Full Metal Alchemist 2 Brotherhood Episode 1 + discussion for episode 2

Hey everyone,

I just got done watching the first episode of Full Metal Alchemist 2 Brotherhood, and it feels good to see Ed and Al back at it again. The good news for noobs to the series is that you don’t have to have seen the first run to watch this one… it appears they have reset the story.  The bad news is for the rest of us that did see the first run, it appears they have reset the story… will this run get on track with the manga this time??? (I doubt it) Only time will tell…

To DL the first episode: Full Metal Alchemist 2 Brotherhood Episode 1

DL link to second episode: Full Metal Alchemist 2 Brotherhood Episode 2

If you want to watch the first run: Full Metal Alchemist Episode 1-51

-Below is a quick breakdown of the first episode-

The first thing I noticed about this episode was its high production value.  The animation was crisp and the voice acting was spot on.  For those of us who have seen the first Full Metal series, I think it felt a bit rushed, but still great to see them back in action.

Full Metal Alchemist 2 episode 2

Many familiar characters made their return, including one of my favorite anime characters of all time, Col. Mustang, and almost equally as likeable, Armstrong….

Full Metal Alchemist 2

Armstrong is awesome suace… This guy plays the role of comic relief perfectly… I put him on the same level of comic relief awesomeness as Maito Gai from Naruto and Pesche from Bleach.  Which do you think is the funniest?

Full Metal Alchemist 2 episode 1

OMG! I could be wrong… but aren’t you supposed to be f**kin dead?! Ermmm… I see dead people…

Full Metal Alchemist 2 Episode 1

It also doesn’t appear that they will be shying away from the violence or blood that were staples of the first run.  It seems that they will definitely not puss out and kid it up to reach a broader market.  And that is a very good thing.

Full Metal Alchemist 2 Brotherhood episode 2

There baaaaaack… Lust and Greed seem primed to return as the primary antagonists, which who would really complain about that?  They were great villains in the first run, and should be equally great in this series…

The preview for the next episode seems like they are going to cover what people who saw the first run already know, but I’m still excited to see this series again… how are you feelin it?

Let me know what you thought about the return of one of the most popular anime series ever and any thoughts you have on the direction of the series… will it follow the manga again or go off on its own like the first run did?



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~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on April 7, 2009.

48 Responses to “Full Metal Alchemist 2 Brotherhood Episode 1 + discussion for episode 2”

  1. Hahaha!!! First, suckas!

  2. AWESOMENESS!!!! I’m a noob, but I loved this show. Quality. I may even go back and start the original series. OMFG, Armstrong…rips his shirt off and tells the boys they can touch his muscles…LMAO. Spot on review, Jeremiah. Can’t wait to watch the rest of the series. 😀

  3. Xth. Nice I like the fact that it’s getting another run. The only question in my mind is well as anyone could guess, why???

  4. Then again when I think about being stuck in premondren germany just before the holocaust and a hitler doesn’t leave you with a oh we are not screwed at all feeling.

  5. lol i told myself i wouldn’t do it (i could have been 1st or 2nd on cherry blossom’s one lol but…


  6. WOOOOOOW CHEERS IBIKI, i was hopeing that the awesomeness crew would post something about this. I must say though that it is a bit weird. I mean all that character development in the first season, seems to have disapeared, Ed and Al forced to grow up, dealing with death. I’m freakin cheering that it’s back, but at the cost of all that development – suppose its equivilent exchange XD. Hope it goes well, but the first series is gonna be hard to top.

  7. CHEERS JEREMIAH mybad (thanking ibiki)

  8. Question: Is this series following the manga more directly or is it going to branch off again and create its own plot line? And does anybody know (jeremiah) if any of the characters aren’t returning form the original?

  9. Also i’d like to hear everyones favorite character from the original series (besides Ed and Al). Mine was Scar, i’m not even religious but, you just knew that every time he was shown, a fight was soon to follow and damn did he kick ass. Pwned the F**k out off the IRON BLOOD Alchemist.

  10. 5th!

  11. @ mudshovel – no clue… we’ll have to wait and see… the first followed the manga until around the half way point then went ape shit. So we’ll see which direction this one takes.

    My favorite FMA character is Armstrong.

  12. Though Mustang is bad ass… damn, hard choice… My lower half likes Lust… haha! ^_^

  13. All female officers will be required to wear tiny Miniskirt!!! (Mustang)

    Is the new series still as funny.

  14. Yeah, but you got to agree that the created ending was off the hook. And Yea, Armstrong provides the most laughs (besides ed), speaking of which, i missed those transmutations of weapons that looked like him, LMAO at the metal bat.

    Lol, lust does provide some damn good fan service. Hopefully Greed will make a return, he was my favorite humuculus (sp).

  15. GAAAAHHHH! Dead characters are returning to life to make their appearance in a second series!

    *Looks around for Nagato* 0_0

    Lol, I’m just as excited as your Jeremiah. I loved FMA and I had no f**king clue they were doing a second series until…2 minutes ago! OMG, you best believe I’ll be on this! Thanks for the review! @-@

  16. YIPPEE – FMA is back and best of all Hughes is back. I am a little ambivalent about the dead characters coming back to life though, I mean – seriously? How’s that gonna work out going forward? If Lust and Greed are back, too then…who’s going to show up next? And equally important – who won’t and why?

    Ah, well, as far as my other favorite characters – Scar, Lust, Mustang and Hawkeye.

  17. Wow. This show looks intence. And its only on the first 2 episodes meaning i dont have any catching up to do. Hmm ima checking this thing out!!!!!!

