Naruto Shippuden 101 and 102: Endless Regrouping

Hey, all, this is Mollie (Ibiki Teishi) with a late review of Shippuden 101 and 102.  I’m getting really tired of this arc and very much looking forward to Sasuke devouring Orochimaru, er, so to speak. 


You are so hasty, hello means goodbye!!

On the plus side we open with Rock Lee, Ten Ten, Ino, Shizune and Pakkun making tracks to rendezvous with the rest of the crew.  Everyone but Shizune rips on Rock Lee a bit, for being wasteful with his energy, for being too enthusiastic, for wanting to run too fast.  Shizune explains that speed is important, so they can beat Oro’s attempts at sealing sanbi, so she encourages Pakkun to accept Lee’s challenge.  We will go at three times the speed!!!

Meanwhile, Yamato builds a clubhouse from wood and seems pretty proud of himself.  He’s a little bothered Kakashi doesn’t notice his efforts and just keeps reading.  The same page.  Yeah, I’ve done that.  Sometimes it’s less reading than a staring contest with the words and they always seem to win.

...but I just kicked a$$ in a major way and you don't even care.  Don't you love me anymore, Senpai?

...but I just kicked a$$ in a major way and you don't even care. Don't you love me anymore, Senpai?

We find out that Kakashi’s bugged by something, and it has to do with Yuukimaru…and Naruto.  This little double ep really gives depth to Kakashi’s understanding of Naruto.  In some ways, he understands him almost as well as Jiraiya.  He realizes that Naruto’s really bothered by the kid, and starts to get that Naruto’s worry is important to the situation.  So, this is the way it goes.  First Kakashi acknowledges his growth in the field, but emotional/mental growth gets acknowledged later.  I think that’s the way the Hokage race will go, too.  Everyone knows Naruto’s jutsu kicks hiney, but it will be some time before anyone figures he’s got brains.

Meanwhile, tender moments with Yuukimaru and Guren just make you need a flouride treatment and some novacaine to kill the ache in your teeth.  Naruto goes off to find Yuukimaru and a moment of chaos sets in with the rest of the team who have to go looking for him.

He and Guren exchange a little jutsu and a lot of words.  I wish it was the other way around.  >.< 

But Naruto says some things about Orochimaru that get Guren thinking…and we keep seeing her replay the moment as she worries about Yuukimaru.  This clip shows when they pretty much stop jawing and start the fu part.  And damn if Yamato hasn’t got the worst timing ever!  WTF?

Kakashi and Yamato acting good cop and bad cop on Naruto is priceless.  Yamato gives a Japanese style lecture/appeal to responsibility.  Kakashi soothes emotions and questions Naruto about the kid.  But…it’s Sakura who takes it home…

She knows how to get through to him when no one else can, and that’s because she gets down on his level.  It’s all about the physical with him and she is willing to accomodate.  Huh.  Give me time skip and I’ll be writing about them I’m sure.  But for now, they’re both just too…young.

Guren and Kabuto exchange words while Kabuto messes around with Yuukimaru’s insides.  Yeah, Kabuto just reaches out and increases the kid’s stamina.  Hmm.  Sounds like a malpractice suit waiting to happen.  Guren gets Kabuto to reveal the plan…and we finally get some definitive poop on Yuukimaru.

He's the tool, the bait, the trap.  Poor little Yuukimaru.  It's hard to be a knob.

He's the tool, the bait, the trap. Poor little Yuukimaru. It's hard to be a knob.

So, at least, a bajillion eps into this arc we have confirmation:  Yuukimaru is there to trap Sanbi.  How many episodes now?  Yeesh, this is the thing, the tidbit of information that has kept me tuning in.  They’d better get to making with the jutsu before I fall into a coma.  Naruto’s happy to see the ‘other guys’ arrive.  So nothing really happens here, although the snips of silliness are funny.  But poorly placed.  I was hoping for an action-packed double ep and instead I got two strung together psycho filler eps…that can’t decide if its all about the comedy or all about the angsty drama.

Episode 102

Oh, Sai, never go into a land war in Asia, and NEVER think you can repeat the insults the girls trade.

Oh, Sai, never go into a land war in Asia, and NEVER think you can repeat the insults the girls trade.

So there are some funny moments here, in between Naruto getting angsty about Yuukimaru and Guren getting attacks of guilt and Kakashi pulling Naruto aside.  Then there are strategy meetings.  Yes.  Very nice.  Where is the jutsu?  Is there no damn jutsu left?  I’m hoping for a crazy episode next time, since we spent so much time blathering about strategy this time.  I mean, seriously, if you’ve missed most of this arc and need a serious recap without going back to catch up, 102 is a good one to catch you up to speed.

