Hinata? Naruto? What now?! Er…awkwardsauce? or hunka hunka burnin’ love?

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Alright, Pain’s about to get frog-whipped, Team Gai has arrived, Sakura’s heading toward Hinata as fast as she can go (which, in manga time, means it’ll take like a month to get there) and Naruto’s thoughts are on Hinata.  The stage is set for a dramatic, post-apocalyptic, Naruto/Hinata/Sakura reunion.  This is PSI with a breakdown of the i are awkwardness about to break out betweenNaruto Hinata and Sakura.  There are a few ways this can go, so let’s break it down to the possibilities and explore the likelihood of each one.

Awkward? or Awesome? What's gonna happen now?!

Awkward? or Awesome? What's gonna happen now?!

Outcome #1: 

Naruto rushes to Hinata’s side and declares his undying love for her right in front of Sakura, who isn’t phased because, after all, she’s in love with Sasuke and only sees Naruto as a friend.  Or, similarly, Naruto expresses his desire to enter into a relationship with Hinata, either because he’s starting to realize he has feelings for her, or because he’s just that sacrificial, and incapable of saying ‘no’ to a cute girl who risked her life for him.  Hinata survives, Naru/Hina fans rejoice! (Hickeys, baby talk, public displays of affection, awkward silences and fits of giggles ensue…)

And they called it puppy luuuuuurvvvvve....

And they called it puppy luuuuuurvvvvve....

Why it’s possible:  Naruto has a soft spot for people’s dreams, and he’s always been fairly defensive/supportive of Hinata.

Why it’s not:  Take your pick.  This is never gonna happen.  Kishi won’t cut his main character off romantically this early in the series, assuming that he’s ever going to do it at all, especially when the Sakura thing is still unresolved.  Whether or not you think there’s a chance that Naruto and Sakura will ever hook up, Kishi has made sure that many fans think so, and there’s so much farther that he can drag this.  If we see Naruto get together with someone, it will either be at the very end of the manga, or right before that person dies.  So, I guess you could argue that Naruto will honestly accept Hinata’s feelings, and then she’ll die.  But that seems even less likely to me.  Plus, Naruto seems too oblivious and immature to jump into/handle dating someone that he hasn’t been thinking about Hinata “that way”.  Or anyone, really.


Outcome #2:

Rejection...that isn't awkward at all.

Rejection...that isn't awkward at all.

Naruto rushes to Hinata’s side, but has to regretfully reject her feelings, either because he’s not in love with her, or because he has “an important person” that he’s thinking of.  His eyes shift guiltily to Sakura.  Hinata magnanimously accepts his decision (or vows in her heart to try even harder).

Why it’s possible:  It would be the most honest response, in my opinion, and Naruto’s not much of a liar.  It’s also a bit of ship-teasing for the Naru/Saku fans, plus a clue to the clueless, Miss Sakura herself.

Why it’s not:  It still puts the stops to a whole group of shippers, Naru/Hina this time.  And Naruto probably wouldn’t crush the dreams of someone whose health is questionable.  Also, if Hinata gives up at this point, it makes all the years she spent chasing him pointless, and if she vows to try harder, it makes her confession pointless and takes her feelings from sweet to desperate.



Outcome #3: 


Konoha Hospital where all good plot points rest up for a year, or two.

Konoha Hospital where all good plot points rest up for a year, or two.

Hinata goes unconscious before Naruto gets there, and he’s saved from having to choose one way or the other.  Hinata lays up in the hospital for a month and we get to see Naruto angst in the meanwhile.

Why it’s possible:  It drags on the drama for eternity, and the shippers hang onto the edge of their seats, waiting to see which way it will go.  Shonen Jump sells more copies.  Also, Kishi enjoys putting people in the hospital for long stretches of time, so there are precedents.

Why it’s not:  It drags the drama on for eternity, and this is a freaking shonen manga.  Ten-year-old boys are not the demographic for this sappy, emo crap.  Plus, there’s no hospital.


Outcome #4: 

Hmm...I dunno, gonna need to think about it...maybe we could sleep on it?

Hmm...I dunno, gonna need to think about it...maybe we could sleep on it?

Naruto tells Hinata he has to “think about it”.  Sakura begins to realize that she doesn’t want Naruto to choose Hinata.

Why it’s possible:  Leaves everything as wide open as it was before the confession, giving Kishi room to breathe and the shippers room to …ship.  It starts Sakura on the path to realizing her own feelings for Naruto.

 Why it’s not:  For many of the same reasons that #3 is impossible: too much soap-opera style angsting for a boy’s comic book.  Plus, it flies in the face of the way confessions are usually handled in Japanese culture (and by Japanese culture, I mean manga and anime).  The confessor says “I like you” and the confessee either replies with “un”, which means “okay”, or “gomen”, which means “it’s just you and your hand tonight”.



Outcome #5: 

GRRRRR...Curse you pain for taking my young love!!!!

GRRRRR...Curse you pain for taking my young love!!!!

Naruto rushes to Hinata’s side, but Sakura announces that they’re too late; Hinata won’t be able to make it.  Hinata dies in Naruto’s arms/before his eyes, but only after she extracts a kiss/vow of some sort from Naruto.  Sakura’s eyes are turned toward Naruto.  Naruto’s heart is filled with even more burning passion than ever before!

Why it’s possible:  Oh, let me count the ways:

                        A.  Adds depth and pain to Naruto’s character, and we all know how much Kishi loves pain.

                        B.  Lends more power/credit to Hinata’s sacrifice.  See, this way Hinata died for Naruto.  Otherwise, she just got the crap slapped out of her.  It’s…a little less poignant that way.  I mean, go back and read it, and pretend like you already know she’s going to live.  It makes the whole scene really melodramatic and silly, because all she does is run in, confess, and then the crap-slappage happens.

                        C.  Removes a lot of the darling aura surrounding the twelve, by making it apparent that some of them can/will die.  This will be crucial for the Tobi battle we all know is coming up, because it will really increase the jeopardy.  And Kishi needs something like that, because this last battle was so epic.  In fact, I would even argue that Kishi can’t let Hinata live, because it’s like crying wolf.  When the twelve are in trouble in the next battle, we won’t believe it’s for real.  And, if Hinata dies, then in the Tobi battle Kishi can make it look like someone really important/popular died, like Sakura or Shikamaru, and we’ll all totally believe it, because we’ll know Kishi doesn’t pull his punches.  Then he’ll pull it.

                        D.  Opens the door for Naruto to fulfill his promise to Neji, that when he became Hokage, he would change the Hyuuga’s system of main versus branch families.  He couldn’t do that before, without hurting Hinata. I know it feels like that promise was made ages ago, but Naruto is like Horton the Elephant.  When he sits on an egg, by golly he stays there until a Fox-bird hatches.  (…never mind.)

                        E.  In general, it would really facilitate the whole “growing up” theme that Kishi’s got going with the twelve.  (Err…eleven.)

                        F.  Hinata might give her first and last kiss to Naruto, and we’d get to see Naruto kiss someone besides Sasuke.  At sixteen years old, isn’t it time?

Why it’s not:  Obviously, it slams a door in the face of Naru/Hina shippers, and I don’t know, but that’s a pretty big point.  Kishi likes his love polyhedrons.  Plus, it’s pathetically sad and will tick off a lot of fans.  But it’s not like they won’t already be ticked off, with either Kakashi or Tsunade dying, or possibly even both.  And I think that the sadness will be the trade-off for all of the benefits listed above.

