Temari vs Konan Debate


Who will win? You decide...

Who will win? You decide...

This weeks debate is who would win in a fight between Temari and Konan.  Same rules apply as the other two debates.  Place your arguements in the comment section and vote below ^_^  Short mini stories/scripts on how the fight would go are not only allowed but encouraged!

Past results:

Kakashi (1-0) defeated Maito Gai (0-1)

Itachi (1-0) defeated Naruto (0-1)


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  1. Xth. What maddness is this Konan would obviously win.

  2. First

  3. NO doubt in my mind that wind will blow the paper babe all over the Fire Nation.

  4. I agree Tinman…

    Temari seems much stronger and her ability to use wind would fuck up Konan’s day.

  5. i say temari but cant be too sure

    akatsuki are notorious for having insane secret powers/skills, from immortality to “chibaku tensei”

    we havent seen konan in a true fight so you never know what kind of f***ed of shit she is capable of (pun intended) – as it stands konan would lose because wind trumps paper, but then again — if all konan has is paper she would be awfully weak for an akatsuki….

  6. btw — 5th!!

  7. I think we saw some of her skill against Jiraiya and a little more against the common nin of Konoha that she was suffocating.

    She could be in Akatsuki because of her connection to Nagato… personal handler if ya know what I mean 😉

  8. enough said

  9. hmmm. Kohan vs timari eh? Im going to have to go with kohan on this one. Why do i say this? She is with akustki.

  10. @ jeremiah – true but we havent seen her go all out… just fly a little and strangle some people….

    even if she has personal connection with nagato you still got to imagine she has some kind of secret power waiting to be unleashed on some hapless nin

  11. 100% Temari…

    if from what we have seen, Temari can slice trees in half and un root them from the ground, and slice thru rocks, while Konan can do paper cuts and suffocating paper techniques that really don’t match the power levels that Temari can do with her fan… also Temari was shown with an even greater strength and mind thought process from back in the Chunin exams that seem to surpass Konan who is an adult of today fighting against Jiraiya didn’t seem she has any real strengths…

    if Kishi shows Konan with a greater strength level on par with pain or Naruto then maybe but even still that is kind of reaching… and id rather deal with the facts at hand…

    Temari Wind Slash FTW over Konan’s paper trail!!

    Temari 1 / Konan 0


  12. Its easy to think Temari would win because youd think paper would never get to Temari. But remember, Konan is a member of Akatsuki and Temari is a new Jonin (she’d still be a chunin if she was in the leaf). I think Konan would find a way to get to her. Maybe by surrounding her with paper then suffocating her. Its already en shown that her weakness is water, not wind.

  13. heres a script of what may happen:
    Temari and the other sand bitches are called over from suna.
    Temari goes and asks sakura where naruto and Pain are fighting. They tell her not to interfere but she doesnt care, mentioning that pain has a partner like the other akatuski, she goes on ahead and finds inoichi. Temari asks about where nartuto is. They say hes in the paper -errrr- tree… They say that she should not interfere and try to stop her. However she BLOWs them all away. She goes to the tree and begins to BLOW the paper away. She [konan] goes out to check whats happening, wings and all.

    Konan: God is wondereing what is happening. Hes sent his only angel to stop any intrusions.
    Temari: Very well, i will destroy you like your damn tree!
    Konan: (Hmm, whats with that huge fan shes got)
    Temari: Ill blow you away!
    Konan: AM i the only one noticing this?
    Temari: BITCH GO TO HELL!
    Konan: FUCK YOU!
    Temaris fan: Woooshhhh!!!
    As their paper and wind colide, the paper is cut and konan gets her paper rebounded on her as well. Paper cut x100. End of story.

  14. paper doll vs wind hag… think im gonna with konan. she is an akatsuki after all making her an s-class criminal. not to mention being trained by one of the 3 sanin and im sure between having been through all the rebuilding an battles of the rain village she must be strong. plus shes an angel, no silly fan can beat an angel.

  15. If Konan is an angel then Temari is a demon.

    I’m going with Temari in a one on one battle. Though, I’m betting Konan could escape Temari with ease. Most of Konan’s attacks will be blown away by Temari – no doubt. I think the only tool Konan has is deception, and some of her attacks might get through if she builds more substancial weapons. For example – Temari couldn’t whisk away Konan’s wings. But we’ve not seen any paper weapons from Konan that couldn’t easily be handled by Temari. Have we? Maybe her paper clones?

    My vote is Temari wins.

  16. I say Konan for one reason….Temari’s fan is made of paper! >_< I would want Temari to win, but from a logical point of view Temari – fan = dead Temari.


    I thought we decided on a draw!!! LOL

    AAAAAAAARGH!!!! *bangs head on wall for several minutes*

    Ok…I’m good. TEMARI FTW!!! Wayyyyyyy hotter!

  18. Both are hot imo….


  19. I think this is a hard one (as usual) but this one has many “unkowns”
    We dont know enougth about Konan firstly, or the depths of her abilities, however she *is* an Akatsuki and although the Akatsuki’s have varied strengths in terms of who is stronger, Sasori did beat Kankuro easily, while Temari has similar strength. Although Sasori had an advantage battling his own creations, it shows us that:
    1. If nobody had *that* kind of advantage, we can only assume who would win, because that battle was a total mis-match and therefore not fair to judge the sands strength by that duel.
    2. Shows us the importance of advantage and this time Temari would “seem” to have the advantage IMO through speculation. It seems another Tayuya/Tenten VS Temari senario.

    Also whenever the sand sibs show up again, they seem more powerful than ever.

    But ultimatly, i think we can only guess on this one.
    I choose Temari just because, sizzors beats paper in janken.

