Awesomeness extras!!! This weeks IRA manga strip, Bubble contest and demotivational poster

Hey everone,

Here are this weeks extra’s, put your submissions for this weeks bubble contest, comments on the motivational poster and manga strip in the comments section ^_^

IRA Manga Strip


Demotivational Poster

This weeks Naruto demotivational poster

This weeks Naruto demotivational poster

Bubble Contest

The 3rd bubble can be Naruto or Sakura's thoughts...

The 3rd bubble can be Naruto or Sakura's thoughts...


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on April 4, 2009.

192 Responses to “Awesomeness extras!!! This weeks IRA manga strip, Bubble contest and demotivational poster”

  1. first?

  2. lol that that demotivational poster was great 😀

  3. 3rd…this was pretty good this time..

  4. BUBBLE:
    Neji:Those Are Huge!!!…wait thats Hinata what am i thinking…
    Sakura:I knew buying these clothes was a bad idea…next time its all fishnet…
    Sakura:No wonder Naruto’s like Jiraiya, they both LOVE big boobs…

  5. Xth. This week’s manga strip was good, it sumed up the chat room into two sides. (I haven’t thought of something for Sakura yet.)


    Neji: Why are you only healing her chest?!

    Sakura: *angry* I’m under direct orders…

    3: *Sakura remembers what Naruto says* While I’m protecting whats most important to you, you go save what is most important to me… both of them.

  7. dang top 5 today o.o
    Sakura: Neji I believe those are her bosoms.
    Sakura(thinking): God damnit! How the hell are my plateaus suppose to compete with those mountains?

  8. Oh nevermind Jeremiah beat me. Top 6 I guess xD

    Neji: Urgh… must not look at hinata…..
    Sakura: Its ok Neji its only natural to like breasts even if you are related….
    Sakura: God dam these feel better than they look, how I envy you Naruto

  10. BUBBLE:

    Neji: hmm, i hope the next few frames don’t have anything that can be played with in any way at iareawesomeness…

    sakura: too late neji…

    Sakura again: so these are the two reasons why naruto wants to save the village…

  11. BUBBLE:
    1: Damn it, kishi better not put in anything obviously sexual in this weeks manga…
    2: nope he did it again…
    3: why does kishi so titfully tantilize him with these tunacious twitters… that totalitarian t-bag of a tasshole

  12. BUBBLE:
    1:(Neji) keep going with your secret breath-growth-jutsu, good work Sakura.
    2:(sakura) Neji, shut up.! I need to focus, this is delicate stuff!
    3:(sakura) We CANT EVER let naruto know of this jutsu! who know what he’d do.?

  13. ……
    Yay a demotivational poster. ‘_’
    (I save them on PS3 HDD)

  14. i think its better if you guys just separate this bubble contest.

  15. Bubble:
    1 Neji: Wow nice tits, i can see the curve perfectly.
    2 Sakura: Yeah kishi drew them so perfectly…
    3 Naruto: Sakura is Lez? Wow, this really changes the swing of this whole love triange Ibiki started…

  16. BUBBLE

    Neji: *drools* mmmm IBIKI
    Sakura: … umm that’s all Hinata …
    Naruto: Now if you could just grow yours as big as your forehead Sakura, you might have a chance.

  17. BUBBLE

    Neji: I just realized the village has been destroyed from battle and not one person has messed up hair.

    Sakura: I know Tsunade did everything in her power to meke sure we look good.

    Sakura: Just thinking of his perfect yellow hair drives me crazy

  18. Bubble:

    Neji: Just do it Sakura!
    Sakura: Stupid spin the bottle…she shouldn’t count! she’s already passed out!
    Sakura: “This was never the way I planned, not my intention…I touched a girl and I liked it…I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it.”

  19. I resemble that remark (in the IRA Manga). ^.^

  20. BUBBLE:
    Neji: I can see what you’re doing, Sakura!
    Sakura: Bastard!
    Sakura: Naruto asked me to find out if they’re real. He’ll be so disappointed.

  21. BUBBLE:

    NEJI: GAH! Is that my cousin’s cumface?

    SAKURA: I wish I could make a cumface like that!

    SAKURA: If I knew Naruto was that big and that great I wouldn’t have gone after Sasuke…

  22. BUBBLE

    NEJI: I am soo atracted to my cousin, what should I do Sakura?

    SAKURA: You should use your chakra to feel her boobs… like I’m doing!

    NARUTO: DAMMIT! Those are MINE! Do you hear me??? MIIIIIINNNNE!

  23. at last the extras

  24. BUBBLE:

    NEJI: AAGGGHHHH! That F*ckin curry of life has given me the sh*ts AGAIN!

    SAKURA: I have the sh*ts also… that curry’s nearly killed Hinata

    NARUTO: I didn’t think it was that bad, got a little mud-butt is all…

  25. Bubble

    NEJI: You have too remove her cloth, her wound is too deep!!!



  26. BUBBLE:


    SAKURA: Because you’re a jackass, you shoudl relax like Hinata here. She just melts in my hands…

    SAKURA: And once I’ve melted this bitch, there’ll be nothing, but Ino, Tenten, Tsunade, Koharu, Ichiraku’s daughter… F*CK! I still have alot of women to kill before I’ll be the best looking girl in Konoha.

