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Click the translation link above to read the new Bleach manga entitled “The Lust 4” Freakin amazing issue! Breakdown and discussion thread for the new manga will be posted soon!

Thanks to Rasengan2u for the video I’ll update as better ones come out ^_^

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Bleach Manga 350

Hey Everyone,

You can imagine my frustration this week as all my hopes and dreams for this manga went down the toilet quicker than an unwanted pregnancy on prom night -_-  But there is a sunny side, and we’ll discuss it below…



Ulquiorra finished off the job he started a few chapters ago by snapping Ichigo’s neck and putting a gaping hole through his chest.  Last week, in the comments section, we discussed whether or not Ichigo could die while his soul was in Hueco Mundo and body was on earth.  We came to the conclusion that theoretically he could, because when he returns to earth he takes his injuries with him and I don’t think anyone is recovering from a giant hole in his chest and a broken neck.  Ulquiorra says that those injuries are even too much for Orihime to heal… but something else happens and we’ll get back to that in a second, but first…

Bleach Manga 350


Ishida showed a lot of heart and a lack of arm after he went a round with Ulquiorra.  As the “calm” one, he probably knew that he stood no chance against Ulquiorra, but still threw himself into the fray because that’s what you do when fighting alongside friends… you go down with the f**king ship and you go down swinging.  Ishida has gotten much more tolerable through this story arc, even though part of that was his comical interaction with Pesche.

This is awkward... is this really the time to give oral while ur friends dead body is at ur feet?!

This is awkward... is this really the time to give oral while ur friends dead body is at ur feet?!

Orihime doesn’t know what to do… WTF?! Seriously? You only do one thing… granted it’s an amazing one thing, but there is only that one thing that you do!  So, if ur confused and don’t know what to do then just fall back on what you do best and let the rest sort itself out. Even if it’s a no hope situation, you just fall back on what you do best… kinda what Ishida is doing… There really is no hope for him against Ulquiorra, but he’s doing what he can, while he can, so wouldn’t you think Orihime would do the same? At least try to reject, right? It’s a bit frustrating seeing her go into a panic attack but whatever.  Ichigo is about to take care of himself, it seems…

80's glam rock hair activate!

80's glam rock hair activate!

Ichigo seems to be going complete hollow… I would think that he’s going to be out of control at this point with his hollow completely in charge.  An outside chance speculation is that this may be a released state like the Espada have, since his riatsu is closer to that of an Espada than it is a Shinigami…. What do you think?

Well, that’s about it for this issue… should be an interesting chapter so we’ll have to wait and see… Let me know what you think Ichigo’s new form will take and how you feel about him making the improbable comeback in the comments section… and, as always, post links to spoilers and pics in the comments section ^_^




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  1. 1st

  2. Nice Job, Jeremiah. I think Ichigo is about t o go Pseudo Espada on us. Could be fun.

  3. Its a good post ^_^

    If Ichi’s soul dies…
    I dont think his body will be damaged BTW.

    The body receives the souls injuries, once the soul and body reunite.

    So if Ichi dies…Kon will have a new body.

    BTW what took this post so long lol?

  4. @Jeremiah- There might be precedence for Ichigo to be able to heal himself while he’s a hollow. When Ichigo was training with the Vaizards and fighting his inner Hollow (the Vaizards called it the Hollow Subjugation Battle), Kensei made the remark, “High Speed Regeneration!?” Kensei said it in such a way that it sounded like this was unusual.

    In the next page, Kensei used a cero to knock off one of Ichigo’s arms.

    Two pages later, Ichigo has started to go hollow and regrown his arm.

    Two chapters later, Ichigo completes the transformation. Note the long hair, spikes coming out of his shoulders, claws on his hands and feet, crazy spike coming out of his calf, the tail(which is shown better a few panels down), and lastly the hole in his chest. I think that it may be a short hop from this form to Espada.

    BTW, during those intervening chapters of the Hollow Subjugation battle, Kenpachi makes a very cool appearance. I believe he and Ichigo have more in common than most people would think.

  5. I believe Ichigo’s hollow is going to take full control. It doesn’t seem like Ichigo himself would be concious after that. Although since he changed after hearing Orihime’s scream then I guess there is something that wants to answer her.

  6. Xth

  7. Yeah I agree with h-ichigo taking over. I think ichigo is giving into his inner hollow kinda like naruto let the kyubi control him when he fought orochimaru. I think Kyouto posted an interview where they talked about ichigo’s characteristics.

