Who would you hang out with?

Hey everyone,

If you don’t like talking outside the bounds of the manga and think its stupid to talk about the characters as if they were real then stop reading this post right now!  If ur still reading then u must be ok with that type of conversation and find it at least remotely entertaining… so enjoy^_^

In another thread people started discussing who’d they hang out with if they were to sit down at a table to eat and drink for a couple hours.  This wasn’t who’d you take into battle or who you think is the strongest but rather who’d you want at the table that you would enjoy conversating with.

Some will go for the funniest, some will go with characters that match their personality, some will choose those who they are attracted to.  The reasons to choose characters are almost as endless as there are characters to choose from.  Below I run down a couple different kinds of lists, you can comment on what your characters would be for that list or come up with your own.  Just keep it between 1-3 characters per list, no more than 3 ^_^

My every day posse

Pesche from Bleach

Mugen from Samurai Champloo

Matsumoto from Bleach

How bad ass would this posse be?! Pesche is freakin hilarious, Mugen is funny and someone you want in a bar fight and Matsumoto is cool as hell, strong as a muther f**ker and very easy on the eye’s ^_^

So interesting I’d just shut up while they talked

Minato from Naruto

Madara from Naruto

L from Death Note

Imagine being able to sit and hear Minato talk about Kushina and the fight with the Nine tails, Madara and his fight with the 1st and EVERY thing that happened between then and the present and finally L from Death note to dissect everything they were saying and breaking it down to the real truth… cause we all know “Madara” is going to be playing some mind games at that table.

The components of my brain

See full size imageAizen from Bleach

See full size imageGrimmjow from Bleach

 Lulouch from Code Geass

This list kinda makes up my psyche.  Aizen is the calm, arrogant planner, Grimmjow is the crazy, angry, passionate about what he believes in prick, Lulouch from Code Geass because I’m politically driven and also because even though I may seem evil on the outside my intentions are good ^_^

I want to hear your selections! Go to the comments sections and tell us who you’d choose and why you chose them. I look forward to reading some of your entries ^_^

 …and from the estrogen side of things…

This is Mollie (Ibiki Teishi). Jeremiah put up his answers to the questions above, but I think estrogen might answer this question a little differently. My takes on the question follow.

Remember, we’re not going to battle, we’re just gonna hang and talk and have slumber parties. Okay, about half the male readers just got nose bleeds…trust me guys, all-girl sleepovers are rarely tremendously sexy. At least not from where I sit.

Okay, so the point here is to build a girl team you’d want to have to your house or meet for lunch or invite to your bridal shower. Like Jeremiah, I kind of had three lists in my head and then a surprise fourth list that I’ll get to in a mo.

1. BFF kind of friends ❤

These are the gals I’d expect to be so compatible with that we’d be lifelong friends. Fun to hang with, ability to connect on mental level and personality compatibility that might mean acutal friendship.

tentenicon4Ten Ten from Naruto. Yeah, I know you all think she’s weak, but she’s on my first string because she works really hard and has a great attitude through tremendous pressure. I mean, how hard can it be to have to put up with Team Gai’s macho enthusiasm…and yet she doesn’t lose her sunny attitude in too many complaints.

karinkurosakiKarin Kurosaki from Bleach. I almost picked Tatsuki here, but really, she’s just a little too jock-y for me to have a good time hanging with her…and…I think I might worry about getting pinched or having to tell her I really didn’t like her THAT way. Karin has probably the most similar attitude to me…tomboyish, cynical and sarcastic. If I had her over for a sleep over I wouldn’t have to worry about being pinched, we could watch action movies and I wouldn’t have to worry that there would be plans for too much talk about cosmetics, plucking and fashion.

temariTemari from Naruto. This third slot was a toss up. Tsunade might be fun to hang with…but gambling is only fun for a few seconds for me before I get the guilt…plus I wouldn’t be able to keep up when the sake came out, and who wants to *always* be the designated driver? Anko might fit, but seems to be a little too damaged. Kurenai seems to have an interesting and painful past, and yet manages to be nice. But I think Temari and I would share more laughs and that is ultimately more important to me…life’s too short and brutal to not laugh your a$$ off when you can.

2. Interesting, intense women to be taken in less frequent doses

These are gals I’d love to hang with, but probably couldn’t have in my life every day without getting overwhelmed. This is similar to Jeremiah’s ‘shut up and listen’ list.

sir_integra_hellsingSir Integra Wingates from Hellsing. Wow. Sexy. Interesting. Tense and intense. I’d so like to get inside her head and her past, but know that being too close might make me crazy or dead (meh, or undead even).


konanKonan from Naruto. WTF woman?! How can you be so badass and be such a handmaiden to that little emo twirp? Again, I just want to know the story, but I don’t want her to know where I live, if you know what I mean.


seirenSeiren from Vampire Knight. Kaname’s bodyguard. Blink and you’ll completely miss her. Just how much of a badass does one have to be to end up a bodyguard to the primo dreamo purest blood of them all? And her loyalty is unquestionable. And Kaname doesn’t think twice about trusting her or knowing she’s just going to get the right sh!t done…he barely even has to talk to her, its’ just assumed. What is in her/their past to allow that to be? Another story I’d love to hear, but it’s kind of like making friends with the mob…get close enough to hear the story and end up with a bad case of dead for knowing too much.