  27. @ gudoruto – isn’t that what this is? Seperating the bubble contest from the weekly post…

  28. @ Jeremiah – sadly, some are never happy… they should remember Fahim’s words of wisdom.

  29. @jeremiah

    lol i think the title “Bubble contest and demotivational poster” it’s not obvious enough 🙂

  30. Bubble

    Neji: I can’t take it any more just tell me!

    Sakura: Its really hard to tell, if they are fake then she paid alot!

    Naruto: Remember Sakura, if they are real u owe me oral…

  31. Neji: 85cm?!…Wait, BYAKUGAN! They’re real.

    Sakura: She has contorted her chakra pathways to cluster here…

    Sakura: So, if that’s how she wants to play it I’ll turn her into an A-cup, and then Naruto will be mine. MINE! MUH-WA-HA-HA-HA!

  32. BUBBLE:

    NEJI: Sakura, when you’re done giving her bigger tits, can you give me pretty blue eyes….

    SAKURA: Oh, sure thing sugar…


  33. BUBBLE:

    NEJI: I see you admire Hinata’s breasts Sakura… But I know your Secret…



  34. BUBBLE:

    Neji: Sakura…what are you doing? Her wound isn’t there.

    Sakura: I knew it! She stuffs her bra!

    Sakura (thought): Poor Naruto. He’ll be devastated when he finds out about this…

  35. BUBBLE:

    NEJI: Her breasts are magnificent! I am proud to be apart of the Hyuuga clan!

    SAKURA: Why did I have to be born in Konoha’s trailer park

    SAKURA: After Naruto sees her boobs, he’ll forget all about me… I should ask Ino how she gets the boys.

  36. Bubble
    Neji: Omgosh i never knew my sis had Boobies
    Sakura: Yeah i have nothin
    Naruto: o my sry sakura but can u show me hinatas boobs

  37. Oh-ho-ho, Imma gonna have a fun with this! 😉

  38. BUBBLE

    Neji: “What does it say?”

    Saskura: “Hold on it’s a huge area to cover.”

    Sakura: “Got it! According to this topographical map of Konoha Mountains Naruto is here around the nipple area.”

  39. BUBBLE

    Neji: “Sakura what are you doing?”

    Sakura: “Very advanced medial ninjutsu now be quiet I need silence!”

    Saskura: (Thinking) “Now if I could just learn Hinata’s Silcon-No-Jutsu Naruto would look at me as if I had the Jugs of Life!”

  40. BUBBLE

    Neji: “Sakura what are you thinking?”

    Sakura: “I’m thinking what everyone else at iareawesomeness is thinking…”

    Sakura: “Naruto….no wait….BOOBIES…yeah that’s it…”

  41. BUUBLE

    Neji: “Just give up…”

    Sakura: “I already did…”

    Saskura: (Thinking) “With jugs like these Naruto’s a lost cause…F**K!”

  42. lolzz peole im not doing bubble posts this week as a salute to hinata ‘s booooooooooooooobs

  43. BUBBLE

    Neji: Holy sh#$ What the f#$% Oh my god, Damn. Sakura do you see these things. WTF?!!!

    Sakura: I know neji i know. I see it. I guess pain had little space to stabb her anywhere else?

    Sakura (Thinking) I go from being one of the best looking girls on this show to fixing some girls jugs. WTF?!

  44. hey ahsan

  45. hy come to the chat room

  46. BUBBLE

    Neji: Wait sakura! You… your doing it wroung. I really think you should let me do it. LET ME DO IT!!!

    Sakura: Neji get a hold of yourself. You are not even a medical ninja. I am taking care of it.

    Sakura (Thinking) Why the hell did he just zap like that? Wow, Huge jugs make men do some crazy s@## sometimes.

  47. BUBBLE

    Neji: Sakura, you have no idea the world of $h!t I’ll be in if you don’t save Hinata’s boobs …

    Sakura: Two Words, Neji: Wonder Bra.

    Sakura: Poor Naruto, is he gonna be in for a surprise!

  48. i just noticed, why are the winners in the bubble speech contests don’t match the facial expression of the characters. i think it must not just be about humor, i think it must also match the facial expression and illustrated environment given. (hey, i know my entries aren’t good and i’am not f@#$%^& doing this ‘coz i think i should have won, i just think some entries are better if you’ll consider everything.)

  49. BUBBLE

    Neji: (Starring intensly at hinita) I need…. I just want…. wow…… This is so. I need….. OMG. (Breathing hard)

    Sakura: Stay with me neji. I am almost done healing her jugs, i mean melons, i mean boobs? Chest i mean chest!

    (Akward silence)

    Sakura (Thinking) I bet naruto is one happy A## Ninja. OMG these are big!

  50. Bubble

    Neji: The amount of chakra built up in those boobs could have distorted the village, why keep it all there and not use it?!?

    Sakura: I could take a guess…

    Inner Sakura: That *ucking bitch won’t steal him, ill show her chakra build up!

    (after timeskip sakura has triple f size knockers)

  51. Bubble

    Neji: with tits like that whys isn’t naruto hittin’ that shit yet

    Sakura: I know right, im wet here at second base, i wonder (dream bubble)

    Naruto: god i love the cock!