One other point:  It’s very, very possible that this is Kishi’s “pulled punch”.  He killed Asuma, he killed Jiraiya, he may have killed Kakashi and/or Tsunade.  It may be that he was just setting us up so that we’d angst about Hinata more, but that he never intended to kill her.

Heh…this article is probably more about “Why PSI thinks any possibility other than Hinata’s death would be annoying and disingenuous.”  I probably came off as very anti-Naru/Hina or Pro-Naru/Saku, but I’m honestly not.  I like the idea of Naru/Hina the best, when I can bother to care about Naruto’s love life at all, even though I don’t think it’s going to happen.  But I usually don’t care, which puts me in a pretty objective position, and I think that the story would best be served by Hinata’s death.  What do you think?  Did I miss any serious possibilities for their reunion?  Or do you have any ludicrous possibilities that will make me laugh?  Because I need a laugh right now.  Poor Hinata. 

Special thanks to Big Pockets for the art!

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~ by PSI on April 2, 2009.

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  1. First!…how the hell did this happen?

  2. so this is what it feels like to be first…its amazing…

  3. second

  4. THIRD! XD

  5. fourth?

  6. @psi: are you a sakura fan????
    that post sucks! you haven’t included “hinata rapes sakura and then naruto and hinata live happily ever after” in any of the polls!!!
    no seriously dude! what the hell? hinata is far stronger than sakura
    we saw this in the recent manga chapter when she was able to face pain(…and lose consciousness immediately) but sakura didn’t even try! that proves everything! sakura will feel just like how ino did when she figured out that that pink haired ***** is better than her! and i bet sakura saw hinata confess to naruto and so, she better stay out…or else (well, there is nothing i can do but i can try)

    your post underestimates hinata’s true potential and it seems to favor “them” (the people who love s**kra)

  7. Psi cool post dude^^.. rly liked it:P
    i DONT wanna think about hinata going dead… I JUST DONT… I mean cmon she can be dead.,.. But i know thats the most posible one… If kishi wanted to Let the 12 grow up by killing some of them to make the story more dramatic he could kill some of the secondary chars.. Shino kiba ten ten ??? i DUnnno… He kills jiraya then kakashi… But IF THE MOTHER F*CKer KIlls HINATA I AM GONNA STOP WATCHING NARUTO THEN I AM GONNA GO TO JAPAN TO KILL HIM AND THEN I AM GOING TO KILL MY SELF TO GO AND FIND HER^^…

  8. 6th person

  9. First off LMAO at all the polls because they gave the option for the commentator to insult the author and say stuff like, ‘BAKA! I’ll explain in the comments below’ XD. Lol, I picked that one for one of the polls but I forgot which one now. 😉 Overall, great post PSI and loved the art except for the one of Hinata dying… 😦

    Secondly, I just wanna get 1 thing out of the way now before going into anymore depth. Sakura doesn’t know about Hinata’s conffesion beacuse she’s was to far away from the battle.


    As you can see from the link provided Sakura has only a vague idea of what’s going on the battlefield. The only person that can actually see what’s happening is Mr. Douche Bag Byakugan. In fact Sakura didn’t even know Hinata was on the battlefield until Mr. Douche Bag told her. So in conclusion if Sakura couldn’t even SEE from that distance that Hinata was there it’s impossible for her to have HEARD from that distance Hinata’s confession.

    Alright now let’s begin I’ll make it really short. 🙂

    Outcome #1: Not gonna happen and it’d be dumb if it did happen that way. I myself who is a huge Naru/Hina fan could never see it working out that way. We all know Naruto LOVES Sakura…but that doesn’t mean feelings don’t change…but such feelings don’t change that drastically in that short amount of time.

    Outcome #2: Something I really really really don’t want to see happen and if it does happen I’ll hope to see another battle between Naruto and Sasuke where Sasuke kicks Naruto’s ass again just so I can see the stupid bitch cry again! 😛

    Outcome #3: What’s most likely gonna happen but she won’t be held up in the hospital unconscious for too long and definitely not a month.

    Outcome #4: This also wants me see another embarrassing crying scene from Naruto. But…as much as I don’t like the sound of it this scenario is a definite possibility. It allows the option of Hinata to stay open at least and Sakura can finally stop pleasuring herself over Sasuke’s picture…to far… @_@

    Outcome #5: ARGGGHHHH!!! I don’t even want to think about the impossibility of this scenario! >_<

    My Outcome: Naruto and Hinata are 100%, Absolutely, No Doubt In My Mind, Guaran-f**king-teed going out on a date after all of this is over. That includes healing and rebuilding Konoha to some degree. I’m calling it here AGAIN because I’ve been saying this for weeks now! I find it most likely that Naruto will at least give Hinata a chance to be with him and at the same time see if he can develop any feelings towards her…or dig up hidden feelings he hasn’t noticed because he’s been to busy jerking off to a Kage Bushin of Sakura!

    All of this can happen if Naruto dates Hinata and I’m not talking about a series of dates here just 1. This will ultimately decide for Naruto about how he feels towards Hinata. The cold hearted bastard better take her to! If not she can always come to me! 😉

  10. Damn that post way too long…I trieeed to make it short but I’m too damned passionate about Hinata I guess! 😀

  11. gr8 post but i think hinata goes to the hospital and stays there meanwhile naruto pawns nagato then without any wait kakashi/naruto team goes in search of tobi/madara madara enounters kakashi/naruto team thay fight after that may be you will see more hinata

  12. I really hate Hinata. She isnt my style. Thre is no girl in Naruto like me. -Maybe Temari but i dont want her to take Shikamaru-
    Sakura… She just fits Lee! I cant help it! She is just…

  13. Ahsan does have a good point. I don’t think any of this is going to be resolved yet.

    Maybe not till the end of this.

    Wait maybe this confession, this battle, might be the start of a time skip.

    I mean it is kinda the perfect climax.

    I think the next couple of chapters are gonna cover Sasuke, and hawk and Killer Bee and the remaining players of the Akatsuki.

    I think that a time skip might be plausable in this situation

  14. WOW – great post PSI.

    I’m going for outcome #5 that you outlined above and for all the reasons that you outlined in that. Plus a few of my own.

    Agree with all your reasons A, B, E, and F. C. and D. particularly struck a chord with me:

    “C. Removes a lot of the darling aura surrounding the twelve”
    We’ve got two Hyuugas in the twelve. A la the Weasley twins, one of them is going down. From the get-go, when I realized the make-up of the original 12, I knew that one of the Hyuuga’s was a goner.

    “D. Opens the door for Naruto to fulfill his promise to Neji, that when he became Hokage, he would change the Hyuuga’s system of main versus branch families.”
    I’d forgotten all about this, but you are correct – this is a perfect way to resolve that issue.

    And now my own reasons…

    Since, IMHO the whole series should have been called “Jiraiya!” in the first place, then Naruto MUST succeeed where Jiraiya feels he failed.

    A. Naruto must save his friend – in the end (however long from now that may be) when all is said and done, he and Sasuke will ultimately unite to save Konoha together.

