Rescue Naruto!

Renee (aka Elfarren) here again, this time with a “what if?” that seems to have sparked some debate in the latest Naruto breakdown – will there be a rescue Naruto arc in the near future? His fight with Pain can still go either way unless someone intervenes and forces him out of his Kyuubi form, but if the worst happens, what next?  Who will make up the rescue squad? And most importantly, how much time will Naruto have before it’s too late to be rescued?

Copy Ninja Kakashi

I was sweeping the manga, searching through the save Gaara arc, when I found this little gem. If the caption wasn’t obvious enough, it shows Kakashi unraveling the mystery behind Granny Chiyo’s forbidden Tensei (life transfer) ninjutsu. It’s obviously a highly ranked, difficult jutsu to learn, but I’m almost willing to bet that Kakashi would have told and/or shown Tsunade about it after his return. He had a lot of downtime in the hospital and we already know she visited him there to have meetings, so it is a possibility. If true, I could totally see Tsunade dying (since we all know it’s coming anyway) to save Kakashi, thus giving us one person who will definitely be on the rescue squad. He’ll need time to heal, of course, but there’s a small window of opportunity thanks to Sasuke.

Killer Bee Escapes

Because of Sasuke, Killer Bee got away with the 8 Tails, putting a serious halt on Akatsuki’s plans for Naruto since they have to seal Kyuubi last. I have a lot of questions about this slip, but I’ll only bring up a few here: who is Sasuke helping and who is he hindering? Is he a double agent, carrying out Itachi’s wishes while keeping an eye on Akatsuki just like his brother did? What if he knew he caught a clone and returned with it to help Naruto by giving him time? Of course, certain types of clones are apparently difficult to distinguish from the real McCoy, like Kakashi’s lightning clone technique (which fooled Pain), so Sasuke could just be a douche and that’s the end of that, but with his mastery of the Sharingan I find it difficult to believe.


While I’m on the topic of Killer Bee, though, I can’t miss mentioning his brother. The Raikage is on his way to Konoha with one of his best teams after declaring a summit of the Kages, and I dunno about the rest of you, but I was stoked about this because it screams battle royale. Don’t get me wrong, there will be diplomacy and long-winded explanations; however, if Samui’s team is part of Naruto’s rescue squad, you can bet on some awesomeness battles to come. And before you ask why the Raikage would do that, keep in mind that finding Akatsuki (and therefore Sasuke) via Naruto’s rescue kills two birds with one stone ^_^


And let’s not forget Gaara, who would not only be summoned to Konoha for the summit of the Kage’s, but who was also a jinchuuriki host and a victim of Akatsuki’s ploy for world domination. To say he’ll want vengeance would probably be an understatement if Naruto, who has saved him several times now, got captured for bijuu extraction. My earlier prediction that Gaara will be making a fighting appearance this year in the timeskip article suddenly seems a lot more likely in the event Pain actually succeeds in capturing Naruto.

Whichever way you look at it, I think Hachibi got it right when he told Killer Bee change is in the air, and it ain’t spring cleaning …

Killer Bee/Hachibi

*Kudos to who figures out the Louie quote in the Naruto & Gaara panels first ^_^


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    Casa Blanca
    Happy St. Patrick’s.

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  3. Xth I don’t think Sasuke would help out however, I do think Samui’s Team would assist. What about Gai’s Squad.

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  5. Great Job Elfarren. If Negato can keep Kyuubi bottled up, then a rescue arc could last until Killer Bee is caught. That could be a long time, although I would hope for shorter rather than longer. The best part would be that, as long as Kyuubi remains at 8 tails, Minato should be able to interact with Naruto. Kishi could continue to show all the action happening with the retrieval teams, Team Hawk, Kages, and others; while Minato provides flashbacks to fill in the story. If done in a way that keeps the action moving, it could be very effective.

    I may be wrong, but I think that the Raikage only sent Team Samui to Konoha. I don’t think he went himself.

    Your right about Sasuke. Kishi has left enough ambiguity, that Sasuke could be salvaged at some point. Although I think Kishi said in an interview that Naruto and Sasuke would be rivals for eternity, or something like that. I suppose they could end up like Maaaiiiitoooo Gaaaaiiiii and Kakashi.

  6. Interview with the Vampire

    Great article Elfarren – delicious.