3. Coed team to invite to parties…

maito-gai-naruto-photoMaito Gai from Naruto. Yeah. So the drama and enthusiasm. No barbeque would be complete without him, and a good time would be had by all once he arrived.




Orihime Inoue from Bleach. She’s nice and pretty and stacked, so putting her on the guest list will bring more people to the bash…which just means more fun for all.



aidouAidou Hanabusa from Vampire Knight. Invited for the same reason as Orihime and Gai. He’s pretty, he’s comical and he’s actually pretty nice, too. Good choice to get a party rolling.



4. Kissable Candidates

So…yeah…the girl point of view…I couldn’t do it without considering who’s the most kissable. I have a feeling, out of all the categories on this list, our female readers/commenters would rather answer this bit. Sorry guys, but for us its usually all about the romance.

kagetoraKagetora from Shinobi Life. EEEEEE. Fangirl squeals. Can I have one of these to go please? I’d like to take him home with me right now. If you don’t know Shinobi Life, get some, you’ll be glad you did. This is a manga to leave you a little glassy-eyed from the heat of the romance. Not ecchi, although I just made it sound that way, but powerful food for a wanton imagination (*raises eyebrows*). And Kagetora is fish out of water funneh on top of being deadly, beautiful, traditional and incredibly loyal.

jiraiyaJiraiya from Naruto. Of course. Did you expect me to skip him? He’s interested in the ladies and sex and not afraid to admit it. He’s funny as hell, which always makes for a great addition to someone who can kiss good…and I assume he can. He’s…a powerhouse…not built like these shojo pretty bois…and that makes me droooooooooollll.

So…okay ladies…step up here…who would be on your team (or teams)? And guys, feel free to pipe up here. I know from my own experience, I usually have more in common with the guys than the gals, so if you want to build a team or girlfriends or kissing candidates (no, not sex slaves…*PUKES*), give it a go. ^.^


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  1. 1ssssssstttttttt.

  2. 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My BEST 3 would be:
    Kakashi – He’s a f**king badass!!!!
    The 4th Hokage: I want to know more about him
    Itachi: All of the above 😀

    In shorter terms, these 3 are all calm people, and not much is known about their past.

    Now for a list “bad guy” only:
    Itachi – We could talk about his bro behind his back ^.^ (i know there’s the mystery of whether or not Itachi is “bad”, but for the sake of this post he is)
    Madara: I want to know more about him (and see him without his mask)
    Konan: Does this one need an explanation? Ok.. i’ll explain it anyways… She’s not ugly, she’s used to waiting on guys hand and foot, and she’s good with her hands (origami) ^.^

    Runner Up: Hidan – he’s funny as shit when he curses people out!!!

    Good Guys List:
    Jiraiya: He’s the ultimate perv (like me)
    Kakashi: He’s a f**king badass
    Maaiiitttooooo Gaiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!: No explanation necessary

    Runner Up: Gaara – i want to try and piss him off!!!!

    Ix ReFleX xI

    ps. i would do better lists, but all i really know that well is naruto -_-

  4. hey jeremiah – im surprised you didnt do maito gai… i thought for sure you would………….

  5. 3rd person

  6. my list
    one cool guys others well you know

    cool guys

    zoro -onepiece————————–really cool ,handsome,attractive,carefree
    kakashi-naruto————————-cool,powerful,likes to read,brain power,attractive
    smoke(navy person)-onepiece————————-actually cool,kicks luffy’s but,acts all cool again,with the law
    minato-naruto——————————the most sexy hot person,legendary ninja,saviour of konoha,yellow falsh


    naruto-pervy sage———well knows every thing a girl wants
    onepiece-sanji—————-great cook…crazy about girls
    naruto-naruto——————-simply stupid
    onepiece-luffy——————stupid + powerful+careless

  7. others further clasified


    pery sage



  8. The three I would most like to INTERVIEW and get THEIR side of the story:

    1. Orochimaru
    2. Kabuto
    3. Aizen

    There are other lists, of course, but, er, I’m having a hard time narrowing it down to three.

  9. Hmmmm..

    1.) Gin Ichimaru
    2.) Kyuubi
    3.) Gintoki

    2 fox faces and a guy with great sense of humor! I don’t know what they are going to talk about but it should be fun watching gintoki making fun of those 2 fox faces!

