Bleach Manga 357 spoiler discussion + Bleach Manga 356: Tyrant of Skulls

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Renee here (aka Elfarren) with this week’s Bleach breakdown. I’ve volunteered since everyone else is tied up with various activities *ahem!* but please keep in mind that this is my first time … writing the breakdown, you pervs, get your mind out of the gutter! LOL


Tite sure knows how to set the mood, and the opening color pic of Renji lounging, telling us all to sit back and relax, felt like a nice way of saying, “Here’s a little reward for dealing with Naruto the past few weeks.” ^_<  Thank you, Tite Kubo, for making this week’s TGIMF worth the two week wait.

Toushirou lives

So, first thing’s first, and I have to say, this really made me roll my eyes when Toushirou popped up behind Halibel and tried to give her the old slice and dice. It would have been much better if he yelled, “SURPRISE!”, first, but he’s so cold I bet his balls still haven’t dropped. I understand he’s a fan favorite and therefore low on the list of possible characters to actually be killed off, but I was so hopeful last week when I saw that dumb@$$ look on his face after Halibel cut him in half … I really was … *sighs in resignation*  To make the best out of this unfortunate turn of events, share with me how, precisely, Toushirou will get his @$$ handed to him ^_^

Soi Fong

Moving on to a much more awesome fight, it looks like things aren’t going so well for Soi Fong. I had a lot of confidence that her character would kick some solid @$$ this week while spouting off in last week’s breakdown, but now I’m not so sure. Osteoporosis is a b!tch by itself, but to suddenly be hit with it in the middle of a battle? The odds are now officially stacked against her in my opinion. Please, argue with me in the comments and tell me I’m wrong, because I like her character. I have to admit, though, that Barragan’s released form is so awesomeness that I’m having trouble caring right now – I just wanna see him fight ^_^ I’ve been wondering if Suzumebachi could kill him anyway, because his ability is, in essence, death. How do you kill death incarnate? Hmmm ……..

Espada 1 Grim Reaper

So that’s it for my breakdown. Sorry if it’s short, but I’m not as versed in the Bleach world as I am with Naruto, so no predictions or innuendo this time … okay, so maybe I snuck in a little innuendo for old times sake … stop complaining, you know you like it ^_< And just because I know the legion of guys out there will cry foul if I leave this out, here’s a pic of Halibel in all her skimpy glory ^_^  Bubble contest below!


You know the rules by now, so give me the best you’ve got @_@ LOL

bleach bubble


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  1. BONO!!!!!!!!!!! … i mean FIRST!!!!!!!!

  2. 2nd… good job El. I’ll give my opinion tomorrow after my last final and I end my sabbatical from the blog 😀

  3. OMG elfarren does breakdowns now? has ero been replaced lol jkjk.
    Great breakdown elf.
    I bet i’m gonna get raged at 4 my comment here – but i thought this was a terrible chapter – seems like kubo (author) doesn’t want 2 kill of any of his characters – just the thought of all the fan girls screetching at toshiro being killed must have stopped him from doing so. Fuk – y couldn’t he have been left armless and dead!
    Not to mention skull king – lame (thinks of even lamer he-man and ghost rider jokes)

    Nothing happened except give fan girls satisfaction – y doesn’t the commander end this in 5 secs flat? but of course that would only take a chapter soo its out of the question.

  4. this chapter was actually decent compared to the steaming pile of shit that was “naruto” this week (as well as the past 3 weeks)….

    oh and congrats elf – you just broke the record for worlds shortest breakdown!! HOORAY!!!!!! (joking) 😛

  5. screeching** my bad

  6. @ mud – ero is currently lost at sea and/or dead so other people had to take up the slack (i almost did the breakdown 😛 – that would have been something)

    oh and i dont think this chapter sucked but it could have been wayy better. damn why does Toshiro have to be so goddamned popular!!!!! (still better than naruto this week atleast – f***in Nagato)

    oh and about the commander thing… I was actually looking forward to Yamamoto doing to Halibel what he had already done to her lackies (pun intended). When she challenged him i was jumping out of my chair in excitement thinking about the up-coming pwnage but then…. toshiro came along — DAMN YOU TOSHIRO YOU F***ING CUNT!!!!!!