    Q: What do you consider to be Ichigo’s greatest strength and his greatest weakness?

    Tite Kubo: His strength is that he is always considerate and thoughtful. He always thinks about other people’s needs. That is a great strength, but it’s also his greatest weakness, because worrying about his friends puts him in danger too, sometimes.

    Ichigo might let his inner hollow take over to protect his friends, but in the process he is going to hurt them. I see Orihime getting hurt. Ishida not so much( he lost an arm already lol). We know Rukia is close by so she might be coming in soon. She knows he has a hollow inside him but has never been around to witnesss it. Also we still haven’t seen Chad lately. I’d like to see Chad(and friends) vs Hollow ichigo were chad is trying to help him or stop him. Even better would be The captains there trying to stop him. I would love to see Byakuya’s face when he meets h-ichigo again. He probably shit his pants. Kenpachi would be cool too. Kenpachi is always cool/fun when he comes out. Kenpachi imo is the Maito Gai!!!! of bleach.

  8. @ jdb44 – great comment! Yeah he’s going to heal up with a hollow transformation. We were just discussing what would happen if he died died in Hueco Mundo.

    Captnmexico – Kenpahci is the Shiznit ^_^

  9. Hahahahaha, I was right…MOSTLY…let’s see what I posted 8 days ago (March 9):

    “I don’t believe Ichigo will die because if he does what will happen to Orihime and Ishida? Rukia, Renji, Sado, Kenpachi, Mayuri, Byakua, and Unohana are all still there too. If Ichigo or H-Ichigo doesn’t stop Ulquiorra now then he will just go and kill the rest of them. Remember Byakua and Kenpachi are both severely injured and I don’t think the rest can stand up to ‘Ressurecion Secunda Espada’ Uluquiorra. Even if Ulquiorra doesn’t engage them first I definitely believe THEY will engage him instead. Ulquiorra just put a hole in Ichigo’s chest so what’s going to happen next? Orihime is going to try to heal Ichigo and Ishida is gonna send some arrows flying, thus starting another fight. If that happens all the other captains and friends will rush in that direction. So Ichigo needs to pull a miracle or escape somehow before Ulquiorra goes on a killing spree…like Pein.”

    So I was wrong about the captains making a rush over there…so far. They could be in the process of doing so right now but maybe Tite didn’t want to use any manga space showing them preparing to intercept the fight. I was right though about exactly what would happen next (even though it was kinda obvious 😉 ) .If H-Ichigo didn’t come out than it would spell disaster for the others. DO SOMETHING H-ICHIGO UlQUIORRA’S GONE MAD!!!

    About Ichigo’s transformation, yeah that’s definitely the Inner Hollow taking over as King again while Ichigo gets subjected to being the Horse for a while. If Ichigo is the horse…wouldn’t he be like Shikamaru (The Knight) on the chess board? Able to jump over other pieces and move in a different way than the rest to overtake his opponents. Pshh, that aint so bad Ichigo be happy with what you got and let Inner Hollow be King for awhile. That piece is useless and mostly sucks anyway able only to go one space at a time…talk about a handicapped King!

    Oh, sorry for the Bleach-Chess analogy…I was looking at Matsumoto’s chest and went into a crazed frenzy…

  10. i sense another damn ark…..this time its gonna be ichigo mastering his full hollow ark…and i wonder if nel will train him to release his power like espada do…only i hope he turn half animal…thats kinda corny….i know this was brought up in a past post…but i bet ichigos hollow is a damn vastro lordes….man..epic……epic epic…


  11. i mean to say..i hope he doesnt turn half animal…..

  12. hmm this is kinda interesting…theres a possiblity that ichigo during the time he got killed(he offically was killed to me with a broken neck/hollow chest)i think they both were having a conversation like how naruto and the kyuubi can. however i think ichigo was able to in time talk to ogihci and was able to atain that power of…however its more likely that ichigo willingly became the horse so that orihime and maybe ishida could be saved. with what jdb44 said about him and kenpachi could also pertain to the hollow part of ichigo and fighting because ichigo usually fights to get strong for his friend, but after talking with kenpachi when he was training kenpachi was tellin ichigo he was like him.. anyway im starting to blabber so imma get ready for bed now…

  13. @ Jeremiah: Yeah, you weren’t the only one shouting “WTF!?!” at your screen when all Orihime did was freak out and babble like a broken record. I thought the spoiler last week was overdoing it a bit with all the “what should I do?”s, but apparently not …

    I’m not really sure what to expect from the next chapter, though I can’t help drawing the parallels to what’s going on in Naruto right now. If we got to see 8-Tails Naruto, I won’t be surprised if we get to see Ichigo fully, or nearly fully, in his Hollow-fied form. Orihime can heal Ishida’s hand while the battle rages, because knowing Ulquiorra, he’ll move the fight away from her in one fashion or another until things are settled. Having said all that, I still don’t want him to be killed.