    B. He must save his teacher – that means, in this arc, it’s Tsunade who’s the goner, not Kakashi. Not sure how it’s gonna happen, but Kakashi’s the one who’s gonna make it and Naruto will facilitate that in some manner.

    C. Naruto gets the girl of his dreams – Sakura, simple as that. Maybe not now, maybe there will be a timeskip – but ultimately …

    Not to Hinata bash at all, I really do like her but…it just wouldn’t make sense.

    Of course, it doesn’t much matter to me either way, Jiraiya’s still dead. *cries*

  15. @PSI: Interesting post. It is something that has been on my mind since “Confession” was released – what the hell is going to happen after Pain gets pawned? Loved your poll choices; I was mostly in the “eyes rolling” camp (the last option usually).

    I’ve been sitting here trying to weigh my feelings on this one and I’m just not sure. Naruto’s about as loyal as your trusty Labrador Retriever (lol, liked the reference to Horton the Elephant – if you got kids, you know this is Dr. Seuss), sometimes to a fault (think Sasuke). He’s a very sensitive guy and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He cares for his fellow Shinobi 12, especially Sakura, and it shows. I believe Hinata, up to now, has merely been one of the Shinobi 12 that he has come to care for and would do anything for. This “Confession” may have been a “wake up call” to him that things aren’t as simple as they were before – that everyone has grown up, life is rarely simple and that when and where someone thinks of you isn’t always home.

    The “Confession” itself may not result in a kiss/romantic relationship but it may be an attempt to have Naruto “grow up” in other respects as well as further the development of Hinata, in particular. When Hinata, in the past, has taken a stand on something or has shown a picture of strength, Naruto has taken notice and his respect for Hinata has grown. I think that, as Jeremiah in his “Confession” post noted, this was Hinata’s latest attempt to “throw down the gauntlet,” take a stand and do something to protect someone who is precious to her. Whether or not something comes of it, I’m not sure.

    @burning ace: the more I think about it, I’m becoming more convinced that a time skip is inevitable

  16. Oh, and…Tsunade ain’t dead yet. Katsuyu would have disappeared by now (a summoned creature disappears with the death of their summoner).

    The “Is Kakashi dead or alive” issue has become a saga in and of itself. I wish Kishi would put the kibosch on that one. It has dragged on too long now and there have been WAY too many posts on this.

  17. @Pain: LOL. If you know me at all, you know that I’m NOT a Sakura fan…I can hardly stay awake when she’s in a frame. She’s probably my least favorite of the twelve + Sand siblings. But Kishi didn’t ask me, so…

    @punxed: You could pull a Kathy Bates. Go kidnap Kishi and lock him in a cabin, forcing him to write the manga the way that you like it. I’d even support you. 😉

    @burning ace: AH! I totally forgot the timeskip option! Okay, official Option #6: Naruto rushes to Hinata’s side and tells Hinata, “Le-le-le-le-le-le-le-le-lemme sleep on it. Baby, baby lemme sleep on it.” Fade to black. Timeskip to three years later, when we see Naruto planning to announce his decision to Hinata! Skips all that angtiness!

    @loves: Extra Hyuuga. Good point. Of course, I never saw Fred as extra, and his death hit me like a ton of bricks. For me, it was more a general thought of “Hey, we have way too many Weaselys. We’re going to have to lose one or two of these.”

    @koliqizm192: I agree. Sakura/Lee would be awesome.

  18. @psi – LOL’ing at the “lemme sleep on in baby baby lyrics” – classic

    and yeah – one too many hyuuga’s – sorry hinata…

  19. One other point: I wrote that article the night right before the last manga issue came out. I have to say that Team Guy getting to Hinata first, while it seemed kind of pointless at the time, is actually incredibly relevant.

    1. It puts Neji with Hinata when she dies. Anyone remember where Kiba and Shino are right now? Are they still fighting with their families? Because if they show up, I’m sending an obit to the papers.

    2. The burden of saving Hinata is now entirely and officially on Sakura’s shoulders. What will this do for the story? Will Kishi protect Sakura from having the death of a friend/rival on her shoulders? Or will Sakura’s medical jutsu bloom?

  20. i honestly hope naruto gets hinata for the mere fact since the BEGINNING of naruto he’s been doing everything for her, from protecting her in the missions, to even trying to make her happy by trying to get sasuke back although he failed making a promise to get him back…but when his feeling show she dismisses him…until recently even captain yamato said she had feeling for him…i think the mere fact that hinata said she loves him is like someone actually acknowleging him for him and loves him kinda thing.

  21. It rubs me wrong just saying this for the 1000th time… dragon ball, dragon ball, dragon ball…

    Kishi grew up obsessing over dragon ball and this fact consistantly gives insight to the future of the Naruto manga. Add this to the fact that this manga is in SJ and you have your answer to the Hinata/Naruto question…kinda ^_^

    Just like Dragon Ball, Naruto will hook up with someone and have a kid but it will happen during a time skip so as not to subject the guy readership to a romance story…

    Kishi has been teasing the Hinata thing forever so I’m going to guess he ends up with her. Sakura’s change in attitude may just be a sign of respect since she always thought he was an idiot. If he does decide to throw Sakura in the mix (very possible) then I would be surprised. Kishi hasn’t shown he has the chops to write a story containing a love story, much less a love triangle, which I would find insanely entertaining built within the usual fighting.

    Cool post, thanks PSI.

  22. @Jeremiah: I totally agree that any marriage/baby making will happen during a time skip or completely out of the eyes of the fans, a la Asuma and Kurenai. But, seeing as how Naruto is sixteen right now, you’re talking about something that won’t happen for like two or three more timeskips, or even in an epilogue. So, what about the mean time?

  23. Alright,

    Outcome #6: Hmmm….I don’t know the timeskip isn’t coming anytime soon because there’s to many things currently happening. All the of stuff Ace pointed out for example. It’s definitely upon us though I can feel the comfortable weight of a Gaiden approaching us *crosses fingers for Madara Gaiden*. Anyway, what would happen from the time between now and the timeskip? Naruto would have to be away from the village and Hinata the entire time and Hinata would have to bed ridden and absent from all the missions! That’s the only way he could avoid making a decision about her for so long right? Gah…to many outcomes and even more possibilities. I’m going to sleep on it. 😉

    P.S. Cruel joke but yeah definitely to many Weasleys especially since two of them looked the same one was disposable. >_<

  24. @ PSI – I disagree about the two to three time skips… IF they only skip three years like they did last time then Naruto is 19 but I think that he’ll be 20 the next time they time skip, which would bring Konohamaru to an interesting age. Naruto will be hitched to one of them and possibly have a 2 or 3 year old kid. The precedent for the length of the time skip is there already in Naruto and the precedent for hitching with kids is there in SJ through Dragonball. Remember that Goku was a kid when that first started. They may even do something similar to that and skip 6 to 7 even 8 years… Konoha is rebuilt, Naruto’s kid is starting the ninja academy and the story can be reset. Then the story can operate on two levels following Naruto’s kid, and separately Naruto.

    The precedent is all there… SJ will not let go of this cash cow easily.

  25. @Jeremiah: I’m not saying that twenty is too young to have kids or anything. I’m arguing that there is hardly any example of people hooking up that young in Naruto. In fact, nearly everyone under the age of 25 is single. And if we look at the Naras, for example, we see that Shikaku is about 25 years older than Shikamaru. Kurenai is preggers at 31. I’m not saying it’s impossible for Kishi to write a “younger love” storyline, but that doesn’t seem like the way his mind works.