    oh and yes… skull king is lame….. very lame

  7. @reflex: lmao. Hell yea if the commander started fighting her, i would have been on this blog praiseing it to no end. (stupid fan girls). (why didn’t you do the breakdown? any reason? not that i’m saying you did a bad job elf *pulls collar* just wondering is all)
    “we can talk about this elf, put down that koudachi”
    Mudshovel – M.I.A (missing in action)
    (i’ll be back, *insert manical laughter*)

  8. @ mud – jeremiah emailed it so all of us today asking if we wanted to do it…. i denied at first because i hadnt read the chapter yet, then SCHY said he would do it b4 i could change my mind…. obviously he didnt come through cuz elf had to do it…. if Ero isnt here next week i will do man… and its gonna be funneh 😀

  9. @reflec: okay – nice.
    *reflex calls of all support to find ero*

  10. @ Mud and Reflex – No love for Barragan’s released form?! There must be something wrong with you two … srsly, you’re telling me you wouldn’t be awed even a little if you had to fight someone like that? *Shakes head sadly* Must have been too many keeblers … you’re both cut off for a week ^_<

    @ Jeremiah – Can’t wait to see what you thought of the chapter ^_^ And, as a fellow artist, you’ll back me up that Barragan’s released form was bad@$$, right? LOL Good luck with your finals ^_^

  11. dude im actually looking forward to a potential breakdown…. i actually started writing the breakdown for this one b4 i realized schy was doing it…… im not saying i hope ero is gone or nothing, but i would like to have just 1 weekly post to my name 😀

    if you want i could email you the half-breakdown i did…. its funneh man!!

  12. @ elfarren – if i had to fight someone like that it would be scary… but the stupid “big scary guy wearing black with skull as a head” concept is a little clithe… if i want people with blacks capes and skull heads fight i’ll go watch Grim adventures of billy and mandy for Christs sake!!! BOR-ING!!!!

  13. @elf: lol – what next is soi fon gonna break out the arthritis creame to win the fight – this will speed me up. lol jkjk, i just thought it was lame (not enough hellibel fan service – 19 pages or its just not good enough lol jkjk)

  14. @reflex – my email is (go to the chat room for a bit to get the first part – don’t want spam)

  15. i’ll post my version sometime today…

  16. Id peek under Halibels mask anytime, but it seems like shes gonna get bodied because if youre an Espada that isnt Grimmjow or Ulquiorra you dont deserve more than one fight

  17. It posted? My lord nothing i say in the naruto thread gets posted! Someone is trying to guide my manga reading! *hauntedhousemusic*

  18. it was a good breakdown this week elf…
    this chapter was actually better than naruto’s so im not complaining…although i am curious of why toshiro never used this attack before….Also Soi Fon is in some trouble for the fact that shes fighing father time…lol i think she might have to bust out some of that kido techinque her and yoriuchi know or possibly her bankai now…im comeone how long are u gonna get your ass handed to you before u use ur bankai?….hopefully next chapter we see something awesome since there all refreshed from goldenweek and the juices are following back to normal…

  19. @Reflex: pffft how can you say his form is sh$t!? i mean he’s got a crown for christ sake! and that necklace he’s wearing, is just the essense of manlyness lol! as for the whole grim thing, thst man can hardly hold himeself together let alone fight lol! damn and i was looking forward for the sh$t you’d come up for this chapter..damn 😛

    soifon better hurry her @ss and go bankai already, im tired of waiting for her to show it:D

  20. My versions compleated…im just waiting for Jeremiah’s responce on polls…he says he’ll add mine to this one or something.

