Naruto Shippuden 105: Gamera Blows from Both Ends

Yep...that's what she said...poor Hinata always on the receiving end of the innuendo.

Yep...that's what she said...poor Hinata always on the receiving end of the innuendo.

Sanbi farts his way out of the seal, then blows his nose and makes a tsunami.  Sai shows us his belly and sends out his mice.  Shino does more bug stuff.  Rock Lee and Ten Ten tag team Guren.  Naruto and Gamatatsu team up again with that toad spit jutsu.  This is Mollie (Ibiki Teishi) with the review of Shippuden 105.  Finally, the plot advances!  I liked this episode, there was action and interesting stuff from the cast…and, let’s face it, laughs amid the action.  Yay!

The grrrrl/med nin team have trapped Sanbi in the seal.  Ten Ten and Lee are standing guard.  Tobi is watching and looking mysterious.  Guren, Yuukimaru, and Kabuto are traveling.  And Sai…Sai has let the mice loose.

OMG!  Seriously, Sai, you missed the metro by...a LOT.  Is that a belt or the elastic on his undies?  >.<

OMG! Seriously, Sai, you missed the metro by...a LOT. Is that a belt or the elastic on his undies? >.<

Well, at least Sai got a belt, but I really didn’t want to know, you know?  I always know it’s coming and yet I still die a little inside.  Sai’s midriff is a killing jutsu all by itself.  About now, I’m wishing for some kind of little black box censorship jutsu…I can’t imagine how you dudes feel about it.

Guren sacrifices herself for the sake of saving Yuukimaru from Kabuto’s drug trip no jutsu.  She’s weakened, so the tag team battle of Rock Lee and Ten Ten taking on the Ice Wench.  In fact…here’s the good bits:

Ten Ten has more than metal in her scrolls?  Neat!  Of course, fire will singe through the crystal.  And Rock Lee…’I am your opponent’ but Ten Ten was too smart to back down.  hee hee.  Who asked for his help, anyway?  But it was nice to see this team in more action.  Of course, Naruto had to save the day with that combo jutsu with Gamatatsu.  Boy that weirdass yellow frog gives me shivers.

Everything seems to be holding steady, when Sanbi farts.  No, really.  I think it was a fart.  There was this big dark cloud and it hovered…and melted the seal.


"Seal me, huh...I'll show them...oh, oof, hey wait..." >.<

And if that wasn’t enough, Sanbi surfaces and decides to blow his nose that way all competitive swimmers do.  It ain’t pretty.  So, really, what we’re talking about here is Sanbi blowing on both ends.

Ah-ah-ah--chooooooooooooo.  Wow, that would have shredded a kleenex.

Ah-ah-ah--chooooooooooooo. Wow, that would have shredded a kleenex.

Meanwhile, Tobi’s standing on the sidelines, talking to Deidara.  WTF?  I still don’t get it…why the charade if he knows he’s not there.  And someone pointed out something I also noticed last week…notice how Tobi’s voice seems to change every now and then.  I’m thinking Madara takes possession of this body, or has had his personality transplanted it.  Whoever Tobi is, I don’t think he’s Madara.

Senpai!  Senpai?  Where did that one-eyed SOB go?  To town?

Senpai! Senpai? Where did that one-eyed SOB go? To town?

For another episode, Sanbi creates a huge tsunami and almost washes everyone away.  This cut had me LMAO…most of the team made it to shore…Rock Lee and Ino seem to be missing…and then…

Unh.  Lee get girl, take back to cave...huh? I wasn''s TRAINING!

Unh. Lee get girl, take back to cave...huh? I wasn''s TRAINING!

Was that for real?  Did was actually just see that?  Yeppers.

Now, with the massive tsunami, everyone has been scattered…including Guren.  Yuukimaru tried to leave, but then came back as if called.  Sanbi surfaces and gives the helpless, passed out Guren one helluva stink eye.

