Bleach Manga 359 Spoilers Pics Are In+ Bleach Manga 358 Discussion & Breakdown


125hoy811rwxfkI was wrong. Apparently we get to see the new Toshiro tech right off the bat. Many, many thanks to Glitter Finger, I love you (call me).

Konbanwa Gozaimasu!

It’s Ero Sennin (Bryan) back in the saddle for you weekly Bleach manga breakdown. Huge thanks to Elfarren for picking up my slack the last two weeks. But, I’m back….yeah, yeah, keep it to yourself, wiseass!

Well I still think this is a pretty interesting issue this week, but so far we seem to be on target with the Toshiro fight (though I’ve got to admit that when I saw him cut in two I thought for sure Tite was going make me look foolish). So far it’s tit for tat with Harribel, Toshiro freezes her water attacks, and she liquefies his.


Of course, little Mr. Popularity has got some more tricks up his sleeve. Harribel will surely have a couple of show stoppers of her own. The conversation between the two has become conceited & trite. I doubt that Toshiro will dominate from here on out, but I am confident that in the end victory will be his. I still think that the main fight for Toshiro is with Gin, so I won’t be surprised in his victory. But, it’s his modesty that is really choking me up.


Soifon is by far receiving the brunt of the abuse out of the characters in this issue, and yet she shows her willingness for further self sacrifice.  This woman is hardcore! The last girl I heard of who was this damned hard, gave birth at her prom, and severed the umbilical cord with the serrated  toilet-paper cutter, before having a dance or two (that’s hardcore I don’t care who you are). We don’t know anything about her Bankai, and I hope it isn’t one that relies on speed & close attacks, that’ll be a problem against Barragan. Unless, of course, one wants to delve into Einstein’s theories on speed and time; where she in Bankai mode can move so fast that she actually slows down time. Maybe her Bankai is a Delorean, and she just needs to go 88 mph.


Anyway, Omaeda is back to acting as his normal useless self, but has some words of concern about their ability to deal with this opponent. I know that his concerns lack any true wisdom, but it is still opening up some questions in my mind. What happens to an attack as it ages? Will a distant attack be able to hit him, or will it slow down so much that it won’t even be able to touch him? Barragan’s power is very interesting, and (the way I see it) makes for an interesting match-up with either Orihime, or Hachi (the big boned Vizard with the pink Jolly Roger for a hair cut).


Toshiro’s last attack seems to leave Harribel a bit frost bitten, and he gets ready to pull a colossal rabbit out of his hat. He doesn’t miss the opportunity to rub our face in it.

This battle is taking so long that segments of it make up their own arc, and we still haven’t seen the Vizards take the stage. Maybe the Vizards will show their facesmasks…power. Yammy’s about to go wild, and maybe, just maybe, we will finally get to see Orihime grow a pair…uh, back bone. So many others are in their own stage of battle, suffering, or have moved passed the burdens of afterlife. That it seem impossible to have the slightest clue as to how many more issues this battle is going to take. But, I can’t see something this epic continuing without serious & permanent losses to the Shinigami camp.

Poster & bubble contest comming soon.

Thanks for reading.



~ by 伝説の三忍 EroSennin on May 26, 2009.

52 Responses to “Bleach Manga 359 Spoilers Pics Are In+ Bleach Manga 358 Discussion & Breakdown”


    Early bird gets the worm. 😉

  2. Great Breakdown Ero-Sennin!

    Enjoyed the chapter but Bleach is beginning to wear thin on me right now. Lot’s of action (which is good) but the storyline hasn’t advanced in ages (which is bad).

    Toshiro needs to lose and I hope Soifon loses too but not because I particularly dislike these characters. I’m just getting sick and tired of these miraculous comebacks by these captains. They need to taste defeat…especially Toshiro.

    If Soifon pulls out her bankai FINALLY then maybe I’ll cheer for her but in the mean time I’m just hoping the plot picks up soon or the Vizards make their arrival.

    For a fight I would like to see Urahara vs. Wonderweiss….that kid seems to pack quite a punch despite being kind of slow in the head.

