Traveling With ‘Team Falcon’

Traveling With ‘Team Hawk’ – Written by: Supertrek89, Edited by: Ix ReFleX xI

Ok awesomeness people, this is Supertrek89 and ReFleX’s second skit to be released out of 5. (so far) If you’d like to see our first one click here… Anyways, as the title implies, this skit is about Team Falcon and their trip to Konoha… Just what is taking them so long? Well, read below to find out… can't get any more than that Sasuke. Congratulationas, you got a sexy ass girl behind you and you don't even notice! >_< can't get any more emo than that Sasuke. Congratulations, you got a sexy ass girl behind you and you don't even notice! >_<

By Gwengivar from Deviantart

**Explanation of skits coming this week**
**Warning – Adult Humor and Mature language**

Suigetsu: *Mimicking Sasuke’s voice* “We have left ‘Snake’ behind. From now on, our team will remobilize under the name ‘Falcon’.”

Sasuke:  “………”

Suigetsu: “That’s what you said right? Well if we’re ‘Team Falcon’ why the hell are we so damned slow? We’re more like ‘Team Slug With a Salty Pole Stuck Up It’s Ass’ then a damned Falcon! We’ve been on our way to “Crush Konoha” for f**king days now! A 50 year old Chewbacca with a limp leg can move faster than this!”

Karin: “Bullshit!”

Suigetsu: “What did you just say bitch?”

Karin: “I said stop sprouting your bullshit! You got legs and you’re a ninja…a crappy one but a ninja nonetheless, so stop complaining. Mostly though, I resent the fact that you think a 50 year old Chewbacca with a limp leg can outpace me.”

Juugo: *monotone voice* “Don’t underestimate the Wookies Karin.”

Suigetsu: “What the-? … Anyways, I was floating around in a damn see-through canister with all my tid-bits on display for months before all this happened. Walking is strenuous exercise for me… hell looking at your face is even harder but you don’t see me complaining do ya?”

Karin: *scoffs* “Well Sasuke-kun doesn’t think that about me right Sa-su-ke-kun?” *rubs up on Sasuke seductively*

Sasuke: “What are you doing woman?”

Juugo: “If the next person I see is a girl…I’LL KILL HER!!!”

*Karin quickly retreats behind Juugo*

Karin: “This is crazy why did I ever to agree to come along with you two? The only person worth my time and ability is my future lover Sasuke-kun!”

Suigetsu: “Tch, even though I don’t like you I think I’ll at least let you know that Sasuke’s ga-“

*Sasuke abruptly stops*

Sasuke: “HEY! ……… Juugo, get over and stop punching that old lady in the face. We still have a lot of ground to cover before reaching Konoha!”

Juugo: *Pant* *Pant* *Pant* *Pant* “Fine, but she was asking for it. The next person I see that’s…wearing purple IS REALLY DEAD!!!”

Sasuke: “Good, we shouldn’t be delayed again.”

*Team Falcon begins to move again*

Karin: “Suigetsu, what were you saying about my beloved Sasuke?”

Suigetsu: “Eh… I forgot… heh, I’m sure something will remind me sooner or later.”

Karin: “It was probably a foul and vicious lie reeked with jealousy about Sasuke anyway!”

Sasuke: “Whatever it was it’s not important. We have to reach that summit bef-“

Juugo: “I…AM…BATMAN” *Juugo holds his cloth around him like a cape and stats to run around in circles*

Karin: “………”

Suigetsu: “Sasuke…are you sure it’s safe to have him around us…don’t tell this to Karin but sometimes I’m afraid to sleep at night with him next to me.” *whispers softly* “I sleep with my sword under my pillow”

Sasuke: *looks bored* “Yeah, and we never noticed the huge ass sword under your pillow…just keep moving he’ll tire out and follow us when he realizes he’s not getting any attention.”

Karin: “Hey do you guys think that he’s reta-“

*Sasuke abruptly stops*

Sasuke: “HEY!”………. “Why the hell is there a guy wearing a f**king Barney costume in the middle of the damn forest? Juugo let the purple dinosaur go NOW!”

Juugo: *Pant* *Pant* “He doesn’t love me like you do…” *Juugo lets the purple dinosaur go stumbling back into the forest*

Suigetsu: *Sigh* “This isn’t working we need a faster mode of transportation. We’re not getting anywhere like this.”

Karin: “Now that I think about it all of these delays are because of Juugo’s ‘special moments’ and Suigetsu’s frequent rest stops!”

Suigetsu: “Hey! When you’re made outta water you gotta go more often than the average human being alright! Damn!”

Juugo: “I’M OVER 9000!!!!”

Sasuke: “Hmmm….made of water… I’ve come up with a plan Team Eagle….We can all jump on Suigetsu’s back and ride him until we get to Konoha.”