What?!  What do you mean they're not making Hungry Ghost Cereal anymore?!  AAaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

What?! What do you mean they're not making Hungry Ghost Cereal anymore?! AAaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

And that stink eye sets off a chain of events that could only be the cliff hanger for next week’s installment.  Yuukimaru taps his power completely on his own, in an effort to save Guren.  Tobi flies…and I do mean flies…into place.  Huh, maybe Madara is in there after all.  Orochimaru monologues and reveals some of what he had planned for Guren and Yuukimaru.  Nicely done.  I get sick of the villains talking every time they think they’ve been so smart, very few of them monologue to thin air like this.  It worked.

You guys catch that?  Yuukimaru calls Sanbi…Gamera.  Oooohhhh…I had to hold my sides I got to laughing so hard.

Next week, it’s red camellia time, so I’m guessing Guren gets it.  I’m hoping this is just about done.  Pacing in this episode was actually enjoyable, so I’m hoping they don’t draw everything out for 5 more episodes than necessary.  I’m anxious to get back on track with the manga and focus on Sasuke for a while.  >.<

Anyway, looking forward to what you thought in the comment section.

Ja mata,



~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on April 17, 2009.

27 Responses to “Naruto Shippuden 105: Gamera Blows from Both Ends”

  1. FIRST!!!!! hehehe

  2. shit!

  3. hey peeps, if you don’t remember, Shikamaru has “a dress like that” too…the “habit” is not unusual… the unusual thing about sai is “his color” and “his plain ignorance”

  4. FOURTH!!!

    C’mon… finish this filler already!

  5. oh this episode made me look at Ino in a new way… i loved her massage technique no jutsu she performed in the end!!! from now on make mine Ino…


  6. I want to see more Tenten. She’s not worthless. She’s got lots of potential. Must… write… Tenten… fanfiction….

  7. ❝Boy that weirdass yellow frog gives me shivers.❞

    -Ibiki Teishi

    this line made me laugh soooooooo hard!!!!!!!!
    i spit on my screen!!!!!!!

  8. there is a 1010 fanfiction and let me tell you something…
    she never misses!!!! also she is the genjutsu master!!!!
    her illusions of weapons of mass destruction completely miss the enemy no jutsu tot ally make you think she misses but she hit her target with illusion!!!

    my 2¢

  9. I saw this episode and thought the following:

    –Ino needs some serious work in the sealing/medical ninjutsu areas, including a “verbal slap” from her superior Jonin and the Hokage herself. She was the serious weak link in the chain. Otherwise, find some way to kill her off in the manga (since she is IN the manga we are reading today that was way the hell too short).

    –Think about this one: if YOU were going to be trapped by any kind of net, would YOU like it much? Didn’t think so – and neither did Gamera. They were THIS close to nabbing it. However, close doesn’t cut it with capturing a Bijuu; it’s all or nothing…and now, it’s nothing.

    –Hinata: “It’s so HUGE.” Yeah, I laughed myself silly when I saw that comment. Then I had to realize: she hadn’t seen Naruto yet when he goes Kyuubi (nor any other parts for that matter but we won’t go there – tee hee hee to Ibi). Who is huge THEN?!?

    –The aftermath of the tidal wave: Yes, my thoughts exactly. I thought it was rather interesting that Lee was carrying Ino (again, the weaker link). Didn’t you think it was funny that the grrrrrls were rendered unconscious (except Tenten, who I am really beginning to like for her kick ass attitude), and the two guys were not for very long? Hmmmmm…

    –Guren: Trying to be the martyr because of what? Love for Yuukimaru? Guilt over killing is mother? Both? The other thing is that she realizes – that kid from Konoha (Naruto) was right all along. Now, she doesn’t feel she can get out of the trap she put herself in. Although, I do like the previews that Rinji and her are going to be “buddies.” Yeah, buddies of mutual convenience – wait, that turned out badly…you know what I mean. And, who wouldn’t be freaked out when they woke up from unconsciousness and saw this great big eyeball staring at them? I know that I would!