  52. bubble 2.0

    Neji: with tits like that whys isn’t naruto hittin’ that shit yet

    Sakura: I know right, im wet here at second base… god im horny

    Sakura: So Neji, what are you doing after this?

    sorry i had two different punch lines wanted to try both

  53. BUBBLE

    Neji: They’re over 87cm!!!

    Sakura: 87cm?!?!?! That’s impossible!!!!

    Sakura: Naruto must’ve used these sensu Boobs to reach super saiyan/sennin level!!

  54. bubble

    Neji: Sakura Have U ever had a threesome before ?
    Sakura: Umm Not That .. i mean no no never
    Sakura: hope he doesnt finds about me and naruto and his shadow clones ouch my @ss still hurts

  55. Neji: Sakura! what are you doing! close Hinata’s shirt up!

    Sakura: No! If i don’t shrink her Boobz, then i’ll never have a chance with Naruto.

    Sakura again: Aww, lets face it, i’ll never get tem smaller than mine.

  56. Bubble:

    Neji: Sakura, what in the name of Lee’s hairy eyebrows are you doing?
    Sakura: eeeh…I’m just doing some research…
    Naruto: Yeah right, you’re just trying to figure out how you can change that flat-chested surfboard of yours into a freaking mountainclimbing paradise…

    For some reason I just knew this would be the bubble for this week.

  57. Bubble:
    Neji: WOW im related to that
    Sakura:So that is what all the guys follow her for
    Sakura again:Maybe I can use some random medical jutsu to make hers mine then ill get naruto

  58. BUBBLE:

    Neji: I can’t believe she fainted just because i lost, damn why did i choose ‘gentle fist’
    Sakura: No you baka, it’s because i used ‘scalpel’
    Naruto: Hahaha, Rasengan wins again!

  59. BUBBLE

    Neji: Nooo, it’s not possible, how can this have happened?
    Sakura: I don’t know, i just don’t know
    Naruto: You’re telling me, how did Hinata’s tits only get one panel!?

  60. @glen: Competitive much? It’s just a little game, have fun with it. 🙂

  61. BUBBLE

    Neji: Wait a minute.. are they getting .. smaller ?
    Sakura:No Neji its just a small side effect to this sort of healing
    Sakura: *in thought* Sakura 1 – Hinata 0

  62. BUBBLE

    1: What on earth did Akatsuki do to her?
    2: No…I think she got training from Choji
    3: Naruto, if you don’t make it out of this alive I’d be so sorry for you.

  63. BUBBLE

    Neji: Are you going to be able to save Hinata?
    Sakura: I dont know if shes going to be able to make it!
    Sakura: Good thing Neji doesnt notice that she’s sleeping

  64. BUBBLE

    Neji: Will Hinata be able to make it?
    Sakura: I dont know I’m trying!
    Sakura: Well my chances with Naruto are ruined,I mean I could plant some crops on these things!

  65. BUBBLE

    Neji: Dont touch there that’s the Hyuuga’s final family secret!
    Sakura: There it is the secret to the chest inflammation jutsu!
    Sakura: Naruto you are mine!

  66. BUBBLE:

    Neji: Wow. They say she’s hurt, but i see only boobs and not injuries.

    Sakura. did you not know? I’m using medical ninjutsu to channel chakra to her boobs. They would be massive when i’m done.

    Naruto: Hehe. Hinata-chan all the way.

  67. BUBBLE:

    Neji: Ok sakura, i’ll tip you. Her boobs are like that owing to precise chakra control.

    Sakura: I know. That’s why i’m trying to distort her chakra so her boobs would grow disproport…..emm be normal again.

    sakura: (thinking). Wow, that was bloody close. It would have been quite apparent i’m fighting over naruto.

  68. @alec: Good bubble mate. Bring it on. I like the reference with totalitarian there.

  69. BUBBLE:

    Neji: in times of social unrest, it’s things like this that provide entertainment. And guess what? Hinata provides entertainment.

    Sakura: Sakura: Remember neji, your byakugan always gives you a magnified view.

    Sakura: (thinking): even when i say that, tsunade-sama still has a lot to teach me. But it’s not too bad. Naruto’s not into boobs.

  70. BUBBLE:

    Neji: heh…Boobs.

    Sakura: NEJI-BAKA Hinata’s dying and all you can think about are her boobs?

    Sakrua: I wonder if Naruto’s a boobs guy…heh boobs…

  71. BUBBLE:

    Neji: It is clear. Sakura is just as hot as Hinata.

    Sakura: Could it be true?

    Sakura: Then why doesn’t supertrek89 like me!

  72. BUBBLE:

    [1] – Hey Sakura, looking at Hinata from this angle really shows how much hotter she is than you.

    [2] – *looks sad*

    [3] – *sigh* Looks like my only shot in Naruto…Ewww…whiskers.

  73. 1) Neji: Sakura, will she make it…I failed in my duty to protect her…

    2) Sakura: …I’m…I’m not sure…

    3) Sakura: *thinks to self* …I just made hair grow on her nipples, if she does make it, that ought to ruin their ‘massive’ appeal to Naruto.