  3. LMAO – Great breakdown Ero – polls were funny as!

    In terms of battle discussion – Byakuya vs Kenpachi.

    Whats goin on though ero? only ONE pic of harrrrrrribel, ahem ummm i mean halibel? lol jkjk.

  4. THIRD!! believe it all:D

    when will that god damn woman show her bankai!? she’s getting her ass owned and for what? pride..pffft, use it and shut the mans face already 😉

  5. Lol, in one part you mistook one Visored for the other.

    Hiyori is the small blond Visored that’s always kicking Shinji.
    Hachigen is the big pink-haired fellow.

  6. i agree with u cookie what is she playing at. She’s gone and lost her arm!!! without even going bankai, i call that a bit of a high price just for pride. Hope Hiyori Sarugaki gives the useless Omaeda a bit of a reality check. I.E you shouldn’t be a fucking vice-captain you worthless piece of shit… sorry. Anyway great breakdown was a fun read, the cross outs were amusing =p.


  7. Great breakdown Ero Sennin. Good to see your peculiar (in a good way) take on the chapter. Was the line, “Harribel will surely have a couple of show stoppers of her own..” a Freudian slip or did you figure it needed no additional punch line?

  8. Lol i voted I liked Torshiro just to piss you people off xD

  9. Why does torshiro have a large fanbase? His bankai is cool in all, but he’s a kid…an arrogant kid at that. Yeah, more fans = more power, but seriously. Pardon my absolute terrible jokes, but I’d rate him O. Try and guess what O stands for

  10. ba dum bum. That was the punchline lol

  11. Toshiro is more popular over on the east side of the world with all those school girls over there. Honestly I would be a fan of his too if he and his bankai matured a little bit. He is still a kid. I need to see is balls drop (literally) before I make myself a fan of him.

    As for Soifon… I think Tite is just into the business of selling manga because he is dragging both of these fights along so darn quick. Both of these fights could take one or two animes to finish…and yet Tite has to drag us out for 10 chapters. (sigh) I agree with whomever said it in an above post that she just needs to whip out her bankai and finish this pisser off. Yah this God of Death looks good and all but he shouldn’t still be alive when up against the top assassin of Soul Society.

  12. See, your gone for a couple of weeks and we forget how to read a well placed double entendre.

  13. I’ll admit, Toshiro happens to be one of my faves. But im not liking the lectures going back and forth right now. they both just need to shut up and throw it down. Honestly, no one is going to die yet. yeah, we all wanna see a captain die but its not happening right now. The one who is going to be doing the killing is Aizen. Here are the reasons…

    1) His zanpakutou is nearly invincible

    2) He hasn’t revealed a Bankai yet and im sure he has one

    3) The Arrancar may be there to do most of the dirty work but he has the strategy of take em down while their tired.

    and lastly, my personal favorite, he is the main bad guy. It’s no surprise to me that when he does get serious, heads WILL BE FLYING. There’s a reason he’s the leader of these super powerful arrancar…he’s fucking stronger than all of them.

    so…just be patient. im quite positive at least two peep will die when the main event rolls along.

  14. @ajd: You are preaching to the choir, brother.
    @ うちは Fanboi: Mission accomplished. lol
    @nagashikage: Good catch thanks! fixed it.
    @mudshovel & supertrek89: Thanks to both of you (and everyone else) for the praise. Writing isn’t my strongest suit (Ibiki & Jeremiah are the masters), so I can only write in the way that I speak. I have a pretty weird sense of humor, and I am just happy you kind people are enjoying it.