  18. im glad fma is back, but i wish it woulda picked up where the old ones left off, but not with the movies, fuck the movies. al had his body back, ed was in germany and mustang had killed bradley, i was happy

  19. …I’ll wait ’til its dubbed

  20. Hell yeah I need to go get this, I forgot about it lmao…and I have been waiting for it >_<.

  21. O and I told you that it will go with the manga >_<…..but the manga is very good so I am happy with a reset.

  22. I’m going to in the chat room talking about it…

  23. I loved the first season….i even cried several times… hope the new season will be as good as the first. 😛

    does any1 know when the second ep comes? 😀

  24. @ blomman92 – expect to see the subbed version out every monday or tuesday…

  25. This is just the first new episode, and though I’d rather have seen it pickup where the other series left off (a true part 2), I can say that I am interested, and terribly apprehensive about any RE-telling of anime, manga, MOVIES, etc…

    Since this is just the first episode, we may still see Hughes die (Again) But hey, maybe he’ll fair a bit better than last time.

    Oh, and for the FMA page, instead of FIRST… Yell “HOMONCULOUS”

  26. @anyone…you guys know where i can watch this without DL’ing any torrents?

  27. i just saw the first episode of this and its awesome…truly worthy of my time…one question…should i start with the first or second one and is there any differnce between the two?

  28. @ shinobimadness – torrents are the best way to go. Why are you so against it?

    The first run is an amazing anime but not necassary. This series is a reset… Fresh start.

  29. After watching the whole first run, I decided to take on the manga. I mean, the first anime did a fairly good job being loyal and I really enjoyed the series. But I was suprised to find the differences in the manga. I really like that they were willing to restart the whole thing … though, as much as I LOVE Hughes, if they are not restarting from the very beginning, i’m not so sure they should have brought him back.

    I actually just really wish some studio would redo the Samurai Deeper Kyo anime … that thing butchered the manga and had such an incredibly weak ending.

  30. @madness: You should deffinitly watch the first series. Although it might not be relevant, you’ll get a juicy plot with great character development, and best of all – the dubbed version is great (one of the best dubbings on any anime ive watched). I think the other great thing about the anime of FMA is that it doesn’t over stay its welcome with a lot of drek and meaningless episodes, all the eps are relevant to the story and the constant comic relief in it doesn’t feel forced or over used.

    @loves: yeah scar ftw. Mustang seems to be a popular character aswell, i thought it was brilliant how the story slowly opened his past to reveal how he became the badass leader.

    @jeremiah: Are you gonna get the torrents from the same place each week? or will that depend on the seeds it has?

  31. COOL!!! I was crying my hearts out after the 1st series and was very sad to see the brothers get separated. Good thing there’s this new one and good thing most of us Narutard in Awesomeness saw the first episodes.

  32. Interesting, I still would like to have seen what Non metal Al could have done as a tag team with his brother . I did enjoy the show but wasnt the whole point to get Al’s body back? even at the cost of ed’s extremities (again)?

  33. @mudshovel – re: the dubbed version – you are absolutely right. For all the flaws in most dubs, the original FMA is one of the best if not THE very best dub ever. The voice of Lust alone is worth it.

  34. @loves: Yeah, its disappointing that other dubs can’t follow FMA’s example of perfect dubbing, I mean FMA’s voice acting was perfect. I think it also helped that the dialog was kept somewhat intelligent and not simplified down to children (like shall i say, the naruto dubbing)

  35. I’ve been pretty pumped since i heard there was gonna be some new FMA. Although, it’s going to take a little while to get use to the voices – i hate when voices change… but that’s just me. I guess it was a necessary thing to do though since it’s a restart. I just finished getting caught up on the manga too. I looks like there might be a little more tie in with the manga, in the 1st ep – i think there was a glimpse of the evil hoenheim (for lack of a better name). Really crisp anime.. should be good :D… i hope.

  36. thank you jeremiah for showing this anime to this site…i never would have thought to watch it…im already up to episode 15 and im loving it…this is probably in my top 5 shows to watch now…

  37. I loved the first series, and I always hoped that they would continue it, although not exactly like it has been done. Beggers cant be choosers. lol. Thank you for alerting us to the new series!


  38. I’m not sure If I’m going to like FMA2. I heard it going to be like the manga but doesn’t feel like it at all. Is this like a fresh start where they do it differently since they done it before? I’ve read the manga and have seen the first 5 episodes of the first anime. I guess I understand that it would be lame as hell to start it off from the beginning since it would just be a repeat of the first anime. Oh well we’ll see how it goes after more come out.

  39. FMA Epsd. 2 is out! 🙂

  40. Sweet I just saw FMA2 ep2. Now it all makes sense. I think this season(or w/e it is) is going to be awesomeness.

  41. Is the new chap subbed, where ca i watch it ????


  42. @noom oscar- yeah its subbed but I don’t remember where I watched it..hehe…sorry 😀

  43. ok found it again

  44. thnx captnmexico21 ‘forgot to post that <<‘

    well, is there going to be a breakdown for the second chapter soon?

    P.D @captnmexico21 hey de donde eres ??? yo soy de monterrey 😀

  45. Yeah it looks like they are going to try and follow the manga. It looks like they could do a different ending when it catches up to the manga, you never know. It also seems like they are trying to skip over parts from the first FMA…like how ed got into the army…it has no impact on the main story of the manga.

  46. @ noom oscar- um… mis padres son de un pueblo en del estado de zacatecas que se yama tabasco

    @scorp- yeah the church lil arc is one ep long instead of 2-3 like last time if i recall

  47. @scorpion

    My guess is that they are going to speed thing up a little until they reach the part where the first anime turned away from the manga, so that people who already saw FMA get to see something new, after that i think they’ll go normal speed again.

  48. Well I was reading the manga recently and a lot of plots that were used in the first anime were noot used in the manga at all. I liked the first anime but I love the manga so I’m all for the new series.

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