Bleach Manga 358 spoiler + Bleach Manga 357 discussion and breakdown

Bleach Manga 358 <spoiler><pics><raw><translation>

*post links to spoiler scripts and pics and videos in the comments section*

-Breakdown and discussion for Bleach Manga 357 is below-

Renee (aka Elfarren) back again this week with the Bleach breakdown, because apparently you boys just can’t get enough of me.  ^_^  Actually, it’s more along the lines of this being a recovery week for everyone else who writes for the blog, so the man behind the curtain asked me to step in for Ero again and I have happily obliged.  Shall we get started, then?

Barragan feet of doom

Dude, wash your feet once in a while and maybe people won't keel over dead every time you walk by.

Barragan obviously never got the memo about cleanliness being next to godliness, because the guy’s got feet so killer even the gound tries to avoid his approach.  We see here the effect his released zanpakuto form has, and it looks to me like anything that gets within a foot-wide radius of the man turns to dust in the wind faster than Kansas can can come up with another hit song.  (For those of you who didn’t get that, you’re missing out on some great classic rock.)  I started a mini debate in the comments last week about this, because it appears to me that Barragan doesn’t necessarily have to direct his zanpakuto to affect people with it, but that in essence he is his own zanpakuto and his ability raditates from him like an aura.  There were some among you who disagreed with me, so it sounds like poll time, to me ^_^

Soifon's in trouble

You know when Tite does a close-up of your eyeball like that it means the sh!t has officially hit the fan.

In the meantime, Soifon’s situation isn’t looking any better this week.  Barragan releases his morning breath “Death Breath” in her general direction and barely manages to hit her arm with it, which then proceeds to disintigrate while Soifon stares unbelievingly.  What she does next makes up for her inital response, though, and reminded me why I like her character so much ^_^

Soifon's Hardcore

Because you don't get to be a captain of the Gotei 13 by being a whigny little b!tch

No hesitation, just cut the damn thing off and let’s get on with the battle already ^_^  Soifon is hardcore right here, and I abso-freaking-lutely loved seeing Omaeda’s reaction when she ordered him to cut her arm off.  If there’s ever a zombie invasion of Soul Society, you can bet your @$$ I’ll be teaming up with Soifon, because the woman knows what it takes to survive at all costs.

This dilemma presents us with an interesting situation, however, and one that I also brought up in the comments last week: how can Soifon “kill” Barragan if everything that touches him rots away and he can project his aura-like ability away from his body like this?  Even if she managed to hit him with Suzumebachi once, her zanpakuto would rot away before she’d have a chance to hit him the second time, and that’s if she could avoid Barragan projecting his deadly aura to attack her.  There’s also no telling if her zanpakuto could come back from nothingness like that.  As far as I’ve seen, zanpakuto can reform if they’re shattered, but I’m talking destroyed to the point of there being nothing to reform.  What do you think, does she have a chance?

I'm a little teapot, short and stout ...

I'm a little teapot, short and stout ...

Meanwhile, Toushirou is being as annoying as ever.  After his potential comeback last week, when we all collectively groaned that the little bastard will never die, Halibel gives him the finger and tells him to go back to Little League the only way you can make an annoying little bastard like Toushirou understand …

Halibel FTW

Halibel FTW!!!

Who else among you cheered with me when you saw this?  ^_^  Toushirou is waaaayyyyy out of his league here, and Halibel has no reservations about letting him know just how beneath her level he really is.  As hopeful as I am that this fight will put him out of commission, though, do you really believe this is it for Toushirou?

So that’s it for me this week.  I tried to make it a bit longer in light of how ridiculously short last week’s breakdown was, so I hope you enjoyed it ^_^  Bubble contest winner below … I’m not gonna do a top ten, partly because I’m lazy and partly because I’m new at this, but last week’s winner was Mudshovel, who made me laugh pretty hard when I read this ^o^  No contest this week – there just weren’t any good panels that I saw, sorry *shrugs*

bleach bubble

This week's winner brought to you by the letter M - Mudshovel


~ by elfarren on May 17, 2009.

58 Responses to “Bleach Manga 358 spoiler + Bleach Manga 357 discussion and breakdown”

  1. First for the time on bleach.

  2. Second is good enough I suppose… 😉

  3. second, and I HATE Toushirou. No real reason, but I love Halibel…so much…

  4. sweet, i’m really third :p

  5. LMAO – …here is my handle and here is my spout. When i get all steamed up then i shout, tip me over pour me out… ohhh um i meant DIE TOSHIROU!

