Bleach manga 349 spoiler 100% True Confirmed + discussion + further 348 discussion

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Bleach Manga 349

Hey everyone,

This was an amazing issue of Bleach.  It really justified a lot of the stuff we’d been talking about during the last couple weeks.  The story had been getting stagnant but we, the loyal Bleach fanatics, didn’t give up.  I feel like we are going to see the payoff for our patience in the upcoming issues, and I can’t wait to read it…

Ichigo: "I'm sorry, I don't speak Spanish. Nihon go ga Wakarimasu ka?"

Ichigo: "I'm sorry, I don't speak Spanish. Nihon go ga wakarimasu ka?"

Ulquiorra is looking pretty fierce with his giant horns and all around satanic appearance, which is pretty bad ass looking.  He’s given Ichigo every chance to back down it seems, but Ichigo isn’t having it.  In the past, Ulquiorra has let Ichigo off the hook and let him walk away alive; this time, it’s different.  He releases his final form, Segunda Espada, which he says that not even Aizen knows about, and that he’s the only one of the Espada to be able to do it.  So does this make him stronger than Espada 1-3? He’s supposedly the only Espada capable of this level of release, so wouldn’t that make him the strongest? What do you think?

Ichigo looks shocked as Ulquiorra gently carresses his face...

Ichigo looks shocked as Ulquiorra gently caresses his face...

Orihime and Ishida are making their climb as quickly as possible and are feeling the ocean-like mass that is Ulquiorra’s riatsu.  I thought that Orihime’s arrival would cool Ulquiorra’s temper and would be Ichigo’s only chance at survival, but this just wasn’t the case.  She didn’t get there in time and Ichigo refused to quit, so this culminated in…

Ever get that empty, lonely feeling?

Ever get that empty, lonely feeling?

This was something I’d been talking about since we expanded to covering Bleach… Ulquiorra had made a comment that no human could ever dream of obtaining a power that could rival his.  This led me to consider the possibility that Ichigo was going to kick the bucket soon.  His father had to have died at some point, Urahara had to have died at some point, and both are living normal lives on earth, so why not Ichigo?  This would release the restraints on his potential and begin his ascent to Soul Society… or would it?  His riatsu has been compared to a hollow, not a shinigami, so would Ichigo be headed to Soul Society if he died?

Ichigo got his neck snapped and a basketball-sized hole in his chest… all the nay sayers have to admit that his death is a possibility at this point.  Orihime just arrived on the scene, so potentially she could “reject” the fatal injuries, but what would that change? Ulquiorra will still be right there and Ichigo would still be stuck in a human body, limiting his potential.  As I’ve said before, Ichigo dying would be good for the manga and make things a whole hellava lot more interesting.  To see what he goes through and where he would go after he died would be awesomeness to say the least.  So lets ask the question again…

I’m excited to see what happens next week for the first time in a while!  This is great stuff.  I just hope they don’t puss out and save him somehow and create some miraculous comeback victory over Ulquiorra. What do you think will happen in the next issue?  Do you want to see Ichigo die to make the manga interesting again?



Bleach Demotivational poster #1

Bleach Demotivational poster #1

I know a lot of you dig the Naruto demotivational posters I do for the weekly Naruto breakdowns, so I’m going to start doing them for Bleach, too.  Hope you like em.



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  4. Good post as usual BTW.
    Short and sweet

  5. 2nd…

  6. @ Schy – thanx. I’m really starting to realize how basic Bleach is compared to Naruto as far as layers and complexity of the story compared to Naruto. I still love Bleach though 😀

  7. @ Jeremiah: Simpler yes, but also more entertaining (at least for me). The humor in Bleach doesn’t get as bogged down in plotline like with Naruto, which is why I enjoy Bleach so much. Well, that and watching Ulquiorra totally pwn Ichigo *LOL*

    This issue was f*cking epic! I agree that things are looking dire indeed for Ichigo, though Orihime could fix him up like she always does. If that happens, the only way he’ll be walking out of Hueco Mundo alive is if she begs him not to try and rescue her again, but I don’t think it’s a likely possibility. I’m still diggin’ my idea from last week that Ulquiorra is trying to turn Orihime to the dark side bit by bit, and that he’s using Ichigo as his tool to get at her. If Ichigo really is DED dead and Orihime only made it above the dome just in time to see Ulquiorra’s cero, the timing just seems a little too perfect considering Ulquiorra could have defeated him at any time he wanted to. Just sayin …

  8. @Jeremiah, well Urahara hasn’t died that we know of. He’s in Kakaura Town because the Central 46 banned him back in the “Turn back the Pendelum Series” and they took away his powers it think and or banished him to live on earth forever…(Thanks to Aizen’s sneakiness)
    Other than that great post…i love the Bleach Movitvation one…maybe the next one could be ichigo with the caption of when you have crazy hair…determination helps out…lol…anyway back to the post..I don’t think Ulquiorra is stronger than the others for the mere fact that he’s a 4, no matter what he can’t beat for certain the primera.. i think this second stage however does make him a top contender for 2nd….also each number is slightly stronger than the previous number from what we’ve seen so for ulquiorra to have a 2nd stage, he probably skipped at least 1 postiton…

  9. I have watched & read bleach for a few years now, and though I still read the manga every time it comes out I have stopped watching the anime completely. Like Naruto, where I feel that I kinda have an idea of whats going to happen next (up til the bodies started stacking up), I find the overall story very good. Unlike Naruto, I can’t get myself invested in the characters. Ichigo will (like when he fought Byakuya) will of course pull something out at the end, like against the Bount etc…. I hold out for the possibility that Orihime will use her power to ‘reject fate’ in a new and exciting way. I mean can Ichigo die in the series without drastically messing with the fan base? He’ll go to the spirit world, as a child? Would he still retain his (stolen) Zanpakuto? His age? His memories?

  10. @ Shinobimadness – of course Urahara has died, he was a Shinigami(not a representative like Ichigo) so he had to be dead at some point.

    As far as the number, does Aizen assign the number based of what he percieves as strength? If so, he had no idea about Ulquiorra’s second release so he would have ranked him based on what he knows rather than his true capabilities.

  11. @ Ero – he would be the same age as when he died. The only reason I say this for fact is because of the spirit that was trapped in the Parrot. Remember what happened when he hit soul society… same age… looking for his mom.

    Ichigo will be the same age and that’s IF he goes to Soul Society, he’s part hollow remember. I find that concept insanely interesting and I’m praying that he doesn’t make a miracle comeback to defeat him… at best I think he’ll somehow escape with his life but still lose to Ulquiorra.

  12. I feel like he might turn into his Hollow form (and probably not die) now that he has a hole in him. Back in Orihime is healing him and says that she feels this awful power coming from him that she has trouble rejecting. I would accept that it could be from Ulquiorra’s attack except that he just punched through him and didn’t use a cero or anything ( I am probably wrong, but I feel like the hole (which looks conveniently like a Hollow’s) and his own weakness will allow his Hollow form to take control to more of an extent, maybe he will turn more than just a mask if it doesn’t get healed.