    (sizzors…they’re sharp….remember what was said in Naruto’s wind training by Asuma…thats my link between wind and sizzors….”think of something sharp” or summut like that)…

  20. SWISH

    Haha awesome(ness). Itachi owns. Wait supertrek lost a debate? *looks around while everyone else stares silently*
    *5 cheers are heard in the distance, from myself, elfarren, marksman, ibiki and reflex*
    *2000 Boos and a riot break out headed by Dark Avatar, Supertrek, Dro and Tenrai Senshi*

    lol, good times.

    Now for the debate – i’d have to say Temari, only because there hasn’t been enough manga time to show us alot about konan’s abilities. (also Konan is way hotter Dark)

  21. LOL mud….now THATS a more interesting debate IMO. Who is hotter?

    Don’t worry people. As soon as I find out enough about both contestants I’ll enter this debate…

    Now if you’ll excuse me mudshovel, but I hhave a rebellion to lead.

    *thunderous roars can be heard from the 45% who knew naruto was gonna win…*

  22. For the record… Itachi/Naruto was a draw in the comments section but Itachi eeked out the Tie breaker with the poll vote. Itachi 55% Naruto 45%

  23. @dark: lol, i was gonna put that in my previous comment – and now for the real debate to start (who’s hotter Konan or Temari -you decide). lol. *goes away to find some raunchy konan pics* – na jkjk.
    Also Props goes out to jeremiah who put team naruto in there place – last place that is 😉 lol

  24. *grumbles something about our arguments being so convincing that naruto votes shot up from 20% to 45%*

    *cough cough*

    Ahem, sorry guys! Just had a little blockage in my throat…kinda felt like someone was shoving a lump of BS down the wrong pipe…

    LOL jkjk, I’m just kidding, Jeremiah…hey I said I’m kidding! No, wait! I’M KIDDING!!! DAMMIT, DUCK!!!

    *The 45 take cover while the Moderation Laser pulses overhead…*

  25. I am just want to let you all know Temari can’t win. Temari can’t do wind jutsu without her fan. Konan has control over paper, Temari’s fan is made from paper…it is Konan’s win. The only way Temari could combat this is if her fan was made from cloth, but that would mean she knows about her enemy already. If Temari had info before the fight she would win…it’s like the shika vs hidan fight, very situational!

  26. @Scorp – Baka. Temari’s fan is made from IRON.

  27. True, but we don’t how much control of paper konan has – her oragmi jutsu is infused with her chakra, which allows her to do the weird sh!t she does with paper – but how would she do that to Temari’s fan paper if she doesn’t have her chakra infused with it? Also both opponenets no nothing about each other (i’m assumeing this is like a chunin battle but they haven’t seen each others jutsu before).

  28. @mud – lol IRON FAN.

  29. @dark: he’s talking about the paper that connect the iron structure of the fan (traditional japanese fan but larger)

  30. @scorp – and what are you saying? Temari always carries her fan with her, it’s not like she is gonna drop it or misplace it.

  31. @ dark – votes shot to 45% from……. 38% dude.. calm down

  32. (my bad her fan is a war fan lol)

  33. So Temari attacks Konan with her big fan, Konan counters it with a Big paper fan…. LAME!

  34. @mud – And I’m saying the whole things made out of metal! If you’d like links of temari deflecting kunai with the “paper” of her fan, all you gotta do is ask.

  35. *mutters something either inappropriate or very kind…*

    Ahem…so for the debate. Temari vs. Konan.

    Current Info: Temari (We don’t have nearly as much info on Konan’s powers as we do Temari’s so like everyone says Wind beats Paper since paper is all we know Konan has.)

    Logically Speaking: Konan (Because she’s a member of Akatsuki and as far as we’ve seen almost everyone has needed help in taking down one of their members. The only people we’ve seen take down one of their members by themselves are Shikamaru and Sasuke.)

    Who’s Hotter: *Shudders* Is this really a legitimate question here? Who’s hotter…is neither one an option here because don’t you have to be hot in order to be hotter??? 😉


    Shikamaru vs. Hidan was different in that Shikamaru preplanned the battle with explosives and a pit to defeat Hidan. Sasuke vs. Deidara…it was a draw until Deidara killed himself but Sasuke did drive him to do it. Sasuke vs Itachi…Itachi planned on dying. Sasuke vs. Orochimaru (former Akatsuki)…Orochimaru was half dead already! 😛

  36. @dark: i always thought it was paper (woops) just that her chakra was running through it, and that helped deflect those attacks.

  37. @super: i’m gonna go with inappropraite – was i right 😉

  38. mmmmmmm kunoichi (wipes drool from mouth) Urm any ways Temari FTW. It’d be like throwing a stack full of flyers into a tornado you do the math.

  39. This ones gonna be easy…

    This is a bad matchup for Konan. True she may be a formidable opponent (I couldn’t see her having much trouble against some of the manga’s most powerful characters given the fact that she can turn her body into thousands of pieces of paper to avoid direct attacks like an FRS and counter with a thousand paper arrows) but it’s an uphill battle against Temari due to the range and nature of her attacks. It’s Temari vs Tenten all over again.

    Slicing winds and long range attacks are bad enough, but remember that she doesn’t need to attack inn a straight line, she attacks the area all around her. This is disastrous for Konan, because as far as we’ve seen, konan can only attack in a straight line. This means that there is no opening for konan to attack.

    And temari has a summon! +10 awesomeness points for that!

    I can’t see Konan having a chance at winning without being able to overcome that particular ninjutsu issue.

  40. Temari’s fan is some sort of metal, used as a melée weapon too.

    good call miah 😉

  42. Who won the first round of nin battles between Gai and Kakashi? I dont wanna start up another fight just wondering lol.

  43. @ fanboi – it says at the top – kakashi won

  44. did you not see how badass konan’s clone was?

