~The One Piece Intermission Breakdown Because Oda’s Doing “Research”. Plus Spoilers and Discussion Of One Piece Chapters 539 and 540 Continued~ >_<

It’s out…it’s probably been out. Time to do the Breakdown! ^^
EMPTY? Alright well we gave it our best shot let's go home...

EMPTY? Alright well we gave it our best shot let's go home...

OMG! 0_0 Dream Team or just totally f**ked up that that Crocodile's back? ;)

OMG! 0_0 Dream Team or just totally f**ked up that Crocodile's back? 😉

-Random Discussion Below-

Just think of Kishi as Luffy and the I guess Chopper portrays the correct expression of his fans. 0_0

Just think of Oda as Luffy and you see that look of disgust on Robin's face and murderous intent in Zoro's eyes? Yeah, that's me! Everyone else is just cracking up because they think it's a joke...SURPRISE! 0_0

So, what am I breaking down? NOTHING! Abso-fu*king-lutely Nothing! *Sigh* Oh well, next week’s chapter will be absolutely badass! How do you I know, you ask? Well, I’ll give you a hint…it involves a plane ticket to Japan, MapQuest, a ski mask, and a baseball bat…Don’t worry, though, his hands are fine so he can still write and draw…he just has to use a sippy cup to eat for now! LMAO, I’m just kidding, Oda is still awesomeness, and if he wants to take a break from his crazy fans *looks around suspiciously* then he can do whatever the hell he wants…until next time! @_@ So, here’s this week’s One Piece AMV! I thought I’d pick something of epic awesomeness since Oda isn’t providing it for us this week….*hides baseball bat under bed*…This one is by Jogy4! Check out his profile and enjoy some more hilarious and kickass One Piece videos.

Great? I know! 😀 So, what have I been doing since I can’t get my One Piece manga fix this week? Well, I watched the latest episode, of course, and if you all haven’t, then get up on it! The One Piece anime is still currently on the Archipelago Arc and Luffy just punched the SHIT out of that pompous ass Tenryuubito! DID YOU SEE IT?!? You may have seen it in the manga, but you ain’t seen nothing yet until you’ve seen an animated ass whuppin! Here it is for all you hardcore manga fans that just refuse to watch the anime…maybe even this video. 😛

Hahahaha, holy f**k that snotty nose bitch should be dead…but he’s not…damn! What have I got for you all besides vids this week? Polls! Lots and lots of polls, videos, and TWO Demotivational Posters.  Hahahahaha…(someone’s bored) -_- Don’t worry, though, everything is top notch and only took me a couple of hours to come up with…because I’m slow like that! ;P The first issue that’s been burning in my mind is this one. Iva-Sama said the hormones he injected…manipulated inside of Luffy’s body will only have a lasting effect of 24 hours. So, my question is this: Will that be long enough to save Luffy’s brother? It’s true that there’s less than an hour before his execution, but why else would Oda give Luffy so much time to be jacked up like this? The ensuing battle, that’s why. Even if he manages to save Ace from the execution block, he has to escape with him and fight off Shichibukai, Admirals, Vice Admirals, Top Marine Elite, and platoons of Foot Soldiers (a.k.a. Marines)! That would only shorten the time and effect of when the Vigour Hormones are supposed to wear off, in my opinion. Think of it like this: Laying down for three days, you can live without eating or drinking anything…barely. Exert yourself and do all of your normal activities for those same three days without eating or drinking and you can kiss your dumbass goodbye before 3 days are up. Basically, I’m saying using his energy to fight off all of those people will shorten the Vigour Horomones 24 hour effect down to maybe 10 hours. It would last 24 hours maybe if he wasn’t going to exert himself that much…just my opinion, though. What do you all think?

The next question is a real simple and short one that a few members were discussing about in the previous post. We all know Luffy will power up…but how will he do it?

Last two Polls! Arghhhh, I know this one is a touchy subject amongst most One Piece fans, and even I can’t answer this question straight without getting goosebumps and chills down my back. So, I’m just going to jump right into it! You ready? 😉

Just thought I’d remind you all that he already killed off the Going Merry, which was also considered a Nakama of the crew! *Remembers sad moment and starts to tear up*…Ahem, anyway, if I asked that question you KNOW I’m going to ask this one! Pick and choose then cry later!

