Update: Top 10 Reasons You Should Start Wathcing One Piece + One Piece Chapetr 543 Spoilers Confirmed!!! One Piece Chapter 542 Discussion and Breakdown! New One Piece Demotivational Poster and One Piece Movie 10 Update! 0-0

Fan_Art_One_Piece___Luffy_by_Raynart_Tradnor(Art work done by Raynart-Tradnor from Deviantart)

It’s summer time, folks, so here’s your chance to get up on that new anime/manga you’ve been putting off. Now is the time to start watching those new series you just didn’t have the time or interest to watch over the year. Come on, you’re not the only ones busy, either, because I got a job and shit to do but I’m picking up 5 new manga to catch up on…because I have no life….Ahem… 😉

I recommend One Piece as one of those manga you NEED to read because I know from personal experience how awesome this series is; but, for all of those still in doubt, I compiled a Top 10 list to hopefully change your mind. Let’s Go! 😀

Top 10 Reasons You Should Start Watching One Piece:

10. As of volume 46, the series has sold over 140,000,000 copies domestically. (Dayuuummmmm! To put that in perspective, Naruto has sold 71 million domestically.)

9. The manga is the first to increase the sales of Weekly Shōnen Jump in eleven years.

8. Volume 27 of One Piece holds a manga sales record in Japan, with 2,630,000 units sold in its first printing alone.

7. One Piece is the fastest manga to reach sales of 100,000,000.

6. One Piece is the third highest selling manga in the history of Weekly Shōnen Jump, (behind Kochikame and Dragon Ball) and is currently their most acclaimed and all-time third-best-selling title in Japan. (Suck it Naruto and Bleach) 😛

5. Did you know that people who don’t watch One Piece don’t go to heaven… 0_0

4. One Piece was the most successful manga series during 2008 in Japan with 5,956,540 volumes sold. Volumes 50, 51, and 49 placed first, second, and fourth, respectively, on Oricon’s list of bestselling manga volumes.

3. Shinobimadness will be doing One Piece Arc Breakdowns so you all can catch up together!

2. One Piece is personally recommended by Supertrek89 so it must be SUUUUUPEEEERRRRRR!

And last but not least,


(All of these the above statements are fact…to the best of my knowledge.) 😉

So did I do it?

It’s that time again so let’s get in to it. For some reason this chapter flew by pretty quick for me, a lot of action and a lot of hauling ass, so I’ll keep it shorter than usual.

Here’s this week’s AMV, recommended to me by Mudshovel, who has gone out on a One Piece AMV witch hunt this past week. This video covers the Skypia Arc and the creator, Suno315, deserves a lot more than the measley 785 views he has. Thanks a lot, Mud, for the contribution. 😉

As for the movie update, well, I’ve watched 7 of them so far and I agree with the folks who said it’s a ‘hit and miss’. There’s definitely movies I did like and movies I didn’t so much. Maybe I’ll do a post on all nine movies the day movie 10 comes out…we shall see. One Piece movie 10 now has a title ‘Strong World’ here’s the latest trailer.

This weeks Spoiler video and all I can say from reading this weeks spoilers is be prepared for another kickass chapter. The script for what’s going on is down in the comment section.

Finally! I don't know about everybody else but I've been waiting to see Magellan get his ass kicked for a while now. ;)

Finally! I don't know about anyone else but I've been waiting to see Hannyabal get his ass kicked for a while now. 😉

Carue what are you doing with that shovel? Noooo, i told you not to bury Tiny in the Pet Cemetary! XD (Naruto and Stephen King reference btw)

Carue what are you doing with that shovel? Noooo, i told you not to bury Tiny in the Pet Cemetary! XD (Naruto and Stephen King reference btw)

Alright on to the breakdown.