  14. LMAO, wait I don’t get it. Orihime can heal this guy and this guy But she can’t heal this guy…erm Ichigo WTF?!? If I’m not mistaken the first two guys should be instantly dead since they’re missing their hearts and all. So if she can bring those two back from the dead why not Ichigo? SUSPICIOUSSSSSSS!

  15. @supertrek89 I think its because he used Black Cero. Similar to how the Kyuubi no Youko’s attack leave damage its possible the same occurs with the wound Ichigo has. There might have been some in Manga information to back that, however I don’t remember where. So many healing times. Probably the times with Grimjow. It might also be that Orihime no longer has enough power and will to do so.

    Isn’t it strange. New Bleach pictures are released first however chapter spoilers come after Naruto.

  16. @supertrek89 I agree with you that it makes no sense! SUSPICIOUSSSSSSS! LOL!

  17. Hi everyone this my first post, to answer supertrek89 question. maybe the damage is too much this time, maybe that’s why she can’t heal ichgo wounds.

  18. maybe the mask has more abilities that have not been shown yet this might be shown.

  19. His hollow could possibly be a vasto lorde. We haven’t seen how the vizards inner hollows look like. We don’t know if they all look like themselves. We have only seen ichigo’s hollow.

    @ superstrek89- I think its the cero. When Orihime tried to heal Ichigo’s injuries from before she was having a hard time and was just a thrust to the chest. This time its a cero.

  20. Kurosaki transformed at last into the second phase of hollow transformation

    1. Kurosaki is now a little bit like grimjow half hollow and half human.
    2. He has now let the hollow part cover atleast half of his body.
    3. He just swings his sword.
    4. Unlquiorra is thrown off somewhere.
    5. Using his god like speed now he just goes near ulquiorra. and says “now who is powerful”
    6. Suddenly blood on ulquiorra.
    7. Ichigo had just given his a severe blow and he did not realize it.

  21. Just an assumption here, but Ichigo’s hollow seems to be made to be on a whole different level from the other vizards, and dare I say espada. If the spoiler is true, and he rips off Emoquiorra’s arm so easily… he is by far above possible all espada and has a vasto-lorde level hollow side.

    My proof: Ulquiorra’s initial release was powerful, and it’s what put him at the 4th espada mark (by Aizen’s ranks). Now, he had a secondary release which gave him a reiatsu of oceanic proportions, which I assume is similar to Shinigami Shikai/Bankai. If Ulq is the only one with bankai, his powers would rival… or possibly (in theory) surpass Stark’s (the primera). It isn’t made clear the power difference from lq to stark… or even ichigo to other captains, but its made clear ichigo can best a good number of them (Kenpachi, Byakuya, … everyone beats hitsugaya) without his hollow powers, so the extent shown is very hard to measure.

    However Ichigo, if he could remove Ulq’s transformed arm with ease, the fight won’t last long. But power of that magnitude won’t be his to control, so who will stop him? He was already stronger than all his friends without even his mask… and some (rukia chad ishida) without bankai. So… Will byakuya/kenpachi/urahana/mayuri have to step in? Will it be of any use?

    My prediction… He’ll kill ulquiorra, and start butchering his friends (with hesitation of conflict) or at least fight them until the captains get involved, or it has external interference (i.e. REAL vasto lordes, aizen.. or something). And he’ll face off with Hichigo again… most likely. Sadly he’ll probably win, again, and get a huge power loss that doesnt compare to his hollow (which defies how he always wins), and then it’ll go back to the espada vs captains to see hitsugaya lose… and the rest i can’t say, all I can assume is Aizen breaking free to get the key, and leave. He made it clear his job wasn’t to kill the captains that day, so they won’t lose to fill the story more.

    Then the vasto lorde saga begins? we’ll see. as for now, watch ichigo defy logic once again with hichigo owning til he does.

