One Piece Manga 539 Discussion and Breakdown + 540 Spoiler Predictions!!! 0_0

-One Piece 539 Breakdown Below. For Chapter 540 Spoilers and further discussion click here

Before we get started, I just want people to see this video. Every One Piece fan should be able to experience it. Besides, I’m missing the rest of the crew right now. This AMV is made by one of the greatest One Piece fans out there…besides me of course! 😀 Her alias is JuniZorofan. Look up her YouTube account and be prepared for awesomeness! Enjoy!

Haha! One Piece is out early and I’m excited! Sorry it took me so long to get the review out, but I got classes; what am I supposed to do?

LMAO….alright, enough of the horseplay, let’s get this show on the road! XD

Gear 4! Never ending Black Hole built inside stomach? You heard it here first! ;)

Gear 4! Never ending Black Hole built inside Luffy's stomach? You heard it here first! 😉

FOOOOOOOOOOD DAMMIT! Where’s the food? Bring it in and bring it in quick! Luffy needs to eat, and make sure it’s MEAT! Holy F**K! It all my time of watching One Piece, I have NEVER seen Luffy eat this much, and trust me when I say he’s eaten loads before! I mean, Luffy must hold the record for most food stuffed down a single stomach in half an hour than any other anime character out there! Yes, be proud One Piece fans, and rejoice – Luffy has another point of awesomeness on his shoulders! ^_^ Lol, so Luffy just awoke and he’s hella hungry. The ex-prisoners living in New Kama Land are feeding him days of their provisions just to satisfy him after his miraculous recovery in 20 hours! Then, finally…Luffy stops eating…or they run out of food… 😉

Luffy's Diet Plan Step 1. Eat enough food to serve a legion. Step 2. Simply transfer all the fat into separate parts of the body. Step 3. Yell out in victory because you've just done the impossible!

Luffy's Diet Plan: Step 1. Eat enough food to serve a legion. Step 2. Simply transfer all the fat into separate parts of the body. Step 3. Yell out in victory because you've just done the impossible!

So, here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for….or maybe it was just me…Luffy’s comeback appearance! Does he look badass with ripped muscles and shit? Is he gonna look 10 years older because of Iva-Sama’s healing side effect (thx Captnmexico for think outta the box 🙂 )? Will he look like one of those tired, worn out shitty rubber bands that we all know is going to break and snap our fingers one day, but we play with anyway? No! He’s…fat? Damn, I can’t believe I didn’t see that coming! Of course he’s fat, he always looks like an inflated balloon after gorging himself like that! I guess the excitement got the best of me and I was expecting a deity to appear from the room or something….He’s never looked like THIS before, though, so what’s he gonna do now? Doesn’t it usually take him a while to revert back to his former state of pure muscle and rubber? Well, not if you’re on his new diet plan! Just convert that food into muscle and VOILA! He’s back! 😀

*Crying*What? I'm not crying! *Sniffle* *Sniffle* I just got something in my eye that's all....that damn Luffy! *Sniffle*

*Crying* What? I'm not crying! *Sniffle* *Sniffle* I just got something in my eye that's all....that damn Luffy... *Sniffle*

He’s back and is ready for f*cking action, but it doesn’t seem Bon-Chan is because he just fainted on his spinning ass. At least our boy Luffy is pumped and ready to……Dammit, Luffy, get up; what the hell’s wrong with you? *Sigh* As it turns out, Bon-Chan isn’t the only one exhausted after standing up and yelling for 20 hours straight coughing up blood. Even after all that food, the effort of the extremely fast healing seems to be taking a toll on Luffy. Luffy doesn’t give a damn, though, and still wants to save Ace. After a touching scene with Luffy bowing and thanking Bon-Chan for all he’s done for him, which is going to look epic in the anime BTW, Luffy gets his clothes back (Yay for the Straw Hat) and gets ready to go to level 6!

Wait for it......................Wait..............LMAO, delayed reaction FTW! XD

Wait for it...............................Wait........................LMAO, delayed reaction FTW! XD

Before he goes, though, Iva-Sama does a little reminiscing after Luffy tells him that Bon-Chan came down here to save him. We find out that Iva-Sama was a revolutionist in a certain man’s army before being captured and imprisoned in Impel Down. A certain man by the name of….Dragon! Oh, you mean Luffy’s dad? Hahahha, lmao as comedy ensues when the Okamas realize what the hell Luffy just revealed to them so nonchalantly! XD Since Iva-Sama was a revolutionary, he had a certain conversation with Dragon himself where he deduced that he may have family from the East Blue since he always faced that direction no matter where he was. So, he quickly believed that Luffy must be Dragon’s son…Iva-Sama = Clever Investigator or Oda was just too lazy to explain the gullibility and wanted the story to move on? You decide. 😉

Informal Translation: "Nani? Whitebeard and Dragon are coming here to fight? F**k this shit let's get the hell out of here! Enies Lobby's gonna look like Candy Land after they're done with this place!"