  21. @Elfarren: Great breakdown Elfarren! I must agree with you on Barragan’s appearance I almost squealed like a girl when he turned from old man to total badass! 0_0 Reminds me of Hamlet for some odd reason I wonder why… 😉

    @Shinobi: I would assume Toshiro never used that technique before because he’s never been cut in half before. Regarding why Soi Fon won’t use her Bankai is also irritating me. Of all the captains that we’ve seen fight the most throughout the entire series we’ve never seen her damn Bankai!!! Why didn’t she use it on Yoruichi when they fought? She probably could have won…I think the captains are to damn pompous! I mean just look at the espada! They’re releasing their forms left and right while they’re WINNING! The losing captains on the other hand refuse to release their damn Bankais!!! BAKAS!!! -_-

  22. Do you believe there is something higher than bankai.

  23. Yeah, seeing Soi Fon using her Bankai would be good. But I just kinda have a feeling that we might see someone else come to her rescue. I can’t remember but where’s Yoruichi at these days? Or even Urahara for that matter. Though I think it would awesome to see Yoruichi come to Soi Fon’s rescue and totally unleash her hotness on our arrogant Death friend.

  24. hahaha….. i want to see what the fuck is going down back at Los Noches in the wake of Ulquoria’s defeat and the Yammy being Espada #0 revelation….. worst plot twist ever btw… but it should still make for a good fight………..

    oh and i think Urahara may have something to do with Ichigo’s return from Hueco Mundo to help fight the other Espada and Aizen once yammy is defeated… Yoruichi on the other hand may be available to help Soi fong out… it sounds like the best option right now… unless she’s goes bankai that is

  25. no offense reflex but im tired of heuco muendo…we’ve been upto date on everything there for the longest…even that long ass fight between ichigo and ulquiorra…i think its good were finding out whats going on here in fake kakura town because aizen probably doesn’t know that ulquiorra was defeated..also i’ve been waiting to see the top captains here fight for the longest especially shunsui…(my favorite bleach character)

  26. @ shinobi – me too but i really want to know what the fuck is up with “espada #0” … wtf is with that bs plot twist!?!?!

    im not saying i want a infinite chapter fight like the one with ulquiorra… i just want a little more info on just exactly what the hell is going on…..

  27. Who is gona fight with “espada numero 0” right now i hope its either kenny or Byakuya… I hope that ichigo dosent just go there and beat the crap out of him… how much credit can u give one person… and on a diferent note since ichigo is half hollow wouldn’t he be able to use gargantas… i think he should learn how to be able to go help the captains… and i think he is gona have to end u fighting Aizen cause he is one of the only ones that hasent been caught up on his zanpa’s power right?? or does it only work after one use?? anyways i hope im making even just a bit on sence here and btw i think espada # 0 is just G@Y

  28. Bleach Chapter 357
    Spoiler #1
    Forum: ttp://

    Originally Posted by Soranushi
    357 The Colossus of Fear



    931 名前:ohana ◆luR4HO8C2g [sage] 投稿日:2009/05/13(水) 17:59:04 ID:vEuEa1wvO

    大前田 がんばってる

    Spoiler #2

    Spoiler Trans by spacecat
    Originally Posted by spacecat

    いつもどうり タイトル・扉絵はなんだったか忘れてしまったぜ…

    大前田 ??




    鮫女 ほう~




    Spoiler from Nja on 2ch
    Originally Posted by spacecat

    As usual I forget the title..

    Barragan releases his “death breath” everywhere.
    After seeing a building rot away from it Soi Fon tells Omaeda to run and starts to run herself.
    Soi Fon becomes furious after watching her arm rot away because of the death breath.
    She asks Omaeda to cut off her left arm.

    Soi Fon:

    “Omaeda! Cut off my left arm!”


    “Do you want me to die?”

    Her left arm is cut off.

    The scene changes to Hitsugaya.

    Hitsugaya: “Your water can’t compete with my ice type zanpakutou!! It can all be used as my weapon!!”