  22. a note to why orihime can’t heal:

    she cant heal him this time because literally, he died. like, for real died. Everyone else she heals is only injured or on the brink of death, and this time he’s gone. Unless his vital organs no longer matter, in which case sure he lived through his heart and 1/2 of each lung and spine and more being… evaporated.

    If logic doesn’t apply, he didn’t die simply because his hollow took over *immediately* to prevent death, (likely) High-speed regeneration is in his hollow’s attributes, so it took over, healed, and then kept taking over. In which case… orihime’s healing wouldn’t be helpful, and might have been 1) overpowered or 2) too late becase the hollow had already fixed him or.. 3)she can’t heal full-fledged hollows (which wouldn’t make sense because she healed grimmjow, but hell.. ichigo can live without a heart lungs and spine… it doesn’t have to make sense if this is the reason!

  23. wow, is it just me or good that pic of Ichigo be that of a vasto lorde?

    It is human size, i don’t see a hollow hole though, but who knows. It looks similar to that silhoutte. hmm, w/e, at least, he is dominating for a change =).

  24. @ Spidercarnage – Wouldn’t that be awesome?! I hope so… can’t wait to see the whole chapter.

  25. If Ichigo is unable to control his Hollow who will defeat him. Ulquiorra is no push over, currently everyone else trapped back in Hueco Mundo would have had problems with just him alone, that’s not even considering each of his released. Hollow Ichigo can easily defeat Ulquioraa however, no one else will stop Hollow Ichigo. Ichigo will either need to keep control, or arrive at an awakening to find all of his friends dead or injured. There is also the chance Hollow Ichigo will leave everyone alone, but I have a feeling Hollow Ichigo would spite that just to f*** with Ichigo’s mind.

  26. Yeah, Avidphan and I were discussing whether or not Ichigo’s inner hollow could be a Vasto Lordes in the previous thread. Mainly because we thought it would be kickass but also we were curious about who the hell they were and what power level they possessed (OVER 9000!!!…couldn’t help myself 😉 ). It makes since for Ichigo’s inner hollow to be a Vasto Lordes if you look at this link ttp:// There’s only one thing stronger than an Espada and that’s a motherf*****g Vasto Lordes! In the words of Avidphan if Ichigo’s inner hollow was a Vasto Lordes,

    “that woould be better then sweet super…that would be AWWWWEEESSSOOMMMEEENNNEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!” (Avid)

    Indeed it would be…it would be awesome indeed! 🙂

  27. @Kyouto: What if Hollow Ichigo kept permanent control of Ichigo’s body and raced off into the deepest depths of Hueco Mundo, after defeating Ulquioora, to find the Vasto Lordes. Maybe Inner Hollow is really lonely and needs friends who understand him. He would only associates himself with the best company and Arrancar of his power level, Vasto Lordes. Then it would be really f****d up if Aizen in his quest to gather 10 Vasto Lordes under his command recruits Hollow Ichigo to join his army. I could actually see him doing it to since he doesn’t give a f**k about Ichigo’s life and others. Then it would be like all the Soul Society and Vizards vs. Aizen, Espadas (whatever is left of em’), Vasto Lordes, and Hollow Ichigo! Ensue crazy epic battle of grand proportions. Maybe even Isshin, Yoruichi, Urahara, and Ryuuken will step in. Hell why not throw in the Royal Guard if things get to out of hand! Crazy theory but it just might work! 😉

  28. Is that Ulqiorra’s arm in Ichigo’s left hand on the spoiler picture?

  29. @ben18th – Yes it is.

    @Supertreck – Maybe, the theory does sound crazy however it doesn’t seem that off. Besides if you look at the picture Hollow Ichigo has horns, at least I think those are horns. His hair might just be awkwardly blowing in the wind. Either way I think Hollow Ichigo isn’t a normality at the most.

  30. Not sure about the horns thing… I want it to be horns though…


    That would be wicked…

  31. a bankai and the ability to turn into a second level hollow, kicvk ass… too bad he isn’t as strong as the other vaizard’s….

  32. It would be funny if Ichigo gave Ishida, Ulquiorra’s arm…


  33. Yeah, but they had 100 years to master their hollow powers and they were already captains and lieutenants.I think it’s just a matter of time for Ichigo.

  34. @ jeremiah- LMAO!!!!!! Ichigo giving Ishida ulq’s arm.
    Those do look like horns which is AWESOME!!!!!