Informal Translation: "Nani? Whitebeard and Dragon are coming here to fight? F**k this shit let's get the hell out of here! Enies Lobby's gonna look like Candy Land after they're done with this place!"

Clever Iva-Sama then puts two and two together and solves this equation. Ace’s Father = X find X!

Iva-Sama: “Hmmmm….if Ace = Luffy’s brother…and Dragon = Luffy’s father…HA! Then X must be Dragon…Holy S**T, let’s get the hell out of here!”

How’s my math? Lol, so now Iva-Sama wants to escape instead of sticking around underground when the biggest battle in history is about to go down! He assembles his men and gets ready for battle, but what about Luffy’s fatigue problem? Don’t worry Iva-San has steroids…….no wait it’s PCP…….my fault, they’re “Vigour Hormones”! Suuuuuuuure, whatever makes you public friendly, Luffy. Don’t do drugs kids…..hormone manipulation is fine, though! 😀 Anyway, I knew that Dragon was coming and I commented about it even if he wasn’t mentioned before. I wonder what you all think, though. Is Dragon coming to the rescue?

Meanwhile, Impel Down officials finally get their shit together, literally in the case of Magellan 😉 , and have rounded up photos of the escapees and seem to be much calmer. They know now that all the escapees are in Level 5 – at least that’s what they think – and are now beginning their search there. Inside of an elevator, Chief Magellan and Domino (Ohh, she looks good in those boots! 0_0) are heading down to Level 6 to pick up Ace for delivery! According to my watch, Luffy has less than 30 minutes before Ace is put on those boats. Marine transports are outside with 5 Battle Ships and 5 Vice-Admirals. Luffy, Iva-Sama, and Inazuma, in the meantime, are heading out and kicking some wolf ass! ‘Death Wink’ BITCH! What?…Prove to me that wolf wasn’t female! 😉 (If you didn’t get that one go look up the definition of the word ‘bitch’ and get back to me 😛 ). Up in the monitor rooms there’s only one acronym that can properly describe the look of astonishment displayed on the guards faces monitoring these events…WTF @_@! Haha, two Okamas and a drugged up Luffy are on the loose, and you best be prepared for some massive damage to take place. You know what, though? Vice-Chief Hannyabal may be heading down there, and we know Sadi-Chan and the Demon Guards are (Zebra, Rhinoceros, and Koala Bear…freaks >_<). Chief Magellan and Domino reach Ace’s cell and tell him it’s time for extraction. Not to mention they’re activating traps inbetween the passage from Level 5 to Level 6. My question is, will they make it in time to save Ace before he’s delivered with all of this standing between them, or will they need to catch up somewhere else…I have a sneaky suspicion the main battle is not taking place here in Impel Down….what do you all think?

So, there it is folks…..wait….what’s this… “Next week One Piece will be taking a break so that the author can collect data.” NOOOOOOoooOOOOOOOo! WTF? Collect data on this *throws up middle finger*! Alright, maybe that was uncalled for, but that caught me off guard. *Sigh* Oh well, I guess I won’t have a breakdown next week, but don’t worry. I’ll think of something to replace it and keep myself… sane.  😉 Anyway, comment, predict, discuss, and just hang out! See you all laterz! 😀

Oh…..and I thought I should start doing a One Piece Demotivational Poster now since we got them for Naruto and Bleach. And this is all in good fun, Naruto and Bleach fans, so don’t get your panties all up in a bunch. After all, I am one too! 😛

Awesome drawing of Luffy in Gear Second done by ‘YoSim01’ from Deviant Art! 😀


And while I’m still talking I’m curious…..


~ by supertrek89 on April 9, 2009.

44 Responses to “One Piece Manga 539 Discussion and Breakdown + 540 Spoiler Predictions!!! 0_0”

  1. Xth.

  2. Second! Supah Treko…. good job as always…

  3. 3rd

  4. 4th!

  5. 5th!! Damn no love for Brook or Frank in that poll so far…LOL

  6. He didn’t seem older at all…damn oh well but he did seem more ripped up. The older the rubber the harder it is?

  7. Awsome job man, i was so pumped about this chapter and it didnt disapoint, and niether dd your Discussion, I hadnt even taken Dragon into the picture up to this point, but i cant see him bringing in his armys maby he and some of his most trusted will try to get ace out, but who knows, 2 weeks till the next chapter o well, great job

  8. Hey Wasup guys I’m glad you’ll liked the review. 😀 I just took a 6 hour drive down to Virginia with the track team to go to a meet tomoorow so I’m just checking in. How’d you’ll like JuniZorofan’s AMV?

