Bleach Manga 351 Spoiler 100% confirmed tons of pics + discussion + Bleach 350 breakdown and discussion

Bleach Manga 351 <spoiler><pics><raw><translation><New Naruto Spoiler pics are out!>

Thanks goes out to Rasen2u for the spoiler ^_^ A script is in the comments section…

Don't call it a comeback...

Don't call it a comeback...

-Breakdown of Bleach 350 is below-


Hey everyone,

What an amazing issue right!?  As most of you know, I was hoping for Ichigo’s death followed by his arrival into Soul Society, but this was the next best thing!   I was really excited while I read… well I didn’t actually read hardly anything… there were like 5 words in the whole chapter… But that’s beside the point ^_^  It was an amazing issue and I’ve got the breakdown below, but I must warn you that one pic is f**kin disgusting and I’m almost ashamed I created it… it will make you barf.  But I couldn’t resist taking advantage of the horrible angle the panel was drawn from!  Anyway… you’ve been warned @_@ Enjoy. Read the next panel left to right… (I’m very sorry in advance >_<)

I'm sorry! I'm so very sorry!  Oh God forgive meeeee!!! *Sobs*

I'm sorry! I'm so very sorry! Oh God forgive meeeee!!! *Sobs*

If that pic above didn’t disturb you, then ur probably German… ^_^ (Shizer film reference)  And if ur still scratching ur head and wondering why that’s gross, then you haven’t let ur gaze drift to the pile underneath her in the far right frame…  I was going to switch around the panels to read right to left like a real manga but I wanted to leave it in its pristine… un armed state >_< *barf!*

He looks so badass that even inanimate objects come to him when he calls now...

He looks so badass that even inanimate objects come to him when he calls now...

Even after all the discussion in the comments section last week, I’m still unsure of what is going on.  In my opinion, he looks like a Vasto Lorde and he also seems to have activated a second release similar to what Ulquiorra was able to do… I’d like to think he’s in control so that he can do this in the future whenever he’s deep in the shit.  But I’m REALLY hoping that he hasn’t lost control of his hollow and become the horse.  If that’s the scenario, then this is only a temporary thing. He would try to find a way to control it eventually, which would depress the hell out of me.  I want this to be something that comes back in the future, I don’t want this to be something he has to suppress.  What do you think he has become?

Said in an Austin Powers accent: Are you horny baby? Fancy a cero?

Said in an Austin Powers accent: Are you horny baby? Fancy a cero?

Ichigo drops the hammer with his horny cero tech, which Ulquiorra says blows away his Cero Oscura (Black Cero).  He’s obviously more Hollow than Shinigami at this point… is this what Aizen wanted all along?  Do you think Aizen knew Ichigo’s potential and let him grow purposely?   Aizen did send his Espada out on a mission to look for Vasto Lordes, perhaps that’s what all this was.  What do you think?

Bleach 351

Pre Pwnage...

Ulquiorra went from the one dropping the hammer to the one catching the business end of said hammer >_<  I like Ulquiorra, but he looked so ridiculous in this chapter.

“You still don’t see the gap in our power do you?”  Yes we do, and we also see the deer in the headlights look ur sportin pre-pwnage as well there, princess ^_^

Post Pwnage...

Post Pwnage...

Guess what Ishida is getting for Christmas this year!?!?!?!  I’ll give you a hint… it used to belong to an Espada whose name rhymes with Shmilquiorra…

It was a great chapter and I’m looking forward to this week’s to see how much control Ichigo currently has over this form… let me know what you think in the comments section.  Is he in control, is this a second release like Ulqi’s, is Ichigo a Vasto Lorde, has his hollow become the king and now he’s the horse… Lots of questions to answer this week and I love that!