    –Tobi: Tobi…Madara…Madara…Tobi. It’s been hard watching him make a complete ass of himself knowing full well who (or what) he really is. Although, I do think he has some type of disorder; he keeps talking to himself – or, is he? Is Deidara lurking nearby and we don’t know it yet?

    –Orochimaru: I was rather impressed with this monologue. For a villian, he actually was right (based on experiences gleaned, I am sure from Konoha among other places). And, I saw that as a re-buff for the efforts of his loyal med assistant, Kabuto. (Kabuto sure has a way with kids, doesn’t he? He wouldn’t be MY first choice as a babysitter…)

    –Sai: GET A SHIRT!!!! I’ve seen my daughter’s male classmates walk around with their pants drooping below their butt cheeks. It’s disgusting. Seeing a guy that if – in the chat room, we determined was both the color of licorice and whose skin tone indicated he came back from the morgue – needs to reveal himself; do it at home, please! If this is sex appeal, it ain’t cutting the cheese.

    –And the mini log at the end: about all Ino has are her “jugs” upstairs for any kind of contribution. Sure there’s that mind-body switch thing but…only she can do that with the Kage Mane being active with her. Yeah, she’s definitely the weaker link.

    Loved the action. The title of 106 Red Camelia, says it all. Its a 50/50 shot between Guren and Yuukimaru. Not sure…but that blast of chakra without the serious drugs of Kabuto should tell you something – Akatsuki is VERY interested in this kid.

  10. @pennyy -LOL at Kabuto as babysitter.
    Best thing about this ep is that it once again proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Orochimaru and Kabuto deserve each other.

  11. @ibiki: Great breakdown i was LMAO at almost everything (inperticular the hungry ghost cereal comment), and yea i think everyone just tolerates sai now. And that lee moment when carrying ino – priceless, the same thing crossed my mind as well.
    Next couple of ep predictions:
    You guys can disagree with me all you want, but i have a strong feeling that Tobi and Deidra might just get in and capture the 3 tails. I know, it doesn’t seem likely but they will. Also i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sasuke will be showing up ALOT in the next 10 – 30 eps, depressing isn’t it? O well, some more deidra and Itachi fights are just around the corner, so tough it out XD.

  12. im really starting to hate the anime now! the only reason i watch it is to see the manga in motion, but all these stupid filler arcs really piss me off!

    Reasons why they suck:

    1) Naruto suddenly becomes useless. after all that talk of him surpassing kakashi, naruto gets knocked around and has learnt some lame frog technique that hell never use again.

    2)Annoying enemies. We are now moved away from the cool and powerful akatski to some wierdos from the circus. A jello freak, a hermit with a gun and a guy with gas. Plus some bat lover tryin to be the next kabuto.

    3) Good characters look crap. Rock lee teamed up with ten ten is still not a good enough team to take out that crystal woman when shes low on chakra!? shes not even that good, normally lee would have knocked her about for a bit screaming youth as he did it.

    4) Powers made up on the spot. If this crystal style jutsu is so powerful how come shes the only surviving user. How come weve never heard of it before. Its just some annoying pwer made up to waste time.

    im really sorry about this rant but iv been holding it in for some time. The only good bit about these filler arcs are the fight scenes which dont last too long.

    I just cant wait till we get to see the pain arc in full motion, that fight will be pretty amazing in the anime.

  13. lol anime has too much filler

  14. dude, tobi’s voice did really change at the last clip. Changed alot. wow

  15. GAMERAAAAA!!!GAMERAA!!!Gamera is really neat, Gamera is filled with meat, we’ve been eating GAMERA!!!

  16. kent-lol, i’m glad somebody finally comments on tobi’s voice changing thing. nobody even commented me back when i said it on the last breakdown XD. I thought i was crazy. 😛

  17. deadlyhaze: you weren’t…I’d noticed it, too when I watched. But by the time I saw your comment it was way too late to reply. 😀

  18. Here in Louisiana we like our Gamera in soup with a dry sherry on top.

    Ibiki: Great post (as always), You’re my black humor crush. ;P

  19. in soviet russia, Gamera eats you!