  15. Geez, Ero, you’re such a slacker … :p LOL jk, of course. I was more than happy to help while you were *ahem* indisposed ^_^

    About last week’s chapter, first I wanna say nice breakdown! You’re so much funnier than I am; plus, I’m sure the boys are happy to have a bit more testosterone included in their weekly Bleach fix *L* My only thought that isn’t an echo of what other people have said is that I believe Toushirou will use the water in Halibel’s body to freeze her, then shatter her into a million tiny pieces before she knows what hit her. The human body is 70% water, after all, and at this point I can’t see many other options for how he’ll defeat her. Having said that, I still hope he dies ^_^ I’m much more interested in what Soifon’s plan is, so I eagerly await this week’s chapter …

  16. This comment is randoms thoughts that keep passing thru my mind as I’ve wasted away for the past 3 months with these fights::

    I don’t expect any of the vizards to be showing up…ever. *cry* But to have Yoruichi and Kisuke Urahara (zomg he’s so focking cool!!) to slide in and kick some serious ass. Neither of these two awesome characters can shown thier bankai’s yet.

    I really want the captain commander to eat it, that guy is a complete ass.

  17. @elfarren: you’re absolutely right about the outcome. I think Tite wants us to be happy with this new tech Toshiro is about to whip out, but I have that sneaking suspicion that we won’t see it in the up coming issue. Tite can be such a tease sometimes. But, regardless of what this tech is the outcome will be the same; frozen shark sticks for Harribel (they keep changing the spelling on us, even bleach wiki had to make corrections)

  18. Great breakdown Ero! Very entertaining.
    @Elfarren: Your breakdowns were awesome too. Yeah I agree with you on the whole tunrning her into ice. Well you know what I think on the whole thing from last breakdown. Only new thing I have to say about it is if twerp does turn her into ice, can’t she just turn herself back in liquid form? She did it to his attacks, so why not her own body?

    Now if twerp is going to use the water in the clouds can’t she do the same? I think I’m confusing myself now 😀 .

    On the whole Soi Fon not going bankai issue. I think Soi Fon needs to charge up for her Bankai. going Bankai takes tremendous spiritual energy(forgot what its called in japanese). She is also not used to going bankai. She did spend a while perfecting her shikai form.

  19. LMAO!!! XD Great demotivational poster Ero-Sennin. Of course you would come up with something like that. 😉

    @enriquespyro: Oh, believe me when I say the Vizards are coming. The Captains are going to need all the help they can get when Aizen, Gin, and Tosen break loose because that’s when the shit’s gonna hit the fan. If they don’t show up there then they’re going to Hueco Mundo. And I agree with you on Yamato being an asshole but he’s a powerful old dude and has Soul Society’s best interests in mind. He’s better than Central 46 any day. Now those were true assholes. If there’s one good thing Aizen did it was killing all of those bastards before he left. Way to go evil guy! 🙂

    @Captn: “Only new thing I have to say about it is if twerp does turn her into ice, can’t she just turn herself back in liquid form? She did it to his attacks, so why not her own body?” (Captnmexico)

    I think you’re thinking One Piece and DF abilities here. Lol 😉

  20. It starts with Starks battle, he apathetically fires a cero before noticing something strange in the sky. It switches back to Hitsugaya. Hitsugaya reminisces about the time when he used his bankai prematurely but is over it now. He asks Halibel her name and she answers Tia/Tear Harribel. He uses his imperial ice attack which causes snow/ice to fall from the sky. She tries to melt it/avoid it but it touches her. The ice flowers attach them self to her body and grow quickly from within/all over. It seems that she will be exhausted and finished by the time they are done.
    As for Omaeda he kept running and gave Soi Fon time to prepare her bankai. I guess we see that next week. It appears as though a large bit of cloth is coiled around a building.

  21. @Ero: what last week will be the final Halibel fan service? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. lol
    Seriously – i wanted halibel to kill that chibi. o well maybe overuse of riatsu has the same side effects as chakra (pls die toshirou).
    Looks like you were right again ero – we wont see Soi Fon’s bankai till the week after next. Damn we should just ask for Ero’s predictions as the spoilers – they always seem to be right on the money! lol.

  22. **what this week will be the final Halibel fan service … (damn typos)

  23. On the topic of Aizen, judging on how his top 3 espada are doing right now, hes going to be outnumbered by many captains. His zanpakto is strong, but everything has a catch. I have no idea what his bankai is going to be but i bet it will be like nothing we’ve seen before in bleach.

