Naruto Shippuden 100: Needs action like a school marm on a Saturday night

After last week’s action-packed episode this one’s a bit of a snooze.  Guren and Yuukimaru adjust.  Naruto finds the others and almost rasengans Kiba in the face.   Kabuto is still lurking.  Gozu (the big, ox-looking guy) finds team Guren and goes looking for his gal.  Tsunade sends back up with orders to seal Sanbi.  Naruto goes looking for Yuukimaru.

Gameraaaaaaaa!  Gameraaaaaaaa!  'Gamera is really neat, he is filled with turtle meat, we are eating Ga-me-raaaaaaaa!'

Gameraaaaaaaa! Gameraaaaaaaa! 'Gamera is really neat, he is filled with turtle meat, we are eating Ga-me-raaaaaaaa!'

10 awesomeness points to whoever can tell me where those lyrics in the caption came from.  Let’s see if I’m really Queen of the Nerds of if someone out there knows.  @.@

So Sanbi’s chillin’ out on the lake, and he calls up that funky fog of his.  Guren wakes up with Yuukimaru holding her hand, after having some weird cross-contaminated dream of his mum spewing blood on a bunch of white camelias.  If you’ve been following along, Yuukimaru’s been babbling about the white camelias turning red and now, mixed in with Guren’s Orochimaru dreams, there is the little urchin’s mom getting sliced.

Kabuto's special wordless tagline:  Evil glasses glint jutsu!

Kabuto's special wordless tagline: Evil glasses glint jutsu!

Kabuto’s lurking by the shoreline, weenie, having escaped the worst of the battle in the last episode.  He’s got something more up his sleeve, you can tell by the glint on his glasses.  Guess we’ll find out next time, because nothing happened this time.  Really.  Nothing.

Dontcha just hate when you’re walkin’ along, minding your own beeswax and Orochimaru invades your quiet place?  Naruto has a vision, or gets trapped in genjutsu.  I guess it depends on how you see this and what happens next week.  Could be part of Sanbi’s fog mystery.  Could be Kabuto working on his mysterious ‘next step’.  Could actually be a vision of Sasuke.  No matter how you look at it, it’s weird.  Although I thought I’d laugh myself silly when Kiba almost eats a rasengan.  Ahhh…good times.

Aaaaaahhhhhh!  My eyes!  My teeth!  The burns.  And then my teeth fell out.  Too.  Sweet.

Aaaaaahhhhhh! My eyes! My teeth! The burns. And then my teeth fell out. Too. Sweet.

So Guren realizes that Yuukimaru has a fever again and it’s her turn to wait and hold his hand.  It’s pretty touching *sniff* and I think I need a tissue.  Wish there was more action or plot movement to contrast this, because it sort of fell flat for me.  Maybe I have ice in my veins, afterall.  Yes, it’s sweet, but the momentum here is more like inertia (it doesn’t want to move, it just really doesn’t want to move, despite all of last week’s action).

Meanwhile, Kakashi sends Hinata up on Sai’s big bird for some reconnaisance.  Yeah, cause why would he believe Naruto about the presence of Sanbi, despite the fact he gushed all over him last episode.

Tsunade is alerted by Pakkun and she calls in some reinforcements; she’s decided to catch Sanbi herself before Akatsuki or Orochimaru can.  So she assembles team back up:  Shizune, Ino, Rock Lee (!) and Ten Ten.

Hmmm….and what have Rock Lee and Ten Ten been up to?  OH…I’ll just show you, because any attempt to explain will sound dirty as hell.  It involves the two of them, some kind of compatabiilty ‘training’, a rope, Maito Gai watching and 5 hours of tantric…oh…just watch the clip.

Tsunade assembles her next team, team seal the Sanbi.  Shizune’s heading this one and it’s great to see her put down the pig for a mo.  Here’s an interesting tidbit.  She lists off the med nins who are to do the sealing…interesting:  yeah, all the chicks but Ten Ten.  Hinata?  Really?  Since when?  Hmmm….interested to see if this plays out next week or if Tobi and Deidara will swoop in and steal the prize before team Turtle Soup in a Seal-a-meal works out.

Is the second or third string?  I lost count...

Is the second or third string? I lost count...

Naruto wants to go find Yuukimaru, but Kakashi won’t let him go after the whole, Orochimaru-vision and Kiba’s close up view of rasengan.  He’s  thinking hard, which leads Sakura to look for the source of that burning smell.  Naw…she comes to bust his balls about not keeping good watch, but has a change of heart, mostly.  (She still busts his balls…c’mon, it’s Sakura, that’s what she does…ball bustin’ and rock bustin’…it’s all the same deal.)


They have a twisted conversation about home being where people think of you.  She immediately thinks Sasuke, and agrees with what he says…but he’s actually thinking about Yuukimaru.  Naruto feel responsible for the kid being in trouble, because he thinks the things he said to him (about Sasuke) led to him being with Oro’s minions.  He takes off to find the kid and set things right.

That was it really.  Not a whiff of action.  A lot of plot set up.  It was a bit of a snooze, but next week promises a bit more excitement after this set up.

Ja ne,



~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on March 13, 2009.

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  1. First?

  2. Before you waste anymore time discussing possibilities… of course Tobi and Deidara gets the three tails before Konoha. Otherwise, it defeats the whole purpose of this Akatsuki thing.

    I’m not sure what to think about this whole ‘seeking harmony with those around you’ bit. Maybe this is a setup towards Naruto’s future training?

    Lastly, while I shiver at the thought of Rock Lee procreating with anybody (He’s more gay than Sasuke IMHO), I can think of no better weird useless partner than Ten Ten — LMAO!!!

  3. Xth Wasn’t the person Guren was protecting a male.

  4. @Ikibi… i think i know where its from… it has a turtle in space right? and there kids talking about Gamera is the best over and over…i’ve seen something like that b4, if its not that then it MUST be from GODZILLA!!!!

    anyway it seems like half of the new squad tsunade sent is full of nobody(except lee of course…) shizune is aproaching her death….lol sorry for the spoiler if you didn’t know…hahaha, ino sucks, and tenten…dont get me started….and of course Maito Guy was there shortly…
    Its funny, after this 3tail arch we wont see most of these guys for a while like lee, and Maito,…wait where was neji in all of this? a mission? yeah i’ll go with mission cuz he is a jonin.