Oh shit, I think the cloud is planning something! The sky and Ace may be in cahoots together Marines stay sharp! 0_0

Oh shit, I think the cloud is planning something! The sky and Ace may be in cahoots together Marines stay sharp! 0_0

We start off with Ace chained up to a chair above deck on a Marine ship as he is being transported to Marinford. He looks kinda apathetic and he looks kinda regretful, as if he’ll never be able to see the big blue ocean and white cloudy sky ever again. It’s good to know he isn’t some kind of emotionless robot who doesn’t care whether he dies or not. I’m sure he’s come to terms, but it’s good to see a little emotion in his eyes, or am I just seeing things? Tell me how Ace feels at this point.

Over in Marine HQ Son-Goku…I mean Sengoku is just getting word that neither Whitebeard or Blackbeard can be found. Maybe their off exchanging information on how to actually grow some beards in the first place…But wait, what’s this? Sengoku is then informed of an unmarked Marine vessel has just landed at Impel Down. Who can it be? IT’S BLACKBEARD AND HIS CREW!!! WTF are they doing there? Holy shit, even though I hate his character the action is about to bump to a whole new level now that another Shichibukai is here, nonetheless Blackbeard. It’s pretty obvious to me why he’s here: because he’s after Luffy, right? I also recall, though, he was after Luffy for his 100 Million Beri bounty, which would increase his reputation and qualify him for the title of Shichibukai. Now that he’s a Shichibukai, does he still want Luffy or is he there for another reason?

So after Blackbeard kicks some Gaol Guard ass, while at the same time saying he’s on their side (Hypocrite), we cut to Vice-Chief Hannyabal who is experiencing a mental breakdown over the predicaments happening all around Impel Down. No need to fear, Hannyabal…oh f**k, Chief Magellan is here. For some reason, I thought he’d be on the ship headed towards Marinford. Anyway, he took care of the rioting on Level 2 and sealed off all the exits with poison…cheating bastard, you can’t stop your enemy from escaping with your poisonous powers…well, that’s Buggy’s logic, at least…

Wow...I think she just jizzed her pants!

Wow...I think she just jizzed her pants!

In a last ditch effort to stop Blackbeard’s advance, Magellan gives permission to the guards for the release of M. Bison…Shiryuu. 😉 What does Shiryuu do after he’s finally released and given back his sword? He starts slicing up guards, that’s what! Now, I don’t even know Shiryuu’s intentions. At first I thought when Luffy would get down there he would speak out and Luffy would help him escape and they’d take down Magellan together. It’s the complete opposite. Time for a new poll on Shiryuu.

Meanwhile, all over Level 4, the prisoners are running amok and the Blugori are handing out ass kickings left and right. Well, that is until Mr. Giant Winking Ugly Face steps in and trashes them. Then comes along Luffy, Crocodile, and Jimbei, and the Blugori are basically out of the picture. Then, we finally get to see the Demon Guards in action. If the Demon Guards are stronger than the minotaur Luffy, Buggy, and Galdino had to fight, then prepare for an epic battle, right? Wrong! The Demon Guards are swept aside quicker than a Trekkie at a Star Wars convention. (Sorry, had to with all that’s going on recently 🙂 )

Go Team Awesome GO! 2 punches and a.....did Crocodile just Bitch Slap the Zebra? XD

Go Team Awesome GO! 2 punches and a.....did Crocodile just Bitch Slap the Zebra? XD

Well that’s it for this week. The two biggest revelations were the arrival of Blackbeard and the fact that Shiryuu is sent to fight him. Here’s this week’s motivational poster. I particularly like this one and I’m sorry for whoever this offends.

lame_title_feat__Nico_Robin_by_soumakyo(Artwork by soumakyo from deviantart)


~ by supertrek89 on May 16, 2009.

