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Hey everyone,
This subject came up in the chat room, and it just would not go away so I decided to do a quick post on who we think should play the characters from the live action Naruto movie. First off, I decided to make a movie that does NOT use kid actors… so don’t tell me in the comments section I should have picked 12 and 13 year old kids to play these parts… that movie would suck ass.  The movie will culminate with the battle at the Valley of Ends against Sasuke.  Not all the parts are cast below, this post will need a sequel to cover everyone.  I’m thinking, just like the Dragon Ball movie, we are going to take the same story and use young adults to play the parts.  So think 17-19 years old for Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke and go from there.   Feel free to vote on some of my picks below and put your nominations in the comments section if you think of someone better that I forgot ^_^


Cute, innocent and attractive is hard to pull off all at the same time...

Cute, innocent and attractive is hard to pull off all at the same time...

I gave Emily Browning the nod for the role of Hinata because of her ability to look cute and innocent, yet still be attractive at some level. This is the look anyone playing Hinata is going to have to be able to pull off in order for the character to be believable.  We also needed someone we feel sympathetic for… one look from those big eyes and pouty lips and you get the Hinata effect in live action form that we are looking for ^_^

Kakashi x 3

Don't laugh... it would work ^_^

Don't laugh... it would work ^_^

I know you winced when you saw that pic, but hear me out first.  As with the other actors I was looking for certain traits.  For Kakashi, I was looking for early 30’s actor with zero range and a deadpan voice delivery, had to be in decent shape, but not huge or even ripped… calm face, calming voice… Most people who have those traits don’t work in Hollywood.  If someone said I want to be an actor but I have no range and a monotonous voice, we would tell them don’t bother, you’ll fail…but Keanu Reeves (strangely enough) didn’t.  Combine that with an ability to generate interest in a movie based off of name alone and that’s enough to give Neo the Ne-odd.

He's got so much range, this may work really well...

He's got so much range, this may work really well...

If you need a little more personality than Reeves can offer the Kakashi character, then how about Depp?  He’s got the chops to make Kakashi interesting and a little quirky.  I think he could make the scenes where he’s reading Jiraiya’s books pretty funny, and he can be serious when he wants to be… Reeves is looking horrible right now in comparison, depends on what kind of Kakashi you want…

Donnie Yen live action Naruto movie

Donnie Yen live action Naruto movie

What if you could have both?  A good actor and an action hero… Donnie Yen of the greatest movie ever made, Ip Man , and the the solid action movie Flash Point, is huge in China.  He would play a great Kakashi!  Acting wise he’s no Depp, but do you really have to be able to play the copy ninja?




Ahhhh… Kristina Hendricks from Mad Men was almost too easy to cast as Tsunade.  When looking for a Tsunade, we needed someone that would drive Jiraiya nuts in the looks department, be naturally super top heavy, and an ability to act.  Kristina Hendricks meets all these criteria in spades. Unlike Hinata, part of Tsunade’s character is her massively disproportionate breasts.  Some plastic like Pam Anderson would have been horrid for the role, not only because she’s obviously fake and borderline disgusting looking at this point, but she also looks old and can’t act.  Remember, Tsunade actually looks a lot younger than she is because of her “special” techniques, so I couldn’t go any older than Kristina; too much younger and she would have stuck out too much.  Color her hair blonde and throw her in front of Jiraiya, the camera and her curves will do the rest.


Flash step and furious?

Flash step and furious?

Goofy smile, check.  Likable personality, check.  Hero type, check.  Can act zaney one second and angry the next or both at the same time, check.  Paul Walker may not be the greatest actor or even a good actor… hell, he’s pretty bad actually, BUT we are doing an action movie here and he fits the bill perfectly for Minato.  He needs to be the action hero in some of the flashbacks, and have the ability to flash a goofy likable smile on cue for other flashbacks.  He also fits the age range we are looking for in his late 30’s.  Remember he died fairly young, so the actor cannot be too old for the flashbacks.  It will be a bit strange considering Naruto won’t look much younger, but that’s the way it works out. Do we now have Konoha’s Yellow Flash?