  5. I was thinking that this episode was a snoozer, too, given how much things moved last week. I didn’t think we’d see the aftermath of the tidal wave – I thought we’d see the wave itself. Geez!

    Ah, and Gozu has a “crush” on Guren. Well, the, uh, man is entitled, I guess.

    That vision thing was just too weird. My first thought was a genjutsu put on by someone like Kabuto but then realized it was the Sanbi as protection. I got mad when Naruto tried to describe what he saw at the lake – after being asked – and everyone discounted him until he said the name “Sanbi.” Then…everyone paused. Assholes! Kakashi, you gushed about him last week, then you don’t believe what he sees?

    I think Kiba summed it all up when he said “we strayed too far from determining the whereabouts of Orochimaru’s hideout.” Kiba, what a sense of the obvious! What was your first clue?!?

    This mission – and part of the arc – is not about Orochimaru anymore. It’s about Konoha ensuring that it gets the power of the Sanbi and not the evil Akatsuki. If the end result follows the manga, we know who is going to win here. Kabuto’s glinting glasses always tell me that all is not right in the world of Orochimaru. I think that Orochimaru is doing this to bring Akasuki into direct contact with Konoha – kill two birds with one stone – and then he can mass-reincarnate as he wishes with no threat of interruption in his quest to know all jutsu. He doesn’t necessarily want the power of the Sanbi – where’s HIS chakra container (other than Sasuke)?

    Guren and Yuukimaru are just dispensable pawns to Orochimaru in his very twisted plans. He never had any intention of “re-considering” who would become his “container.” (the thought of being any kind of container is not one of my top ten greatest ambitions). I just wish Sasuke would whip out that Sword of Kusangi, slay that nutcase of a snake, create Hebi and move on.

    Hinata? Part of the medical nin/sealing committee? That’s a new one…

    And, Sakura is like the rest of the group – still discounting Naruto since he appears to be doing nothing, when he is actually thinking about something that makes sense. She needs to learn to distinguish when to punch and when to just listen. I also thought it was funny where she thought it was Sasuke that Naruto was speaking of – parallel conversation.

    Yeah, this needed to move along – I hope it does soon. I am very tired of this arc. When’s the next arc start????

  6. Sixth!!!!!!!!!!

    I laughed so hard at the Ten Ten/Lee “training”.

  7. Now if only they would leave Ten Ten tied up and leave us alone for a sec so I could…

    Alright, maybe I should watch the eposode first to see what’s going on here! 😉

  8. @mosesgun and shinobimadness: Really? Tobi and Deidara get sanbi? Oh my! You’ve spoiled it for me! (don’t be dumbass…this is a spoiler site. BTW, I may not have a penis, may be writing up the anime and be a total Bleach noob–but that doesn’t mean I don’t know Naruto. You two look even jerkier than the idjits last week trying to tell me Sai is a guy…)

    @shinobimadness: Yes, this is from the Gamera movie, but not the actual movie itself…a completely different geek outlet. Hmm…maybe I am the nerd queen and have completely stumped the chumps here.

    @Penny and PSI (and Elfarren if she happens along…): the innuendo in the Ten Ten Rock Lee clip is not to be missed. 😀 Especially interesting because Ten Ten used to have this mad crush on Rock Lee (anime clip of that somewhere…back in the chuunin exam arc).

  9. cheese monkey

  10. I’m not sure whether the fog/genjustsu is Sanbi or Yuukimaru. When Tobi and Deidara capture Sanbi in the manga, there is no fog nor is there any indication of genjutsu being used, although Tobi does fall asleep on top of Sanbi. I’m leaning heavily toward Yuukimaru. Every time Naruto has met Yuki, the meeting was preceded by that crazy fog. Also, since those meetings probably weren’t physical, they must have been a form of genjutsu. I’m assuming that Orochimaru is trying to somehow use the kid’s genjutsu to capture Sanbi.

    Ummm…. Mytery Science Theatre 3K?

    Sai’s a guy?

  11. @Ibi: Nuh-uhhh, that crush is mad manga canon, yo. There’s a frame of Tenten with that sparkly-eyed cheesy grin that exactly matches the anime. I’d find it but I have to leave for the wedding stuff in one minute, And I’m going to be MIA until Sunday. Ciao!

  12. JDB: MST3K FTW. 😀

    The Yuukimaru traveling through the fog can’t be genjutsu tho, because he always leaves a physical camelia behind. It’s almost like he can teleport in the fog. And I thought it was Yuukimaru’s fog too, but this ep clearly showed Sanbi surfacing and the fog coming out of him.

    So…I’m still puzzled as to what this means. IS sanbi in Yuukimaru? Is that why the fog shows up when he’s scared? But if he’s inside, how can he also be outside? Yuukimaru has this thing with water, rain, hot springs, waterfalls, lakes…he’s always near water when the fog kicks in.

    Confusing filler. And because it is filler, I don’t know if the confusion actually means something, and it leading somewhere, or if it’s just crappy filler writing by some staff writer at the anime studio (or if they actually consulted with Kishi on all this). >.< More wait and see I guess…

  13. am I first yeah!!!!

  14. @ibiki – I was trying to be facetious but I guess jerkier would be just as good

    Could someone please explain why this filler arc uses two symbols for longevity (turtle and chrysanthemum) in episodes dealing with death and destruction? Is there a point to this that I’m missing?

    Anyways… the only good thing that comes from these fillers is watching Naruto develop some new techniques and win some more people over from the dark side. At least the Naruto fillers sure beat those crazy soccer game fillers in the Bleach series.

  15. hey that soccer game was funny I laughed a ton there and Naruto has that sports festival where hes just trying to get to the bathroom after drinking expired milk.

  16. Gamera! Gamera! Gamera is really neat,
    Gamera is filled with meat,
    we’ve been eating Gamera!
    Dr. Forrester is kind of a jerk, and Frank is really dumb, too.
    We have to take part in these lame experiments.
    But do we complain?
    So we hi-keeba all over the place…
    And talk of a thousand wonderful things!
    Gamera is really sweet,
    He is filled with turtle meat,
    now we have Commercial Sign!