  45. Konan uses paper clones to her advantage. Teremari is able to user her fan to blow the paper away however because Konan can control each piece individually she could use that oppertunity to defeat Termari from a second angle. In addition because Konan uses paper clones she could probably continue reforming it.

  46. All the peeps sayin’ that Konan can control Temari’s fan are f*ckin retards(No offence meant…somehow),Darkavatar just summed up what i was goin’ to say, and konan canN:T control Temari’s fan, Reason being she can’t infuse it with her chakra due to temari’s range, The f*ck how do you control smfin when no part of ur body(or energy) can reach it?

  47. and if you didn’t notice…the only paper she uses are parts of her body transformed into paper…Duh…

  48. @Kyouto – Second angle? Doubtful. Simply because if she swung her warfan in a circle around herself, there wouldn’t be a second angle. Temari will be protected on all sides by gale force winds that slice like razors (think Neji’s Heavenly Spin, but with a far greater range…and sharper lol).

  49. Konan, highly regarded by Pain, is certainly no paper doll as she’s the only Akatsuki kunoichi. Although she’s got only a few pages of action, remember that Jiraiya trained her and she’s a veteran of countless shinobi wars.

    Temari, on the other hand, is also quite crafty but lacks experience and relies too much on her weaponry. Take that fan away and you strip her of major offensive moves.

    Though info is scarce for a definitive conclusion, IMO, experience wins over youth this time. 😉

  50. Why are we even having this debate? Temari would blow Konan away. One swing of her fan and bye-bye, no more Konan. Period, it’s all over, all that’s left is the crying.

  51. @Lousy – Nice first debate entry, but lemme dismantle that post for you…it kinds annoys me when people skip over my arguments

    OK, we’ll start with “take that fan away”. WTF kinda argument is that!? That’s like Temari-supporters saying “Take Konan’s paper away”. That’s not a valid argument.

    Secondly, “lacks experience”. Lousy, this woman is a Jounin. What you think she was doing during the time skip? Picking daisies? I’ll accept “not as experienced”, but even then, so what? What advantage does that give her? It’s hard to employ strategic psychology when your opponent is too busy slicing you to ribbons with a wind chakra shockwave.

    Where does that leave us? Wind chakra paper shutiken vs wind chakra hurricane + katamari summon. Like I said before Konan’s paper jutsu would not be able to penetrate a full strength Temari + Katamari tornado. Tenten vs Temari all over again.

  52. @DarkAvatar: Busy bee aren’t we? But point taken.

    But Konan ain’t Akatsuki for nothing and to think that she is second-in-command. Man, she’s a member of bada**es known for their insane jutsus and amazing chakra pool!

    Those who fought them and survived would advise Temari to stay away as far she can. But hey, she might get lucky one-on-one!

    The downfall of the Akatsuki are usually their underestimation and not giving it all out.

    Nonetheless, I’ll put my bet on the experienced Konan in this one.

  53. @lousy – ok it’s great to know that you back konan. Now either counter my arguments or make some of your own. Seriously kid they call this a debate.

  54. Thi sdebate is easily solved with the proper application of JIRAIYA!
    Jiraiya shows up, and pwns both Temari, and Konan with EXTREME-SATISFACTION-NO-JUTSU!

    Debate over… thank you!

  55. A paper plane flies through the air, but it’s design is decided before it is cast. Konan on the other hand can manipulate her paper to adjust, much like a real airplane. What’s that? But, a real plane has either jets or engines to push it through the jet streams you say. Well a sail boat counters this by “tacking”, or moving in a crisscross pattern to move up wind. Likewise a glider can do the same. Now, if the paper is an explosive tag (thousands even), if you think that you have blown them away, and they have simply move up to an altitude that makes the tag impossible to see, it glides in from behind you and BOOM, that will be Temari all over.

  56. the paper isn’t her body, it’s her clone. She uses the paper to transform into a clone of her, making it kinda of like a pain body but more badass in that it can transform into thousands of smaller pieces. Plus konan can actually hurt temari if she lands a hit, what is temari going to do, shred the paper into smaller bits? That’s totally useless, nothing that temari has shown so far can actually defeat konan’s paper jutsu. Only jiraya’s toad oil can stop it, or a fire jutsu.

    Plus temari isn’t exactly fast with the attacks. Her long range, wide area attacks necessary to prevent the paper from hitting her take a lot of time relatively speaking. it’s just to easy for konan to put up a front of paper to distract temari while she sneaks some behind her, then in between swings spring a trap.

    another thing is kankuro was a jounin also and got his ass handed to him on a silver platter by sasori. that’s the difference of power we’re talking abut between a jounin and akatsuki ninja’s. Another comparison of power while we’re at it, it took both kakashi and naruto to beat itachi at 30%, gai at 6 gates to beat 30% kisame where neji (a jounin) was completely usless, expcept for the clones, it took a squad of naruto, kakshi, shikimaru, and yamamato to defeat kaizu and hidan. She grew up with nagato and knows how to handle herself, frankly the experience and power difference, coupled with the fact temari’s attacks do no damage to paper make this an easy decision. Konan 1, temari 0

  57. @EroSennin: never knew what hit her! LOL

  58. heh heh heh. Alec…I have to come down on Temari’s side just so I can argue with you. ^.^

    First off, this would be a battle best seen from above because the distance attacks are going to be phenomenal. As far as distance goes I think these two are probably pretty evenly matched. Temari will be able to deflect Konan’s paper attacks and Konan will be able to avoid Temari’s wind scissors. But the explosions and paper shreds and knocked over trees will be fun to watch.

    Strategy here will be long range, moving into to closer range as the battle goes on. This is an interesting fight because both of them seem to battle this way by preference.