    @Captnmexico: LMAO! No worries Luffy is 18 so he and Boa Hancock can still do the ‘Hokey Pokey’ if you know what I mean if Luffy would just wise up…what the hell am I talking about Luffy can’t “wise up”. >_< Yeah, and where’s the love for Franky and Brook? I know I voted for Brook! 🙂

    @Billjack: That’s what I think too. If Dragon is coming he’s definitely not going to bring in his ships and ships full of revolutionariesd. He’ll probably make a personal appearance like he did when he helped Luffy escape from Smoker.

  9. @super: great brakedwn man. I’m not a huge one piece fan, i’ll finish reading the manga one day (this i vow) lol, thought that the amv was awesome and was wondering if you could post another on your brakedwn next week?
    like that husstle super, keep it up.

  10. @Mudshovel: No problem man! Thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed the AMV! I was planning on posting one every breakdown and you confirmed that I will. So thx again….and I’ll hold you to that vow of reading One Piece. Trust me you won’t regret it! 😀

  11. @super: Cheers dude. Well better continue *crackes knuckles* Chapter 103: Whale. well hopefully i’ll be around ch 200 next week (damn work and uni).

  12. @Mudshovel: Nice! 😀

  13. great news. this is a quest i started one the week before last. i have managed to catch up on ALL 539 ONE PIECE CHAPTERS!!! HUZZAH!!!! *collapses in exhaustion* -_- on to soul eater etc. etc. etc.

  14. @ reflex- congrats
    @supertrek- Its okay if luffy isn’t serious, Boa can day dream and misinterpret all she wants to make up for it……..who am I kidding. Luffy man up!!! You had chicks all over your ass and all you could think of is FOOD!! And now you got Boa in the palm of your hands and you do nothing? Wish he had grown older a bit….

  15. @Reflex: Welcome back man and nice catching up you just did! 0_0

    @Captnmexico: He’s just one lucky rubbery bastard isn’t he? 😉

  16. and Sanji is one unlucky bastard

  17. Decided to start one piece again from the beginning (couldn’t remember some of the previous arcs). Something i forgot about, is that how much more comic relief there is in one piece than naruto! i was LMAO at all da intro to characters and shit. Starting to wish that naruto would have a bit more comedy in it.

  18. @Mudshovel and Captnmexico: You both hit different points right on the head! EXACTLY! 😉

  19. Super.. Excellent breakdown super..trek!!! Just like franky would have said haha!!! Maybe Dragon will just appear to say hi and pick up his shemale friend out of Impel Down haha!! but i don’t think he will get into any fight or something, he will let his sons handle it….

    By the way how old is Boa Hancock supposed to be??? How many years older than Luffy?? I am really hoping in seeing more appearances of Boa hehe

  20. I just finished catching up on most of wat has happened. Took me all day but i read like 70 chapters of wat i had missed out on

  21. @Otepgaara: Haha, SUPEEEEEERRRRRR! Lol, thanks man for reading. I didn’t think of Dragon coming just to watch what would happen and not interfering at all…it’s a possibility. Kinda reminds me of Zetsu from Naruto. According to One Piece Wikia Boa Hancock is between the ages of 27 and 36. Here’s my source Kinda old kinda young but no matter what still sexy as hell! 😉

    @Biradical: Great job man welcome to the club! 😀

  22. @super: been watching alot of JuniZorofan videos on the tube, i assume you’ve watched most of them? Can you recommend any other videos/profiles of good AMV’s (link me up pls)?

  23. @Mudshovel: I’m posting another video next week and yeah I have seen most of her AMVs because they’re awesome incarnate! I don’t know any other specific profile that has all good One Piece AMVs so you’ll just have to pick random ones and hope you’re lucky that you found a winner! 😉 BTW the next AMV won’t be from JuniZorofan because I want to conserve her supply. 🙂

  24. @super: awesome – was hopeing it would be a random one. Well, guess i’ll go fish around for one, hopefully i’ll hit a gold mine.

  25. Omfg jsut read taht One piece won’t be out this week. Writer is taking a break this week…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! was wondering where the spoilers were. Last 2 weeks we had plenty.

  26. LMAO, dammit Captnmexico I already mentioned that at the end of my breakdown. >_< Don’t worry though I’m thinking of something to replace the breakdown for this week…any suggestions?

