Bleach Manga 355 spoiler pics are in+ Bleach 354 breakdown and discussion

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-break down and discussion of Bleach 354 is below-


Ohayo Gozaimasu,

It’s Ero Sennin again, back with my own black sense of humor.  This week, we are given conclusions and new beginnings. I have really enjoyed this week’s issue, but at the end of it all, I still find myself asking the same question Jeremiah had from the beginning….



Somewhere in the background, “Dust in the Wind” is playing for Ulquiorra. I know some of you loved this character (you know who you are), but I still say good riddance. Looks like the Ultimate Emo found his sensitive side (no surprise) in an apathetically bored kind of way…


Alright then, moving on…well, in true Bleach form, just when you think things have gotten as bad as they’re going to get…the comic relief turns out to be the baddest mofo of all the Espada. Remember when Pesche & Dondochakka turned out to not be completely useless and Nel, well, she blossomed. (Side note: If Nel has healing spit in her adult form I would….never mind).


Yammy sure seems upset about the death of Ulquiorra. Kinda makes one wonder about their relationship. I find myself asking how many packs of cigarettes is Ulquiorra worth in the Hueco Mundo barter system?  But, is Ulquiorra actually dead? The whole, “if you don’t kill me this will never end..” statement is kinda eating at the back of my mind and Yammy, numero zero or not, is a few sandwiches short of a picnic as far as intellect is concerned. He may have power in spades, but he ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. So, just because Yammy says he’s dead, that don’t make it so.



After Yammy gets over the loss of his significant other, he swells with emotion. Just when you thought that Obama brought an end to Bush-enomics, “Fuzzy Math” rears its ugly head again. So, now it’s clear that all Espada are single digits. So what is Aizen, negative 3?  I dunno… but, Ido know that the scorpion-like Yammy is badass looking. This is shaping up to be a decent fight. But, will the three of them handle it alone or will someone show up to save them? Will one of the three stand above the rest as the person most capable and take the incredible dumb down all but alone?


I gotta say I was happy to see “Miss Hueco Mundo 2009” (aka Halibel), and even happier to see her tattoo. The talented young Mr. Tōshirō seems to be having a bit of trouble with her. This guy is always having to deal with twins. (If you didn’t get that…that’s O.K.) Bleach can be too unpredictable for me; at this point, I can’t really say if he will beat her on his own or if someone will step in. The only reason that I can’t see him killing Haibel himself is because I feel his real fight is with the former child prodigy, Fox Face…er, I mean Gin. I’ll wager just about anything those two will be fighting to the death. As for Hailbel, it looks like she uses some kind of water attack, and I don’t see that hurting Tōshirō.

Thanks for reading,

Ero Sennin


~ by 伝説の三忍 EroSennin on April 18, 2009.

34 Responses to “Bleach Manga 355 spoiler pics are in+ Bleach 354 breakdown and discussion”

  1. 1ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BO YA nice Break Down EroSennin, im suprised at yammy being the 0, very supprised and angry, in the traslation i read it was talking about yammy building his spirtual power by eating and sleeping, also he should be allound to relase in the domb should he if hes the 0 espada? since 4ths and up are not allowed to, somthing dosnt add up, also i can see utakie fighting hanble or aleast stepping in

  2. First

  3. sorry ajd i got in just before you


  5. 4th

  6. Hmm interesting chapter. I think the other captains will help fight Yammi.

  7. last?

  8. Great breakdown Erosenin! I don’t know about anybody else but I think Yammy being Espada #0 is awesome! This goes to show you never judge a book by its cover. 😉 How the hell will they beat him…the captains are going to have to step in and maybe even Ichigo, Orihime, and Ishida. A collaborative effort if you will.

    As for Orihime’s crotch…ummmm…bad scanning or just bad art?

    Toshiro is done. All the captains can’t possibly beat their respective Espada and someones gonna have to lose. Espadas 3 and down are going to be victorious in their respective battles and then the Vizards are gonna step in.

    About Ulquiorra…remember when he turned his eye to dust and he still regenerated it? ttp:// That may be a possibility it just might take a hell of a lot longer. That one’s for you Elfarren! 😀

  9. I can’t express how dissapointed I am with Tite… Yammy as #0 Espada?!?! Really? F’n lame…

    *shakes head and walks away*

    Halibel… *drools*

    @ Ero – funny break down, ur mind was def in the the gutter when you wrote this ahahaha ^_^

  10. @ Schy – That would be dope if Ulquiorra and Grimmjow some how end up on Ichigo’s side against Yammy!

