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  2. i REFUSE to count this as a post…

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    [summons his army of obese ninja to do his bidding]

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  6. Russ! Ur still alive!!!!!!

  7. That’s it. I’m going to put some kanji into my screen name so I can be awesome.

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  9. who the hell is this bono? everytime i see a new post being able to be in the top 10 he’s he…the real

  10. like i said i refuse to regard this as a post…and bono…I was the one who leaked your album!


  11. Yeah, I’m still amongst the living. Just been working alot. Actually working now. I am babysitting a couple of jackasses looking at a crushed vehicle.

  12. The bono guy?
    He’s a guy that sits on a computer screen all day and checks this site every 15 mins, just to be 1st.
    So of course he’s the REAL Bono lol.

  13. Bono…mmmm…being first and shagging minxes…that’s what he’s about.

    P. S. eye…you’re funny.

  14. Eh, I actually only know like two kanji, not counting the ones for numbers, so, you know…

  15. Who’s “eye”? 0_o
    Im guessing you weren’t referencing to a person…

  16. psst, lanif, that’s the translation to the kanji PSI posted. Just laugh when you get it…no need to tell us when. ^.^

  17. Soo… *looks awkwardly about the room* …this is the Front Page eh?… *eyes shifting wildly sensing a trap*

    [somewhere a cricket is playing it’s gentle, lonely song]

    Prawl attempts to summon a PSP to occupy his time, but his skills are not enough for that yet

  18. **Knowing a trap is about to be sprung, Prawl summons elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and rips out the heart of a south american boy named Ma-ti and combines them**


    Captain Planet: By your lame @ss powers combined… YOU AGAIN! WTF!!

    *Captain Planet leaves prawl to be killed by the summoned Hoggish Greely*

  19. BONO!!! Damn you!!!

    *Supertrek throws shuriken at his heart but Bono disappears into the darkest corners of iareawesomeness where he awaits to post ‘first’ again*

    Tch, fine I’ll get you Bono one of these days! *_*

  20. I heard a somewhere that the name Bono is French for “shagging” and Italian for “first”… hmmmm

    I’d like to see someone get first on a post and yell “BONOOOOOO” instead of first! Cause Bono is like Uno but Better… hence the B… wait… what?

    *Taps lanif on shoulder and tells him to look up at the commentors name above his*

  21. I’m up for that bring out the Powerthirst!!! 😀 It’s gonna be a long night…when does the new manga come out by the way?

  22. Wow… I’m on the front page! YAY!

    i may not be funny, or smart of sexy or whatever, but who cares! I’m front page news! most other front page celebrities don’t have any of those traits either so GO ME!!!

  23. The bones on the kyubi can’t be narutos bones coz of the skulls teeth > so whose or what’s bones are they…isnt the kyubi suppose to be made of just chakra … :S

  24. uh oh.. sorry commented at the wrong place.. soooo sorry

  25. Its been ANOTHER 9 days and we have nearly another 100,000 hits again. (90,000)
    (10,000 per day)
    if this keeps up we’ll reach 2,000,000 in less than 3 months.

  26. huh if this isn’t a “real” post, i can use this to avoid the time space no jutsu for being off-topic… loophole found 😀

    err..i have to say more?

    wait…now that’s getting wierd…shucks…

  28. Looks like were gunna get another 100,000 hits in this 10 days.

    In 3 days we’ll probably hit the next whole 100,000

  29. sorry! i wanted a “ding” appear there :-p

  30. Ding?

    Umm as in Ding Dong?

  31. 1.5 million!!!!

  32. I love Naruto Manga but the recent Pain Saga makes me want to stop following the chapters. Now I’m just catching up with Bleach Manga

  33. ummmmm…what happened with the bleach for dummies thing?///

  34. sorry, boyruns. I thought everyone lost interest in it so I let it go…I felt like I was sucking all the fun out of it. But if you want it back, I’ll do it for you.

  35. eh no worries. i started reading it on my own.

  36. After much searching I was able to dig up Kishi’s statements from his interview about the manga in 08’/09′. Note that all of the statements save the conformations are all from the mouth of the naruto creator himself, so even the ones that have not been confirmed will most likely end up as being true. So, if any of you do not wish to know what will happen next, then don’t bother reading beyond this. For those who do however, prepare for the bigest and most true spoilers yet.

    [spoiler]first of all, I would like to warn you all about this, these are Kishi’s preview that aren’t confirmed yet*; however, most of them seems quite true/confirmed about it, and please understand that it’s quite hard to translate directly Korean to English , and it would be messed
    up b/c i used translator in parts too. So please excuse the WEIRDASS phrases.
    *Kishi said this preview before 2008 Jump Festa.

    1. Akatsuki Leader’s(not confirmed if its Pein / Madara) strength can’t be matched even with 3 Sannins of the leaf.

    -> With Jiraiya’s death against Pain this seems to be confirmed, and by knowing that even Orochimaru was under Pain’s lead
    when he was in Akatsuki

    2. There is another character in Akatsuki, and unexpected member will bring a chaos

    -> I would also like to say this preview is confirmed, and this unexpected member would be Tobi(Uchiha Madara)

    3. One of the Akatsuki’s member becomes friend/ally with Naruto

    -> not yet confirmed, I’m expecting it to be Konan or Kisame

    4. Naruto’s seal will be released by the end of 08, or beginning of the 09. At least 4 tails will be released, be prepared it could
    be shocking scene

    -> also not yet confirmed…

    5. Toad dies(he laughs)

    -> confirmed with Jiraiya’s death

    6. 3 of Naruto’s important people will die or get seriously injured

    -> almost confirmed. Jiraiya(dead), Sasuke(injured, barely alive), maybe Kakashi or Tsunade for 3rd person

