One Piece Chapter 543 Discussion and Breakdown + Chapter 544 Spoilers Confirmed + Spoiler Pics and Video!!! Demotivational Poster Included! 0_0

Ah, there's Shiryuu. He's just testing if his sword still works on human flesh that's all! So does it work guards...? :D

Ah, there's Shiryuu. He's just testing if his sword still works on human flesh that's all! So does it work guards...? 😀

This weeks spoilers are juicy…like an apple (sorry just finished Death Note). I tried to post something not TOO revelaing so I posted this pic. We all knew in are hearts that Shiryuu was ok right? Anyway this is a damn discussion and spoiler blog so you can’t get mad at me even if you didn’t want to see it so there. 😛 For more spoilers check out the video below. Again there’s no translation and it consists of just pics and music but it’s still aweomse nonetheless. I personally reccommend staying away from the spoilers this week for maximum enjoyment but whether or not you do so is up to you.

Thx, goes to Naruto1piece for the spoiler vid!

First off I would like to make the official announcement that I will be posting the first One Piece Arc Breakdown tomorrow, so for all those who want to start reading One Piece start now. Shinobimadness will be writing the Arc Breakdowns. It’ll be good for beginners of the series to catch up together and for veterans of the series to get a quick review of things we might have forgotten.

Here’s this weeks AMV another one from Suno315! It’s pretty awesome. Enjoy! 🙂

Cool, let’s start this Breakdown!

I don't think their going to even bother yelling SURPRISE. In fact they just might yell RAPE! >_<

I don't think they're going to even bother yelling SURPRISE. In fact they just might yell RAPE! >_<

Lol, Sanji’s back and he’s starring in his own chapter cover story “Sanji in Kamabakka Hell – Hang In There!”. Captnmexico said it best, “Looks like we won’t be seeing the crew back together if they are going to do a cover short story for everyone. Poor Sanji………hope they yelled SUPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” XD I have mixed feelings about this development in plans to cover the rest of the Straw Hat Crew. On one hand I’m disappointed Oda won’t go into more depth of each character’s adventure on their separate islands like he did for Luffy on the Amazon Island. On the other hand I know that if he did that it’d take a hell of a long time. But won’t these weekly cover stories take long as well or will he do a VERY broad summary to cover each character in their cover stories?

In Impel Down Level 1 ‘The Crimson Hell’ Blackbeard is kicking ass and taking names….like literally he does ask for Shiryuu’s name. 😉  But that’s as far as we get because it cuts away after that…WTF! I’ll get back to that later. Meanwhile down on Level 4 Luffy and the rest of Team Awesome are trucking there way to the door to Level 3. The Gaol Guards have no hope of stopping them after the Demon Guards were one hit K.O.ed last chapter but props to them for trying. Then steps in Sadi-Chan. Mmmmm………..Sadi-Chan…….what?…….oh, sorry lost my train of thought there…now what were we talking about again? Oh yeah, Sadi-Chan……I’m taking a cold shower after this Breakdown.  🙂 Anyway Sadi-Chan steps in and whips the okama back and boy does she know how to use that whip. If I’m not mistaken it destroys part of the bridge. Holy Hell now that’s attack power! What’s the whip made out of steel?

YIPEE, CAT FIIIIGHHHHT!!! Or is it......damn you Ivankov and your gender beniding ways!

YIPEE, CAT FIIIIGHHHHT!!! Or is it......damn you Ivankov and your gender beniding ways!

But look who steps in to battle her. It’s….a woman….it’s Ivankov! Damn, now I’m more confused than ever. Ivankov changes gender almost as much as Ranma and that’s a lot! XD After batting Luffy over Sadi-Chan’s head Ivankov turns into a woman and decides to fight her. Now this may prove to be an interesting battle. If Ivankov deemed her worthy an opponent to take on personally instead of sending Inazuma to handle her Sadi-Chan must be something…or she’s in for an ass kicking.  We can only assume that Sadi-Chan is more powerful than the Demon Guards since she commanded them and now we know she has the strength to shatter brick with the crack of a whip! She’s not to be reckoned with but she’s up against an opponent who can bat away cannon balls with the wink of an eyelash and change your gender! Don’t you dare do it Ivankov!

"YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" Aha, I knew I've seen that line somewhere before...

"YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" Aha, I knew I've seen that line somewhere before... 😉

Who’s to stop Luffy now? Why it’s Hannyabal to the rescue! Wielding his Naginata named “Kessui” he gives a pretty speech about defending peace and justice then makes a circus act trying to take down Luffy with the guards cheering at his side. His Naginata when twirled around emits flames from its bladed tips cutting and burning at the same time. Yeah, you don’t f**k with that no matter if he sings while doing it you better be careful. Luffy gets a few burns but that’s not going to stop him of course and he beats Hannyabal down repeatedly. Luffy is here to save Ace and that’s that! Why does Hannyabal keep getting up though when he has no chance of winning and he is near death? Calling pirates scum and the reason innocent people fear for their life. I have to admit I was impressed with Hannyabal this chapter at his will and determination. He makes a good point and generally he’s right about pirates. He has the best intentions and is in all rights a “good guy” but he just doesn’t know the Straw Hat Pirates and definitely doesn’t know Straw Hat Luffy!

LMAO!!! XD Luffy's counterargument = WIN.

Blah, blah, blah...after all is said and done Luffy's counterargument = WIN. XD

Over on the other side of Level 4 Magellan has arrived outside the lift and is prepared to engage the escapees. Guess what happens next….the Goal Bazooka Unit is disappearing into….darkness? Noooooo, WTH is this? Blackbeard and his entire crew intact! I thought they were fighting Shiryuu and not one of them is hurt! So let’s talk about this for now. What happened? Was I right last week when I said in the comment section that Blackbeard and Shiryuu might be working together or was Shiryuu defeated and the battle skipped over to save some time?

Blackbeard smashes Hannyabal into the ground effectively finishing him off while saying there is no answer to “justice” or “evil” to be found. If he believes there’s no effective answer to “justice” or “evil” then what side is he fighting for? Is he a free spirit like Luffy just wanting to sail the ocean looking for adventure and ultimately One Piece? Seems he needs something to believe in…maybe even Luffy. Matter of fact there’s one thing they do both believe in…Dreams! How’s that for wishful thinking? 😉 Anyway, Jimbei and Blackbeard talk it out and Blackbeard’s name is revealed to Luffy. Luffy puts it all together and figures out that this is the man who put Ace in prison and the man who basically started it all. The chapter ends with a face off between Luffy and Blackbeard staring at each other! Oh my….the tension is so thick in there you can cut it with a flaming Naginata….oh wait, Hannyabal’s down…damn. Hmmmm….. *steals Hannyabal’s Naginata* 0_0

*Ding* *Ding* *Ding* You hear that sound? It's time to throwdown! *_*

*Ding* *Ding* *Ding* You hear that sound? It's time to throwdown! *_*

Lol, jkjk! XD I really enjoyed the chapter even though I’m peeved that I don’t know what happened to Shiryuu. More battles are to come next week. Sadi-Chan vs. Ivankov? Magellan vs. Luffy? Blackbeard Crew vs. Team Awesome?  *jumps around excitedly*. Still I hope the story slows down a little after they get out of Impel Down and HOPEFULLY we can get an in-depth look at the happenings of the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates. Well that’s it for this week. Comment, predict, and discuss. Here’s this week’s demotivational poster. See you’ll soon! 😀

YEAH_by_Komiyo(Picture from Komiyo on Devinatart)


~ by supertrek89 on May 22, 2009.