    Halibel: “Really?”

    Hitsugaya releases his ice dragon but it is overwhelmed by Halibel’s water.

    It ends with Hitsugaya being blown away by a direct hit from a piece of his own ice.

  29. Source : 2ch
    Credits : Ohana
    Verifivation : Confirmed
    357 The Colossus of Fear



    Soi Fon’s arm rots down to the bones and Hitsu is struggling against Halibel.

  30. Holl Sh!t there’s a bubble contest – i only have to sub mit one and i win MUWHAHAHAHAHA

  31. submit**

  32. BUBBLE:

    Branagan: What you don’t understand how my powers work?
    Branagan: Well seeing as how there is no chance that you can beat me, i might as well tell you everything about how my powers work.
    Soi fon (thinking): …Did i forget to turn the iron off? yoruichi will be mad if i didn’t…
    Branagan: Well there you have it, now that i’ve told you the weakness of my powers, there is still no way that you can defeat me.

  33. BUBBLE:

    Branagan: Prepare yourself little girl, you’ve seen it before in…
    Branagan: … Ghost Rider …
    Branagan: … and in He-man …
    Branagan: Now look into my … hands beacuse if i say eyes we’ll be sued.

  34. Not so fast Mudshovel! 😛



    Barragan: I’m Officer Barragan with the Espada D.U.I unit. Do you know how fast you were flying?

    Barragan: Ah, you seem to be too intoxicated to respond or perhaps stoned…

    Barragan: Alright I’ll make this easy for you. How many fingers am I holding up?

  35. lol – damn u super – was wondering when you’d show up

  36. Lol – just realised i typed his name wrong – lol i better fix that.

  37. BUBBLE:

    Barragan: Prepare yourself little girl, you’ve seen it before in…
    Barragan: … Ghost Rider …
    Barragan: … and in He-man …
    Barragan: Now look in to my … hands, because if i say eyes we’ll be sued

  38. @Mudshovel: Hehe, I couldn’t let you go for first without a challenge now could I? 😉

  39. @super: what it’s not enough to get 3 bubbles in the top 10 in the naruto section 😉 lol jkjk.

  40. BLEACH IS OUT EARLY!!! Go read it now! *goes to read* 0_0

  41. There is only one person I really want to see fight and kill Yammy, and that is Captain of Squad 4, Unohana Retsu (I just know that is spelled wrong). If you have noticed on several occasions people have been frightened of her, despite her calm and gentle outward demeanor.

    And she is the only captain we have not seen in battle, I know your all going to say she is captain of the Medical Corps, well I say Phooey to you, all captains have to have a great deal of strength in combat or they would never have been able to become captains.

    Either that or it is gonna take a collaboration of all the captains in Hueco Mundo to take down Yammy cause I don’t see Chad, Renji, and Rukia taking him down.

    Either way I would like to see Captain Unohana in combat.

  42. HOLY SHIT IT WAS AWESOME!!! The captains are getting their asses kicked and that’s all I’m saying until you’ll read it too! 😀

  43. BUBBLE
    Barragan: Greedr
    Barragan: Lust
    Barragan: Despair
    Barragan: How dare you compare your god father to these, now come allow me to check that lump it may life threatening..

  44. @ super – thats the way it always goes… the captains or whoever always get their asses kicked, then pull out some mystical “why didnt you use that earlier” move and win in a flash…… im betting this follows the same or similar pattern…. either that or they get rescued………..

  45. @Reflex: They get rescued by the Vizards of course but I’m still loving the action and the captains getting their pompous asses kicked! 😉

  46. BUBBLE
    Barragan: I’M
    Barragan: OVER
    Barragan: 9000
    Barragan: BITCHES!!!!!

  47. @ super – why can they just kill toshiro’s lil ass while there at it… give the fan-girls something to bitch about…. thats be funneh as hell!!! 😀

  48. flexxxx un ban me now!~!!!!!!