Here is the angsty choice for Sasuke

Here is the angsty choice for Sasuke

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the name Sasuke? No, not that… the other word. Angsty ^_^ Jared Leto has that dark brooding look and angst coming out his Arse.  He’s a great actor and plays the role of troubled youth perfectly.  Plus, the ladies love this guy and we need to pick someone that Sakura will swoon for.

50% less angst 50% more pretty boy 75% less acting ability

50% less angst 50% more pretty boy 75% less acting ability

Leto too angsty, not fem enough and too good of an actor for ya?  Well, a second option could be Zac Effron, who has Sasuke’s fem look down. I imagine he could do angsty, and he’s got the girls’ vote, I’m sure.  He’s kind of the anti Leto as far as movies go… Leto did Requiem for a Dream and Effron did Hairspray, so you can see the acting ability is a bit of a gap, but who knows, perhaps this is who the ladies want to play their Sasuke-chan…. errrm kun ^_^


hmmm... Sakura-chan?

hmmm... Sakura-chan?

I wanted to pick someone attractive for Sakura, because even though some people dump on her, I actually like her character.  Yes, she can be annoying when she just stares at Sasuke while she could be doing something useful… like fighting.  Anyway, I think Maggie Grace from Taken would play a good Sakura.  She can play the role of victim (Taken) or the bitch (Lost).

Juno who Ellen Page is?

Juno who Ellen Page is?

Maggie Grace too pretty for ya, or do you want a decent actor for Sakura’s role?  Well, Ellen Page of Juno should fit ur bill.  She’s a great actress who plays vulnerable well without being weak, and can play strong and angry any day of the week.  She also has that Sakura look about her.


Who better to play the fighter Naruto than someone starring in Fighting?

Who better to play the fighter Naruto than someone starring in Fighting?

I want to say that Naruto is nearly impossible to cast… We can’t focus on Naruto’s goofiness when casting him, otherwise the movie is going to turn out lame as hell.  We need someone who can play an action hero and also laugh.  Channing Tatum from Fighting  fits the action hero role nicely.  He also looks like and has the stature of someone that Sasuke would need Sharingan to defeat.  I have to be honest, this one is so difficult to cast… This was the best I could come up with… what do you think?


Lovable Lech?

Lovable Lech?

There is one thing that Hollywood is full of, and that is the lovable womanizer.  That pretty much sums up Jiraiya in a nutshell, and Nathan Fillion fits the part perfectly. Throw some gray hair on him and we have the perfect Jiraiya. He can play the hero or the goof, serious or funny, all of that was already in his character from Fire Fly.

Second verse... same as the first...

Second verse... same as the first...

Everything that can be said about Fillion can be said about Matthew Mcconaughey, it just depends if you like your Jiraiya heavy or light on the douche baggery.  McConaughey adds a bit of Frat boy into the formula…

Well, that’s about it.   That’s the frame work for the main characters.  I’ll be doing a follow up post for the antagonists down the road if this post goes over well.  Feel free to make suggestions for characters I didn’t cover or that come along down the road… Next post will cover the likes of Oro, Itachi, Kisame, Maito Gai, Rock Lee, Neji and many others, so don’t hesitate to post ur thoughts on any of those too ^_^




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  2. 2nd

  3. 2nd! Drat – thought I’d be first at something. LOVE this idea! Heh Heh Heh. My votes are cast!

  4. lol now lets read it

  5. Darnit Ahsan – you mean I’m actually third. Oh well, some of us actually have to work for a living…stupid meeting…

  6. keanu reeves is not kakashi, he reminds me more of thaat guy from casshern… just cover his mouth and you’ll see what im saying… for kakashi id rather see someone more out there like BILYL IDOL!!!!! that would be all right by me!!!!!


  7. for Sakura, i dont like the girls i see chozen, Sakura needs more individual personality more like Tank Girl, so i would use a chick from Suicide Girls with lots of crazy “hidden” leaf tattoos… make her more modern to fit in our society of today… make the movie grab more viewers and one that can attach themselves on that inspiring level… the 2 girls chosen above are tooo girl next door. kinda boring… Sakura has that crazay INNER SAKURA and those girls chosen aboive dont seem to have that individual craziness or inner anything… it needs like anger of marrisa tomei of my cousin vinny foot stomping rawr!!!



