Heading into battle…

Deploying Cool Beans

Hey everyone,

One of our community, Coolbeans, is deploying tomorrow and we are saddened by his impending sabbatical from the website… I’m not sure what you’ll do once the withdrawals set in from lack of awesomeness but his insanity will be greatly missed.

See you in a year Eric!


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on April 2, 2009.

55 Responses to “Heading into battle…”

  1. Good luck man, see you in a year. Use Genjutsu when ever possible… ^_^

    Amaterasu! FTW!

  2. second

  3. we’ll mis u cool beans

  4. Aha! I knew coolbeans wasn’t a girl! Curse you, Chat Thingy!

    Good luck, coolbeans. I’ll be emitting waves of awesomeness in your direction while you’re gone. Hope it helps! 😉

  5. Saying “good luck” would somehow not do justice to what you are going to do on behalf of all of us and that is to protect the freedoms we take for granted.

    Stay focused, stay safe and keep that insane sense of humor. And, as the AWESOMENESS guy you are, remember: Never give up. Keep working, keep striving and stay awesome. Usage of Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu never hurts…you will have them all at your disposal; I just know it.

    Most important, Thank you. Thank you for protecting me, your mates here on IAREAWESOMENESS and for protecting my kids.

  6. good luck and contact akatsuki if you want a tailed beast

    100000 $ for one tails

    add a further 100000 $ for another tail

  7. o.k serious mate good luck may you prosper in every place you go .you were a great guy a gr8 persom inded

  8. Dont get shot!!! just summon me if you need some back up ok buddy? 😉

  9. And so, with her cool way, Penny smacks down all of us who said ‘good luck’. 😉 So, uh, rock on, coolbeans! Ganbatte kudasai! Otsukaresama deshita.

  10. Hope to see you back on when you get back….Always use the tactic of confusion….They can’t do anything if they have that WTF look on their face -_+. Good luck man, Hope to see you back on awesomeness soon.

  11. Though i never knew you and havent been here long enough too I will say good luck to you and fair thee well anyway. Continue to show off your awesomeness as we have seen where ever you go.

  12. Coolbeans. We won’t be as awesome with you on hiatus. Just remember, when you feel sad, stop being sad and be awesomeness instead. We’ll try to remember that too while you’re away…I’m marking up a special awesomeness countdown on my calendar. See you in a year. 😀

  13. Hope u Be okay And if u see my Bro Johnathan tell him i day hi My Name Kent And His last name is torres.Oh and im sending maito gai he’ll se a bijuu in u and then u could go and kick ass Yeah

  14. anyways.. seriously. i hope that you return in one piece coolbeans. ill be making up a special place in my calender for you too 😀

  15. i dont know you very well but i have enjoyed reading your comments and thought on here your take on things and humor will be missed, good luck and be safe beans. I hope you can at least open a few chakra gates because something tells me all you got is taijutsu haha

  16. I wish you good fortune coolbeans. May the cheese flow like water whereever you are.

  17. THANK YOU ALL!!!! im a man of few words so ill just stick to the jokes cause even when they are bad you can pretend that you intended it to be bad 😉
    @urisas… lol safe beans i get it 😉

    @flex… for some reason i still want to strangle you lol jk

    @kenry… ill keep an eye out for him, give him an oorah for me if you see him

    @ibi… oh i know your counting down till you can see me again, bow chika wow-wow lol

    @marksman… stick around this place long enough and you may get power level OVER 9000!!!!!

    @scorp… lol maybe ill just run out with no pants yelling sexy no jutsu

    @psi… lol translation please? need i remind you marine (muscles are required inteligence not expected) jk marines (but you know its funny)

    @ Ahsan live long and prosper btw we dont get paid that much 😉

    @penny, lol the most important thing is to keep your head low 😉

    @Jeremiah, who are you again? when did you start reading this sight noob 😉 jk dont send ninjas after me

    @of815, holy crap you know i love cheese!!!! power level over 9000 man…. over 9000 😉

  18. Remember
    when the shit hits the fan
    dont run out screaming dynamic entry 🙂
    goodluck 😀

  19. @green… no ill be the naked guy with a strategic sock yelling im a pretty girl

  20. Farewell coolbeans and take care. I’ll be sending good thoughts and wishes your way.

  21. Be Safe, Be Smart, Be Well…Can’t wait to hear that your back.

  22. Coolbeans it’s sad to see you go man! You’re an awesome guy to post with and I wish you good luck in whatever you may do. Return home soon and while you’re over there…DO SOME RECRUITING FOR IAREAWESOMENESS! Lol, spread the word of manga, anime, and awesomeness wherever you may go…that is all…oh, and let the cheese be with you! 😀

  23. @PSI: Gee, I didn’t realize I was being so cool about knocking anyone’s best wishes. lol Guess that means you really REALLY like me…for being “cool” 😉

    @Green: Agreed. Dynamic Entry would NOT be a good thing. Take note, Coolbeans.