    I could be wrong, and might be missing something, but that is what I feel like will happen. Characters seem to often lose control to a stronger power when they are near death in Manga.

    I could be wrong,

  13. @Jeremiah: Oh, that’s right. So, same age, and memories. I imagine that the story would have to eventually haft to have him die and end up at soul society working up through the ranks. I imagine that he will be a great deal stronger once there, but will he kill to become captain?

  14. @xmckizzlex: Now that you say that, didn’t his hollow form (when he was fighting with Ichigo) say that he (hollow form) would own the body in the future anyway?

  15. I can say that Ichigo will not win this fight but H-Ichigo can. I see Ichigo as slightly different then naruto. The Hollow in Ichigo is not wild like the demon fox, I think it’s more like Ichigo has multiple personality disorder and only one personality can be in control at anytime. The Hollow in Ichigo is not harmful like the way the demon fox is to naruto. The hollow in Ichigo heals him and gives him powers like in the soul society. H-Ichigo seems to be more powerful, stronger and ruthless then Ichigo. I can see Orihime getting killed but the thing is she could just end up turning into a hollow or a shinigami.

  16. @ero…Yes he said the horse will switch places with the king if the king is to weak. Ichigo is the king right now and H-Ichigo is the horse…but I think that will change.

  17. @EroSennin – Yes, you are quite correct, he said that if he saw any opening he would switch places with him at any time. The two pages here and foreshadow this greatly (the event you are talking about). In the second one he tells Ichigo that if he wants to master his power to “at least stay alive until I appear again”.

  18. Great post Jeremiah. I don’t believe Ichigo will die because if he does what will happen to Orihime and Ishida? Rukia, Renji, Sado, Kenpachi, Mayuri, Byakua, and Unohana are all still there too. If Ichigo or H-Ichigo doesn’t stop Ulugiorra now then he will just go and kill the rest of them. Remember Byakua and Kenpachi are both severely injured and I don’t think the rest can stand up to ‘Ressurecion Secunda Espada’ Uluquiorra. Even if Ulquiorra doesn’t engage them first I definitely believe THEY will engage him instead. Ulquiorra just put a hole in Ichigo’s chest so what’s going to happen next? Orihime is going to try to heal Ichigo and Ishida is gonna send some arrows flying, thus starting another fight. If that happens all the other captains and friends will rush in that direction. So Ichigo needs to pull a miracle or escape somehow before Ulquiorra goes on a killing spree…like Pein.

    If he does die though I don’t no what the others are going to do.

    Rukia: “Alright Ichigo’s dead I guess we’ll head back to Soul Society now after we figure a way to get out of here. Lucky for us Ulquiorra is just sitting on Ichigo’s dead body and won’t attack us nor will we attack him beacuse we don’t really care about Ichigo anyway.”

    I just can’t see it happening that way. I could be wrong though and it’ll be just like Dragon Ball Z. Goku (Ichigo) dies goes to heaven (Soul Society) gets wished back comes back as strong as hell. 😉

  19. If Ichigo dies here, he dies. There is no becoming a spirit and staying in soul society.
    Thats because Ichigo is already in his spirit form.
    And when souls die…they dont turn into souls…(because that makes no sense)
    In Bleach when the body dies…then the soul lives…
    Not the case if the soul dies.

  20. im thinking hollow form takes full control now

  21. i think urahara, the vaizard, and ichigos dad is about to come and own. There are going to have a reunion

  22. I was thinking that the hole in Ichigo’s chest could represent summut…
    Like the way Hollows have holes in there chest? Maybe? Just a theory….
    Making the inner Hollow stronger? Ominous?
    Ulq does like that habit of making holes in Ichigo though lol…making holes where his hole is, in accordance to Grim…

    BTW couldnt 11th cap and 6th cap just get healed by 4th cap?
    And what about Espa 10, 6 and former Espa 3?
    What part will they play?

    It wouldn’t be surprising if before the end of Ichigo’s battle, the scene changes back to the captains… -_-

  23. Yeah, no one is addressing the fact Ichigo’s body is back with Kon in the Real Karakura Town. Ichigo asked Kon to stay with them around one hundred chapters ago. If Ichigo dies he won’t go back to Soul Society because that is his soul. That’s how I think of it at least. Orihime will save Ichigo, but until someone is capable of defeating Ulquiorra they will have to escape. She may even take a step back to before when everyone was getting hurt. I also believe there is an off chance Orihime or someone else will defeat Ulquiorra. Its either that or Hollow Ichigo will step in.

  24. /_) I/ /_) – Disclaimer post was written before refresh, all matters pertaining to death of Ichigo’s soul not count before refresh time. 🙂

  25. @ Kyouto – I’m thinking that if Ichigo Soul dies, then he dies.

  26. i thought there was some place that human souls go first before being admitted into soul society? because i remember there being an argument between ichi and some one else where he was pissed that hollows went straight to soul society once destroyed.

  27. There is usually a judgment that appears on their forehead, if they pass they are admitted to soul society and if they don’t a large door opens up and a huge sword comes out.

  28. well i have to disagree with some of you one
    the injuries of kenpachi and byakuya are probably healed by now i mean you saw how quickly ishidad was healed and byuakyua wasnt as hurt as it would have seen besides by himself at that he does have the best healer of the soul society with him the captain and all that so yeah but um ichigo will probably realease a second form of his bankai and zangetsu will help him or hey maybe he really is dead who knows right? but we will have to wait and see

  29. It will be Ichigo killing ulquiorra with fully control of his hollow, maybe somethin like “second espada” a stage above the mask he always wear, its higly probable. And if this is true their fight will be switched to karakura town for now.
    But like, if he gets to fully control is hollow already, what will he do when he face Aizen? EVen ulquiorra with “second espada” cant be as powerfull as aizen or else the manga ends with ichigo vs ulquiorra fight. So its is really uncertain to know what will happen on the next chapters!

  30. @Orelhas2: The manga definitely can’t end with Aizen. There’s still so much stuff left unexplained. Who the hell is the ‘King’ and who make up the Royal Guard (Promoted Captains)? What else is there in the land of Hueco Mundo? Are there more powerful arrancars than the Espada? Actually yes there are like the Vasto Lordes. Who the hell are they and why haven’t any of them been confirmed yet? Toshiro said if Aizen managed to gather ten of them under his command then Soul Society would be done for. So we know the Vasto Lordes are even more powerful than the Espada and probably Aizen too. They reside in the “deepest” depths of Hueco Mundo so what’s out there…a whole new world of adventure? What I’m trying to say is the manga is far from over. 😉

  31. I tought that vasto lords were the espada, i mean the strongest ones! Please link me chapters where they talk avout vasto lords!