  49. BUBBLE #2
    Barragan: Ka
    Barragan: Me
    Barragan: Ha Me
    Barragan: Ha Ha Why are you sweating, it was a joke a joke

  50. I don’t mind if Toshiro lives nor all the characters, if its like One Piece they can keep going like this. I do feel however that if its going to be that way they need to make stronger strides in power to keep up.

  51. The new chapter is out… ridiculously fast.. check out onemanga!

    left @ 10pm Wednesday may 13 2008 Mountain time

  52. I’ve been wondering this for awhile – WHY is Helibel’s spine running down her stomache? and when did she find time to run out and get new boots? lol

  53. Nice chapter, Finally we see what Barra can do.
    (I just woke up and I have some death breath myself! lol)
    I wonder who is going to challenge him? Soi fon is no match for him. And Omaeda… is Omaeda…

  54. IMO – this whole captains getting their butts wooped is setting up for one of 2 things:
    1. Commander Yamamoto 2 deal out the uba pwnage in 5 secs flat (thats rite – uba)
    2. The Vizards save their pompus asses, take no names – only deal in lead and force the captains to recognize them in some way.
    (or the standard, wait i forgot i knew that move, better use it – cause that would be lame)

  55. BUBBLE:

  56. BUBBLE:
    Barragan: Silence Woman for I am A King!!!
    Barragan: Now Come Here and Stand Before Me…
    Soi Fon: *for some reason she feel compelled to listen to him*
    Barragan: Must…Touch…Her…Breast…Before…Sees….Me

  57. I don’t even read Bleach, but good job Elfarren!

    Now imma try this bubble contest!

    *goes off to plot evil plots* hehehe…

  58. BUBBLE (with a twist…hehe)

    EroSennin: ‘Ummm…good work, Elfarren.’

    EroSennin: ‘Now gimme back my fucking breakdown space!’

    Elfarren: ‘Sorry about the lack of notice, Ero, but I’ve been hired as your replacement writer. You’re barely here enough as it is! Besides, I’m WAY hotter.’

    EroSennin: *growls* ‘There is no word in the English language dark and painful enough to describe what I’m gonna do to you…though “surprise” comes pretty close…’

  59. BUBBLE #2

    Barragan: “Excuse me ma’am, but you’re standing still in a no parking zone.”

    Barragan: “If you don’t get a move on that body…”

    Barragan: *raps* “Then I’ll be forced to give you a ticket!”

    Barragan: *raps* “So GET WITH IT!”

    OldSkool FTW!!! +10 awesomeness points to the first one who can tell me what oldskool classic that’s from!

  60. @ mud – lmao…. but then once the vizards are done what the fuck are they gonna do bout aizen and the other 2???? i dont even think the vizards can take him on

    some miraculous comeback by ichigo and the other jack-offs from hueco mundo after beating Yammy’s bad plot-twisting ass all over the pavement (ichigo doin most of the fighting of course)???? … oh wait… the manga is about ichigo mainly isnt it????? damn it all!!!! he gets too much cred as it is!!!!!! …. oh well… ichigo’s better than toshiro and thats a fact!!! 😛

  61. @reflex – quick post ur copy now b4 any1 else gets a chance to. lol
    Yea i think only the commander and/or ichigo can take Aizen (more badass if someone other than him 4 a change, takes down the main evil dude)
    But still – i hope the vizards come out of hideing and own all, simply because there awesome sauce.
    Stupid Toshiro, we hoped u died the other week, now i’m hopeing again – DIE ALREADY YOU DAMN CHIBI! lol
    *waits for fan girl rage* LOL

  62. Holy F#$KING SH*T why was the last episode of of bleach so damn good…I liked the Hisagi Shuuhei fight in the manga but the way they did it in the anime…the way it was animated…It is now tied with the first Ichigo Vs Kenpachi as the best fights in the anime for me….awesome. lets hope they animate all the fights like that from now on.

