One Piece Chapter 540 Discussion and Breakdown + 541 Spoiler Confirmed With New Pics and Spoiler Video!!! 0_0 >_<


I guess this is Shonen Jumps way of saying sorry we wont be providing any manga during Golden Week. Click on the image to see it in its full awesomeness!

Well it’s finally out, and it was well worth it! So let’s get this Breakdown on the road and see where we’re at. ^^ First off, though, here’s this week’s AMV – another one from Jogy4. I really like the tone of this one, and who doesn’t like Kung Fu Fighting? 0_-

That'd be such an awesome hangout if it weren't for the giant python, spotted leopard, and blue smiling bear. 0_0

That'd be such an awesome hangout if it weren't for the giant python, spotted leopard, and blue smiling bear. I wouldn't know whether to be scared or creeped out... 0_0

Well look who finally shows up...Shiryuu! Now watch him turn out be an asshole...

Well look who finally shows up...Shiryuu! Now watch him turn out be an asshole...and looks like he'll be fighting against Luffy...F**K!!! >_<

(Warning: This is a long ass spoiler and basically reveals everything in the next chapter but it’s not translated on this vid)

-One Piece Breakdown Below-

The guard should've known Luffy's 'Foot to Face' technique would beat his 'Face to Foot' tecnique! XD

Luffy knew his 'Foot to Face' technique would beat out the guard's 'Face to Foot' technique! XD

I’m glad Oda skipped all of the traps and Goalers and just started on the group, finishing up the last of the guards and reaching Level 6. We knew they were no match for them anyway, and after a week off, we wanted to get to the juicy part! Saving First Fist Ace….what….he’s not in his cage? WTF! Who let Ace out of his damn cage! >_<  Well, it’s not so much as letting him out of his cage as Magellan dragging his ass out of the cage. Lol, from the spoilers, I assume everyone knew that Luffy and the gang were going to reach an empty cage; after all, I did put a giant picture of it on the previous post. So not much of a surprise there, and besides, we all KNEW he was going to reach an empty cage, spoiler or not…at least I knew. 😉

Pssssst! Ever have that feeling you're being watched? 0_0

Pssssst! Ever have that feeling you're being watched? 0_0

So Luffy, Iva-Sama, and Inazuma reach an empty cage and Iva-sama is more pissed than Luffy is.  Poor guard gets the shakedown treatment from the ugliest okama on earth. Of course, he’s telling the truth – he wouldn’t lie to a face like that lest he be eaten! Upon figuring that Ace wasn’t there, Luffy enters a conversation with Jimbei, the imprisoned Shichibukai that was in the same holding cell. He tells our hero that Ace was just taken away up the elevator and with no time to waste, Luffy rushes over there and decides to climb the elevator shaft. That’s a no go because seemingly unbeknownst to the group, the guards, along with Hannyabal, are observing them from the control room. So, what do the guards do? They drop a bunch of spikes down the shaft almost impaling Luffy’s head. Of course Luffy is undeterred by this and decides to simply go back up the way they came, using the stairs. Before anyone can get through, though, a metal gate is dropped, effectively enclosing them in Level 6. Damn….

"What does that smell like? Smells like shit doesn't it? Yeah, I know because I just took a shit there! Hahahahaha!"

"What does that smell like? Smells like shit doesn't it? Yeah, I know because I just took a shit there! Hahahahaha!"

Well, the first thought that went through my head was, “Come on, why the hell don’t they just break it down; it’s just metal!” Lol, only in a manga would somebody think like that, and it wasn’t long before Iva-Sama got the same idea. Before anyone can make a move, though, those prison guard bastards smoke the place with highly potent sleeping gas. In fact, we find out it’s only sleeping gas thanks to Luffy’s rash action of running into it…*sigh*…sometimes I worry about that kid. Cut to the control room and the cowardly guards, along with Vice Chief Hannyabal, are all smug that they have the escaped prisoners sealed off……for now! Meanwhile, all the way up on Level 1, Magellan is mistreating the shit out of Ace. How despicable! If this was America, that would be unconstitutional – thus only done in secret and not in such an open space. Lol, jkjk. 😀 To be fair, Ace was resisting, so that kind of gives Magellan the right to make him eat dirt.