37 Responses to “One Piece Chapter 543 Discussion and Breakdown + Chapter 544 Spoilers Confirmed + Spoiler Pics and Video!!! Demotivational Poster Included! 0_0”

  1. First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kick ass breakdown. Every time I look at the cover story with sanji I can’t do anything else but laugh my ass off. Next week should be uber awesome.

  2. @super: lol – nice use of the word ranma – LMAO at that reference

    Hehe, thx I’m glad somebody got that so early on. Very good you are! 😉


  3. @Captn: Thank you! I gave you a shout out for helping me come up with an idea on how to start this breakdown…you know about the cover stories and all. 😉 Well, it’s time for me to go to bed now. I gotta wake up early….today…damn! -_-

  4. 4TH!!! Awesome breakdown 😛

  5. @super: Badass breakdown super – props to you.
    Personally i think shiryuu got messed up – he was imprisoned for a fair few years. that or he just said ‘stuff this – i’m goin home’.
    I’d like to see crocodile vs magellan – i think that would be a good match up (mainly because i don’t think luffy can beat him).
    And yeah – its gonna be another 30 plus chapters just to get Ace, i don’t feel like wating around to read another 50 plus chapters on the rest of the crews adventures (xcept zoro – because he’s awesome), I’m all for the title page stories.

    Also the AMV isn’t showing up for me 0.o?
    Any chance you could email the video link to me?

  6. @super: wait the amv is showing up 4 me now.

  7. im hopinq they fill us in on the other characters but not in the manga hopeully in the anime

  8. @Iamnotreallyhere: Thanks!

    @Mudshovel: Ok, good and I was just about to give you the link.

    @Jb135: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too but if they do that we’re in for a long haul of fillers.

  9. @super: man that’s still funny – ranma. never thought i would see that reference in any breakdown. lmao.
    Also i don’t know why but i have a feeling that when this impel down arc is over, the straw hats will have another crew memeber. I’m not sure who but i think they need another one.
    At this stage – i can’t see luffy getting to ace in time – guess its all up to whitebeard unless luffy and team awesome own all in a relativly short time.
    And at the comment made in the previous chapter, something about shanks causing trouble somewhere else … ummmm tempory partnership with whitebeard?

  10. @super: also when i said badass breakdown – i meant as in badass like Roy Mustang!!!! (just to clear that up if it was misconstrued. lol)

  11. @Mudshovel: Actually I always thought the 10th nakama was the actual ship they set sail in.Remember how Usopp always valued the Going Merry more than anyone else as a part of the crew’s nakama? Then everyone else didn’t realize it, including Luffy, until it was to late that the Going Merry was part of their nakama. Now that it’s gone the spirit lives in the Thousand Sunny! Couldn’t the Thousand Sunny be the 10th nakama?

    Oh, and no need to clear anything up I knew what you meant the first time you said “badass breakdown”. 😉

  12. oh…I’m getting all tingly….this is getting way too exciting!
    all luffy needs to do is sustain the darkness…that creep is no-match for him!(even though, it appears that that blackbeard did rape shiryuu)

    Great chapter and an awesome breakdown!

  13. @Pain: Thanks a lot!

    I don’t think Luffy can win against Blackbeard right now though. Even though Blackbeard’s fruit is a Logia type it doesn’t work like other Logia type DF. In other words he can’t let attacks pass through him. In return though through physical contact he can nullify his opponent’s DF abilities while keeping his own, which was the reason he could hit and defeat Ace.

    So if Luffy tries to touch Blackbeard or grab him like he usually does his opponents his DF ability will be stripped away from him as long as they’re touching. Luffy’s abilities are all about physically touching his opponent. So that’s why as of right now I don’t think Luffy can beat Blackbeard without mastering Haki (or at least training to get a better grasp on it)). Haki amplifies the power of physical attacks, commands your opponent, and overwhelms them. It’s not a DF ability so Blackbeard can’t take it away and it’s basically like the sharingan in Naruto except it’s even rarer.