  74. BUBBLE

    Neji:(Looks at hinatas boobs) Damn! Kishi really screwd you over sakura.

    Sakura: S@#$ S@#$ S@#$ S@#$ S@#$ S@#@ S@#$ S@##

    Sakura (Thinking) When naruto sees these! S@#$. Damn you tell hell kishi!!!!!!

  75. BUBBLE:

    Neji: “Hinata, keep that pose of Ibiki from the IRA manga for just a little longer” *Hehe, oooo rite*
    Sakura: “You know she can’t hear you, she’s almost dead.”
    Sakura: Ibiki? Ahhh probably another chick with bigger tits than mine, how many’s that, 9000000, thats Possible!

  76. BUBBLE

    Neji: WTF are you doing sakura. The wound is on her stomach!

    Sakura: I was just… ahh checking for… breast cancer. Hey neji dont you have something else to do?

    Sakura (Thinking)Must…shrink…jugs! Go the hell away already! Stupid idiot. Why wont NEJI LEAVE?!!!!!!!!!

  77. BUBBLE

    Neji: WTF are you doing sakura? The wound is on her stomach!

    Sakura: I was just… ahh checking for… breast cancer. Hey neji dont you have something else to do?

    Sakura (Thinking)Must…shrink…jugs! Go the hell away already! Stupid idiot. Why wont NEJI LEAVE?!!!!!!!!!

  78. BUBBLE:

    Neji: Don’t worry Sakura. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

    Sakura: I know Neji, thank you.

    Sakura (thinking): I need some silicon on the inside.

  79. Bubble:

    1: Begin the breast augmentation procedure
    2: Everything’s going smoothly doctor
    3: Damn, he’s gonna love motorboating these babies

  80. lmao…’motorboating’

  81. BUBBLE:

    Neji: so sakura, who has bigger tits between you and my cousin hinata?

    sakura:No doubt hinata does…or is it did? when i’m done with her, mine would be bigger.

    Sakura: (thinking) Hell yeah…even with that byakugan he still can’t tell hinata is about to become masculin.

  82. BUBBLE

    1: Giggly giggly goo…awriiigh
    2: Jeez Neji get a hold of yourself…men
    3: Oh Naruto if only you knew the prize…prizes…that await you…

  83. BUBBLE

    NEJI: …yes…yes, that’s it, rub the nipples in small circles…oh AHHH AHHH BYAKUGASM!

    SAKURA: Ok Neji, if you’re done that’ll be $20….

    NARUTO: AHH AHHHHH RASENGASM! Ok Neji, pay this bitch so we can leave.

  84. BUBBLE:

    Neji: Your doing a great job healing Hinata. What’s wrong Sakura?

    Sakura: It’s just that me and Naruto had a bet…

    Sakura(flashback): Me date you?! HAHA you have a better chance of Hinata wearing fishnet under her jacket!

  85. BUBBLE:
    Neji: So what do you think Sakura?
    Sakura: I think every guy who read the spoilers this week are probably having major orgasms right now.
    Sakura(thinking): Dude I think even girls would go lesbian just for her, like Alexie did.

    Shit! Sakura, now supertrek is gunna be hella pissed at me! *runs to hide*

  86. bubble:

    Neji: Common Sakura-chan, don’t envy Hinata, i can make yours bigger than that!

    Sakura: No THanks Neji, but I’m not a fan of your ‘Gentle Slapping Tits’ tech.

    Sakura: I love Getting hit by Naruto’s Balls!

  87. BUBBLE:
    Neji: Oh man I wanna rape Hinata so har…
    Sakura: Dude Neji rape jokes were so last chapter. It’s all about stupid comments made by Naruto now!
    Naruto thought: Hatway areway ouyay alkingtay aboutway amenray umyay!

  88. BUBBLE

    Neji: “If only my Byakugan could give me the insight of beauty as Supertrek has!”

    Sakura: “With tits like these even Of815 can’t deny Hinata surpasses me in all aspects…”

    Saskura: (Thinking) “Now if I could just stick Naruto with Alexie I can have my fantasy night with Hinata and Super…”

  89. @Of815 & Alexie: HA! How do you’ll like that?

    *Alexie cheers that she wound up with Naruto and Of815 shrugs his shoulders*

    Dammit! >_<

    BTW, LMFAO at Byakugasm and Rasengasm! XD

  90. @Supertrek89: Did you put “Saskura” on purpose? Hmmm….

    *shrugs shoulders*

  91. BUBBLE:

    Neji: What is this chakra?

    Sakura: It’s called an erection Neji.

    Sakura (thoughts): Naruto better only have boners for me!

  92. BUBBLE
    Neji: What are you…
    Sskura(1): Just a little more
    Sakura(2): I’m right here and yet she still loves…

  93. BUBBLE
    Neji: Impossible
    Sskura(1): My healing is…
    Sakura(2): If this continues they will be bigger than Tsunade’s. Naruto won’t…

  94. BUBBLE YAY!!!

    Neji: “…Hurry up and break through her chakra shield already! I’m horny as shi-”
    Sakura: “I’m trying! I’m trying! Oh hey, I think I got it! I’m through!!!”
    Sakura (again): “I can’t believe I’m doing this. What would Naruto- Ooooooh sh!t these feel good…”

  95. nice to have you in the bubbles now, kyouto.

