One Piece Chapter 537 Okama in Hell is out! + One Piece Chapter 536 Breakdown!!! 0_0

One Piece manga 537 <spoiler><pics><raw><translation>

The new issue of One Piece is out!!! Click the translation link above to read it.  Breakdown coming shortly…

-One Piece Chapter 536 Breakdown below-


Hey what’s up iareawesomeness community? This is Tarik (Supertrek89) bringing you the new One Piece Chapter 536 Breakdown! I know it would be hard for people unfamiliar to One Piece to catch up since we’re on uh….chapter 536 and the anime has almost reached episode 400, so I’m going to give you as brief as possible what has happened since then…Ahem

Shortest Summary of 536 Chapters You’ll Ever See:

Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of the story, is a pirate who dreams of becoming the ‘Pirate King’ by discovering ‘One Piece’, a grand treasure left behind by legendary pirate Gold D. Roger. The name ‘Pirate King’ speaks for itself; it is the grandest and most respected title around the world a pirate can make for himself. Only the infamous Gold D. Roger who has been dead since the start of the series has held the title. To do this Luffy has gathered up Nakama (friends) from all over the ocean to help him reach his goal and in the process fulfill their individual dreams too. Starting off by himself he has gained a total of 9 crew members including himself. The Straw Hat Crew (Luffy’s crew name) has already made it half way through the toughest ocean there is, the Grand Line. He is about to cross over into its second half, donned the New World, which has only been fully explored by Gold D.Roger himself! Before that though Luffy has broken into the World Government’s impenetrable jail Impel Down to free his brother and that is where we find our hero now. The rest of his crew…they’re all over the place…different islands…long story…


Who ever said a human/reindeer hybrid and living skeleton couldn't be pirates? Shun the nonbelievers...

Alright now that everyone’s caught up we can jump right in now! Time to start the One Piece Chapter 536 Breakdown!!! ^_^

I have a feeling Kig Tut's rolling in his grave right about now...

I have a feeling King Tut's rolling in his grave right about now...

We start off with Bon-Chan cleverly disguised as Vice Warden Hannyabal trying to find a cure for Luffy’s multiple poisons inflicted on his body from his last fight. Remember his bold fight with Chief Magellan the devil fruit user who can turn his body into poison? Well yeah, not only did Luffy lose but he’s not doing so well either….I think he’s dying…yeah his skin melting off definitely dying and painfully too!

The Bold.................the cold..................just plain stupid!

The Bold.................the cold...............the stupid!

Feeling desperate Bon-Chan takes two inmates who are actually working with him, Buggy and Gial, into the maximum security zone level 5; “The Freezing Hell”! Why is he there? Simple, Luffy’s imprisoned there and so is the “Miracle Worker” Okama Queen Iva-San. He believes she’s the only one that can save Luffy now. On his way there though Bon-Chan finds out from the guards that she was apart of a rare and mysterious disappearance that occasionally occurs in Impel Down where prisoners disappear from their cells without a trace. The guards call it the “Demonings Away”. Hmmm….sounds suspicious to me. What do you’ll think?

Now Bon-Chan, Buggy, and Gial find themselves wearing barely nothing freezing their asses off in the deepest dungeons of Impel Down, and to make things worse they encounter the Wolf Unit roving wild all over the place! Buggy and Gial avoid the wolves while Bon-Chan dives gallantly into battle with the wolves…dumbass but you gotta love his spirit!


AND in the name of love and secret feeling towards you!

Eventually, a bedraggled and bloodied Bon-Chan finds Luffy and makes his voice heard, HE’S THERE IN THE NAME OF FRENDSHIP! Bon-Chan gets major points from me for his heroic determination but I’m not sure he’s totally their for friendship if you know what I mean…anybody who knows Bon-Chan does…Lol, I’m just kidding they’re just great friends……


I know it's mating season but this is CRAZZZZYY!!!