  8. Kakashi character === not good

    the rest gr8

  9. a sugggestion for kakahsi

  10. Ahsan – you do realize that who u suggested is Keanu Reeves correct? -_-

    Spill – if it were up to you everyone in the movie would be over 40 and look and act nothing like the characters they are supposed to be playing…

  11. I updated the post with Loves suggestion ^_^

  12. lol this is awesome…and i agree with krista for tsunade…it just fits so perfectly…that or scarlett johanssen *drools* i think mccanoghey could pull off jiraya…lol

  13. no jeremiah, you have me all wrong, you see duringthe middle of the movie, itachi will do a genjutsu and all the characters you chose would be played in the genjutsu…

    it works out totally!!! also… for teh record i only want to change kakashi to an older guy, the sakura choice is a young sexy goddess… i liekd your choices fer the rest…

    man… over 40!?!?! ugh!!!! yeck!!!

  14. Nice job, Jeremiah. I know this post was a bitch to put together. Everyone thinks this is SO easy to pull together, but it gets really hard. Loved the choices…Keanu Reeves…lmao. I’d rather watch Depp, tho.

    Couple add ons, maybe…

    I still think Alec Baldwin would make an excellent Jiraiya. These two aren’t old enough, although I very much like the looks and all. Another would be The actor that played Jayne in Firefly, plus he’s got the stature to match our giant sannin.

    I prefer Zach Ephron for Naruto…if we can get him to gain some muscle. (jeez, he’s like a male Twiggy…)

  15. Ok the guy from Coach Carter could never be Naruto. He always plays shy guys. Second, Downey Jr. would fit Kakashi best. He has that laid back attitude and their eyes are similar IMO.

    And no one agrees that Frankie Muniz = Naruto?

  16. @Fanboi: Downey Jr…hmmm…ok, but who can afford the insurance? 😀 Fankie Munoz…interesting…has he gotten any taller yet?

  17. @Jeremiah: Haha! I was wondering when this would come out great job on the cast especially Hinata and Tsunade! 0_0 One thing though you have a typo over Minato’s pic. It should say ‘Minato’ but instead you have ‘Nagato’.

    I definitely agree Ellen Page from Juno would play Sakura’s part perfectly. She’s young, has that grit, but also can be sweet when need be (unlike Saskura 😉 ). The Kakasi and Jiraiya characters are up for grabs for me beacause you had two great options for both of them. Sasuke was an easy choice because Zac Efron doesn’t even know what angst is! I don’t know how I feel about Minato and Naruto but besides that everything’s great. Especially Hinata…did I say that already? Mmmmmm…Hinata… +_+ If I can come up with any pics of my own I’ll be sure to let you know.

  18. LOL ^_^

  19. @ Fanboi – watch the movie fighting and tell me the same thing ^_^

    Downey jr as Kakashi would be cool, though I’m affraid he has way too much personality to play Kakashi…

    Zach Effeon would play a fem Naruto which Naruto is not. Freddie Munoz?! Come on… I’d want the film to make money…not be laughed at. Same goes for those saying Mac Culkin in the chat. We’d be laughed out of the pitch room of a studio with those two heading the film.

  20. Why not have more asian actors?

  21. That’s a good question Kingcam… Why do Japanese artists create Anglo looking characters more often than Asian ones. WW2 perhaps? Am i projecting that visual or was it intended? Or differientation? <just made that word up 🙂

    IDK honestly…

    Anyone else have thoughts on that?

  22. i have and still will say this – next week, oro = michael jackson – the end

  23. I don’t know about all this >_<. Anime live action has NEVER worked. Lets see If they can the Cowboy Beebop live action movie right, then I will talk about a Naruto one. Cowboy Beebop should not be hard at at all to bring to live action….lets hope Keanu reeves makes a good Spike and Fox don’t F@#k it up like they did Dragon Ball *vomits thinking about it*.