    Im still hoping on vizard vs shinigami fights

    Arrancar are just plain stupid sometimes

  24. is it me or does that first spoiler pic look like a a mountainous cannibus bud!

  25. It seems Soifon is the only Captain that does need preparation to release her Bankai. I wonder what it could be. It has to be badass if it requires a whole f**king building! 0_0

  26. at first glance, it seems to be a large cloth tail potruding out of her @ss. But thats just the way my mind works (get out of the gutter damn it! lol).

    That or as i’m hoping, she’s just killing time, waiting for omeada to die.

  27. yay i finally caught up! good to join the pack!

  28. @avid …its not just you…

  29. wow, toshiro’s petals are back, lol. I thought they’d be gone be now since this battle was too long for toshiro.

    *did he find a way to maintain them longer? I mean, compared to his other battles, this was his longest and yet, these petals of his are only halfway done now, lmfao.

  30. the new chapter is out, and it looks like next week is going to be awesomeness galore! ^_^

  31. Damn her Bankai must be serious…if she has to tie herself down to release it. Like Dr. Banner trying to rid himself of the HULK….

  32. you have to admit…if torshiro is still alive 100 years from now, with polished skills, hes gunna be insanely strong.

    and can’t wait till next week to see soifons bankai! wish she had both her arms tho. whenever a character is missing lims it just bugs me. thats why i didnt like Valkyrie xD

  33. What i want to know is where the hell she was keeping that much cloth to tie her self down with 0.0 lol.
    *cries* Damn Toshirou why won’t you die. Come on Tite grow a set and off one of your characters all ready. The Gotei 13 are all pompus aholes freak!n kill one of them.

  34. WOOT!!! Finally we’ll see Soifon’s damn Bankai and maybe why it takes so long for her to release the thing. But shame on you Soifon for promoting Omaeda to Vice Captian level. He couldn’t even handle the subordinate and now he’s running around crying and screaming like a little bitch! He needs to be killed off just for the sake of the Vice Captain status/reputation he’s smearing. >_<

    @Mudshovel: LMAO

    @Anyone: I GUARANTEE you right here and now that Harribel is not done. She's going to break out of that icicle of Toshiro's and kick his ass. She may even have another released form…It just doesn't make sense to me how Toshiro could win so easily. We barely got to see Harribel and the 4th espada put up a better fight than that! Toshiro even admitted that his Bankai isn't fully matured, and I'm sure we all knew that, so maybe if it was fully matured the attack would've killer her. Right now though I think she's waiting to catch Toshiro off guard or something before breaking out. I just have a nagging feeling that's all…

  35. I guess my I was right when I said Hitsugaya was going to make it hail/snow…

    @Supertrek: That wouldn’t surprise me one bit…

  36. halibel is too haawt to die so quickly ^__^

    but seriously one would expect more from the third strongest espada (i dont count yami because that is just trife). Therefore we can expect to see her power up and release more reiatsu and take on hitsu, i’m glad because i’d like to see some proper actions from the captains.

    As for soifon, i’m eagerly anticipating what her bankai might be, though after seeing a few others i have become quite aware that it could be rather lame. i hope not though.

    I’m just waiting on all those fights to boil over before we get to see some real action between those two lazy ones.

  37. jus had a question.. y is it tht these captains r havin so much success wit the 3 strongest espada. while for one there usin there sword an worst they released there sword… were as ichigo damn near died fighting grimjaw while using his own banki n usin his hollow mask.. another was da fight wit da 4th espada wer ichigo once again used his mask n da 4th released n the 4th pretty much whipped his a$$ wit lil effort… i thought ichogo was as strong as a captain n wit mask is stronger..innu..someone pleas tell me somthin

  38. Soifon should change professions….sell cloth instead of wasting it on bankai…she’s just lost a few centuries captain robes business there…talk about not recognising potential. But we are about to see her swing a building at Skeletor, so I guess that makes up for that disappointment.