Too cool for school! You know somebody was prepared when the teacher said pull your scissors out for Arts & Crafts!"

Too cool for school! You know somebody was prepared when the teacher said pull your scissors out for Arts & Crafts!

Back down on Level 6, Inazuma is finally showing off his…her??? Devil Fruit Ability. It’s scissor hands! The ability to manipulate anything which he cuts as if it were paper. Hmmm…..kinda reminds me of someone…..I would love to see Inazuma and Daz Bones (Mr. 1) fight. They both have similar abilities in my opinion. Anyways, he effectively uses his power to cover up the gas seeping through the gate with the cement floor. Damn those are sharp scissors! Even though they stopped the gas, Iva-Sama is telling Luffy to give up on rescuing his brother and to let Whitebeard handle it. HA! He still doesn’t know Luffy, I suppose, because he NEVER gives up (even if he has to go to Marine HQ to get his brother back). Congratulations to those who voted the big battle was going to happen at Marineford, because that’s where it looks like it’s going to go down now. Up on top, it shows a scene of Ace being quietly escorted onto the Marine ship. LMAO, Ace gave up resistance quicker than Robin did when she was being escorted through the Gates of Justice. Sorry, Ace fans, but the guy needs lessons from Nico Robin on how to resist an escort. 😉

Douchebaggery at its finest! Somebody needs to put water on their boots and give him a swift kick in the nuts! >_<

Douchebaggery at its finest! Somebody needs to put water on their boots and give this man a swift kick in the nuts! >_<

So what are they going to do now? Crocodile to the rescue? That’s right, that shitty asshole dirt on the bottom of my shoe scumbag is back. The only person I hate more than Crocodile is Arlong, and thank God we didn’t see his blue ass in Impel Down! Now Crocodile offers a way to bust them out by opening a hole in the ceiling. Oh, give me break, Luffy can do that! In fact, he broke through pure bedrock just by laying an ass whuppin’ on you, or have you forgotten? I’m sure he didn’t, but it seems Luffy has, so they let the bastard out at Iva-Sama’s suggestion. Interesting thing is Iva-Sama says he has a weakness, and I don’t think he’s talking about liquid. I have no clue, so you all can speculate down in the comment section. The good thing is, to offset this disappointment of Crocodile being free, Jimbei wants to tag along too and help Luffy save Ace. Alright, now we’re talking, and so are the noisy prisoners who also want to be freed, but Iva-Sama keeps Death Winking them, LMAO! XD So, here we have it, the Breakout Team that’s going to save Ace: Luffy, Ivankov, Jimbei, Inazuma, and Crocodile. Unfortunately, I KNOW that Crocodile’s going to pull a fast one when he gets the chance and Iva-Sama’s not looking. What do you all think about this team? Oh yeah, and where the F**K is Shiryuu? I can’t believe he’s not a part of this team, and it was the perfect opportunity for him to escape. Guess he’s not making an appearance after all….or will he?

There you have it. Chapter 540 in all it’s glory. Even though I’m biased against Crocodile, I, like most of you, probably, am excited to see this team go to work…and yes, even Crocodile, though I hope he dies in battle! 😉 Here’s this week’s demotivational poster, featuring our favorite cook, Sanji. Now go down to the comment section and comment, predict, discuss, and just hang out. See you all soon! 😀

picture-81Artwork done by Bayanghitam from Deviantart

One more thing I’m curious about…


~ by supertrek89 on April 24, 2009.

30 Responses to “One Piece Chapter 540 Discussion and Breakdown + 541 Spoiler Confirmed With New Pics and Spoiler Video!!! 0_0 >_<”

  1. LOl super – great breakdown (as usual). Damn you get these breakdowns out really quick – do you have it somewhat planned out before you write it up? AMV was top notch again, getting close to up to date with one piece – up to ch 303 – averageing 100 ch per week (grrr work and uni). So hows Oda looking after his breakdown by you? i hear his hands were the only thing spared – he’s gonna do one up next week right? lol stupid golden week, how will i get my manga fix next week?

