Crimson Memories: The story of a demon named Zabuza

The sun was shining, but its light never reached the demon hidden within the crimson colored mist.

“I love the feel of my blade cutting though flesh and bone as if it were just water…but watching you struggle, gasping for air, trying your hardest to stay alive even though you know your life end…drowning is definitely the most satisfying way to kill,” said Zabuza. Zabuza watched the man’s lungs slowly fill with water, the look of terror in the man’s eyes made him feel alive.  The man took one last breath of water; then, there was silence. Zabuza’s job was done.

From a traveler’s point of view, the village Zabuza was in would look abandoned unless they peered into the houses and saw the blood covered floors or went for a swim in the lake full of dead bodies.  The gloomy mist that covered the silent village started to clear as Zabuza released his Jutsu.  The sun started peaking over the hilltops. The rays of light broke though the treetops and illuminated the poorly made houses of the villagers. Zabuza sat down in the shade of a tree.  Although he enjoyed slaughtering the village in the dead of night, he couldn’t figure out why he was sent to this hellhole.

The Mizukage had been acting strange the past month, ordering missions to wipe out defenseless villages and blocking trade routes. It was like he was trying to create unrest and chaos within the county.  Zabuza did not mind the bloodshed and violence of a country in chaos, but if the country remained this way he knew his life would end soon; after all, he is only a tool that can be tossed away.  The one thing he knew besides murder was how to stay alive no matter what; he needed a plan soon. For now, it was time to head back to Kirigakure and report the success of his mission.

*** *** *** *** ***

It was about midday in Kirigakure when he arrived. The trees were starting to die as winter set in.

Zabuza hated the walk to the Mizukage’s office.  The villagers seemed disgusting to Zabuza:  they would hide in the safety of their pitiful homes and use demons like him to protect themselves from other demons.  He wanted to kill them all.

As Zabuza walked the path to the Mizukage’s office, he was struck with the feeling of apprehension – this feeling was caused by the passing of a mysterious ninja who had the eyes of a snake.  Zabuza loved to kill and fight; normally, he would just attack and kill any mysterious people in the village, but this is one fight he knew he couldn’t win.

Zabuza walked up the stairs to the Mizukage’s office when someone tapped him on the shoulder. He quickly grabbed his sword and spun around, sending large chunks of the wall into the air.  Zabuza’s attack quickly came to an end after he realized it was the Mizukage.

“Your reaction was faster than last time, Zabuza-kun, you almost took my head off,” said the Mizukage in a playful voice.

Zabuza hated the Mizukage’s playful personality, but he knew under that façade was a very strong and dangerous ninja.

“So, did you finish you mission, Zabuza-Kun?” said the Mizukage, keeping with his playful voice.

“Well I am back, so what the hell do you think?” said Zabuza in a sarcastic manner.

“Well that’s good.  I am sorry, Zabuza-kun, but I have to send you on another mission right away,”  said the Mizukage in a slightly more serious tone.

“Does this have something to do with that snake looking guy I passed on the way in?”  said Zabuza.

“Ahhh…so you have already seen Orochimaru. But no, your mission has nothing to do with him, he was here for a more… personal matter.  I need you to gather the people you need and wipe out the Kaguya clan,” said the Mizukage.

“I am going to need a lot of people to wipe out a powerful clan like that, Mizukage-sama,” said Zabuza.

“You may gather as many ninja as you need. I am going back to my office to take care of some things,” said Mizukage.

Zabuza walked back down the now partially destroyed stairs, wondering why Orochimaru was meeting with the Mizukage.  That didn’t matter now because the Mizukage just gave Zabuza the power to take control of the Kirigakure. Zabuza gathered many ninja that day and convinced them of his plan to overthrow the Mizukage.

*** *** *** *** ***

The shadow of night covered the land of mist. It was silent that night as the villagers were sleeping safely in their homes.  “Ka-Boom” the sound of an exploding kunai rippled throughout the village, wakening the villagers and alerting the defense ninja.

Zabuza’s group was not large, but they were well trained. They pushed though the defense ninja until they arrived just outside the Mizukage’s building.  In the court yard in front the building, there was a large amount of ninja gathered, ready to defend the Mizukage.  Zabuza thought this was impossible; the only way so many ninja could have gathered at this spot was if the Mizukage was expecting the attack.