The Konoha adults go off to discuss their opponents.  The kids engage in comic relief, and Naruto steps outside to sulk about Yuukimaru.  I have to say, I asked for him to act like a real teenager just once, this filler is giving it to me.  Yeah, he has a reason to be worried and preoccupied…just wish it was over a girl.

And you are...?  Do you have an appointment?

And you are...? Do you have an appointment?

Team Guren isn’t thrilled about fighting a Bijuu.  Rinji reveals he’s got a sick kid sister he’s working for…seems like convenient lies, because he also starts to blackmail Kabuto.  Rinji, the bat guy, the most normal looking of Guren’s freakshow crew, has apparently been Kabuto’s inside man, but now he wants to belong to Orochimaru.  He may look all normal, but he’s a freaky boy.

Sai slips about Naruto being a Jinchuuriki and everyone stares.  Niiiiiiice.  Hinata gets added to the medical ninjutsu sealing team, but this time they acknowledge she’s not a medical nin (thank you very much).  And…that’s it really.  No more fu.  Just a lot of meetings.  They called this one Regrouping.  Yeah…I’m gonna go regroup and wait for the next one.  If this is any indication, the next one should move fast and furious.  Hang on, babies…

Ja mata,



~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on April 2, 2009.

26 Responses to “Naruto Shippuden 101 and 102: Endless Regrouping”

  1. This is Penny…you mean, I’m first (provided my comments are not under “awaiting moderation”?

  2. first?

  3. No your 8th


  4. sweet! it’s one of the benifits (not really!) of being insomniac ^_^

    these 2 chapters….SUCKED (wish i could give ’em thumb-downs!!!)
    there was nothing..some forced sakura/Ino humor (that wasn’t funny at all…it sorta resembled “tom and jerry tales”….so f*cking retarded and pathetic compared to the original “tom and jerry show”….iow, the humor isn’t humorous at all -___- i felt sorry for sai >_< ) (<<< i probably didn’t make any sense there ~lol~)

    yamato looked kinda gay when he was leeching over kakashi (kinda like hentai mothers, eh?)

    but the “lee” part was sorta good i guess (i ~lol~ed when that little ninja-dog got frustrated)

    (i didn’t watch past the opening song for either of them….maybe i watched up to half of 101 but not for 102….and i think i did a good job ^_^)

    thanks for the post…(i think i’ll watch that naruto fight you posted…maybe)

    p.s. still not talking with ya X-(

  5. shit! i was forced into 2nd!!!
    curse you penny!

  6. hmm….when i spam it gets posted immediately…and when i put some thoughts into what i say….my comment waits for moderation…

    ah well…who cares? this is my last week here anyways…

    😀 (<<< just wondering if putting this smiley makes this post wait for moderation as well….)

  7. 4th person

  8. lolz f***** episodes

  9. @Pain: huh? uh, what? Did you say something? I thought you were ignoring me. ^.^ Good luck with that.

    BTW, thanks for ripping it up, I have to agree with you wholeheartedly this time and didn’t want to sound like a complete jerk in my write up. Crossing my fingers this is all a set up for some non-stop action next time. And I’m usually the story gal…so…what’s that say about these eps?!

  10. i am f**** waitin for the next episode kakashi and naruto clash with guren

  11. @pain: the name has changed but it’s still Penny

    This is the first time I got to be first so allow me my 15 minutes of fame here! lmao

  12. These episodes were clearly “staller” eps. I wish this arc would end. It is dying a miserable death. Although I liked the comment on how Kakashi is recognizing Naruto’s emotional development both as a person and as a shinobi. It’s always the brute force first then the emo stuff. Go figure. Naruto is not, and never has been, an idiot in my opinion.

    Sakura…what can I say? I’m so bored with her punching and giving Naruto a hard time. Is there any more to her than that?

    I also liked how in 101 where Yamato is building the “house” and Kakashi not noticing it. I think that’s one of the first times I’ve seen Yamato’s face change in expressions – along with him playing “bad cop” later with Naruto. His eyes are typically the indicator of what he’s thinking. Too bad they don’t change color like mood rings.

    Well, hopefully, 103 has some good old fashioned ass-kicking and then this arc can FINALLY end.

  13. Is it just me, or do the bad guys in Naruto fillers seem more like the bad guys in Sailor Moon than anything else?

  14. Never watched Sailor Moon but if you’re saying it’s because they suck then I totally agree!

    These eps were…not worthy of the two week wait. Sai sneaked in some funny moments albeit they were unintentional but they were funny nonetheless. Good job Sai for bagging on the girls you pale emotionless human being!