    For Omaeda to have been promoted to Vice-captain…all his whining has to be some kind of show…I think Tite is just using him as comic relief for now but won’t be surprised if he develops his xter (or he may just let Omy die an idiot).

    I think Halibel’s a goner….something about being frozen (which I believe she was) in an ice-chamber and even Stark asking what the 8&6^5 was going on….I mean, cryogenic preservation really can’t sustain espada life can it? Vanilla Ice might make it worse for her by smashing the obelisk into bits, never mind that almost every non-girl fan wants him offed and her preserved.

    Unrelated…a friend just mentioned (in relation to Bleach hee hee hee) that there is something wrong with a manga where predominantly male xters, ‘release their swords’ once, again and shout bankai. I didn’t know what to say to that…

    Geepers, look at the time on this..I have to run…mutters to himself ….

  39. @Lilace50: The power balance in this manga has been f**ked up since the beginning. One moment a character can be average and the next he’s 10x stronger than he was before without an explanation and you’re left wondering ‘What the hell just happened?’ *Sigh* That’s just how Bleach works and I’ve come to accept it.

  40. Let’s get ready to see Soifon’s Bankai next week !!

  41. i have a question to all u bleach fans…but first we know that almost all the espadas are fighting the goitei 13 except for espada 0 which is just g@y… so the espadas cant get that much reinforcements exept the 3 ex-captains they have with them… but the gotei 13 have a whole bunch of people that can come and help them…:
    first there is Manager
    Yoruichi, tessai
    ichigos dad
    ishida’s dad
    and then all the captains and ichigo that are in soul society (i think they will get out once they beat espada 0, Ichigo might be able to open a garganta since he is half hollow)

    So in my opinion there are plenty of reinforcements for gotei 13 but not too many for the arrancar… appart from what everyone thinks of that i wanted to know the opinions that everyone has about who is gona end up fighting aizen…

    For me the most realistic choices are:
    Captain commander
    ichigo(thought i hope not cause he would just become too powerfull)
    Kenny(if he can release his sword)
    ichigo’s dad(we havent seen him fight and he does look pretty strong)
    Shinji(he probably holds the biggest grudge against aizen and is really strong)

    those are the people i think have the best chance of going up against aizen… what do u people think?? and if you think any of the people i said dont really have a chance tell me y… -_-

  42. oh and maybe Yuruichi..
    (there was ment to be an enter before tessai and after yuruichi)*

  43. I saw it mentioned on mangahelper that the cloth wrapped around the building is EXTREMELY similiar to the cloth that Yoruichi wrapped around Byakuya’s zanpakato and sealed it release off in the Soul Society Arc.



    The Yoruichi/SoiFon connection only strengthens the visual connection that is very easy to see.

  44. I hit “submit” before finishing my thought entirely.

    I predict that SoiFon’s Bankai will seal off Baragan’s reiatsu alowing her attacks on him freely(with Suzumebuchi one wold assume), in the same way that Yoruichi sealed Byakuya’s sword with the cloth.

    I think the reason she needed Omaeda to run him around was to setup a situation where Baragan himself would be inside the cloth so his entire “Respira” trick is canceled out.

    Thats just my thoughts.

  45. Again im going with my first theory (after re-reading and watching the video’s) the Vaizard have already afmitted they hate the Shinigami as much as they hate Aizen. If you dont believe me just watch the episode 111 or 112, where Hiyori is talkign with the blonde ex-captain (forget his name but he was the 5 squads captain). Anywho, Considering what Dabisan mentioned is that the Espada have no re-inforcments and the Gotei 13 have a hgue amount of them, i Predict that the Vaizard will fight along side Aizen. And here is why. Please Remember I predicted this first =) When Urahara showed up at the scene where the Hollowfication of the Captains happened, Aizen was happy he predicted that he would show up. The Reason is, if Urahara didn’t then the Captains would have been put down, However with the help of Urahara, they would safely escape to Real World when Aizen could call upon them later. In other words, Aizen was already in control of the Captains who were hollowfied, and they needed a scapegoat to help Aizens manaeuvers, which would be as Aizen predicted Urahara. Remember in episode 212, yet again the Vaizard admit that they owe a lot to Aizen (for their powers). These Vaizard are the Vasto-Lordes. So the Re-inforcements for the espada are the Vasto-Lordes, which is why Aizen is 100% confident that the battle will be one, without him lifting a finger. So when the Vasto-Lordes show up, this will allow Urahara, Catwoman (forgot her name XD ) Ichigo’s Father, and Ishida’s Father will show up. We will without a doubt get to see Ichigo’s Father reveal his powers of the Zero Squad (the kings royal gaurd). The hints of the Vaizard = Vasto-Lordes, are all in the “Pendulum” arc, alogn with when Ichigo revealed his Hollow Resurrecion form was that of a Vasto-Lordes. Sorry for the long explanation, but this is what will happen. Just read between the lines^^