Alright, we got that mess out the of the way, now let’s lighten the mood with those demotivational posters, shall we? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.  Stone me later, plz! 😉

demotivational-poster-21Drawing done by Aes-Kawa from Deviant Art!

demotivational-poster-3Picture by Geget from Deviant Art

And I told Captnmexico I’d put this video up weeks ago, but I never got around to doing so. Now that there’s no breakdown, though, it’ll be the perfect opportunity to put something random and funny up, and since this is a Naruto and One Piece (including numerous other anime) fansite, I think it is appropriate. Enjoy!

So, there you have it! This still is a discussion and spoiler thread, so whenever you find those spoilers for next week feel free to post them here and I’ll update the page as soon as possible. Comment, discuss, predict, and just hang out. See you all soon! 😀


~ by supertrek89 on April 17, 2009.

24 Responses to “~The One Piece Intermission Breakdown Because Oda’s Doing “Research”. Plus Spoilers and Discussion Of One Piece Chapters 539 and 540 Continued~ >_<”

  1. zeroth?

  2. hell yeah! I am the 0th espada…cool ^_^
    well..I don’t read/watch one piece…
    so, take that as a spam I just don’t know how to feel about this chapter ^_^

  3. ODA RESERCH MY ASS, i need my one piece fix RIGHT NOW! Loved the Video :P, im pretty sure luffys going to have to lern how to use hakai, and usopps going to bite the dust, i dont know about the hormons though, i can see luffy beating the crap out of the prsion guys and getting ass out, only to colapse in front of the mariens, WHITEBEARED to the rescue, and cue training montage of luffy learning hakai from whitebeared, maby a bit farfected, Thanks for filling the fix this week supertrek

  4. There is no way that Luffy will eat another devil fruit. They explained it somewhere in the series that the devil fruit puts a great strain on the body and if a person was to eat more than one df his body won’t be able to sustain it and he’ll surely die. Even Luffy won’t be able to survive something like this…

  5. Like the name super ‘One piece intermission breakdown beacuse oda’s lazy, i mean doing research” – did i inspire it somewhat?

  6. *reads through it all*

    LMAO at the going japan, to ‘help’ oda’s break, become drastrically shorter.
    Currently up to chap 198, so i’m slowly getting there, i’ll keep that vow.
    Anyone else see the stuff up on the amv (1:39), 1,3,3. lol, pretty mad AMV otherwise.

    Good work super, if you don’t mind i think i’ll borrow that bat and go see tsukaimei, i mean Tenrai shenshi … XD

  7. 4th!

  8. nice work super.can u also do a post about haki and who from one piece has it and do a poll about who from luffy’s crew is more likely to get a haki(besides luffy)?

  9. @Pain: If your the 0th Espada then you can spam all you like my friend. I’m not getting in your way! ^_^

    @Billjack: Hmmmm…good thoughts but why does Usopp have to die? 😦

    @Chriz92: But Luffy’s body is made of rubber and don’t forget his body can take lot’s of strain just look at Gear 2nd. I’m not a big fan of the second Devil Fruit theory either but it is plausible to some degree.

    @Mudshovel: Lol, yeah I noticed that 1,3,3 error myself but I thought it was pretty insignificant given the video was so kickass. Oh, and did your title inspire me? Maybe…kinda…yes! 😉

    @Diablo: Can do man, it’ll have to be next week though and I may word it differently. Thanks for the input!

  10. hmmmmmmmmmm

  11. @Super: lol, yea the AMV did rock hard. Hmmm,for that title i’ll take 10% of your earnings this week then thankyou XD. But please – we all now that Zoro owns all – best character next to luffy, so if anyone must die … damn they’re all pretty decent characters – hard to choose.

    @frost: WTF dude?

  12. @chriz92 I am siding with you on this one and I found the page on which they talk about the matter. http://www.onemanga.com/One_Piece/385/03/

  13. @supertrek- Awesome post. Let me um….join you on your…trip..to ..help Odo(takes out brass knuckles and starts preparing a sandwich).
    @chris92- I think Luffy(or someone) will eventually get a second fruit power.