  32. While I look for the chapters I’ll link you this Read the Vasto Lordes section. According to Bleach Wiki MAYBE Espadas 1-4 are Vasto Lordes. The others are definitely not or the captains would be toast by now and the so would Soul Society.

  33. i think aizen knows of ulguiorras strengths…why else does he leave hueco mundo under his charge..think like this…aizen planned all of this already… dont you think he already has knowledge of this second stage…if he doesnt..then hes not as great as he thinks he is….i also see a mutiny on aizens side coming very soon….and i think its gonna start with ulquiorra.


  34. @ avid – good commnet. I’m just basing my comments off what was in the manga. Ulquiorra said that Aizen didn’t know about it, so for now I have to assume that he didn’t know about it.

    Aizen falling pray to a mutiny is very interesting…

  35. Speaking of Vasto Lordes. What if Ichigo’s inner hollow was reakky a Vasto Lorde? That would be f*****g SWEET! 0_0

  36. Lol, typo *really* not “reakky” a Vasto Lorde. XD

  37. that woould be better then sweet super…that would be AWWWWEEESSSOOMMMEEENNNEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!


  38. @Avid: Lmao, yes indeed it would be. 😉

  39. im wondering …since ulquiorra has this second stage…how many stages are there….is it like a super sayjin 2 and if thats true….is ulquiorra a vastro lordes himself?….and is aizen really the ring leader….or is it like naruto where tobi pretended to be jokey and weak….but then came out later as the true leader of akatsuki????hmmmmmmmmmm


  40. heres another speculation…..since vastro lordes are supposed to resemble humans the closest outa of hollows….then could aizen himself have been a vastro lorde???????…….hmmmmmmm


  41. @ Avid: I think it’s pretty safe to assume that since Aizen went through the ranks of Soul Society to become a captain, he’s not a Vasto Lord, only because that would mean he’s been planning a coup d’etat with the patience of a saint. It takes hundreds (thousands?) of years to grow to his age in SS, and to me that seems like a huge waste of time and effort when there are quicker ways to get the job done.

  42. @ jeremiah- Urahara is dead already. He is just using a gigai to live in the world of the living. Ichigo’s father could have died and become a shinigami but I don’t think so. He had that Ribbon thing which means he is ranked or something. It kinda looks like a lieutenant ribbon with a captain coat. So my guess is he is neither captain nor lieutenant but something way higher…maybe he is part of the royal guard? We know nothing about them.

  43. I don’t ichigo will die cauz where would he go? SS is a battlefield right now so it would be useless. Plus if he dies he would die permanetly. He is already in soul state. I think he will have a talk with mr hollow or mr hollow will just take over. Ulquiorra is bad ass and all but even he himself said ichigos power was greater than his.
    Something I find interesting is how Aizen is only concerned about Ichigo and not everyone else? Why send 2 Espada just to check on Ichigo? I think he knows something. I think its related to the kurosaki family.
    Also find it interesting that Chad’s powers are hollow like and that his left arm of the devil reminds of ichigo’s hollow left arm.

    anyone have any thoughts on this?

  44. Wasn’t able to find any spoilers yet however, this is where they should appear. (ttp://

  45. Is that mean Ichigo will become a complete hollow now? He got a big hole on his chest. 😀

  46. Well seems to me that I’m not the only one who isn’t quite clear about what happens to the soul society souls when they die. During the circle of life once a soul has been in soul society for about sixty years has the choice of being a human again. Okay….. Is that it??
    Unless they get eaten by a hollow and well….

    Reading the manga vs. watching the anime in this one is really hard especially during the fight scenes. Hard to tell what that is in those scenes. Also it doesn’t flow quite as well from one scene to the next either. Although in the anime having that one rescue princess arc just interrupt the main storyline was sooooooo irritating.

  47. shartina – If your talking about the rescue Rukia Arc that is in the manga. The entire thing from start to finish. In the anime it takes around 20 episodes.

  48. nope the little blond princess but thanks watched the animes for a long time now but just got up to speed with the manga now

  49. ok so in the anime ichigo just got done defeating grimjaw and they are together on top of the tower (the one where he says its too beat up to look for a stair so they will just jump down)

    then suddenly back in the living world a princess and two retainers pop out lure a whole ton of hollows into town and run off leaving ichigos team to clean up the mess.

    it runs for about 40 episodes on this save the little princess from being assinated arc before popping back to huco mundo.

  50. @Shartina: LMAO, Oh God I know exactly what you’re talking about. The fillers didn’t get interesting until the fight scenes in Soul Society but still what a way to interrupt a great battle scene. One week I was like, “Yes, can’t wait!” Next week I was like, “WTF is this s**t?”

    @Captnmexico21: Great finds man you got my head doing loopty loops right now. I think the power Ulquiorra was talking about was Hollow Ichigo so if H-Ichigo pops out Ulquiorra’s done for right?…unless…Was Ulquiorra stating that at his (Ulquirorra’s) CURRENT state Ichigo’s power rose higher than his because what about if he does his initial resurrection (Espada Bankai)? We know now he also has a ‘Ressureccion Segunda Espada’ mode too (Espada’s true Resurrection?). Was he saying that at some points Ichigo’s power level rose even higher than all of that? OVER 9000!!! Lol, sorry couldn’t resist! XD

  51. That Ulquiorra is weird hes like a human sympathizer but then not.
    What gives? What is his true motivation?
    So Ichigo says that he’s becoming more human. Less of a little sad machine. Wonder if he loves Oriheme?

  52. @Shartina: Imagine the babies. *shudders* ><

  53. I was discussing it with my friends and we think that Ichigo is going to turn into that hollow thing like when Urahara made Ichigo get his power back. You know the thing with the tail and the creepiness. I was just wondering if Ichigo goes super hollow will that anti-Ichigo be in control or the good Ichigo.

  54. Maybe this is a possibility. I remember that earlier in the series when ichigo was first obtaining his powers he had begun to transform into an actual hollow. Maybe its possible that ichigo can transform farther into his hollow state into a second form. Kinda like kensei and the other vizards appearance before they learned to control the hollow within them.

    I don’t know if he has to come in contact with his inner hollow or something but you have to admit, it is hollowfication. it is possible. I remember his inner hollow telling him that “if you want to CONTROL MY POWER you have to beat me”. It would be wonderful to see two second forms go at it.

  55. Heres another possibility. Orihimes powers are changing. So maybe it’s possible (since she can overstep the boundaries of Gods themselves- stated by aizen) after Ulquiorra kills ichigo that she somehow brings him back to life with her powers and he becomes a super powered up hollow or a full soul reaper. Now that would be awesome! That way he wouldn’t have to go to soul society at that moment either./

  56. no complete hollowfication resulting in awesome fight. Have to admit getting tired of comeback wins.