  7. @jxhwp: Hehe, oops. Casablanca

  8. It will be interesting to see the summit if naruto does get captured. There is gaara, and the raikage, but most importantly is MADARA!! Isn’t he the mist village kage? If naruto gets captured it will be at the hand of madara coming in last minute. Nagato looks wayy to weak. So if madara captured him and he is a kage or so were told then rescue naruto will be a failure?

  9. 9th! i finally got in early enough to count!

  10. 10th! woot! Naruto won’t be captured! This is his moment!

  11. At this point, unless the 4th Hokage can somehow crank out some insane plan for Naruto to escape with his life, then a Naruto Rescue Arc is possible. Until now, I was certain there would be an arc, but after a latest chapter, I wasnt so sure anymore. But now that you bring up the Raikage’s squad…what’s their purpose in the manga now?

  12. This is a guess, but I say these things for the unexpected but is it possible those three new members of Akatsuki are Samui’s team. Unlike Hawk the number is actually correct so just maybe after the stretch it would work.

  13. nice sum up elfarren ^_^ i wanna know whats taking the raikage and his team so long. they have been traveling for what like 15 chapters? also, i believe sasuke is in everything for himself because he is a selfish bastard. he probably knew about the clone of killer bee, but let him escape to f*** over akatsuki. i think he may plan on trying to get some bijuu power for hiself.

  14. I’m not sure about all of this. Until we know what is going to occur in the next manga chapter, I don’t think that any it is useful to discuss a “Rescue Naruto” arc. There are a lot of unconfirmed spoilers out there for this next chapter – more than for any other chapter that I can recall. We have Yondaime in the mind of Naruto to consider here. Until that piece is done and we see the end result of that “father/son” talk/cheerleading session, we can’t tell either way how this is going to go.

  15. finally…i was starving, and i figured out what killer bee meant, he’s gonna change the world by making everyone bleed from the ears with his “awseomeness” ballads…NOT!

  16. I don’t know if my comment is in moderation because I don’t see it posted where it usually says under it, “Your comment is in moderation”. I think I’ve tried posting it twice now so sorry moderators if you think I’m trying to spam. If I don’t see my comment in half an hour though I’ll just try posting in two parts…it’s a LONG ass comment by the way with like 10 different links…I kinda got carried away…yep.

  17. @Penny- You said, “I don’t think that any it is useful to discuss a “Rescue Naruto” arc.” One of the main points of is precisely discussing things that aren’t necessarily useful. 🙂

  18. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all the Irish readers ^_^

    @ jxhwp: Look at you, stealing first and getting the quote at the same time! The kudos are yours to be had *L*

    @ Kyouto: I don’t think anyone knows Sasuke’s true motivations at this point, I was just throwing the idea out there that he could be subversively assisting Naruto/Konoha without anyone knowing it.

    @ jdb44: Love the idea of Minato pulling Naruto along for a stroll down memory lane! I never thought of that, but I agree that it could be a very interesting possibility while we get caught up with the other nin teams on their way. There doesn’t even have to be any action, per se … getting to see Minato reveal Naruto’s heritage would be good enough for me ^_^

    @ captnmexico21: I’m not sure if Madara is still a kage or not, we only know that he used to be in the past. If he is still a kage, though, that would make for one crazy @$$ summit!!

    @ alexie828: Samui’s team is supposed to be going after Sasuke as far as I remember.

    @ renzy10: Hear hear! Even with the elapsed time in the manga being somewhere in the range of 24 hours, it does seem to be taking them a ridiculous amount of time to get to Konoha. And I totally agree with you that Sasuke is only out for himself, I just found his actions too suspect to pass over for this article and wanted to plant that seed of doubt in other minds as well *WEG*

    @ Penny: To be honest, I don’t think there will be a save Naruto arc, but once I started considering it, I have to admit that the possibilities for a team are there. I’ve just seen so many comments lately debating the idea that I thought I’d give people a place to hash it out with each other ^_^

    @ Harshy: *LOL* I think I was bleeding from the ears just from going back to reread those chapters …

    @ supertrek89: I can’t wait to see it! Sounds interesting ^_^

  19. @Elffaren: It deals with identifying clones but mostly it discusses the ability of the Sharingan. Just think of the post as…Sharingan Abilities 101. 😉 Oh, and since I still don’t see the post I’m going to try to separate it into two parts which both still have to be moderated of course. *sigh* OK…you ready…steady…GO! ^^

  20. Oh and Elfarren, I found some more information I thought you’d find useful for your ‘Back to the Basics: Chakra’ post. It starts off here What…I’m too late…dammit! Lol, well, I thought you could just take a look at it anyway. Oh, and my post still won’t…post… or even say it’s under moderation. Hmmm…I may have to split it up into 4-6-8 parts. 0_0 Whatever I’ll think about it.