  35. I’m sorry i gotta disagree with you on that, if you remember when ichgo first went to the soul society and face off against the captain’s he beat them. im sure they had more years of training then ichgo. ichgo master his bankai in a short time, im sure he’s stronger then the others.

  36. I think ichgo is a vasto lordes and aizen sence it, i think thats why he sent yammy and ulquiorra to kill him before he could reach that level. but i could be wrong

  37. Its really good to see these catoons just keep it up bra!

  38. I think urahara
    |first to achive bankai in 3 day, and we may onley gess whotmore|
    senced ichigo’s vasto lord capability, and make him, with great risk, whot he is now or whot he will be.
    sry for my eng 😀

  39. @Jeremiah:

    I was thinking, there was a cover for one of the chapters that had Ichigo`s face split up, and one of the parts was a Skull Helmet/Mask thing that has horns which are remarkably similar to the ones Ichigo has now. The chapter is chapter 289, The Scarmask, and the pictures on the second page. Here, take a look:

  40. What are you guys doing looking at my….

    Awesome chapters on both mangas right now. Getting a little deja vu about them being so similar. Its all good.

    He’s not quite the hollow I thought he would be. Wonder if there’s a third release that we will see when he fights Aizen?

    Also what about the living world fight. Matsumoto was left with half of her body gone. Not her boobs though, definitely not those, not even a scratch.

  41. @ Shartina – have u scene my new myspace photo? ^_^

    You are my new body guard ;P

  42. The reason Ichigo is able to keep achieving new heights is because his power is increasing on its own. Everyone else however trains in order to increase their own abilities. There was also a part mentioned about Ichigo’s power pulling hidden abilities from the people around him sot that helps as well. Ichigo is also training t have better control over that power and that just adds to the fold, obtaining what he already has or increasing the potential of that power.

    Anyway I found some pictures on 2ch. These should be spoilers from the chapter, however they are drawn, probably to help the person scanning. Regardless lets see how accurate these drawing will turn out eh? The chances are low, however take the gamble.


    About the arm, it could actually turn out to become the case.
    Orihime had trouble healing Ichigo after he was first attacked by Ulquiorra. She also seems unable to heal injuries from the Black Cero. The Reitsu used with either is the same. If any of this is still the case then there are only three people left, Kurotsuchi, Unohana or Nel. Although they are highly skilled it still is hard to compare to Orihime’s rejection of events.

  43. A random thought just occurred to me – if both Hichigo and Ulquiorra can regenerate themselves, there can’t really be a victory until one of them cleaves the other into little bitty miniscule fragments. Now I’m wondering just how quickly Ulquiorra can heal himself, because that could be a deciding factor in who wins the fight …

  44. @shartina – You wanted a scratch, her heart should still be safe so that’s good.

    @Jeremiah – You recruited Matsumoto & Nel, son of. No wait, when you get hurt Nel will just vomit all over you. You poor bastard how can you have made both the right & wrong decision at the same time.

  45. @elfarren – Ulquiorra can heal himself? Damn I haven’t the memory, when was it or were you saying if he can in which case your right, they fight until pieces or until one of them runs out of the energy to continue regenerating.

  46. @ Kyouto: I was thinking about the time he crushed his eyeball to replay his memories to the Espada and Aizen. He still has two eyes, which can only mean he regenerates as well ^_^

  47. @elfarren – Your talking about the recording when he and Yami visited Karakura. Thank you, I couldn’t remember. Ulquiorra hasn’t used that ability yet so this will probably be longer like you predicted. I suppose it was because there was no one to damage him in the first place that it went unused.

  48. This is the image of a Vasto Lordes ttp:// Notice the horns on its head and the hole in its chest? Hmm….now where have I seen those before…? Now I’m not saying that the picture of the Vasto Lordes is Ichigo himself, but the similarities are uncanny don’t you’ll think? And here is evidence that the Espada, most of them as far as we know, aren’t Vasto Lordes ttp:// Aizen categorizes them into two different groups.