  11. @jeremiah: yeah, couldn’t help myself…Ibi is my inspiration

  12. I think Cpt. Unohana(spelling?) is going to kick yammy’s butt after he wipes the floor with everyone else. If you remember in the flashback Ukitake and Jushiro seemed nervous around her, she also is one of the original members of the 13 protection squads so she has to be strong. I think she is going to suprise everybody real soon. If she doesn’t there is always Zaraki.

  13. Ha! You’ll are just hating on the awesomeness that is Yammy the Zeroth Espada. He would stomp the living s**t out of Ulquiorra second release or not! 😛

  14. @ supertrek: *L* Thanks for the positive reinforcement, though I might have something interesting to add to that theory. Ulquiorra said he couldn’t regenerate his organs, right? Well, eyes are an organ and we know he can regenerate them, so does that make him a liar or is that a plot hole of Tite’s?

    As for the chapter in general, I’m siding with those of you who thought Yammy being #0 of the Espada was lame as hell. I mean really? This is the same guy who had his arm cut off by Ichigo, AND totally pwned by Urahara and Yuroichi … I’m not buying it.

    I should add, too, that I’ve never been a big fan of Toshiro, so his being in danger of dying elicited a yawn at best from me. I’m more interested to see Rukia finally step into a more bad@$$ role, or even Chad at this point. We keep hearing about how Rukia has the potential to be higher in the shinigami ranks than she is (thanks to Byakuya) and I wanna see her prove it. In regards to Chad, I just wanna see him take on Yammy since they’re both more brawn than brain – it’d be a fair match in that respect, though I’m not implying at all that Chad or Yammy are dimwits.

  15. Toshiro needs to pull a new move out of his ass. The ice is just not cutting it. This guys biggest win was against Luppi for god sake……

  16. the yammy being number 0, i like it didn’t see it coming should have tho tite gave us hints, when we first met him he sucked the souls of half the town(roughly). Yes he got his arm chopped off, he underestimated ichigo, and thats what happens when you do that, ichigo could have killed byakuya for the same reason (1st time ichigo used bankai) he was sent to gauging how strong ichigo was that is why he did not fight urahara and yuroichi (plus those are two strong as hell former captains your talking about) Ulquiorra mentioned some espade pick strength he choose fast regeneration, this brings me to my other point

    My guess is what Ulquiorra meant when he said “if you don’t kill me here it will never end” yammy can suck spirtal energy maybe he will suck in Ulquiorra, he is spirtal energy (why not right lol) he will suck Ulquiorra power and be even stronger or it could just have been him being emo idk, but the sucking energy and souls i think he turns it into power
    and that is why he goes from weakest to the strongest in his release form because he uses all the power he has consumed.

  17. I think in the end what we saw behind helibel was water and to me it looks like it was ukitake shikai. may be hitsugya has his ass kicked. it is time for ukitake to step in.

  18. @Jeremiah~that would be pretty crazy if Grim and Ulq ende up fighting Yammy 😛 Remember in the old days when those 3 were the only espada we new of. It would be the most badass espada VS the loser-in the old days, going against all past logic. Back then if we were discussing theories…i bet nobody would expect Grim and Ulq to have to both fight and beat Yammy. 🙂 It would be so twisted.

    But i was refering to the “captains” Kenpachi, Byakuya and the guy who’s name i cant spell…(Myaori is it 0_o) I dont think there just gunna sit on their backsides after they’ve been healed by squad 4.

    I dont know about Grim and Nel….

  19. I duno you know… I’m on the fence here..

    Yammy being #0 is actually pretty cool, and the explanation for his building spiritual energy is excellent (no plot holes, he just didn’t have his big mac before meeting them all last time).

    As for the fight, I think we’re gona see some more demon arm from Chad (catching a punch or flipping the guy over or something) but the be and end all is gona be a shocking blow from Ichigo, he’s just gona pop on down and Yammy is gona shit his pants…

    “Feel my reitsu?, it’s massive right… you can’t hope to…”
    Cut to Ichigo slowely building his resolve, making his reitsu bigger…
    “You were saying?” – queue getsuga slash, by by Yammy

    — I quite like Toshiro, but i agree with Ero in that the water attack is gona be pointless, he’ll freeze it up and Halibel will just go “Whatever, try this instead” with a fast attack… it’ll just go to hand to hand without any special moves i reckon…

    I think Ichigo and Co have gradually been teaching all the Espada about the futility of fighting for Aizen. I think we’re going to have a little rebellion at some point, just when it’s needed in the final fight…

  20. but wouldn’t yammy building up reiatsu to be this strong makes him a momentary numero 0, I mean in his ‘normal’ state his not that powerful.