  21. Part 1.

    Great post Elfarren! Especially, “Madara should have known you never send a boy to do a man’s job.” LMAO!!! XD Still I hope there won’t be a ‘Rescue Naruto’ Arc because that would just be…wrong!

    Now about why Sasuke couldn’t see through Killer Bee’s clone. The Sharingan is not like the Byakugan in that it can’t see chakra flow and points. Thus it can’t see through well made clones that our identical to the owner. Actually the Byakugan can’t even distinguish between the clones and the owner if a highly advanced cloning jutsu is in work

    The Sharingan is used for many things like to see fast movement and make predictions,

    genjutsu of course,

    copying your opponents moves,

    and last but not least it has some special abilities (List of special abilities associated with the Mangekyou Sharingan)

  22. @ supertrek: That’s why I made sure to point out the possibility that KB’s clone was of a higher caliber than a regular clone, thus fooling Sasuke and Akatsuki. Besides Kage Bunshin (as you pointed out ^_^), we know that lightning clone technique and the jutsu Sasuke used against Itachi (ch. 390) can both fool people with extreme eye techniques, so it’s entirely possible that Sasuke is just a douche and I’m reading too far into things. I’d still like to believe that Sasuke has advanced beyond that point, though, and that he’s covertly doing his part to help Naruto …

  23. @Elfarren: GAH! You’re supposed to wait until part 2 comes out before you comment!!! ARRGGHHHH….. *_*

    *Runs around the room looking for part 2 and wondering why it hasn’t posted yet.*

    *Turns into Kyubi out of sheer frustration*

  24. Part 2.

    Put into action: (Kakashi performing a highly advanced space-time jutsu with his Mangekyou Sharingan) (Itachi performing Tsukuyomi, a highly advanced genjutsu, with his Mangekyou Sharingan) (Itachi bringing out Susano’o with his Mangekyou Sharingan) (Itachi performing Amaterasu with his Mangekyou Sharingan) (Sasuke performing Amaterasu with his Mangekyou Sharingan)

    But the Sharingan cannot see through well placed clones (Kakashi fooled) (Kakashi fooled again) (I’m seeing a pattern here…) (Now it’s Itachi’s turn to look dumb. In the below panel Kakashi does deductive reasoning and figures if one is real then the other MUST be the clone…good job Kakashi) (Why would he even bother using Sharingan on a clone if he knew all along? He says “…No wonder…” meaning he just found out. So yes, Itachi fooled a second time.)

    It can see through other genjutsu though

    In conclusion the Sharingan is not apt for distinguishing between clones and the real body…it’s still badass though! Phew…talk about a comment that’s gonna be moderated for a hell of a long time! 😉

    P.S. After Sasuke subdued the flames he turned his Sharingan off because he was mostly out of chakra anyway So even if the Sharingan could see through clones he never took the time to check…dumbass kid. 😉

  25. @elfarren- I’ve been chastized for saying what you just said, but I agree with you. I would love the stroll down memory lane, regardless of the break in the action.

    As for team Samui, based on the following page…

    It appears that Raikage specifically sent Team Samui to Konoha to deliver a message from Raikage to Hokage.

  26. @harshy: Didn’t you know? Killer Bee is actually Kanye West(many say he’s a wannabe rapper)! He is here to rid the world of T-Pein with his “808s & Heartbreak” album utilizing auto-tune! ^_^

  27. @jdb: I’m down with the stroll. I’ll be fairly disappointed if there’s no stroll, in fact.

  28. @PSI- Ditto.

  29. YAY!!! 😀 Thank You to the moderator who posted the second part of my long ass comment! And thank you to whoever moderated my first one too. ^^

  30. supertrek89

    u missed kaka fooling pain with a lightning clone

    meaning rinnengan cant do it toooooooooooooo

    it=distingiush between clone and real

  31. @Kakarocks: Yeah, I skipped that one on purpose because I wanted to focus on the Sharingan’s strengths and weaknesses not any other eye technique. The only reason I mentioned Byakugan was because it’s the only eye technique, as far as I know, that can distinguish between clones…half-assed ones at least. Thanks for mentioning it though it’s a good point. Basically clones can fool anyone and anything if your quick enough and know how to utilize them properly.