  24. I was thinking Brad Pitt for Yondaime and Keanu would make a better Itachi than a Kakashi.

    All the other choices were right on Johnny Depp would be a great Kakashi he has that perfect cool nonchalant(spelling) attitude.

  25. you know, after watching the Mortal Combat movie, lets leave the japanese anime action where it should be, in the anime action… i can see the movie running right now, and i can see myself vomiting to most of it cause it just doesn’t fit…

  26. From what I’m reading it seems like every one is aiming at Shippuuden, but did an arc get picked cuz that would change things.

  27. Ibiki Jayne’s name is Adam Baldwin. How about travolta as pervy?

  28. Donnie Yen as Kakashi would be awesomeness²! ^_^ Though I haven’t seen Ip Man yet, he played a pretty bad@$$ character in Flash Point, and we’re gonna need at least one person who can actually fight to make a live action Naruto movie work. And dude, if McCono-however you spell his name is Jiraiya, I would stab out my eyes before I ever watched the movie *LOL*

    I’ve wondered about why so many characters in Japanese manga look westernized, too, and the only thing I can come up with is that it’s all about their culture’s ideas of beauty/style. The US and Japan share a lot of fashion and technology trends (though we’re woefully behind with the latter), and I remember reading somewhere about how increasing numbers of Asian women seek cosmetic surgery to make their eyes look more western. These kind of subconscious ideals are bound to bleed into the manga, though the answer could also be as simple as the fact that there’s not as much variation among Asian looks as there are in the west…

  29. Hell Jackie Chan as Gai….We know he knows drunken fist.

  30. you mean Jackie Chan as Rock Lee… Gai doesnt do drunken fist.

  31. Jackie is too old to play rock. and if this is hollywood you know theyll take liberties.

  32. Jackie chan as maito Gai.

    Ero – u might have missed the set up for the arc is explained in the opening.

  33. @Jeremiah: I’m not saying I like Frankie Muniz. I remember walking out of Agent Cody Banks with my brother because the level of retardedness that was funneling into my brain was actually painful. But you cant deny the resemblens. He could begin a new phase of his career.

    And Im gunna have to wait until Fighting is available on Netflix =(

  34. Franky Munoz is funny on Malcolm in the Middle but is a twiggy dork… nothing like Naruto. I respect ur opinion but I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with any possibility that Franky would be a good cast as leading man in any movie, much less Naruto.

  35. Minato:
    KillerBee: Samuel Jackson

  36. @jeremiah – re: westernized characters in manga/anime

    I believe to a certain extent we western readers of manga are projecting the assumption that these are westernized characters due to the oversized eyes that are typical in manga-style artwork.

    The oversized eye technique allows the mangaka to create an extremely expressive piece of work quite efficiently. A lot of the story is actually “told” through the characters’ reactions and those reactions are easier for the reader to understand if the eyes are larger. Since manga typically comes out on a weekly basis, efficiency is the name of the game.

    Osamu Tezuka pioneered the style with New Treasure Island and Astro Boy in post-war Japan and the 1950’s.

    Although western readers may consider the characters westernized, I believe that Japanese readers do not – they consider the artwork expressive, but not western.

    I’m not sure what the policy is on posting links – but here are a couple about manga art history and Osamu Tezuka. There’s actually a better one I read about the history and efficiency of the style and the effect this has on the subway readership community of manga in japan but I can’t find it right now – too early – need coffee.

    Osamu Tezuka – Manga Artist Profile

    A History of Manga

  37. @jeremiah – LOL-ling at the picture of Matthew – not the one I would have picked, but I did appreciate the scruff nonetheless. Did Ibiki find that picture for you?

    @ibiki – hmmmm… Alec Baldwin could work…

    @return_of_ra – ditto for Travolta…

    Can’t wait for the post for additional casting speculation (off to search out candidates for second list!)

