Naruto Shippuden 99: Tobi’s saucy balls, Sanbi’s rolling eye, Guren’s crack up

Tobi and Deidara finally make an appearance and stop to enjoy some saucy balls (dango, get your mind out of the gutter!).  Guren contains the Three Tails; Naruto gets the stink eye; the girls (Sakura, Hinata and Sai) rescue Kakashi and crew; Yuukimaru makes his choice.

This is Mollie (Ibiki Teishi) with your fresh anime review.  Finally, we get somewhere in the filler, which makes me think the battle in Konoha is about to wrap up in the manga.  My guess is, a savvy marketer would put the anime back onto the manga plot about the time the fu with Peins and Naruubi wind down.  That could be in a couple more weeks or twelve…we’ll see how long it plays out, huh?

Damn it!  Guren just missed.  Try again!  Give it another go!

Damn it! Guren just missed. Try again! Give it another go!


No Sai on Guren action this week, but I keep hoping for more.  I get excited every time I see it in the opening.  I think it might be the purty colors.

Lot of vids to show this week, because the second half of this episode was non-stop fu…there was fog fu and frog fu, tsunami fu and crackling shard fu, interdimensional fu and…Deidara ‘splosion fu where he sent Tobi flying like Team Rocket.  (Seriously?  Yes…seriously.)

Tobi’s voice actor was exactly as expected and complete awesomeness.  This little nothing scene where he and Deidara stop for dango played well.  It’s funny for people who have no idea who Tobi is about to be, funny but sinister to those of us in the know.  At any rate, before we get to the fu, here’s Tobi pulling aside his mask (kinda) to eat some dango.

Next we see Naruto sent to spy on the lake on his own.  He’s most likely to survive on his own despite the huge chakra badness coming from there–fan service.  I like Naruto and all, but gag me.  Kakashi’s gush over him was a bit much.  Kakashi, Kiba, Shino and Tenzou (Yamato) stay to ambush Team Guren.  Naruto jumps a little too far into the lake and has to call for help.

In too far?  That's what SHE said...

In too deep? Wellllll now, Swims with Toads, is that a fact?


Now the fu…hold on to your hats, this is a lot of vid coverage.  I don’t like to post this much as a rule, but we’ve been waiting for this action since this arc began (way back on December 18th).  So here it goes.

Kabuto’s pills call Sanbi (yes, we knew that from last time), and here’s what he has to say on arrival.

RAAAAWWWWWWWRRRRRR!  Man, can you imagine the breath that thing must have living down at the bottom of the lake, er, abyss?  er, another dimension?  Yep, yep.  Apparently it came from another dimension.

Meanwhile, Kakashi and the others are being ambushed by the rest of Team Guren.  The girls come to their rescue, and thanks to the byakugan, Sai and Sakura kick a little Team Guren tail.  mmmm…..tasty grrrl fu.

Sai and Sakura wonder twin powers, activate!  Form of a blazing white midriff...shape of a board in black gloves...GRRRRL Power.  Dudes.  I can make those jokes.  You can't.  So shut it now.

Sai and Sakura wonder twin powers, activate! Form of a blazing white midriff...shape of a board in black gloves...GRRRRL Power. (Dudes. I can make those jokes. If you have a penis, you can't. So shut it now.)

I kid, but that was actually pretty good to see.  I’ve noticed that the anime seems to have a larger female fanbase, so the anime does a little better job at pumping up the female characters.  (Yes, yes, I do know Sai is technically a guy.)

Back on the lake Guren manages to seal up the rampaging Sanbi, and finally we see more grit from the kunoichi part of this world.  The fu and action is pure awesomeness, so I leave you to it.

Sanbi is contained; the lake goes quiet.  Naruto’s toad arrives and just about the time they realize that the crystal turtle pendant is actually a Bijuu…Sanbi’s eye rolls.  Naruto gets the hairy eyeball, like the stare down you get from a yappy chihuahua’s behind.  Whups…recognition busts the crystal house and things get snappy (YAY!) once again.  This is a long clip, but I wanted to show you Yuukimaru’s growth; he makes a conscious choice here to control Sanbi at the end.