Suigetsu: *snaps his finger* “AH, now I remember what I was gonna tell you Karin! Sasuke’s ga-“

Karin: “EHHH, that’s my Sasuke-kun.. such a genius! We can take advantage of Suigetsu’s water abilities and ride him as a wave! We’ll get to Konoha 10 times faster that way! Always thinking outside the box Sa-su-ke-kun” *rubs on him seductively again*

Sasuke: “If you want a hug ask Juugo” *pushes Karin off of him towards Juugo*

Juugo: “… I can be a surfboard…” *Karin shudders and backs away*

Suigetsu: “… right… ahem, yeah I guess that could work…but speaking of surfboards where the hell are we gonna get em’?”

Sasuke: “Simple” *Pulls out chidori sword and cuts down a nearby tree* “You can have some of my wood Suigetsu.”

Suigetsu: “………”

*Team Eagle fashion their boards out of wood from the forest trees and Suigetsu turns himself into a wave*

Suigetsu: “Alright everyone hop on and Sasuke…I don’t want you riding behind me! I want you in front of me where I can keep my eyes on you!”

Sasuke: “Huh? Fine with me…”

Karin: “All right surfs up dude!”


Karin: “… Heh… he’s actually right this time!”



Haha! Shitty Photoshop FTW! 😀

~ FIN ~ 😉


~ by supertrek89 on April 20, 2009.

27 Responses to “Traveling With ‘Team Falcon’”

  1. first?

  2. second!!!

  3. second?

  4. much love to the skit!!!!


  5. you guys did a really good job on this one…and yes Karin is hot

  6. Lol at shitty photo shop FTW. Good work guys, that was some funny Sh*t. wait sasuke GA… lol total closet case.

  7. thnz mud – now… back to owning naruto

  8. lol yea man – we’ll own this one up

  9. LOL – just gotta say that you’ve got Karin’s and Sasuke’s personalities down pat.

  10. I chuckled the entire time. Really great, you guys…makes going into work a little easier.

  11. That was supers photoshop skills wasn’t it reflex? jkjk. lol i re-read it again, the characters fit their pay-out-roles perfectly. Great job fellas. can’t wait for the 4th installment – any hints as to when that might be?

  12. Thanks everyone I’m glad you’ll enjoyed it! 😀

    And to get compliments from writers like Loves and Jlm! 0_0 Ah, I’m so embarrassed… *blush* ^_^

    Next one is coming out Monday and yes…that’s my shitty photoshoping skill. You got a problem with it Mud? Lol 😛

  13. This one was awesome. Good job guys.

  14. lol! First to your own post?! You lunkheads are something else, but entertaining work nonetheless.

  15. This one was hilarious. Great job! I love the caption of the first pic…says it all.

    You have Karin and Sasuke down. What a cast of characters! LMAO

  16. supertrek – cool it dude….. just…. cool it

    mud – every monday for the next 3 weeks, unless we do more, which we probably will — next one is based off of Akatsuki, and how they really handled sasuke f***ing up on the 8-tails.. so … theres more sasugay-bashing going on

    bleach fans – we’re coming out with some for you guys to, so dont worry 😀

  17. @ ero – lunkhead?? i resent that one the grounds that i am classified as a dumbass!! not this ‘lunkhead’ you speak of

    @ everyone else – you’re missing the star of the show people!!! Juugo damnit!!!! come on!!!!! lmao

  18. @Reflex: I think I have an idea of what you’re referring to…if you want me to I’ll try cooling “IT” as much as possible…but if I get hurt in the process it’s your fault.

    *Puts an ice pack on the mass murderer clown know as IT* 0_0

    Lol, now on the other hand if you’re referring to what I said to Mudshovel it was just a joke. Hence the, “Lol” and the :P. Understand? 😉

  19. @ super – i was referring to what you said just before you talked to mud…. to lovesRS and JLM???? lol

  20. how many of these skits are you guys thinking of doing (includeing the Bleach ones aswell?
    @super: so thats were your debateing ability comes from, ahh its all starting to make sence (no put down that kodachi super) lol.
    @reflex: lol yea Juugo’s part was mad, (dont have to answer this next part) hopefully there is gonna be some random Tobi humor in the next one as well.

  21. @ mudchovel – we dont know now…. could be as little as 8 or 9 or as many as 10 to 15, possibly more — just depends on how we feel and how you like them

    oh and yes, tobi does get bashed on as well 😀

  22. Super & flex that was awesome guys this was effing awesome, ride him like a wave, loved the almost outing as well i look forward to the next one

  23. LMAO pretty funny … but its sasuke not sasugay and sais the biggest emo there is.

  24. @ skyhigh – sai??? nagato’s got even sai beat dude…..

  25. Nice. looking forward to it

  26. Lol Thats mad funny each time suigestu was gona call him gay

  27. Hey there

    Even tho it’s quite old, I just wanted to say thank you for using my narutard pic up there/crediting me. Glad to see it was of any use for someone 😉


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