    Alec, I agree the wind up on the fan can take some time, but paper can be seen coming for a ways off too. Stealth would have be be Konan’s only way to get in a distance attack, and Temari’s got a fast brain. How else could she keep saving Shikamaru’s sorry butt?

    There is a weasel summoning (good gozar, I can’t believe I’m bringing up that bit of anime stink…), to combat the stealth of Konan’s paper clone.

    I think this battle will end in close combat, and that’s where the fan gets interesting. It can be swung like a club, and Konan’s paper clone won’t be able to hold together.

    Kankuro is kinda dumb compared to his sister, so I’m not surprised an Akatsuki member pwned him. I think the assumption that the same would happen to Temari is a stretch…

    when have we seen temari actually fight on her own though? she lost to shikimaru, only finished a weakened opponent, and couldn’t even beat some chick in the last couple of fillers episodes before shippuden. not an impressive record to go by so far.

  59. >_< I need to stay out of this type of argument of NIN vs NIN. almost no one likes to look at them from a logical point of view, and even if I were to make my arguments with manga stats ect…people will ALWAYS pick the character they like more…*sigh*

  60. AinT that the truth scorpian!

  61. Scorp, dude…bring on the stats. 😀 Let’s do this right…

  62. Hmm enough. Stats are important, but for this matter it doesn’t break the vote. I’ve seen them before, the one thing we can say fur sure is that Konan has several times the experience over Termari… The mission stats are the comparision. (As for the paper clone I believe Temari would direct her attacks everytime, because the paper is several in mass she won’t always be able to cover every inch of Konan. Hmm hidden joke.)

  63. Hmm enough. Stats are important, but for this matter it doesn’t break the vote. I’ve seen them before, the one thing we can say fur sure is that Konan has several times the experience over Termari… The mission stats are the comparision. (As for the paper clone I believe Temari would direct her attacks everytime, because the paper is several in mass she won’t always be able to cover every inch of Konan. Hmm hidden joke.)



  64. Temari wins hands down all she needs is a giant pair of scissors! :o)

  65. temari….end of story.
    wind blows away paper….and in the case of temari it cuts it in half as well.
    unless.. konan has unshown superpowers that make her stronger than nagato… a huge hole in the plot, nya?

    kind of like fairy tail sieglein and what’s her face…right?

  66. Temari wins…. no contest, unless it’s a wet t-shirt contest, in which case, who can be sure…

    Anyway… Temari wins because she has a huge FAN! thats right, everyone knows that the person with the biggest weapon wins every time… just look at Zabuza.

    Konan can have a forest’s worth of paper, and it wont do any good, because Temari has a big fan… you heard it here first.

    Oh and I fully realise that my whole arguement was a waste of your time to read.. HA! EVIL PREVAILS!

  67. not bad, but what would temari’s attacks do to konan? i doubt that it would seriously damage the paper, and we can see the clone can be controlled from great distances, making it unnecessary for konan to be anywhere close to the range of temari’s attacks.

    yes temari’s smart but her experience is limited, she’s been on 21 a rank or above missions while konan has been on 115 a rank or above, and she is in akatsuki for a reason, nagato doesn’t seem to be one to give people charity positions. Not to mention did you not see the thousnads of butterflies she controlled when she was searching for jiraya? that’s a lot of pieces of paper to keep track of and constantly fight off. She can send all of those in on one attack than hide just a few dozen to use in between temari’s swings.

    to those thinking temari can cut paper in half, tell me, what will that do? think of byakuya’s ban kai in bleach, what can temari do against thousands of small paper shurikens other than blow them away? nothing except that, blow them away temporarily.

    here’s my info, where’s your guy’s, i would love to see it.



    the above link goes to the byakuya-ichigo fight which is a perfect example of what it would be like. byakuya’s ban kai is like konan’s style while ichigo’s pre-ban kai is like temari’s attacks. The difference between byakuya and non ban kai ichigo is what i believe to be a reasonable difference between konan and temari. bankai ichigo has a totally different style of attack than non-ban kai ichigo, while i will except that byakua’s ban kai is metal and konan’s technique is paper, but it could be chakra condensed, hardening the paper, that is a possibility and i admit it. this is just an example of what the fight would be like with some changes, but that would be the jist, with konan/byakuya beating temari/pre-bankai ichigo.

  68. CURSES! Alec has excellent points, and evidence to back them…

    Now Konan wins… but dyes her hair blonde… so Temari actually wins cause she’s blonde, and then INO comes in and… GAAAH! SHIT!

  69. @Alec – There we go! A decent Konan argument.

    OK, so firstly I wanna start with Temari’s fan being “totally useless” against Konans paper clone. Says who? We know that when a paper clone is hit it disperses. No more paper clone. Now it’s true that that paper clone could be rebuilt even if the pieces of paper have been cut in half, but Konan would have to get close enough to the paper to be able to control it with her chakra. That is dangerous against a long range fighter like Temari. The more feasible option is to make another clone.

    Now, from what we know about clones from watching every other character use them is that they need quite a bit of chakra to sustain them. I would believe that paper clones would require more than normal clones as a normal clone – once created – becomes a physical body that can sustain itself till it’s dispersed. A paper clone is different in that it isn’t a physical body, but a stack of paper kept together by chakra, thus it would require a constant amount of chakra to keep each paper in place, even more to make them seperate and attack in swarms of shurikens

    Besides if they didn’t cost so much chakra, konan would have been able to send 2 or more clones to attack Konoha during Pains invasion. I seriously doubt that Konan can afford to keep sending chakra wasting clones one after the other at temari if all it takes is a wind blast to disperse it.

    So, thus far we can see that:

    One fan hurricane = dead clone + wasted chakra

    Now that’s gotta count for something.