Meanwhile, Team Kakashi, having fought off Team Guren is just reminding everyone that Hinata’s byakugan can see in the fog when the stuff starts to clear.  TSUNAMI!!  Sanbi’s little tempter tantrum is bearing down on them in a wall of rage.  Run, Kakashi, run!!!!!!  But I guess we’ll have to tune in next week to find out what they did.

Fog make way for the water...Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!  Run, Scoob!

Fog make way for the water...Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! Run, Scoob!

Yuukimaru is an odd duck.  His jutsu seems to be linked to an ambient fog that appears when he is afraid.  Or perhaps when he’s calling Sanbi.  He also seems able to shift very rapidly through space.  He’s appeared twice to Naruto all of a sudden.  Both times he left evidence behind that proved he was physically there, and wasn’t just some odd apparition.

So I’m still not convinced Sanbi isn’t actually in him and popping out when called. I’m also not convinced that they aren’t separate entities.  Confused yet?  I am.  And this last scene I have for you just made it worse.  I had to play it back, because I thought I’d missed something.  Then…WTF?  Yes, here is how this episode actually ends.  You figure it out.

Then…the fact that Sanbi was this big ol’ super turtle reminded me of some really awful, AWFUL Japanese monster movies.  You’ve heard of Godzilla, right?  Hmm.  Well there is a giant turtle rip off called Gamera, who loves children and saves them from the evil polluting war-mongering adult douchebags.  Before there was manga…there was Gamera.  Here is the 1969 classic Gamera theme song.  Enjoy… (really, don’t skip this one, you’ll pee your pants…)


~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on March 5, 2009.

40 Responses to “Naruto Shippuden 99: Tobi’s saucy balls, Sanbi’s rolling eye, Guren’s crack up”

  1. Duuuude, I LOVE Tobi’s voice actor. He’s done a ton of work in my favorite animes, like Initial D and The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. *Heart!*

  2. @PSI: You forgot something.

  3. Oh, and, by the by, I’m very scared of that Gamera guy. *eek*

  4. I did?

  5. this isn’t the first time we hear tobi’s voice in the anime. he was in an episode where sakura beat sasori and he and some other guy where looking for his ring.

  6. meant to say after sakura beat sasori. epi 32

  7. Did I say that it was Tobi’s first anime appearance? I’m well aware of that. But I do so appreciate your support.

  8. I’m still trying to figure out what I forgot. I hope no one thinks it’s Bleach, because I specifically only mentioned animes I like, not ones that make me fall asleep in self-defense so I don’t stab my eyeballs out with a spork.

  9. @PSI: Hah! I said that because this is one of the rare times when someone didn’t say…


  10. ibiki teishi: damn dude, chill out

  11. gamerahaha just made a big mistake……….

  12. Hopefully this filler is almost done. What up with Naruto fighting Oro in the preview for next week? 0.0

  13. @of815: Oh, I’m too new to this site to remember how important first is. I’ll try harder next time. 😀

    But it’s hard to pass up an opportunity to rag on Bleach.

  14. lol the tobi video was the best for sure… its gonna suck when tobi get all serious madara on us later on -_-

  15. what is the point of fillers?? besides the obvious word filler – what are they trying to fill?!?! the anime is already 100-something chapters behind the manga, so whats the point of these damn fillers!!!

  16. Ok, this episode was good. It was more action packed and not a snooze fest…..

    and Ibiki, are you not doing the review for the other site now? Did I miss the memo?

  17. Reflex – The episodes expand the story that isn’t touched in the manga. Kishimoto creates them as ways of explaining things in more detail, it serves multiple purposes.

  18. TEAM Rocket is blasting off again….@1:45 ahahah

  19. Tobi appeared in the anime in the past…end of rescue Garra arc….

    And Sai’s a guy… 😮 🙂
    Look at physic information, look at sex… 😛

  20. Sai is a girly boy….so therefore we call him a girl….kinda like calling a drag queen a girl….

  21. Alright, Guren is now officially in my book a BAMF! No, she’s a SAMF too! She’s hot as hell and she can kick some ass to boot! Tch, too bad she’s gonna eventually die. 😦

    In honor of her filler days I’ll leave this innuendo in her future memory.