47 Responses to “Update: Top 10 Reasons You Should Start Wathcing One Piece + One Piece Chapetr 543 Spoilers Confirmed!!! One Piece Chapter 542 Discussion and Breakdown! New One Piece Demotivational Poster and One Piece Movie 10 Update! 0-0”

    Good work again super!
    Haha – i thought u’d use the time of dying AMV – o well i d/l all the one’s i recommended to u so of course i’ve got this 1. lol
    (at super/shinobimadness – having just read the entire one piece series myself, if u’d like some assistance i’m here and i’ve got a fair bit of time on my hands atm – so let me know – i’d love to help out on the arc breakdowns)

  2. @Mudshovel: Thx a lot! 😀 If you want to help Shinobi with the arc breakdowns that’s fine with me and he may appreciate the help. I haven’t talked to him personally about it though so maybe you should try to contact him about it. I have some other ideas for One Piece related posts that I may need some help on in the future though. But for now….it’s 6:30 in the morning and I need some rest. *Yaaaaaaaawwwwwnnn* :O Good Night…or Good Morning…

  3. DAMMIT!!! 3rd…

  4. DAMN YOU MUD!!! I was keeping an eye out for this breakdown, trying to get my first “FIRST!” ever…but you know what I was doing? I WAS READING THAT ARTICLE YOU POSTED ON KAT’S CHATROLL ABOUT HOW AWFUL HALO IS!!!!!!

    GAH!!!! *repeatedly bangs head on floor*

  5. @super: sure man – u’ve got my email, if u need a hand let me know.
    @madness: let me know your thoughts on the matter email me at:
    crudshoveltime@hotmail.com (a new email i started up just before, so spam away d-bags. lol)

  6. @dark: lol – how awesome is that article though – everything i thought about how crap it was, was pointed out perfectly. as i said b4 though, i’m a PS fanboi so i’m automatically biased. lol

  7. Thats’s gotta be a motivational poster to support your cause – a super 😉 ? lol

  8. @Mud – LOL I’ll admit – as much as I disagree with that article in its entirety – that article was pretty awesomeness…;)

    @Super – Nice breakdown buddy! Staying up till 6.30am to finish One Piece is pure dedication…props to you, dude! Now if only you’d embrace the DARKNESS…lmao 😀

  9. You I have been thinking about it, but is it possiable that Whitebeard is already at the execution location. Secret cover operations for the victory.

    This chapter was great. Impel Down just doesn’t get a break hell all that rep just dropped severly. It cannot take another two or three unexpected arrivings.

    Also good work on the breakdown, motivational poster, amv and the occasional db referance.

  10. number 3 sounds like the best reason to me…lol…anyways thanks super i really am glad i started to read one piece…

  11. @Mudshovel: I got that Robin pic out of my Favorites archive! 😉

    @Dark: Lol, the only darkness I’ll accept is when I close my eyes to sleep but thx for reading. 🙂

    @Kyouto: Thank you. Interesting theory that Whitebeard is at the execution grounds already even though he’d have to be one sneaky sonofabitch to infiltrate Marinford and not be noticed. It’d be cool though if Whitebeard was hiding under Sengoku’s desk the entire time. SURPRISE! XD

    @Shinobi: I’m really looking forward to these arc breakdowns. I haven’t read back then in so long I might have forgotten some stuff. Here’s a great site that points out all the arcs so far http://www.arlongpark.net/Manga/Arcs. Maybe it’ll help you out.

    @Anyone: I wonder if Shiryuu and Blackbeard are working together or will be working together in the future. It’s a crazy theory of mine but what if Blackbeard already knew who Shiryuu was and came to Impel Down to recruit him on his crew? What if Shiryuu knew Blackbeard was coming and knew they’d set him free when he broke into Impel Down. Again this is just an out of the box theory of mine. It came from me not knowing Blackbeard’s true intentions and the fact that the only reason Magellan allowed for Shiryuu’s release was because the arrival of Blackbeard. Suspiiiicioooouuussssss…..

  12. still not convinced.

    [Super: Well you can’t please everybody…but you can you can sure as hell try! *straps Boyruns to a chair and sits him in front of a One Piece marathon* you will give it a chance! Lol, jkjk….*prepares ductape*]@_@

  13. @super: thanks for the link its pretty helpful…..im gonna try and do at least the first 2 arcs sometime this week. if you need to get incontact with me im friends with ibiki on facebook…

  14. @super: i’d rather be waterboarded

    Hmmm….*waterboards Boyruns* *screaming can be heard from the padded room* Damn, you asked for it you don’t have to scream like a bitch. >_<

  15. and super takes the crown for longest post title!!! AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!! 😛

  16. Great breakdown as usual. Can’t wait for next week.

    Also, I found this great AMV on youtube, just thought i would share it.