    The only example I can think of is Tsume, who is only 21 years older than Hana. But I would argue that Kishi was considering Tsume’s age relative to Kiba’s, rather than his sister, and Tsume’s age difference with Kiba is the same as Shikaku’s with Shikamaru.

  26. Valid arguements but I still see too much Dragon Ball in Naruto… We still can only guess how far forward the next time skip will go. I’m sure Shounen Jump has a say in it or at least some influence.

  27. I’ve mentioned it before.

    If Hinata lives. Its Naru/Hina
    If she dies, then the only other likely outcome at this point in time is Naru/Saku.

    But will Kishi turn the manga into a shojo love manga? (No)
    If there is romance the majority of it will be “off screen”

  28. @ jeremiah i dunno if kishi is after this dragon ball thingi but i doubt he’ll go like droagon ball ,give a timeskip and naruto has children ,like gohan. we have had 440 chapters of naruto and i doubt this

  29. Minato and Kushina bred pretty young compared to the rest of the manga (19 to 23). I think that’s significant and may mean the same will happen with Naruto.

    I still say it’s Sakura tho, or Hinata would have been in the manga more. And, like loves, I want him to fulfill Jiraiya’s dreams. ;P

  30. actually i found the possibilities rather interesting what kishi could do with a skip like of 6 or seven years. the story could get so much more complex than it is now with konohamaru being in his late teens with, naruto’s own kid, and naruto himself. The manga would move a lot slower as ksihi would now have to go threw three characters plus the rest of their buds for a little at a time. But it would be nice because we would get to see an older naruto, konohamaru would be like the teenage naruto years we skipped in mental development, and of course the younger years of a ninja so we can see just how much family matters in this sereies. i think if we got to this point this would be the final part ending in one huge fight with naruto dead, the ninja world in peace with konohamaru and naruto’s son to carry on beyond the manga.

  31. I thought about Minato and Kushina, but I couldn’t find anything definitive on how old they were, so I just decided to ignore them. 😉

  32. youngish, definentely young by middle class american standards anyway…

  33. @ibiki – Yes, Naruto fulfilling Jiraiya’s dreams is a satisfying conclusion. Alas, not as satisfying as Jiraiya fulfilling Loves’ dreams but, oh well…

  34. All I have to say is NARUHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!! no matter what.

  35. Guys if you think about the core of the relationship between Minato and Kushina might have been the same growing up (considering that she was a child when she moved to Konoha) as to what Sakura’s and Naruto’s relationship was when they first started. Think about it.

    Naruto is incredibly impulsive and hard headed.

    Sakura has a temper also.

    As much as Sakura was annoyed by Naruto she also has somewhat similar aspects to Naruto

    I don’t know something about that connection makes sense to me

    Besides I want him to get the girl he busted his ass off for

  36. Besides…think about the home life…Naruto only learns by getting bashed around, and Sakura’s happy to do that for him. Hinata would say “okay, how ever you want it, Naruto…” and then resent him so much later she gentle fists him in his sleep. Oh. My. Did I just type that out loud?! hee…

  37. Hinata can gentle fist me in my sleep…just saying…

  38. @supertrek – don’t forget your Ninjaglide.

  39. how about naruto pulls a spiderman/harrypotter and says “sorry. i cant love anyone. its too dangerous for you” ???

  40. Top notch post PSI, properly had me laughing out loud, the “Plus, there’s no hospital.” line hit me really deadpan, hope it was intended that way! The poll options too. Also there was obviously a lot of thought put into the scenarios, good effort! You should write some more 🙂

    Anyway, before I pull a reverse-Michael-Jackson-no-jutsu and turn my nose completely brown I’ll move on to my own thoughts.. and I gotta say, this does seem like one of the more significant choices for Kishi to make in terms of overall impact on the manga despite my lack of caring about Naruto’s love life.

    Hinata dying will give a lot of depth to the story, even though it takes away other things, but I would say it doesn’t necessarily have to happen if one of Kakashi or Tsunade kicks it (if so, please Tsunade!). Things have already gotten pretty dark recently and there is room for more tragedy, but there is also plenty of time to make things that much darker. If someone is to kill Hinata, Pain is a worthy villain, I wouldn’t want to see her killed by someone in Hawk, lets say.

    As for ‘NaruSak’, despite it sounding dirty, I see them as too similar with the tempers to get together, there’s not enough patience and sympathetic understanding in them to make it function properly as things are, I think opposites (to a degree) attract!

  41. @boyruns: Oooh, I didn’t even think of that!
    @droptheweights: Thanks. 🙂 But you have to give the poll credits to Ibi; she’s the poll-meister. I didn’t even know I was going to get to have some, so I said w00t! when I saw the article. I dig them, too. I agree that Naru/Hina “works” better in terms of personalities, but I don’t think Kishi is taking that into consideration. Consider Shika/Tem. That’s a “Pride & Prejudice” couple if there ever was one. They complement each other in several ways, but they’re both so arrogant and intractable that they’d probably fight every day for the rest of their lives. But they’d enjoy it, I think. Naru/Saku is similar. Over time, they’d start to find that their squabbles were endearing. As Ibi said, Naruto NEEDS the lumps that Sakura gives him; his skull is too thick for any other methods to work. And Sakura’s a bit of a sadist. So there ya go.

    I swear, I think Kishi just shakes the names up in a bag, pulls out two, and that’s how he matches everyone.

  42. @loves: *snort*

  43. Hahaha I see you are still at it supertrek89 xD
    If Hinata doesn’t get Naruto, I’ll take him lol.
    One thing that bothers me is how are saying “If Naruto gets Hinata.” Its really the other way around. She’s the one desiring him, even though Naruto should pull his head out of the clouds and realize Sakura is his Estella. (Charles Dickens) Sakura may have possible feelings for him, but she bashes him and she gets WAY too angry. Naruto should hook up with someone who has wanted him for so long, and saw the good in him before anyone else even bothered to acknowledge him. Seriously, I don’t think NaruSaku can happen. How is it fair that it took Sakura so long to finally realize she’s got some feelings for Naruto when all along Hinata has loved him?
    Personally, for me the time skip seems impossible. Things have finally hit the point where things have to begin to tidy up, and loose ends are beginning to tie up. Besides, as soon as Sasuke heals, which should be REALLY soon, he’s ready to swoop down and attack Konoha. Although its destroyed now, he’s still gunna come. No way there will be a time skip. With Pain’s death, which seems inevitable, Tobi is sure to move in, because he knows Pain’s strength, and knows he would have caused enough trouble for Konoha for Tobi to lightly step in and finish things. And there’s Hinata’s confession, which kinda stops things and makes us all go “WOAH!” So no, I seriously doubt the timeskip. I know there’s some stuff that will be easier explained in a timeskip, but at the moment, its possibly the worst thing Kishi can do.
    Option #5 had some very good points, but like you said, Hinata’s death will cause a stir in the NaruHina community, and Kishi’s reputation might just drop. It’s one thing to kill a main character, but another to kill one who hasn’t done anything too wrong (unlike Orihime SHEESH) and has tried hard, and has a love for another main character. You just DON’T kill those. Neji might die though, if you kill off one of the Hyugas. It’s his “destiny” to protect Hinata, and it will be like a next generation repeat of the past. (Neji’s father’s sacrifice) Neji doesn’t have very strong ties with the other characters. Hinata has a direct tie to Naruto now, so she’s not dying. However, her hoooking up with Naruto seems unlikely…I wonder how Kishi will deal with this?
    I’m getting a sneaking suspicion that Naruto will die at the very end in the final battle…I dunno. o.o I HOPE not. I really relaly like Naruto ❤

  44. I don’t think Hinata will die (or at least I hope she won’t) because I feel that it would add no depth whatsoever to the story. Actually if Kishi does kill her I would see that as a cop-out, and poor story-telling. He’s spent 400+ chapters quietly dangling Hinata in the background, throwing her a bone every once in a while (her fight against Neji) but largely ignoring her, and then he gives her a really great moment to shine, she stops being silent about her feelings and STANDS UP for the first time since the Neji fight…only to die?