  10. @Kakarocks: YOU WATCH ONE PIECE!!!!!!!! You’re officially my new best buddy! 🙂

    My Lists:

    ‘My Everyday Posse’

    1. Luffy (One Piece)- Awesome, strong, dedicated, but most importantly puts friends above all else. Let’s not forget he’s the future Pirate King and I need some connections. 😉

    2. Ussop (One Piece)- Funny as hell! Second favorite character in One Piece…Nuff’ said! ^^

    3. Naruto: (Naruto)- Come on this kid is the s**t! If you ever need someone cool to hang out with look no further than this ever accepting ninja who would sing the song ‘Lean On Me’ for you!

    ‘Girls I’d be Friends With…Yeah…Friends…Really Dammit!’

    1. Hinata (Naruto)- Soft-spoken but always has an encouraging word to say. Kind and never puts you down but can kick your ass if she needs to. Did I mention she’s hot as hell and wants me badly?

    2. Nico Robin (One Piece)- Quiet, calm, and reserved she’s always studying making her a qualified bookworm with the body and exotic looks of a goddess. Her ‘Devil Fruit’ power is pure awesomeness and would make for interesting situations…together. 0_0

    3. Orihime (Bleach)- She posses all the feminine components a man is looking for in a women. PLUS, she has BRAINS! Yes ladies, men are not always looking for the next dumb bimbo to stick their sausage in…not like that’s what my lists about…Anyway, she cares about her friends, kind, attractive, and smart. What more could you ask for?

    ‘Friends I’d Bring to a Fight’

    1. Zoro (One Piece)- In his quest to become the strongest swordsman in the world nothing, no matter how impossible the challenge, can stand in the way. He’s like the Japanese version of Hercules…with three f*****g swords! Pure awesome and a real fighter…just don’t give him directions! 😉

    2. Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin)- Legendary Swordsman and a man of respect and honor. Never kills his opponents so that they get a second chance to go back home to their families and for his own personal sake never to return to his past. Always cares for his friend who better to send into battle with you?

    3. Goku (DBZ)- Kamahameha…Nuff said!…Alright he’s a cool guy too and I wouldn’t mind flying all over the world with him either. Instant Transmission anyone? 🙂

  11. @ supertrek89 and i officialy accept you as best freind

    and you watch dbz too lolz you are the bestest ever but my favourite is vegeta.and faourite scene is when vegeta says goku is better than him

    i made a music video on it here’s the link


  12. Hmmm … my everyday posse would have to be
    1. Ichigo
    2. Rukia
    3. Kon
    Because what could be funnier than throwing together someone serious, a pervert, and a pint-sized ego with truly horrible drawing abilities that has to explain everything (with diagrams)? *L*

    The crew I’d either be too embarrassed to talk around, or so interested I’d just sit and listen would be
    1. Kakashi
    2. Tsunade
    3. Jiraiya
    Can you imagine the kind of conversations these three would have had? Not to mention you’ve got two of Konoha’s biggest pervs sitting next to 106cm of bust line, which I’m sure would lead to trouble, especially if sake got involved ^o^

    Choosing the components of my brain is the most difficult, but I’d have to say
    1. Shikamaru
    2. Yachiru (Kenpchi’s lieutenant)
    3. Ayame
    Okay, so I say Shikamaru because (according to my GPA at least) I’m very smart but not very motivated a lot of the time. Yachiru makes the list because when the mood strikes, I can also have endless enthusiasm for something (coughNARUTOcough) and also because I love the way she’s looks at everything as a game with that childlike innocence of hers. I had to throw my gravatar in because let’s face it, at the end of the day all I’m really concerned about it what’s for dinner *L* That, and I’m good at listening to other people and giving advice, which I’m sure she’d do a lot of behind the counter at Ichiraku ^_^

  13. @ loves – who would u want hang out with though? I’m curious…

  14. @jeremiah – who I’d hang out with?

    1. Uruhara Kisuke – hands down the winner in the hanging-out-drinking-and-listening-to-blues category. Witty, funny, smart as hell, capable of being chatty but also knows when you don’t need to say anything at all.

    2. Shunsui Kyouraku – again, excellent in the hanging out department. A loyal friend to the end, would back you up no matter what and a great boss to work for (Nanao doesn’t realize how good she’s got it.) To a certain extent you’d need Ukitake along to bring out his personality, but I’m not sure I’d put Ukitake on my list alone. So Shunsui with a side of Jushiro.

    3. Jiraiya – I don’t really need to explain this one, do I? Best friend and drinking buddy material. The one that you can be p*ssed as hell at that you’ve got to go bail his *ss out of jail AGAIN but you still manage to stop at the bar with him on the way home.