    Awesome breakdown again Elf.
    Have to agree, as much as Soi Fon annoys me, that the no hesitation ‘cut my arm off’ did show that she deserves to be a captain. Extreme!
    After a bit of thought, i’m gonna have to agree that, imo, Barragans power is more of an aura shield thatn anything else. And i can’t see anyway that soifon can win this battle.

    Was anyone else cheering when Helibel shut him up?! He always craps on about not underestimating him etc, finally someone said shut up you chibi, take your own advice! *insert toshirou getting pwned pic*
    Also i think just as many fangirls will be sending rage mail to tite about Toshirou, as there are fans sending the same to Kishi about kakashi (wait i’m in the latter section. nooooooooooooooo!) lol.

  6. I won the bubble contest?!! 0.0
    *is surprised*


    HA – take that super, no treking it up this week. lol

  7. I’ll take fifth! 😉

    LMAO!!! XD Awesome breakdown Elfarren I was waiting for this. My thoughts on the chapter are as follows.

    1. (For real now) Both Soifon and Toshiro are f**ked. Tite can’t keep pulling that same routine again and again having the good guys make a come back always pulling something out of their asses FTW. They NEED to lose in my opinion for the story to move on.

    2. Why the hell doesn’t Soi Fon use her damn bankai? Now the stubborn girl’s missing an arm! >_<

    3. Where the hell are the vizards? Still not here yet? They must be he slowest characters in the manga at this point!

    4. How are the other captain’s fights going? I’m kind of sick of seeing Soi Fon and Toshiro fighting. Soi Fon just finished fighting and God knows we’ve seen enough of Toshiro throughout this manga.

    5. If the fights continue to take this long we won’t get back to the storyline anytime soon unless they take a break sometime during all the fights. At least it’ll look excellent in the anime. Has anyone seen the latest episode? Scorpion was right even if you don’t watch the eps. go see this one because the fighting was EPIC! 0_0

    Again, awesome breakdown Elfarren…even if you didn’t pick my bubble entry. 😦 Lol, jkjk…. *plots to destroy Mudshovel* 0_0

  8. Nice breakdown Renee(Elfarren) and long time no see. Laughed pretty hard at your “i’m a little teapot, short and stout” . I myself hate Toushirou and don’t know why. He is one of those people I can’t stand for no reason. Too bad fangirls will go crazy if he dies. Halibel is one of those bad girls you don’t want to see dead. Rooting for her ass. Soi fon is a favorite and glad she is showing how badass she by getting her arm cut off. Don’t see how she will beat him though. Unless she pulls of a bankai that gives her a long range suzumebachi. She still has that kido+ soemthing skill that shoots lightning(?). She might get saved by Yoruichi. You never know.

  9. @supah, agreed dude, that was a BAMF fight. What about Starks bitch?
    I would think that captain should have finished her by now

    @Mudshovel, CHIBI NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! hahaha

  10. @Super – The hell you’ll destroy Mudshovel! AGS!!! MOBILIZE!!!

    *twenty well-trained AGS agents surround Mudshovel, guns aimed at Super*

  11. LMAO at darkavatar.

  12. *10 agents point guns at mudshovel*
    *gives Dark wallet*
    *20 agents point guns at super*


  13. Yourichi is gunna come in and starting beating the shit out of barragan just in time, maybe sacraficing herself. Shes really old anyways. Kisukes probably gunna end up showing us some benehime action to help torshiro.

    Lol paperbombs from fangirls. Like in Rush Hour 2. =D

  14. @Dark: NANI?!? It was a joke just a joke…hehehe…*hides plans behind back and decides to draw up more plans later on how to take Dark and AGS down*….*whistles* 😉

  15. Have we seen Soifon’s bankai yet?

  16. @repair: No she has yet to pull it out. Which better be epic at this point b/c she is getting just as annoying as Toshiro. I used to like her character but after this fight she just dropped huge points in my eyes.

    For the love of all that is holy in the world Tite PLEASE end these two fights quickly so we can get to the real fighters!!

  17. So, who else thinks ‘no incantation’ vizard fella is just gona turn up and seal barragan?? it’s gone be something that lame right… right? – oh, after he’s fixed the fallen pillar as well… with some level 99 Polyfiller…

  18. So where’s Naruto…….normaly Naruto’s uploaded on Friday’s…..-_- And Bleach is…well…always late.

  19. Um I didnt think Bleach had many fangirls…Its kinda all about battles and almost no storyline kinda like a girl-repellent.

