Soul eater 61 breakdown + Soul eater 61 discussion + demotivational poster

Hello faithful members of the IRA (I are awesomeness…what did you think I was talking about?)

Well, it’s a little late because I was lazy and had other stuff to do, but without further delay… Welcome to this month’s…

Chapter 60 Seize Baba Yaga's Castle 15

Chapter 61 Tying things up, and new beginnings

OK, let me start off by saying that Black Star is a douchebag. I know all the Black Star fans are pissed off that I just put down their beloved Black Star, but he killed one of my personal favorite characters, Mifune. We will talk about the douchbag that is Black Star a little later, so let’s jump right into this chapter of twists and turns.

We start this chapter with Giriko (the chainsaw guy) wakening up from his drug induced nap. Giriko sits down to rest after realizing how lucky he was the Thompson sisters didn’t take his kidney when he was knocked out, and that his leader, Arachne, is dead. But, then we get the big twist of this chapter: Justin Law with an evil clown friend at his side recruits Giriko to serve the kishin.

All they need now is an ice cream truck...

All they need now is an ice cream truck...

Then, it gets boring. Shinigami-sama lets Angela and Kim stay at Shibusen even though they are witches; then, we get to what I call the douchebag Black Star, who wants to tell Angela that he was the one who killed Mifune. I know Black Star was in a fight to the death with Mifune and that Mifune was on the wrong side…but still, the fact that Mifune was killed off by Black Star gets me angry >_<…well, all I can do now is hope Mifune comes back as a zombie like Sid.

Then we cut to Maka talking to the Thompson sisters on the basketball court about Death The Kid. It seems like Maka remembers a book in a library, and then it just cuts off to Shinigami-sama talking to Yumi about BJ’s death. Finally, we get to the good part of this chapter… ready…set…bring on the awesomeness. 20 Bam! Stein and Marie make their dramatic entry. Sure they could have just snuck up and killed Justin quickly, but striking a pose before kicking some ass makes you just that much cooler. 21 Revenge by dance, Justin just got served, Stein and Marie are bringing it west side story style, and Justin can’t handle their wicked dance moves. 23 (1) Marie gives Justin a little love tap to the chest and we find out that not only is Justin a double crossing bastard, but he is also a bigot. Then we get to see Marie’s weapon form… WTF it was not a hammer…crap no hammer time jokes >_<. 26 You know what, I don’t even need to comment on the fight, just enjoy watching Justin getting his ass kicked. 27 (1) Children soul eater So after the awesome beatdown, Justin realizes that he has no chance of winning, so he runs away using a magic sheet of paper. 31 (1) Well, that is the end of this chapter, but… Justin going into a sheet of paper like that reminds me of when Noah trapped Death The Kid in his book. Tell me what you guys/girls think in the comment section.

Demotivational poster time… soul eater creep


~ by サソリの遺産 Scorpion Legacy on May 21, 2009.

11 Responses to “Soul eater 61 breakdown + Soul eater 61 discussion + demotivational poster”

  1. 1st!! HA!!

  2. Second!

  3. lol i beat ya super!!!! VICTORY IS MINE!!!!

    btw – THIRD!!!! 😛

  4. no takers for fourth?? OK 4TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. damn! that was a cool chapter!

    lots of unexpected things happened. who would have thought that “black ۞ star” would be posed as a “bad guy” for killing a Bad guy?I do agree that it was sad but you know…the death of that “99 spirit” dude was inevitable (you really forgot to mention this option in the polls)

    and the punk priest is actually an “evil” punk priest? wow! that sure was unexpected!!!

    anyways, it was a nice read.

    also, a very nice breakdown *looks for the name* サソリの遺産 Scorpion Legacy.

  6. Stein and Marie pose was the best!!! other than the battle the rest was so-so.

  7. @pain… his death was not inevitable since he was not a real bad guy…he was a human and didn’t even want to fight Black Star. He was like to good guy with the wrong information, he was trying to protect the kid witch Angela from Shibusen.

    @mexico… you are right, most of this chapter was not all that great… Only good thing was the Justin twist and the Stein, Marie Vs Justin fight.

  8. so is the anime just completely wrong or am i missing something. i just finished eps 51 and i went to the manga to get ahead and well… um its completely different i hate when they do that!?!!?

  9. @urisas…yeah the anime changes direction after the fight for the brew arc. You can pick up the manga right after the brew fight and not be lost.

  10. ha! after not reading soul eater in over a year, I re-started the series from the beginning a few days ago and just caught up today. Personally, it would make a lot of sense for Justin to be in league with Noah because he’s most likely not with Medusa and I doubt they are going to introduce ANOTHER evil group to deal with. Plus the *paper disappear* zap gives it away. Though I must admit, that Stein/ Marie pose was really unexpectedly awesome. I’m not sure what they were going for with that one O_o

  11. I love stein. He kicks ass. When I first started watching the series, I got to the episode when the kishin got let out by that nasty frog chick, and I was freaking out cuz I was afraid they were going to kill him off during the fight with Medusa(aka) snake Bitch. Well anyways love the show hope there are way more episodes to come

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