    Wow I’m stupid just realized if Ulquiorra can go to segundo espada( why are all the hollow things including Chad’s arms spanish) why can’t Ichigo go beyond Bankai like hollow with super sword.

  57. i would have thought that if ichigo died in shinigami form he would be gone for good?? isnt it the humans spirit that goes to sereitei, cus if ichigos dies he hasnt got one??
    i dno

  58. Here are Bleach Spoilers for this week. It looks good.

    Bleach 349 Spoiler
    Translation:Unknown (•Saske•77™)


    Inoue goes to help
    she is stopped
    石田助太刀 光の雨(リヒト・レーケ゛ン)
    Ishida goes to help.. Light rain(rihito re-gen) — I don’t get it. XD
    Inoue’s pupil widens and looks at Ichigo
    What should I do.. What should I do.. (repeat)
    Ishida was blown off
    His left hand has gone missing (prob. from the blow)
    He then goes to face him (ulq) again
    Ishida gets beaten
    seeing that, Inoue panics
    kurosaki kun kurosaki kun kurosaki kun kurosaki kun kurosaki kun kurosaki
    kun kurosaki kun
    save/help me kurosaki kun!!!!
    Ichigo’s hair grows

  59. I posted the spoiler video…

    Looks like Tite doesn’t have the balls to kill off Ichigo. Here comes the comeback -_- I’m praying for something original in all of this.

  60. With his hair growing out like a mane, it would be hilarious if he literally turned into a horse!


  61. Ichigo’s full Hollowification form had REALLY long hair…

  62. Oh right theres the spoiler above…
    Yay pictures.

    Thats Ichigo’s full Hollowification form, im pretty sure.
    The hair style is EXACTLY the same as that form and his hands is also a dead giveaway.

    I have pictures saved on my PS3 hardrive from episode 124/125. I could send them to Jeremiah…

  63. First time posting :). Anyways, they forshadowed it pretty heavily earlier in the manga. I’m pretty sure he’s not gonna die as others have said because it would make no sense. He is in spirit form so yea, he has no where to go. I agree with the people who say he’s gonna go hollow form. Think about it, it first in perfect. Ichigo didn’t exactly dominate his hollow form earlier and it even said that when he gave it the chance, it would come back. Also, the hollow form has regenerative abilities so that would stop him from dying. Pretty op ability if u ask me… instant regeneration. As far as ulquiorra being the strongest espada, i definitely don’t agree. I am pretty sure stark will still be the strongest of them. He might be number 2 though.

  64. @ jarofasheesh – thanks for commenting 🙂

    Yeah everything u say is probably true except Stark is probably the strongest. I think a lot of people want something new and different to happen in Bleach because it follows a repetative formula in fights and now in story arcs. i.e. Soul Society story arc vs Hueco Mundo story arc. So many of us frustrated with this trend are blinded by our hope that something original will happen and come up with the least likely thoughts :-/

  65. @jeremiah – Ichigo dying would be cool and it would make manga a lot more interesting but it wouldn’t fit. Its not the right time right now. SS is in the real world and is a battle field at the moment. That would be pointless to die and end up there. Plus he is in spirit form. We don’t know what would happen if he died like that. His chain is cut off already so he is kinda dead already but hasn’t really(confusing). There’s also the hollow part of him. I do see him dying in the future. Maybe by aizen’s hand? And going to SS or even hell( you never know).

    This weeks chapter looks great. He is definitely going to go holllow form or hollow taking over. Either way its bye bye Ulquiorra. I think we will see a “kiss my ass” cero coming from hollow ichigo.

  66. @captnmexico21 i agree with your theory of ichi dad being in the royal guard/zero division. someone pointed out how it was strange that aizen set 2 espada ater ichi and he might know something we don’t, maybe ichi is the last piece of the puzzle for making the key. Aizen maybe just be useing the hollows and espada for sacrifice’s which is a necessary thing to open the door to the king and everyone is being fouled. (again)

  67. I imagine Ulquiorra teleporting over Ichigo’s body and using Cero before then. Someone starts growing longer hair in battle you don’t just ignore it do you. Then again because Ulquiorra is at this level he probably doesn’t need to.

    About the Esparda, I don’t think Uquiorra is stronger than Starch just yet. If Aizen chooses their rank based on their Ressurreccion then Ulquiorra doubling his power might raise his level immensity or bring his rank up to the next in line. It doesn’t necessarily mean the other Esparda’s releases can’t match Ulquiorra’s Second Form. Although based on that Reiatsu I could easily be wrong.

  68. Well what if Ichigo was born to become king. Ichigo’s dad could want to open the door to the king. Or Ichigo’s dad could be the king and die at the hand of aizen…then Ichigo would want revenge. I mean if you think about it Urahara, Ichigo’s and dad are working together and he knew how strong the foes are.

  69. thats true i didnt if think about if ichi’s dad was king that would make things crazy aizen kills him becomes king have the remaining espada take rolls in SS have the captains, ichi and friends (and anyone not willing to go along with azien) either killed or run underground. Which could lead the a kill the king arc or a save SS arc.

  70. I don’t think Isshin is the king. Why would the king lose his reaper powers for 20 years? And by the hand of Urahara?
    Well it looks like his fault since he ask him if he blames it on him.
    My crazy theory about Isshin is that he fell in love with Masaki. He gave up his reaper powers in order to live in the world of the living. Maybe he made a deal with Urahara to give him a special gigai. That would kinda explain how he was able to have kids?
    Also I beleive Masaki was Ryuken’s sister.
    Only she had no talent at all. That could explain why Yuzu has a weak level of spiritual awareness( from the mom) and Karin has a strong one( from the father). That’s probably how Isshin knows Ryuken or could be that they both went to med school together? Remember when Isshin was receiving too many patients because of a car accident? He called the hospital and told them to tell their manager that it was a request from “kurosaki”. Later on we find out the Ryuken owns a hospital.

    I found interesting that when Isshin talk about the vizards he called them criminals that used forbidden spells to aquire hollow like powers. We then find out during the turn back the pendalum that this wasn’t true.

    One last thing before I have to go! When fisher fought Isshin, fisher said that Kurosaki was of “true blood”
    I know it says real thing but I don’t like that translation.

  71. i have to be honest i competently forgot that part of the convo i only saw it in the anime started the manga at the end of the grimmjow fight. I dig your giving up powers for love idea and thinking back on how isshin was acting in the issue they go and visit masaki’s grave, i think he would be the type to give it up for love. Maybe he was part of a task force sent to find the vizards and urahara, thats y he thinks they are criminals. He could have found urahara and was weakened during a fight. Uraharas banki could be one that seals powers for a while, during which time isshin met masaki. This could be supported by urahara telling chado his banki is not for combat training. I do think Isshin was in the royal guard tho. Idk about the other branch of ur theory the masaki is ryuken’s sister, it would be cool i just do think it is true, but hey you never know

  72. 3 lines:

    Ishida, WTF happened to your arm?

