Bleach Manga 352 spoiler 100% true confirmed with tons of pics (upated 4/1/09) + Bleach 351 breakdown

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Bleach 352 spoiler pics raw

Bleach 352 spoiler pics raw

More pics and script in videos below.

Thanks to Narkata for the pics

Thanks to n3rocks for the script…

-Bleach Manga 351 Breakdown is below-

Bleach Manga 352 spoiler pics

Ohayo Gozaimasu,

This is Bryan, AKA EroSennin bringing you the break down of the last Bleach Manga while we await Bleach 351. If you thought last week’s issue was great, then you’ll find this week’s issue perfect. This is the kind of fight that I think some of us wanted to see over on the Naruto pages. It was like watching one of those ‘Caught on Tape’ clips where, after saying, “Hey ya’ll, watch this”, an evolutionary dead-end walks up to a Grizzly with two pieces of bread, “Here bear, bear, bear..” Of course, the bear is thinking, “Oh boy! A$$h*le sandwich!” And, I don’t know why, but I just love that Ichigo is still toting around the arm. Anyway, enough of my rants & raves, here’s the breakdown.


Still giving the silent treatment, Ichigo sets the tone. I don’t know about you, but for me this was awesomeness incarnate. The killing intent drips from the pages and soaks my laptop…wait, that’s not killing intent…. so, what does Ulquiorra have to say about this…


I mean, what the hell? Your arm is across the room waving at you and you just manage a yawn. Well, Ulquiorra has the best healthcare plan in existence. If he wasn’t such a downer, he would have a hell of a career with the ‘Jackass’ crew. He also has somemore tricks up his recently regenerated sleeve.


Still totally bored, Ulquiorra is completely confident in his prowess. Whips out his rod, says how utterly hopeless it is for Ichigo at this point, and in the strangest fight tactic I’ve ever seen, he asks Ichigo to stay perfectly still. That’s like, “Don’t move so I can shoot you.” Or, “you wait for me to get back from the trunk of my car with my AK-47…Hey! Hey! No fair ducking behind cars!”

ssI’m left wondering what is going on with Ichigo. Has this been a full hollow transformation? Can Ichigo return to normal at this point; will he be like the vizards? Vizards were Shinigami first, so whatever has happened will have to wait for an explanation. Whether Ichigo is a mindless monster or not, he stays motionless, and then…..


By a raise of hands, who else wanted to see little Emo Ulquiorra beat to within an inch of his afterlife with his own arm? This guy, you have to hand it to him, bored to the end. He shows a little surprise on Ichigo’s speed, and my own thinking about Bleach and speed is that it is an indicator for comparison of one’s power.


After a barehanded catch of Ulquiorra’s new-fangled Lanza del Relámpago and one of the coolest menacing looks, Ichigo tries his hand at bilateral division (cutting in half vertically). Somewhat off the mark, but cool nonetheless. I find myself wondering if we’re seeing foreshadowing here with the statement, “I see, no mercy eh? How very Hollow like.” I’m not sure if this is the end of the Hollow form, but I find myself wanting to scream at my screen, “Move that supple body Orihime! No! Forget four eyes! Move that feces smeared a$$ or you’re all toast!” Anyway, it was a great issue. I have that relaxing feeling of release with some apprehension of what’s to come. I just love that, don’t you?

Thanks for your time.


Ero Sennin

This weeks bubble contest... ^_^

This weeks bubble contest... ^_^

For those of you that play this game on the Naruto posts, you already know how to play… Just comment starting with BUBBLE and then what you would put in each… We’ll do a top Bubble comments list in the next breakdown…

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~ by 伝説の三忍 EroSennin on April 2, 2009.

103 Responses to “Bleach Manga 352 spoiler 100% true confirmed with tons of pics (upated 4/1/09) + Bleach 351 breakdown”

  1. Fiiiiiiiiiirst! This is getting harder and harder… Thinking about cutting back on shaggin just so that I can be first more often…


    Ulquiorra: Bask in all my Emo glory!
    Ishida: That’s impossible! No one is more angsty than I am!!

  3. Third!!!!!

  4. BUBBLE:

    Ulq: Now im missing an arm. Just like the nerd here…

    Ishida: Noooo. My happy time is ruined!!!!

  5. 5th

  6. actually unltimate…ur 4th..and im 5th…

  7. no wait…..ur 3rd and im 4th……even better..ha!