  70. HEY!!! No references from other manga!!! I don’t read bleach so cannot argue that point!

  71. I suggest Gaara vs Neji for next weeks nin battle…always wanted to see that fight.

    and great points Alec. Konan’s ability to attack from long range makes this fight a quick win for her.

  72. Btw, the clone is not being controlled by konan from a distance…the chakra that konan imbued her clone with controls it

  73. lmao @ prawl!! – r u staying outta this debate too??? obviously neither side is gonna give up and polls are gonna decide it (for the third time) so i am no longer goin to worry about it…..

    “Wind cuts paper”
    “Paper becomes smaller pieces of paper that can still be controlled”
    so on and so on and so on


  74. paper is paper, she can just use it to make anything she wants. it also serves as a distraction as people think it’s her that’s fighting and not a clone, so they focus on the paper and not trying to find her.

    nice point dark, but that’s the thing, the clone can turn itself into a metric shit ton (2000 shit loads worth for those that aren’t familiar with useless measurements) of other things at dispersal, and my point is that the clone can break apart, but what would temari do than? the paper is chakra controlled so it’s not going to blow away like ten ten’s weapons, in fact it would be more of fight that temari would have to keep swinging to keep the mass of paper away, and all konan would need to do would be keep moving it closer and closer until finally she wears down. frankly we haven’t seen temari in any serious fighting situation, and we haven’t even seen konan try to fight yet in my opinion.

    the only question i have is what wind the wind attacks would actually do against the paper. They wouldn’t destroy the paper, at most only make it smaller, and the paper wouldn’t go flying because konan is controlling it. The other manga counts because i have brought up a situation very similar to the actual fight scenario with some minor tweaks, but the same basic idea. i’ll let those that actually read/watch bleach review that point. I’m not saying i’m absolutely right, but konan did survive all those wars for a reason, she is damn good.

    the old blood’s a boiling again…

  75. @ alec – not to mention konan is pains secret 7th body with that rod shoved up her ass O_O ….. she can access the power of the other 6 bodies as well (shinra tensei FTW) and revive herself if she ever chokes herself to death trying to revive herself 😉

  76. @ Reflex- Yeah it ends, look at me and ibi. we use to get into it all the time, now we only sorta loath each others soul wishing for the other to burn in the eternal depths of hell… it all works itself out, plus it’s always good fun, shows whose on top of their game and who isn’t.

    scorp, i wnat to see your sources though.

  77. @ alec – just 1!! week i would like to see a 1-sided debate where everyone bashes on the loser…… however im sure people would find a way support the losing side then too…. *sighs*

    i thought the point of these debates were to have a friendly argument determine a winner, not to argue yourself into a coma -_-

    (im joking so dont take what i said above to seriously people)

  78. lol, nahh it’s all in fun, plus this is my fun. you have guest killing, i have these debates, plus i only pick the side that i believe in…

  79. @Alec – my point is that once dispersed, the paper clone pieces cannot be controlled unless she gets closer to the pieces of clone fluttering in the wind to actually influence them with her chakra. It may appear that she is controlling the paper clone from a distance, but I disagree. Her clone becomes a seperate entity that controls itself via konan’s chakra. Once it disperses, it becomes a dump of shredded confetti that is completely useless until konan comes close to it, just like any other clone.

    It is also interesting to note that when any clone disperses, it it because the original cannot keep control of the material used to make the clone. The casters chakra is disrupted thus he loses his influence over the material used (lightning for lightning clone, water for water clone). If she still had complete control of each piece of paper even after the clone disperses, then in effect you are saying that Konans paper cline could reform as soon as it’s dispersed. This is impossible, given the above explanation.

  80. its obvious Temari would win because konan would turn into paper then temari would just blow her away (sorry if some1 has already made this obvious point)

  81. Comon people, stop voting for Temari. Konan is a Akatsuki member and Temari is just a dumb fangirl (pun intended). Temari can only slice her only weapon in one direction while Konan can attack from all angles and overload her with paper.

    @ dap098: assuming this is a fight where either one knows anything about the other, temari would attack Konans paper clone thinking it was really her…leaving herself exposed. Temari really wouldnt stand a chance on her own.

  82. wow cant spell today xD

  83. Ya know, I have to say I’ve read the arguments for both sides, yet I’m still not convinced one way or the other who would win …

    My immediate response was that Temari would be the victor, hands down, because all she has to do is wave her fan around and Konan’s paper would go a-flyin’. Temari is also a quick study like we saw during her fight against Shikamaru in the Chuunin exams, which gives her another edge over Konan. Yet if she were to somehow lose hold of her fan, she hasn’t been shown to have any close combat fighting skills, and it’s always been my impression that she doesn’t have a lot of chakra to call on/that she tires easily, which is a major weakness.

    As for Konan, her paper jutsu isn’t the hinderance people assume it to be, and we can’t discount what she can do with her ability. We know her jutsu can be used over large areas for reconnaissance ( http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/370/02/ ) showing her precision control of her chakra. We also know that she can form weapons with her paper and suffocate people ( http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/371/15/ ), which puts a hitch in the idea that Temari is invincible with her fan. Konan could form a drill-like weapon that would attack Temari from underground, for instance, where Temari wouldn’t be expecting her to attack from. Also keep in mind that she has dramatically refined her technique since Jiraiya taught her ninjutsu as a child ( http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/371/17/ ) – I’m sure he doesn’t give out compliments like that to just anyone.

    I also became interested in finding real world proof that paper can be used as a weapon, and in my search, I found Ricky Jay, master card thrower ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ricky_Jay ). This guy can flick a regular playing card in excess of 90mph! Apply principles from the Naruverse to what we know is possible in real life, and Konan suddenly seems like a lot more of a handful than she did before.