  17. Gamera was a frequent whipping boy on the third season of Mystery Science Theater 3000, where five of the Shōwa era films were mocked.[1] The only original Shōwa films not featured on the program were Gamera vs. Viras and Gamera vs. Jiger. The Satellite of Love crew made up silly English lyrics to the Gamera theme:

  18. do i get the awesomeness points its all there in wikipedia

  19. BWAH!!!!! OH, Shartina, I hope that was a cut & paste…I just spat coffee on my monitor. No awesomeness points for Wiki or google. Sorry.

    Someone finally posted the gamera song mix I wanted:

    Watch it while you can because the director of those crappy ass Gamera movies pulls this song spoof almost as fast as it can be posted. Touchy, touchy, touchy.

  20. @ Ibiki: Yeah, I happen along most threads on iareawesomeness, I just prefer to read comments as opposed to write them for the most part. Guess I really started something with the innuendo thing, though, didn’t I? Once I’ve caught up and watched this episode, I’ll be sure to leave a comment ^_^

  21. So I’ve watched the episode now, and have to say it was pretty damn boring. Not much to say that hasn’t already been said by others … I wonder about that “medicine” Kabuto gave Yuukimaru, though, and what it’s doing to him. We saw last week that Yuukimaru can call up the 3 Tails without aid of the medicine given enough motivation (Guren), so is it really just something Kabuto has been priming him with to become the jinchuriki host for the bijuu? Not sure about the fog, either, but it would make sense for each beast to have their own specialized area of talent. Shukaku has the ability to control sand, and we know Kyuubi seems to have an unlimited amount of chakra, so who’s to say 3 Tails isn’t the genjutsu master? I dunno, all just speculation …

  22. @ Shartina – MST3K! woot! and to quote servo “Gamera is food to children”

    As opposed to the movie’s claim that Gamera is FRIEND to children

  23. Nothing was more awesome than Gamera tucking in his head, legs and tail, and turning into a dangerous 4th of July display.

    He may even have had instructions on his shell:

    WARNING! Emits showers of sparks.
    Light fuse, and aim away from face.

    Or if he were a Claymore anti-perosnnel mine

    AIM TOWARD ENEMY – I fuckin love simple military instructions.

  24. The only thing I liked about this episode is the Orochimaru hallucination/genjutsu, just because of the reference to the white snakes he’s actually made of.
    Also, did you notice how Naruto used one hand and NO kage bunshins to create a rasengan? When did that happen? Could be just a filler mistake, though…

  25. @orochimaruhebi: ya i noticed that too. i was about comment on it, but i decided to see if anyone else said something before i posted. strange…his rasengan…maybe his genjutsu just happened to enhance naruto’s rasengan ability? x.X

  26. I liked that Lee has come upwith a use for Tenten.

    Tie her to your back, and use her to absorb enemy attacks that occur in your blind spot

  27. Yuukimaru has gender issues either that whoever draws this has issues..

    yuukimaru looks like a girl…but is a

  28. bumpuss – Yuukimaru’s design is based upon the original host for the sanbi, three tailed beast. They aren’t the same person however Yuukimaru was created with similarity in mind. He shares the same eye and color of hair, however his village, hair style, length, control over chakra, position as shinobi and scar are direct differences if not entire opposites.

  29. yeah…because there’s so much canon evidence and coverage of sanbi, his host and yuukimaru…*cough* bullsh*t *cough*

  30. Actually there is, you just didn’t take the time to look. Yuukimaru is from Otogakure & Sanbi Jinchuuriki is Kirigakure, his village band & weapon indicate that he is a shinobi. Yuukimaru however, isn’t, unlike the standard Yuukimaru lacks control over his chakra which is why Kabuto uses pills to draw out his power. In addition in this episode there was the same reference that the Sanbi was allied with the hidden mist and disappeared during the last great war. When Yuukimaru encountered the Sanbi it was already without its host. In order for that to occur the previous Jinchuriki had to have died. The Sanbi was also without a host by the time Tobi & Deidara had captured it. If Yuukimaru were the same person he would already be dead or still attached to as the host, even then however he isn’t affiliated with Kirikagure and lacks control over his Chakra, doesn’t use a weapon and is void of Ninjutsu which are all things that would have to be completed before Tobi & Deidara capture the Sanbi then before that even he would have to be re separated from the very same Sanbi. The scar is an additional event that Yuukimaru would have to occur and doesn’t have.

  31. 100

  32. YEah, see, I don’t get a ton of information from source books and wikis. If you have canon evidence cite the damn pages or shut the frick up.

    Yuukimaru is not in the manga and not canon. He is a filler character. Where is his village covered?

    He can draw his chakra and does so at the end of episode 99. No one bothered to train him, because he works better as a puppet. Taking medicine offered by Kabuto does not make him incapable.

    Reference to Sanbi as allied with hidden mist…sure…but what does that have to do with anything? There are enough mysteries here that you sound like a right douchebag stating all this as fact without citing canon source.

    Dying is not the only way. Yuukimaru and the symbols of immortality (pointed out in this very thread), the strange ability to physically travel through fog and teleport Guren to safety…there is a lot going on here that is not logical and linear. I’d hesitate to claim death is the only way.

    Yes, Sanbi is without host when Tobi and Deidara happen along…they haven’t gotten there yet. And you have Kabuto and Shizune both about to attempt to capture him. There are two possibilities: Yuukimaru really is Sanbi’s host and is about to die in this three way melee. OR he’s not sanbi’s host but is about to be–perhaps only for a split second before he meets a bad end.

    I pull as evidence that Yuukimaru is jinchuuriki, Naruto’s strange mystical and instant _deep_ connection with the kid. This is not Naruto bonding with strangers, he’s intensely invested in this kid, to the point that Sakura believes he’s talking about Sasuke when he discusses it.

    Cite for the Kirikagure info?

    There are three major forces converging on sanbi, and by default on Yuukimaru (further by default Guren). Kabuto wants to harness Sanbi with Yuukimaru and Guren in some way. Shizune wants to seal Sanbi away. Tobi and Deidara want the beast without a host, because the extraction process is a multiple day bitch of a jutsu.

    You have no evidence that Sanbi is not, in fact, in Yuukimaru. If there is evidence that Sanbi was held by a jinchuuriki in Kirikagure, that is clearly not the case now. Not to say Yuukimaru isn’t from there–evidence so far seems to suggest that Oro came after his clan the same way he came after Guren’s…harvesting the young talent and raising it, indoctrinating it, to his own purposes.