(The demotivational poster this week is pretty F’d up but it goes well with the rest of this F’d up post…)

iareawesomeness Bleach Demotivational poster #3

iareawesomeness Bleach Demotivational poster #3


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  1. FIRST!!!? sweet but wierd nice post

  2. bitch

  3. @ lightice – agreed! Very wierd >_<

  4. when i saw that panel with her pooping herself i thought that looked awkward, i was like “ that her ass?” but after looking at it and seeing this post i do believe so

  5. @ bashbrotha – LMAO… very awkwardly drawn panel ^_^

  6. Xth There was a strange silence when after seeing that. Ichigo has minor control however doesn’t seem to be the main pilot, he is shouting the advice and Hollow Ichigo is wielding the blade. About the Vasto Lord, Ichigo appears to be one, however there isn’t much info on the form, with his power right now its probably the case. Besides just think if Hollow Ichigo isn’t a Vasto Lord or something lower how much worse can it become if Aizen actually obtains one of them none the less ten.

  7. 6th!!!! highest ever been. Nice um..weird post. I too hope this form stays. If it doesn’t it better be replaced by something more badass.

  8. ahhhh im too late for 6th…..7th!!!???

  9. @Captnmexico: You’re actually the 5th person to comment and I’m 6th. :0

    Jeremiah you really did it…you made me choke on my turkey and vegetable soup looking at that panel! Lol, omg I know you were tempted to do it and you couldn’t resist but…Anyway, great chapter review because you covered ALL the angles and perspectives. 😉

    Is Ichigo a Vasto Lorde? YESSSSSS, I’ve been pointing it out for weeks now and I even came up with the theory here. The pictures and similarities are to much to ignore and what else could outpace and rip Ulquiorra’s arm off that easy in his second form? A VERY strong Arrancar?…oh…you mean a Vasto Lorde right?

    Now did Aizen know about Ichigo’s potential…that’s a tricky one. I would like to say yes because that bastard Aizen is a tricky one himself and I wouldn’t put this kind of ingenious sick plan past him. Using his own men’s lives too bring out Ichigo’s Vasto Lorde so that Aizen can recruit him in his future Vasto Lorde army. This is starting to sound like my crazy theory I posted yesterday…for it to happen though Ichigo would have to NOT be in control of himself bringing up the question is Ichigo in control or not…As I said before I think he’s 5% Ichigo and 95% hollow. Enough for Aizen to persuade to his side? Who knows?

  10. real mature jeremiah -_-… AND I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!! *maito gai nice guy pose*

  11. Anyone else notice the 7 deadly sin chapter titles?

    Lust seems to be pretty popular.

  12. caption for arm ripping: well i guess that mean’s no more wrist cutting for you uliqurrio…

  13. Is Orihime practicing for 1 girl 2 Hollows?

  14. Hm can’t help but wonder the last time Ichigo acted as a mindless hollow was the time then he was fighting his inner battle for king.
    So how the hell will the next chapter be like! 😀

    I want to believe that this battle with Ulquiorra has just started=longer battle 😀

  15. btw ain’t he to fast to act like a mindless zombie.

    worlds fastest zombie… scary!?

  16. @jenovavii- HAHAHA!

  17. ichigo is something else. and hang on one sec, are vasto lordes supposedly higher than espadas?

    @spertrek; Something tells me aizen can see ichigo is destined to fight him and want’s to study ichigo’s potential before he faces him.

  18. I think the 7 deadly sins that are being pointed out are supposed to show the animal side of Ichigo. The 7 deadly sins are supposed to represent the embodiment of evil showing that too much of a good thing is never good

    In my opinion a hollow represents that animal side of a person compared to being just human

    I think that this time the lust title in its self has something to do with the fact that Ichigo might like Orohime as much but tries not to show it….I mean he already has proved that he can go much farther than his limitations just to win a battle for her. (come on! he has a hole in his freakin chest!) Now that Ichigo has turned into a hollowish transformation I think that side of himself that likes Orohime is the reason that fuels him to win against Ulquiorra

    but thats my theory

  19. @ jenovavii – lmfao! Nice comment! Didn’t see that until just now.