  27. why not a breakdown of one of your favorite chapters? maybe some comic videos? predictions of things to come? (all i can think of)

  28. hmmm didn’t read that part lol…. um you could do a post on best battles or funniest moments or most dramatic moment. There is plenty of all that in manga.

  29. Hmmm….those are some definite possibilities…I don’t know about recapping and old manga chapter, but comic videos and predictions of things to come are up their on my list. Arigato Mudshovel! 😀

    Any more suggestions from anyone else? I take requests. 😉

  30. Ah, more to think about thx Captnmexico! 🙂

  31. SUPER – FACEBOOK!!!!

  32. Well i have a question for all, I guess it is an old question probably, but since there will be no chapter this week, I thought you wouldn’t mind hehe.

    Do you think there will be another “Gear” for luffy? If you think there will be, How will the new gear exceed Gear 2nd?

    I ask this because I have no idea on how Luffy could improve his abilities, maybe I am all thinking in the box type of guy haha, and also i think it would be an excellent disscusion, but you’ll say.

    See ya!!!

  33. @Otepgaara: Another Gear? I hope so and I definitely wouldn’t mind! Gear 2nd = Greatly increased speed and more power. Gear 3rd = Greatly increased power but less speed. Gear 4 = (A perfection between the two?) Who knows…maybe that’s what Oda went off to do research about? Right now though Luffy needs to work on controlling his Haki and being able to use it at will. Also I believe before he develops a Gear 4, if he does that is, he needs to defeat Aokiji with Gear 2nd because he’s the reason why Luffy developed the Gears in the first place. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

  34. @Supertrek: yeah, i wouldn’t mind either on having a Gear 4th, I really love Gear 2nd, and I am not very fond about Gear 3rd. You know probably Gear 4th will be like Gear 3rd but the opposite much more speed but less power, and that probably would be use against Kizaru, and you really made a good point on using Gear 2nd to defeat Aokiji.
    Haki that is something that has been troubling me, what is it actually, this Haki thing?. And about the research Oda needed to do, I don’t think it is an actual research I think he is having vacations and laughing because of making us wait for the next chapter lol ^_^. Definately I can’t wait for the next issue to come out, I am desperate haha, I need my One Piece weekly dose!!!

  35. @Otepgaara: LMAO! XD That damn Oda is definitely on break but he may be doing research too…I hope so. We all need our One Piece fix I’m starting to twitch already! 0.o

    Haki is a basically a very rare ability to exert your spirit over others to establish control or overwhelm your opponent. In fact here is a link to One Piece wikia which explains it much better than I. Don’t worry it’s not a lot since little is known about the ability so far.

  36. Luffy might develope a 4th gear but my bet is on a new fruit power. I think I remember CP9 talking about if you eat 2 fruits you die. We all know how strong Luffy’s “vill” is so he would defy death once again. If he does get a new power I would be the powerhouse elemental ones. Compared to normal fruit powers elemental ones are far superior. Luffy already combined(used both at same time) 2nd 3rd gear during that zombie/shadow arc. So this wouldn’t really be a 4th gear. 4th gear would be some thing new. What can rubber do? We got speed when bounced. We got inflation when i guess you inflate a rubber ball I guess.

  37. @super: Gear 4 sounds alot like Super Saiyan 2 (insert teen gohan pic) and gear 3 – Accendant Saiyan (insert pic of trunks) lol.

  38. @ captnmexico – yeah I remember them saying that if any fruit user ate another fruit there body would explode from the power. When I heard that I thought that Luffy is a rubber man and that he cant explode he would proberly expand then go back too normal. So I rekon Luffy could eat as many fruit as he likes. Thats what I always thought I cant imagine which fruit he would take though perhaps a Zoan fruit being a Monkey type King Kong or a Ocean fruit one too give him command of the seas.. But thats too far.

  39. It says something like the users body explodes and then the devils of the fruits will fight and destroy each other. It doesnt sound like a matter of expanding but more like a massive explosion that completely obliterates the users body or maybe even the users soul.

  40. Another Devil Fruit? GAH! The possibilities…I always thought another member of Luffy’s crew who doesn’t already have one would get a Devil Fruit though…still that would just make another stone in the water. Hmmmm…

  41. If you’re looking for spoilers they’re in the latest One Piece Discussion post: ‘One Piece Intermission Breakdown’ under the Recent Posts section. Arigato! 😀

  42. YAY!! CHAPTER 540 IS OUT!!! super early

    I want to see Jimbei in action.

  43. Man, I hope the crew finds out that Ace is being executed and are all like “Hm I bet Luffy is there, lets all go there and save his ass” and then they all show up for a tearful reunion…
    Ah I miss them…

  44. AWESOME I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!LUFFY’S MINE 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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