    Sanbi’s last host could have been 100 years ago for all the relevance to the current plot. Show me how it relates to Sanbi in current time line with current characters? Where, in canon is that covered?

    Next, with all these players in motion on the game board, there is no guarantee that Sanbi will not temporarily land in Yuukimaru. And I know it’s temporarily, because canon says Tobi and Deidara capture the beast without a host. This does not eliminate the fact that a kid with Yuukimaru’s face, hair color and eyes (when the eyes are unique in the anime…no one has teal eyes but Temari, Hidan’s eyes also very characteristic). The same shade is not something to be scoffed at. And don’t even start me on hair…

    You really think it will be impossible to get a big gash on your face in the coming battle? Really?

    And the thing is, you’re entitle to your own interpretation on this. I’m the first to jump up and down and say the evidence presented so far…whether canon or filler is obtuse and shaky at best. HOWEVER…

    If you pipe up spouting bullshit without proof, I’m gonna call you on it. You start throwing swipes like ‘you haven’t bothered to look’ and you best be prepared to have your challenge answered. Personally, I’d rather continue ignoring you for being a user-name stealing bitch who should have been banned. But someone needs to expose this position as unsubstantiated grandstanding.

  33. ARGH. I could be totally wrong about that Tenten/Lee crush thing being in the manga. I can’t find it at all. But my husband also has a strong memory of seeing it there, and we almost never watch fillers. Anyway, back to wedding stuff. Bleh.

  34. Boo-frickin’-yeah!

    Tenten crushing on Lee in the manga!

  35. @ibi- whoa! who was that for?

  36. Awesome, PSI! Thanks. 😀

  37. Heh…I only got so defensive of that page because, if I’m not mistaken, the clip is in the fillers, so it usually gets disregarded as “not canon”. Of course, two days later, I realize that’s not what you said at all. XD

  38. @PSI: It is in the fillers, I have a great little gif of it, where Lee is training and Ten Ten’s smile just keeps getting wider and wider. And no, I just couldn’t remember it from the manga so I couldn’t make that claim. I’m cautious like that. Thanks again for digging up the link. 😀

  39. it’s in a episode somewhere int the 150’s i think…

  40. In the face of info the one using it correctly will prevail. Your just upset because your unable to find resolve about the incident. You have been passing around indirect insults about me, but I keep calm as I can. Fact is I told the truth, same reason I’m here, same reason I’m continuing to be here. You already had the chance to get over it when you banned me from your site when I posted the information on Yuukimaru. There were no curses, there were no insults. Your over suspicious and assumed something worth the thought was being done to you, but trust me there wasn’t and it isn’t. Even in that situation I let three post pass of you cursing and using my kindness against me before I even snapped back well enough to where it mattered. My RP with relfex and the others was just that and in the original it was written in, however I got the idea to omit the idea by making it something visible. Even by that point there was nothing in the context offending or stating anything incorrect. The version after that was edited for clarity. When it wasn’t going through I took my time to think about it and to tell you since it wasn’t the possibility that occurred when I first thought of the idea. You didn’t use that information correctly and posted it to say I was begging to uplift your own positioning. Right even there it took an additional comment from you before I was on the same anger terms as yourself. Recently I don’t have as much enthusiasm in the information you post, however I still treat it as information, no insults, no cursing.
    I didn’t think I would ever need to say this to an older person, but leave it. Jeremiah’s was right when he told you to drop it. Its consuming your thoughts in a negative way, its making that personality of yours turn ugly when it shouldn’t be, from there it will spread to your actions and eventually begin affecting your position. If you mentally flinch every time you see my name then its not befitting you, so even if you don’t believe in the facts then at the least you are able to drop it to move on and move forward. I am not just going to go away however that doesn’t mean you should be placing yourself in that dark place.

    The information on the Sanbi Jinchuuriki originating from Kirigakure comes from the headband he wears over his waste which is the symbol of hidden mist which Kirigakure stands for. Its also stated beforehand that the sanbi was given to the hidden mist and that information even appear within this very episode.
    The head band is also the symbol that he is a ninja. I’m using logic if Yuukimaru lacks those traits then he didn’t exist in the past. The scar, skill and appearance are something that doesn’t just vanish. It’s also a known fact that the Jinchuuriki dies when separated from its host so its logical to assume Yuukimaru isn’t the same person because he is still living. Then to state that he isn’t bound to the Jinchuuriki, there is a purpose why Yuukimaru is being used to capture it in the first place. If he were already still the same being then Orochimaru would have effectively already caught the Sanbi and have no need to search for it in the first place.In order for Yuukimaru to be the Jinchuuriki he must match all qualities from the Sanbi Jincuuriki in the Manga before Tobi & Deidara’s capture, who are heading in the very direction. Yuukimaru still lacks those abilities and he doesn’t appear to gain all of that if any of it in one go. It was already explained that the pills were used to amplify chakra and although he can control it of his own will that was also in a situation where he had to in order to save Guren and it was still something he was unable to do normally.

    Is there a possibility of you deleting this, sure. Can I post it again, I suppose to be able to. Its easy to call the information I am using incorrect however none of it is off and I am using it as logically and correctly as possible.

  41. Damn…i’ll start crusing you both if i have to read a post that long even once more!
    *shakes his fist menacingly*

  42. Yukimaru is the host of the Sanbi to the best of my knowledge… as far as whats in source books and all that (which I do read) this is the only conclusion that can be made for right now period:

    It has been speculated that Yukimaru may be somehow related to the Jinchūriki pictured below (in the tailed beasts poster), based on their common hair and eye color, as well as their common birthplace. –

    Hasn’t been proved or disproved yet by any Naruto source book, anime or manga… though I think it is one and the same person… end of story.

  43. Kyouto, I see a lot of back-pedaling and justification of almost nothing about the Yuukimaru debate. I don’t see any canon evidence or references to issues. You do cite some evidence,and apply some logice. However, you are so unclear back there I’m not sure which individual your are referencing and which source you applying.

    Let’s just hit this from the top, huh? Since it seems you’re going to be unable to formulate a coherent argument until I lay things out there as factually as possible.

    1. You changed your user name to mine, complete with kanji, and tried to post something. Your action, your behavior. Context and intent is irrelevant.