    I suppose I’ll just rename my “three I’d like to Interview list ” to the three I’d find so interesting I couldn’t do anything but listen – so that list still remains Orochimaru, Kabuto and Aizen.

    As for the three components of my brain? I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

  15. Giggles and points @ elfarren- Yachiru selection for component of brain ^_^

  16. @loves: me too.

    I’ve said my bit aobut what girls I’d pick. If I knew Shino had a sense of humor, I’d probably love to go to a party with him and sit at the edge making sideways comments watching things unfold. But I think he sulks too much. Lee’s optimism would get on my nerves.

    Shikamaru. I could hang with Shikamaru, although, we probably wouldn’t say much out loud. And that’s kinda cool…because I hate it when someone just feels like they have to fill every silence with empty frickin words.

    Believe it or not, I could probably handle Zabuza, and I wouldn’t irritate him by talking too much. And, unfortunately, he’d probably appreciate my skills with $$$. Until he found out I was robbing him blind and giving the money to people who deserved it.

    hmmm…Kuro from Kurozuka, because every day would be interesting.

  17. Everyday posse would be….
    1. Revy (from black lagoon)
    2. Isaac (From Baccano)
    3. Miria (From Baccano)

    I picked these three because Revy is tough and wont take shit from anyone plus she would get my sarcasm, Isaac and miria are just fun.

    So interesting I’d just shut up while they talked…
    1. L (Death Note)
    2. Lelouch (Code Geass)
    3. Light (Death Note)

    I think That I would end up talking to them a little, but I would be silent for the most part and try to figure out what was going on in their heads.

    The components of my brain
    1. Kakashi
    2. Shikamaru
    3. Isaac (from baccano)

    Kakashi would be the part of me that likes to read, a little bit of a pervert, caring, mysterious, very loyal, and a way with words.
    Shikamaru would be the part of me that is smart but lazy and can just enjoy watching clouds go by. I guess sarcasm would come from him as well since I only get three.
    Isaac would be the part of me can say something completely random, odd, crazy and stupidly funny but at the same time be profound and true.

  18. Best group to TP a house with on Halloween night:

    Maaaaaaaitooooo Gaaaaai! – Naruto
    Pesche – Bleach
    Blair Witch-Soul Eater

  19. This list is fairly easy for me actually

    the three people I would hang out with…

    1. Naruto
    2. Jiraiya
    3. Choji

    Ok I chose Naruto because he (like me) is sort of a fun loving guy and likes to do childish things whenever the moment arises. Jiraiya…do I really need to explain this one? Choji because I love food and I need a good buddy to go out to eat with.

    Components of my brain…

    1. Naruto
    2. Ichigo
    3. Uryu

    Well Naruto because he is like pretty much the person that sums me up the best I am always determined and I never really give up until or unless I am not able to continue. Ichigo, haha pretty much sums up me not liking immodestly dressed women…ladies believe it or not I like me a challenge. That and I also have a desire to fight for something that I believe in. Uryu because at times I can be cold and calculating and analytical also unusually chivalrous at times.

    @ supertrek: DBZ FTW and nice list for the girls yo! but hands off of Orohime dude

  20. NOw that I think about it I wanna switch out Ichigo for Luffy but oh well

  21. @Ace: Lol, are you sure you wanna do this again? Orihime’s mine… 😉

    ‘Top 3 people I want to go on an ego trip with’

    1. Black Star (Soul Eater)- Only one us can surpass God! 😉

    2. Zoro (One Piece)- He doesn’t even believe in God and if he stood in the way Zoro would try to fight him. @-@

    3. Vegeta (DBZ)- The prince of all Saiyans is as egotistic as only a pure blood could be. Don’t say that to his face though!

  22. @ supertrek: Dude we gotta stop before we start effing WWIV lol

    btw Vegeta would probably turn you into a basketball knowing him XD

  23. @Ace: Basketball eh? I was thinking more like ashes and dust. 😉

  24. @Ibiki: Wasn’t there a Gals version up there. Did you move it to keep the guys like me away? !_!

  25. to hang out with…
    nakiami or haru – xamd …. both pretty good looking
    raigyo – xamd … seems like a really neat guy
    alan walker – d gray man…. he’s just really cool

    brain make up
    lasse – 00 gundam… pretty chilled out
    ichigo’s dad (don’t recall actually hearing his name) or komui from d gray man – super random at times
    kisuke – pretty clever, good morals 😛

    future trunks – dbz … i’d like to hear more about the future when the androids took over
    1st hokage – it would be cool to hear about the back story to konoha and madara
    this last one isn’t really an anime person – but the people from BONES who made xamd and e7… soo detailed and just really different kinds of anime, really cool concepts.. 😀

  26. @love hahah you picked my top people right off the bat…add yoruichi and matasumo and you got yourself the best group for all situations. Not including any dbz characters(goku, future trunks, and majin buu…hahah buu hungry…lol)
    (all of them are smart,cool, and well are top fighters in there shows)

  27. ^^^whoops…for the brains part id have to be
    shikamaru because hes laid back when he can and can handle his business when he needs to..
    trowa barton(gundam wing)because he’s very chill and isn’t afraid to look death in the eyes while he gets ready to fight…*mumbles hes the best of the 5 to me*
    and maruyir-(urahara replacement after what happens) because although he looks and acts bad hes really a good guy but wwwaaaayyy to focused on science….