    In the end, assuming Temari isn’t stupid enough to somehow lose her fan, I’m calling this fight as a draw unless one side can convince me ^_^

  84. nice elfarren, the thing people don’t understand is that konan’s paper is not like a pile of loose paper sitting on the ground, it is controlled and can move with a force of it’s own. if her paper was like a throw away newspaper than she wouldn’t be in freakin’ akatsuki -_-… i’m sure there has been somebody else to use wind against konan and not met with great results. It’s just that to me temari is a one trick pony with her fan, granted, her one trick is a damn good one in her hands. Konan’s paper has so much versatility that she can keep tricks hidden. what people don’t realize is that she is a jounin, but that doesn’t mean anything, ebisu is a special jounin and got his ass handed too him fairly easily by one pein body who was only using taijutsu. the fact is that temari can’t destroy the paper, keep it from moving, or remove it from konan’s arsenal. while i can see konan outlasting temari’s heavy swings, wearing temari down until she is finally able to kill her with some paper techniques.

  85. i’d say konan. only because we havent seen her fight. akatski is always pulling out something new. unpredictable. temari has good wind powers but i still want to see what konan can do with all the paper stuff.

  86. This debate is f*cked up allready, i mean what in the biggest a*ole in the world do we even Know about how konan’s Fighting style or techniques, i mean, it’s like judging a cover by it’s book or smfin like that shitte…

  87. @Elfarren – I was hoping/praying that we would be on the same side in this debate…oh well. I’m gonna do my best.

    Firstly, in regards to that particular reconnaissance tech showing precision control of chakra over long distances, I have to disagree. Primarily because Dance of the Shikigami causes the users body to become thousands of pieces of paper, with each piece of paper able to control itself. To me, it is more comparable to a Bunshin tech, because there is no central unit (so to speak) controlling them. To say this example shows precision control over long distances is to say the same for Naruto’s Kage Bunshin Jutsu. And we know that’s not true. 😉

    Btw I’m not saying she doesn’t have precision chakra control, I just disagree that she can control paper from one location over long distances (or more speciffically, outside temari’s wind jutsu range).

    Low chakra? Think again. According to the 3rd databook, Temari has a stamina rating of 6, which is higher than Itachi’s 4 and just slightly lower than Sasuke’s 7. I’m sure she can last.

    A drill? Interesting theory, but how slow would that be? Not only that, but you would be able to see the drill coming up from under the ground by the vibration and the rising bump in the ground. Anything above the ground can be countered with a swing of the fan.

    @Alec – Cutting a piece of paper does nothing? What makes you say that? As elfarren did, we’ll take a real life example. Have you ever tried to fire an unflighted arrow? It’s effectiveness and range are impaired to the point where it becomes fairly useless. Tried to throw half a shuriken? Tried to fly a paper plane that had been cut in pieces? As you can imagine in either case, the aerodynamics are shot, making each unusable. You may say that chakra could be used to force them through the air, but how much more chakra per weapon would be necessary just to get it airbourne again? Konan would wear herself out.

    Lose her fan? I can’t even believe you even suggested this, El. I agree with what Alec said about Jounins/Akatsuki, but a jounin such as Temari WOULD NOT LOSE HER FAN. She isn’t quite that stupid.

  88. Omg…just reread the first paragraph of what I wrote re Reconnaisance tech. I should rephrase it a little lol

    The reason I compare her Dance of the Shikigami tech to a Bunshin tech is because like a bunshin tech each piece of paper seems to have it’s own…ah, cant think of the word…its own consciousness, because how else can those paper butterflies see Jiraiya. Just like a clone.

    I’m not so good at explaining, but hopefully you understand what I mean…

    @Fanboi – LMAO at a FANBOY laughing at a FANGIRL

  89. Whoa, Dark, calm down! Did you miss the part where I called this a draw and said convince me to pick a side? *L* No need to jump down my throat about it …

    In regards to the fan, I highly doubt, like you, that she would lose control of it somehow. I was merely pointing out that we don’t know if she has any close combat fighting skills, and that does make a difference in how this fight would play out. So, to make myself absolutely clear, it’s not inconceivable she would lose her fan, just highly unlikely.

    About Konan’s reconnaissance tech with the butterflies, well, we’ll have to agree to disagree. Since we’re comparing them to Naruto’s multi shadow clone technique, I’ll say that I think both required precision chakra control – in both cases because the number of clones/butterflies they can make is probably in direct proportion to how much chakra they have. We all know Naruto’s practically unlimited chakra pool is what enables him to make 1000 clones, so I would assume the same can be said for Konan’s 1000 butterflies … either way, you have to have good command of your chakra for each jutsu or you’re wasting energy.

    As for the paper drill, I have to disagree that it would be too noticeable for the simple fact that we’ve seen people “drill” through the ground and not be noticed before. Think Naruto vs. Neji and Kakashi vs. Itachi for examples. Both times they initiated a surprise attack from underground without being noticed until it was too late for their opponent and those are people, not small paper drills …

    Thanks for the stats on Temari, too, the links posted above wouldn’t work for me so I didn’t see them. I was basing that assumption off her fights in part one, where she seems to use up a lot of her energy and chakra against Shikamaru (who probably has abundantly less chakra than her) and yet still loses the fight. You can consider that bit of info to give Temari the lead in making up my mind ^_^

    And about Alec’s counterargument, I think he was saying that in general it seems like the Temari debaters are considering a sliced piece of paper as a useless weapon when it’s actually just two smaller weapons instead of one large one. I liked the zenbonsakura comparison of Byakuya’s bankai, because even though it’s a different universe and “rules” he’s talking about, it’s still the same principle. Konan wouldn’t lose control of her paper just because someone sliced it in half, she’d have that many more pieces of paper at her command because her chakra is fused to the entire sheet, not just one part or another. I hope that makes sense, because it’s only how i interpreted what he said.

  90. thank you elf ^_^ that’s exactly what i was trying to say!