  20. @Totalitarian: If Aizen knew he was destined to fight Ichigo and knew beforehand that he would pose a threat if allowed to grow then Aizen would’ve killed him a long time ago. In fact I do believe that Aizen sent Ulquiorra to the real world the first time to test Ichigo’s power. Ulquiorra came back and said he was not a threat at all and Aizen believed him…so it seems…

    The theory is Aizen could have seen something different in Ulquiorra’s analysis of Ichigo’s power and allowed Ichigo to grow knowing his potential to be a Vasto Lorde. So that in the future when Mr. Vasto Lorde Ichigo made his appearance Aizen could make him join his army. Since they are the rarest Arrancar it does make sense to grab them regardless of their origins. Oh, and Vasto Lordes are MUCH stronger than Espada and as far as we know Aizen has none in his current army.

    @Ace: Lol, are you saying Ichigo’s gone this far because he’s horny for Inoue’s body? 0_0


    i guess we should have seen thise comming from before…

  22. @Blackoreanboi: DAMN! Nice find dude…talk about foreshadowing…does this mean he’s dead…

    “Life and Death, both of which are contained in oneself”

    That’s what it says…has death taken over? F**K I’m confused now!!!! >_<

  23. well, this chapter was awesome! (or maybe not that much)
    Ichigo just got turned into a’s a BULL!!!
    (i always knew that the artist favored spain…but this is the limit)

    some body said “maybe the hole in his chest is the trigger….” and i would like to agree with that…it looks like ulquira’s “habit” will make him pay….(say good bye to Ulquira! muhahahaha)

    this is the fourth major transformation of ichigo (he is now officially super hollow 4) and i won’t be surprised if it goes beyond 7 (or maybe not…i always thought Aizen-saga is the finish…we all have to wait and see ^_^)

    my rating for this chapter 8/10 (the 2 points’s loss is because i never saw how those horns developed and because the new ichigo didn’t talk/make angry face)

  24. well ichigo is cool
    ulqurria and ishidad should join the armless club
    i swear if orihime cries anymore i am done with bleach
    where are the other guys 😐 lol kenpachi would have a field day with ulqurria
    i am sexy
    and this weeks of bleach was the best one ever! and the part about it that makes it so funny is that THERE WAS LIKE NO FUCKING WORDS LOL

  25. Yosh!!

    I liked the breakdown for this chapter, but I’m not sure if I like bleach anymore.

    Unlike Naruto, it seems that Ichigo obtains new strength by chance or through desperation, but rarely ever through his own hard work. By obtaining strength this way makes it a little lackluster for me.

    Bleach lacks the character depth and development like Naruto and many other mangas. But one thing I do have to say about bleach, the manga translates better into anime because of its action and the animation team.

    Naruto manga needs to take some pointers from them.


  26. from the looks of the new anime it seems like shinji was forming a hollow body as well as his mask. what do you guys think? can they all do it?

  27. i dont think aizen could have possibly known about ichigo having a hollow inside of himself for the mere fact the only time he saw ichigo was when they were at soul society and even if uliquorra showed him using his mask he probably wouldn’t/couldn’t have foreseen this happening to him against uliquorra….yes even though aizen is the kind of guy who would sacrifice a piece to get a stronger one he actually liked/trusted uliquorra…(he no gin or kaname tho)so in a sense is is somewhat disposable..

  28. Great breakdown Jeremiah!!!! I really enjoyed this chapter, it was really great seeing Ichigo transforming in a more Hollow-advanced form, OMG!! It really looks badass!!!
    By the way I don’t really think Aizen will want or at least try to recruit Ichigo, hell no!! But giving it a second thought I would like to see Hollowed Ichigo kicking th s**t out of Captain Yamamoto haha!!!

    @Jeremiah: Shouldn’t it be Bleach 350 breakdown hehe!! But inspite that insignificance, great post as always!!

  29. @otepagaara: why? what is it?