    If he kills her off now, what that says to me is that he’s too lazy (or to disinterested in his own characters) to resolve his love triangles and too lazy to make his readers FEEL for his characters without throwing in a token death. Jiraiya had an epic death sequence, his death did not feel contrived to hit the reader emotionally, but rather the result of his fighting for his convictions. Hinata dying now though would feel weak and formulaic: “Hmmm, I’ve destroyed the village but I can’t afford for too many beloved characters to kick it so…who can I drop a bridge on to let the readers know that this is SRS BIZNS?”

    *sigh* this is my beef with Kishi though, I thought your post was well thought out. I only hope he can resolve this in a surprising, CREATIVE! way.

  45. @alexie828 – DON’T KILL NEJI!!! Neji’s too lulzy to die! (Oh Lee-Neji interaction, you slay me)
    @boyruns – lol, although if Naruto does that, I may just have to kill him – NO MORE YOU STUPID BOYS, IT’S CLICHE AND IT NEVER WORKS

    @everyone – If Hinata lives, and DOESN’T end up with Naruto, who would be a good match for her?

  46. @eiliem: No one is good enough for Hinata but Naruto. Those two are made for each other.
    I dont actually wanna kill off anyone. I mean it would make it less childish to kill off one of the 12+Sai, but who is the question? Personally,
    Naruto: what kinda manga besides Death Note kills off their Main characters?
    Sakura: Maybe, I imagine her somehow figuring out how to do the reanimation jutsu. She IS talented as a medical ninja after all.
    Sai: I can’t really imagine him dying. Doesn’t serve much purpose, unless he dies protecting someone.
    Sasuke: Oh ya, he’s definitely in line to die. He’s done so many nasty things…unless he is pretending to be selfish, annoying, and superior, then he will die.
    Shino: Doesn’t serve much purpose, but him dying wouldnt be too exciting…so not him.
    Hinata: HELL NO.
    Kiba: Not much there. More popular then Shino, but still…maybe him?
    Shikamaru: WOW. No. Just no. He’s too cool and smart for that. And doesnt he have to train Kurenai’s kid?
    Ino: She’s kinda annoying…I dunno. I wouldn’t kill her. Her death wouldn’t do much.
    Chouji: I don’t think Chouji is likely to die. He just escaped and found out his father is still ok, so I doubt it.
    Lee: THE LEAF’S HANDSOME GREEN BEAST! No way! He’s brushed with death too many times! No way will he die.
    Tenten: Who is she anyways? I don’t even think her jutsus are even useful. Personally I don’t mind her dying, but whatever. She doesnt have any purpose to die.
    Neji: It’s him or Hinata probably. Besides, I feel there might be Deja Vu, and he will protect Hinata and die in her place, like his father.
    Gaara: Isn’t dying once enough for a while?
    Temari and Kankouro: After being gone so long, I don’t see the point in them dying.

    So there you have it. My opinions. To sum it up the only people I think (within the 12+Sai) with any chance of dying with purpose are: Sakura, Sai, Sasuke, Kiba, Neji, Tenten.

  47. ACK! Wow! Loads and loads to think about. But what I discover is that I really don’t know…but I do want to know. It’s that kind of ‘ooh…what’s-happening-I-don’t-wanna-see-but-I-can’t- tear-my-eyes-away feeling’

    I agree that now Hinata has confessed her love for Naruto, her death almost seems inevitable, in that it will bring Naruto down and inspire him to stomp major face. I can see both Tsunade and Kakashi dying, but probably Kakashi more than Tsuande mainly because he made the noble scarifice; however, I’m wondering if Tsunade won’t perform some last-second jutsu to bring Kakashi back to life in exchange for hers. Or something—heavily done in Kishi’s world (a la Gaara).

    I’m surprised that many of the comments run along the lines of pairings…maybe Naruto never gets paired? I know that sounds kinda herectical to say, but who knows? Kishi doesn’t seem like the ‘love story’ kinda writer…we’re all gypped from Minato and Kushina’s love story AND Kurenai and Asuma. Both ‘stories’ were cut short in some way or another…uh, death, anyone? So it’s very likely that Naruto will love Hinata, she dies and he uses this as motivation to become Hokage.

    Which, I’m calling, like right now. I’m almost POSITIVE Naruto’s gonna be Hokage if there’s another timeskip OR earlier…like after this battle with Pain. After completely wiping the floor with Pain, I mean, come ON!

    Anyway, back to the point. Hinata’s death could serve as motivation or she could live, and in that case, I agree that if she lived and she didn’t get with Naruto, it’d be a complete waste. Kishi BETTER put them together if she lives through this ordeal. It’d be BS if he didn’t. And I disagree that Naruto would walk all over her…she’d totally ease his temperament with her calm manner. And maybe after this whole thing, she’ll be, like, totally formidable.

    In my opinion, of course.

    Also, I want the almighty 12 to stay 12 because that’s a total reference to the zodiac, disciples of JC, etc. etc. and it ‘unbalances’ the scale. Of course, I’m writing this and exhausted from a long day, so I’m prolly not making any sense.

    I blame Kishi for any craziness.

    But there it is: I can see Hinata dying, but I can also see her living.

  48. @eiliem: Yummmm, sparkly Neji-Lee lulz.

  49. AND…before I forget…Hinata is one of the FEW kunoichi in the story, and it’s just UNFAIR that Kishi should kill off ANOTHER one of the female characters…like he did with Shizune. I was completely pi$$ed that she didn’t even get a swing in before her death! What the heck?!

    I must’ve reread that panel six times, looking for a dodge, a hit, ANYTHING, and Kishi just killed her off like that! GRRRR!

    So. In the name of the cool Naruto chicks, Hinata must live, or AT LEAST make one LAST effort to punch the living chakra out of Pain.

    I hate it when Kishi disimishes a seriously cool female.

  50. @Jan: But there aren’t really 12. Not with Sai. Don’t we need to take it back down?

  51. @eiliem: WHo for Hinata if not Naruto? Well, Kishi has built a world of choices. Kiba, for one, the Naruto clone. But personally, I think Sasuke if he ever snaps out of it (and Hinata gets seriously steely). Tradish, tradish, tradish…that stuff isn’t so easily understood these days and like attracts like in the home. Hyuuga / Nara would work along those lines too.