  28. @ supertrek – if you want egotistical people, you should take pain along as a 4th member huh???

  29. parts of my brain

    “harshyt” – from the i are awesomness manga
    neji – i HATE neji’s guts…. the only reason i chose him is cuz he’s got the “f u” attitude and .. well.. so do i

  30. jk about this group but it would be fun to see them interact


  31. @ scorpion – damn… It making me revise my lists… I forgot about luluoche and L >_<

  32. Hmm?
    Where did “for the gals” version go?
    I was 1st… 😮 😦

  33. LMAO @ Schy – why?… aren’t you a guy?

    It was supossed to be moved into this post but Ibi must have gotten busy or something…

  34. @jeremiah- yeah, you sometimes forget characters. I would replace my shika with urahara kisuke for the brain one….he fits my sarcastic twisted mastermind side more lmao.

  35. Itachi
    The Elrich brothers from Full Metal Alchemist
    Lelouche from Code Geass

  36. I’d hang out with Goku, Vash the Stampede, and Master Shake.

  37. OK, whew…finally got my girl take up…see above. Sorry to those of you who left comments on my mistake page earlier today. I’ll see if I can copy paste them in here…there were some good ones.

  38. here we go…comments from before, sorry about the awkwardness…



    /_) I/ /_) said this on March 22, 2009 at 11:05 am (edit)


    Second! And working on a longer answer …

    elfarren said this on March 22, 2009 at 11:13 am (edit)


    Opps was i supposed to comment here 0_0

    I was gunna click on the “who would you hang out with?” post.
    Because that was the newest post.
    And i thought i did click there. But the second i refreshed this took up the newest post slot.
    And i thought this was the “who would you hang out with?” post. So after i read this post and commented i noticed that i clicked on a different post that said for “gals”

    So im sorry if i wasn’t supposed to comment here. ^.^

    /_) I/ /_) said this on March 22, 2009 at 11:14 am (edit)


    Dude, feel free to comment here…it’s just the selections are more from a girlie point of view…maybe tell us who you’d like to kiss? Or if you’d like to have a posse of gals, who they’d be.

    千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi said this on March 22, 2009 at 11:40 am (edit)


    I’ll step up, since I did kinda help start this whole mess ]:p~>

    My BFF would easily be
    1. Ayame – because she’s funny, polite, hard-working and probably one helluva gal to let loose with. She could write her own version of the Konoha Enquirer with all the gossip overheard at Ichiraku, not to mention a lot of good jokes or funny stories, all of which are essential in order to laugh until you cry.
    2. Yuroichi – also a really fun person to hang out with, because she’s always pushing the boundaries of what makes people uncomfortable. I think everyone needs at least one friend like this, to keep things real ^_^
    3. Hinata – because sometimes what you really need is someone to just chill with. She’s not the kind of person that has to fill every silent pause in the conversation, but weighs what affect her words will have before she says them.

    Women I could only take in small doses would be
    1. Orihime – as fun as hanging out with her would be, I dunno if I could handle having to try strange food combos to not be rude and be subjected to her utter girly-ness for long periods of time (ie, more than a few hours).
    2. Yuzu Kurosaki – I hate being doted on, and Yuzu is such a mother hen it’s ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I don’t like her character, I just couldn’t hang out with someone that responsible all the time. And she’s likes to eavesdrop, which is not cool -_-
    3. Ino – The girliest of the Naruto girls, so she had to make it on my list. There are more important things in life that your hair, nails, and boys, which seems about all the character depth Kishi has given Ino. Call me harsh if you will, but I really can’t stand her.