  30. @Pain: Why what?? hehe!! didn’t really understand…. Why do i think aizen won’t try to recruit Aizen?? or why would i like to see Capatain Yamamoto get his ass kiicked?? ^_^

  31. Hi Everyone, Is Ichigo a Vasto Lordes? i would have to say yes
    Did Aizen know? i think he knew that ichigo was no ordinary shinigami and he was different. well thats my answer

  32. Vasto Lorde is sick ichigo is beast it hink he is half in control and hopefully he will speak in the next chapter

  33. First time writer, Long time reader!

    I think Aizen does know all about Ichigo. But I think Ichigo’s dad will play a part in that before we get our final answer. 🙂

    I’m seeing a new arc coming soon tho, simply for the fact that we havn’t seen one spotlight from the other vizards since we saw them leave the warehouse. I think they will be the new vasto lordes as they take on the royal court of Soul Society. That is just my theory though.

    Great chapter! Nice breakdown and yeah my mind did go right there when they drew Orhime like that. But hey…you got to go when you got to go right? 🙂

  34. A Vasto Lorde is the most advanced hollow class and not an Arrancar, Aizen wants Vasto Lorde to become his new Espada, because they are the most powerful hollows, Stark and Barragan were Vasto Lorde before they became Arrancar.
    I think that there will be another conversation between Ichigo and his hollow and a fight between the two, if Ichigo wins this last fight agains his hollow he will be able to control of his power, like he said.

  35. @ xenosmith – good comment, thanks for the links ^_^

  36. @Jeremiah – Is there anyway you could make some sort of contest for the Bleach Breakdown? The lack of spoilers and predictions draw away from the conversation and discussing whether Ichigo is a vasto lord or not doesn’t stretch beyond certain points.

  37. @ Kyouto – I was going to this week but there is sooooo few words its nearly impossible. I will look for an opportunity again this week ^_^

  38. @Exocrcismus: Good point about the Vasto Lordes not being Arrancar. You’re right, Vasto Lordes are the highest class of Menos not Arrancar. Arrancar are hollows that remove their mask and Vasto Lordes definitely do have their masks on. What makes you think that Stark and Barragan were Vasto Lordes before becoming Espada/Arrancar though? Is it because of this So we know here that Aizen could also be looking for Arrancar ON the Vasto Lorde level and maybe not for Vasto Lordes themselves. So you’re saying Stark and Barragan could be former Vasto Lordes who removed their masks to become Espada/Arrancar in Aizen’s army?

    Why would they do that? Couldn’t they also just be Espada/Arrancar with Vasto Lorde power level? I’m curious where you came up with this theory…

    For those confused Espada are basically Arrancar they’re just artificially made. Read first few lines of Bleach Wiki for reference

  39. Going by the last few naruto chapters and seeing the last two bleach chapters I would be shocked if Isshin doesnt make a surprize apperance in hueco mundo to put hollow ichigo back in place.

    I dont think Ichigo has control at this time, yet I think an inner battle is approching…What i find interesting is the fact that ichigo still has is zanpakuto, ulquiorra nolonger has his zanpakuto…does this mean that if ichigo is a vasto lorde, he still has another level of release similar to either banki or the normal hollow release transformation.

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  41. @domosenpai…i think ichigo is in the process of fighting his inner hollow like when he was when he first learned how to control his mask…the hollow had ichigo’s sword even tho it wasn’t ichigo in control..i think the same thing has taken place which allowed his zanpaktou to stay where it is…for all we know this may be ichigo taking control of h-ichigo and the next chapter we see is the one in his mind. also the fact that they’re in hueco mundo should be a reason why he looks so different…remember chado? his left arm changed when he was fight that one espada, and he said he felt different since he arrived at hueco mundo…maybe thats why ichigo said he feels more hollow earlier in the fight with ulqiorra and him being a machine not able to follow now…hold on its right here..

  42. I dunno what you think but for me this is by far the best transformation i have seen in Bleach, it really is amazing!!! It has almost a week since the chapter came out and my head is still spinning around!!!