  32. @ supertrek89
    the shadow clone jutsu Naruto uses makes real body undetectable because the chakra is divided equally between the clones. the lesser class Jutsu gives only a fragment of chakra to the clones.Know this if you’ve watched the Neji Naruto fight, Neji says it. He also attacked the clone who didn’t attack at first and held to the background. Remember? Neji failed using deductive reasoning.

    I think it has been mentioned several times that ” Kage Bunshin no-jutsu” is a high level technique which creates a >real< body clone” notice the REAL there?

  33. Did he Turn off the flames or did he use kakashi technique the one with universe imploding.

  34. @Allschoolrejects: Sorry, but if you read my post you’ll notice that I know all of this stuff already but thanks anyway for the unnecessary review. And Sasuke turns off the flames using the Amaterasu not any of Kakashi’s techniques.

  35. […] Rescue Naruto! Renee (aka Elfarren) here again, this time with a “what if?” that seems to have sparked some debate in the latest […] […]

  36. Yeah boi, #96 on wordpress’s top 100! iareawesomeness is the shizzle ^_^

    @ supertrek: I totally see your point about how the sharingan can’t tell the difference between certain types of clones vs. the real body. I guess this means I have to eat my words from the post now, eh? *tummy grumbles* In all seriousness, though, thanks for all the links with the proof … I thought it could be the case, as I mentioned in the post, but thanks to your diligent research now I’m sure ^_^

    @ kakarocks: I had already mentioned how Kakashi’s lightning clone fooled Pain in the post, but thanks for mentioning it anyway.

    @ jdb44: If all Minato does is give Naruto a pep talk, I’ll be sorely disappointed. I’m not asking for a soliloquy, but we had better see Naruto learn a few important things about his past before Minato gets resealed (or whatever it is that happened to make this possible).

  37. @Elfarren: Eh, you don’t have to eat your words. After all we still do have your wonderful post to munch on. *stomach grumbles* 😉 But yeah, thx for reading my post even though it came out a day late. 🙂

  38. @rocklee- “Auto-Tune” will live forever!!!1(unffortunately)
    but Kanye west wont! 😆 (fortunately!)

  39. @elfarren: nice job…sorry I’m so late to get here. ^.^ I’ve been thinking there is a lot more to the way Sasuke’s been behaving too. And since Naruto still loves the d’bag I really want him to be okay under all the bull pucky. I’m guessing there’s something to what you said back there, and it was a perfect time to pull that off…although he really did get his ass handed to him, was that part of the act too? It proved the loyalty of his team. Hmm…cool stuff to think about.

    Looks like daddy saved his boy, but Nagato isn’t bagged and tagged yet. He might need Yamato to step in…all roads lead to Konoha right now, huh?

    And the Raikage…summit…see, I’m still saying Ninja war, because that meeting is not going to go so well with Konoha in chaos (once the battle ends, I think we’re still going to have a command problem).

  40. @ Ibiki: No worries, I’m glad to see someone else who thinks Sasuke isn’t what he seems ^_^ His awkward pauses when he’s reminded of Naruto seem like foreshadowing in some ways, like when he and Suigetsu cross the Great Naruto Bridge or when Sai talks to him in Orochimaru’s lair. For all Sasuke’s pomp and circumstance, he never makes good on his threats to kill Naruto while making it abundantly clear that he could, should he so choose. I agree that it’s more than a little fishy ^_*

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Yamato return, but I hope it’s not because Naruto decides to go all Fox-mode on Pain again. If anything, I’d love to see him ambush Nagato and Konan. He’d only have to hit Konan with a water style jutsu and she’d be taken care of (as far as her ninjutsu is concerned), and unless Nagato really does have rockets to launch his wheelchair o’ pain into the sky and fly away, he’d be a sitting duck for when Naruto arrives to finish the battle.

    I’m hoping for the best for Konoha, though I agree that too many countries will probably try to take advantage of Land of Fire in its weakened state. Now is the time for Sand to step up and lend some support if you ask me … we’ll see!

  41. Yeah, I do think there must be rockets. 😀 I hope so. Why should laser douche get all the cool toys?

    And Sand…that would be nice. In the anime, one of the little stingers said the sand sibs weren’t going to be back. Ever. Dunno if that’s true or if they meant for the season or what. But it kinda makes me mad…those are some awesome characters, I want them around more.