  96. BUBBLE TWO!!!!

    Neji: “Damn, those frog legs were gre- WTF?!? OMG!!! Sakura! Put those jugs BACK ON HINATA!!!”
    Sakura: “Alright! Alright! I was just trying them on.”
    *reattaches boobs onto hinata*
    Sakura: “…sh!t. And I was so close, too.”

  97. OK people. Those two are my official entries into this weeks bubble contest. Unless of course I think of more funnier ones. LOLOLOL!!!

    How is everyone? I ain’t been on for a while as my iPhone died on me last week. GAARGH!!! APPLE!!!

  98. BUBBLE:

    1) Hey, Sakura! Stop day-dreaming and concentrate on healing!
    2) Oh, sorry. I just got little carried away…
    3) “…on how awesome would be to have threesome with Hinata and Naruto! Or, would Hinata’s huge boobs made it foursome?”

  99. BUBBLE:

    Neji: Hmm, next weeks IRA manga is entitled ‘it’s not rape if you yell surprise’
    Sakura: Wasn’t that meant to be the title of the issue before this, and the issue before that?
    Sakura: damn cheap manga strip, i need ideas on what to do too hinata.

  100. BUBBLE

    Neji: Hey Sakura who is behind you?

    Sakura: what….is that drool on my shoulder?

    Naruto: I must motorboat….I must motorboat

  101. btw that was a bleach reference

  102. @mudshovel – SUPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. @burning ace – I dun geddit. But dats just me lol

  104. @fabkage: LMAO XD. Not if i yell Rape first!

  105. Bubble:

    Neji: Sakura! what are you doing! close Hinata’s shirt up!

    Sakura: No! If i don’t shrink her Boobz, then i’ll never have a chance with Naruto.

    Sakura again: Aww, lets face it, i’ll never get them smaller than mine. Naruto will never love me again! *cries*

  106. I originally posted that yesterday, but i forgot to write bubble at the top. So i re-posted it.

  107. BUBBLE:

    Neji : Wow, being inside one of Naruto’s fantasies is so HAWT!!!!

    Sakura : I’m glad Naruto made me a lez in his fantasy, groping Hinata is fun!

    Naruto: Bow-chikka-bow-wow!

  108. BUBBLE

    Neji: whats this feeling in my pants?

    Sakura: STFU where did you come from?

    Sakura: Naruto was right. we should have that threesome, hinata is hot!

  109. neji: sakura in all honesty u really are an ugly bitch compared to hinata now that i think of it

    Sakura: i know but i still have her life in my hands so u better sit there and stfu or she is going to end up dieing from internal injuries considering ur head is going to be shoved up her ass.


  110. BUBBLE

    Neji: Ahh, Cool air a summer breeze and OMG!!!! Teenage Mutant ninja Boobs.

    Sakura: “sigh”………………

    Sakura (Thinking) Kill the hinata,….. Take jugs,…..Kill kishi

  111. You know it becomes pretty aparent when you cant think of S#$% else to say. this is all sasugays fault somehow

  112. BUBBLE

    Neji: “Is the Snow Globe Jutsu ready?”

    Sakura: “Just a little more…there done…”

    Sakura: (Thinking) “I hope Naruto is still alive so he can go skiing down these Alps with me and Neji…”

  113. @Of815: Naw, that was a typo… *ties Of815 down to railroad tracks to prevent shrugging of shoulders* hehehehe 😉

    Lol, jkjk!

    @Marksman: LOL, Yes! Blame it all on Sasuke! 😛

  114. *shrugs shoulders*

    *shrugs shoulders*

    *hears train coming*


  115. Nice de-motivational poster. I think that one is great! One of the best so far.

  116. @supertrek: MUAHAHA!
    -hangs up a Do not Disturb sign in my room-
    She’s all yours >:D

  117. NOT A BUBBLE:

    alexie828: Baw chicka bow-wow…

    naruto: Kage bunshin no jitsu!

    alexie828: eek!!

  118. @of815
    RAWR THERES TOO MANY TO SCREW </3 I cant get em all in one night D:

  119. 1. omg what has he done to her that bastard!
    2. like i can tell… just shut the fuck up im concentrating here!!
    3S. it s that go(o)d damn 3some insidenaruto* prisonsex … and that petty little doggy seems to have grown up. omg i hope i didnt look like that the last time ….

  120. BUBBLE

    Neji: *Insert incestuous comment here*

    Sakura: *Insert homo-erotic agreement*

    Sakura: *Insert jealous thougths on having small tits*

  121. For my next trick i will show you the most awesome bubble entry…a great bubble entry…an okay bubble entry…oh dammit just enjoy it 🙂

  122. And i won’t even change the first bubble!

  123. BUBBLE

    Neji: Why did she do it…?

    Sakura: Well…they do look real…

    Sakura: …But Tsunade’s jutsu takes up half a lifespan…Guess i’ll have to spend the rest of my savings like Hinata…

  124. BUBBLE

    Neji: Why did she do it…?

    Sakura: Well…they do look real…

    Sakura: Sure…she’s a Hyuuga…she can afford it…

  125. BUBBLE:

    NEJI: Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage!