    But unfortunately I don’t think we are going to see this transformation in a while, for me not until Ichigo faces Aizen, at this state Ichigo is certainly way more powerful than anyone in the manga, even Aizen, so my logic tells me that, the way to the final battle won’t be that easy, so this transformation/release W/ever won’t appear until Aizen and Ichigo come face to face. In few words being able to make this tranformation, like changing troussers, would make things easy and boring to Ichigo

    I really can’t imagine there can be an upgrade to this form, that’s all

  43. The high level epsada are vasto lords when u think because they look more human like in there full release just look at Ul to see that. hystugia explained it in the anime.

  44. The transcript hasn’t been released as far as I have seen however the pictures are out. Ulquiorra got his arm back, he also has a weapon or attack of some sort.




  45. I FOUND THE TRANSLATIONS 😀 Thanks 2 accie 😀 Ulqy uses his special technique (name means “disappear”)
    そのまま動くなよできれば近くで使いたくない 的な会話
    The conversation goes something like, “Stay where you are…I don’t want to use it at close range if possible.”
    Ichigo stands perfectly composed.
    Ulqy fires one shot.
    扱い(必殺技)が難しいな 的な会話
    The conversation goes something like, “This technique is difficult to deal with.”
    He prepares a second shot.
    Can Ishida take out that continuously firing technique of his?
    While he’s getting ready Ichigo uses sonido.
    He reappears in front of Ulqy who fires his second shot at close range without hesitating but
    Ichigo blocks it with one hand and Ulqy is shocked.
    Ulqy is cut by Ichigo’s sword and falls.
    Something about Ichigo stepping on his head?
    The big explosion at the end is Ichigo letting loose.
    He never had a chance. (I guess he means Ulqy).

  46. Doesn’t it appear like Ulqiorra is fine?! WTF?! Re grew his f**king arm! Bet Ishida wishes he could do that ^_^

  47. lol yeah xD

  48. i would love to see kenpachi try to fight ichigo in this state now. it would be so funny to see him try

  49. Looks like ‘quiorra is a descendant of Piccolo lol °_°

  50. We need better spoilers 😦

  51. Everything is Aizen’s plan…..

  52. @jeremiah- yeah lame that he regrew it but it was coming. He had taken his eye out before and he regrew it. Even Espada 10(yamin i think) said Ulq had fast regen. Although its not instant like ichigos.
    Well who here thinks Ulqs special attack is going to do shit? I say no. He is probably going to use it and be like “impossible!!” and then ichigo tears off both arms this time.

  53. i thought a vasto lorde was just a high ranking HOLLOW. You had three levels and that was the top. Grimmjow had only become the second stage and then was transformed into an arrancar. Aizen was looking for hollows that were at vasto lorde level so he could transform them and use them at their ridiculous god like power. idk…

    if ichigo is still alive then he cant be a vasto lorde. if he died, then its possible he became a vasto lorde. but then why does he still have his bankai sword?

  54. i think he is somewhere between life and death
    so he kinda is partly a vasto lode and still has bankai

  55. certainly not his best look, that i’d say ((@_@))

  56. @ Jeremiah & Captnmexico21: I totally called it when I said Ulquiorra would regenerate his lost arm last week, though I never expected it to be so quickly. If Ulquiorra can regenerate that fast, though, it seems I might also have hit the mark when I said one of them would have to hack the other into tinsy tiny pieces in order to win this battle. That giant blast at the end of the spoiler would do the trick nicely ^_^

  57. @ elfarren – yes, you did call it ^_^

  58. @ Jeremiah: I’m really hoping I’m wrong about the second part, ’cause I want Ulquiorra to live to fight another day. The only hope for him at this point, though, would be if Ichigo can’t hold his new form for very long (like after he trained with the Visoreds) and reverted back.