  42. well if you ask me his chair should have some machine guns and a sniper rifle too along with the rockets and stuff so he can be like rocky or rambo

  43. Where was Lee???

    Lee is the one person who would NEVER leave Naruto. He sees eye to eye with Naruto, and he missed out on the Sasuke Retrieval mission, so he’s hungry for an A Class (A stands for Awesome) mission.

    I think a Rescue Naruto arc would be a good thing becuase we would get to see the growth of all of the other characters, instead of just Naruto, Sakura and a little of Hinata.

    I think the final squad would be Kakashi (if he wakes up in time *fingers crossed*) Lee, Hinata, maybe Gaara, posibly Shikamaru.

    I’m actually psyched for it, it would be F****** Awesome!!! We need to see more Lee growth though, did you know that the only time Lee has won a fight on-screen or in the manga not including filler is when he fought himself outside the room where Sasori and Diedara were hiding.

    I want so much for Lee to be in the next major arc. After all, he is a splendid ninja.

  44. IF Naruto beats Pein, then the nxt major bad guy is Madara.

    I think that there will be some sort of timeskip, everything will look fine and dandy and be re-built, but there will still be power struggles in Konoha. then Madara, (as Mizukage) will, after some stimulus, begin a full-scale ninja attack on konoha, the sand village will retaliate, and there will be some amazingly awesome battles.

    I hope to god that happens.

  45. @elasticated: I want to see growth in the rest of the Konoha 12, too. Wouldn’t it be just as good to have a track down the trash can freek in his tower arc? That’s what I’m pulling for. And a Naruto/Konohamaru quadruple rasengan (ok, maybe triple, we need to take it easy on junior)…

  46. ibiki i cant comment in naruto 440 discussions

  47. @ Ibiki: Yeah, I’d love to see more about the Sand trio too – things like what kind of puppets Kankuro will build on his own to fight with, the difference in Gaara’s power without the bijuu, and what’s really going on with Temari & Shikamaru. I know people hate on him, but they do make a great pair ^_^ And I dunno about Laser Douche getting all the best toys … Nagato does have a built in toaster oven *LOL*

  48. little help here anyone i cant make comments in the breakdown of naruto manga 440

  49. @ elasticatedninja: You know, I never thought about the number of fights Lee has won until you said that, and it’s so true! *LOL* Still, I agree that it would be bad@$$ to see how he and the other ninjas from Naruto’s graduating class have progressed ^_^ As for the timeskip, I don’t see one happening until Akatsuki is dismantled (notice I did not say destroyed, big difference). If Naruto can defeat their supposed “leader”, and with many of their strongest fighters killed off, I dunno how much longer it’s going to last – especially if what Minato said was true about Madara being part of a larger organization.

  50. @ kakarocks: Sorry man, I’m just the editor ^_^ Sounds like a question for Jeremiah or Ibiki …

  51. @elfarren: I LOVE Shikamaru…and I’m a regular Shika/Tema fangirl. <333 (triple ice cream cone butt for special squealy girlishness).

    The guys hate him because he doesn’t engage in da macho games (thinking of that scene in the Sora filler arc where all the other Konoha dudes are playing grabass with each other and Shikamaru just rolls his eyes…)

    …and that means he gets the girls (because he still manages to be a dude without being a poohead. LMAO…I guess the guys find smarts threatening in other guys, but it just turns me on. ^.^

  52. Toaster oven FTW!!!!!! ^.^

    Oh, and Kakarocks…you are being moderated at the mo…it’s not that you can’t post, it’s that I’m watching you, sweetie. O.o

  53. @ Ibiki: I hope the guys are reading this, cause we’re practically writing them a handbook to dating girls *L* Totally agree about the game of grab@$$ and Shikamaru staying out of it, cause at the end of the day, girls want someone with brains rather than brawn. At least, I know we do ^.^ It’s why I fangirl Kakashi, cause he doesn’t have an overabundance of chakra but he’s got the same smarts as Shikamaru. Plus, I like a guy who reads a lot, even if the material isn’t suitable for those under 18 ^_*

  54. @elfarren: now…a combination of brain and raw animal…mmmm. Yin yang. 😀 Truth be told…I want the fox in a box with a big brain in control of it 99% of the time…and that other out of control 1% is spent with/on me. Selfish bitch. =^.^= But yeah, grabass with other dudes? Definitely not a turn on.