  20. Xth. Barragan and his ability are probably restricted to a smaller area. He is capable of affecting his surroundings but must extend his power by greater distances to attack long range. Soi Fong made the correct move; it does mean she is able to make those decisions but she also would have been otherwise and there was plenty of reason for something drastic. Perhaps there is a reason she hasn’t used Bankai. It could be the type of ability that might backfire against her. Soi Fong regularly uses something delivering instant death providing it hits the same spot twice. Her release could be another step further; instant death that applies to both Barrangan and herself. Possibly even something that would affect her comrades as well or simply being unable to use it in the place. Toshiro has acted slightly overconfident, but he is able to back that up. Hannibel wasn’t off saying he was the one underestimating her. However their battle is still water based, Toshiro should be able discover something, if barley. Both are using the other’s ability as an attack link. Toshiro has already been and is currently in the underdog position, nothing left undone but win. Yoruichi’s appearance also doesn’t seem like becoming a turning point against Barragan involving the very exact reasons Soi Fong and Omeda are having issues. Physical contact isn’t exactly Barragan’s weak point. Predicting the speed an attack would decompose and arriving close enough for some it to slip pass could work, but without knowing the limits of the ability there isn’t much guaranteed.

    As for the remaining captain fights, I’m not as interested. It’s two lazy men battling for a victor and because they are so powerful it would likely move slower. Any one besides those two seems like it could move at a better pace. Not that the fight won’t be awesome more so as they are so experienced their fight is equivalent one mistake, one win, being patient and focusing properly.

  21. @Elfarren: Great job with the post!

    I think that Barragan’s power has been explained by Tite as “age” not necessarily death. Funny enough, it seems that he would be the perfect person for Orihime to defeat (because part of her power controls time in a manner of speaking). Either that or long distance attacks only, up close and personal with Barragan is not recommended.

  22. I think Soifon can beat him…we have never seen her bankai. But they might all lose..sometimes bad guys have to win a little to make a good story.

  23. @Kyoto – Awesome little sum up there, really like your train of thought..
    @Ero – So you pop on, and dispell your genius and then disappear again…

    MAYBE thats a good story point, dragging Ichigo and everyone else across… I was wondering… did we actually get told which direction the Vizards where going… Hueco Mundo or Soul Society…

    That could be the change we need… Ichigo gets bored and sorts out old Yammy, then they hurry to SS on the advice of the Vizards…

  24. my take??? toshiro deserves to die!!! …. the end

  25. @reflex: I think most of us are wishing that…

  26. I have to say that preferably, i’d first like to see the other captains bankai (simply because i’m curious as to what there’s are) then continue to get an ass beating by the espadas. Now at this point i’m unsure as to who i’d prefer more to kick some espada @ss. On one side the vizards because they are mad and look like they can deal the hurt. on the other would be yoruichi and Mr Hat and clogs (think his name is kisuke) the reason being – hat and clogs said his bankai wasn’t to train with – this makes me extremely curious as to how awesome sauce it is and yoruichi because, well she’s yoruichi and we don’t get to see her fight enough.

  27. Decent breakdown this week. In response to how you kill Barragan, I think it’s rather obvious. You hit him with something that cannot die. Example would be the wind. The wind can’t die, because it is everlasting. There will always be wind so stinky feet cant do shit to prevent it from hitting him.

  28. long time reader first time poster! and i have this to say! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww come on. doesnt ANYONE want Barragan to win?!!!!! XD i certainly do!

  29. @ Mudshovel: Glad you liked my little teapot bit ^_^ I srsly thought about erasing the bubbles and putting that in their place, but then I saw how it would work either way and couldn’t resist *L*

    @ Supertrek: About #3 – I dunno about that; after all, the Raikage’s team is still on their way to Konoha after at least 30 chapters. I’m too lazy to look it up right now … I agree about wanting to see the other captains’ fights, too, and I wouldn’t mind an update on Byakuya, Mayuri (? the mad scientist captain) and that group in Hueco Mundo.

    @ Captn: Glad to see you appreciated my wry attempt at humor ^_^ It’s not often I’m deliberately funny >_< *LOL* Definitely agree about Halibel, too. She’s one of those bad guys, like Ulquiorra was for me, that you never wanna see die ^_^

    @ Pumpkinbread: Did you miss the part where I’m a girl? *glares* LOL I just fangirl better characters than Toushirou, like Ukitake and Byakuya ^_*

    @ Kyuoto: I have doubts that Soifon’s bankai would kill herself and/or those around her. If anything, I would expect it to give her long range capabilities, since Suzumebachi means hornet/bee. We’ll see soon, or at least I hope so! *L*

    @ EroSennin: Thank you *blushes* You’re breakdowns are still funnier, though ^_^ And yeah, I know Barragan’s ability is time, but for all intents and purposes I thought calling him death incarnate worked just as well *L* I love your idea about Orihime, too – that would be awesomeness to finally see her take charge of a fight, but I thought she couldn’t get back to Karakura town right now … Would be interesting to see Kisuke come through at the last minute and open a portal so the other captains & co. can join the fray.