    Co-ed Party Team … hmmm …
    1. Rock Lee – but he’s only allowed to smell the sake *LOL* Nuff said.
    2. Naruto – because someone has to keep Lee under control if he does get into the sake, and because I can totally see them doing a drunken karaoke duet together.
    3. Matsumoto – for the same reason everyone needs a friend like Yuroichi, every party needs someone like Matsumoto ^_*

    Kissable Candidates are
    1. Aizen – this has nothing to do with some kind of “bad boy” complex, it’s just plain as day obvious that he knows exactly how to make a girl’s knees melt in .05 seconds. His confidence is also a big factor, because there’s nothing better in bed than a guy who knows he knows exactly what he’s doin’, if you get what I mean …
    2. Kakashi – as Ibiki said in regards to Jiraiya, how could I finish my list without Kakashi? Yeah, I’m totally a sucker for the suffer in silence types, especially tall ones who could scoop me up and … wait, back to the subject *clears throat* I’m sure with all the Icha Icha books he’s read, Kakashi would also know exactly how to make a girl melt, only in my case it would be in about .02 seconds *L*

    elfarren said this on March 22, 2009 at 12:11 pm (edit)


    4th person

    kakarocks said this on March 22, 2009 at 12:27 pm (edit)


    @ Ibiki: I’ve only seen the first couple episodes of Hellsing, but I totally know what you mean about Sir Integra Wingates! I thought about putting one of the other characters in my list, but figured I haven’t seen enough of the show to make a proper judgment call.

    elfarren said this on March 22, 2009 at 12:29 pm (edit)


    Time to practice my peeping-no-get-caught jutsu…what…guys are allowed to comment too?…Damn!

    supertrek89 said this on March 22, 2009 at 12:37 pm (edit)


    1. BFF kind of friends

    Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist) intensely loyal, not very much of a girly-girl (if at all) and knows that at the end of a bad day, sometimes you just need to shoot something. Could hang out
    at the range with her and target shoot, grab a couple of beers then go shopping. The perfect BFF for me.

    Matsumoto – she’d be a great friend – funny and smart and wouldn’t mind letting you rummage around in her closets to borrow whatever you’d like.

    2. Interesting, intense women to be taken in less frequent doses

    Tsunade – brilliant, beautiful, powerful, would be a woman to look up to as a mentor but easy to get an inferiority complex hanging around her too much.

    The Major – Ghost in the Shell – Could engage in all sorts of interesting philosophical discussions regarding the nature of consciousness and what it means to be human that would make my head hurt.

    3. Coed team to invite to parties…

    Jiraiya – bring down the house jutsu – LOL!

    Uruhara – because who KNOWS what he’d put in the punch?

    Matsumoto – a really fun gal – tequila shots for all!

    4. Kissable Candidates
    NO BISHI BOYS! I don’t care how pretty/silky/spikey their hair is. Qualifications – must be old enough to need to shave – but preferably haven’t gotten around to it yet today…

    Jiraiya – The Man! Makes me swoon like a Victorian virgin in a corset. Literally wrote the book(s) on the subject.

    Uruhara – Ibiki nailed it – trickster indeed – I’ll bet he’s just full of all sorts of fun surprises…

    Shunsui – *sigh* top marks in the scruffy department – open shirt and chest hair is double plus super bonus. And he’s secure enough in his masculinity to wear pink!

    lovesrainscent said this on March 22, 2009 at 12:38 pm (edit)

  39. krillin has to be in there somewhere. there has to be some reason why goku lets him hang around even though hes a weakass bitch.

    sasuke so i could make fun of him for being gay


  40. for the hell of it:
    1)tobi-cause he’s tobi
    2 and 3) vegeta and deidara- just to watch them get pissed of and blow up the universe cause of tobi…

    shutting up:
    1)Commander old guy from bleach-he’s powerful and probabaly what’s up with the king and who really governs soul society and hueco mundo
    2)the fourth hokage- spends time in naruto and inside death, i want to know what he knows about the afterlife, considering he came up with summoning the death god, i want to know how, and what life really means…
    3)Bonten (from amtasuki)- one of the four heavens, demon leader, and tries to fight the establishment of the gods, i want to know her thought on purpose

    buds with-
    1) shiki- dude’s chill, calm, and funny, and looks at the world from a different angle, reminds me of certain people…
    2)itachi- see above
    3)sasori- something tells me this would be a very low key group, and knowing us, none would be in the best of moods very often…
    4) while were at it, lets just send in uliqurroa- if there’s four of us, why not have five…

  41. @Shinobimadness: Did you just say Trowa Barton was the best of the 5? Ahem, I think Hiro Yui would whoop his ass inside and outside a Gundam any day….with all due respect. 😉

    Now for the gals list!

    ‘BFF List’

    I’ll just repost this;

    1. Hinata (Naruto)- Soft-spoken but always has an encouraging word to say. Kind and never puts you down but can kick your ass if she needs to. Did I mention she’s hot as hell and wants me badly?

    2. Nico Robin (One Piece)- Quiet, calm, and reserved she’s always studying making her a qualified bookworm with the body and exotic looks of a goddess. Her ‘Devil Fruit’ power is pure awesomeness and would make for interesting situations…together. 0_0

    3. Orihime (Bleach)- She posses all the feminine components a man is looking for in a women. PLUS, she has BRAINS! Yes ladies, men are not always looking for the next dumb bimbo to stick their sausage in…not like that’s what my lists about…Anyway, she cares about her friends, kind, attractive, and smart. What more could you ask for?