  21. i think that’s where the irony of 10-1 comes from, normally he’s just a pussy… but given enough time to be a lay about and scoff his face he becomes zero…

  22. …Obviously i meant 10 – 0 … i’m not an idiot (even though it took me a day to notice)

  23. elfaaren ulquiorra said he can’t heal his main organs and the eye is not a main organ you can live without a eye xP

  24. i think its confirmed but heres bleach 355 spoiler
    source: ttp://
    Originally Posted by Midori-chan
    Source: bleachasylum

    Posted by Bleach91 Translated by sheetz from ichixhime


    Since the title is in English, of course I forgot it!
    扉絵は 現在戦ってる ヒゲダンディ・静かなイケメソ
    Title page is in the real world: Shunsui and Stark
           キング   ・蜂女~ぽっちゃり
    Barragan, Soi Fon and Oomaeda
               氷竜    ・鮫女
    Hitsugaya and Halibel

    吉良 そんな馬鹿な… と上を見ながらボソっと呟く
    Kira: He looks up and mutters, “No way!”
    Stark exchanges attacks with Shunsui, but he can only get Shunsui’s hat.
    ヒゲダンディ ふ~やるね~
    静かなイケメソ  そっちもこっちの斬撃を笠も服も飛ばされずによく避ける
    Stark: Your hat and clothes aren’t too good at avoiding my attacks.
    Sweat and blood trickle out from where Shunsui’s hat is cut.
    Scene changes
    キング やれやれ2人なのに一歩もワシを動かすことが出来ないとは…
    Barragan: My or my, even with both of you you aren’t able to move me.
    Soi Fon and Oomaeda are worn out..Barragan withdraws a tomahawk from his throne.
    キング   さてどっちからやるか
    Barragan: Now, which one of you?
    ぽっちゃり 隊長そろそろいいんじゃないですか?
    Oomaeda: Captain, isn’t it about time?
    蜂女    なんだ?
    Soi Fon: What?
    ぽっちゃり そろそろ力も溜まってきたころだし限定解除しましょうよ!
    Oomaeda: It’s time for us to gather our strength and release the limit!
    キング   まだ何かあるのか?面白いやってみろ!
    Barragan: There’s still more? This out to be interesting!
    蜂女    もうすでに限定解除した状態でやってるんだが…
    Soi Fon: We’ve already released our limit…
    ぽっちゃり ><
    Oomaeda: (reaction)
    Scene changes
    Hitsugaya vs Halibel
    討て!なんちゃら~ で鮫女帰刃状態へ
    Halibel releases and turns into a shark lady.
    氷竜 (あれがやつらが帰刃している状態か油断はできねい~ っていってる所)
    Hitsugaya: (
    Halibel fires a cero.
    Hitsugaya’s cut in two from his right shoulder down to his legs.
    We see blood flying out.
    鮫女 所詮この程度か氷の竜など鮫の一撃で海に沈む
    Halibel: It only took that for the shark to sink the ice dragon into the sea.
    The end

  25. I thought ulq said the top 4 espada cant release INSIDE a dome, for it could destroy las nosches, yet yammy was able to. so maybe the ranks are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0?(or maybe yammy doesnt care about rules)

  26. WOW WOW WOW!! is that Halibel?! *drools* When she revealed her jaws a couple of chapters ago i was like gay, at least she has a rocking body. NOW i’m like hell yeah!

  27. Did Halibel LOSE clothes? 0_0

  28. what ever happened to ibi doing bleach for dummies. i reaed all the issues so far but they were cool to go see the old stuff

  29. @super: Yes Hailbel lost more cloths o_0. Or at least that’s what the early translations are saying.

    @ultimate sharingan user: OK, now my feelings are hurt.

  30. i figured barragain would have an axe or a hammer, he looks to much like gimli…

  31. Now thats a big f*ckin AXE…

  32. Hey Hey, Hey Hitsugaya’s need a hand lololololol

  33. He needs a arm to…..
    And what about the hat…:(

  34. Hitsugaya is the only captain fighting in bankai form and got his arm cut off by a hot chick. Everyone else is in shikai form… I want to see bankai!!!!!! I always assumed Kenpachi was the only one without a bankai, so what about the rest? Would love to see Soi Fon in bankai form. If not bankai why not that use that combined from of kido nd that other thing…

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