    Inoue don’t lay over there lie over here next to me.

    Is that Hollow mother f*****g Ichigo?!? RUN Ulquiorra! 😉

  73. @ Captainmexico – he can die even though his body is in the real world. He takes his injuries back to the real world, so if his Soul dies then hypothetically he dies. It came up in the Bleach for dummies thread today… though that is not the place to have this discussion right now since that is for people who have yet to read up to date Bleach manga.

  74. @Jeremiah – So does this mean Kon is walking down the street or laying in his bed, doesn’t matter where he is still thinking about girls, when suddenly he kills over because of a hole in his chest that appears out of nowhere? That’s just not funny, although I thought the theory was damage transferred after Ichigo’s soul reenters his body.

  75. Yes, exactly. So if his Soul died he would Hypothetically not return to his body. Kon would either remain in the body or someone would remove him out of Ichigo’s body so that they could bury it.

    BUT again, it seems that Tite is sticking to his pattern so something so interesting is more than likely not going to happen.


  76. can we say supersayan? lol

  77. shartina – You can however for originally lets hope otherwise.

    Bleach does have story however its the way battles are done that hide it. Truthfully it may not even be that. Its as if everything is within a single arc and because Aizen is still the main villain things keep the same setting.

  78. I like bleach but to be truthful no one really ever dies. Except for the hollows. O and the characters that were dead before series started.

  79. Well Its hard to have someone die since the SS people are dead already. Forgot how it goes but if they die they are reborn in the real world. Only people who can really die are Ichigo, chad, orihime, tatsuki, ishida. Only interesting death would be Ichigo imo.

  80. well looking back with ibikis observations to help (THANKS IBIKI). The strength of his soul is what is keeping him alive even with those wounds.

  81. It reminds me in Yu-Yu Hakusho when he unleashes his demon side for the first time and his hair went super saiyan, or when anybody goes super saiyan, even saskue and madara…

  82. @Alec: Sweet! You watch Yu Yu Hakusho too? Doesn’t Bleach anime impose a lot of similarities to Yu Yu Hakusho. Both Ichigo and Yusuke were two troubled high school students with high level spirit energy. They find out later on that there is a spirit world above them and the governing body of those spirit worlds asks them to become employed to offer their unique services. Yusuke becomes a Spirit Detective and Ichigo becomes a Substitute Shinigami. Their friends from high school also have high energy levels and join them in their quest. Kuwabara joins Yusuke and Ishida, Chad, and Orihime join Ichigo. I’m not going to compare their personalities because a lot of anime protagonist share similar traits; i.e. Stubborn, Immature, Kind Hearted, Never Giving Up, yadayadayada. Just wanted to point this out.

  83. Oops, forgot to mention the inner inside both of them. 😉

  84. mos def… i think yu-yu hakusho gave inspiration to a lot of people, if you notice that you can draw a similar comparison to naruto, just not to the extent that Bleach has… but then again you can find the same basic plots throughout most of history, what changes is how you tell the story.

    btw: the show was a lot better than the manga, they split off from eachother which is a shame…

  85. @Alec: Never read the manga but loved the show from beginning to end. Guess I made the right choice.

  86. the manga isn’t as in depth and definently is harder to follow at the end, it literally falls apart the last 20 chapters, but it’s still funny… and agreed the show was, is, and will be awesome….

  87. I just watched the spoiler and WTF happened to Uryu’s arm!!!

    I still think Uryu could get stronger than Ichi but damn Tite wants to power up one guy the entire tiime huh?

  88. DIE ALREADY XD XD i didnt like u since the beginning ichigo…i always thought ulq was cuter anyway!

  89. Here is the raw for anyone who wants to see.

  90. thats one super big hole there

  91. isn’t that where his heart is supposed to be?

    Oh snap it is super hollow ichigo’s turn to kick some ass!

    there should be a fuckin double issue right about now

  92. gaH!! still waiting for it to come out.

  93. OH SHIT BLEAHC IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Orihime is having mental breakdown. She can’t handle any of this. I found it funny when it said ” I left him out of my sight because i had faith in him”. What was she going to do if she didn’t leave his sight? I also imagined his hole to be bigger. It looked like a pretty normal hole to me.

  95. Has anyone seen the last part of the bleach manga page where it appears that ichigo’s body is changing. his hair is growing longer and it inerates how ichigo is changing as orihime is yelling for him . It seems that ichigo’s inner hollow makes a reapearence and takes over his body to fight Ulquiorra.

  96. Hey everybody, this is gonna be an epic spoiler, so don’t read unless you’re prepare to take the consequences. 🙂

    At the end of this issue, it is seen that Inoue is crying for help from Kurosaki, and it shows him with 1) his hair much longer & 2) his hand tearing the ground. Basically, I think this points to only one thing. He’s changing. Bleach is unpredictable, originaly I thought it’d be Ulquiorra vs Grimmjow & Ichigo, the whole anti-hero dealie. But I was wrong. The hole in his chest now replacing his heart points to one thing. He’s becoming an arrancar. He died. He came back because of his resolve. He became the very thing he had to protect his friends from just to do so. Next issue he’ll turn into an arrancar completely, and kick Ulquiorra’s ASS in a very brutal fashion. At least I hope so. I always wanted Ichigo to be an arrancar, and I hope I’m right. any thoughts guys?

  97. Look at this page it is when ichigo is in his hollow form fighting the vizard in this page his hair is longer just like in the last chapter.

  98. From past episodes will show that one doesnt become a hollow that quick by pasing away. Your soul becomes corrupt then becomes one of those hollows that are shown in the living world. An arrancar is a evolved form of those hollows. there is no way ichigo becomes a hollow or a arrancar. if u remember when ichigo defeated his inner hollow with the help of the vizards, he said if you leave the slightest opening ill come back and destroy you til there is nothing left and that if ichigo really want to control all of his power not to die until the next time he appears. the inner hollow comes back and battles ulquiorr in the next scenes.

  99. @Captnmexico: Are you sure you’re looking at a normal sized hole there…it seems pretty big and life threatening to me. 🙂

    @Everyone: Is it just me or does anyone else think that Ishida could play the role of Nagato in ‘Naruto’ if he were to take his shirt off, lose the glasses, grow his arm back, and jump in a giant wheelchair?…wait, just picture it for a sec, PRESTO! 😉

  100. @supertrek89- it seemed a whole lot larger last chapter. Maybe i was expecting to be larger.

  101. @ biradical

    I sort of pointed that out Wednesday. (look above, at my full hollowification comment)
    But thanks for a link anyway.