    @ Mudshovel again: Oooo, I never even thought about how awesomeness Kisuke’s bankai could be, especially in this mismatched of a fight! I’m rooting for this one to come true ^_^

  30. @ elfarren: I know. I said that I didn’t think Bleach had that MANY fangirls. At least not as many as Naruto cus its mostly about battles.

  31. I Think everyone is missing something very crucial that Barragan said in 357 “All things with-in my sight will wither away and die” notice his necklace on panel seven (The eye around his neck) seems as if it was looking in the same direction as Barragan. SoiFon would likely have to kill the eye with Two strikes (or one if thats a Bankai ability) to PWN Mr. Grim Reaper….. Now for Hitsugaya my favorite character i was very disappointed this week, i find myself very tired defending him from others out there that await his imminent demise.. but whateva here it goes.. We cant see yet how Halibels ability and her theme (sacrifice) are connected im guessing it has to do more with her personality. its still a pretty awesome fight b/t the two I can see hitsugaya winning because of smarts im pretty sure Halibel is going to do something dumb and get killed shes a very overly confident person; espescially when fighting a `child com on she thinks she has this thing in the bag hitsus not hurt so idk well see cant wait 4 358!!

  32. @Peed: Good looking out man. I’ll keep an eye out for that eye thing.

  33. @ peed: Well Im glad there’s at least one other Hitsugaya fan here. I felt so alone….I think everybody either hates, dislikes, or doesn;t care about him. Anyways I really want to see Unohana fight! Maybe she’ll fight Yammy in Hueco Mundo.

  34. lmao my only comment so far besides this one was that toshiro should die!! HAHA!! 😛

    oh and Soi Fong?? fuck her too!!! ESPADA FTW!!!!! …. besides yamamoto… he’s awesomeness too

    about aizen/ichimaru?? fuck them too

    tomorrow i’ll start with some real, comments… not biased “fuck you” comments people!! YAY!!!

  35. BUBBLE


    Do i win???

  36. I think you guys are forgetting that not only Soifon has yet to reveal her bankai, but Yoruichi has a bankai too. You say she’ll have the same problems Soifon has, but her bankai could be a long rage type.

  37. Bleach
    Chapter 358: Spoiler #1
    Source: 2ch
    Forum (1): ttp://
    Forum (2): ttp://

    Image: ttp://

    Verification: Confirmed

    “Soi Fong was unable to get away, No one else will get away,” Omaeda says in despair.

    A plan was hatched.
    Soi Fong ordered Omaeda to act as a decoy.
    Soi Fong went somewhere.

    To the amateur (probably referring to Hitsugaya).

    They somehow defended against the attack, However, what’s in front of them is twisted.
    Stubborn Amateur.

    Flooding out the surroundings becomes both offense and defense.

    What are you waiting for? For your surroudings to change?
    So, are you going to use your greatest secret? Let it out!

    Seriously, though…

    Hyourinmaru is the strongest Ice-Snow type [zanpakutou]!!
    This the bankai state at the start, however,
    俺の力は 天からも~(空から何か降ってくる描写で終了)
    My power is… from the heavens… (From the sky, something is seen falling at the end.).

    The chapter ends with the special move.

    Spoiler #2
    credits:Zangetsu01 BA
    source: 2ch

    Originally Posted by 69るま ◆KENseIuXK2 @ 2ch
    2009/05/20(水) 18:20:20 ID:jpQPSubf0
    あ、あとタイトルはking of the clouds


    69るま ◆KENseIuXK2 :2009/05/20(水) 18:16:38 ID:jpQPSubf0


    The cover for next week is Halibel.
    There is no info on the next volume cover.
    Hitsu’s finishing move is called hyouten hyakkasou (氷天百華葬)
    heavenly ice something, (sorry dunno those kanji and can’t be bothered looking it up ).
    “All things beneath the heavens are under my control.”

    (氷天百華葬) means ~

    “100 bathetic funeral scenes (spectacular funerals) of the the ice heaven”

  38. I hope we see Stark’s resurreccion soon …

  39. Small problem with this post… it’s uncategorized. Sorry for being such a nitpick, but I love being able to browse the older weekly Bleach posts, and this writing’ll be missing in that list if there’s no category.