  17. Hey guys I know I haven’t been on for a while and haven’t commented since…well that one time. Anyway great breakdown as always SUPAAA!! Love the motivational poster. Easy on the eyes and funny atthe same time(imo). I thought you would mention the Luffy/Jimbei scene. I found it funny and interesting that Jimbei say he has little power on dry ground and Luffy responds with a “really you seem pretty strong” remark. In my head I’m going ” WTF you get stronger?!?! You’ve been kicking ass this whole time and you say you are weak?!” I would love to see how he performs in the water or at least in wet ground(?). Blackbeard arriving was a big surprise to me. Never expected that. When they said an unauthorized warship had arrived at gaol I was like fuck yeah Mighty fine Boa took over the warship and is coming to save her baby boo. Then I see a fugly douche blackbeardless……. What is his purpose there? Only thing i can think of is Luffy but to what purpose? He is already a shibukai. We know he plans on betraying the government( just using to get rid of other pirates). Maybe he is afraid to meet whitebeardless since he does have a target on him(basically). He probably thought he was better off at gaol then right in the middle of a freaken battle. Well thats al lfor now will comment later.

  18. BTW those are some great F@@KEN reasons to read/watch One piece everyone!!!!!! So start watching or readign it. I myself will start watching the anime this summer.

    PS- recommend reading it first then watching it. So much better IMO.

  19. i love how in the 10 reasons to watch/read one piece super ran out of shit to say so he just started making random shit up…… good cover there super 😉

  20. one piece may be a good show. but does captain planet watch it? i think not. however, he does watch naruto!

  21. Nice… good breakdown… fun yet informative -_-

  22. wow! nice breakdown!!!
    thanks supertrek…I’ve reached 100th chapter now…I think I can get there by next week….thanks again….

    I can’t believe I was wasting all my time reading that naruto!!! sure it is great but it gets crappy sometimes and it takes almost a month for it to recover…so far, onepiece has had no such crappy plot (and I don’t think it will either ^_^)

    btw, to the guys who want to read onepiece, goto MangaHut, it has some feature (auto/manual) and you don’t have to wait for the next page to load…by the time you finish reading a page, the next will already be ready for you…cool, eh? much better than Onemanga!

    thanks again supertrek! It was really worth listening to you…

    This manga is ******* AWESOME!!!!

  23. @Reflex: Shhhhhhhh, I don’t think anyone else noticed… -_-

    @Gangly: Wow, thx for the awesome AMV it’s great! 😀

    @Captn: Welcome back stranger haven’t seen you around IRA in a good while. Lol, yeah I guess I should have mentioned Jimbei’s statement about his power level being over 9000 when he’s in water. XD For some reason I read it and it made sense to me since he’s a fishman, but I guess I didn’t deem it important to mention…go figure. As for Blackbeard I can’t remember him saying he plans on betraying the World Government. He does want to become the Pirate King so I guess that would lead to the inevitable betrayal of the Government. Right now though I think he wants to keep his title of Shichibukai as long as possible since he fought so hard to get it. Why’s a pirate who wants to become the Pirate King also want to become a Shichibukai so bad? It’s a f**king conundrum because you can’t do both! The more I think about it the more I believe Blackbeard has a bigger plan up his sleeve that encompasses everybody at least that much is obvious.

    @Renzy10: Dammit I haven’t seen you in so long either and then you come on here and deny Captain Planet doesn’t read One Piece! 0_0 Captain Planet is a Devil Fruit user and he ate the Element Element Fruit thus he has the power to use the 5 elements….so there Captain Planet not only watches One Piece he is apart of the One Piece World! 😛

    @Pain: Thank You! I’m just trying to show as many people possible the awesomeness that is One Piece and your testimony helps a lot so I should be thanking you instead! Glad you enjoy it. 😀

    @Dabisan: Ty dude!

  24. all those reasons to watch it an yet… it ranked #3 on OneManga (behind Bleach which is #2 and Naruto which is #1) SUCK IT ONE PIECE!!!!

