Soul Eater 60 breakdown and discussion

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It’s that time of the month again, and no, I don’t mean aunt flow is visiting. It’s time for the…

Chapter 60 Seize Baba Yaga's Castle 15

Chapter 60 Seize Baba Yaga's Castle 15

Ok, so last month we left off with Maka going though a Sailor Moon clothing change sequence and saying she will finish the fight in one blow in the typical hero (or should I say heroine?) style. But the similarities to other manga stops three pages into this chapter – the day has finally come when a villain doesn’t underestimate the hero. Medusa, who is on the ground like a true snake, watches Maka’s transformation and knows that Maka is, “far too dangerous to witches”. Medusa then looks over at Arachne’s real body that’s conveniently empty at the moment. Well, we actually get a good reason for Maka’s new Goth dress; apparently, Soul let out a little bit of his insanity via the piano and it activated the black blood. Maka’s new Goth dress is not just for show; since it’s made of black blood, it also acts as a suit of armor protecting her from harm.

The new Goth dress, it protects you body any amout of stick white stuff shot at you...and it's stain resistant too.  Now now available in only one color, black!

The new Goth dress, it protects your body from any amout of stick white stuff shot at's stain resistant too. Now now available in only one color, black!

After making her way past Arachne’s attacks with the help of the black blood, Maka gets ready to bring down the hammer, or should I say scythe. Arachne, like most villains in the Soul Eater series, acts differently than the typical manga villain – she says that her loss is her own fault and that she abandoned too much of her offensive powers. Last month, the poll was fifty-fifty on whether or not Maka would win in one swing; well, in a few short and sweet words, Maka says, “I am stronger than you, take that!” and cuts Arachne in two.

If you ever make a girl angry, never, NEVER! look them in the eyes.

If you ever make a girl angry, never, NEVER! look her in the eyes.

So, after cutting Arachne in two, Maka realizes that she just killed a witch and Soul reaches out to grab Arachne’s soul. After Maka shows some concern for Soul about the black blood and he says he is fine, she uses her soul perception to look for Chrona – the reason she teamed up and trusted Medusa in the first place. Maka then realizes that Medusa, the evil person that she is, took over Arachne’s body. Dun, Dun, Dun, Medusa was just using Maka to get a new body since Stein and Death Scythe destroyed her old one. Medusa, the cold hearted witch that she is, attacks Maka right away since she knows Maka will be a problem for her later on (you have to love smart villains). Then, Medusa talks about Maka and how she is a dangerous obstacle for the “New World” and she talks a little bit about BJ’s death…you know, the typical bad guy monologue where they talk to the person they are about to kill instead of just killing them (hmmm…maybe Medusa is not that smart). So Medusa is about to shut up and kill Maka when….

Bam!...every time you go to kill someone a freaking Monkey sporting sporting a backwards baseball cap smashes through the wall and smacks you in the face.  OOOOO YEAH!

Bam!...every time you go to kill someone, a freaking Monkey sporting a backwards baseball cap smashes through the wall and smacks you in the face. OOOOO YEAH!

Yeah, that’s right. A freaking monkey smashes the wall down and saves Maka and Soul, but that is not where the weirdness ends. We then find out the monkey’s name is Enrique from a man with a big teddy bear helmet on. Enrique the monkey then starts to tell some joke that we can’t understand and the guy in the bear mask laughs…yeah.

Yeah...I think the author was on drugs when they though of this team.

Yeah...I think the author was on drugs when he though of this team.

So, after the joking around, Medusa gets a little impatient and tries to attack the new Bear Monkey combo. The Monkey, who apparently is a Death Scythe technician like Maka and Stein, tells the guy in the Bear helmet to transform. So, the guy with the Bear helmet on is a Death Scythe and the Monkey is the technician.

The Death Scythe then transforms into a mirror and calls himself “Tezca Tlipoca, the Demon Mirror”

Yeah...definitely on drugs.

Yeah...definitely on drugs.

Medusa realizes that if she fights the monkey and Bear combo she will lose her new body to the small amount of Archne’s consciousness that is still inside of it. Just as Medusa is about to leave, Maka asks her about Chrona. Medusa then tells Maka to give up looking for Chrona because the Chrona that Maka knew no longer exists. Medusa also says she has no intention of handing her child over to Maka. Medusa takes off and Maka hurts the ground with her fist in anger. We then cut to a picture of Chrona in some unknown location.

I wonder if it is worth the jail time and decapitation.

I wonder if it's worth the jail time..... and decapitation.

So it looks like the end of this arc has finally come and that brings up a question…what is going to happen in the next arc?

See ya next month,

Scorpion Legacy


~ by サソリの遺産 Scorpion Legacy on April 11, 2009.

19 Responses to “Soul Eater 60 breakdown and discussion”

  1. FIRST!!!!!!!! IM BACK BITCHES!!!!!! And i actually read the review too!!!! YEAH!!!!

  2. Anybody know what happened to arachne soul? Soul didn’t eat that ;O i don’t really get it 😛

  3. second!!!!!!!

  4. second fuckthe world

  5. lol i read naruto mnga review then the extras then i commented


  6. @kuczma…No, we don’t know what happened to arachne’s soul…I don’t think Soul ate it yet, he might just be holding onto it for now.

  7. good overview, can’t wait till next issue!

  8. HOLY S**T! Crona’s a girl? LMAO! XD I could never tell in the anime…welll she never had her clothes off in the anime either. 0_0 Great breakdown Scorpion! I’ll start reading the manga soon.

  9. ****! ****! ****!
    how did i not be first in this????
    **** this ******* ******-up world!!!

    Great Post!
    now that i am clear on the “mother” confusion, i think i like this chapter…well, not that much but this chapter left me wondering what the next issue will have….i think it won’t be “save the bi-laterally symmetrical guy” because the villain there (<<< really sorry! i have difficulties remembering names) appears to be rather powerful and that is, I suppose, going to be the last arc of this manga….save the “naked” girl who always has a guy on her back, chrona, will be the next chapter…though I have doubts on it as well cuz Medusa said “this girl has the potential to become…umm…a powerful bitch…” on the earlier part of the manga and……

    well, that’s about it (I really wanted to write more but I don’t like Huge posts…

    @supertrek: ~lol~ @ you (i had the same expression when i found out Haku was not a girl….i always thought “she” was (<<< and i still do….)

  10. Do the anime and the manga have two different story lines ?

  11. yeah they do have different story lines…

  12. @green: yes…the anime kept BJ (guy with sandals) alive but he was killed in the manga. Also BJ was….forgot her name but the hammer death scythe girls lover at some point in the past…also BJ had a high soul perception ability like Maka. after the fight for the Brew is where the anime is not following the manga at all… the fight with black star and death the kid did happen but Black star went to japan after to cool off, now he has way more power then in the anime.

  13. hmm
    so do you think i just should just go through and read the whole manga
    or could i skip to a certain chapter and not get lost ?

  14. well, hmmm…you can skip up to the end of the brew fight…but you would miss the whole BJ, stein, Marie back story….so go read that arc an d everything after the brew fight.

  15. my bad I just looked at the chapters and for anyone who watched the anime they can skip until right after the brew arc. so you can start at chapter 38.

  16. alright thankyou 😀

  17. @Pain: Lol, I’m with you on that one! 😉

  18. wow!
    that is one COOL CHAPTER!!!!
    when are you making the break-down?

  19. Well I have something that I have to do tomorrow so Sunday or Monday. But I might want to study for my finals, so I may push it back… so Wednesday at the latest.

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