  8. 6th lol
    1: Yo $h^t man were you lookin’ at ma ass?
    2: What ass? The only ass of yours i see is in that corner hudding with fear!

  9. BUBBLE:

    ulq: this cant be….ichigo….a SUPER SAIYAN!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN!!!

    ishada: um …..wrong anime batman!

  10. Woot! Top Ten!!

    Great issue! Final get to see Emo King put in his place. I think he’s eating his own words right now about the “difference in their power” speech he said a few chapters ago. Well…not that he will be eating anything seeing as how he wont have a face in the next issue. Although I get the feeling he will miss because we are about to see an inner hollow battle start next chapter. If not then a REALLY good explanation of this transformation.

    *crosses fingers*

  11. Great breakdown Ero ^_^

    It was awesome too see Ichigo go native on Ulquiorra but I hope Ulquiorra doesn’t die, he’s one of my favorite antagonists.

  12. Bubble

    Ulquiorra: First!

    Ishida: That’s not fair! I was here first but I actually read the post before commenting! Dammit… 2nd… -_-

  13. The bubble is an annoyance 😮

    BTW its nice that we have a Bleach breakdown only 1 day late this time.

  14. 7th. And great issue.

  15. BUBBLE:
    Ulquiorra:Sorry to say this but your no longer in the Wrist Cutters Club Ishida…You’ve stop cutting them since before you got to heuco mundo.
    Ishida:What…How did you know?! Besides I’ve been doing it longer than you though…its not fair!!!

    Good Job on the review EroSennin but I was kinda looking forward to the Bleach Demotivational Poster this week…other than that it was pretty good..

  16. Bubble:
    Ulquiorra:I know what your thinking…yes you can have my arm…
    Ishida: I don’t know what your talking about…i don’t do that anymore…

  17. Greet wrap up EroSennin. One of the best lines I’ve seen on the post in a long time, “an evolutionary dead-end walks up to a Grizzly…” LOL I first pictured the banjo kid from the movie Deliverance, then immediately went to the two “Squeal like a pig” Hillbillies.

  18. BUBBLE

    Ulq: Do i smell something burning?

    Ishida: Oh crap, I left the oven on!

  19. Loved your breakdown this week, EroSennin, especially the “Here bear, bear, bear …” part *LOL* I’m with Jeremiah, though, in that I really don’t want to see Ulquiorra die. I know he’s the ultimate Emo king and all that, but he nettles Ichigo in a way no one else can seem to top and let’s face it, without Ulquiorra’s presence, Ichigo wouldn’t be at nearly the same level.

    Definitely agree with you that I’m curious about what’s going to happen once Ichigo reverts back to his regular shinigami form, too, IF he can. I think I remember reading someone say Orihime should “reject” his new powers and force him back to shinigami form, but I dunno if that’s possible. Since Ichigo hasn’t fallen out of his Hollow form like he did with the Vizard mask training, I can only wonder (like you) if he’s stuck like this until someone lays a big enough beatdown to overpower him.

  20. BUBBLE:

    Ishida: !!!!!!!

    Ulq: why is he looking at me like that?!?

    Ishida: batman is not really bruce wayne

    !!!!!!!DUN DUN DUUUNNNNNNNN!!!!!!

  21. To all: thanks for the nice words.

    @Jeremiah: Thanks for the help & support.

  22. BUBBLE:

    1: So you noticed this arm…
    2: mine!

  23. What is going on with Ichigo? I can’t help but say Ichigo is not like the Vizards he is born half human, half Shinigami that makes it natural for him to have a inner hollow when he is not a full hollow.

    Going back to the situation how will he gain freaking control of this huge power? need inner battle? I would think so

  24. BONO’S BACK!!! 0_0 Lmao, where the hell does he pop up from?

    @Erosenin: Great job on the breakdown it was funny and informative. What more could you ask for? 😉

    @Anyone: I definitely loved this chapter because Vampira a.k.a. Ulquiorra 😉 got his emo ass kicked, but you gotta give it to him he never showed any fear…emo bitch! I have to agree with Jeremiah and Elfarren he’s definitely not dead. Tite wouldn’t throw away such an important antagonist like this. Even if Vampira’s missing half his body he can still regenerate at a later point anyway so Ichigo’s power could be used on him without regard. Perfect test subject for Tite to show of H-Ichigo’s power?…You be the judge…I hope there isn’t a Inner Hollow battle next issue because I wanna see what’s going on in the real world with the captains and Espada! H-Ichigo can stay in this form for all I care and run off into the deepest depths of Hueco Mundo to be retrieved later, but for now let’s move on Tite! That is all. 🙂

