Shippuden 103 & 104: Dynamic Spirit Sensing, Dynamic Metal Rain, Dynamic Marking, and Tobi Peeps

Finally some action in here, this double episode packed a wallop and I actually found myself excited about the anime again!  Like, jump up and down, e-mailing people about it halfway through kind of excited.  This is Mollie (Ibiki Teishi) with your Shippuden review for this week’s awesomeness double episode.

This is the kind of thing I've been waiting for...will of fire in the eyes, steel guts and Konoha-style taijutsu destruction.  You will be my opponent!

This is the kind of thing I've been waiting for...will of fire in the eyes, steel guts and Konoha-style taijutsu destruction. You will be my opponent!

I have to say, I’ve been a little apathetic about Naruto lately.  The Konoha invasion in the manga has been dragging by, drawing out the action and teasing the plot for far too long.  The anime has been, quite frankly, sucking some major azz until it’s raw.  Here’s the thing…even the best experience turns annoying if there’s no change in rhythm.  Words to live by.  You heard ’em here.  So this double anime ep woke me back up…and it wasn’t just the action, it was the ensemble cast.

For so many weeks we’ve been focused on Naruto, Naruto, Naruto…and yeah, I love that little swirly, pressed-fish product in my ramen as much as the noodles, but in the end, there can be too much of a good thing.  I’m Naruto and Rasengan exhausted.  I fell in love with this manga/anime because of the characters, because Kishi had managed to build an entire community around his hero saga.  It’s been great watching Naruto learn FRS and sage mode, but that growth has come at the expense of the ensemble cast.

The strategy is...the strategy is...GUTS!!!!!

The strategy is...the strategy is...GUTS!!!!!

All you haters, stand down.  I love Rock Lee’s exuberance, Ten Ten’s deadly accuracy, Kiba’s testosterone-packed bravado.  I’ve pined for more Shino, AND Ino.  You all can pop off and spout about their weaknesses, the cast of characters, their frailties and talents, their arguments, comic relief and heroic flashes of brilliance are why I love this manga.  Hell, I even hunger for more Sasuke at this point…which is a very good thing as the anime is about to go there, big time.

My excitement kicked in right off the bat when there was a new credit roll intro…YES!  can you taste it?  The Sasuke Grows arc is about to take off and the new opening is steeped in curse seal, snake, sharingan eye and Naruto Sasuke yin-yang symbolism.  YES!  We’re about to switch arcs and I’m SO ready.  Past ready.  I was getting to that point where I was ready to roll over and go to sleep–leaving Kishi there to nurse his blue balls in the dark.  Ahem…perhaps a little less innuendo…ne?

Heroism isn't just about ownage of an opponent.  Sometimes heroism happens way down deep inside.

Heroism isn't just about ownage of an opponent. Sometimes heroism happens way down deep inside. Then again, maybe it's just having the right soundtrack on your iPod.

SO, episode 103 opens with the three Leaf teams springing into action.  The “girl” team (f!ck, Kishi, sometimes I hate you and your backward notions about appropriate gender roles…and no one better point at Ten Ten and say a word, Naruto already did) starts the sealing jutsu.  Ino is the weak link in the chain, and its her relationship with Sakura that pulls her through.  Not just because of the rivalry, but because of the support as well.  It was a nice development on Ino, reminiscent of Sakura’s memory with the hair ribbon.

Lee storms into smoke screen set up by Team Guren, and it takes a flashback with Gai Sensei to set him straight.  He uses the force and completely frickin’ PWNS!  Heck…I’ll just show you.  I think I was cheering through this, because it was so good to have some action, and to top that off…it’s Rock Lee!!!!  The only thing better would have been drunk Rock Lee, but I think that truly would have blown my mind.  SPIRIT SENSOR….ON!  LMAO…

Ten Ten had a delicious moment of raining metal into the smokescreen.  I know there are plenty of Ten Ten bashers out there…believe me, I read your bubbles…and I don’t want to hear it.  She’s quick, she’s sharp and she’s on target, just like her weapons.  And it was great to see one of the gals truly anxious to get some game on.  She ROCKS!

Kiba, not to be outdone, got out dynamic marking.  Why didn’t you think of that before, Kiba?  Still it was great to see this team in action.