  102. ****! which number am i?
    i was so….in love with the naruto chapter that i totally forgot i had to spam here as well…. ****!!!

    anyways, this weeks chapter was total non-sense! it has to be better (iow, ichigo has to live…and the author/mangaka is making it more and more impossible!)
    but…there is hope in my heart (if you visit y!m, you know that this is a famous line of the bots)
    i think ichigo is going to get better (out of his own will…or…whatever new reasons the author gives) and more powerful..he is not going to die…not yet!

    so, i will wait till the next issue before i give any other non-sense…

    today’s line:


  103. i think it’s a good time for ichigo to go full hollow anyway…being that he already has a hole in his chest where it needs to…it also looks like the same form as the link posted by biradical..

  104. isnt it crazy that the plot lines in naruto and bleach converged so that both of them (Naruto and Oriheme) are saying I dont know what to do anymore someone help me.

  105. ^ And both of them are really good this week.

    Although would that mean that this is the best it’ll get? 😦
    2 Awesome manga’s at their best ever, at the same time…

    BTW Bleach updates REALLY need to come much MUCH sooner 😮

  106. Just posting some interviews. I am still looking for ones involving the manga plot.

    le American SJ Interview With Kubo!
    Bleach Kubo Tite Shounen Jump Interview 08
    Interview information provided by BA

    Shonen Jump: Did anyone inspire you to draw?

    Kubo-sensei: When I create characters, I’m inspired by music rather than stories, other manga or movies. The characters then create the story. So for me, my creativity comes from music.

    SJ: Are any of the characters based on people you know?
    Kubo-sensei: Well, I haven’t mentioned this before, even in the Bleach SOULs Official Character Book, but Kisuke Urahara is based on Snufkin. Snufkin is so cool.
    [The character appears in Tove Jansoon’s Moominvalley novels.]

    SJ: You seem to use mythical content about death and the afterlife from Japanese folklore. Did any books influence you?
    Kubo-sensei: I can’t point to a particular book, but one manga that influenced me when I was small was Saint Seiya [published in the U.S. as Knights of the Zodiac], which is based on Greek mythology. Because of it, I started looking into things like myths, monsters and the afterlife. I was reading about them until around junior high school, so they might have been the basis.

    SJ: What does Rukia’s name mean, and why is it written in katakana?
    Kubo-sensei: When I’m working, I jot down names in the margins of my notebook as they come to me. Once on TV, I saw the original type of cosmos in South America.

    SJ: You mean, the flower?
    Kubo-sensei: Yes. The show mentioned the name of the flower in Latin or something-like “rukia.” It sounded like “Kuchiki Rukia” to me, and I wrote this down. When I created the character, I thought Kuchiki really fit as a Soul Reaper (Shinigami) name and called her Kuchiki Rukia. She had her full name from the very beginning. Later on, I learned that the word “rukia” means “light.” She’s like a ray of light for Ichigo, which makes the name really suit her.
    [In English, the name is read “Rukia Kuchiki.” The meaning of the kanji for Kuchiki is “decayed tree.” When Kubo-sensei talks about light, he may be referring to the word “lucia.”]

    SJ: Why did you pick Bleach as the title?
    Kubo-sensei: The title wasn’t Bleach when I decided to draw a story about Soul Reapers. (Shinigami) This was before I drew the one-shot manga that appeared in Akamaru Jump. The weapon wasn’t a sword, but a scythe. Only Rukia had a scythe and the other characters used guns. At that point, the title was Snipe [as in “sniper”]. Right before I started drawing, I began to think that a sword would be better and realized I couldn’t use Snipe as a title anymore. I began looking for a title that grasped the bigger picture. Soul Reapers (Shinigami) are associated with the color black, but it would have been boring to use “black.” “White,” on the other hand, can suggest black as a complementary color. So I chose “bleach” to evoke the impression of the color white.

    [Kubo-sensei explained to us how he chose English chapter titles for the manga. He uses a dictionaru to look up words that match his idea for the title, and ogten replaces a word with one that has a similar meaning but sounds better. Kubo-sensei didn’t use a dictionary to choose “bleach” because the English word is already commonly used in Japan.]

    Behind the Scenes

    SJ: Will you ever do an Aizen backstory?
    Kubo-sensei: Will I…? To be honest, I think part of Aizen’s appeal is that he’s mysterious. It probably wouldn’t be good for his character if I revealed everything about him. If I felt the urge to tell, maybe I would, but I’m just not sure right now.

    SJ: Does Captain Yamamoto have a larger plan for the Soul Society? He seems to have no problem with his captains dying.
    Kubo-sensei: Does he? I don’t have anything planned for him right now. What’s interesting about Genryuusai is you can never guess his true intentions. Among the captains, like Shunsui and Inohana, there are a few who appear to have something more to them, but for now I’ll have to say it’s all a secret.

    SJ: Will we learn who will become captains in place of Aizen, Ichimaru and Tousen?
    Kubo-sensei: Probably not anytime soon. Assistant captains lack certain abilities that captains have. I personally think the assistant captains need some time before they can become captains. Renji is a major character who’s pretty powerful, but put him next to the captains and you’ll probably notice that he’s kind of erratic… and missing a noble quality. The captains are simply on a whole other level.

    SJ: Do you have any plans to make Ichigo and Rukia a couple?
    Kubo-sensei: I’m not going to confirm nor deny that. [Laughs]

    SJ: Which American superheroes do you admire?
    Kubo-sensei: I don’t know of many American comic book heroes. I only know them from the movies, but appearance-wise, I thought Cyclops [from the X-men] looked pretty interesting. He can’t take off the visor. When he does, his eye power is too strong and kills people- wasn’t it something like that? I think that kind of setup is great because it’s so dramatic.

    SJ: Will Kon ever get his own body?
    Kubo-sensei: I hadn’t thought about it. I like him in his current body, and I think Kon likes it, too.

    SJ: He gets more attention in that body.
    Kubo-sensei: That’s true.

    Kubo-sensei on Comic-Con

    SJ: What was the most impressice Bleach coustume you saw?
    Kubo-sensei: There were actually two. One was Komamura, who had a wolf’s face on when he took off his helmet. The other was Neliel [a character who hasn’t yet appeared in the manga in the U.S.], who was in all white. Those two coustumes impressed me the most. I also saw a few Kons out there that were very cute.

    SJ: We do call it Comic-Kon!
    Kubo-sensei: It’s an event made for Kon. [laughs]

    SJ: He seems to think so.
    Kubo-sensei: That’s right, definitely.

    SJ: We also saw on Arrancar with a mirror.
    Kubo-sensei: Ah, yes. That was Grimmjow.

    SJ: He had a round mirror over his stomach to look like a hole.
    Kubo-sensei: That was a great idea.

    SJ: What will you tell your family and friends about this trip?
    Kubo-sensei: I want to tell them about everything. I’ll take the time and tell them everything I can remember. I was so glad to meet the fans. I received their heartfelt welcome and felt their warmth. I want to be able to convey what I felt as much and as truthfully as possible.

    SJ: Thank you so much for the interview!
    Kubo-sensei: You’re welcome. It was fun.