  63. So i wonder when or if mine will be added….

  64. You know, the more I think about it, the more I believe that Soifon simply can’t win this battle. Now that we know anything Barragan touches ages and decays, Soifon wouldn’t be able to use her zanpakuto twice to “kill” him with Suzumebachi (and like I said in the breakdown, how do you kill death?) She has to realize this too, by now, unless zanpakuto’s are somehow the exception to Barragan’s ability.

    Better yet, can’t zanpakuto replenish themselves, so to speak? I seem to remember Ichigo breaking his and then it reforming, but can a zanpakuto come back from nothingness? I’d love to get a discussion going on this …

    @ Super: I’m starting to agree with you on the captains needing to be rescued, and how ironic would it be for the Vizard to show up to kick some @$$ LOL

    @ Reflex: The lastest chapter looked promising for Toshiro to kick the bucket, don’t you think? ^_^ I really hate his character …

    @ Mudshovel: LOL A girl always has time to change into kick@$$ thigh highs in the middle of battle, didn’t you know that? We’re just good like that ^o^

  65. @elf: i agree as well – i can’t see how soifon can win. But this depends on Barragan’s control over his espada aspect, TIME. How complete is this ability? is it like a sphere that covers his entire body – meaning any and all attacks that enter this will slow down giving him the chance to avoid it, or is it only when he is observing and concentrating on an attack heading towards him that he can use time to slow it?
    If its the former – how the fu*k do you beat this?
    If its the later – she still has a small chance but i still doubt she can do it.

    As for the zanpakuto – hmm well in regards to can they come back from nothingness – i think so. Toshiros zanpakuto is the legendary ice soul cutter – this suggests that it must have been around before toshiro and used by others, which could imply that zanpakuto are eternal. However i think imo that the zanpakuto will only regenerate itself, if its user/master is still ‘alive’ to use it. If not – it dissapears until its next user arrives.(i’m not that sure of my bleach info as i’m not a massive fan)

    LOL – always time to change boots – nice call elf (now i’m scared) lol.


  67. @ schy – probably not since the new chapter was released early…..

  68. @ReFlex and elf- why so much hate on torhiro? I dont like him but i dont want him dead lol. who i really hate is matsumoto. Her zanpakuto is dumb and her double-ds are just ridiculous(at least not saggy like tsunade =D).

    I call that Yoruichi is gunna end up helping soifon and urahara is gunna help torshiro. Vizards coming in now isnt likely, i heard that next arc is Gotei 13 vs Vizards.

  69. @ fanboi – all bad characters deserv to die…. alot of people agree with me an elf too…. just ask around

    i know for a fact mud does and a bunch of other ppl do too

  70. lol gotei 13 vs vizards??? sounds interesting as hell…. wonder how ichigo’ll take that now??? 😛

  71. I dont know for sure but hell yeah it sounds interesting lol. And i guess if torshiro dies i wouldnt care a whole lot but wasnt he the most popular bleach character in the latest poll? Thats alot of japanese fanboys/fangirls. Tokyo doesnt want a riot. XD

  72. @ fanboi – lmao…. toshiro has MAINLY fangirls… its the only reason he isnt dead yet!!! LMAO

    thats the reason i hate him………..

  73. @fanboi haha your so funny what would you do if you married a petite little rukia and while she had your first child turned into matsumoto?

  74. @ fanboi – You know, I can’t really put my finger on one thing that bothers me about his character, because really it’s the entirety of his character that gets under my skin. The best way I can put it is that he’s too perfect to be believable for me. Every other character has some sort of weakness, but aside from his psuedo friendship with Momo, he doesn’t have any major deficiencies that want to make me know/care more about his character. As far as I’m concerned, all he’s got going for him are a Napoleon complex and a chip on his shoulder the size of Rhode Island. I could care less about his zanpakuto and how he’s the first in thousands of years to wield it … pretty much everything about him is so over cliched it makes him two dimensional to me, and I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t cut it in my book.