    Yes, Naruto and Bleach do rank #1 and #2 respectively on the website Onemanga but I’m talking about worldwide popularity here not one website popularity. In terms of worldwide recognition One Piece takes the cake!

  25. As soon as Im done watching Hajime no Ippo and reading the 800+ chapters in the manga (O.O) then I’ll start One Piece.

    Hajime no Ippo is one of the best animes ever and should be placed in the “Animes other then Naruto” section!

  26. I’ve been avoiding this manga for some reason. I would watch the show all the time. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll start reading it. I’m about 60% sure I will. Might I recommend false advertisement? Somewhere along the lines of “The only reason it sold 140 mill was because Swayze was featured in a few chapters.” Don’t tell which ones so people read to find out.

  27. @ renzy10- captain planet may or may not read onepiece but f@@ken captnmexico sure does !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @supAAAAA- yo yo yo well it will be interesting to see what he does.

  28. @super: hahaha! enhenced torture technique!?!?
    waterboard no jutsu?


    Is One Piece better watched in Dub or in Sub?

    [Super: Sub all the way dude!]

  30. @pumkin- sub all the way. The dub is bad only thing close to decent is the funimation one but they aren’t that far into the story.

  31. You forgot reasons # 11, 12, 13, 14, & 15:

    #15. The plot never gets old. There’s always a new twist around the corner.

    #14. Oda handles complex issues like war, slavery, and loyalty much better than Kishimoto, always turning things on their head and giving people a new way to look at things.

    #13. Women actually kick ass without having to become DIDs or loyal henchmen.

    #12. The anime fillers don’t suck. G8 FTW!!

    #11. Zoro could kick Sasuke’s ass any day without going into emo!rant-mode. Nami could kick Sakura’s butt without having to have a pathetic crush and being a useless deadweight before her powerup. And Luffy…would beat Naruto to a standstill before the two call it a draw and go out for ramen. Cause they’re both too awesome! 🙂

  32. Lol. Ok thanks. I was just asking becus I know I would rather watch DBZ in Dub. Goku’s voice is just too raspy and young in sub…But its good to know One Piece is enjoyable in sub!

  33. @Elisha2kings: You’re right I did forget those 5 reasons! 😀 …but I can honestly say that Sakura can kick Nami’s ass as of now. That’s if we’re talking about Sakura after Shippuden that is. Sakura pre-Shippuden though Nami stands a chance. 😉

  34. @whoever: It doesn’t really matter though – they’re both horrible! Nami being an annoying gold digger who i think would sell anyone to protect herself, and who is really just useless. as for sakura the only thing she can do is throw a punch (dodge that and she’s fu*ked) and wait for others to get hurt (while crying sasuke sasuke)
    Both terrible (nami’s worse though)

  35. @Mudshovel: NANI? Nami useless? She’s been useful ever since the beginning of the series unlike Sakura. Nami is the best navigator out there and Luffy wouldn’t even set sail without her. If he did he’d be either lost or dead by now. Not only that but she is one hell of a fighter. She took down pirates and took care of herself before she even joined Luffy’s crew. After that she got even better! Have you forgotten that she took down a Baroque Works agent by herself? Even better though she took down a member of CP9 by herself. Both had Devil Fruit powers and she didn’t. She had a weapon but her opponent’s bodies were basically weapons themselves. At this point she’s capable of taking down scores of marines by herself too. If these aren’t great accomplishments then I don’t know what is.

    She is a gold digger but I think you know she would never sell out any of her nakama for any amount of money. She is a kind and caring person which is the reason why she was going to give all the ships gold (300 Million Beri) just to free Camie the mermaid from slavery. So you see money is not more important to her than a person’s life. In fact mermaids were looked down on as beneath humans so this shows her compassion even more that she would go through such lengths for a mermaid. What do you have against Nami to slander her name so?