    2. You e-mailed me and called me names because you thought I was wrong to ban you for your actions.

    3. I dropped the issue here. But then you came to my personal site. After what you did and said to me you were not welcome there, and you’re still banned. The content of your post there was irrelevant, because YOU are not welcome. Funny thing is, a simple apology and admission of wrongdoing from you would have led to instant and complete forgiveness…and another chance. Yeah, and I’m still not hearing that here, but life is full of choices, isn’t it?

    4. Then you proceed to toss insults at me. I have ignored you for quite some time, but when you start snapping at ME and telling me I’m being careless (above) or bonking me on the head, because of a link…heh…yeah…you get insulted and flipped off.

    5. I do not appreciate folks who humorlessly misquote and misuse sources to justify their own opinion when there also exists contradictory evidence or faulty reasoning in their conclusions. I see the contradictions and gaps, but the vast majority of folks do not. Misleading those who are not as well versed or as smart as you is the worst kind of arrogant douchebaggery…and I don’t care WHO is perpetrating it, whether its on the nets or in real life. It deserves to be questioned. Don’t think you’re special because I don’t like how you have behaved. You got this cross-examination because your conclusions are flawed and your evidence is thin, despite which you present it as if there can simply be no questions about your conclusions.

    If you want to discuss the issue at hand: why you believe Yuukimaru is not and cannot be sanbi’s host…present your information with references. Present it clearly this time without all the defensive baloney. I’m listening and I will question your evidence. I’m not insulting you. I’m not calling you names.

    You asked for throwdown when you started insulting ME…so…let’s go, let’s see what kind of DEBATE you can bring to the table.

  44. No we settle this before we settle that. Your the one who brought the incident back up. We need to settle it because I’m not wasting ten rounds to have it come back.

    1. Content and intent is everything. Understanding and knowing information how its applied and what to do with it. No one tries to misunderstand you when you say this and that however it doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

    2. You did not ban me before I sent wrote the mail. I was able to see two of my post pass before then. Its when they vanished when I gathered the thought. The fact it might have been the only person who gave a damn about the post was my guess.

    3. You ask for an apology, however just because you want one doesn’t mean you get one. Hell I want an apology for the fact you took my simple post and said and still saying that I was trying to something that is out of my character. You also misused my email and tried to mock with it, my own concern. Just because I want something doesn’t mean it will happen and the same applies to yourself. The fact that I tried to explain what I was thinking to you was enough, hell at that it was the apology if you ever needed one.

    4. I bonked you on the head but what I really wanted to type is knocked you in the head. When I first posted that thought I did the same to You, Penny, Jeremiah back on the translation issue. It bothered me that all of you knew Japanese yet not a single one made the effort to look the information up, but were asking everyone else about it, to do it when you guys were the most capable. I even eventually made it bonk because I didn’t want it taken to harshly. I don’t trust the information that comes form you like before, however that doesn’t mean its not there. When I looked at the picture it did bother me, the source was something that wasn’t suppose to be there. I was telling you to change it because someone else might have thought the same things I did originally. I even had in the post that I knew that wasn’t the case but you should change it. You want to talk about the flip off that was your leading right there, after that I made the point of comparing it to bowing like on 2ch to lessen the meaning. Was it demeaning to you a little yes, however did I go out of my way to state something directly about you no. You deleted it twice because it offended you.

    5. I haven’t made a single quote, nor have I misused a single source. I looked up my information and I observed the facts and compared the possibilities. In fact the reason it exist is because of your original post on Yuukimaru. I didn’t remember what the Sanbi Jinchuuriki looked like and wanted to know what you were talking about. I saw that they didn’t look the same and came to the conclusion they were not the same. The information of the wikia said he was based off the Sanbi Jinchuuriki and it seemed more likely if not absolute that was the real case. The information I found afterward is the confirmation I need to believe that. You say no insults but I caught that arrogance douche baggery statement before I even finished reading. THAT is the reason why this needs to be settled first because its just going to come back up in the conversation. Sure I’m eager to type my response but if you got nothing but well placed insults to fling at me then it won’t go, not for me and not in the realm of discussion.

  45. The last great war, the third shinobi war occurred 13 years ago. That is 10 years from Naruto at 12-13 and 13 years from Naruto at 15-16. Tsunade stated that the Sanbi disappeared during the last great war. When Tobi & Deidara caught the Sanbi it lacked a medium and was unable to control the power. However by chapter 420 we were shown otherwise. The Sanbi Jinchuuriki appears and over the head band on his waist was the symbol for hidden mist, also known as Kirigakure. Because he was absence at the time of the capture and Jinchuuriki die when separated from Bijuu its concluded that the Jinchuuriki disappeared beforehand and would be presumably dead. The last great shinobi war was 13 years from the capture of the Sanbi and the Hidden Mist was confirmed to have it before then. In order for Kirigakure to have ownership over the Sanbi he would need to be sealed in a Jinchuuriki. The symbol on the Sanbi Jinchuuriki’s band verifies Tsunade’s statement.


    Yuukimaru’s power is currently being used to draw out the Sanbi. However because Yuukimaru has trouble controlling his chakra as freely Kabuto uses pills to draw out his own abilities. He was able to use that focus while trying to save Guren, but its something he isn’t capable of regularly.

    This is a special medicine, which will draw out your power… no, make something interesting happen (Kabuto – Shippuden Episode 92)

    Yuukimaru & the Sanbi Jinchuuriki are entirely different. Those difference are an addition to why they are not the same person. The Sanbi Jinchuuriki is a Shinobi, the head band over his waist/shirt proves he originates from Kirigakure. That symbol is passed onto the people that defend the Hidden Mist or the Ninja that graduate from there. The Sanbi Jinchuuriki is seen with a large sword on his back. There isn’t reason for him to carry it without use, meaning that its one of his abilities being capable of using it. He has short hair, wears a scarf and has a permanent scar with stitches located on his face. The average ninja is capable of preforming ninjutsu, taijutsu or genjutsu. The Sanbi Jinchuuriki carries a usable weapon and as a base should be capable of control over his chakra.


    Yuukimaru doesn’t carry any of those traits & the inability to control Chakra strongly suggest he isn’t a Shinobi. He also was unable to fend the Sanbi off in the same way a ninja would. Yuukimaru has his memories and because he so desperately wanted to protect Guren had no reason to hold back. Plus just 13 years ago he and the Sanbi Jinchuuriki wouldn’t have matched. Yuukimaru is 16 at best and 13 years prior he would be 3. The Sanbi Jinchuuriki was last in possession of the Hidden Mist during that time, it is also the last time he would carry that appearance. Yuukimaru lacks the age, skill and scar to have been the Sanbi Jinchuuriki in the past. At the least it confirms he didn’t carry that appearance prior.