    At least Hinata’s all healed up and Team Gai is here so that’s these eps only saving grace. Naruto was about to get another ass kicking and then received an ass kicking from Sakura…again! *sigh* Same ol’ same ol’ routine! >_<

  15. So, can we re-name Kabuto “Ka-pedo” or perhaps “Ka-predatory-child-molestor”

    I hate Kabuto! I hope he just has a terrible case of genital warts, the Orobuto thing doesn’t work for me…

  16. @supertrek: Lol at the sailor moon comment, priceless.
    @ibiki: Funny as hell Kabuto comments, after reading the article, then watching the eps, it almost made it watchable, almost.

    I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but to me, Kakashi always seems to be portrayed as less interlectual in the filler arcs (this one in perticular). I mean in the earlier eps to this arc, when Kakashi plus shino and co were trying to track the enemy, Kakashi seemed to be like: ‘what did you notice something shino?’ ‘what do you think we should do next?’ etc, i suppose that they’re trying to convey that the others have become smarter and stronger, but at the cost of kakashi being awesome? No Dice!

    (if you think that i’m texting Sh*t then start the rage of comments …… now)

  17. I remember when they showed the preview to this arc. It actually looked decent.

    I never expected something this bad. Why don’t they just extend the original story, like making the Kisame-Suigetsu fight longer. Any way do they have to put the anime so far behind. The bleach anime almost caught the manga xD.

  18. I think the best part of last week’s episode was that it gave you an excuse to quote “The Princess Bride” *LOL* Just remember to never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line, and everything will be fine ^_^

  19. wtf mate?

  20. @mudshovel i know what you mean with the dumbing down of kakashi, i thought the same thing at first bit i think what he might have been doing was testing them to see how far they have come, like he knew the best answers but wanted to see if they could come up with them on there own. Although there was that time when he couldn’t think of using the bats to track down the one guy so maybe they are just dumbing him down.

  21. @urisas: lol, yeah i like to think that he’s acting simple on purpose as well, just so he retains his awesomeness (sorry for using your copyright Jeremiah).
    But yea, i get tired of them sterotyping the characters aswell in every filler arc, Hinata generaly needing to be saved, sakura the dike … i mean aggressive personality, Naruto – the shows named after him so we’ll send him off alone to fight the main antagonist – make a friend due to their bond of being alone – fight the main antagonist again etc. GRRRRRR how about some new creativity, maybe its because they repeat the same CR*P every filler ARC that everyone hates them!! ( AHHHHH rage vented)

  22. lol yea i feel your pain but nothing is as bad as the filler in between part 1 and 2 i didnt read the manga then and suffered thru all but one… the one with ino pretending to be a fat princess to help her get a guy thats the only one i didnt watch all the way thru hahah

  23. Haha, i was the same, OMG i was close to never watching naruto again, those fillers – i dont think that there are enough derogatory words in the english language to do it justice, however i suffered through them all!!!! until i got to the Shippuden Anime and it convinced me to stay with it. I will give shippuden some credit though, their fillers are slightly more bareible.

  24. I too am really tired of this filler arc. If you’re going to have a filler arc have one that further develops the characters. Other than the training, with the toads and Jiraya, I don’t see any new ground being broken here. That’s what makes it stale.

    One other thing. I know its probably used as comic relief at this point but I am TIRED of this love patter crap between Sakura and Naruto. Here’s a girl who knows that this nerdy kid not only saved her life but did it with the most awesome display of jutsus known to man yet she can’t bring herself to admit she is impressed and might have the hots for him? Isn’t this the same girl who was ready to drop her panties to keep Sasuke from leaving the village? What does a kid like Naruto have to do to get some lovin in this village?

    Someone PLEASE lay some wisdom down that explains what the heck is going through this girl’s mind?

  25. filler arcs i understand, but having two arcs pretty much back to back ins insane, and what the hell is with this crap. there were like 100 fillers just to get to shippuden and now we have a bout 100 fillers and we’re not even done with the shippuden arc itself. It’s for reasons like these that i’m really hesitant about watching anime when i’ve already read the manga’s…
    as they say, even though scene 24 is a wonderful scene, MOVE ON WITH IT!!!!

  26. @Mosesgunn: ROFL, yea i recon, I mean its a filler so how bout take it up a notch, BAM. Seriously i’m pretty sure that the viewers would respond more positively if character development (no matter if its irrelevant to the manga) was introduced, eg sakura’s a shemale (would explain alot plus your second point).

    @Alec: F**king a, i can understand it in bleach where they have caught up to the manga plot line, but i mean come on, they could make naruto eps that continues on the lines of the manga for about 2yrs and still not be caught up to Kishi. WTF are they thinking?

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