    Off with his head! LOL

  75. @ Mudshovel: Thanks for taking me up on the Soifon issue, I was hoping someone would be as interested in it as me ^_^ It was my impression that anything Barragan touches withers away and dies, not necessarily that he directs that power. If the ground he walks on rots away, and his death breath can turn Soifon’s arm to dust, it seems like he is his own zanpakuto. Does that make sense? He wouldn’t have to release or direct his power anywhere, it radiates from him; at least, that was my impression. Like you, I don’t follow Bleach with as much fanaticism as I do Naruto, so I could just be talking out my @$$ *L*

  76. @elf: hmmm … i think maybe it has combined as like an aura around him – when he was walking in ghost rider form (lol okay i’ll drop this, he does look a little badass) it seemed that what he touched – dacayed with time and disintergrated. Maybe it’s combined with his riatsu to form a short of aura shield? I don’t know – but when he attacked soifon – he seemed to fire a ‘death breath’ and then followed here with it – which i think means he can direct it as he wants to. Wait i just sayed that he has both the aura and abillity to direct it at will – WHO THE HELL CAN BEAT THIS (if its true and i’m not making sh!t up lol)
    Wait a minute – its obvious how to beat him – he’s bascially a clock right? either cut the power or get an uchiha who can use time/space jutsu to negate his shit lol.

  77. Lol at the Uchiha
    @ Fanboi- y would the vizards attack the goitei 13?? they have a grudge with aizen and his groupies not the rest… they were their friends. And if they wanted to attack the goitei 13 they would have to do it after aizen is beaten or else they would be allowing their greatest rival, Aizen, to get his key made and become ultrapowerful…

    @ anyone – I still think that kenny or bya is gona kick espadas 0’s @ss just cause they are bad@ss… I hope that its kenny thouth cause his fights are the best… ichigo is gona use a hollow garganta to get back to earth and kick someone’s @ss and since he is the main character it probs will be aizen… (also cause he hasent been caught in aizens illusionary power) i hope that blond hair vizard captain guy(whos name i forgot) will kick the blind dude’s @ss(crap man i keep forgetting their names…) Then the creapy smile guy will get beater by army knife guy.. since they both have small ones… Hey im talking about their zampaktous… Anyways i dont really write that often… hope that someone shares my point of view -_-

  78. @ elf: Yeah i know what you mean. His character is way too cliched.

    @ shartina: lol thats funny cuz my girlfriend is pretty short. xD I

    @ dabisan: Supposidly, Soul Society is corrupt and gotei 13 HAS to protect them. Again i dont know for sure but vizard vs shinigami fights sound really cool =)

  79. it would be awsome to see them fight… but the currupt in sould society was room 49 right?? now their are gone thx to aizen all killed so the power in soul society is jami san now… and he isn’t againts the vizard as far as i see it since he dosent mind ichigo knowing full well he is half hollow…-_-

  80. @ mud – or someone who can reverse time… not move it forward *wink wink*

    lmao that would be the worst fight ever though!!

  81. @reflex…reverse time we know at least One person Who can(Orihime) and maybe the fat vaisard with the “Horny” haircut(since he was training Orihime)…. also has anyone noticed a few people missing from the action?? like a certain black cat and a former captain with a striped hat?

  82. @ elf, It seems the arracncar have a tendency of fusing with their zanpakuto’s release form. They mostly all have that pattern, but I see what you mean. Ghost Rider there really doesn’t have to move or attack, in that his body emits that death aura in the first place. It kinda would make sense, but I think you could say all arrancar are their own zanpakuto’s themselves. I couldn’t name an espada that has their zanpakuto in released form.

  83. Alright, everyone can punch me in the face for this one, but look at Barragan’s skull picture in the breakdown. Focus on the chin. WTF?

  84. @ ajd: LMAO wow lol

    Barragan = Ballchinian i guess

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