Naruto, Sai, Shino and Kakashi took on Guren.  Shino works up his bugs.  Sai takes on Gozu, the big muscles guy who has a thing for mud.  Guren takes on Kakashi and Naruto backs him up.  It was a nice battle, Kakashi taking out crystal with lightning was all I had been hoping for.

Tobi gets left behind by Deidara, who still hadn’t forgiven him for his previous hijinks.  And he watches the seal, talking to himself and Deidara (who isn’t there, so Tobi’s a frickin nut).  Hmmm…THIS is Madara?  THIS is the Mizukage?  Why play the part when not being watched?  Or does he know Deidara is there?  Or is Zetsu not really his guy and he’s watching?  I’m intrigued…is it just more bullsh!t filler stuff, or does this mean something?

Rock Lee and Ten Ten step in to protect Team GRRRRRL, just as one of Guren’s minions attack.  XD  Did I mention how happy I was about the return of the supporting characters?

Kabuto shows himself to be a prick and a half, and blackmails Guren even as she realizes she was the jerk who killed Yuukimaru’s mummy and left him alone with crazyass visions of red camelias.  Then, our silver haired minion maneuvers Guren and Yuukimaru together, thinking that the time has come.

So…next week not a double ep…and I’m wondering…will this wrap up in one, two, three or (heaven forbid) MORE?!  I’m anxious for the finale, and if this week’s tasty treats were any indication, it should be a show stopper!  How close are we, do you think?  Did this episode make you laugh (or at least these clips)?  I laughed a lot at these episodes, belly laughs at the outrageousness and the thrill of jutsu other than rasengan.  Tell me what you thought in the comments.

Ja ne,



~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on April 10, 2009.

32 Responses to “Shippuden 103 & 104: Dynamic Spirit Sensing, Dynamic Metal Rain, Dynamic Marking, and Tobi Peeps”

  1. 1st awsome, lee is back in action its been to long, though cant wait for this to end its been good but enoughs enough

  2. Lol at the brakedwn Ibiki.
    yea, i agree, the supporting characters do give us a well timed brake from ruto and rasengan and dble rasengan and …. any way its good to see some action. But the characters for me(besides rock lee and neji) are only good in small doses, Fu*k i get sic of hearing “lets go akamaru” and Ino and tenten in general. shino is really the only bareable one, and that’s because he doesn’t talk often!

    And yay, some decent fight scenes, the 2 week wait was somewhat worth it after the action. Unfortunatley you might have to hold on to your xcitement Ibiki, i think there will still be another 2 – 3 eps of filler b4 the new arc (look up the new ep names on wikipedia).
    COME ON – i want to see Itachi vs Sasgay. And i will d/l and repeatedly watch the eps where Itachi is kicking the Crap out of him.

  3. This whole dynamic marking technique is creeping me out. Do you really need to create a ninja technique that depends on your dog urinating? Then again, women have been doing this kind of thing since the beginning of time.

    I know Tobi want to play the fool, to throw everyone off the scent, but can someone tell me why does he feel the need to do this when he’s all by himself? Does he feel the need to fool himself as well? Hmmmm.

    About time we saw some action. Although I want to see Sakura lays some super strength smakdown on someone other than Naruto. This whole campfire moment with the girls and the sealing technique is a little lame for my taste. And why isn’t Ten Ten with the rest of the girls? Unless Kishi is suggesting something else perhaps?

    Nice comeback with 103 and 104 but its time to wrap this arc up already. I’ve had allI can stand of Orochimaru and Kabuto. They are the ultimate one trick pony.

  4. ~4th!~

  5. my only guess for tobi being like well tobi and not madara is… is… is he’s in character (lol i hope you are all on the floor with blank eyes lol) no but for real he even says something to deidara when watching the sealing team, for anyone to keep up a facade like that for so long you have to always be in character my guess he honestly forgot he was alone, he even comments on how he is alone almost like saying “why the eff im i doing this” lol

  6. 5th wow this is my first time 😀

  7. oh and as always great post, ibi i cant freakin wait to see sasuke v oro… then deidara… omfgz!!1! then itachi oh and the 8 tails but for real omfg on the itachi battle its going to be kick ass

  8. good job on the breakdown ikibi…i too was kinda tired of all this jampacked naruto action…even tho this is was kinda too much for so long. However i was excited with the interaction of shino/sai/ and naruto…to me it seems shino is trying to be acknowledged by naruto since the rescue sasuke arc…which means theres gonna be more interaction with him before the upcoming mission they had finding sasuke AGAIN…anyways this was a funny and good episode which i hope wraps up by may..