  25. ok well i have an opinion on ichigo….since he now has a hole in his chest and s wearing a completely new mask with horns and everything, i think he is either a vasto lorde or an arancar, idk it kinda sucks if this is true. because if it is it means he no longer has a place in soul society or sereniti, meaning he might have to stick around in huec mundo. the after effects of this battle are going to alter the manga to a disturbing difference

  26. How much is anyone willing to bet that Emo King isnt the only one of the arrancar that can go vasto lorde mode? im really interested in seeing how many more there are and if they have a ranking thing like the arrancar have.

  27. Not me, only because Emo King (him and sasugay are doing battle for that title) said that not even Aizen knows about it. Which means if he did Emo King would probably be #1 and at the very least #2 Espada.

  28. BUBBLE

    Ulquiorra: I have proceeded to shit myself
    Uryu: eeeewwwwww….so thats what that smell is

  29. BUBBLE:

    Ishida: !!!!

    Ulq: “who’s bad”

    Ishida: um thats my line…i think i look more like michael jackson than u

  30. BUBBLE:

    Ulq: it’s not rape if you yell SURPRISE

    Ishida: that TAIL..of… yours X|

  31. Just want to put this thought out there:

    Aizen gives the espada numbers according to their power.

    Ulquiorra has a “segunda ressuruction” that Aizen does not know about.

    Does that mean that he is technically the primera espada?
    If So:

    Ichigo kicked Ulquiorra’s ass…

    Can Ichigo easily defeat all of the first three espada’s?

  32. That idea gets knocked around from time to time but we really won’t know until we see what the top three are capable of… All I know for sure is that Halibel has a sexy release form that the other top Espada don’t have ^_^

  33. Honestly I don’t see how the three Espada could be that much more powerful than Emo King, because think about it. If the other 3 Espada are more powerful than Emo King’s second released form. Then how freakin powerful are Aizen and his two captain followers because there rule over the Espada alongside Aizen. There has to be a end to these power levels some where, becuase then your telling me that Ichigo/captain-commander are supposed to be more powerful than that?! Yeah, right.

  34. BUBBLE:

    Ulquiorra: I’m just a Sweet Transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania.

    Ishida: Oh F*ck no! Not another Rocky Horror Hollow Show!

  35. I honestly hope halibel has a sexy release… i was expecting so much out of Nell… well i guess its a happy ending cuz maybe there are some ppl out there with a horse/pony fetish.

  36. Nel isnt even human.

    And she has the lower half of a fury 4 legged creature. 😦

  37. sweet!
    you got the post several days earlier!
    not gonna do the bubble thing….

    btw, this week chapter was quite amazing…
    we got to see the “new form” of ichigo last time and this time what it can do…
    well, we didn’t see all of that power but i bet this week we are going to see everything it’s got!

    i wonder what new forms ichigo will have…maybe while fighting Uno or maybe Aizen-sama…whenever i try to come up with something…the intensity of “how that fight is gonna be” tickles me…~lol~

    btw, great post Ero…(though i voted for “you messing up with the site :-p)

  38. I cant vote since im British 😉
    But i vote for
    1) =1
    2) =2
    3) = 6
    …I think…

  39. BUBBLE

    Ulquiorra: “Yes it’s true…I’m BONO!”

    Ishida: “Impossible…”

  40. BUBBLE

    Ulquiorra: “I am the original Emo!”

    Ishida: “Gah! Teach me everything!”

  41. BUBBLE

    Ishida: !!! (gets his arm cut off)

    ulq: Ishda, I am your true father!

    Ish: That’s not true…that’s impossible!

  42. BUBBLE:

    1. Yea, thats the only thing that doesn’t go stage 2.

    2. Haha, need some some tweezers?

  43. Hi Everyone, Ulq being stronger then the top 3, now he could have been saying that to scare ichigo i don’t know. but i think it something to think about.And remember he said he hid his 2nd release from aizen. We don’t know if the top three did too. And i don’t want to see Ulq die either.