  59. @Elfarren: Yeah, seems you were right about Ulquiorra’s regenerating abilities…sheesh, and I wasted such a long explanation on how it wouldn’t work just to wind up absolutely wrong… 😦 lol

    @Debito89: You’re absolutely right about the Vasto Lordes. You got me thinking though…Arrancar’s are hollow who break their own mask’s to gain Shinigami powers…What if a Vasto Lorde broke it’s mask? Wouldn’t it grow stronger because not only would it keep it’s insane powers but also gain a Shinigami’s power? Maybe that’s what Espada’s 1 and 2 are? Arrancar Vasto Lordes and it would explain their human appearance…

    @Biradical: Actually, Vasto Lordes only share a human’s size in similarity. If you look at the picture here you can see Vasto Lordes look more hollow than human. Plus, Toshiro says they only are human size but they definitely don’t look like them.

  60. If Ulquiorra would really be dead (which I doubt) I think orihime will over power ichigo, (she was quite lame the whole huecos mundo episode) even aizen recognizes her power. She can progress and regress time at will and can make ichigo back to his former bankai mode. She can even bring back the dead and obliterated (2 girl espada previously knocked all over by grimjaw)

    because of this, nobody really would die permanently. (except maybe the sub characters that don’t really push the story forward nor even important to the readers, maybe orihime will save ulquiorra because he was nice to her) Orihime is the safety button of kubosan. She can even return everything like it was before if he makes her to. But that just kills the story.

    But who really gave orihime the power? That’s another story. Remeber the early episodes where there is a dark and barren land full of shadows where orihime’s onisan came? I don’t think that it was referred as hueco mundo. It must be a deeper and deadlier setting. I think kubosan already forgot about that, or maybe he makes his readers think it that way.

    Back to topic I think Ichigo is another form, much heavier than vasto lorde. Espada’s are the top vasto lordes right?

    Next issue, maybe ichigo will have the bizarre inverted buildings dream again and see his minus self or the old man zangetsu and have a lecture of sorts about the king and the horse. And eventually, ichigo finally triumphs over it.

    Anyway, i think another 2 – 3 weeks of action pack manga is on the way.

    In the end who knows? Ichigo might even have a higher level than the one he is right now – the one lead by the minus ichigo? (yes it can happen, and we thought super saiyan 3 was the top, then we later see super saiyan 4)

    After this, it’s all downhill. (remember rorounin kenshin? after his fight with the mummy samurai, it was no longer that interesting, we know he can beat all the bad dudes anyway)

    we know aizen has twice the power/level of a captain (since he can make arrancars) but how many levels of transformation does he have? Surely kubosan would make aizen stonger than all his espada put together.

  61. Yeah, orihime, because she’s a crying bitch that never lifts up a finger to defend herself would overpower icihgo, but would not overpower ulquoirra. I would literally break my laptop screen to peices if that happens, and i would be forced to ublish an article in National Geographic magazine on how much i want orihime dead.

  62. @ Supertrek: Hey, even I thought it wouldn’t work like this *L* Ulquiorra re-growing his arm instantly in the spoiler definitely surprised me, I just thought it was kinda funny how I was right about the fight lasting potentially forever if both he and Ichigo can regenerate with that kind of regularity. Now I really hope I’m wrong about how the fight will have to end, cause I really don’t want to see Ulquiorra die. Defeated, okay, but dead … nah *L*

  63. Ulquiorra regenerates his missing arm.

    “the best of me is that i can exchange my increible power in order to regenerate almost every part of my body at incredible speeds”

    Ulquiorra is the only arrancar that is capable of regenerate his body at incredible speeds with the exception of his brain and internal organs.

    After that explanation he makes a “Lanza del Relampago”. It seems it is really hard to use it.

    Ishida is scared, and then Ichigo uses a Sonido.

    Ulquiorra uses the “Lanza del Relampago” at a point-blank range.

    But Ichigo stops the attack with his own hands.

    Ichigo defeats ulquiorra, steps on his head and uses a Zero, the end.