    I see Jimbei stepping in to face off Blackbeard while Luffy goes on ahead because even though he probably wants to kick Blackbeard’s ass he knows Ace’s life is more important and time is of the essence. Not to mention since Blackbeard took down Ace and seemingly Shiryuu it puts him way over the top for Luffy to handle right now in my opinion.

  14. @super: true i can’t see him defeating blackbeard atm either. Also Haki isn’t that rare – alot of ppl in one piece have been shown with this ability (granted most of them are awesome fighters – which supports that haki will definitly make you stronger).
    Originally i thought that the okama would take on blackbeard, but Jimbei was shown to have deep respect for Ace, so i agree that he’ll most likely step up and take on blackbeard.
    WHat do you think about the crocodile v Megallen match up? He’s the only, i think, who can fight megallen without being injured.

  15. @Mudshovel: The kind of Haki I was referring to was the kind Luffy uses which is pretty rare

    (It’s called “Haoushoku” Haki. For more information: ).

    1 in a million people? That’s pretty rare to me. The only people I believe to posses it so far are Shanks, Boa, Rayleigh, and Luffy. The Kuma tribe know how to use Haki but I assume it’s in a different form than what Luffy and the others use. Luffy uses it through his eyes like Shanks, Boa, and Rayleigh do. The Kuma Tribe members channel it through their weapons (bow and arrows) but their Haki is much more common then what the others posses.

    As for Crocodile vs. Magellan I think that would be an awesome fight! Sand vs. Poison…who would win? 0_0

  16. Ah – yea i kinda figured that you were talking about the king’s disposition but i thought i’d call you on it since you weren’t specific 😉 lol.
    Yea i think luffy should learn both types of haki shown – imagine how strong his punches would be then 😉
    he’d be pretty badass if he could master both of them.

    Crocodile FTW (no i’m not biased because i’m aussie) lol – he’s just mad.

  17. I think somewhere along the line that Zoro will take Shiryuu’s Sword for his own the one the will break will be the cursed one, I was thinking too my self that the sword shiryuu has is the first cursed sword. But thats me. Either Shiryuu has joined Blackbeard as a Nakama and is standing in the shadows watching or Blackbeard will spit him out some time or maybe Shiryuu left out into the world above.

    The DF user with the Ability too cut through space should be a match for black beard. Or atleast slow him down.. Jibei will take that Big wrestler. Im guessing with the numbers the have Black beard and gang wont be so easy too take down.

  18. I think BlackBeard just found an oppertunity to escape or move forward. Sure he is more capable of fighting Shiryuu but given the chance if he were able to continue moving BlackBear would fo for it.

  19. This spoiler probably isn’t true since it doesn’t have pics, but if its true then sanji is going to come back a FAG…


    One Piece Chapter 544 “Undulation Started World”
    Verification: Confirmed

    Sanji’s hair is coiled

    “God’s divine protection”

    Luffy stops hitting Blackbeard.

    Blackbeard make a broad grin.

    Magellan appears.

    Blackbeard: “Go save your important brother.”
    Magellan comes.

    Blackbeard: “Another person interfering?”

    Blackbeard: “That guy’s not here anymore.”

    He confronts Magellan.

    Luffy breaks stuff while heading upwards.

    Iva continues after.

    Ace is on the sea, Luffy is worried.
    He remembers something from when he was little.
    The marines get information that Whitebeard has come

  20. found a pic i think. says still pending. Looks real enough to me
    translations seems bad or fake but they do mention Blackbeardless letting Luffy go.


  21. @Lelulalilo: Hmmmmm…interesting theory but I think Shiryuu’s sword is way to big and thus too uncool looking for Zoro to carry around like he usually does his swords. Also Inazuma’s DF ability does not allow him/her to cut through space. It allows him/her to cut anything and manipulate it like paper. Sorry if I sound like an asshole but I thought I’d correct you on that. 😉

    @Captn: Thx for the spoilers.