  38. kakashi: michael kane lol
    naruto: arnold swarzeneggar “ill be back dattebayo!”
    sasuke: silvester stallone “i want evenge, ADRIAN!!!!!”
    (imagine sasuke vs naruto wed all wanna see that fight lol)
    shikimaru: vin diesel with a wig
    maito gai: has to be that cosplay guy doing the splits
    tsunade: katy price a.k.a Jordan lol similarities 🙂
    orochimaru: michael jackson
    itachi: john travolta (pulp fiction hair)
    sai: keano reeves (emotionless lol)
    killer bee: Mr T (how has noone thought of this)

  39. michael kane/ kakashi:(after narutos rasenshuriken) your only supposed the bloody doors off!

  40. I’ll try to come up with a cast… let me see…

  41. the whole of pain can be played by either boyzone, westlife, take that or any boyband as long as they die.
    Nagato: zack effron, if he dies!

  42. Amanda Bynes for Sakura

  43. Hinata’s actor needs to have atleast a C cup bra size. ^^ and Tsunade’s character needs atleast DD’s Channing Tatum HORRIBLE choice for naruto… >_> come on…. We can do better ._.’ =P

  44. I think the Zabuza arc would be perfect for a first movie…bring people into the world of naruto…you can always play with the character age and make them older 17-18 instead of 12-13. But keep the core character personality and story the same. What about Shia LaBeouf for naruto?

  45. I have two words for who should play Sakura, Ino, or Tenten (perferably Sakura)

    EMMA WATSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. minato-brad pitt
    Jiraiya-george clooney

  47. @chaosshdw : i was thinking emma watson would be good too.

    megan fox could be a good kurenai, although a bit young
    uma thurman tsunade

  48. oh chouji has to be guy from superbad, dont no his name

  49. @wul2n: Jonah Hill, and that would be hilarious

    And Ellen Page looked good in X-Men. Shes just like Sakura imo, hot sometimes, not so much others. This is probably your best cast. And people are just saying Keanu can play Kakashi because he has spikey hair. In Hollywood hair is irrelevant. You think Heath Ledger looks like the Joker when he walks down the street? oh wait…

  50. God******! I miss you writing the breakdowns lately. Nice job. I think it will be impossible to do a Naruto character without it being cheesy. While most of the actors you picked were good choices, I tend to like movies that are in their native languages/race, so I would rather see it as an all Asian cast. But, that probably wouldn’t be as appealing overall in America.

  51. nice line up J but wtf zack effron as Sasuke….. dude nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  52. This is horrible. Here’s why:

    First, you want to steal an idea from the DBE movie where they use adult actors for the kids storyline. That worked out real well. What else would you like to steal from Dragonball Evolution? That was the worst movie I ever saw. It was worse than Twilight or any Kevin Costner movie.

    Second, Keanu Reeves should not play Kakashi. Keanu Reeves should be nowhere near this film. In fact, I would say that their should be no big names in the film. Keep people like him as far away as possible. That being said…


    AS JARAIYA????!!!!!!!!!

    No peice of sh*t actor should portray Jariaya. Why don’t you just have Ben Affleck play Sasuke and Matt Damon play Naruto? Then throw in Shia Lebeouf as Rock Lee? Do you sense the sarcasm?

    Poor Poor Poor

  53. OMG 9000 the concept of this post has obviously gone right over ur head… P.S. Ur wrong on many accounts the biggest being ur decision to use child actors. See Anakin from star wars 1! Mconocrap and Effron were add ons at the behest of chat roll commentors. Keanu was one of three Kakashis and if dont think Donnie Yen or Depp could play Kakashi ur an idiot. Stupid comment.

    Who ever said Hinaya needed C cups… u are also soft in the head because it’s not part of her character. Tsunade for sure, Hinata not so much. Hendricks more than fits the bill and natuarally! She makes Tsunade look petite. Know what ur talking about before critisizing people. This post was for fun. Calm down, I are not actually casting the movie -_-

  54. PS of course every one I picked was famous… How fun would it be discussing B level character actors that no one has heard of…. Gaaaaaaah! *Stomps off*

  55. @ 9000 – really??…… calm down, buddy… calm down

  56. Yeah Jeremiah just opened a can of whoop ass on your………… ass

  57. ok, so I know I’m late getting to this page, but here’s a bit to discuss…
    What about Christopher Judge (Teal’c from SG-1 show) as Killerbee! He’s big, and black, and with a die job or a wig could be perfect.