  46. @ axelgerhard: I dont think theyll ever fight alongside aizen under there own will. Hes the one who really F#cked them over. I can see them fighting Gotei 13. I think that will be the next arc and Ichigo will be on there side.

  47. @axelgerhard : yh i agree with fanboi… if they do come into this fight they wouldn’t be on aizens side… they hate him more than the shinigami… and since they already left their hideout we all know that they are going to get into the fight one way or another… Unless u think that there is gona be a 3 way fight i still think that they will be with gotei 13… im just thinking how the arrancar are gona get out of it… almost never do the “good guys” outnumber the “bad guys” in any story… so im really confused… -_-
    still at axelgerhard i do understand some of the things u said and i wouldnt be surprised if it did happen its just that thats not the way i am imagining it in my head… and if they go to the arrancar side the vaizard will loose a couple of knotches in my book… did they ever say that ichigos dad was from squad 0?? cause that would be cool but i dont really remember it… o well..

  48. Oh i was trying to say they were with Aizen from the very beginning. Before the hollowfication took place. Thats why when they did get hollowfied, they would know it would work 100% this time instead of them transforming to their exploding deaths, like all the past test subjects. You see if the Vaizard fight along side the Gotei 13, the blanace of power will be shifted way to far to the good guys side, that it wont even be a fair fight. And to keep people reading, it always has to look like the bad guys are going to lose, thus why im sayignt eh Vaizard are the Vasto-Lordes. Also about Ichigo’s father, He claims on the manga when he was revealed to be a shinigami, that he had the power of a captain (just read it again and you’ll see) however, his uniform wasnt that of a captain nor was it the uniform of a vice or any seated shinigami. On his right (or left shoulder) he has the symbol of i believe zero or king or something like that. Not to mention he also admitted he gained a small amount of his former power, which equaled to that of a captain. So i belive we will see him fight along side the gotei 13, and have his full power restored by Urahara. In other words the Vaziard show up to outnumber the gotei 13, then urahara, ichigo’s dad and the others i forget their names, show up to fight for the gotei 13 to make it all evened out. Ichigo’s dad is gonna woop ass and show that aizen couldnt form an army big enough to take the zero gaurd. Then we’ll probably have a zero gaurd arc if they decide to continue bleach.

  49. sorry for my major typo in the 2nd and third sentence =(. I also meant to say “It has to look like the GOOD guys are going to lose” not the bad guys. sorry all for my blunder.

  50. so u think that the vizard were with aizen since before he hollified them???

  51. Okay, I just have to get this out of my system before I explode. Bleach has been a decent, long-running manga. I follow it every week and enjoy it…. but for the past 5 months or so we’ve been in one HUGE NEVER ENDING BATTLE WITH NO REAL PLOT ADVANCE. not only am I annoyed, I honestly don’t care anymore. I don’t even know why I continue to read it every week. I suppose I’m just waiting for things to pick up again… I could be waiting a long time. Not to mention that I have pretty much stopped caring about ALL of the characters. “Oh he dies… well at least somethings happening”

  52. I just want to say what the hell happen to the vizard. At the beginning of the fights they was there. But what happen how long dose it take for them to hop their ass over there.

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