  36. hmmm that is a fair question. I suppose it was who she was in the beginning that makes me hate her so.
    I guarantee that in most manga series u will find someone that you hate no matter what. It could be for something minor yet u will generally find someone and it doesn’t matter if they change.
    Naruto – sasuke and sakura
    Bleach – Toshirou and Soi fon
    One piece – Nami
    Basilisk – gyoubu
    HSD Kenichi – ukita
    (This list could go on for awhile)

    Listen I don’t want to start a debate on this – i know she has changed who she is. It is simply my own preference that is all. I suppose that that alone doesn’t give me the right to ‘bash’ her yet in my defence – I hate what I hate and I like what I like, lol.

  37. ive finally caught up on manga and anime one piece… i think its awesome and its gotta be the funniest manga ever

  38. One Piece
    Chapter 543
    Spoiler #1 (2chan)

    (んじゃ ◆bvOTKk1mXg)
    Battle Franky (AP)




    こんな所で時間食ってていいのか?もう刑が執行されるぞ ゲハハ


    Translation: DirtMoneky_AL (AP)

    Somehow Shiryuu’s at the gate entrance.
    Blackbeard: Ooh? Someone strong looking just came out. Is it Magellan?
    Shiryuu: So you’re Marshall D. Teach?

    The two stare at each other.

    Hannyabal can do nothing but endure Luffy’s fierce attack.

    Blackbeard and crew materialize before Luffy with his ability.
    (Shiryuu’s not there.)
    So you’re our former commander’s little brother, huh?
    Is it all right to be eating up time here in this place? They’re gonna enforce his penalty. Gehaha.


  39. Spoiler #2
    Source: ttp://f.pic.to/xxh6c

    1. ttp://img265.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=99314_01_123_223lo.jpg
    2. ttp://img109.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=99315_02_123_881lo.jpg
    3. ttp://img160.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=99167_03_123_781lo.jpg
    4. ttp://img207.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=99172_04_123_495lo.jpg
    5. ttp://img167.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=99173_05_123_999lo.jpg
    6. ttp://img225.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=99174_06_123_76lo.jpg
    7. ttp://img223.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=99175_07_123_71lo.jpg
    8. ttp://img253.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=99332_08_123_431lo.jpg
    9. ttp://img206.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=99333_09_123_354lo.jpg

    Full Japanese Script

    ワンピース詳細文字バレ 543話 麦わらと黒ひげ
    扉絵 短期集中連載第12弾 サンジの地獄(カマバッカ)よりお気を確かに
    Vol.1 出口のない島の冒険


















    看守「うお―――!!副署長が薙刀”血吸 ”を持ってる!!本気だ!!!」「じゃあ頼りになるぞ!!強ェぞ!!!」






    ルフィ「あち あち どかねェならぶっ飛ばしていくぞ!!!おれはエースを助けに行くんだ!!」




















    Yo! Kyouto! Watch your pic links – especially if they have links embedded within the pics themselves. I tried to edit them but… FTR, you always have interesting spoilers! 🙂


  40. I updated the post to show the One Piece 543 chapters spoilers. Thanks again for the spoilers Kyouto and thanks Penny for editing them.

  41. i have been wondering this for a whie but what is zoro’s name is it zolo or zoro cuz ive seen both in many different places.

  42. Aww come on super you forgot that I endorse one piece lol

    come on

    Burning Ace


  43. @Jb135: His real name is Zoro. In the english translation for some reason they changed it to Zolo which is dumbass in my opinion. So let’s just call him Zoro ok. 😉

    @Ace: Hey what’s up man? Seems I forgot many reasons which makes One Piece awesome. How could I forget it’s endorsed by you? Lol, anyway haven’t seen you in a long while.

  44. ONE PIECE is out!!!

  45. Just by reading the cover with sanji I was rolling on the floor LMAO!!!!! Looks like we wont be seing the crew back together if they are going to do a cover short story for everyone. Poor sanji………hope thye yelled SUPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. @ supertrek: yeah dude I have been super busy with school lol. It’s the last couple of months before graduation and I wanna make sure I graduate lol. THat and work has been killing me XD.

    BTW the Robin Poster very nice!

  47. Guess I should get on that breakdown now… 😉

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