  64. First of, what is a sonido? And what is a lanza del relampago? Then, by zero, do you mean a cero?

  65. sonido is a flash step. like, nightcrawler.

  66. @supertrek89
    I just can’t imagine how their power should differ so much, when most of the Espada were the same Hollow class before becoming Arrancar. Stark and Barragan both seem to be much stronger then most of the other Espada, so I thought that those two might have been Vasto Lorde. But it’s just a speculation^^

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  68. woot is out!!

  69. Ulq got F@#ked. Ichigo just tosses his arm like “here biatchhh don’t want it no more!!” I have to say Ichigo is partially in control. Like 50-50. So we know for sure he is a hollow hollow cauz he used sonido and cero. Maybe its like ichigo is “complete” now. He rejected his inner hollow for so long that he wasn’t his true self? The hollow is a part of him. Its who he is whether he likes it or not. Now he is one with it and bam!!! You get one sick looking hollow(vasto lord). This ichigo seems to calm and cold blooded to be either his crazy inner hollow or him. Its a balance. Either way great chapter.

  70. I’ve just read the chapter OMFG!!! It was f*****g amazing!!!!! Way to go!! “No mercy” Hell yeah!!! That´s it for ‘quiorra, I never thought he stood a chance against Hollowed-Ichigo. Now I am ready for some Vizard action!!! I’m looking forward to that!! And to know what do real Ichigo thinks about his knew form, I hope he doesn’t get cold feet to using it again, with some BS about “It is horrible, I won’t be like that again, I have to get stronger to not use it again”, Ichigo don’t be such a p***y and be a man, show them all your power, it doesn’t matter if you look like the devil itself!! haha ^_^.
    Now to see the captains get their ass wooped and some vizard action, please!!!!!

  71. Damn PWN no mercy, poor Ulquiorra who lower then trash NOW lol. After reading chapter 351 i was thinking, if the other vizards can reach this level too, and if they join aizen the soul society is pretty much f*** over.

  72. Well aizen’s goal isn’t destroying soul society its the king. yeah he will probably screw them over if they get in the way. I think we will see royal guard come into action soon if captains are defeated.

  73. @captnmexico21 yeah you’re right. I wonder how strong the royal guard’s are? And another question ulq said he was defeat by a human turn hollow, those this me ichigo is 100% hollow? And if he is fully a hollow, i wonder what would the shinigami’s do when this is over?

  74. LMFAO, OMG Ulquiorra got ass raped by Hollow Ichigo! He’s either dead or f**king nearly destroyed after that s**t! There ain’t no way he’s getting up after that!

    @Xenosmith: Good question about what the shinigami we’ll do with Ichigo after this battle. Another question is what will Hollow Ichigo do after this battle? He’s definite;y full blown Hollow and I’m 90% sure he’s a Vasto Lorde or has their power level.


    “Ulq got F@#ked. Ichigo just tosses his arm like “here biatchhh don’t want it no more!!” ” (Captnmexcico)

    LMAO!!! XD

    @Xenosmith: The Espada members probably had different power levels before Aizen did the shinigamification on them turning them into Espada. Plus, the results of the shinigamification on each member is different so the power levels change again after the experiment is done.

    “Few Hollows have the potential to remove their masks naturally, and even if they manage to do so, the change may not be significant. Sōsuke Aizen is able to artificially create Arrancar with the Hōgyoku, which also unlocks much more of their potential than a natural transformation would. The process of turning a hollow into an arrancar is called Shinigamification.” (

    That is how Aizen creates his Espada. It’s possible that Stark and Barragan could have been Vasto Lordes at one point. I’m just pointing out that their power levels could be different from the others without that being the case. Besides, all the Espada power levels are different that’s why they’re ranked.

  75. Ulq: My body to your sword technique! Ha! I am bleeding therefore i am the victor!

  76. What will happen next with Ichigo…?… My theories…

    1) Ichigo VS Ogihci
    2) Inoue rejects and reverses time round Ichigo
    3) Aizen utilises Ichigo
    4) Ichigo gets intercepted

    Ichigo sure as hell cant be walking free like he is now, so something has to happen.
    Maybe he’ll use Garganta, if he’s demonstrated he can use Sonido and Cero in his current level.