    Also, Wesley snipes as Raikage – way too small to be killerbee though

    I would like to see IpMan as MAAAIITOOO GAAAIII, but he’d take too much of the attention off the others… definitely got the taijutsu “beatings” down though

  58. as for naruto? who could fit the role? Would the movie start at the beginning, or pick up somewhere in shippuden. I really don’t like child actors… way too disney, and Naruto IS NOT TO BE DEFILED BY DISNEY! Glad that f*cker’s dead…. anyway…

  59. I would like to see Zack Efron tossed into a combine, or industrial shredder… that would be his BEST role ever!

  60. I like Vin Diesel with a wig as Shikamaru… but let’s face it, Shikamaru is INTELLIGENT! funny, but a bad cast

  61. dawayn johnson (the rock) as MAAAIITOOO GAAAIII?

    both have that dynamic nature to them

    and the eyebrows

  62. LMAO @ the rock for MAITO GAI! Can you smell what the GAI is cookin?

  63. I’m sorry Jeremiah. I guess I took my frustration with the Dragonball movie out on you. lol.

  64. A few of them are B level actor. Id say to get all these actors would only around 150 mil. =)

    and i agree, were not actually making a movie here guys.

  65. GAI is gunna put the smack down on someones candy a$$

  66. idk how many people here saw or plan on seeing star trek but im sure you’ve all seen trailers and what not, so after seeing it and thinking about what i would like to see in a live action naruto flick; which is an older naruto mid 20’s (i’d say 16 but knowing how movies work they will up his age) see in flash backs naruto and sasuke fight and some team 7 stuff not in that order tho lol. Have the present time in the movie be right after the timeskip and cover the 1st two arc garra and sasuke have it end with sasuke talking to the ninetails and having him say (you dont want to kill naruto) set up a sequal all that good shit, oh and the whole star trek thing comes in b/c i think chris pine could play a good naruto

    chris pine


  67. After much searching I was able to dig up Kishi’s statements from his interview about the manga in 08’/09′. Note that all of the statements save the conformations are all from the mouth of the naruto creator himself, so even the ones that have not been confirmed will most likely end up as being true. So, if any of you do not wish to know what will happen next, then don’t bother reading beyond this. For those who do however, prepare for the bigest and most true spoilers yet.

    [spoiler]first of all, I would like to warn you all about this, these are Kishi’s preview that aren’t confirmed yet*; however, most of them seems quite true/confirmed about it, and please understand that it’s quite hard to translate directly Korean to English , and it would be messed
    up b/c i used translator in parts too. So please excuse the WEIRDASS phrases.
    *Kishi said this preview before 2008 Jump Festa.

    1. Akatsuki Leader’s(not confirmed if its Pein / Madara) strength can’t be matched even with 3 Sannins of the leaf.

    -> With Jiraiya’s death against Pain this seems to be confirmed, and by knowing that even Orochimaru was under Pain’s lead
    when he was in Akatsuki

    2. There is another character in Akatsuki, and unexpected member will bring a chaos

    -> I would also like to say this preview is confirmed, and this unexpected member would be Tobi(Uchiha Madara)

    3. One of the Akatsuki’s member becomes friend/ally with Naruto

    -> not yet confirmed, I’m expecting it to be Konan or Kisame

    4. Naruto’s seal will be released by the end of 08, or beginning of the 09. At least 4 tails will be released, be prepared it could
    be shocking scene

    -> also not yet confirmed…

    5. Toad dies(he laughs)

    -> confirmed with Jiraiya’s death

    6. 3 of Naruto’s important people will die or get seriously injured

    -> almost confirmed. Jiraiya(dead), Sasuke(injured, barely alive), maybe Kakashi or Tsunade for 3rd person

    7. Sasuke’s skills cannot be matched against Naruto’s new skills.

    -> not yet confirmed, seems to be will be. These “new skills” will be the result of 2 and half year training, that Naruto
    had hid it all along until now.(May include Jiraiya’s restriction… but well Naruto will use it anyway)