  20. @drosensei: Out of boredom, I read this again. I laughed so hard at your comment. lmao Hmmm…if you know this, you must be the only survivor of that experience.

    Per the manga, Deidara and Tobi merely dredge this Gamera thing out of the lake. If I recall, in the anime arc previews (seemingly a long time ago in a land far away – and I don’t mean Japan), there was a shot of Deidara and Tobi flying in to retrieve their “assignment.” But, there are no guarantees. If this thing extends out, it would be because of the Bijuu “dredging.” And, if things hold out, it would be a three tailed Bijuu and a nine tailed Jinchuriki both in the presence of Akatsuki. Hmmmm…sounds intriguing, but, you are right all – I want Oro dead. ‘Nuff said.

    I seem to recall that Deidara had warned other Akatsuki members to be wary of Naruto – notably Kakuzu and Hidan (how I miss that guy…) and look what happened to THEM.

    Tobi…I had to watch that part again a couple of times. Yeah, he went through puberty momentarily. He reverted back to his true self, Madara.

  21. I’m thinking that there’s no way a body can live that long – even with the sharingan – so Madara had to posses a body similar to the way orochimaru does. Then I think he took over a person who had a split personality disorder or something and therefore has problems… so to speak.

  22. Phew, finally watched the episode…a week later. -_-

    Great Breakdown Ibiki and LMAO @ Rock Lee taking Ino to the cave! XD

    The only thing I’m curious about is how the hell Tobi and Deidara get the Three Tails to themselves? Does everyone just up and leave? Oh, forget about it we tried lets go home…

    But you know what would be kickass? If the anime showed the actual fight between the Three Tails, Tobi, and Deidra. I want to see the Jutsu that Tobi used to finish it off! 0_0 Here’s hoping to that and the end of these fillers soon enough! *crosses fingers*

  23. @super…

    since its filler….

    im goingto have to say the fight will go down like this…

    tobi will go all mokutan no jutsu as he is yamato that failed experiment from orochimaru that madara body jumped into and couldnt get out…

    [we know more than 2 bodies cant hve that 3rd combo as naruto kyubi and pa frog couldnt have their menagetwa]

    …so when madara body jumped into yamato he didnt realize alrready had that crazy retarded playful side called tobi who is the real mastermind behind everything!!!

    so now its tobi controlling yamato controlling madara…

    so back to the fight… tobi uses his invisible tech on the mukuton no jutusu and covers the 3 tails with an invisible wooden membrane and then Ino//Diedara did their C-4 the most powerful Art they have with a BANG!!! offcourse!!! …so Ino goes KKAI!!! and then she pops all over the 3 tails and the membrane of wood shatters into tiny microscoppic pieces of wood that sends millions of splinters into the 3 tails making it fall and then,,,,

    the 3 tails’s genjutsu fog exploded….. then Diedara had a Arts bunshin and then he exploded again and Tobi laughed and the 3Tails was captured….

    -the end-

  24. @ penny: Not just me…There’s still some guy named Babruski…we’re the last ones left. He’s a bit of a jerk though…Anyways your culture’s habits confuse me as in Soviet Russia things were very, VERY, different.

  25. So just watched this and I had to comment about the terrible strategy of the Konoha nins in this one. I mean they outnumbered there opponents 8 to 3 with fighting ninja yet they still only left 2 of them to guard their all important seal. At the very least Kiba and Yamato should have stayed with the seal and if they were smart the rest of them would have high tailed it back there a lot sooner as well.

  26. did someone notice that in 106 when guren shouts yuukimarru the subtitle says

  27. after oros monologue they flash to tobi. could oro be kind of referencing the sharingan with all his talk about power?

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