Soul Eater 59 breakdown and discussion

-Soul Eater 60 Preview Discussion and 59 Breakdown below-

Hi everyone,

This is Scorpion Legacy with the blog’s very first Soul Eater breakdown.  This month brings the long awaited climax of a very long arc named “Operation-Seize Baba Yaga’s Castle”.  This month’s chapter was full of many cool things… it had girls covered in sticky white stuff, insanity, the power of will, super piano playing, and a magical cloth change sequence.

Chapter 58- Operation Seize Baba Yaga's Castle 13

Chapter 59- Operation Seize Baba Yaga's Castle 14

Ok, so we start this chapter off with everyone going insane from the witch Arachne’s insanity wavelength; apparently, going insane makes your face melt off.

OMG! I just saved a buch of money on my car insurance!

OMG! I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance! Poor random soldier, all he wanted was some free college.

Then we have Naruto’s clone, Black Star, who can apparently produce magic farts that snap people back to reality.

Can you smell the love!

Can you smell the love!

After Black Stars magical force of will farting, we find out that Arachne’s insanity wavelength can reach M.R EMO, aka Death The Kid, who is stuck inside Book of Eibon. 

  We then find out that Maka produces an Anti-Demon wavelength that is protecting herself and Soul from Arachne’s insanity wavelength. So, Maka then wants Soul to play his piano and transmit her Anti-Demon wavelength around the castle to stop the insanity.  After a brief conversation with his little demon, Soul figures out he can use Arachne’s web to amplify his piano playing to send Maka’s Anti-Demon wavelength throughout the castle to cure the face melting insanity.

Ewww... Makas covered in sticky white stuff, I wonder if she can get the stains out?

Ewww... Makas covered in sticky white stuff, I wonder if she can get the stains out?

YEAH! It worked, everyone was cured from the insanity, and Arachne got hurt in the process, DOUBLE WIN! Uh Oh, now Maka’s serious, she says she will win in one attack, so…. Cool transformation time!

Moon Prism Power - Goth Style!

Moon Prism Power - Goth Style!

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Well that’s the end of my short and sweet breakdown, get ready for next month!

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~ by サソリの遺産 Scorpion Legacy on March 23, 2009.

27 Responses to “Soul Eater 59 breakdown and discussion”

  1. first, but i hate to say i don’t read or watch soul eater, sorry scorp…

  2. Xth What is this series about, there don’t seem to be that many chapters so catching up shouldn’t be a problem. Something about, Shinigami school?

  3. Yay! Scorp that was great, I’m excited to see this new manga here. Jeremiah will kill me if I drop Bleach to pick something else up. >.> But I’ll be catching up soon, I promise, this was fun!

    Sticky stuff…LMAO. Naughty. ^.^

  4. HOLY F**K S**T BAGS OF GLORY WTF IS THIS YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! 0_0

  5. F**K, I only watch the eps and I’m completely caught up on them and all but I heard the it diverges from the manga. SO, I’m going to get right on reading the manga now…but I’m still watching the eps because they’re pure awesomeness! THANKS SCORPION LEGACY! ^_^

  6. @ super – that jutsu???

  7. @ Kyouto- some info on soul eater

    Also the manga is monthly like FMA, so each chapter is 50 pages long that is why only 58 chapters are out right now.

  8. gaaaah…i’ve heard of sooo many manga’s and yet i’m destined(by my own volition) to read just NAruto!

  9. Nice job! Very entertaining! ^_^

  10. ok…there is manga with that name too….

    well, if the number of chapter is less than 300, i will read it (and finish reading it) today :-p

    thanks for recommending me another awesome manga (well, you didn’t intend to…but it had the same effect on me ^_^)

  11. i saw the first episode and a few chaps…not sure if i could get into it but ‘ll try since alot seems to have happened thanks scorp..

  12. STOP FINDING AWESOMENESS mangas to get me ADDICTED TO!!!! i have enough work to get done this isnt fair! nice find scorp, this looks cool a s**t ill have to get around to catching up on it

  13. new series lolz 11th person anyway

  14. Soul eater?

  15. Here kitty kitty! Soul Eater is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Good Job!

  16. Woot we got soul eater now too ^_^. For some reason I remember commenting here but I don’t see my comment. Oh well, great breakdown scorp. Anyone have an idea what the little demons purpose is? I know he keeps tempting Soul but for what? I know in the anime it looks like he took over his soul. Hope maka gets something new. Blackstar got that walking the warrior path demon blade power. Kid used brew and got one of his stripes connected. Maka gets nothing so far.

  17. This is the top rated soul eater AMV on the best AMV site on the web. I am not a big fan of the song, but the AMV is cool. I hope this makes some people get into soul eater lol.

  18. f*ck! finally caught up with the present! that was a good read! but i just couldn’t believe the chapter getting shorter and shorter each time…anyways, thanks for letting me know….

    funny thought in my mind: Maka is about to kill the Spider-Woman
    i can’t wait till the next issue!!!

  19. i don’t get one thing though….
    it is written that “spider-woman” dies at the hands of Asura…i didn’t see that happening at all….

    are the anime and manga different for this particular series?

  20. @Pain: Yeah, the anime diverges from the manga at a certain point. I haven’t started reading the manga yet but I plan to soon. I watch the eps though!

  21. OMG! I jizzed in my pants on this weeks episode of Soul Eater! Soul Resonance 2,000% WTF TOTAL PWNAGE!!! 0_0

  22. ok, so i decide to read bleach, spent i dunno how long doing that until i was caught up (it amounts to my giving only 3 posts in the last 2 weeks) and now there is this? i need rest guys. at least i will not be reading one peice, im sorry, just tooo kiddy for me

  23. hey, i just recently finished watching the entire soul eater anime, and i was wondering if I should even bother reading the soul eater manga, or is it just going to be a waste of my time. Can anyone give me a recommendation?

  24. well the manga splits from the anime if that what you are asking

  25. New chapter is out!!! Never thought I say it but chrona looked kinda hot there……still can’t believe I said that. Anyway great issue. Medusa got a spanking new/old? body. Love the black hair now. Seems like their might be a Kabuchimaru thing going on with Medusa.

  26. ——-
    the new chapter is out!
    and believe it or not that little girl actually defeated that spider woman…..and they got the witch’s soul (<<<perhaps now the weird guy, soul, will become a death scythe….i’m just saying)

    it was cool but…i really hoped that “that little girl” (maka, was it?) wouldn’t be able to defeat “spider woman” in one shot…..and *SPOILER* what the hell does Medusa mean by “I’m her mother after all”???? wasn’t she the sister? how did she get promoted?

  27. @pain…Medusa is chrona’s mother…I am working on the breakdown now.

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