    @Elfarren & Kyouto: I know you two already discussed this but I want to throw my 2 cents in on the whole matter. Here is Ulquiorra taking his eye out but as you notice it turns into dust and doesn’t completely evaporate Next time we see him he has his eye back Also on the next page Ulquiorra explains that even if an Arrancar looses a limb it is able to be reattached just as long as it’s not completely destroyed like Grimmjow’s ttp:// Now, remember when these three crazed Arrancar ripped their arms off to make that freakish beast we assumed their arms can be reattached after the beast is called back without surgery, but we never get to find out. Lastly, we know an Arrancar can heal himself and even grow more limbs after his/her “Resurrection” or released form

    So in conclusion unless Ulquiorra has ANOTHER released form I don’t think he’s growing any new limbs back. In the case though that an Arrancar deforms him/herself (i.e. Ulquiorra plucking out his own eye and the three crazed Arrancar ripping off their own arms) the body part in question can be put back into it’s original state without surgery. There’s hope though for Ulquiorra because even if an enemy takes a limb from you or you have a tragic sewing accident the limb can be reattached with surgery. Unless that limb is completely destroyed as is the case for Grimmjow…but then again there’s always Orihime! 😉

    (Fun Note: Flip two more pages on the link with Chapter 229 Pg. 03 to see Yami do something really f****d up!)

  49. @Jeremiah what a pimp two girls one on each arm. Now you got em what you gonna do with them?

  50. Soooo… we have yet to figure out who of the espada are actual Vasto Lordes. Well looking back to the “Let stop the pendulum” chapter, we see on pg 18 and 19, the Vaizaado give thanks to two people for their powers. Kisuke and Aizen. It worried me a little that they would even consider giving thanks to Aizen (because of him they would have been killed if kisuke didn’t show up, but this could have been Aizen’s “Absolute Hypnosis” technique to fool kisuke in believing that the Vaizaado had no part in the hallowfication experiment, and were just victims), so could this mean Aizen and the vaizaado are working together in secret? and if this is the case would this mean the 8 members of the Vaizaado are all Vasto Lordes and making Aizen 9 complete Vasto lordes? If this is the case then maybe since Ichigo’s new form resembles a Vasto Lordes, maybe their mission was to train Ichigo to be number 10 of the Vasto Lordes? And yes if this was the actual case then that would mean Gin and Tosen are just Aizens personal gaurd and are still considered shinigami. My opinion, the Captains will beat the top 3 Espada all the while Aizen is sitting comfortably in the Fire kido technique. When they defeat them, the Vaizaado will appear and introduce themselves as the Vasto Lordes… then shit hits the fan big time. And this is why Aizen said “the battle will be over… without us lifting a finger” (chapter 316, pg 15)

  51. Oh and one more thing about my last theory about the Vaizaad teaming up with Aizen. Is it a coincidence that when the Vaizaad first met Orihime they were so baffled by her abilities, that they Hacchi immediatley had Hyori bring Urihime back to him so that he could restore her attack abilities? just because he wanted to be nice? Most likely not. By repairing her attack abilities he even mention that she was now ready to be put back to the front lines. In other words… she is now ready to fight for Aizen’s side. She is guillible and will easily fall into Aizens cruel “Absolute hypnosis” ability and will fight for the wrong reasons.

  52. Hirako hates Aizen and all the vizards were part of captains and vice captains. If it wasn’t for aizen they would still be captains. The fat guy healed her attack skill ( he was facisnated with her power b/c their powers are alike), and the fact that ichigo is training with them and thats his friend. Vaizards are the good guys they don’t like soul society b/c they were going to kill them when Aizen turned them hollow and they hate Aizen b/c Aizen betrayed Hirkao as a vice captain and tryed to kill all his friend and Hirako. But never know axel anything is a possiblity ^^.

  53. New bleach is out on

  54. I’m happy it’s out early this week, but has anyone else had a hard time seeing what’s going on besides me? I hope they put out a clearer scan soon …

    Even still, Ulquiorra seems to be doing what Inoue did last week: “What should I do? What should I do? What should I do? What should I do?!” *LOL* I hope Hichigo taking his arm off will push Ulquiorra into action, rather than just standing there dumbfounded.

  55. OMG! Horns = awesomeness! That hollow makes my other dissapointments worth it. Freakin amazing chapter!

  56. VASTO LORDE thats all i got to say

  57. hey, he does have a hollow hole (hole made by ulquiorra). Well from his actions, it looks like he is a vasto lorde, like I thought.

    @elfarren, hmm, it could be Hichigo, but I’m doubtful. I’d say it is the interface; another encounter amongst the 2 sides. If you noticed in the beginning, he said I’ll protect her. That’s more of Ichigo than Hichigo. And he got up at that exact moment.