  40. I didn’t write it but I will inform the author. There are only so many boxes to check…

  41. HAHA YEAH! CUT HER ARM OFF! Serves her right for trying to fight with He-Man and Ghost Rider.

  42. Do you think Inoue will be able to beat that espada 2 guy?

    I mean if his power is to speed up time, her power is to reverse time…they would cancel each other out and Barra would just be a pile of bones (“a sitting duck”) right? who knows? Maybe Inoue could reverse time faster than he speeds up time!! So Barra would turn young and week ^_^ Maybe that Vizard guy with the same powers as Inoue can assist her in beating that pile of bones down 🙂

  43. i say we see soi fong’s ban kai…

  44. i think it will be first that crazy flash step we saw against Yoruichi then her bankai in the next 1 or 2 after this one, i hope its the bankai as well in this one tho but they loved to make us wait.

  45. bleach is out

  46. This was one funny/awesomeness chapter. Loved Omaeda’s expression when Soi Fon told him to act as decoy. He just stares black in one panel then goes “huh” on the next one. Best part was when Soi Fon leaves and he busts out like a bitch. LMAO. I guess the only way to keep lil tea pot alive is to give him a unseen power/ attack…..he needs to die or whatever shinigami do but we all know he is NEVER going to die!! One can only wish. Well I hope his attack is awesome. If it is it might change my mind about him…….that’ll be the day!!!!

  47. Omaeda Lol what a waste of space he’s turned out to be. I’m not really expecting much from Toshiro’s special move expecialy as Halibel hasnt really done anything over the top yet. I think they can drag out these two fight for at least 3 or 4 more chapters. I just want to see Shunsui fight 😦

  48. I am thinking we are finally going to see that badass bitches bankai….seriously she chopped her fuckin arm so she could still fight!

    I am really looking forward to this

  49. lol, is it just me or did anyone else notice that toshiro still has the time limit petals and it’s halfway finished.

    Does this mean that they are vanishing at a lower time rate or this battle is actually quicker than it appears to be?

  50. @ captn: Yeah, Toushirou’s about to pull a fast one on Halibel, and I think I have a pretty good guess what it might be. He said he can control not just the water in the air (condensation, as he was talking to Halibel) but ALL water around him. Now, think about how much water makes up the typical human body (70%) and it doesn’t take a great leap of imagination for me to see Toushirou freezing Halibel rock solid and then shattering her. Of course, this is assuming that the Espada are 70% water just like everyone else, but with Tite I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t @_@ LOL We’ll see next week …

  51. @elfarren: Wow good point. I really never thought of that. Maybe he’ll make Halibel throw up for 7 hours straight. xD

    Besides the whole Barragan thing, its looking pretty good for Gotei 13 right now. They have alot of reserves if you include Yourichi, Kisuke and all the captains in Hueco Mundo. Not to mention the vizards who may want a lil piece of the Espada action.

  52. @elfarren: Never thought about that!!

    Yeah about 70% of your body is water so toushirou should be able to pwn anyone easily but I don’t think Tite will give the twerp that much power……would be total bullshit!!! I think this won’t happen mainly because they show the sky/clouds in the background and he called his move “hyoten hyakkso”. Hyoten(I think its hyooten) means(according to my shitty translation) means hyoo(hail)ten(sky/heaven) so maybe heavenly hail? The twerp might be making a hail storm. Hyakkaso i have no idea what it means.

  53. was bored and was looking at soem bleach vids when I found this

    I thought it was awesome. Hope you guys enjoy.

  54. GAH!?!?!? the fangirls praise has elevated toshiro’s confidence!!! … he now thinks he is a god!!!!! FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!!

  55. @elf: DON’T SAY THAT!!!
    I’m still waiting for halibel to kill him, don’t make me disappointed by thinking he could actually win. Fu*kin hell, his pompus attitude in that last chpater was pissing me off so much – Halibel FTW.
    Also – very impressed with soifon – looks like she’s plotting something that could kill her and she’s all most certain that she’ll need omeada to stop any skelator conversions. felt that tite was wasting our time with omeada crapping on though. now were is kisuke – he better show up at some stage (hopefully soon).

  56. @captn: ROFL @ dancing and singing bleach characters

    The guy who played Renji tried too hard and Kira was looked so dumb lol

  57. Don’t forget the clouds (evaporated water). Those could be what Hitsugaya is controlling. He’s gonna make hail…or snow…lol. That would also explain the blackening sky…a little…

  58. Raw: ttp://

    The raw is out, the translation should be released sometime tommorrow or lat this night/early morning.

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