  9. @madness: yeah, I loved the Sai/Naruto/Shino thing…even made a file of Shino ‘turning purple’ so to speak. ^.^ Then had nowhere to put it. I’m hoping this wraps quickly, I’m actually a little hungry for Sasuke. And not because I want to hate on d-bag.

    @urisas: exactly, is Zetsu watching? and is Zetsu (unlike many have theorized) not one of Madara’s more…er…personal henchmen? If he forgets…maybe he’s in character AND senile?!

    @moses: *facepalm* You had to come in here raging two barrels of chauvinism, huh? Why isn’t Ten Ten with the girls?! Gggrrrrrrrrr…

  10. SPIRIT SENSE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Loved the eps. It showed a lot of depth and not just pwnage. There were little “clues” that added to the depth of this particular bit (Such as Sai’s calling Kakashi “Senpai” for the first time – a HUGE breakthrough for him and duly noted by Naruto), Ino’s struggles with her chakra control and Guren’s realization that she is responsible for the murder of the mother of her “adopted” boy. It isn’t going to end pretty.

    I’ve never liked Kabuto, but this episode confirms my loathing of him. That one eye he had; the devilish-snake-eye thing, was downright creepy. What a prick! It just confirms to me that this guy and Orochimaru have absolutely no limits as to how low they will go to achieve their ambitions.

    So, the race is on. Who gets Sanbi: does Konoha seal it in time? Oro/Kabuto with Yuukimaru dying in the process? Or, as in the manga, Akatsuki? All this for the ugliest turtle tailed thing floating in the water.

    The new opening and ending were awesome. I even got excited for the Sasuke arc – and I am not a fan of Sasuke.

    Great breakdown Ibiki. Can’t wait for next week!

  12. @ibi you may be right about the senile part he is like 200 years old that or being so evil has become so boring he has created a character to make it fun again (lol sorry i love scrubs and the janitor is my fav) <— seems random if you don’t watch it but if you (anyone) gets it then 10 points lol or i will help you come up with a really good bubble idk im rambling need to stop post coming to screeching halt lol.

  13. I honestly think the only reason they are keeping Madara acting like Tobi even when he’s all alone is because those who don’t read the manga and only watch the anime have no clue that Tobi is more than he seems. I guess they don’t want to clue anyone in before his dramatic reveal. *shrugs* Or it could just be a major plot hole that these fillers love giving us.

    Otherwise, great breakdown! I agree that a return of the supporting cast gives us a nice break from the norm. Honestly though, I’ve never been a big fan of filler arcs for their weak character portrayals and the Mary Sue, Gary Stu-esque OCs. I can’t wait for the anime to get back on track with the manga storyline – I’m guessing two,maybe 3 more episodes max until this arc is wrapped up. 🙂

  14. @ibiki….

    i have a theory towards Madara/ Tobi… and why one persona is seen in total over the other also it may explain why he has lived for so long… and ponders the 1 eye.

    everything will be far fetched but it might just make sense…

    when i think back to the Gaara saga and i remember when Sasori had used a mind jutsu on the Sand Jounin making him not remember any of anything til a certain time or an action is done…and then all of a sudden out of nowhere the jutsu unlocked and he knew what has been off for so long… this can also be shown to reference how Minata showed up in Naruto’s subconscience if ever the 8th tail is ever released…like an action has to be done for that jutsu to be released..

    so now looking back at Tobi persona and why is he not just being Madara, makes me think that there is a mind jutsu holding back the Madara persona leaving Tobi intact as the dominant persona until the time is necessary for Madara persona to step forward.

    …can it then be said that with his real persona Madara can then live forever if needed as he is basically just only living when his persona is the dominant one… kinda like The Hulk and Bruce Banner… they are the same body,, but if one dies does the other die with him or does the other fully manifest out and continue life??

    i think that solves our mystery…


  15. I thought it was dumb how Ten Ten and Lee didnt know about the enemies abilities while they were charging into battle. Youd think Yamato, being a member of ANBU, would at least brief them a little.