  44. @Everyone: Really people?? You really think Aizen didn’t know about Ulq’s 2nd release? Yeah…I’ll bet u make the arguement that Aizen didn’t know Ulq was the Emo King either…

    Everything that we are saying up until now is speculation anyway. Right now we know for a fact that Ichigo in this form cannot be beaten by anyone except maybe (big maybe!) Aizen and his stupid hypnosis sword. We havn’t seen near enough of anyone’s full power to make a clear bet at who is the strongest in the bleach world. Heck…no one has mentioned the Royal Guard out in Soul Society and the King him/herself. (Next Arc Spoiler btw! 😉 )

  45. We have mentioned royal guard and king just not much since there is little info on that.

  46. BUBBLE

    Ulq: Yes…you heard Right! I LOVE Sasugay!

    Ish: Nooooo! Why…why must you hurt me so?

  47. does the fact that isshin is a doctor have any implication on the type of shinigami he was/is…maybe the medic for the royal guard?

  48. I personally believe that he was with the royal guard since no one has seen him in about a 1000 years.

  49. BUBBLE
    1. Damn I cut to deep
    2. No!!! who will i cut myself with now

  50. It has been 20 years since isshin gave up his powers

  51. Bubble:
    1. Oh God, don’t tell me you shit your pants like Orihime did in last weeks manga.
    2.It’s not my fault that all you have to eat down here is Metamucil you Fu–!

  52. Dear awesomeness readers. I am proud to announce that i, Ix ReFleX xI, have successfully finished a 2-day bleack find-f**k/cramming mission

    i have gone from Bleach chapters 46-351 this weekend (including friday)

    So, now i actually have a clue what the f**k you guys are talking about!!!! YAY!!!!

    One Piece and Soul Eater are next in line!!!!!!

  53. lol misspelled bleach up there guys ^_^

  54. I need to do the same for One Piece and Soul Eater.

  55. Man I wonder how Aizen will fool everybody again 😀 U know why because we need/want to see the royal guard, Aizen is a tricky fellow he might even be Ichigo’s dad right?:D You’ll never know

    btw how long will it take before ichigo regain himself and pick out the brain of the Emo Lord

  56. BUBBLE:

    Ulq: Hey Kabuto-lookin freak! Looks like your armless just like me. Is that ookaaayyyy?

    Ishida: As a matter of fact…it isn’t

  57. well the one thing that I was wondering about isshin that how come nobody saw him in about a 1000 years. He wasn’t in Turn back the pendulum.

    Which gives me the reason to assume he was a royal guard

  58. what do you mean burning? if he was the level of a captain why would he be in royal guard 1000 ago…maybe you mean 100, but still why we be in royal guard and then leave to meet ichigo’s mom who was probably human…he couldn’t he would have to have been like a special ops or something doing mission in earth…and had something like how orihime first saw ichigo as a shinigami kinda scenario

  59. there are a 100 different scenarios that could come from this we won’t know until there is like a Kakashi Gaiden like flashback or something

  60. Congrats at reading Bleach quickly Reflex 😉

    Did you actually *do* anything that week? 😉

  61. Isshin has to be really old or he had to have been somewhere where high level shinigamis and central 46 didnt know about him, otherwise I think during social society arc someone would have rememberd the name Kurosaki

  62. @Xenosmith: Ulquiorra’s not admitting that he’s stonger than the 3 others in that link. In fact he’s admitting that even if Ichigo were to beat him there’s three others stronger than him since he’s only #4. As for his second release who knows where that puts him.

    @Reflex: Congradulations man! 😀

    @Domosenpai: Good point, but maybe Kurosaki is an alias name he acquired when he moved to the real world.

  63. @super-true? but why then didn’t toshiro and the other older shinigami recognize isshin when they were in the “real” world, if its only been 20 years since he lost his powers?

  64. I understand that they had to give a “reason” for Ichigo’s powers… that being his father was a captain.

    But just once, I’d like to see a manga character that was inexplicably strong, just because he/she WAS

    Also, lets add “2nd Release” to the innuendo page

  65. I really liked the mystery of Ichigo’s abilities. Such as when he and Ishida first met, and fought the menos. Ishida touched Ichigo, and his own power increased… if the explanation was simply “Because I’m Ichigo Bitch!” that would have been so much better IMO

  66. I love to see a flash back on Isshin, cause only thing i know bout him is 1. his @ captain level 2. he seem to know both urahara and ryuuhan

  67. what if ichigo is actually part of the royal family. isshin and ichigo’s mom are exiled from the royal family cuz they fell in love with each other, and since ichigo has such a good “pedigree” he is uber powerful..