  2. second – that “hangout” at the top reminds me of one of itachi’s weird genjutsus…. wait.. this is one piece?!?!? ooooh never mind… sorry super ^.^

  3. @Mudshovel: Lol, we’ll all be manga deprived next week and Oda has paid security now after our little run in last week. Wuss can’t handle a baseball bat… -_- Lol, jkjk!

    Anyway the only thing I had prepared before hand was the AMV. Everything else I can’t get until the the manga actually comes out and this week it took longer than usual. I try to get it out as fast I can because that’s how I do things…fast…wait…don’t twist that! 😉

    Thx for reading Mudshovel and glad you enjoyed it! 😀

    @Reflex: Lol, Naruto references our welcome here too. 😛

  4. @super: LMAO
    lol, don’t worry i wont twist that *heads to the chat room* “hey reflex, you know what i heard about super … turns out he’s superfast at finishin…..” lol na jkjk.

    that pic of the bear is super creepy as well, also i didn’t mind crocodile – he was an awesome antagonist – new straw hat pirate FTW? na jkjk

  5. @ super – you must agree with me though (about the genjutsu thing) 😀 – lol

  6. 6th 🙂

  7. @super: is the awesomeness crew taking a week off for golden week as well? lol

  8. First of all excellente breakdown, didn’t expect it so quick, but you know what, I think that’s awesomeness haha I have like a question for everybody kinda, haha do you think all the SH crew will appear at the Marine Headquerters, or will we have like several stories of finding one by one crew members?

  9. first time leaving a comment in the one piece section…
    @otepgaara: i think kuma is actually gunna go and collect the straw hats coz i just cant think of a way for them to get back otherwise

  10. First time posting a comment in the one piece section, so be gentle you guys! lol…
    @otepgaara: it seems to me like kuma didnt just send the crew off to random places but actually places where they could improve on their fighting ablilties. I think kuma didnt just plan on saving the crew by sending them away from kizaru and the like but also wanted them to improve. what i mean is nami for instance got sent to some weather researching island and she uses the climatact and weather contitions to fight, also franky ended up in the place where “a genious was born” who is most likely vegapunk but anyway that could mean that he could upgrade his weaponry or something, and i think luffy may have been sent to amazon lilly because kuma somehow knew about his haki and wanted him to improve it…
    so i actually think that kuma wanted to help the strawhats and once he thinks enough time has passed he will use his teleporting ablility to go where they are and send them all back to shabondy
    p.s. awesome breakdown…

  11. @ tobiisagoodboy
    Sanji is on an island of Okama…… hmmmmm i wonder how that works out. Brillant Break down, i really wanted luffy to get ace out by this stage and then have whitebeared going at it with out luffy and ace interfearing, this whole arc even though luffy is awsome has made me pant for other people to fight, but just have to wait and see how it goes down its all shaping up to be pretty intense, question though Dragon going to intervieen or not?

  12. @billjack
    well it was just a thought but umm didnt mr 2 use ballet kenpo with some really powerful kicks involved? manybe sanji could learn something from that…

  13. @tobiisagoodboy
    i completely agree with u.the crew got sent away to places where they could improve themselves like zoro got send to that horo horo girl to make his spirit stronger(it may point that he’ll get a haki too).http://www.onemanga.coe_Piece/513,if u read this chapter u will c that kuma helped the crew by making one of pacifista disappear .and in this page c how rayleign and kuma talk? theirs something fishy in here

  14. @diablo101
    yeah man i noticed all that as well, its as you say, something fishy…
    i like the idea of zoro getting haki; didnt that giant in the human auction say to rayleigh that haki depends on your ambitions or something like that and if thats the case, zoro wanting to be the best swordsman in the world should qualify him for some good haki lol! umm kaku also said that his asura was an illusion created by his spirit though didnt he? so that could be a variation on haki but i am not really sure

  15. Phew, sorry for my absence guys but I was at a Track Meet and those things take FOREVER!!!! >_<

    @Mudshovel: I have no idea what we’re doing this week but I have some ideas formulating…

    @Otepgaara: Hmmm…I would think (and hope) that each member would have their own little side story like Luffy did on the Amazon Island. It would be better than seeing their adventures later summed up through flashbacks and story telling. I want to see it happen as it goes down. Then somehow they all meet up later.