    8. Sasuke v. Itachi is great scale, and later Naruto’s information about family and bloodline will show up

    -> confirmed with first part, Sasuke v. Itachi is over with Sasuke’s victory. Quite funny that my prediction matched with Kishi’s
    even though its not confirmed yet. I’ve thought there would be something about “Namikaze” ever since 4th name was revealed

    9. Sai, he will cause something huge(laughs)

    -> hmm interesting… reminds me of Jiraiya’s warning… not confirmed yet

    10. 4th’s secret and bloodline will be shown

    -> confirmed, by revealing that 4th’s blood line with its name “Namikaze Minato”* Also confirmed by showing that 4th is
    Naruto’s father
    *I expect there are more secrets about 4th

    11. 2 huge characters of Konoha will die.

    -> Jiraiya, in my opinion next one will be Kakashi or Tsunade

    12. There is a female member in Akatsuki

    -> confirmed, Konan

    13. Akatsuki will invade Konoha with its mysterious beasts, and Shiranui Genma will provide great help to Konoha

    -> not yet confirmed

    Followings are the Kishi’s words @ 2008 Jump Festa

    1. Uchiha’s secret will be revealed and 2 of the remaining will die

    -> confirmed, Uchiha’s secret of MS and etc revealed by Itachi, and Itachi is dead.**
    ** I think there will be more secrets about Uchiha besides about MS and Madara

    2. Akatsuki’s leader kills 6 people

    -> not yet confirmed, however I think Pain did kill “6” people including Jiraiya. The other 5 would be Pain’s bodies.

    3. Sasuke and Itachi’s fight will cause chaos; Uchiha, Uchiha Madara’s secrets are revealed and all the skills of the MS will be revealed. The fight will end with death of one.
    *** MS : Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, and finally Susano’o

    -> confirmed

    4. Naruto will collide with Pain; Kakashi’s team will collide with Tobi. There will be big turnaround on Tobi v. Kakashi’s team.
    Naruto v. Pain will be fights of the “beasts”. Be prepared, during this fight there will be deaths from Naruto’s team.

    -> not yet confirmed.

    5. 3 new members will join the Akatsuki. They will be stronger than Deidara, Hidan, and Kakuzu. One of them is the brother/sister of the Hokage

    -> not yet confirmed, but the brother/sister of the Hokage will be likely to be Tsunade’s???

    6. Naruto’s new skills and the result of the training will reveal when he fight against Pain.
    He have learned all of the Jiraiya’s jutsu during the 3 years of the time and he became
    much stronger. He did not learn the “toad mode or w.e u call it”. Naruto also learned
    3 of the 4th’s jutsus.

    -> not yet confirmed

    7. After all these fights, there will be a great war

    -> not yet confirmed

    8. There will be death on Tobi v. Naruto team and one of them becomes unable to fight.

    -> not yet confirmed

    9. Jinchuuriki of the 8 tailed will be revealed. This Jinchuuriki kills one of the Akatsuki’s members and invades Konoha
    by him/herself. During this fight one dies, and one will lose his/her eyesight

    -> also not yet confirmed.[/spoiler]

  68. dude jhonny depp should be orochimaru he plays phycho criminals well ^-^ hahaha but naruto nahhhh i think someone with more of a kidish look i guess more inccent idk maybe just maybe justin timberlake cause hes bringing sawskay back XD….also i think ben barnes could play itachi and hugh jackman could play asuma and with jennifer love hewwitt as kuranai haha

  69. I definitely disagree with the choices for Sasuke, because Jared Leto is not necessary for him, and well, come on, everyone in the world know that Zac Efron is an idiot and also has a female face, well personally, I think that Zac is gay! No one even trying to be Sasuke! Understand!

  70. hope it wont be like dragon ball

  71. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Would be perfect naruto but what about garra maybe jhonny depp if ypu choose itachi the best would be ben afflec he is the most similar to itachi but e wil need tolearn to act as arrogant bastard

  72. Any of these actors don;t look like a freakin’ ninja!!!!!
    Dont be foolish, you need serious thing, not the lame copy of a lame Dragon Ball movie.
    Holiwood actors…rearly who could play anyone from Naruto..def. not tese people..especialy the girls, they are just sexy, not tough, not strong, dont now any martial arts..And thig of this as a compliment!