    She’s the traditionally raised, supporting female from a major clan. My guess, if Kishi starts lining up ships, he’s going to match her off to either a Naruto substitute (sad…) or a similar shinobi (traditional, supporting male lead from a known clan).

    Daddy will demand she marry to her station…don’t you think?

  52. @Loves: Ninjaglide…Noted! 😉

    @Alexie: YES YES YES! OMG I think I just jizzed in my pants! What you just said is f**king brillant!

    “Neji might die though, if you kill off one of the Hyugas. It’s his “destiny” to protect Hinata, and it will be like a next generation repeat of the past. (Neji’s father’s sacrifice)” (Alexie)

    Kill off Neji instead of Hinata (sorry Eiliem 😉 ) because it’s his duty to protect the main family branch! Also it would be going off of Kishi’s theme of the newer generation repeating the older generation. Following in your father’s footsteps all the way to his grave and yours Neji! Even though he’s gotten past all of that “destiny” BS do you really think he wouldn’t sacrifice his life for Hinata? Not just because she’s the successor but because mostly beacuse he luvs her…as a sister and a member of the proud Hyuuga clan! Plus, it would make up for all the wrong he’s done her in the past! I can see it now!

    Neji: “I’m sorry…I’m sorry I can’t be there for you any longer…Lady Hinata!”

    Hinata: *cradles Neji’s head in her lap*
    “Ermm…Ummm…you’re dying…”

    Neji: “I know that…please just…tell your father that I for-”

    *Naruto walks by coolly unbeknowenst of the death scene*

    Hinata: “OH NARUTO!” *Hinata drops Neji’s head and stalks Naruto behind some trees*

    Neji: “Lady Hinata…but…I…ACK!” *Neji dies alone*

    Supertrek89: “Oh cruel world why did Neji have to die…oh Hinata has a nother scene!” *flips the page*


    FIN 😀

  53. @supertrek89 LOL I’m glad? xD
    HAHAHA Neji dies alone. That’s sad. He shouldnt die alone, but it would work if he dies. The whole new generation things. I’m only noticing these connections cuz of Wuthering Heights. GOD I HATED THAT BOOK.
    But ya, Kishi is doing a lot of copycat generation themed scenerios. Its kinda funny.
    And of course you’d turn the page if there’s another HInata scene >:P
    Personally, I think Hinata is so sweet. I really hope she gets Naruto, but sticking in a romance in the middle of all this conflict is a little corny…and out of place. Maybe after Naruto owns that pussy Tobi and bastard Sasuke. =]

  54. @Alexie: I was being uncharacteristically mean on purpose to make someone stand up for Neji. I like Neji after he got his ass whuppin by Naruto, so it would suck to see him go. I would have to disagree on what you said about Neji not having any strong connections to any of the characters though. He is connected to Hinata for obvious reasons, Naruto because of the promise he made, Rock Lee because I like to see them as rivals, and Ten Ten…because…because…they’re on the same team? Damn, let’s just hope Kishi kills off Ten Ten or Ino if he plans on killing off another girl character. Let Tsunade live dammit she’s actually done something and a likable character!

  55. Ino and Tenten are annoying. What is their purpose? Even with the whole Team 10 arc, she still did barely anything (Ino) Even Chouji had some other part during the Sasuke retrival arc, but Ino is just there. And like I said, Tenten’s jutsu is pretty lousy.
    And don’t worry, I don’t wanna see Neji go. He’s got a hell of a fangirl group too. He’s cool now, at first I was really annoyed with him, but then he changed. But Ino and Tenten…-tsk tsk-
    Tsunade is ok. I don’t really care too much what happens to her, but she shouldn’t die. After all, she DID overcome her fear of blood and help Naruto. Besides, she is the last Lengendary Ninja, and it would be pretty cool for once that a girl of a group doesnt die. >.>
    But for now, I want to see Kakashi’s condition as well as the end to the fight between Naruto and Pain. I bet my friend a quarter that I won’t look at the spoilers. So no lookie until the release of the manga for me. =P

  56. Well I know Naruto will probably end up together in the end(whenever that is). I just want Hinata to get a chance with Naruto. Something further than “I love you” then almost getting killed(for now). She has liked him from the very start. She was the only girl(in konoha) who wasn’t crazy over Sasugay. Every other girl was crazy for Sasugay and we know how he turned out. So why not let her be the one for now. Get me? Don’t know how she will be after this arc. She might be less shy now. Maybe Kishi will change her role a bit depending on how the fans take it. They are giving Kisame a bigger role now(soon says Kishi). Maybe Naruhina happens for a bit so Sakura can grow up? I guess what I’m trying to say is it wouldn’t be fair for Hinata and Sakura. Its going to anger fans one way or the other.

  57. @Trek, lool at the Neji death scene 😀

  58. In the manga lately there has been a ton of action – konoha being blows up, kakashi getting slightly pwnd, tsunade turning all old, naruto with ton’s of rasengans (balls.. heh) + fox form, and hinata being a hero. With that said, after pain’s done and nagato is dealt with – things just need to calm down a bit. All these side bits are gonna be cleared up (to some degree anyway..), which will take a few chapters. If it jumped straight into another huge fight it wouldn’t really have the same effect as the biuld up to the naruto/pain fight. There really needs to be some build up time to draw us in, after these current side stories are cleared up.
    For a time skip, i’m still on the fence. It would be a good way to have konoha rebuilt without torturing us. I just don’t really see why madara/akastski would wait for konoha to be rebuilt, or even sauske.
    Next big fight will be with sauske i think.
    @ Jeremiah – with the dragon ball references – chichi & goku , naruto & sakura link? both sets grew up with each other – mind you i don’t recall a love triangle in dragon ball..
    .. as much as i hate to say it, i think hinata’s gonna die.. maybe not now in the future – creating the opportunity to adjust the hyuga clan stuff, when naruto’s hokage (as someone above already mentioned.)
    great post!
    sorry for the long rant…

  59. maybe not now, but in the future** forgot to spell check

  60. i hope he lays one big kiss on her and gets like everyone super horny woot woot

  61. You know if it wasnt for the dialating pupils i would say naruto has acended to super sayin. Look at the pick. Blond yellow hair and blue eyes. The only thing he is missing is the golden flaming aurora.

  62. thats not there cause he’s not using his powers to full extent remember before fightin with cell gohan and goku trained to satay normal in ss mode

  63. @PSI – Ah, good point. Although, I didn’t really believe in the Kohona 12 anyway, because I didn’t think that Neji, Tenten, and Lee were ‘rookies.’ I had understood that they had graduated a year ahead of the others, trained, and THEN went for the chuunin exams. The only nins who went from Academy straight to exams were those nine—I thought. Maybe I didn’t read closely enough?

    Anyway, taking the Kohona 12 down would make for an interesting future. All the ‘last generation’ teams have only one or two members remaining, not including the masters. IE: Minato’s team (Kakashi), the Third’s team (Tsunade), etc. And we don’t even know about the teams Gai and Kurenai were on before they received students. It would be safe to assume that the Kohona 12 and their teams would dwindle over the years as well.

    This idea would definitely jive with what Kishi has already presented us in his work.

    However, I don’t consider Sai an ‘add on’ to the Kohona 12. Although, if you consider the fact that Sasuke left, then it really would be the Kohona 12 with Sai included.