    Currently Tobi & Deidara are arriving to capture the Sanbi in accordance with the Manga time line. The Sanbi is still separate from its Jinchuuriki & needs to remain so after the capture. Before that Yuukimaru must separate the differences between him and The Sanbi Jinchuuriki beforehand in order to keep the official standing.

    Sanbi Jinchuuriki
    *Receive Scar
    *Repair & Stitch Scar
    *Arrive at Hidden Mist/Kirigakure
    *Become Shinobi From Kirigakure
    *Receive Weapon
    *Acquire Use Weapon Use
    *Shorten Hair
    *Control Chakra
    *Develop Taste in Scarfs
    *Master one of the following: Ninjtsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu
    *Mystery behind Disappearance during last Ninja War

    Yuukimaru (Current)
    *Potential Genjutsu Use
    *Lack of Weapon
    *Lack of Weapon Use
    *Lack of Scar
    *Lack of Stitches
    *Lack of Correct Clothing
    *Temporary Ability Over Chakra
    *Lack of Taijutsu & Ninjutsu
    *Little Explanation of Past
    *Potential connection to Sanbi
    *Re Separation from Sanbi

    Tobi & Deidara are on their mission now, not tomorrow, not a year from not, maybe not even a month. If Yuukimaru wants to emerge as The Sanbi Jinchuuriki he has to gain all of those factors then be separated again from the Sanbi before the capture. In fact theKirigakure matter threatens the idea of Yuukimaru as the Sanbi Jinchuuriki’s existence. There is too much for Yuukimaru to match and not enough time for any of it to come forth.

  46. ^ Isnt the world of the internet lovely.

    So many people get along…..


    phew! now i feel better….you may erase this now(AFTER everyone has commented on my o so excellent addition to your debate :frantic nod:

  48. unholy crap!
    it went outside the column…there are supposed to be loads of more a’s and h’s there…

  49. “It bothered me that all of you knew Japanese yet not a single one made the effort to look the information up”

    @ibi,jeremiah- i’m pretty sure you guys don’t know japanese…right?

    “t taken to harshly”
    @kyouto- Awww…you ALMOST mentioned me!

    and now…
    whatever beef you guys have between urselves, keep it there, honestly, i never even knew that something had happened before, i thought that kyouto was that person who always has something intelligent to say(or sound intelligent anyways) who said it with very less doses of humour(ok…painfully less humour), and ibi’s well, ibi 😉 , so whateva’s b/w you guys, you can converse through the so called(and abused) E-mail, and continue the debate here…

    Now you can ignore all of the above about me trying to be a grown up and scolding children, hey look! a flying pig! be right back guys…i just have to catch that pig, that is a new STEP IN THE HISTORY OF EVOLUTION!

  50. @Kyouto- You’ve got a number of good points in your argument, and you show a solid command of the facts in the manga. After reading your posts, I am less convinced that Yuukimaru is the Sanbi host, but you have NOT convinced me that he isn’t. Your post presented your opinion (albeit based on several excellent observations) as fact, at this point it’s not. Your arguments are, for the most part, very good; but they don’t result in canon. You have a well thought out theory. If you had presented it as such, I don’t think you would have been challenged so aggressively.

    @Jeremiah- Did you mean to say Sanbi instead of Kyuubi – “Yukimaru is the host of the Kyuubi to the best of my knowledge.”

    @Harshy- Who would ever accuse you of being “a grown up.”

  51. @ jdb44 – yeah >_< I’ll change it thanks… Got Kyuubi on the brain 😀

  52. All of that still doesn’t change the fact that they have the same color hair, same color eyes and birthplace.

    “The average ninja is capable of preforming ninjutsu, taijutsu or genjutsu. The Sanbi Jinchuuriki carries a usable weapon and as a base should be capable of control over his chakra.”

    None of this matters if u use Rock Lee as the counter point.

    Naruto can be used as the counterpoint for the age arguements. You do remember that the manga has him failing several times before graduating nin school yet he’s the same age and graduates at the same age as the genius nin Sasuke. Manga + Source book = WTF

    So what I’m trying to say is that none of it can be true or all of it can be true. SJ and Kishi do not follow the rules of time when developing characters. This theory can’t be proven or disproven with the given information.

    Harshy and jdb44 are the most correct in this situation ^_^

    It’s retarded you guys can’t debate something without melting down. Look at when Alec and I argue… he never agrees with anything I say yet we never get to the point where we are “virtually” bringing it to the streets >_<

  53. @Jeremiah, Harshy and anyone else bothered: sorry about my part in that estrogen-packed dialogue back there. Sometimes I do fight like a girl, and I hope you’ll forgive me. I do sincerely apologize. It won’t happen again.

    @Kyouto: I think you’ve gotten the gist of my response from JDB and Jeremiah. I will prepare a more thorough one that tackles things point by point…but right now…

    I’m goin’ the DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!

  54. Hmmm…WTF I missed a street battle…damn. But It sounds like you guys are arguing about the filler. Yuukimaru in the filler could be the Sanbi Jinchuuriki… or he could not, it’s a very open topic.


    1. Yuukimaru could have multiple personality disorder and become strong in the ninja arts when he switches his personality, the scar could be caused and fixed by the Sanbi.

    2. Yuukimaru could have a twin who was the Sanbi Jinchuuriki, this would explain the connection Yuukimaru has with the Sanbi.

    3. They could have taken the character style from the manga just because it fit.

    4. Yuukimaru could come from a bloodline that was crated to control the Sanbi and the Jinchuuriki in the manga is his ancestor.

    5. Yuukimaru could have a sexual fetish for turtles because he touched himself when gamera’s theme song came on as a child.

    6. Naruto could be in a coma and he is just dreaming of a violet eyed lover boy that plays with turtles.

    7. This could be filler and have no actual impact on the story in any way, unless the anime team just says “F@#K the manga we can write our own bad ass story, WE ARE FROM THE STREET SON! LETS GO TAKE A PISS ON KISHIMOTO’S DESK TO SHOW HIM JUST HOW BIG OUR BALLS REALLY ARE!”