    @Tobi: Absolutely agree. Where Kuma sent them is definitely going to help out each and every Strawhat crew member in their on individual ways. Some may improve and gain new weapons (Franky, Nami, Usopp, Zorro, Sanji, Brook) and some may just learn more (Robin, Chopper). Who knows maybe they’ll all get an upgrade I just don’t know how except for the obvious ones like Franky and Nami.

    @Billjack: Good point about Bon-Chan knowing how to fight so well and from current experience we know Okama are not to be messed with. Perhaps Sanji can learn some fighting skill from them…as soon as he gets tired of running away that is… 😉
    @Diablo: Nice link! Completely forgot about that little conversation between Rayleigh and Kuma. I wonder what they discussed…and why is Kuma so interested in helping out the Strawhat Pirates? Ah, so many questions yet to be answered. I’ll put a poll up about Kuma next week…

  16. @Diablo: Damn, I forgot to do the poll about who in Luffy’s crew my develop Haki. I’ll try to get it in next week though. 0_0

  17. @super: do you feel a little cheated that oda took a week off, came back and did a chapter only to have another week off again? I think Kishi did it last year GRRR.
    “Where’s that baseball bat?”
    “Wait thats to small” (no thats what she said jokes or i kill you)
    *pulls out a cricket bat*
    “ahh this should help him listen”
    “now where’s MapQuest?”

  18. Ok…i’m really really out of sync with one piece, but doeasn’t that SNAIL LOOK LIKE THE ONE IN SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS O.O!!!

  19. @Mudshovel: Nah, I don’t feel so much cheated because Oda didn’t leave us off with some random dog dying and a sob story. He left off with a decent chapter that I can wait an extra week for him to deliver more. Oh yea…THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!! XD

    @Harshy: LMAO!!! XD No that’s not Gary the slug from Spongebob but they do have a keen resemblance. Relatives perhaps? 😉

  20. Ahhh damn one piece, damn its funny. I’ll never get tired of chopper yelling for a doctor, or Zoro and Sanji fightning. OMG i freakin LMAO at Gomu Gomu Baka – PRICELESS. Why can’t naruto have more comedy in it’s supporting characters? So glad i decided to get up to date with one piece (under 200 ch to go).

  21. fighting**

  22. The world goverment is lossing more shichibukai than they can assign, with this that makes crocodile (oppertunist), Jinbei (hournarable)& Boa Hancock (lover). Then there is Kuma (Neutral – World Goverment) the power be his, don’t argue you know its true. I wonder what bounty Luffy will have afterward, maybe even double.

    As for the strawhat crew, of course they will gain more members. Luffy is that type of person. I am already rooting for Boa (Might if not a Shichibukai/Empress) & Perona (Stranded on an island with Zoro).

  23. anyone got some salt??? i’ve been dreaming of killing gary since i started watching that show at 5!!!! wait… not gary you say???? ah who cares!! CLOSE ENOUGH!!!

  24. I’ve got an awesome One Piece Demotivational Poster coming up for everyone this week. I didn’t make it like I did the others but I’ve decided to use it anyway because it’s awesomeness…and funny as hell! 😀

  25. @supertrek: nice. Looking forward to it. the good demotivational posters are probably my favorite things on the site.