  58. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!! This chapter was F**king TYTE!!!!!!! This weeks chapter definitely makes up for last weeks slow one. Ichigo looks OMG Crazy COOL. New mask with horns! He has the force now(calling sword to him). He also has that symbol( or just a marking) around his hole. Also he has kenpachi style swings. Last of all he shoots a “shit your pants Ulquiorra” cero from his horns. I guess they will reveal who is in control next week. If its ichigo he is a ruthless ichigo.

  59. First time i read it I thought Ichigo cut off Ulquiorra’s arm off, but now that I read it again I looks like he just ripped that shit off.

    This will probably make Jeremiah(and others) happy but I think Ichigo actually died and became a hollow. I know you shouldn’t believe wiki much but I looked up the hollow portion.

    Says that “When a human dies or the chain of fate is broken by force, the spirit cannot come back and becomes known as a plus (whole in the English translation). If the plus has many regrets, or strong emotional connections to a location, object, person, etc. he/she becomes attached to that location, object, person, etc. by the chain of fate. After some time, his/her emotions will eventually corrupt and gain control over the soul, which transforms into a hollow.”
    Also the “animalistic intelegence” kinda describes ichigo right now. All he does is ROAR!!!!!!. Ulquiorra keeps saying “impossible” for a human to use a cero. Maybe he is right. Ichigo didn’t do the impossible he just died and became a hollow. Also to support that he is a vasto lord is his white cero. Im going to assume the black one is adjuchas level.

    Tell me what you think about the evidence I presented to support this.

  60. wow, ridicules. that’s awesome, exactly WHAT is he right now? the hole on his chest should have killed ichigo, then hichigo could take over, but his hollow looks 1,000 times more bamf then it was. It is confusing going from to SO many features changed.

  61. How many battles are going on right now, I am forgetting the status of everyone.

  62. maybe its changed cos hes in his bankai form still?

  63. He’s almost always in his Bankai when he put on his mask in the past if that’s what ur getting at. The giant hollow hole that is staying in his chest after Ulqi put it there is a good indication that something big is up.

  64. @Ajd: The first Hollow Ichigo you showed could be his ‘Shikai’ or initial Hollow transformation. The second Hollow Ichigo could be his ‘Bankai’ aka second release like Ulquiorra’s.


    “VASTO LORDE thats all i got to say”

    ttp:// (Vasto Lorde)
    ttp:// (Ichigo)

    Hmmm…I think we’ve all come to the same conclusion here… 😀

    @Everyone: As everyone can see, from my first link, Vasto Lordes have their masks fully on and intact definitely not broken. So in my opinion none of the Espada 4 and up are Vasto Lordes. We have yet to see Espada’s 3 and under Hollow Transformation yet so who knows about them. Most likely they’re not Espada either. As for Aizen being a Vasto Lorde…well…he must have some trick up his sleeve if he wants to command 9 to 10 Vasto Lordes under his leadership…Especially if their all as strong or stronger than Ichigo’s Hollow! Aizen is either a Vasto Lorde, something new created through experimenting, or a REALLY f*****g strong Shinigami because I have a feeling “Absolute Hypnosis” won’t cut it with a Vasto Lorde… 😉

  65. @Jeremiah- My first thought at seeing “that” Inoue panel was, “Good lord, Jeremiah’s gonna have a field day with this one.”

  66. all i can say is…an arm for an arm….ha…kushida is like…now if only u can attach that arm to my shoulder ichigo…please…pretty please…

  67. Not just rips it off, but is still holding it, just ready to beat him with it! I think that he has probably gone hollow, but Inoue will use that “reject fate” thing she has going for her.

  68. Well If you look at it Ichigo is not in control right now. I would say his current transformation is exactly like the Vizards first one… and the yelling ….

  69. Hmmm I’m not going to disagree with you Scorpion, BUT we don’t know for sure if he is not in control… may just be consumed with rage and has a F**k you attitude toward Ulqiorra…

    I’m hoping he has control, that would be way more bad ass if he could now enter that mode in a battle when he needed to ^_^

    I’m leaning 95% chance that he’s out of control and 5% chance of angry pissed off Ichigo in control. I’m crossing fingers for the 5% ^_^

  70. From the first page the text would indicate he is still in control, his conciousness is still there faint but definately there. Besides didn’t Ichigo also blow Inoue away on page eleven. He is either very angry, in conrol but doesn’t care enough about his movements or Hollow Ichigo is on a rampage.