  68. hey hey on the how the hell is Isshin he might have been at the 11seat at some point and then why would know one talk about him, maybe he pissed everyone off then they sealed his power and put him in a huge box that Urahara found in the human world:D
    btw if pissing off the all mighty first seat U might get real problem and central 46 just don’t talk too much.

    And yeah it does not sound to bad and if he was in the 11seat that is seen as the strongest division he might even have been tested for royal guard and there raped the King/Queen’s dog making him “very” forgettable

    but we still need a old Isshin that the tricky fuck to Aizen does not know about

  69. i just had the craziest plot twist ever…what if ….AIZEN WAS RELATED TO ISSIN!!!! ahah no that couldn’t happen…lol

  70. isshin gave up his powers 20 years ago. Probably when he met ichigo’s mom. that puts him as a captain just after turn back the pendullum and before the recent captains took over. Sumone already said it… I’m thinking 10th division. which would make sense because they have been involved in more in the human world than the other squads. So that would mean that Isshin went out to human world to investigate sumthing and fell in love with ichigo’s mom on the trip, gave up his powers and presto we get the present.

  71. wat if isshin ran away from soul society and abandoned the soul reapers and lost the respect of everyone this could explain why urahara and him are friends being run aways and all n then he was captured and lost his powers and was banished to earth like urahara was goin to be.

  72. @Domo: Well if Isshin was a Royal Guard who lost his powers 20 years ago Toshiro, who’s a recent Captain, wouldn’t recognize him because the Royal Guard are separate from the Gotei 13 (Captains). The Royal Guard doesn’t even live in Soul Society so recent Captains like Toshiro wouldn’t recognize Royal Guard members which are comprised of past promoted Captains. Past promoted Captains would only be recognized by old Captains like the originals…Unohana, Yamamoto, Shunsui, Ginrei, Jushiro, and Yoruichi.

  73. […] Bleach Manga 352 spoiler discussion + Bleach 351 breakdown Bleach Manga 352 **Put spoiler scripts and links to spoiler pics in the comments section** -Bleach Manga 351 Breakdown […] […]

  74. BUBBLE

    Ulq: I’m just gonna pop another arm, you know?

    Ishida: Yeah, you’re awesome. But you still die and i get my arm back from the hot chick with the huge tits…i mean, orihime.

  75. Ulqiorra: Lanza del relampago [spear of lightning]..tee hee hee…finally, I get to use it…

    Ishida: Noooooooo! You idiot! I’m gonna tell daddy!

  76. Spoiler #1

    Source: Bleach Asylum
    Credits: Spacecat
    Verification: Confirmed

    The chapter starts with Rukia, Chad and Renji.
    Yammy appears in front of them (falls from above). ()
    He says “That four eyed bastard, I’m gonna kill him!”
    The he goes to attack the three of them but suddenly they can all feel a huge reiatsu.
    Rukia asks “Is that Ichigo’s reiatsu?”

    The scene changes.

    We see Ulquiorra who still has his head, left side and lower half intact.
    Ichigo tosses him away but then walks towards him intent on chopping up what is left.
    Ishida stops him. “If you go any further you won’t be human anymore, stop this Kurosaki.”
    Ichigo faces Ishida and then draws his sword before stabbing Ishida in the abdomen.
    While Orihime is walking towards Ishida she can hear Ichigo talking.
    “…I will help.” Ichigo mutters as if it’s a mantra.
    Orihime is astonished (it’s like she is disappointed in herself because she came here and then just ended up relying on Kurosaki kun again).
    She says “stop it Kurosaki kun” but Ichigo just moves towards Ishida, ready to kill him.

    This is from NJA on 2ch, he did a real one before so this is probably real, don’t get carried away though…

    Spoiler #2

    The chapter starts with Rukia, Chad and Renji.
    Yammy appears in front of them (falls from above). ()
    He says “That four eyed bastard, I’m gonna kill him!”
    The he goes to attack the three of them but suddenly they can all feel a huge reiatsu.
    Rukia asks “Is that Ichigo’s reiatsu?”

    The scene changes.