  91. ok. for starters temari would f*** konan up. wind is supposedly like an extremely sharp edge, so wouldnt temari just slice all of konans paper up into confetti?!?! konan wouldnt stand a chance. the ald temari was strong, and we havent seen the new temari but judging by everyone else shes gotten much stronger. she probably has the wind element mastered. not to mention shes wicked hot 😉

  92. @El – Sorry it sounded that way, it wasn’t supposed to. You know how I get with these damned debates lol

    See, I knew I didn’t explain myself properly…Firstly, the amount of butterflies she can make is in direct proportion to her body mass, not amount of chakra (though I’m sure it helps). But my main point was that once the butterflies had been created, each could control itself and had its own concsiousness, kinda like a bunshin, thus it doesn’t show long range chakra control. It would be like saying that if naruto and a clone were standing at opposite sides of Konoha, then he has long range chakra control too, just because of that example alone.

    Nothing else ive seen thus far suggests that she has long range chakra control. Sure her weapons can fly at an opponent from a distance, but it would seem to me that once the paper jutsu was far enough away from her she would not be able to change it’s course, reform it (more specifically, refold the pieces into smaller weapons), or anything else she could normally do. This would include making drills come up out of the ground. It’s just what I think anyway (correct me if I’m wrong though!).

    Unless of course she was using the Dance. And if she was, and Temari cut the paper weapons to pieces, Temari would effectively be cutting up pieces of Konan. Now I could see that doing some actual damage to Konan. I say this because there has to be some penalty for damaging the parts of her body in paper form. For example, if Konan turned herself into a stack of playing cards and I took a flamethrower to it, I couldn’t see her reforming out of the ashes.

    Again she could counter this with a Paper clone, which could be easily dispersed with a wind swipe.

    Bleach references? It sounds plausible, but I DONT READ THAT MANGA SO I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS ARE TALKING ABOUT!!! GAAAAAH!!!! *goes and cries in corner* lol

    But if it convinced you El it’s gotta be worth something LOL

    But at any rate, here *pulls out paper cup of hot chicken chips* Peace offering?


  93. after reading some cmmnts (unlike i did last time) i would hav to say konan would win but it would be close.. i would like to explain why but i really cannot be arsed atm lol ^^

  94. @ Dark – No worries, I don’t take the debates personally, just wanted you to calm down a little *L* To explain the Bleach stuff, here’s a pic of Byakuya’s bankai ( http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/407/kuchikibyakuyawithbordekb6.jpg ) The ability of his sword is that it turns into millions of tiny blades (they reflect light and take on the appearance of sakura petals, hence the name Senbonzakura) that can attack an opponent from every angle – a supposedly impenetrable defense and nearly always lethal as an attack. That’s what Alec and I are talking about ^_^

    About the clones bit, I’ll concede that butterflies in proportion to body mass makes more sense than in proportion to her chakra level (+2 Temari? *L*), but not the rest. I went back and found this link ( http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/13/10/ ) where Kakashi explains how clones can only go a certain distance from the original body – not far by the way he tells them to run – so her butterflies spread throughout the city would mean she has long range control. If Naruto could have two clones on either side of Konoha at the same time, he would have long range control, too ^_^

  95. @El – I knew you’d find something to counter my clone argument…haha oh noes. But when Naruto goes off to fight the Pains, he leaves several clones in Myobokuzan. Perhaps the sage chakra had something to do with it or whether it’s Naruto’s extreme mastery of Shadow Clone Jutsu, but we can’t say for sure either way. All we know is that it’s possible to have two clines far away from the original. That nulls Kakashi’s explanation thingy.

    This argument is what I based my “clones can sustain themselves and can exist independemtly from the originals” theory on.Exist indepenently, you ask? Of course. Why else would he need to reverse summon them before he could disperse them (apart from when the kyuubi’s chakra disrupts it)? Because he was way too far away from the clone to have any influence over it thus it was surviving independently of the caster. There is no control over long distances in this particular example.

  96. Hmmm, you’ve raised a good point there. I have to agree with your speculation that natural energy has something to do with Naruto being able to leave those clones behind … Perhaps sage chakra “roots” the clones to their spot while they gather chakra (which goes along with Pa toad’s explanation about being absolutely still). Definitely food for thought, otherwise that’s a glaring plot hole of Kishimoto’s ^_^

  97. hmm could have swarn that ero posted a comment before – lol did you mod yourself ero?

  98. @Mud – LOL you gonna help me? Plz?

    @El – …but you’re not convinced yet are you? Lolz

  99. i’m just wondering if renzy read at all…

  100. @ alec – Nah prolly not, but she IS hotter…lmao

  101. @ Mud – Ero’s “tacking” argument is still there lol

  102. @dark: haha, i don’t really know alot about all there techs so thats why i’m not really participating in this debate. Hmm i will say this though:

    Dark proved the clone point, and Alec’s point of it being like bayakuya’s senbonzakura attack makes it extremely hard to counter argue because in bleach, the only thing thats really been shown to counter this is speed. however – what can konan do to stop/survive temari’s summon jutsu? that owns all imo. it has a large attack range and strong attack power

  103. he posted one under elf’s last comment – and i can;t see it anymore – WTF?

  104. @Mud – Did he? Hmmm…didn’t see it in the first place…are you sure? LOL dude it’s only 3pm, you shouldn’t be drinking just yet haha 😉

  105. @dark: lol – na i saw it there i swear, it was there for bout 10 mins then gone – he must have moderated himself

  106. @Mud – Haha that’s what they all say…but dude it’s ok it’s 5 o’clock now…you can admit you’ve started drinking lolol nah jkjk

  107. Somebody knows what element use Konan? I guess is Wind and Temari use Wind element. So, this it a fifty/fifty percent to Temari or Konan win the battle. We saw in the manga/anime how powerful is Temari, fighting with a lot of chunnin and some jounnin, but we only saw a little action with Konan fighting with a Sannin and she lost. The fight between Konan and Temari will be a close match.