    I’ve also thought of the fact that the Kohona 12 seem to be the strongest and the best of their generation, until the next wave, that is. Don’t mistake me—I’m not trying to make this group out to be immortal; in fact, Hinata’s death would only add to the strength of the group overall, as a symbolic ‘she died for her comrade’ type of way, and would set the standard for the rest. Out of all the others, she was strong enough to disobey Naruto and stand up for him (and herself, in a way).

    We see the Kohona number decrease by one (Sasuke) and then increase by one (Sai) and this evens out the balance. If Hinata dies, the number would be decreased by one again, and so I predict that another character would assume her ‘position’ to keep the number at 12. Maybe Konohamaru (or whatever that kid’s name is), although he is still with Team Ebisu (as far as we know) will assume that role?

    Or perhaps Kishi has another character in the wings to keep the number at 12.

    Or perhaps I’m just blowing hot air up everyone’s ass.

    And I’ll still be p’ed off if Kishi kills off a kunoichi when there are so few to begin with (lots of males, no females? Sound chauvantistic?). Hinata, in my opinion, has made the biggest changes in herself—not Sakura, not Ino, not Tenten.

    Sakura had already changed somewhat when she developed the rivalry with Ino; Tenten’s changes haven’t been earmarked, nor have Ino’s. Kishi made a point of showing us Hinata’s FULL FIGHT with Neji, probably to showcase her development as a strong individual then and now.

    That she dies for someone she loves (and that other villagers may still detest) would be the epitome of her development…the result of those long hours working toward improvement both physcially and emotionally.

    On the other hand, it would be like Kishi has short-changed her, even like slapping her across the face saying, “Oh. It’s nice you’ve worked so hard and have come so far, but too bad! I’m sick of drawing you and writing your character. You complicate things more with your death. Buh-bye!”

    The number is important, yes, but not as important as keeping a hugely developed character. If Kishi hadn’t wanted to keep her around, why would he have spent so much time on her in the first place?

  64. Sorry for the length. I got kinda carried away…*smirk*

  65. I don’t know. I guess I’ve always assumed Hinata’s role was to die for Naruto. I’ve felt that way since long before this arc. So, yeah, her life and her personal story were cut short, and the feminist in me is railing against that. But as far as feeling fulfilled by the story, Hinata’s death would do that for me. I’m less ticked by the idea of Kishi killing another female than I am by the fact that not one single team in Konoha has more girls than guys, and that the females that we DO have are so poorly developed that they make better sacrifices than interesting characters to keep people reading.

  66. And you know what’s funny…I JUST wondering why the heck there aren’t any two girl/one boy teams out there! OR for that matter, all female teams?

    As for the argument: While I agree that Hinata can be considered a ‘scarifical piece’ (Asuma, anyone?), I feel that her role in the story still has further to go.

    And perhaps you’re right…Kishi could have used all that development to make Hinata’s death all the more poignant because EVERYONE knows what crap she had to deal with growing up. And the fact that she’d FINALLY overcome all that makes her death hit home for all the hard-working nins (read: Naruto) who’ve had to work just as hard to be respected and strong.

    Still. What I’ve just said can also be considered an argument for keeping Hinata as well as killing her off.

    Everything inside me screams Kishi is going to throw us for a complete and total loop. Minato got involved with a girl of another village…maybe son will follow dad’s footsteps in this arena as well.

    If this is the case, then Hinata could still live and have a fulfilling purpose, not only to remain as part of the Konoha 12, but also as a stronger individual and kunoichi.

  67. I seriously cannot see Hinata dying. She’s the only konoichi in Konaha (in that age group) that I have never been annoyed by.

    Ino: useless. There have been times when I set her up with Lee in my mind because it would give her a reason to exist and he would always be there to stoke her vanity. “Ino, you’re so youthful!” lmao

    Tenten: wtf…who ARE you? There has been NO character development there.

    Sakura: Seriously, she was ‘in love’ with Sasuke for years, even though it was probably just an infatuation that went on longer/was stronger than it should have been because there was so much competition and he was so not into any of them (gay? maybe). Then, suddenly, Sauke’s gone and who does she turn to? Naruto, because (this is my cynical/hateful side talking) he is the last thing that links her to Sasuke, and he’s the last one who can protect her. We all have to admit that she was pathetic before the time skip. In any case, I can’t see her with Naruto because any feelings she has for him now are probably another infatuation because he IS so strong now (like she considered Sasuke back in the day) maybe these ‘feelings’ are just a growing respect.

    Hinata was there for Naruto, even if he never knew it, from the very beginning. While Naruto chased Sakura around she just bidded her time and trained to become a stronger fighter, and person, in the hopes that he would notice her. (clearly she did not take into account how truly oblivious that boy is, but I digress.) To have her die at this point would really just be like saying “See, you can try all you want, but in the end it was pointless.” And isn’t that against everything that this manga stands for?

    I’m not saying that Naruto is going to run over to her and say “I love you! I’ve always loved you! Marry me!” That would put this whole thing to rest, and we could never have that! The shippers would go crazy if there was nothing to fight about anymore! Naruto will need time to assess his feelings, he always has to have a heart-breaking scene of pensive-ness, but EVENTUALLY they will at least TRY to see where it goes…after he kicks two Uchiha asses preferably. Maybe it’ll work out, maybe not. Personally, I would prefer for it to be a NaruHina world, but they are only 15/16 now, there’s loads of time for change. However, I have a feeling that if Naruto and Hinata don’t get together they will end up alone.

    As for Neji dying…PLEASE GOD NO!! I mean, it would be really sweet if he died for Hinata and showed how much he had changed but dammit he’s sexy! lmao I say that if any of the 12 are going to die let it be Ino (Tenten wouldn’t cause enough of a stir and all of the male characters are actually cool). It would get the message across without ruining Hinata’s story that has been going on in the background the very beginning (and finally brought to the main plot…it kinda shows Hinata’s own development, doesn’t it?). That being said, I think that having Jiraiya – and possibly Kakashi – die has effectively gotten the message across so would a death even be needed? There will probably be many other arcs where the all-powerful Kishimoto can slowly kill them off one by one.

  68. Sorry that was such a long post….^///^

  69. @Thepoetsmuse:

    “Ino: useless. There have been times when I set her up with Lee in my mind because it would give her a reason to exist…” (Thepoet)

    LMFAO for at least half a minute with just that line!!! XD That’s funny as hell! BTW creative name. 😀

  70. 2 PSI: AWESOME post PSI.. Dump err Jeremiah and those other losers and go solo.
    Really loved it. epic post, loved the writing and it seriously would make the story more epic but It also would kinda bite: change is ghastly. It would be much like HOLY RETRIBUTION Hina fans cry everywhere and Naruto fans would be one Fire and kicking random ass.
    PSI dude or gal?

  71. @allschoolreject: Gal. And how could I ever leave Jeremiah’s harem that he seems to be building?? O_O

  72. @PSI: Great work, of course you deserve all the praise you get.

    @allschoolreject: F.U.

  73. LMAO. EroSennin. I can’t say what I want to say without sounding like your stalker, but…*girlie sigh*. ;P~

  74. @IbikiT: You’re alive! Where have you been?! Are you mad at me? I NEED to hear from you!