    I’M OUT YO, LATER! -_+

  55. @ Scorpion Legacy: LMAO @ #5 ^o^

  56. LMAO… I vote #5!

  57. ROFLMAO!

  58. @ scorpion, I also vote #5 – Gamera is PORN to jinchuuriki everywhere..

  59. @ Ibibki – the once and future queen of awesomeness – I do so miss MST3K… Great find!

  60. Gaaaaaaah! I forgot to mention that Ibiki is the once, CURRENT and Future Queen….

    *runs and hides, realises he’s hidden in creepy neighbor McFeely’s tool shed*

    GAAAAAAAH! *manga eyepop/jawdrop expression*

  61. @prawlkage: I miss those buttheads, too. You chuckleheads are a pretty damn good substitute, tho. ;P

  62. Yes, one of the greatest things about MST3K was how my friends and I could relate to it, for years we had been doing the same thing. (as most people do when watching b- (or c) movies)

  63. @Ibiki Teishi
    Well, about that cut on the host`s eye. You`ll notice that the Sanbi only opens kne eye, which happens to be the same eye that scar is on the host, so it may serve a similar purpose as the markings on Naruto`s face. This further evidences the possiblity of Yukimaru ending up a temporary host. Although, I don`t mean to contradict your reasoning, Im just trying to lay out possibility, so please don`t be offended.

  64. @aurakshatriya: I get offended when people pass theory and ideas off as fact, when they are not. I have no position on this, except to say that Yuukimaru and Sanbi are a bit of confusing filler, and I’m hoping that the writing is good enough to pull off a cohesive story. Thanks for your ideas.

  65. someone tell me WTF is MST3K!!!!!!!!!!

  66. @ Harshy – it’s a funny show here in the states where they play bad movies while a guy and some robots make fun of it. I don’t think it’s on anymore. If u read the christmas post at the bottom the very Swayze Christmas is performed by them 🙂

  67. MST3K stands for ‘Mystery Science Theatre 3000’

    It might be good if this blogs ‘3 Sannin’ can post their list of do’s and don’ts so I can be sure to stay off your collective S@%T lists — LMAO

  68. ^ To bad they retired.

    (Dont see them much)

  69. What do you mean? I didn’t retire, I just had a slight name change like prince… -_+

    Do…touch yourself when gamera’s theme song is playing. (this has apparently been voted on and approved by a panel of judges)

    Don’t…touch others when gamera’s theme song is playing….without consent. (this can give you jail time and more “rods” stuck into you then Nagato)

    *looks around to see who is giving consent*

  70. @scorpion legacy…haha im with you on the 7th one…anyways all i care about is getting PAST THESE DAMN FILLERS!!!! its a shame how they made this filler look crazy but so far aint shyt happen worth mentioning or remembering…i’d actually want to see sasuke’s fight with orochimaru…that and the NEXT CHAPTER of Naruto/Bleach!!!

  71. Oh O_O

    Hey Scorp didn’t see you their ^.^

    But seriously though, i remember people by the icons usually.
    And thats nearly been changed by everyone, since back in the good ‘ol days. ^.^

    Anyway you know i was joking…
    …right buddy?
    I mean Sannin aren’t allowed to retire °\>_ /_@$t Scorpian though BTW 😉 🙂

  72. @Scorp…how does that fit with wookie porn? Is the touching in or out? OH…and what if wookie porn is on AND the gamera theme is playing?

  73. gamera from godzilla haha it was in a post recently.

    also i think the fog is coming from yuukimaru.

  74. Anyone notice how gamera sweats when the theme song starts…there’s a strong possibility he/it gets violated each time it’s played

  75. Jeez, I finally watch episode 100 of the “Hurricane Chronicles” and I’m feeling relatively good until I look on this site and find these…these long ass posts! Now it’s not the content of the posts that bothered me, it’s really none of my business, it’s just that I always feel obligated to read ALL the posts and I was sweating reading these…LONG ASS POSTS! Lol, it’s all cool though I’m done now. Now time to go off and make my own long ass post. 😉

    @Orochimaruhebi & Alexie828: Here we can see after Naruto’s training with Jiraiya he could do a one handed Rasengan ttp:// Naruto does another one handed Rasengan later on here ttp:// But for some reason he still needs clones to do 2 one handed Rasengans here ttp:// and again here ttp://…go figure. Sorry about all the links but you can’t get anymore definitive proof than that. 🙂

    @Everyone: Just in case you’ll are unaware my “sources” inform me there will not be an episode this week. Instead they are postponing it to do a double episode next week Thursday March 26, YAY? The good thing is it looks like it may be the conclusion of the fillers *crosses fingers*. The bad thing is we have to wait an extra f*****g week to get it… *sigh*

    Next Thursday

    Naruto Shippuuden Episode 101 is titled “Everyone’s Feelings”.
    Naruto Shippuuden Episode 102 is titled “Reorganization!”

    (Note: By “sources” I mean here ttp:// Lol, not the best but very reliable in my experience with them.) 😀

    P.S. I wonder if this post is long enough, hmmmm……maybe if I add a few words here…here…and here! There done. ^_^

  76. @ibi… If the two are on at the same time the economy collapses and tv show hosts slowly turn into wookies…

    * I removed the link that I posted because it had commercials and I don’t think a link with commercials should be on the blog. I will put it back up if I find it on youtube or something.*

  77. @Scorpion: Huh, I just donated my money to the ‘Punch The Children’ charity last week and no one gave me any lip about it. What’s the world coming to when you’re condoned for giving charity now? *sigh*

  78. @supertrek…I know, Punch the children foundation is one of the most respectable charities in the world…I don’t know why they are saying that it’s evil.

  79. I knew it ^.^ …. and its so fucked up since we don’t get the next episodes before NEXT weeeeek =(

  80. @scorp: lol…is that what put the world’s markets in a total death spiral. cool. Who’s goin wookie?

  81. This is the long-winded response to Kyouto’s steadfast proclamation that Yuukimaru is not, nor will he ever be the host of the three tails (Sanbi). It’s full of hot air, so I’m going to let each round appear in its own comment to let you all breathe a bit. I’ve copied Kyout’s statements and then responded.

    Kyouto: The last great war, the third shinobi war occurred 13 years ago. That is 10 years from Naruto at 12-13 and 13 years from Naruto at 15-16. Tsunade stated that the Sanbi disappeared during the last great war.