    SAKURA: Are you STILL whining about that shit?

    NARUTO: Neji’s been acting like a little bitch since I beat him at the chuunin exams.

  126. BUBBLE:

    NEJI: HAHA! I got the new Nike’s… bet you’d like them wouldn’t you… you pink-haired lot lizard.

    SAKURA: Hey F*CK YOU Neji… Hyuuga snob muf*cka!

    SAKURA: How ’bout you drop them Nike’s ‘fo I kill this bitch!

  127. Neji: Sakura and Hinata, laying on the ground, F-U-C-…
    Sakura: Neji, I’m not even laying down, and you got no right teasing me after all the rape you committed last chapter!
    Sakura(thinking): Not to mention he’s TONEDEAF.

  128. LOL @ prawl!!!

  129. BUBBLE:

    Neji: I can’t believe my cousin did this for naruto. shocking innit?

    Sakura: Yeah…she didn’t have to. I’m sure there were a lot of people who could have fought for him.

    Naruto; Poor sakura-chan. She doesn’t know i support polygamous marriages.

  130. BUBBLE


    Sakura: You’ve said that seven times already, neji. Silence.

    Naruto: And that’s the number of time’s you’ld be receiving lessons from tsunade to grow jugs like that.

  131. BUBBLE:

    Neji: Sakura-chan, what’s bothering you?

    Sakura: I don’t understand why hinata’s seeking breast enlargement with tits like these.

    Naruto: Turn the statement the other way round and ask yourself the same question already.

  132. BUBBLE:

    Neji: so sakura-chan, what kind of ninjutsu is that?

    sakura: Oh, it’s called iron ninjutsu. repeat after me.

    sakura: when i’m done, she’ll try moving her left leg, but her right boob would move. Then she’ll try moving her right boob, but her left leg would move.

  133. Neji: Crap its getting hard

    sakura: guess the stereotype is right

    Naruto: Get the fuck out of the way sakura!

  134. Bubble:

    Neji: OOOO!!! i think i can see a head!!!

    Sakura: Come on hinata hold on!!!

    Sakura: *OMG im so sorry naruto i think i F**Kd it up*

  135. Bubble:

    Neji: OOOO!!! i think i can see a head!!!

    Sakura: Come on hinata PUSH!!!

    Sakura: *OMG Naruto’s having twins!!!*

  136. @ prawl: lol Smashing Pumpkins reference


    Neji: I think we have a problem down here

    Sakura: Keep it in your pants

    Naruto: THats what she said!

  137. BUBBLE:

    1: Just be careful not to pop them, otherwise this could get messy!
    2: Concentrate… concentrate…
    3: OH SHIT!!!! Why did he have to pop up at a time like this???

  138. BUBBLE:

    1: Um, Sakura, your hands are getting PRETTY close there…
    2: Must… resist… urge to… touch…
    3: Think about boys Sakura, think about boys. You’re not Lesbian… OH SHIT, IT’S NARUTO!!!!

  139. BUBBLE:

    Neji: Now that Naruto is taken by Hinata, hehe, why don’t you let me show you my Eight Trigrams One Hundred Twenty-Eight Licks!!!

    Sakura: Uh… I’m not really into Gentle Fist…

    Inner Sakura: What I really want Kage Bunshin…

  140. BUBBLE:

    Neji: Now that Naruto is taken by Hinata, hehe, why don’t you let me show you my Eight Trigrams One Hundred Twenty-Eight Licks!!!

    Sakura: Uh… I’m not really into Gentle Fist…

    Inner Sakura: What I really want is Kage Bunshin…

    *sorry I forgot a word!!!!! 🙂

  141. Bubble:
    Neji: I know shes my cousin, but DAMN those are nice and perky
    Sakura: Shut up neji, i need to concentrate

    *ild be sweet if i could switch out narutos pic for bo, jesse, and the general lee

  142. BUBBLE

    Neji: “Sigh” You know what sakura? This is some real perveted S#$%!. I mean look at me! I coudnt stare any harder at my causins boobs if i tried.

    Sakura: Oh you think you got it bad?! Kishi has me touching them. I mean cmon kishi? Out of all the places to have pain stab hinata you do it right between these F#$% Mountians.

    Sakaru (thinking) Why is kishi doing this to me? I got a feeling i am going to regret talking about him later on since he does control me. “Sigh” I think after this i am going to relax and have a nice cool glass of s@#$. WHAT?!!!!!

  143. BUBBLE

    Neji: “Sigh” You know what sakura? This is some real perveted S#$%!. I mean look at me! I coudnt stare any harder at my causins boobs if i tried.

    Sakura: Oh you think you got it bad?! Kishi has me touching them. I mean cmon kishi? Out of all the places to have pain stab hinata you do it right between these F#$% Mountians.

    Sakaru (thinking) Why is kishi doing this to me? I got a feeling i am going to regret talking about him later on since he does control me. “Sigh” I think after this i am going to relax and have a nice cool glass of s@#$…………… WHAT?!!!!!