    Guren as long as you live I’ll show you something else that won’t wither. 😉

    Oh yeah, and look Guren used all of her chakra and *GASP* she lived! So, what have we learned here folks? Kakashi is still alive that’s what! Great post Ibiki! @_@

  22. At first Guren at the promotion looked totally G@y i mean Crystal Style? c’mon!!!!
    but the latest anime really made it cool, awesome.
    love it.

  23. @ kyouto – i though kishi had nothing to do with the anime fillers… sure i see references to the manga, but if kishi really is behind the fillers, then how come most of them suck so bad!!!!

    note – i said MOST suck so dont get all worked up people

  24. So how do you guys like the subs from TAKA Fansubs?

  25. TAKA? 😦

    Are they the…..
    sub shippuden now?

  26. yeah since dattebayo dropped it, other people like TAKA had to take it up

  27. I thought that was funinmation… 😦 …

    Oh well, stuid rights to own Naruto -_- <__>

    I own the rights to….

    Take that Funni …

  28. If I tell you where these subs come from, are you going to listen? I wonder if I should bother.

    These subs are actually done by TV Tokyo and are broadcast as soft subs to various pay-to-stream internet outlets. The fans at Horrible Subs then lift the subs from the TV Tokyo release, marry it to a raw and then repost it–thereby working around some file restriction problems. They call themselves Horrible Subs as a comment on the TV Tokyo translations.

    There are other groups out there. According to JDB one was using Scooby Doo lingo (Guren said “Zoinks” several times in a recent ep when she said “Cripes” in the TV Tokyo/HSubs version).

  29. thats interesting – i love the name Horrible Subs… classic!!! and the scooby doo lingo?? WTF!!!
    i miss dattebayo though – i loved the dattebayo that was written on every opening for the song

  30. lol…i love scubby-talk…but the quality of TAKA’s vidoe’s, aside from the subs, actually surpassed those of dattebayo, i was a little surprized by that…

  31. sweet!

  32. @Reflex – The animation studio produces it however Kishimoto writes the concept. The opposite occurs when the studio comes to Kishimoto for their idea. In some cases however Kishimoto requests time for the manga to get ahead and allows the studio to do as they want.

    About Horrible Subs in short they don’t create their own subs and use something done by others.

  33. i love how kabuto tells everyone what to do then just leaves. asshole.

  34. Yeah, really, what a little coward.

  35. I just found out that they are going to air a new FMA anime on April 5th ^_^.

  36. @ibiki: Great job, as always. This one was pure awesomeness.

    The kids (ok, teenagers, mind you) LOVED Tobi – especially the pun with his name. They also loved Deidara but this pairing, ah, yes, reminds you of an anime straight/funny man comedic routine.

    Contrary to your opinion, I don’t think that Kakashi’s “gushing” over Naruto is a bit much. In fact, it is significant. If you consider what has happened up to that point – notably when Kiba was giving him a hard time for merely being a Genin – I am sure Kakashi made note of it. In addition, this is a man who saw Naruto surpass both him and the Yondaime in one technique. Kakashi is one of the few that do not underestimate him. In my estimation, he is treating him like the remainder of the bunch – a chuunin. I think it was to send a statement to the others as well.

    Godzilla/Gamera: OMFG! That was even before Kishi was born!!!! Don’t tell me that Kishi actually watched this junk?!?

    Now you (and that Gamera clip) have ME wondering, though I think I have a clue; Yuukimaru came from that dimension with Sanbi. His frequent headaches and fevers are from the lack of the water he is used to (shown as the fog). His “on land” mother abandoned him (say “Kekki Genkai”) and he’s been wandering around ever since looking for “someplace to go home to.” Hmmmm…I sense a sad ending is coming. Keep the kleenex handy…

    Awesome job as always 😀

  37. @Penny: Gamera is almost as much a part of Japanese culture as Godzilla. Everyone knows who he is. 🙂

  38. Gamera vid is creepy *shutters*
    After watching tobi for first time on anime its hard to believe he is Madara..btw tobi= funny

  39. Tobi is cool, and right captnmexico… hard too imagine.. 😛

  40. Hey shouldn’t their be somebody posting pages about a Bleach episode summary to?

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