    Ibi’s answer: Therefore, Sanbi has been missing and his story has been unknown in the nin world for the last 13 years. Is it not possible that Sanbi could have ended up in another host during that time? Gone to another dimension? Flown to some impossible planet on the dark side of the sun? Yes. Your own timeline establishes a long time span and a great deal of unknown to enter the story.

  82. Kyouto: When Tobi & Deidara caught the Sanbi it lacked a medium and was unable to control the power. However by chapter 420 we were shown otherwise.

    Ibi: Both of these facts I have presented myself. Just because Sanbi is captured without a host, does not mean Yuukimaru cannot be his host (either now or about to be in the near future).

    Kyouto: The Sanbi Jinchuuriki appears and over the head band on his waist was the symbol for hidden mist, also known as Kirigakure.

    Ibi: Yes, good observation. However, have we not also established that there have been mistakes with headband insignia? Especially when making a one-time appearance. Mistakes do happen, and although the presence of the headband does present evidence, it is not conclusive–especially in a single frame. This does not eliminate Yuukimaru as the host.

  83. Kyouto: Because he was absence at the time of the capture and Jinchuuriki die when separated from Bijuu its concluded that the Jinchuuriki disappeared beforehand and would be presumably dead.

    Citation for this assertion? Legit sourcebook or forum speculation? Or is this your own conclusion? Because I have another possibility: the original host did not actually die but was subjected to some sort of reincarnation jutsu and came back as the mysterious little waif, Yuukimaru. He is certainly not yet 13, there was enough time for him to “regrow” himself in the intervening time…yeah, that is farfetched, but just as possible as what you have presented from the evidence you have cited.

  84. Kyouto: The last great shinobi war was 13 years from the capture of the Sanbi and the Hidden Mist was confirmed to have it before then. In order for Kirigakure to have ownership over the Sanbi he would need to be sealed in a Jinchuuriki.

    Ibi: First off, 13 years is a long time and a lot happened between the disappearance and Sanbi’s current appearance. I disagree that the only way Kirigakure could have ownership/control of Sanbi is to have it sealed in a Jinchuuriki. If this were true, then Tsunade would not be seeking to seal Sanbi as she stated in ep 100, but be hunting down someone to be Sanbi’s Jinshuuriki.

    There is no evidence that Sanbi was out walking around and in a body before it disappear. You have assumed this. To own a scroll with a beast sealed in it…wouldn’t that also be referred to as “having” the beast? Because at any time the jinchuuriki could be found and made. Just like prepping a missile silo.

  85. These are the links Kyout offered as evidence, and my responses:

    The link establishes time line, but again the time line does not prove your point of view.

    Now this is an interesting link, and the primary reason why I wanted to see more about the 3-tail’s capture. Deidara is not the brightest bulb, Sasori was the mastermind in his team. Teamed with Tobi, they look like a couple of fools, but this little interchange after the capture is interesting. See, Tobi not actually being a dumbass makes his ‘…’ response to Deidara’s flip view of Sanbi’s weakness very telling. Now, we can see that Sanbi is about to be in the midst of a huge battle—between Kabuto, Guren/Yuukimaru, and Team Konoha (complete with a powerhouse sealing team). Clearly, by the time Tobi/Deidara arrive, there is no one around but Sanbi, allowing Deidara to claim Sanbi’s weakness is simply due to the lack of host…yet Madara seems to know better and just looks at dumbass. In other words, I don’t believe Deidara understood what was happening here, and between the two of them, Madara’s silence speaks from a more knowledgeable point of view.

    This is the pic of the 9 hosts, which shows host of the 3 tails as a violet-eyed, sandy-haired youth…as is Yuukimaru. Same hair color. Same eye-color. Same color clothes, although a different style. I still say that these differences could be mistakes from initial sketches prior to anime’s completion…or Kishi’s rendering which the filler animators ignored when putting Yuukimaru into Shippuden. I do not believe that any differences here are conclusive evidence that Yuukimaru is not or will not be the host of Sanbi (if even for a split second).

  86. Kyouto: Yuukimaru’s power is currently being used to draw out the Sanbi. However because Yuukimaru has trouble controlling his chakra as freely Kabuto uses pills to draw out his own abilities. [snip] This is a special medicine, which will draw out your power… no, make something interesting happen (Kabuto – Shippuden Episode 92)

    Ibi: And, he was able to control it on his own a second time. This does not mean that he is incapable of chakra control, just that he has been untrained or has forgotten…as one tends to do when one is reincarnated. The symbolism of immortality probably shouldn’t be ignored here…

  87. Kyouto: Yuukimaru & the Sanbi Jinchuuriki are entirely different [snip]

    Ibi: And this is a filler arc, so the rendering of Yuukimaru was done by the animation team, not Kishi (as far as we know), while the panel in the manga was done by Kishi (as far as we know). Again, I don’t see how any differences prove that these are different people when the creative liberties involved could be quite huge.

  88. Kyouto: Yuukimaru doesn’t carry any of those traits & the inability to control Chakra strongly suggest he isn’t a Shinobi. [snip]

    Ibi: Again, we can’t say what is going on with Yuukimaru’s background until we understand his back story better. I agree that he seems not to be shinobi. However, I also need to point out that he also seems to be able to teleport. Has powerful chakra. And an interesting enough familial heritage to warrant the complete and bloody massacre of his family.

    Then again, we also have the odd immortality references and the confusing renderings of Yuukimaru vs the 9 hosts poster…and you have a very odd tale. I’m hoping it will make sense in the end, but as filler…I’m not convinced. Is he the child of the Sanbi host? Or is he the Sanbi host born into a new body and existence? Are they completely unrelated? I don’t know…and I don’t think there is enough evidence to say anything for certain except that this is confusing as hell and we should wait and see…hoping the animation studio actually told a good and complete story.

    The rest of your comments seem to drift back to places we have already visited. However, if I missed a new argument, please feel free to point it out to me and I will address it as well.


  90. @ MwMseeta: It should be here by the weekend.

  91. O_O Wow 9 posts consecutively by IBI. Should have entered the 2 digits with 10. But how the heck can you type like that….its like 600 letters per minute….
    Copy, paste? Its your own words…you’ve typed it up already? At any rate i guess you didn’t want a stupidity long post.

    Anyways WhereTF is new episodes of shippuden 😦 Its been over 2 weeks 😮

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