  26. One Piece Chapter 541
    SPOILER #1
    Forum: ttp://
    Source: 2ch

    1. ttp://
    2. ttp://
    3. ttp://
    4. ttp://
    5. ttp://
    6. ttp://
    7. ttp://
    8. ttp://
    9. ttp://
    10. ttp://
    11. ttp://
    12. ttp://
    13. ttp://
    14. ttp://
    15. ttp://
    16. ttp://
    17. ttp://
    18. ttp://
    19. ttp://


    『気をつけろ!!奴らをそこに隔離してある!!』 『!!?』



    ジンベエ『ハァ10時前ハァ 処刑は午後3時』
    ルフィ『3時まで殺される事はねェんだな!!?とにかく!!ハァまだまだチャンスはある!!』 クロコ『フン・・』ルフィ『!』
    イナズマ『扉なんざ無意味 この右手は渇きを与える』 ここでクロコの能力解説 新参への尾田個人からの好意の為省きます


    『こちら「LEVEL4」』 獄卒『き・・・来た!!!』
    『現れました!!!応戦します!!!』 獄卒『撃て!!』クロコスナスナで当たらず 獄卒『!!』
    クロコ『三日月形砂丘!!!』 獄卒達『ぎゃあああああ』
    獄卒『撃て!!監獄弾だ!!!』 ルフィ『ゴムゴムのォ!!!』獄卒『あ』

    『だが怯むな!!!援軍が来るまでなんとか数で持ち堪えろ!!!』  続く

    Verification: Pending
    Credits: junte86
    Source: Arlong park

    (i think this is of this page: ttp://

    strawhat Ivan Inazuma are all Ability user do not forget you jail bullet

    STart entering level 6

    be warned they are stuck there

    what is this structure does this mean?

    Level 5
    Ivan: are you guys prepared?
    you guys were lucky to come out to the front door
    now we are surrounded by inescapable >>??

    A:cold B:cold

    IVan: to go to Marin HQ we have to steal one boats from Marin so we need more people
    with our number now we wont be able to escape and even if we do only handfull will survive
    so our objective is to free as many prisoner as possible

    Level 4 stairs

    J:exectuin is on 3:00 PM and its now before 10:00 AM

    At that time exectuion will happen so WB will come before that. Ace
    is now on sea fight can happen at any time

    Luffy: Before 3:00 Pm we still have a chance!

    Crock: hmm

    crocs ability explained. (just dehydrating enought to make anyting back to sand)

    Gurads: they came!

    Level 6 Shichbukai Jinbei Luffy D Monkey former shichibukai Crocodile

    J:flaming hell..

    Gurad: Shoot!

    Crocodile: Sand Dune!(maybe Barachan..)

    Luffy L gomu gomu rain

    Jinbei: Fishmen garate ~~~~something..

    Gurad: waht?
    What was that punch?

    300 Milion Ruky and two Shichibukais..

    But dont give up! wait till rainforcements!

    This is the end if summary… I will continue if I find full script but I will be busy till 5:00 Pm

    (anyway now that my translation is rough and It took me less than 5 mins to do this.. so for High quality translation wait for dirtmonkey~~ )

    In this pic: ttp://

    Shiryuu: It’s a terrible thing … happening in Impel Down … (not entirely correct – there’s a word too blurry to read)
    There’s three people you want to look for: Crocodile, Jimbei, and ???(too blurry again).
    Guard: Eh!!?
    Shiryuu: They went up to Level 5 through that hole.

    Shiryuu: Tell Magellan … that I can lend my strength …!!!

    The title is:

    Aiming for Marine Headquarters!!

    Edit:Title may be wrong as script doesn’t seems right (dirt monkey AL)

  27. OMG!!! Not only is Naruto going to be great but so is this weeks One Piece…again! Well, One Piece is ALWAYS great! There’s some pics of One Piece movie 10 also floating around out there and it looks f**king awesome! Can’t wait for it to come out and then hit our shores.

    Well back to the chapter it seems Team Awesome, which everyone seems to think they are according to the polls, is wrecking havoc and quickly making their way to the top. FINALLY, we get to see Shiryuu and you know the guards are hella desperate when they’re asking for his help to quell the situation. I’m pissed that he’s not on Luffy’s side. I should have seen this coming since the bastard hates prisoners, but I just thought he’d want that sweet sweet revenge against Magellan the BAKA!!! Can’t wait for the chapter to come out anyways! 😀

    Thx Kyouto for reminding me about the spoilers.

  28. One Piece is out guys

  29. RAW: ttp:// (STARTS PAGE #2)


  30. The newest breakdown will be out some time tomorrow night. 🙂

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