  108. After much searching I was able to dig up Kishi’s statements from his interview about the manga in 08’/09′. Note that all of the statements save the conformations are all from the mouth of the naruto creator himself, so even the ones that have not been confirmed will most likely end up as being true. So, if any of you do not wish to know what will happen next, then don’t bother reading beyond this. For those who do however, prepare for the bigest and most true spoilers yet.

    [spoiler]first of all, I would like to warn you all about this, these are Kishi’s preview that aren’t confirmed yet*; however, most of them seems quite true/confirmed about it, and please understand that it’s quite hard to translate directly Korean to English , and it would be messed
    up b/c i used translator in parts too. So please excuse the WEIRDASS phrases.
    *Kishi said this preview before 2008 Jump Festa.

    1. Akatsuki Leader’s(not confirmed if its Pein / Madara) strength can’t be matched even with 3 Sannins of the leaf.

    -> With Jiraiya’s death against Pain this seems to be confirmed, and by knowing that even Orochimaru was under Pain’s lead
    when he was in Akatsuki

    2. There is another character in Akatsuki, and unexpected member will bring a chaos

    -> I would also like to say this preview is confirmed, and this unexpected member would be Tobi(Uchiha Madara)

    3. One of the Akatsuki’s member becomes friend/ally with Naruto

    -> not yet confirmed, I’m expecting it to be Konan or Kisame

    4. Naruto’s seal will be released by the end of 08, or beginning of the 09. At least 4 tails will be released, be prepared it could
    be shocking scene

    -> also not yet confirmed…

    5. Toad dies(he laughs)

    -> confirmed with Jiraiya’s death

    6. 3 of Naruto’s important people will die or get seriously injured

    -> almost confirmed. Jiraiya(dead), Sasuke(injured, barely alive), maybe Kakashi or Tsunade for 3rd person

    7. Sasuke’s skills cannot be matched against Naruto’s new skills.

    -> not yet confirmed, seems to be will be. These “new skills” will be the result of 2 and half year training, that Naruto
    had hid it all along until now.(May include Jiraiya’s restriction… but well Naruto will use it anyway)

    8. Sasuke v. Itachi is great scale, and later Naruto’s information about family and bloodline will show up

    -> confirmed with first part, Sasuke v. Itachi is over with Sasuke’s victory. Quite funny that my prediction matched with Kishi’s
    even though its not confirmed yet. I’ve thought there would be something about “Namikaze” ever since 4th name was revealed

    9. Sai, he will cause something huge(laughs)

    -> hmm interesting… reminds me of Jiraiya’s warning… not confirmed yet

    10. 4th’s secret and bloodline will be shown

    -> confirmed, by revealing that 4th’s blood line with its name “Namikaze Minato”* Also confirmed by showing that 4th is
    Naruto’s father
    *I expect there are more secrets about 4th

    11. 2 huge characters of Konoha will die.

    -> Jiraiya, in my opinion next one will be Kakashi or Tsunade

    12. There is a female member in Akatsuki

    -> confirmed, Konan

    13. Akatsuki will invade Konoha with its mysterious beasts, and Shiranui Genma will provide great help to Konoha

    -> not yet confirmed

    Followings are the Kishi’s words @ 2008 Jump Festa

    1. Uchiha’s secret will be revealed and 2 of the remaining will die

    -> confirmed, Uchiha’s secret of MS and etc revealed by Itachi, and Itachi is dead.**
    ** I think there will be more secrets about Uchiha besides about MS and Madara

    2. Akatsuki’s leader kills 6 people

    -> not yet confirmed, however I think Pain did kill “6” people including Jiraiya. The other 5 would be Pain’s bodies.

    3. Sasuke and Itachi’s fight will cause chaos; Uchiha, Uchiha Madara’s secrets are revealed and all the skills of the MS will be revealed. The fight will end with death of one.
    *** MS : Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, and finally Susano’o

    -> confirmed

    4. Naruto will collide with Pain; Kakashi’s team will collide with Tobi. There will be big turnaround on Tobi v. Kakashi’s team.
    Naruto v. Pain will be fights of the “beasts”. Be prepared, during this fight there will be deaths from Naruto’s team.

    -> not yet confirmed.

    5. 3 new members will join the Akatsuki. They will be stronger than Deidara, Hidan, and Kakuzu. One of them is the brother/sister of the Hokage

    -> not yet confirmed, but the brother/sister of the Hokage will be likely to be Tsunade’s???

    6. Naruto’s new skills and the result of the training will reveal when he fight against Pain.
    He have learned all of the Jiraiya’s jutsu during the 3 years of the time and he became
    much stronger. He did not learn the “toad mode or w.e u call it”. Naruto also learned
    3 of the 4th’s jutsus.

    -> not yet confirmed

    7. After all these fights, there will be a great war

    -> not yet confirmed

    8. There will be death on Tobi v. Naruto team and one of them becomes unable to fight.

    -> not yet confirmed

    9. Jinchuuriki of the 8 tailed will be revealed. This Jinchuuriki kills one of the Akatsuki’s members and invades Konoha
    by him/herself. During this fight one dies, and one will lose his/her eyesight

    -> also not yet confirmed.[/spoiler]

  109. go temari xD

  110. temari go temari

  111. i’ll go with konan

  112. i’ll go with konan………

  113. thanks el! you’re a lifesaver, more than a full year after you posted your comment.

  114. more than a full year for me since i commented in this debate.. yo yo dARKaVATAR!!

    i want to see a Temari vs Mizukage naked mud wrestling match..


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