  71. @Jeremiah: Actually both of your percentages are correct. 🙂 Going off of what Kyouto and Spidercarnage said, in the beginning of the manga it stats off, “His consciousness is there…faint…but still there–” and Ichigo says, “I will protect her.” But then later on he swipes the sword at the ground disregarding Inoue’s safety and blows her away where then Ishida catches her. Not to mention the growling and screaming, “GRRRAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” Lol, So I say he’s 95% out of control and 5% in control.

    @Erosenin: Lmao, now Ichigo has become the third dual weapon wielding Shinigami in Soul Society! XD

  72. @Jdb44 & Lightice: LMAO, I thought I was the only one who noticed Inoue’s…dress malfunction. 😉 I thought I was being a perv for noticing when no one else did but it looks like I wasn’t the only one perverted enough. 0-0

    @Lightice: LMAO again at how your comment got moderated in the ‘Naruto Breakdown’ section! If you want to discuss ‘Bleach’ you should come here and do it. XD

  73. I agree with Kyouto..

    But I also think that after this fight Ichigo is probably gonna disassociate try to disassociate himself from the group…because of this very power

  74. so i wodner if thats H-ichigo or not…. maybe its like half and half. Maybe after this battle is over with maybe ichigo will have that mask with horns lol. Who knows that way he ripped ulquiorras arm off so easily seems to me he can beat stark.

  75. Yeah I noticed that Inoue panel too. I thought it was just my imagination but guess not.

  76. mine. Ichigo is just a bit of everything. Vizard, hollow, vasto lorde, shinigami, and in my opinion is stronger than most captains. people like soifon who’s a sissy.

  77. OK i’ve seen the release of bleach for this week, was a wicked one, i’ve got to asy. The thing is i hope, to God, that inoue does not interfere.I’ll personally kill her myself. i also think it’s time for ichigo to make ulquoirra bleed the filth. And those who argue that ichigo is not in control, i think he is, and is aware of what he is doing. fine, the hollow has enveloped him, and you could say that most of the power and ruthlessness ichigo tends to exhibit comes from the hollow, but though ichigo has no complete control over what he does to ulquoirra, he’s in controlenough to know he shouldn’t hurt inoue and iahida. If you watch ichigo’s sword swing, it would prove my point. when he swung his sword, he never aimed it at ishida or inoue. It was just the hollow’s sheer force and power that swept inoue away. So it shows ichigo still has some degree of control, but the hollow’s forceful power is just too massive to control. If i was going to rate the degree of ichigo’s control to his loss of control, it would be 50%-50%.

  78. At first I wanted to say 2nd release of an Espada is what Ichigo is at now, but Espada don’t keep their sword once in a released state.

    To me, this is more of a 2nd release of a Vizard form, especially since his sword has stayed the same.

  79. If Ichigo’s soul dies, that’s it.

    Don’t forget: before rescuing Rukia, part of Ichigo’s training was dying.

    Remember when Urahara cut that chain between Ichigo’s body and soul? Guess what? that was Ichigo dying! What he has is a Gigai(artificial body). Of course when he’s out of it and get’s a scratch, he’ll still have when he’s in it.

  80. […] Bleach Manga 350 scanlation is here early!!! + discussion + Bleach 349 Breakdown and discussion Bleach Manga 350 Click the translation link above to read the new Bleach manga entitled “The Lust 4″ […] […]

  81. to me this is the complete release of his hollow form, combined with some of shigami abilities…

  82. I agree with Alec he has gone completely hollow, but with shinigami abilities. Ichigo is in charge and u can tell because he woke up to Orihime screaming for him. If u remeber the first time he went full hollow u can tell that there are a few differences including the horns and the wielding of the sword. Going off topic why did Ichigo never use hollow Ichigo’s skills like swinging the sword by the chain.

  83. and totally seems like full vizard. Like the opposite of Ulquoirra who has segundo espada Ichigo went to a full vizard level he has to be able to do it from now on because he still needs to fight Aizen

  84. @kubbiminato you are right about the dying and the body being like a gigai although I think it is his original body just hasn’t deteriorated because his soul still is in there just not connected with the chain.
    I wonder if he will age just like the rest of soul society in reverse dog years. Although the Vizards didn’t seem to age at all in the 100 years that they spent in exile.

  85. hey jeremiah!
    aren’t you going to feed us the “fodder” for the new chapter???

  86. @ Pain – yup, today… Naruto Breakdown is usually Friday and Bleach Breakdown is usually Monday ^_^

  87. oh….
    thanks 😀

  88. second last!!!
    wow! this is fun!!!

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