  107. Here is another, interview. (forgot to take out the h)


    Interview: Tite Kubo
    Manga Artist and Creator of Bleach and Zombie Powder

    The life of a successful manga artist is a hectic one, especially for a creator like Tite Kubo who works on a hugely popular weekly series like Bleach. So it was a rare treat to have Kubo-sensei take a break from his intense work schedule to visit San Diego Comic-Con and meet with his overseas fans for the first time.

    As part of the 40th Anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan and the 5th Anniversary of the U.S. edition of Shonen Jump magazine, VIZ Media pulled out all the stops to give Kubo-sensei a welcome that he’ll never forget. Huge banners saying “Kubo is here,” lots of Bleach cosplayers and a big display of color pages from Bleach were all on display at the VIZ Media booth. At Saturday’s Spotlight Panel, Kubo-sensei was greeted enthusiastically by an overflow crowd who squealed and cheered for him like he was a visiting rock star.

    This really shouldn’t have been too surprising. Bleach is one of the most popular and best-selling shonen manga series in Japan, U.S. and Europe. The adventures of Ichigo and his Soul Reaper friends and foes have already inspired a successful animated TV series, a musical and a few feature-length films including the recently released Bleach: Memories of Nobody.

    Kubo-sensei does carry himself like, well… if not a rock star, then like a very cool, confident and easy-going thirty-something artist. With his light brown hair, designer sunglasses, heavy silver jewelry, black t-shirt and jeans, he could pass for a Japanese rock star fairly easily. Even with his sunglasses off, he came across as a relaxed and affable guy who seems just a little bit amazed that his appearance at Comic-Con has inspired such fervor from his fans.

    At the panel, attendees got to see a video tour of Kubo-sensei’s clean and modern studio, complete with six-disc CD player and a collection of over 2,000 CDs. There were also huge flat screen TVs and lots of autographed shikishi from other manga artists. As the clip rolled, Kubo-sensei shared some interesting tidbits about his work habits, including why the kitchen is so clean (“We don’t cook!”) and his big white office chair (“I based the design of Aizen’s chair on my office chair”). Fans also got to see his Shonen Jump editor Atsushi Nakasaki visit him to pick up the finished artwork and drop off fan letters (“Usually, he doesn’t bow that deeply when he visits,” Kubo teased).

    After a busy weekend that included his spotlight panel appearance, receiving the Inkpot Award from Comic-Con International (an honor he now shares with Osamu Tezuka, Monkey Punch and other manga legends who have visited Comic-Con in the past) two autograph sessions and a screening of Bleach: Memories of Nobody, I got a chance to chat briefly with Kubo-sensei. Between his panel appearance and the questions I was able to ask him at our session, I got a sampling of quotes, questions and answers from Kubo-sensei about Bleach, his impressions of Comic-Con, his fans, his creative process and his plans for continuing the adventures of Ichigo, Rukia and the rest of the Soul Reapers, Quincies, Vizards and Arrancars.


    Q: First of all, welcome to San Diego. It’s been so exciting to have you here at Comic-Con!

    Tite Kubo: Thank you! It’s great to be here. I was really looking forward to coming to America. This is really my dream come true.

    Q: You got this incredible rock star-type reception from your fans today! Did you expect that?

    Tite Kubo: I had heard before that American fans are very, very enthusiastic, but I didn’t expect this much!

    Q: When did you realize that you had such a broad fan base in America?

    Tite Kubo: Yesterday. (laughs)

    Q: What are your impressions of San Diego Comic-Con so far? Is there anything like this in Japan?

    Tite Kubo: This is really impressive. Compared to Japanese events, Comic-Con is immense! I go to Jump Festa, but compared to that, Comic-Con is many times larger.

    Q: Is this your first visit to the U.S.? What do you think?

    Tite Kubo: It’s the first time for me to be abroad from Japan. I got my passport just so I could come to this event. Compared to Japan, the sunlight is very different and it’s very strong. It makes things look very colorful as well.

    Q: I heard that you have to draw 19 pages of manga every week, and that you drew ahead so you could take a break to come out to San Diego. Have you done any drawing since you’ve been here?

    Tite Kubo: I worked really hard so I could take the time to come here, so no, I haven’t worked on any drawing since I’ve been here (big smile).


    Q: When did you decide to become a manga artist?

    Tite Kubo: I had already decided when I was in elementary school. When I became a manga artist, I became interested in architecture and design, but I’ve really only wanted to become a manga artist.

    Q: Which artists influenced you then, made you feel like it would be really cool to become a professional manga artist?

    Tite Kubo: Hmm. My number one favorite manga then was Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro (by Shigeru Mizuki)! I’ve always liked the yokai (monsters) in that series. The other one that I liked a lot is Saint Seiya (a.k.a. Knights of the Zodiac by Masami Kurumada) — the characters all wear armor and have interesting weapons.

    Q: Huh! I guess that makes sense. I can kind of see some of the influence of both series in Bleach — the Japanese supernatural themes from Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro and the weaponry and battle scenes from Saint Seiya.

    Tite Kubo: Yes, I think so, definitely.

    Q: What was your inspiration for Bleach?

    Tite Kubo: I wanted to draw Soul Reapers wearing kimono. When I first designed Rukia, she wasn’t wearing kimono, but i wanted to create something that no one has seen before. From there I created the world of Bleach.


    Q: You’ve been drawing Bleach since 2001, seven years now. Has it changed dramatically from what you thought this story would be when you first started drawing it?

    Tite Kubo: At first, I didn’t plan that there would be Taicho, the head Captain of the Soul Society. The captains, they didn’t exist at first.


    Q: What comes first? the characters, or the story’s plot?

    Tite Kubo: (emphatically) Characters first!

    Q: Bleach has so many characters with so many different powers, weapons, personalities and relationships! How do you come up with them?

    Tite Kubo: I really don’t intend that characters have certain personalities when I come up with them. Sometimes I can’t think of any new characters. Then other times, I come up with 10 or more new characters.

    Q: Are there any characters that you thought fans would love but didn’t, or a character that caught on with fans in a way that you didn’t expect?

    Tite Kubo: I don’t really recall any characters that I’ve created that I thought fans would love but didn’t, but usually I notice that when I start describing a character’s personality or back story, the fans start to really respond to them, and really start liking them.

    However, in the case of Suhei Hisagi (Lieutenant / Acting Captain of Squad 9), fans got hooked on him before I even started describing his personality, so that was very unusual.

    Q: Are there any characters that are most like you?

    Tite Kubo: I feel like all the characters have a little bit of me in them! (laughs)

    Q: How do you come up with the clothes for the characters in Bleach?

    Tite Kubo: I just put the characters in the clothes I wish I could buy, but can’t find in stores.

    Q: What do you consider to be Ichigo’s greatest strength and his greatest weakness?