    Kakashi’s got that mix too–and his porn obsession is actually a plus. Yummmmmmmmy. Although my deepest love is for the perv, Jiraiya. Because, in his maturity (perhaps in in his youth) he is that combo I described above.

    Now tell me if that isn’t just a hell of a lot less dysfunctional than the guys’ obsession with power that attracts them to poor little victim Hinata…?

  55. Great post – I do like the picture of KillerBee up above. (madara shouldnt send a boy…)
    First we see the menthol action of Halls cough drops taking effect on Killerbee’s sinuses, and in the next bubble, a bijuu-sized gob of phlegm gets coughed up!

  56. They were all playing grab-ass with Sora, because with his lisp, they thought he said SARA… And he was just as feminine looking as Sasuke, until they saw his 9-tailed lepper hand.. yuck!
    The point… I don’t have one, grabass is great if it’s co-ed grabass (unless that one guy keeps following you trying to touch your junk anyway)

  57. @ Ibiki: I guess in the end we just can’t help ourselves, can we? *L*

    @ prawlkage: I think we should alert the media that we now have the ultimate cure for the common cold: ninja-enhanced Halls cough drops! 😛

  58. @ elfarren and Ibi – ur conversation just gave me a great Idea for a couple posts… Do one only for the guys and one for the girls… hmmmm I’m intrigued…

    *runs off to start jotting down ideas*

    P.S. You girls don’t know what you want…

  59. what the hell is going on on this post???? i dont pay attention to the comments for 3 days and this is what happens??? Are you kidding me!?!?!

  60. @Jeremiah: don’t confuse a complex playbook with ambivalence. ^.^ Srsly…fox in da box. Interested in the post ideas…

    @prwlkage: phlegm ball…niiiiice. XD

  61. @ elfarren and ibi- lmfao…I don’t think that is what all girls want….if that were the case I would have a ton of women….but then again, I am not the “playa” type, more girls = more drama and that is a pain in the ass.

    But I don’t hate shika, him and kakashi are the only characters in Naruto I could see myself chillin with…. I would hate naruto’s personality sooo much and sasuke is just an asshole I would not be able to stand him. The girl with the best personality seems to be temari…sakura’s a indecisive bitch and Hinata’s ok, she would just have to get over the super shy thing.

  62. @ Jeremiah: I second Ibiki’s answer *L*

    @ reflex: *LOL* I think what happened is me and Ibiki proved that girls can be just as pervy as guys when they’re not afraid to speak their mind ^_*

    @ Ibiki: Fox in da box … I like that! *gives Maito Gai thumbs up*

    @ Scorpion Legacy: Yeah, unfortunately your right about most girls not seeing what’s beyond the brawn, but I guess that means me and Ibiki aren’t “most girls” and is probably why we fit in so well here *L* Definitely second your opinion about chillin with Naruto, too, or most of the 12 ninja from his class for that matter. Same with Gai, for as loveable as he is. Unless there was a house party, I’d probably snap under that much enthusiasm.

  63. @ elfarren – im not denying that fact. i’ve known ever since i got on the blog that girls can be a pervy as guys ^_^ –

    im just saying that i’m mad cuz i’m usually a part of pervy conversations like this 😀

  64. im with you scorpion…shikamaru and kakashi seem real chill…like after a mission go and chill drink a beer or something….naruto would be great for parties…just sit back and watch him cause rukus all around him….
    @jeremiah: sounds like a good idea with the guy/girls post…

  65. shino would be a buzz kill…in the corner just watching with a cup in his hand…lol

  66. Pervy sage-ettes? Sounds like awesomeness to me!

    I’ve figured out the REAL identity of the Raikage…
    There’s a Movie from the 80’s called “The last Dragon”
    And for those who know, RAikage is clearly the head villain SHO-NUFF

    ShoNuff: “Who is the master” *punches movie hero*
    Movie Hero: ShoNuff

  67. Someone mentioned something about Kakashi teaching Tsunade the life transfering Jutsu Chiyo used. I want to ask, but how would Kakashi go about that, he was able to copy it with the Sharingun however how could he teach that same ability to Tsunade. I don’t remember the technique using any hand signs and in order to experiement Kakashi would need to know ways of demonstracting it, he doesn’t seem adapt at medical ninjutsu then in order for either Kkashi or Tsunade to copy it they would need something to transfer life to. I guess they could try bringing puppets to life since Chiyo was thinking something along those lines, although I’m not sure they know about that information in the first place. Sakura would need to be involve to tell that. Anyway does anyone have any clear answers?