    @thepoetsmuse: Your assessment of all kunoichi is accurate enough. I guess the only character development we get can be found in the form of our own minds and of other fictions. I agree that most of the kunoichi in the Konoha 12 are, in fact, useless. I think the only one who really kicks ass and takes names is Temari, and WTF, she’s Sand anyway!

    Who’s to blame? Uh, the writer of the manga, of course. There’s nothing we, as readers, can do but accept that secondary characters are just that. Secondary characters foil main characters and also showcase the main character’s abilities. Namely, Naruto is the only one Kishi is interested in developing at this point and everything else that occurs in the manga is to add ‘layers’ to him (lame Shrek reference, I know).

    You’ve only added to my argument with yours, that Hinata’s work and development on her strength of character and body over the years will be rendered pointless by her death.

    Of course, cooler and stronger characters have died: Jiraya (sp?), Itachi, the Third and Fourth, Asuma, etc. So why not Hinata at this point?

  75. “it’s just you and your hand tonight”.

    great previsions indeed.

  76. bout time someone made a post about this, iv been wonderin how the whole relationship thing will go on after the pain arc.

    wat i think would be good, although wont probably happen, if sakura finds out bout hinatas love for naruto and the two battle for his affection. Sakura being her competitive angry self, while hinata being quiet but cunning. Naruto being oblivious as always not noticing that this is going on.

    This happens in a lot of those will they, wont they romance storylines that go behind the main plot of a manga. it stops the whole idea of the main character settling with someone while not making it awkwerd. Its good because it can make those boring inbetween fights moments, wher ther all resting at the village more interesting and funny.

  77. I have three words and three words only for where kishi should go next with Naruto’s romance


  78. And as the last two Uchihas on earth, I guess that means that Madara and Sasuke should…

  79. Naruto will never reject hinata… because if he rejects hinata…
    he will die…
    because of neji killing him (tag team neji and hinata’s dad)

  80. @ Erosennin my statement about jeremiah and other losers wasn’t personal. It was just to emphasize how awesome I think the post and her writing was. The losers part is a reference to a popular late night tv-show called The Late Late Show hosted by Craig Ferguson. One time he had Rupert Grint as a guest and said how he loved his work and how Rupert should Diss other “x insert famous actor(s) name(s)” and such losers.
    Twas supposed to be funny I’d never insult a person with my favorite p3rvert at his display.(you)
    Since my humour on the interwebs is generally not appreciated. My apologies.
    @ PSI once more if Jeremiah proclaims that you may have a harem of your own may I be the first to pledge my undying entente?

  81. I have to wonder that there isn’t perhaps another unexplored scenario all together.
    Considering the imminent convergence of other plot points, such as team hawk, the summit, the 8 tails, and Madara too to a lesser extent, all currently in play; it seems like Naruto wouldn’t have time to acknowledge Hinata’s feelings for the present time, and would tell her so, that he has things to do. Making Naruto the overburdened responsible hero. Additionally maybe Naruto would leave the village for a few more years, knowing that the village would never be safe with him there until Madara is stopped, and Hinata patiently waits for him to return.

  82. I agree with princearmory above, theres alot of shit left to cover which means one of two things

    a) weve got a shit load of action within the next few dozen chapters.
    b) The mangas got at least another 50+ chapter, maybe more, which leads me to beleive that a time skip has to happen. for the following reasons

    1. Madara, Naruto essentially just beat pein, but he did so with the help of the frogs and his father. Madara is supposed to be more powerfull, enought to be treating a guy with the powers of a megaton nuke, force powers and moon creating powers like a puppet, and naruto only JUST beat him (still open for debate but i think this battle is decided). Plus the whole backround, the entire plot has finally been discuvered to be centralled around pein, this wont be over anytime soon.

    2. Love triangle. Hinata will not die, they said it themselves, shes not mortally wounded. There will be romance one way or another, between one or two girls, in the plot or in the backround. Either way, it needs to be resolved and a couple chapters just wont cut it. Also, the whole theme of generations have been brought up recently more in the story, so narutos kids are a posibility.

    3. Sasuke. Sobby Mc’ Emo pants still wants to crush the village, cant kill a villlage thats already dead. The village needs time to recover and rebuild, once again, a couple chapters just wont cut it. Also Naruto is still Sasuke obsessed, so either They will have an epic Battle (that makes 3 epic battles to come, Pein, Madara and sasuke, too much for one time period) or sasuke will see the light and join the good side, a highly unlikely possibility.

    4. There are still some akatsuki members to kill off, Zetsu, Kisame and Konan, plus the remainder of Hawk. To many bad guys for not enough time.

    5. Raikages personal band of ninja. They were featured for all of a half a chapter, but it proves that Kishi is more than prepared to expand the main plot, not even the sub plot any more, but the main plot to the other 4 countries. There is character development, therefore, its not over anytime soon.

    6. The 8 tailes. Cant forget the pimpin tentacle bull that plays with swords as if they are toothpicks. The point is he can control, or work with his tail beast. If anything he has a nice relation with his beast, unlike the hardheade never give up naruto, with the 24/7 PMS Kyuubi. The fact that both of narutos sensei’s have both died (kakashi maybe), and the fact hes surpased both, unlcuding tsunade. The only thing he needs to work out is how to control the kyuubi by himself, what better than the 8 tails to get involved.

    7. The summit of the Kages. Important for a number of reasons.
    A. Expaning the plot into other countries
    B. Allowing for more allies and thus possible enemies (thus expanding story)
    C. The fact that a Kage is elected through strength and ability to protect vilages, Naruto did that better than the original hokage (tsunade), a possible next in line (kakashi, discussed in previous chapter) and all the other jonan, chuunin, genin and ambu combined. The hokage does not need political skills, thats what the elders are for, so the possibility is that Naruto may get Hokage, probably soon, or at least start to get trained in it. So he may very well end up showing up at the summit.
    D. Have we all forgotten that Madara is the MizuKage (as recognized by Kasami), what kinda shinanigans is the Main bad guy being at the summit gonna cause.
    E. Danzou. The bastard Cripple with the ego and desires that topple almost everyones is still at large and ready to take over.

    Everything added up, do you honastly think ALL of these loose ends are gonna be tied up soon? I doubt it, a time skip is bound to happen, and quite frankly, i would love to see some of the 12…11….12 whatever, get a band of kiddies to be ninja teachers of.

  83. Yep, a lot is still left open.

    I am hoping the series has yet to reach the half way point. I’m rooting for the 8 tails to take Naruto under his wing… tentacles, and train him up a bit. While I don’t expect it, I am rooting for Naruto and Hinata to hook (eventually) up in a quiet and dignified way and be an underlying plot mentioned from time to time. I wouldn’t mind a ‘chill out’ session of a few chapters after this arc ends to answer some questions and expand in other areas.
    That’s as far as my wishes extend. The rest I await in eagerness to be revealed to me.

  84. out come 6 pain brings everyone back to life and the confession is forgotten

  85. Doamne nu imi vine sa cred sper sa se sarute ar fi asa de romantic!

  86. I already know what happens, but they can’t just kill Hinata! She’s perfect for Naruto, for they both share the same dark past, and when I first thought this website talked about the *spoiled* ending of them finally being together, I couldn’t help but cheer! BTW, Sasuke may never turn good, but Sakura still is the perfect girl for him.

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