A douche bag prisoner points Bon-Chan who’s dragging an incapacitated Luffy in a wagon towards the woods aka Wolves Den because Mr. Douche Bag prisoner said he saw a strange man appearing over there. Bon-Chan who’s still looking for the Okama Queen Iva goes gullibly looking for any information of her whereabouts. What happens next? If you guessed he finds the Okama Queen sitting down at a patio in a sunny vista part of the woods sipping pina colada then your wrong…and should be slapped repeatedly! If you guessed they were attacked by wolves then you hit the nail right on the head!


This is why I don't drink folks...

Bon Chan is about to fall to the wolves sheer numbers but what’s this? Holy F**k a melting poisoned Luffy stands up and uses the mind controlling ‘Haki’ to make the wolves retreat and some even fainted on their faces. Bon-Chan asks what Luffy just did but before he could answer they both faint. Afterwards some weirdo that looks like he’s from both the lands of Mania and Dementia appears and the chapter ends…Overall it was a great chapter for me but I like most One Piece chapters so I want to know what you guys think, especially about who the hell do you’ll think this new guy is! See ya soon!


~ by supertrek89 on March 24, 2009.

28 Responses to “One Piece Chapter 537 Okama in Hell is out! + One Piece Chapter 536 Breakdown!!! 0_0”

  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2nd!!!

  3. 3rd!!!

  4. 4th?

  5. lol no one is dissussin the manga at all – just calling placements!!!

  6. @ Supertrek – Dude! Seriously… great job! I think I’m actually going to try and read this manga now. What chapter does this story arc start on?

  7. Oh! 5th BTW

  8. @Jeremiah: Wow, thanks a lot the story arc for Impel Down starts on chapter 524 but if you really want to have an idea of what’s currently going on start around chapter 500! Hope everyone else enjoys it too! ^^

  9. NIIIIIIicely done, supertrek. 😀 I think you hooked me in, too. 500 chaps seems excessive. BUT…I think i’ve heard this manga just sort of meanders along the plot, so maybe it’s not as crucial that I go back and read? What do you think?

  10. @Ibiki: Truth is…you’re right about it meandering and you can definitely start from anywhere as long as it’s at the beginning of an arc but you’ll be missing out on a lot of character development, adventures, and plot. But 500 chapters is a hell of a lot to read, so just start anywhere around chapter 500 like Jeremiah if you really want too and you should be good to go! 😉

  11. Xth Almost there just 359 chapters to go. Then reread some of the newer ones and back on track. Also don’t scare me like that I though the melting man was Zoro for a moment. Last I saw of Mr.3 he was unconscious laying in some water after being kicked by Sanji.

  12. Well done, Supertrek. I’m sure that after a couple more of your recaps, I’ll also be compelled to pick up the manga. D@mn you, Super. 🙂

  13. Good job. Not really a manga I follow, though I check in on it occasionally, but overall good presentation.

  14. Whoa!
    500+ chapters??? definitely not my thing…just the numbers discourage me…even that soul-eater is huge (i haven’t gone past the “0”th chapter -__-)

  15. wait…
    @supertrek: start from 500th chapter? will that work on a noob too? (just curious ^_^) if it is okay and if that won’t stop me from understanding the manga….maybe i should give it a shot! what do you say?

  16. Finally One Piece is here.great work supertrek89,thnx iareawesomeness

  17. Nice job supertrek89! this site keeps getting better everyday. Thank god I read all these chapters last year. This is really a great manga. I suggest you start reading around 500 like supertrek89 said. The amazon arc was funny. Spoiler seemed to hvae most of the chapter. Looks like he have the okama queen?. Luffy probably could of defeated the chief warden guy(poison guy) if he had not been hungry and injured/tired already. I mean Luffy did leave him pretty beat up. He could definitely pwnd him if he knew how to use his haoushoku( high level of haki).