    And, my dear Coolbeans…yes, while I understand that the main objective is to keep your head low, just make sure it doesn’t go TOO low lol 😀

    Oh, yes…my daughter, who inspired me to join this posting, says (as the famous song says) “You say goodbye and I say hello…”

  24. @penny lol ok i wont get low….. all i need is my rifle and CHEESE!!!

  25. Did you name your rifle “Hinata”?

  26. @Penny: I was just jealous ’cause your response was more thoughtful than mine. 😉

    @coolbeans: Translation…”Do your best”, and, roughly, “thanks for working with us [here at awesomeness].” 😉 But, more important than the actual translation, is the fact that they are very overused Japanese phrases, like “good luck” in English. But I still meant them. 🙂 Too bad I don’t know the Japanese version of Semper fi. Maybe “banzai”? 😀

  27. Sheesh…smilies abound! I’m going to write my next ten posts with no smilies.

  28. @coolbeans – See you in a year!

    I read somewhere that the enemy is allergic to bullets. As long as you have bullets you will be ok!

  29. @ ero – Hinata is a bit shy, she may jam up in combat… I’d name the rifle Ino… she’ll choke down the dirt, right along with the ammo, and never even hiccup!


  30. thanks coolbeans for everything that your doing. I’m pretty sure every now and then i take for granted the life I’m able to live – but it’s because of guys like you, that enable us to have awesomeness manga discussions. stay safe!
    and don’t forget to use smoke covers – always works for naruto 😛

  31. Or better yet, 1,000 years of pain!

  32. @ PSI – good call, lol

  33. lol scottie actually i do use alot of smokes very naruto like. kage bushin no marine

  34. Be safe dude, Believe it!

  35. Good sir I hope you make it through any obstacle that comes through your way down there?

    also if you get “bored” always remember to swtich hands! *ok I couldn’t help writing this part because of the movie Jarhead*

    but seriously good luck sir and may the power of cheese save you!

    Ace out

  36. good luck my good sir, your awesomeness will be seriously missed.

    if you don’t mind i’ll keep you and your family in my prayers…

  37. Wow, I don’t really know what to say except thank you for helping keep this country safe – you are the modern day equivalent of a ninja, as far as I’m concerned, and that is awesomeness ^_^

    May the Swayze be with you!

  38. Remain calm and stay cool, keep that promise to return everyone will be waiting.

  39. Bye bye bro. ^_^

  40. Semper Fi Coolbeans!

  41. so you really arn’t a mexican lol j/k it was always so fun reading your posts and seeing your arguments you certainly made this place lively. Even the arguments with that mexican too about the beans. My cousin always called me beanie too I threatened to get one of those hats with a propeller on it til she explained it to me.

  42. bye man hope you get back in one piece if you need help just summon any one of

    火影 千手 Jeremiah
    うちは Fanboi
    渦巻兇徒 「Kyouto」
    burning ace
    totalarian hypnoisis
    the invincible marksman

    and mee dont get sad and forget us and niether will us

  43. coolbeans, thank you for your service, and wishing for your safe return.

  44. Aww shit, i’m really sorry i didn’t comment. hey coolbeans go kick some ass. I hereby equip you with rasengan, gai’s taijutsu skills, neji’s byakugan so you could see terrorists behind you, the fourth’s flying thunder god so you could surprise your allies and hypnotize the foe teleporting them to guantanamo before they yell surprise, and madara’s everlasting mangyekou so you could show those terrorist bastards the pain they inflict on innocent civilians. Hope you work well with the brits in the same course. God bless Britain and America.

  45. God speed Coolbeans. Thank you for protecting the rights we sometimes forget to hold dear. We all look forward to reading your first comments, upon your safe arrival home.

  46. coolbeans you be careful there as well as on guard for you and your squad mates…can’t wait for your return as well as reading your posts…thank you what you are doing.

  47. my final good bye. see yall when i get back. thanks to everyone and you stay classy awesomeness!!!

  48. bye and come back soon

  49. dont worry about us just watch ur self and get back soon we wont be so classy at awesomeness without you

  50. Be safe !! Come back !!
    You’ll be missed, by even an awesomeness noob like me (3rd post)

  51. Come back safe, brother. May the power of the Fobs be with you lol

    nah seriously now take care.

  52. i would say good luck..but luck is for those who need it…and well u dont because ur are already primed up with AWESOMENESS!!… remember to keep ur power level surpressed ..that way when u start powering up…they can be astonished because ur power level is OVER 9000!! i expect to see new techniques in a years time ..until then GOD BLESS YOU!

  53. Coolbeans if anything happens just run! Dont try to be a hero! xD

    quoted from Forest Gump

    In all seriousness, just always make sure your around your fellow Marines and you’ll be fine. Thank you for your service. Never let anyone tell you what your doing is wrong because fighting for your family, your friends, and your country is NEVER wrong.

  54. coolbeans preparing for time skip no jutsu….. raising to over 9000…. and time skip engage

  55. has it been a year already????

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