    7. Sasuke’s skills cannot be matched against Naruto’s new skills.

    -> not yet confirmed, seems to be will be. These “new skills” will be the result of 2 and half year training, that Naruto
    had hid it all along until now.(May include Jiraiya’s restriction… but well Naruto will use it anyway)

    8. Sasuke v. Itachi is great scale, and later Naruto’s information about family and bloodline will show up

    -> confirmed with first part, Sasuke v. Itachi is over with Sasuke’s victory. Quite funny that my prediction matched with Kishi’s
    even though its not confirmed yet. I’ve thought there would be something about “Namikaze” ever since 4th name was revealed

    9. Sai, he will cause something huge(laughs)

    -> hmm interesting… reminds me of Jiraiya’s warning… not confirmed yet

    10. 4th’s secret and bloodline will be shown

    -> confirmed, by revealing that 4th’s blood line with its name “Namikaze Minato”* Also confirmed by showing that 4th is
    Naruto’s father
    *I expect there are more secrets about 4th

    11. 2 huge characters of Konoha will die.

    -> Jiraiya, in my opinion next one will be Kakashi or Tsunade

    12. There is a female member in Akatsuki

    -> confirmed, Konan

    13. Akatsuki will invade Konoha with its mysterious beasts, and Shiranui Genma will provide great help to Konoha

    -> not yet confirmed

    Followings are the Kishi’s words @ 2008 Jump Festa

    1. Uchiha’s secret will be revealed and 2 of the remaining will die

    -> confirmed, Uchiha’s secret of MS and etc revealed by Itachi, and Itachi is dead.**
    ** I think there will be more secrets about Uchiha besides about MS and Madara

    2. Akatsuki’s leader kills 6 people

    -> not yet confirmed, however I think Pain did kill “6” people including Jiraiya. The other 5 would be Pain’s bodies.

    3. Sasuke and Itachi’s fight will cause chaos; Uchiha, Uchiha Madara’s secrets are revealed and all the skills of the MS will be revealed. The fight will end with death of one.
    *** MS : Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, and finally Susano’o

    -> confirmed

    4. Naruto will collide with Pain; Kakashi’s team will collide with Tobi. There will be big turnaround on Tobi v. Kakashi’s team.
    Naruto v. Pain will be fights of the “beasts”. Be prepared, during this fight there will be deaths from Naruto’s team.

    -> not yet confirmed.

    5. 3 new members will join the Akatsuki. They will be stronger than Deidara, Hidan, and Kakuzu. One of them is the brother/sister of the Hokage

    -> not yet confirmed, but the brother/sister of the Hokage will be likely to be Tsunade’s???

    6. Naruto’s new skills and the result of the training will reveal when he fight against Pain.
    He have learned all of the Jiraiya’s jutsu during the 3 years of the time and he became
    much stronger. He did not learn the “toad mode or w.e u call it”. Naruto also learned
    3 of the 4th’s jutsus.

    -> not yet confirmed

    7. After all these fights, there will be a great war

    -> not yet confirmed

    8. There will be death on Tobi v. Naruto team and one of them becomes unable to fight.

    -> not yet confirmed

    9. Jinchuuriki of the 8 tailed will be revealed. This Jinchuuriki kills one of the Akatsuki’s members and invades Konoha
    by him/herself. During this fight one dies, and one will lose his/her eyesight

    -> also not yet confirmed.[/spoiler]

  37. IRA Power LV 180,000!!!

    BTW @ dontedonte…….we know…..that interview was posted on THIS blog ages ago…….instead of researching…do your research here 😉 But thanks for putting the interview up again to refresh the mind 🙂

  38. I was reading through Dontedonte’s comments about Kishi’s comments. Looking down it says something about a new member of Akatsuki being a brother/sister of a Hokage….What about a sibling of the 4th? We really don’t know much about his family. But I’m beginning to wonder allot about a few things that Jiraiya and the 4th said. They keep saying that Naruto only has half of the Kyuubi’s chakra sealed in him. Ok, where’s the other half? Now this gets a little tricky. Does Naruto have a sibling? Did Kushina survive the Kyuubi’s attack and Naruto’s birth? Did they seal the other half of the Kyuubi’s chakra in her? Almost everyone’s assumed that the Kyuubi was sealed within Naruto at birth because his chakra coils hadn’t completely developed so a newborn would be perfect for the sealing. But that’s just be an assumption and no one has come out and said that Kushina died or that the Kyuubi had to be sealed in a new born. So where is the Kyuubi’s Yin chakra if Naruto only has the Yang?
    Also Juraiya talks about Naruto ‘completing that jutsu’ what jutsu is that? Could it be that the Hiraishin wasn’t completed just like the Rasengan?

  39. @nwdecamp about the kyuubi being sealed in naruto, i believe the other half of the chakra was sealed with the shiki fuujin that the 4th used.

    also, how intense would that be if (mizukage) madaras brother was actually alive and a part of akatsuki? it goes against the 3 rules of manga post, but that would make me go crazy haha

    finally ‘that jutsu,’ its been debated a lot, but the two main assumptions are the 4ths flash step and a jutsu to control the kyuubi. we know it isnt rasengan, because i believe on his first mission after time skip jiraiya tells him not to use ‘that jutsu’ and it comes before naruto knows about nature manipulation.

    im really bored and looking for ways to pass the time 🙂 you have some very good suggestions though haha you made me think a lot

  40. nevermind madaras brother 😦 i thought it said kage rather than hokage haha

  41. It’s strange how the front page isn’t actually the front page anymore…..

    I don’t know, maybe i can do something with this page…..

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