  22. @supertrek:Yea I guess your right about Inazumas ability, Though the Dark sword Zoro got from the Samurai on Thriller bark I thought that was 2 big but he still wields it, it must look big but when he uses it I believe he still be able too wield it. I rekon Shiryuu will be Zoros next Sword fight and a great obstacle aswell.

    I miss the Strawhats though no doubt the Islands they landed on were the perfect places for them too get so much stronger. But the Island Zoro is on I cant understand what and why he is on it with that other girl. But we’ll find out soon.

  23. LMFAOOO @ the demotivational pic soo funnny!!
    No1 have a script for the spoiler?

  24. @Lelulalilo: Perhaps you’re right. That would be an awesome battle Shiryuu vs. Zoro. Maybe they’ll meet up at Marinford to do battle. I don’t know why Shiryuu would go there…unless he’s working with Blackbeard! 0_0 I miss the other Strawhats too but they had to get stronger and separating them was the best move Oda could do to accomplish this.

    @Hou1kage: Yeah here you go. This is the script to the spoiler video above.

    Scan 1:
    Chapter 544: Even the lid for caldron of hell will open

    Scan 2:
    Luffy: Just try it!!!

    Scan 3:
    Crocodile: Blood!? He’s made out of rubber, ins’t he?
    Luffy: Gyaaaaa!!! (Bleeding)

    Scan 4:
    guard: This is monitor room!!
    Magellan: What happened
    guard: It’s terrible! All the video receiver den-den mushi are destroyed, and all the monitoring system are down! On top of that… the communication to Marine HQ and the World Government are all cut off!! We can’t communicate to the outside…….!!! (sliced)

    Magellan: HEY! What happened there!! Who did it!!
    Shiryuu: Don’t rat on me…. Magellen will come if you did

    Scan 5:
    Blackbeard: In just (cut off can’t see)xxx hours! I’ll show you the most awesome show that will rock the world!! ZEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Scan 6:
    Magellan: You’re “Blackbeard”, are you not?
    Blackbeard: Indeed I am!!!
    Magellan: Hydra!!

    Scan 7:
    Blackbeard: GYAAA!!!! IT HURTS, I’m suffering!!
    Magellan: I have no time to question you why you came….!!!
    Blackbeard: What the hell is this…!! Poison!!? Damn it!!!
    Magellan: Hannyabal….

    Scan 8:
    Magellan: STRAWHAT!!!!!!!!!!
    Candies: Whoa, who’s that? Magellan’s voice?

  25. can 3:
    Crocodile: Blood!? He’s made out of rubber, ins’t he?
    Luffy: Gyaaaaa!!! (Bleeding)

    I find this part of the spoiler weird. Why would Crocodile say that? He should know Luffy bleeds. I mean he did woop his ass by using blood. I guess we will see tomorrow or later what happens.

  26. @Captn: That is indeed weird. We shall see…maybe a mistranslation?

  27. Would you say its because when Luffy is stabbed or cut or poked with sharp things he bleeds but just by being punched he is affected bruised and battered.
    Also I saw a spoiler I think it said that Blackbeard says something like divine protection something along those lines im guess Blackbeard could absorb the attacks like luffy does but gravity wise and by doing so is also absorbing his DF power.

    Then Kaboom luffy is affected and bleeding from one attack.

  28. Noticing the front cover with Sanji Running in the background their is a photo of Ivankov I rekon the Island Sanji is on was full of HOT girls but became bloke looking like Ivankov and one day Sanji will be rewarded with a island full of HOT girls. I think their is a connection.

  29. @supertrek thanks dude

  30. @Hou1kage: No problem dude that’s what I’m here for.

    @Lelcutulalilo: Maybe that could be it. Blackbeard is know for his prowess and strength without the DF. Remember he gave Shanks those 3 scars over his eye before acquiring the DF. Maybe when he slammed Luffy even though he’s made of rubber he started bleeding. This would be unusual in his circumstance. Even though I do seem to remember Luffy bleeding from just receiving a regular beating…Bah, we’ll wait and find out I guess.