  73. interesting

  74. I say Keanu Reeves would make interesting Itachi; think of his performance in Constantine and the line he gave the devil: it was something along the lines of ‘You’ve waited for me for ten years . . . what’s another few seconds?’ that seems like something Itachi would say

  75. as for Kakashi-sempai himself I say either the guy that plays the father (Joe) in Medium or the guy that plays Jim in The Office; Hugh Laurie seemed good at first but then again he seems like he’d play a too cynical Kakashi

  76. A really informative blog, in deed. Foundries and casting industry are such which can be never set. Foundries in India are some of the high capacity foundries in the world.

  77. Actually i agree with the Anonymous. Hollywoodian preepies can’t be Naruto personality-fillen characters, or it will be a new DBE indeed. For the young ninjas, I think unknown new actors, specially Naruto fans, like Harry Potter was (cm’on, Harry Potter has child actors and it wasn’t Disney at all.) Well, maybe something like 15 to 17 years old actors could be good, but 20 like is to much. And I think the Uchihas and the Hyuugas must be japanese, all them in the anime are japanese like. But the adults are good, although Jiraiya needs a older actor. And a sugestion: I think Hugh Laurie could be a good Hiruzen Sarutobi XD

  78. For me, Naruto’s movie must be far away from DBE and near Everybody Hates Chris (the child actors there were personality filled and politically uncorrect, like Naruto’s characters), Speed Racer (a very good adaptation, very near the original version) and Harry Potter (that one is both ^^)

  79. I think Shila Labof would fit the role as Naurto much better . he’s funny he’s ok and no one could be as cool as shila as in playing Naurto

  80. plus tatum cant act worth shit.

  81. Johnny Depp could act as a clever Kakashi with a lazy/tired appearance and personality.
    Yellow contacts and bleached hair on Kristina Hendricks would make a perfect Tsunade.
    Minato has soft features on his face, but Paul Walker’s chin is too masculine and defined to suit Minato.
    Sasuke can’t be played by Efron, he needs a sharp and “killing” look, and I don’t know if Jared Leto can pull it off, but an Asian actor with a killing stare would be most suitable.
    Sakura needs to be played be a very “soft” appearing actor who can pull off “angry Sakura” and fit the personality, it seems unlikely for Maggie Grace or Ellen Page to play that role.
    Channing Tatum is just too “masculine” to act as Naruto as Naruto appears like little boy.
    Matthew McConaughey just may be able to pull off Jiraiya.

    Does that sound reasonable?

  82. you should get a more suitable person for naruto someone probaly like Dylan Sprouse or John Hutcherson and i think having Johnny Depp playing Kakashi sensei would be great..and sasuke he shouldnt be netheir of the charaters you have picked someone more asian like could be more suitable or Skander Keynes…Ino should be someone like AnnShophia Robb or Jennette McCurdy …Sakura should be played by Amanda Bynes or Ellen Page..TenTen should someone like Alyson Stoner..Hinata should be someone like Miranda Cosgrove or Evanna Lynch..and kiba such as Jason Dolly or Mitchell Musso..nenji japanese actor..Rock lee or shino should be played by korea’s hot dancer and actor Rain/bi also star in Ninja assasin..thats all i got for now but i really think the japanese would do a better job at making Naruto live atcion better then us americans..

  83. Get younger actors it’ll just look wrong with older acoyrs/actresses Nd most important we Americans could never make such a big hint off naruto excuse me but I’d like to have the Japanese make a movie of naruto or a live action series and watch it English subbed cuz it’ll look wrong without young earthlings on naruto of America get younger kids!!!!

  84. sorry but the guy u chose for naruto wont work but i have a way better suggestion. Use actor Cam Gigandet fro the movie “Never Back Down”

  85. hey guy the Japan commic should to use Jpannese actor

  86. Orochimaru:
    is and can only be Marilyn Manson

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