  144. Sorry for the double post guys. Saw a flaw that i just had to correct. tehehehe^_0

  145. Just a question: Do we still need the word BUBBLE in the top of our jokes? I mean we are in a separate page right?

    could someone PLEASE tell me if my joke last manga was “Out-Of-Line”? I made a reference to a crack baby and I don’t want to offend…

  146. i just bashed an entire state with a sterotype that is in no way true, i think your safe

  147. BUBBLE

    1: Oh my god! Her bust power level is almost as high as Tsunade’s. I’m going blind at the mere sight of it!!!!
    2: Then stop looking you retard!!!! God, you’d swear boys would at least gain some intelligence when they reach puberty.
    3: Then again…

  148. You know i think it was kinda obvious that this weeks buble contest were picked for….well lets say unintentionaly no good reasons 0_0

    Kinda distirbing if you ask me.

  149. BUBBLE:

    Neji: What are you doing? Hinata doesn’t seem to be getting better!
    Sakura: Neji! You have to trust me!
    Sakura (thinking): Heheh… Trust that I’m about to extract her soul for the Akatsuki! Ahhh ha ha ha haha ha ha hahahahaha! *cough* aahhhhh hahahahahahahaha ppfffff *cough* pah hah… guh *gurgle* pah ah ha heh heh… *throws up* blehehehehhehe…

  150. i knew he was gonna pic these scenes for the bubble contest….i called this shit as soon as the manga came up…haha…u know what they say ….GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!!

  151. BUBBLE:

    Nenji: um sakura…shes asleep..lets go help people who really need it
    Hinata: (snoorrrriingggg)
    Sakura: mmmm those look really juicy! i wish nenji would leave so i could caress them!
    Bad influence devil naruto:(whispering in sakuras ear) if u create the blue circle around ur hands it will look like u are tryin to heal her. then u can touch them all u want! MUAWAAHAHAHA!

  152. BUBBLE:

    1. Nenji: you know sakura….hinata isnt the only one who runs “big” in the family! *wink wink*

    2. Sakura’s in thoughts:ya right nenji, u wear a dress and grew ur hair long. if that doesnt spell cross dresser!
    3. Sakura: this is a dramatic scene and all kishi can do is focus on my damn right eye…and why is naruto in my damn panel…ugh!!

  153. BUBBLE:

    NEJI: OwWIE OWWIE OWWIE! I have a papercut, hurry up!

    SAKURA: Your cousin’s almost dead this’ll take some time..

    SAKURA: You’re such a little bitch, why can’t you be more of a man like Shino.

  154. 1.neji- i wanna tap that so do i….. what i8 wouldn’t giv to have a threesome…..

  155. 1.Neji, I wanna tap that
    2.Sakura, so do I…..
    3.Sakura, what I wouldn’t give to have a threesome…..

  156. BUBBLE:

    Neji: Man… He stabbed her in the boob.

    Sakura: That would really hurt!

    Sakura: Who stabs a boob? Honestly?

  157. BUBBLE:

    Neji: Those…size….two…?!?! How?
    Sakura: He did it…
    Sakura: Naruto…that fox bastard….he gave her the “two tail special” too but made her’s bigger than mine

  158. WHAT! No 9000 jokes? Sheesh…

    Neji: “Sakura! What does the scouter jutsu say about her boob level?”

    Sakura: “THEY’RE OVER 9000!!!”

    Naruto: (smiling) “WHAT 9000!”

    LMAO! XD

  159. BUBBLE:

    Neji: Hinata…let me check her chakra…what? WHAT THE HELL IS DEMON FOX CHAKRA DOING IN HER??!?!?
    Sakura: Damn. Look at her. The fox chakra in her made her boobs bigger.
    Sakura: All it gave me was worse cramps…NARUTO!!!!!!

  160. @supertrek: nice. Made me actually LOL.

  161. @Zekks: LMAO! XD Same for me with your bubbles! 😀

  162. Neji: OooO no Hinata, you have to be alright, (Starts to cry) Hinata you can’t die before I tell you how sorry i am for hurting you during the Chunin exams, (crying becomes more intentness) please forgive me miss Hinata, I love you…

    Sakura: (cough)Pussy(cough)

    Inner Sakura: god what happened Neji used to be so hard and bad ass i wanted to jump him, (stars down) now I’d rather (slight nose bleed) focus! Damn that naruto, this is all his fault! (i know i say that all the time but if you really think about it, they are his fault)

  163. Neji: They’re over 87cm!!!

    Sakura: What 87cm?!?!?! That’s impossible!!!!

    Sakura: That yellow hair, OF COURSE! Naruto must’ve used these sensu Boobs to reach super saiyan/sennin level!!

  164. BUBBLE

    Neji: They’re over 87cm!!!

    Sakura: 87cm?!?!?! That’s impossible!!!!

    Sakura: That yellow hair, OF COURSE! Naruto must’ve used these sensu Boobs to reach super saiyan/sennin level!!

  165. love the IRA manga… lol 🙂

  166. Wow. It keeps getting harder and harder eh guy?

  167. Why does rocklee look like he is high on crackn the awesomeness manga?

  168. BUBBLE:

    Neji: I don’t really see any wounds. did pain stab her or just squeeze her boobs?

    sakura: It seems she fainted from the boob squeeze.

    Naruto: Thast means she’ll literally die when i squeeze those boobs.