  18. Sweet spoilers are here thanks for posting them! 😀

    @Pain: Yeah, sure start from chapter 500 and by the time you catch up you won’t be completely lost. 😉

    @Diablo: Thanks it’s great to have another One Piece fan here!

    @Captnmexico: I completely agree with you. If Luffy wasn’t so hungry he could’ve beaten Magellan and Luffy was so close to the kicthen too. Looks like Luffy’s learning how to use ‘Haki’ better now since he did it on the wolves. Seems the Okama Queen makes an appearance next chapter too as you said.

    Can’t wait for the next chapter!!! @_@

  19. @Supertrek – Great job. I have to admit, when I first saw the anime on cartoon network, I thought “ah, this will be lame, strictly for kids” The next thing I knew I was watching each episode, and getting fully engrossed in the story.
    (note that I also said this about Naruto up until the Zabuza fight began. Lesson learned: Never judge a book by it’s cover – UNLESS it’s a SJ cover)

  20. @Prawlkage: Don’t judge a book by its cover eh? 😉 I felt the same way too and I missed out on One Piece for years until I was finally convinced by an awesome One Piece AMV to starting watching it. Now I’m hooked and can’t go back. Goes to show you old idioms actually are right sometimes. Thanks for reading! 🙂

    @Anyone: I’m really curious about how the rest of Luffy’s crew is doing. Looks like Bon-Chan disguised himself as Nami (Luffy’s Navigator) to get past a guard with her sex appeal. The last time we saw Nami was on Sky Island. All of his crews are on different islands and I can’t wait for the story to get back to them. Hell, I definitely can’t wait for the Straw Hat Pirates to reform into the ultimate crew again!!! 😀

  21. supertrek89 – Bon? Are you talking about Mr.2, you know Okama Kenpo? Also is that Mr.3 above. I know they do those short stories on the cover after each arc. (Currently on Chapter 189)

  22. @Kyouto: Yeah, Luffy calls him Bon-Chan but I guess it would be easier to call him Bon right? That’s not Mr. 3 shown above it’s the vice chief of Impel Down Hannyabal, but since you’re only on chapter 189 you don’t know him yet. I don’t think Mr. 3 a.k.a the wax guy makes an appearance in the next chapter. But he’s somewhere along with Buggy in Impel Down trying to escape. Can’t wait more people to catch up!!! 0_0

  23. one peice is up everyone its posted at onemanga hurry if you wanna read

  24. That’s cold. Turning the dude into a chick(hot one). So if Luffy is goign ot be stuck there 2 days what will really happen to Ace? Unless luffy doesn’t finish w/e treatment he is receiving and escapes like that to save him.

  25. one piece is out at now..

  26. @Sonicspeed: LMAO, another great chapter thx for informing us!

    @Captnmexico: I wonder how far the trasnformation went though. He…she was holding her crtoch and Bon did say Iva turned him into a women (A hot one indeed) so who knows…I’d rather not think about it to much…0_0 Yeah, Luffy’s definitely going to break out of there once he finds out their trying to keep him hospitalized for two days. 10 hours passed already so that makes it…16 hours left until Ace’s execution! Will Luffy be fully healed? Maybe after a giant dinner to go on the way out but most likely not. He’s Luffy though so don’t be surprised if he comes out of this better than before. 🙂

    @Anyone: So now we know how Bon got the better of Hannyabal during that dream sequence. I’m glad that was covered because it was a tad confusing. Who thinks the rest of the Straw Hat Crew will show up at Ace’s public execution and recall their seperate tales later in flashbacks? Do all of these “okama” have the power to look like men and women? Look at the before and after picture of Inazuma for what I’m talking about.

  27. @supertrek89- I don’t think so. some of them aren’t even in the grandline. It would take a long time for to make it to the execution. Nami was stuck on the sky island with no way down. Robin was in east blue i think. Zoro is stuck in emo land, Chopper was in some nest, forgot the rest haha.


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