He and his group had no choice but to fight.  Zabuza took his sword in hand and got to work, even though he knew that his attack only had a slim chance to work…he kept on fighting.  Zabuza cut down countless enemies with the help of demon brothers Gouzu and Meizu.

His group had almost won the battle in the court yard when a sword wrapped in cloth hit Zabuza from the side. It felt like his life force was being ripped from his body.  Zabuza hit the ground and the wrapped blade came down from above, but Zabuza was able to stop it with his own blade.

Kisame stood over Zabuza, their blades locked while the demon brothers held off the other ninja.

“It seems you don’t know how powerful the Mizukage really is, Zabuza Momochi,” said Kisame as he pushed down on his blade.

“He is just using us as pawns in his game. We will end up dying by his hand,” said Zabuza as he pushed Kisame’s blade to the side, jumped back, and put some distance between them.

“That may be, but you and me love violence and death. Even if we are only tools, we can enjoy taking lives.  Besides, I would rather be a pawn for the strong than be hunted and live a meaningless life,” said Kisame.

“It looks like we can’t agree,  so let’s do what we do best,” said Zabuza with a smile on his face.

Zabuza and Kisame ran at each other.  Kisame swung his blade horizontally, but Zabuza crouched and swung at Kisame’s feet.  Kisame jumped.  Zabuza came out of his crouch and grabbed Kisame’s neck with his left hand and blocked Kisame’s sword with his sword just inches from his body.  Kisame smiled and released the scales on his sword. They sank into Zabuza’s side and drained his chakra.  Zabuza jumped back, his side bleeding heavily.

The Mizukage stepped out in front of Kisame, appearing from almost nowhere like he always did.  Zabuza had to act fast, he needed to get away.  He made hand seals and the blood that covered the ground started to gather together and take the shape of a dragon.   The blood dragon rushed toward the Mizukage, but Kisame stepped in front and blocked the jutsu with his sword.

Zabuza and the demon brothers tried to escape.

Kisame was ready to chase, but the Mizukage stopped him, saying, “Let him go, Kisame. He will become a missing ninja and be hunted…just like you.  I want you to leave the village and join the organization that Orochimaru is going to create called Akatsuki. Whatever you do, you have to stay in that organization.”

“Hmmmm…sounds interesting,” said Kisame with a grin on his face.

Zabuza was riding away from the village, thinking to himself about what happened.  He needed to do something, a way to fight back.  He needed to create a Ninja, a tool that he could use.   Zabuza looked back at the village, glowing red from the burning houses.

He swore that he would return one day.



Scorpion Legacy.

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~ by サソリの遺産 Scorpion Legacy on April 22, 2009.

30 Responses to “Crimson Memories: The story of a demon named Zabuza”

  1. First!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice job

  2. WOOOT MY FIRST FIRST EVA.. but good shit scorp

  3. Awesome story Scorp.

  4. nice job, lol ibi hasn’t gotten back to me with my zabuza stuff

  5. damn that story is dOPE!!!!!

    ZABUZA is in my top 3 fav anyone in the whole naruto universe!!!
    i always felt he was taken away too quickly as his chracter although did very bad things could have been a nice antagonist deeper in the naruto storyline…

    i really saw exactly what was happening in that fight too!!! easpecially when Zabuza had to block Kisame’s Samehada and jumped back to make some distance!!! awesome_O!!!!


  6. i liked it…in my opinion you really got zabuza down to a tee. The only thing is, didn’t madara start akatsuki, not orochimaru?

  7. Nice job, scorp!

  8. @dro… madara is the mizukage…remember in the story when the mizukage first talks to zabuza with his play voice… thats tobi,,, then with a semi mean voice, that yamato…

    this story was awesome O !!!!

  9. yamato?? why would the semi mean voice be yamato? lol, i know he typically does that serious thing, but he has no connection to the mizukage or madara, unless i missed something. but yea, that story was pretty awesome, very good work scorp.

  10. @jaro…under the Tobi mask is Yamato… you know when Yamato is doing that scary voice with the flashlight trick at Naruto, thats Madara…

    …didnt you see that expose on VH1 “Behind the Mask” ??