    I hope to god this filler will have a quick ending. 1 or 2 more episodes max. The good sign is that the new opening didnt include ANY of the filler characters. I was hoping to see Karin or maybe that water guy but no luck. =(

  16. I watched the new eps on my laptop, and kept laughing so much my bf poked his head out of the computer room to see what I was doing ^_^ Got me good when Rock Lee’s will of fire was literally burning in his eyes and then Ten Ten dropped back to question Kiba with the kind of enthusiasm we’ve come to expect from Team Gai *L* Also got a good laugh out of Kiba’s entry into the battle and Yamato just standing back while the kids take care of things. That had to be the first time I’ve ever been able to believe the blue thing is a guy *points to where video is frozen above* Only thing I didn’t like is that we no longer have the “Bachkoi Baby” song for the end credits … I liked that one ^_^

  17. @Ibiki – If you loved that piece of chauvinism, then try this on for size.

    Why is it that the female characters (with weapons) must have weapons that must ‘smother’ the enemy in order to defeat them? Temari has her giant fan…LOL while Ten Ten has her scroll with the unreal number of weapons. Speaking of Ten Ten did you notice, in this episode, that the enemy wasn’t getting hit until the bombs came in. It always seems that even with her scrolls Ten Ten couldn’t hit water if she fell out of a boat.

  18. @moses, lol, I was thinking that too, Ten Ten giving all she’s got raining death from above and the guys below are just walking around or standing there without any worry of being hit, lame!

    @Ibiki, I’m not just picking on Ten Ten for the sake of it, it’s just that it’s there for all to see! The guys don’t even look concerned! 🙂

    Also, how many times did Kakashi use his Raikiri in this ep, 3 or 4? He didn’t even seem near his limit! Thought he could only manage a few before he was done, unless that was just Sasuke back in the day…

  19. Lee can sense people’s spirits now? I guess with a lot of hard work you really can do anything, lol. Tobi is hilarious XD. I think the reason he still acts like Tobi is because he kind of enjoys it. For instance he had no reason to behave like Tobi in front of Naruto and Kakashi, he didn’t try to kill anyone… he was dead as far as…. Kisami could tell lol he’s really the only one that was left in the dark I just realized. Perhaps this Tobi persona was made to help remind him not to break his ‘oath’ with Itachi.

  20. Did anybody else notice how Tobi’s tone changed when he said, “They’re from Konoha…”? It sounded like Tobi had two different voices. Alternate personalities perhaps?

  21. Maybe Madara took Tobi’s body for himself but Tobi retained his personality? Eh, just a thought.

  22. Great breakdown Ibiki. I too enjoyed Lee’s enthusiasm and Spirit Sense On! Lol, not to mention we got to see him kick some ASS! Why did that Rinji punk run away though? Dammit I wanted Lee and Ten Ten to tag team his ass [insert dirty joke here]. Oh well, and like Papatala said. The reason why Tobi is staying ‘Tobyish’ even while alone is to fool those who haven’t read the manga. Simple as that I suppose. Definitely not a big fan of the new opening or ending. The opening is…boring and the ending is just weird with a bunch of people opening and closing their mouths….yeah…maybe I’ll like it more after I see it more often. Probably not though…besides that like everyone else I just can’t wait for these fillers to wrap up!

  23. oooo – ive got a dirty joke for you super – “i wanted lee and Ten Ten to tag team his ass [reverse missionary style]”. *looks around* what to soon?

  24. @Mudshovel: >_< Let’s pretend it never happened. 😉

  25. yea lets

  26. lol yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nooooooooooooooooo kakashi was f***** by that fu**** god damned crystal style user f***** as helll


    why the F***** hell he didnt use his F***** sharingan

  27. @Ahsan…Guren is small time “filler” enemy… no need to use Sharingan!!


  28. FYI…DB has a fake sub for 103-104, don’t waste your time with rumors that they are picking up the subs again.

  29. is the fake subs any different from fillers??? arent fillers also fake?!?!

  30. It’s fake, because it is not an episode, but just the opening credits. A “fake sub” usually refers to a joke played on us loyal fans. So I guess, the filler arcs can be considered a fake sub in a way.

  31. love the episode!! jux love it!

  32. W ROCK LEE

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