    Tite Kubo: His strength is that he is always considerate and thoughtful. He always thinks about other people’s needs. That is a great strength, but it’s also his greatest weakness, because worrying about his friends puts him in danger too, sometimes.

    Q: Speaking of Ichigo’s relationships with his friends, there seems to be a love triangle between Ichigo, Rukia and Orihime. Do you delve more into this in later volumes?

    Tite Kubo: (laughs) I get asked about that a lot! I don’t want to make Bleach into a love story because there are much more exciting things about their personalities and things that they can do instead of getting into the romance aspect of their relationships.

    Q: Your male characters are great, but your female characters are also very strong, interesting women. Are you influenced by strong women in your life when you create these characters?

    Tite Kubo: I have quite a few female friends who are not physically strong, but mentally, they are really very strong people.

    Q: Do you have a favorite female character in Bleach?

    Tite Kubo: Hmm. Yoruichi and Rangiku! Their attitude is like, they just don’t care what people think of them! (laughs) I have a lot of fun drawing them and creating stories with them.

    Q: What inspired you to have a Mexican character like Chad and to include Hispanic culture in Bleach?

    Tite Kubo: It wasn’t something intentional. When I designed Chad, he looked like he had a Mexican heritage, so I just wrote that in.

    Q: How did you come up for idea of the Quincies?

    Tite Kubo: I created Qunicies to be Ichigo’s rival characters, so i put Uryu in white clothing (compared to the black kimono worn by the Soul Reapers). Qunicies use arrows because they’re long range weapons, so it’s difficult for Ichigo to fight them with his sword, which is more for short range combat.

    The Quincy cross has 5 points, kind of like the the Japanese 5-pointed star. 5 points, quintet, Quincy! Quincies use arrows, so if you call them Qunicy archers, it sounds like a name, so I kind of liked that.

    Q: Is the Kon doll based on anything from your childhood?

    Tite Kubo: I wanted to create something that looks fake, that looks like something that was just random things put together. Normally you don’t have a sewing line in the middle of a stuffed doll’s face unless it’s done to make the face look more three-dimensional. But look at Kon! His face is flat so that line is unnecessary — so I kind of like that fact.

    Ichigo and Rukia first find Kon on the street, so I made up a back story about how he got there. At a festival, a child wanted a stuffed animal, but since the one that he wanted was too expensive, so the parent bought a cheap one instead. The child didn’t like it and threw it away, so that’s why the Kon doll was found on the street!


    Q: One thing your fans love about your manga is that you always keep them guessing. Do you plan very far ahead how your characters will interact with each other, and the various plot twists you throw into your stories?

    Tite Kubo: After i finished drawing chapter one, I already knew that Ichigo’s dad Isshin would be a Soul Reaper. At the time, I didn’t plan on having leaders in the Soul Society, so I didn’t plan on him being one of the leaders.

    Q: Will you feature a back story about Isshin?

    Tite Kubo: Yes, I will draw it!


    Q: One thing I enjoy about Bleach is that there are many moments of humor as well as drama. Is that intentional to break up some of the heavier moments in the story?

    Tite Kubo: I don’t really plan on it, but when I get bored drawing battle scenes, then I throw in a joke or two to make it more fun for me.

    Q: How do you draw your action scenes? Do you have models?

    Tite Kubo: Nobody poses for me — I just have rock music going in my head and just imagine the action scenes. I pause the action and rotate the characters and find the best angle, and then I draw it.

    Q: What part of the creative process do you enjoy most?

    Tite Kubo: When I think about the story, if it’s something I’ve wanted to draw for a long time, it’s fun.

    I usually have this rundown of scenes I want to draw in my head. My job is to try to make it interesting. When it comes to drawing a scene I really want to do it’s fun. When I draw the connecting scenes, I try to make it lively. And when it comes to inking, I really enjoy doing that work too.

    Q: You’re already up to 33 volumes of Bleach — how much longer do you think this story will go?

    Tite Kubo: I can’t really say how long this story will be by the time it ends, but I have a few more stories that I want to tell, so this series will go on for a while. (laughs)


    Q: Let’s talk a bit about your encounters with your fans this weekend. Are there any memorable experiences, or anything that stands out in your mind as your favorite memory so far?

    Tite Kubo: One of my favorite experiences so far was seeing the artwork from the winners of the fan art contest. The color illustration (by Christy Lijewski) was especially impressive. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet the artists, but it was really great to see their work.

    Q: So as you can see, there are a lot of American fans who love manga and who would love to be a professional manga artist like you are. Do you have any advice or secrets to your success that you could share with them?

    Tite Kubo: Just believe in your talent. Maybe others will tell you otherwise — but just believe in it. It’s very important for readers to enjoy what you create, so you must do something that you find enjoyable too. Otherwise, it’s dishonest to charge people for something that you don’t enjoy.

    Q: Do you have any message that you’d like to pass on to your fans who weren’t able to meet you here today?

    Tite Kubo: I really get it now that American fans are really enthusiastic (about my work). I would love to come back to America again to meet more of my fans and maybe see them where they live next time.

  108. I remember that second interview.

    Just google “Tite Kubo interview” and its the 1st result.

    Easy to find ^.^

  109. So if you go here

    you can see a fan art of Ichigo in a 2nd hollow form. just what if he goes into a 2nd form just like Ulquiorra. But hopefully he is dead? for you people that want him dead…jerks lol but! anyways! maybe his inner hollow is taking him for a ride because the little spin off series with the princess ichigo was protecting the dude with the black sword that killed shinigamis powers (yeah youll know what i mean if you watch it) the inner hollow was being called basically a pussy… maybe hes pissed now ichigos losing and is going to give him more and more power! but seriously check that fan art out i want him to turn to that its so awesome!

  110. I’ve just started watching Bleach Manga and is currently on my way around the Bounto saga. Though I might say this anime or manga has so much similarities with Yu Yu Hakusho (Ghost Fighter), ain’t it?

  111. great website, i really like it and will visit again.

  112. Gonna throw this one out there see what people think. Ulquiorra said Ichigo has limitations as a human and that he’s not completely hollowfied. Ichigo was only able to sustain his hollow form indefinitely after Ulquiorra put his hand thru ichigo’s chest (and left a hole) and Oriheme healed him. Now that Ulquiorra just put another hole in ichigo’s chest if Oriheme heals him again will he become even more like a hollow and develop a second release for his hollow form (something closer to the form he fought Zangetsu in)?

    I see Ulquiorra making Oriheme heal Ichigo because Ulquiorra seems so troubled by the fact that he can’t force Ichigo to give up. Since Ulquiorra’s thing seems to be despair he won’t be satisfied with simply killing Ichigo until he breaks his spirit and forces him into that despair. Ulquiorra seems to hate Human’s for having a soul so it stands to reason that killing Ichigo’s soul is more important to him than killing Ichigo’s body.

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