  77. @Demonbros: LMAO! Kung Pow FTW!!! XD

  78. @Schy: Good theories…#1 probably isn’t likely because that would lead to ANOTHER battle and I think the fans want more storyline now…#2 would be pure awesome for Inoue if she could do it. First she needs to grow some balls…or bigger breasts 0_0…#3 is probably gonna happen but not right now…and #4 is most likely to happen but the question is by whom. Vizards? Captains? Vasto Lordes? Friends? So many possibilities!

  79. Darius- Does anyone else think it was awkward of ichigo, the guy who many times hadn’t wanted to take an life. Sometimes he had said, well fight again sometime, in his own way, instead of killing someone. So maybe he does have some will left and he won’t kill Ulquiorra. Maybe hell conquer the hollow controlling him and harness the hollow’s power so that he can fight Ulquiorra. I mean he did say, when he was fighting grimmjow “yes! I did come here to defeat you, Ulquiorra, and aizen.” And in so many names, save my friends. But, obviously, Aizen is stronger than all of the espada. Ichigo wouldn’t let the hollow inside of him beat an opponent that he so desperately desired to beat. so maybe he will gain control over his inner hollow’s true power and defeat ulquiorra fairly and then, if shinji (who i think will fight aizen) fails to beat aizen, ichigo will take him down withj his vasto lorde hollow form. And besides. the mask is the key to the hollow power. Deosn’t anyone think it’s weird ichigo had the blast aimed toward himself, his face, before the bast went off that was supposedly going to kill or finish ulquiorra. I don’t think he’s going to kill ulquiorra quite yet, but rather aim it at himself. And if he does i believe he’s going to return to normal and have some inner struggle within himself and obtain the hollow vasto lorde power within him to use on his own….

  80. I think theres a very strong possibility Ichi can use Garganta now.
    And if that would happen it would be a great way to escape H,M to the main battle with the captains.
    That will also bring the story along if Ichigo goes there, possibility making theory 3 more likely.

    And then when the Vizard show, they’ll see Ichigos development as a Vizard. Meanwhile Kisuke’s trying to get everyone else out of H,M…and when they join the battle, healed by Squad 4…. 😉 …

    (Thats if he decides to use Garganta anyway)

  81. The 3 captains battling the 3 top espadas would most certainly be pwned. They just aren’t that powerful to go toe-to-toe against the top 3. My theory is that the Vizards will have their piece in the fight. But that would contradict to the Vizards’ rule of staying out of the Shinigamis’ business (They would probably make an exception as always just like what they said bout not training Ichigo if he wouldn’t join them).

    About Ichigo becoming a hollow, I guess he isn’t a vasto lorde though he may be on their power level. Vasto lordes are hollows who have evolved with some requirements, one would be, cannibalizing other hollows. Since hollow Ichigo didn’t eat Ulqiorra I think it would mean he’s not a vasto lorde.

    I am open to change my opinions though. I am more concerned of the outcome of the fights than my theories getting wrong.

    demonbrosruletheworld: sonido is like a flash step, yes, but not like nightcrawler’s. Nightcrawler is a teleporter. Teleportation is way much faster than any flash step and can be used in longer distances.

  82. @qwpo98 i the vizards are going to get involved ONLY after most of the captains are weakend with the fight…mostly toshiro since’s fighting haibel and shunsui should be alright fighting the primera for now since we only know as much of his skill as we do the primeras..(both are highly skilled at swordmanship)…and the second guy….she should be fun to watch…but when it comes to aizen thats when they would be most likely to get involved…especially shinji and ( the guy with 69 on his chest) to take a crack at kaname…i probably see someone getting either seriously hurt or killed in this fight with the 13 captains…

  83. *i think

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