    ‘Coed Team’

    1. Sanji (One Piece)- The best cook in all of North Blue. He’ll know how to cater the party to a great success and feed all the guest until satisfied.

    2. Nami (One Piece)- She’s a girl that knows how to party and look good doing it too…Nuff’ said! 😉

    3. Brooke (One Piece)- The finest mission on the seas! What’s a party without music eh? Play me a tune Brooke! Yohohoho!

    ‘Kissable Candidates’ (My favorite list so far)

    1. Urd (Ah! My Goddess)- Sexy, seductive, confident, and angelic…hell she’s an Angel (literally) plus she’s a black anime character! All in one package deal here…(wait you’re not supposed to admit you watch Ah! My Goddess…walk away slowly and no one will notice…)

    2. Hinata (Naruto)- Of course I couldn’t pass up sweet kind-hearted Hinata. Who needs 4th of July fireworks when you can make your own more intimate ones with her? 😉

  42. Every day group:
    3.3rd Hokage–naruto
    Friday Night group:
    1. J-man–naruto
    2. Kon–bleach
    3. Lisa-chan–bleach
    (The Three Legendary Pervs)
    Kissable group:
    2.Shiba Kuukaku–bleach

  43. Those I would like to hang with:

    Jiraiya – The WILD and CRAZY guy!
    Hidan – MASTER shit talker
    Asuma – Always good to have a guy with a pair of chakra trench knives and cigarettes on hand
    Mugen – Fuck, need I explain, he IS the pwn machine…
    We could all get drunk, and play Boondock Saints… but without guns, with NINJA SKILLS that is sooo teh awesomeness

    For my mind – if it isn’t clear by now, there are only three who represent my mind:
    Vegeta – to balance them out with EXTREME violence

    And as for the ladies…
    Orihime – boobs!
    Hinata – Boobs!
    Matsumoto – uhm duh.. BOOBS!

    For those that can’t tell, I like well-endowed women

    *Armor of HardRock dow geeeiiii*

    And Sailor Mercury – but only because some years back (when the anime was still on cable tv) I met a stripper that looked exaxctly like her… awesomeness indeed!

  44. Lelouch, Lelouch, Lelouch. ^.^

    I don’t know this guy, so I need more than his name…why is he on your list, Scorp, Jeremiah?

  45. I only need one friend……That Man!

    If anyone knows what I’m referencing I’ll give them a punch in the face.

  46. BFF
    1.Sakura (Naruto)-A great kunoichi, loyal friend
    2.Naruto (Naruto duh :P)-Lots of fun to be with, loyal
    3.Rock Lee (Naruto)-a person who’ll motivate me to work hard

    People I totally admire and would love to meet
    1.Kakashi (Naruto)-smart,mysterious and uber cool without trying
    2.Tsunade (Naruto)-She’s one of the Sannin!
    3.L (Death Note) -super smart,unique and unusual

  47. @ibi- he is a kick ass character from Code Geass, an anime that has some very cool moral dilemas and what not, haven’t watched it yet, but they could tell you a lot more than i could…

  48. @ Ibi – As Alec says we “could” tell you more OR you could just watch it! (0_0) Its a really short anime and its done… unfortunately. I pray that they decide to do Round 3 >_<

  49. Imagine what kind of conversation Light, L and Lulouche would have (0_0)

  50. fine…although if you keep adding to my to do list, nothing’s gonna get done. ^.^

  51. Welcome to my world…

    Add to your list:
    Death Note (until someone dies that they really shouldn’t have killed off)
    Full Metal Alchemist
    Samurai Champloo
    Cowboy Bebop
    Soul Eater

    (All of the above should be watched as anime rather than read as manga.)

  52. @Ibi- To quote Jeremiah “Imagine what kind of conversation Light, L and Lulouche would have”…that is why he is on my list along with light and L. They all have very different morals and minds.
    P.S all the anime Jeremiah listed are very good….If you have not seen CowBoy Bebop WATCH IT!, it is a classic and still one of the best. The most famous line in anime history …. “bang”
    Watch it NOW!

  53. Now I want to re watch it >_<.

  54. I’ve considered doing this, but I don’t think most of the people on my list would be from Naruto or Bleach, and very few people would know who I was talking about.

  55. @psi… just do what I did and put the anime name next your people. The only people on my list from naruto are kakashi and shika…the rest are from other anime.