  169. sorry, according to rock00lobster’s thing, do cousins sleep with themselves in arkansas? I know it’s not very mordern, didn’t know it applies to human relations as well.

  170. BUBBLE
    Neji: HOLY COW! Hinata had those underneath the whole time?!?!?!?!
    Sakura: These are bigger than mine.
    Sakura: I wonder if they’re bigger than his.

  171. BUBBLE

    1: You know, Naruto said they looked a lot bigger without the clothes. OH #$@%!!!!, DIDIJUSTSAYTHATOUTLOAD!?!?!?!

    2: Neji after I’m done with her, you’re next for treatment, and you’re gonna wish you had the extra cushioning!!!!

    3: I knew that baka was becoming a pervert!!!

    … heh, not the funniest, but I had to try… ^ ^

  172. BUBBLE:

    neji: you don’t need my eyes to see this love triangles over
    sakura 1: damn….
    sakura 2: i hope Naruto’s an ass man

  173. BUBBLE

    Neji:”Sakura, it’s obvious Hinata’s not going to make it so I say you transplant those to me…in memory to Hinata I mean!”
    Sakura:”Are you out of your mind?”
    Sakura(thinks):”Hell I’m not giving them,Naruto already said he’d stuff them and put them on his wall.”

  174. BUBBLE

    Neji: Was it really nescesary to unzip her jacket?
    Sakura: Yeah, trust me im a medical nin….
    Sakura: …Now all we need are neko ears and this would make one hell of a fan fiction.

  175. Neji:Sakura take em out nobody will ever know….
    Sakura:ok so long as this stays between us.
    Sakura:I wonder if thay’ll let me taste them?…..

  176. BUBBLE:

    Neji: Hey howz about you, me, and Hinata’s corpse go over to that ruined building and get our freak on!

    Sakura: Quit screwin around Neji. Im tryin to concentrate…

    Sakura (thoughts): There’s no way in hell i would have an orgy without him!

  177. BUBBLE:

    1.nenji: is she gonna be ok? i dunno..didnt willy wonka tell her those pieces of gum that taste like a full course meal weren’t ready yet? last person to eat one was naruto…and he blew up and turned into a blueberry……oh no.its starting…hinatas chest is starting to grow into watermellons!

  178. BUBBLE:
    Neji: whoa i could so get intoinbreeding right now
    Sakura:so jiggly cant stop touching
    Sakura: i bet naruto wishes he was me!!!!!!

  179. BUBBLE
    Neji: whoa i could so get into inbreeding right now
    Sakura:so jiggly cant stop touching
    Sakura:SHES MINE NOW NARUTO!!!!!!

  180. BUBBLE

    Neji:”I am so sorry…she just popped out infront of the car…is she ok?”
    Sakura:”Yeah she’ll be fine.Her airbags saved her life.”
    Sakura:”Too bad the government won’t install these on everyone…”

  181. BUBBLE

    Neji: I really cant wait for my turn sakura. Please hurry.

    Sakura: Im going as fast as i can. Just be patient.

    Sakura (thinking) He is going gay! First the long hair, then the dress and femanine contacts and now he wants a F$#%boob job. Wow, mabey naruto did hit him to hard in there last match together

  182. My attempts for bubble funnyness have fadded about 30 post ago and now its just F$%#$ pathitic.
    Really not my week.

  183. BUBBLE

    Neji: Haha! I see london i see france.

    Sakura: I see a dress instead of pants.

    Sakura (thinking)Ahh Neji. That sex confused women beating pervert doesnt even know i am talking about him.

  184. marksman thats definetly getting top ten

  185. Thanks alot Kenryk.^_^ I hope so
    (Mark Stairs at ikibi)0_0

  186. wow all the bubbles are about hinatas chest we all knew she had huge knockers befor but i guess you can help but love hinatas chest even if it is old news cause dam it is big i wounder what the girls are thinking about all this boob talk

  187. Me too i wonder what they think about this boob talk

  188. BUBBLE:

    1.Nenji: oh no! she looked at the full moon
    2.Sakura: i know! now shes gonna turn into a huge ape! we’ve got to do suttin!
    3.Sakura(innerthoughts): what did naruto do last time this happen…ah yes…he squeezed her breasts until she stopped transforming!

  189. BUBBLE:
    Neji: The facial expression gives it all away. This was rape!
    Sakura: no…that’s not always true…
    Sakura flash back
    Naruto: Sakura-chan, it’s not rape if you yell surprise!

  190. BUBBLE AGAIN!!!! (inspired by codyskater)

    Neji: “…and they’re HUGE, Sakura, HUGE! I didn’t think they could get any bigger than, lets say, a handful, but then I saw them upfront…I couldn’t believe the size of them!”

    Sakura: “Yep, her boobs are deliciously large aren’t they?”

    Naruto: “Sakura, you perv! Neji was talking about Gamabunta!”

  191. BUBBLE:
    Neji: Hey is one 0f hinata’s boobs bigger than the other one.
    Sakura: Sigh, nope.
    Sakura: Perfect Bitch.

  192. Neji: Ummmm, Sakura she was stabbed in the back….
    Sakura: I know but I had to check to see if…
    Naruto: Yes, They’re real and thare spectacular!

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