  11. GAH! Orochimaru’s, Madara’s, and Kisame’s Oh My… 0_0

    LOL! XD Awesome story Scorp! Love the artwork of Zabuza and the last one fits the story perfectly. Lot’s of action, good detail, and especially loved the opening scene. Great job!

    Best Part: 😀

    “I love the feel of my blade cutting though flesh and bone as if it were just water…but watching you struggle, gasping for air, trying your hardest to stay alive even though you know your life end…drowning is definitely the most satisfying way to kill,” (Scorp)

    DAMN! That’s the shit! 😉

  12. Awesome. that was freaking awesome. Described zabuza perfectly. Lol, better than your shitty photoshop a supertrek? 😉 jkjk.

  13. nice. only prob i had was the fight between zabuza and kisame. wasn’t very believable.

  14. also, orochimaru didn’t create akatsuki

  15. great story

  16. orochimaru didn’t create akatsuki…

  17. Great story ScorpionLegacy. I particularly enjoyed the fight scenes – as another person said – I could picture it quite well based on your description. Beautiful artwork to go along with it as well.

    Zabuza is one of the best characters ever in the Naruto-verse – it is a shame he was “removed” from the series so early on.

  18. @ the ones who believe this is kishi’s story…

    …maybe oro created akatsuki under the orders of the mizukage… you ever wonder why oro was there to see the mizukage??? maybe he was ordered to create akatsuki…

    awesome story scorps!!!!!!! just awesome!!!!

  19. Thank you for all the nice comments….and to the people who said that Orochimaru didn’t create Akatsuki…who did create it? Just because pain or madra is the leader now doesn’t mean they created Akatsuki. If you can find where it says the name of the person who created Akatsuki let me know, I could be wrong. -_+

  20. [Moderator: Stop spamming Ahsan]

  21. i couldnt find you a name but im sure i rember quotes of Orochimaru saying he joined Akatsuki just so he could get to Itachi, so by that i would rekon that he wasnt the founder but your right there is not concrete eviadence of who did or didnt make the group

  22. WAH WAH! Orochimaru didn’t create akatsuki! So WHAT! Scorp did an AWESOME job on this story. And truth be told, we still DON’T KNOW for certain just who exactly created akatsuki, so far we’ve got Pain, and Madara claiming creation. I’m betting that Danzo, or possibly Tsunade Created Akatsuki – YES! you heard right… Tsunade! It’s a bullshit claim, but just as valid as any others made!
    Randomness prevails!

  23. Yeah, I am not sure who created akatsuki…but it fit the story well -_+. Even if Orochimaru did not create Akatsuki, the Mizukage still could have had a history with Orochimaru. Also the Mizukage could have ordered Kisame to join it without telling him everything (like he is the leader). I just wanted to write a story that could have happened…it’s not something I would bet on unlike my Gutsy ninja prediction, Just wait part two is coming after the EMO flash backs.

  24. Zabuza – What the ultimate badass should look like. As some others said, I can agree that he died too soon. I would almost like to see him become a sort of “Vegeta” in this story – a powerful enemy that becomes an ally. Sure we have Gaara for that, but what’s a few more ninjas in the grand scheme of things.

    Oh and Suigetsu sucks ass – a guy made of “water” (man-goo) Let’s boil him with some fire jutsu and steam him to death.

  25. Nice story, Last Scorpion! I always found it fun to delve into the “bad guys” psyche in stories, and you did that very well with Zabuza. Particularly enjoyed the point you raised that he thought he was doing his country a favor by assassinating the Mizukage, and for good reason! This is all working up nicely to include Madara and his revelation to Zetsu after Itachi dies, so I can’t wait to see what’s next ^_^


  27. i love the story i wish it didnt end man

  28. you don’t have the right for the last illustrated picture. The original rights belongs to Fomle-chan from Deviantart, not even the first picture are you allowed to use if you haven’t ask the original owner. Editing the pictures requires permission as well. That is important(!). Its a nice story, but ask for permission, or make your own illustrations.

    I know the artist for the Last illustration with Kisame and Zabuza. If you want to ask her for permission, here is the link:

  29. Thats cool, I didn’t post this but I’ll delete it.

  30. zabuza is beast

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