  56. Beware, I’m about to spam:

    PSI’s estrogen list, the fairly Naruto-centric version:

    Part 1, My girl posse:

    The best friend: HINATA. She’s smart, she’s shy, she’s loyal, and she knows what she wants. That pretty well describes my RL best friends. Hinata would have the patience to listen to me talk endlessly about whatever, she’d probably even look up to me for my ability to be so bold. And she wouldn’t be phased by my constant social blunders. Woman is in love with Naruto, after all. And I would know when to tell everyone else to shut up, because Hinata has an idea, and her ideas are good ones.
    The fun one: KOIZUMI RISA, from “Lovely Complex”. She’s not afraid to try new things or to have fun, even if people think that she’s being silly or childish. She loves live music and water slides. Plus, her constant angsting about, well, pretty much everything will make me feel that much better about myself. Of everyone in my lists, she’s the closest one to my actual personality, but she’s not bossy so I don’t think we’d fight.
    The crazy one: ANKO. She’s hardcore and everything, but she doesn’t take herself too seriously. And sometimes you just need a friend who’ll force the shot into your hand and drag you onto the dance floor.

    Yep, that would be one heck of a pillow fight. 😉

  57. Part 2, The girls I could never, ever be friends with:

    1. UEDA, from “Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu.” She’s loud, she’s irresponsible, she’s drunk all the time, and all the guys love her. ‘Nuff said.
    2. Tie: SUZUMIYA HARUHI / INO. They’re bossy, controlling, annoying, and, in the case of Haruhi, she strips you against your will. And as far as Ino goes, I’d choke her out in about three seconds. She’s all bark, but too weak to back it up. At least Haruhi has chutzpah.
    3. TEMARI. This is exactly the same as my Ino relationship, except that Temari would by in my position and I would be in Ino’s. *hands the boys a box of Kleenex* Temari would choke ME out, because she can’t tolerate a chick who’s as weak as me.

    Yep, that would be one heck of a cat fight. 😉

  58. Part 3, My mentor:

    This is HUGELY important for me, because I’m always on the look-out for brilliant women to give me advice about stuff. The smarter, the better. It was going to be a list, but I can only think of one woman I’d really want to put here:

    YOSHINO. She’s similar in personality to Temari, but she’s got years of wisdom and experience on top of that. She’d be more likely to see my potential, so she probably wouldn’t choke me out. She’d teach me how to control, err…dominate…oh, crap…carefully guide my spouse. And she’d show me how to support him at the same time. (Oh my gosh…I’m suddenly reminded of the time Loves taught me how to get my husband out of the kitchen on Thanksgiving by having him deepfry the turkey. Loves, will you be my Yoshino?)

  59. Part 4, Guys I’d totally make out with:

    1. Easy. SHIKAKU. He’s smart, he’s low-key, and he’s a “still waters run deep” kinda guy. And he’s got scars and a sexy goatee. Plus, I think he’d know when to let the woman dominate, and when to take over himself. (I’m still talking about kissing. *ahem*) But he’d be horrible for me, because: A) I wouldn’t tolerate that getting drunk crap; B) I need my man to be at least a little interested in the activities of the family and household; and C) it would kill my whole Yoshino as a mentor thing. Shikamaru would fall in this category, except that he just can’t compete with his dad. Not even close. Sorry, dude.
    2. MAES HUGHES. OMFG. Can you say HOT? That hair! That…facial hair! Those glasses! Those brains! The devotion to his family! Forget kissing; I’d bear that man’s children.
    3. KYOUYA, from “Ouran High School Host Club.” Brilliant, savvy, and a smart-ass, but secretly kind and sensitive. Tall, dark, handsome, and wears glasses. He thinks he’s in control, but he’s actually very easily led, which is just adorable. Actually, this is pretty much the same as Shikaku/Shikamaru, now that I think about it. Apparently I only have one type. And Shikaku needs glasses.

    Okay, I’m done with the spam.

  60. @ibi….lmao, one more anime to add to your list FLCL…It is only six Ep long so it should not take very long but it is one of the best in my opinion.

    P.S @PSI….see, you had more people from naruto then me ^_^.

  61. @Scorpion, yeah, I was trying to keep it somewhat focused.

  62. @PSI – LOL – sure – I’ll be your mentor! And … OMFG – how could I have forgotten MAES HUGHES!?! I think he was the first anime character I fell for. I may have shipped Roy/Riza but I myself was swooning over Hughes. (And on a completely estrogen-fueled fantasy ride, there were probably plenty of other characters in FMA I could have paired Hughes with…)

  63. 1st string is so easy for me, they mirror my friends outside my computer:
    kiba and akumaru from naruto (actually the 2 guys that live above me)
    chad from bleach (the quite kid down the hall who i eat with)
    karin from naruto (the guy that tags along behind us and is REALLY annoying but we’ld miss him if he werent there) and ed from full metal (hes like my little bro… without the armor)

    but the 3 that i woould want in my possy is:
    jiriya from naruto and rukia from bleach, they would crack me up to no end, and my best bud would be asuma, we could drink cold beers and chew/smoke tabacco all day

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