    Eating a second fruit doesn’t instantly kill you but the risk is hella high. Luffy can handle the strain plus he can inflate himself so that’s a plus. He cheated death recently with “vill” to live so why not?. Plus, why would Odo mention this in the manga for no reason? It may have to do with that cyborg the marines are crreating. It already had 2 powers and more coming by the looks of it.

    Plus luffy
    Also the about story their being a demon inside a devil fruit user could be true. Just no one has seen it or it happens rarely. I think chopper does this. His inner demon comes out and bamn..you get chopper hulk!!


    If the demon story is true then this could be a new Luffy power!! Kinda like bleach’s zanpaktos(spell wrong I know). They have the shikai form, then bankai form which is its true form.
    any thoughts?

  14. @Captnmexiceo: Never really thought about Choper’s ballistic form like that before. I always believed it was just a side effect of taking to many pills. 😉 You may have something there though.

    About the cyborg having two powers it still only has 1 Devil Fruit power. The laser is just a mechanized weapon addition, so the Devil Fruit side effects don’t apply to him. It’d be awesome to see Luffy with more than 1 Devil Fruit but I still think it’d be even better for one of his crew mates like Sanji, Zorro, or Usopp to get a Devil Fruit.

    Besides Luffy is supposed to be the Rubberman. If he gets another Devil Fruit it’ll take away his…originality and style…you know what I mean? Oh, and if Luffy has more than 1 form I’d say those would be Gears 2 and 3. Shikai and Bankai. Hollow Transformation was when he turned into ‘Nightmare Luffy’ on the Hollow Bark Arc! 😀

    Thanks for your comment Captnmexico and also the link to that video. It’s f**king hilarious man! XD

  15. @supertrek- just c ame back from a partee and i have no idea how to respond……so gonna have a hangover……

    hopefully will have better comment tomorrrow cauz…nm..later

  16. @Captnmexico: LMAO!!! XD

  17. YOSH!!! Spoilers are finally here. Now let’s see….this one is still pending…

    Source: Apforums.net
    Verification: Pending


    Translation (Thanks to Aohige):

    The three of them recklessly plow through and manage to get to Level 6.
    But there’s no sign of Ace in the prison. Ace was already transported away through the elevator that connects directly from the first floor to sixth.
    The exit to the entrance was blocked, and tear gas was being pumped into the area.
    Inazuma is a Scissor man who ate the Choki Choki fruit, and he uses his ability to block the exit filled with tear gas, but their ways are all blocked now, with no way out.
    Crocodile appears, and tells them with his ability, he could get them out of here.
    Luffy objects, not wanting to help a man who ruined Vivi’s kingdom.
    Ivankov convinces Luffy, and tells Crocodile to help them if he doesn’t want his secret revealed. (Iva-san seems to know something about Crocodile’s weakness)
    Jinbei also asks them to take him with them too, as he is indebted to Whitebeard.
    The three head out with the two Shichibukai joining them.
    The other prisoners also yell at them to release them, but Iva takes them out with his Deathwink.

  18. aww man crocodile again that sucks, and no ace DAM IT!

  19. Oh no, lmao you’re absolutely right Billjack that bastard is back! >_<

    Watch him pull a one-two on Luffy and try to betray him near the end! I’ve got my eyes on you Crocodile! 0_0

    I wonder where Shiryuu is though. I would have loved to see him apart of this badass Break Out Team!

  20. The thing that is going to happen, is that they wont save him until the very end, and everybody might appear at the execution place, with a hell of a battle

  21. When is the chapter coming out!!!!!

  22. lol. Loved the poster of Zoro and the vids XD…

    @Supertrek: atually on chapter 509 Drake comments on the lazer that Pacifista Kuma has is Kizaru’s laser, so couldn’t that mean that the laser the real Kuma used on Thriller Bark suggest that he has two DF abilities…? Even if he is a Cyborg and all he is still using both :/

  23. actually*

  24. @Deadhayze: Perhaps you’re right. He may have two DF abilities but what I was trying to say was that the second power he has is not the original DF ability, so the rule of him exploding does not apply to him. This is because he didn’t eat two DF. As for his laser power addition we’ll probably have to wait for Vegapunk or someone else to explain how he got someones else DF ability installed ion him.

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