    We see Ulquiorra who still has his head, right side and lower half intact.
    Ichigo tosses him away but then walks towards him intent on chopping up what is left.
    Ishida stops him. “If you go any further you won’t be human anymore, stop this Kurosaki.”
    Ichigo faces Ishida and then draws his sword before stabbing Ishida in the abdomen.
    While Orihime is walking towards Ishida she can hear Ichigo talking.
    “…I will help.” Ichigo mutters as if it’s a mantra.
    Orihime is astonished (it’s like she is disappointed in herself because she came here to help and then just ended up relying on Kurosaki kun again).
    She says “stop it Kurosaki kun” but Ichigo just moves towards Ishida. He is about to kill him with a cero from his horns however Ulquiorra who was meant to be dead helps Ishida by cutting off one of Ichigo’s horns and folding the other (Ulquiorra’s body is fixing itself little by little).
    It ends with a big explosion over Ichigo’s head.

    sidetext: The last attack (the spoiler writer commented that maybe it means Ulquiorra used the last of his power to save Ishida, though this is just speculation).

    The title is the Lust 6.

  77. BUBBLE

    Ulquiorra: “With your powers combined! I am Captain Emo!

    Ishida: “A…Amazing!”

  78. @Kyouto: Nice spoiler…I wonder if Ulquiorra is becoming more human. Hmmm….I just hope this spoiler comes true.

  79. this is kinda off topic but is the turn back the pendeleum series over now…i haven’t had the chance to watch it since i got off work today?…anyways i cant wait for the spoiler…wouldn’t it be weird if ulquiorra became one of the gang…lol

  80. @Shinobi: Yep, that arc just ended today. It was pretty badass you should watch it. If Ulquiorra joins the gang I’m sh**ing myself…honestly I wouldn’t know what to think of it at this point…

  81. @anyone: Now i’m not a huge bleach fan, but i have read through all the manga so far, now if someone could please tell me, WTF is a Vasto Lorde? I think i remember Aizen mentioning them, so if anyone could post a link on info about them that would be great.

  82. Bubble:
    Ishida: !!!
    Ulq: What? What’s going on?
    Ishida: Holys**t! Inoue strips her pants!

  83. BUBBLE

    Ishida: !!!
    Ulq: What? What’s going on?
    Ishida: Holys**t! Inoue strips her pants!

  84. hey mudshovel check this link out on bleach wiki…it should give you an idea of a vasto lorde…

  85. ichigo has got to be a vasto lorde now, i mean i just checked out the wiki site and it resemblems him ALOT. sucks tho he prob wont be able to go back to soul society now.

  86. resembles******
    sorry cant type >_<

  87. Bubble

    ulq: What are you looking at?

    Ishida: Im looking at your ugly face EMO !!

  88. Bubble

    Ulq: OH NO! my arm, i have to get it back !

    Ishida: Not if I get it first

  89. Bubble

    Ulq: Damn, guess ill just pop another arm on

    Ishida: can I have one please ?

  90. Here are the spoiler pictures for this week.






  91. @madness: thanks alot … ahh so thats what it is. Interesting – i wonder how a vasto Lorde would go up against the general commander?

  92. i had a thought…..ichigo’s endless power supply….what if it turns out that ichigo’s dad is the king….not just part of the royal guard. i think that would be an unparralled twist to the whole story an explain why his power/ability seems to go beyond expectation.meh just a thought.

  93. I just noticed that Nanao-Chan is Missing!…where is she?

  94. ok so lookin at the spoilers, ichigo seems to some how get the mast half way off but still has a humongious hole in his chest…there is no way he could still be a shinigami or a human…is there?

  95. New Bleach Manga is out on! 😀

    Absolutely badass!

  96. bleach is at at onemanga

  97. stupid 4 eyes, probably fu*ked kurosaki up the ass with that interuption.

  98. good chapter how the fuck is ulq still moving?!

  99. Wow his cero totally blasted through the dome and inside of it. If the top four are not supposed to do it inside the dome because it can destabilize it wonder what this will do to it.

  100. @ Supertrek: I second that! *L*

    The new chapter didn’t fail to impress. I knew Ulquiorra wouldn’t go down that easily, though I will admit I was worried there for a few days while we waited. Seems like he pulled some kind of trump card by breaking Ichigo’s horn … it looks almost like he released the power fueling his transformation, so it will be interesting to see how the next chapter turns out.

    I’ll save my other speculation for the breakdown ^_^

  101. i bloody love what ichigo did to that punk fuck ishida. So much for an interuption. I would use a cero on him if i were ichigo so he would learn not to interupt.

  102. good chapter, gonna wait till breakdown and poor Ishida lost a arm and now might die

  103. Ulq is a fighting corpse

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