    Inazuma: ……!! Iva-san….

    Pic 6:
    Magellan: “Venom Road”
    Inazuma: “Keep out”!!!

    Pic 7:
    Buggy: Damnit, where do you think you’re lookODILE!!!
    Mr.3: NBOBABUBOSS…..!!?

    Crocodile: It’s you Mr.3… What’s a useless trash like you doing here.
    Mr.3: (Oh god a terrible one’s been released…)
    ???: Captain Buggy, the warden beasts have been KOed!!
    Buggy?: Whaaaaat!!! Strawhat—!!!

    Pic 8:
    guard: Roger that, but…. you really want to use the ship…!?
    Magellan: Do exactly as the plan, get one quickly!
    Jinbei: (Damn…. so “that”‘s what he’s planning!!!)
    prisoner: Hydra coming straight for us!!!
    Mr.3: …..!!

    Pic 9:
    Mr.3: “Candle Wall”!
    Mr.3: (can’t reall well due to being blurry) Really, your indulgence makes me want to puke, Strawhat… If I let my guard down, you think of friendship right away…
    Luffy: san (3)!!!
    Mr.3: Go while this holds!! I give up pretty easily!! I just don’t want to keep being in debt to you!!

  36. @supertrek: yep! this is really cool song! they should make it the official one-peice song!

    can’t wait for the next chapter!
    must resist…shouldn’t check the spoilers (except for that croc. vs. random girl picture) that’ll just break the suspense…wait…must wait…it’s only 2 days away…must resist the temptation…oh what the heck?
    *checks out the spoiler*
    cool spoilers! is the next chapter going to be hot or what?

    p.s. changing my name from “pain” to anything else…I think Onepeice is perfect to search my name from ^_^!

    I was LMAO the whole time!
    p.s. subscribed ^_^

  38. @ supertrek89- YES SIR!!!

    I apologize to anyone who got offended by the word. I didn’t mean it in any bad or offensive way.


    @Captn: Thank you very much. 🙂 Just making sure the blog doesn’t get flamed or anything like that.

  40. @sogeking- DAMN!!

    1. cool name
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