    Also about Sanji’s position on an island full of okama. Maybe he’ll finally muster up the willpower to hit a girl…? Or something that resembles a girl at least. 😉

  31. new one piece is out

    Ah, it is!!! 0_0 Ty Boyruns!


  32. Remember a while back I mentioned that chopper turning into that huge deer monster was the “inner demon” they talked about? I think I was right about it.

    Crocodile gave some juicy intel on DF powers. I’m guessing BB is working with that one dude(shiryuu). What his purpose here is a big ?

    WHo here didn’t like Sadi-chan all tied up?! She looks great in red too :D.

    Sanji will return as Okama and Luffy will return a pimp(Boa).

  33. WOO-HOO!!! What an awesome chapter! Can’t wait until that lazy ass bastard does the breakdown so I can talk some more… 0_0

    @Captn: I do remember your comment about the inner demon that may lie in Chopper. It seems that demon is his awakened state and Chopper forcefully calls it out after taking 3 Rumble Balls. Now if Chopper learned to awaken it by himself like the Beast Guards have learned to do and thus be in full control…nuff’ said. 😉

  34. Good Chapter. But now the best part about this day is also the worst – another week till we get our next fix. NO!

    @super: Agreed – Wish that lazy guy would speed it up. lol. Also i don’t think chopper should be allowed to control that form. He’s in constant pain in that form (i think – at least franky and someone else commented on that) also its a side effect of him messing with his devil fruit powers with medicine, which puts even more strain on his body – why should he learn to control what shouldn’t be? 😉
    IMO – he’s the doctor not a fighter – he should stay that way.

  35. @Mudshovel: I fixed your comment.

    The reason I think Chopper is in so much pain and has terrible side effects after he goes into his awakened state is because he does it unnaturally. He uses drugs to force his body to mature into something he hasn’t gained the natural ability for. It’s like using steroids for unnatural hormone growth. We know now Zoan users have an awakened state so I don’t think his transformation is something that shouldn’t be. It’s something that shouldn’t be forced out but instead grown into. Besides with only 9 crew members so far they need all the fighters they can get. 😉

    Oh and I just talked to that lazy bastard and he said the breakdown would be out later this evening. *_*

  36. @super: Cheers.
    hmmm good point – i think you could be onto something there.
    Na – Their group could all ready own most crews with way more ppl. Quality fighters over Quantity fighters. But as the doctor, what good is it putting him on the frontline – if he gets offed – who heals the rest 😉


  37. wow! everyone thought there would be fight this week and….. TA DA …alladin’s genie makes a surprise visit to the manga land!

    muhahahahaha Take that…OP lovers!

    but, I must admit, this is as cool as any fight would be…setting up a pre-fight scenario and then some mad actions…some signs that the “real” fight will be way cooler than anyone can even imagine…
    (f^ck! I should just stop reading this manga for about a month…or until another arc begins….that way, I won’t die of curiosity!)

    btw, supertrek, nice theory….but you totally missed one thing though….NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR LUFFY! (~lol~ even though this is true, it would be lame if luffy defeated blackbeard just now…and as far as I know, OnePiece isn’t anywhere near “lame”…so, that’s an impossibility)
    besides, luffy defeated 2 of those govt. slaves and it is all a matter of time before luffy figures out a way to defeat the blackbeard and avenges his brother and raises his “price” (I don’t think anyone disagrees on that…but, I had to make a point)

    the only thing that pissed me off is crocodiles “isn’t he made of rubber? how is he bleeding” line..either “sir. reptile” was “special” as a kid or the impel down really messed up his head…or there was some translation mistake…cuz sir. scales “was” rendered “unvolatile” with luffy’s blood in their fight and that line just made his look foolish-er than he actually is….

    F^ck! am I being hyper or what? I just cant control myself. need to focus…it’s just 160 hrs till the next chapter!

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