    To the above comments WTF!

  68. @ kyouto – i said the same thing to the comments above 😀

  69. @ Kyouto: Kakashi wouldn’t necessarily have had to perform the jutsu for Tsunade to show her how it’s done. I’m sure he could describe what Chiyo was doing with her chakra in such a way that Tsunade would get a grasp of the technique, and then work it out herself. And don’t forget she’s already taught Sakura a similar technique to revive a dead fish, so she knows the basics. Even Granny Chiyo gave Tsunade props for outsmarting her during the GNW (great ninja wars), which I take as probable cause in the prediction department ^_^

  70. @ elfarren – you beat me to it!!!! i was just about to say something similar to that (the dead fish thing) … next time i wont take time to dig up the damn links!!!! lol

  71. @Elfarren – Thank you, I was wondering how to get around that. I had forgotten that it was already done or something similar.

    @Reflex – Don’t worry about it, if you still have the link then your welcome to post it.

    For some reason I have a strange desire to duel. Its either that or either the Naruto VS Bleach. Anyway That Jutsu would it happen to be some reference to various sexual puns, fan fic, jokes or some sort of Secret Naruto Project. *Mumbles something about high score on Jiraiya peep hole game*

    I’m unsure how a Naruto Rescue Arc would fair however it does sound promising. Even with current numbers it does seem weird going after two people though. Nagato & Konan are strong but the word jumped could apply to easily. What are the chances of Zetsu or Kisami appearing to balance out the power? I’ve been hoping to see more of Akatsuki.

  72. @ kyouto – theres no point now -_-

  73. You guys are crazy for even thinking that she doesn’t know how to do it already… thats like saying Sasuke should show Madara how to use his Sharingan… Tsunade is the greatest medical nin ever. No one needs to show her anything. I’m sure the deaths of the people close to her caused her to obsess over finding the answer…

    “Who I’d like to hang with” is a great question and I’m working on a post based off of that conversation… thanks to whom ever started it. I’d love to hear everyones response so if you’ve got a short list… hold it in until the post comes out ^_^

    For the record my 4 man/woman hang out crew would be a lot different from the ones listed above.

    Those who know me probably already know the list ^_^ But I’ll reveal my list in the post.

    Start thinking of your 4… from any anime or manga BTW.

  74. @ jeremiah – are you saying that about tsunade because you really think she knows the life-transfer jutsu, or are there a couple “other” reasons your standing up for tsunade??? 😉

  75. @Jeremiah: ditto about Tsunade. ^.^ Her assets are limitless.

    4 person hang out crew is different than spoonability…there’s group dynamics and compatability X 4 to consider. FUN!! Making a list… 😀

  76. ANY MANGA! well you will see a very odd crew form me ^_^.

  77. hey if we are making a list of our 4 manga people to “hang out with” can we use characters from the iareawesomeness manga, or will that warrant a severe bitch-slap??? just asking ^.^

  78. I’ve already got 2 groups…one a perverted and the other crew are those that are pure awesome..
    Bleach-Matasumo…XD.. 10th Division Vice Captain
    Naruto-The Great Jiraiya- Legendary Sanin/Pervy Sage
    Naruto-Sarutobi 3rd Hokage
    Bleach-Captain Shunsui Kyōraku-8th (not really like the other but to his vice captain..)

    Bleach:Urahara Kisuke-Chill
    Naruto-Kakashi Hakate-The Name Says It All
    Bleach-Yoruichi Shihoin-Gotta Have One Good Lookin Chick In The Group
    Naruto-Tie Between Minato(lack of time seen through other character interactions) and Itachi( even though he was “a bad guy” he seemed laid back and same thing as Minato)

  79. @shinobimadness: pssst…hold those thoughts…we’re not supposed to tell yet!!!!

  80. @ everyone tsunade cant know the jutsu if she hadnt even heard of it so its clear tht kaka would have told her about the jutsu and sakura explained the medic points kaka missed

    P.S remember sakura is with tsunade right now where ever she is and they also know the location of kaka and choza ..medic ninja and slugs bieng their ^_^

  81. i got my list ready waiting ^_^

  82. What if’s are great ^_^

  83. What if people preserved the old and kept returning to this page…..(or older pages)

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