Naruto Shippuden 98: Kabuto pulls a Jacko, Naruto’s frog eats Hinata’s crystal

Can somebody say 'armless'?  Look, it's Hinata and the Seven Dwarfs!

Look, it's Hinata and the Seven Dwarfs!

Hinata’s caught in crystal; Naruto works his toad. Yuukimaru puts on Kabuto’s funny hat, swallows a handful of pills and, as Kabuto puts it, starts to have some fun. Sanbi no Isonade starts to take form at last.

This is Mollie (Ibiki Teishi) with a breakdown of Shippuden episode 98.  Those of you who have been to my fanfic site, you’ve probably seen most of this, it was written last Thursday when everyone was certain Hinata was dead.  From here out, on orders from ma pimp, I’ll be posting these regularly to iareawesomeness.  If you want to see the rundown for older episodes, feel free to visit my fanfic blog (reviews go back to Episode 82).

Camelia Waves as Sanbi is Called

Camelia Waves as Sanbi is Called

Yuukimaru’s camelia imagery continues, I loved this pic and kept wanting to catch this half sec of vid because the camelia only forms for a second and drifts away.  Japaneses art, fer sure, dude…appreciate it.  The frames before telegraph it’s arrival though; it appears for a sec, and then it is gone. It was groovy, and I couldn’t let it pass by without capturing it for you.  For those of you not currently watching the anime, Yuukimaru is the presumed host of the three tails.  He’s a messed up kid with a unisex name like Robin or Pat or…Sam.  He sure does have a think for camelias tho.

This was a much improve episode. Good amounts of jutsu, suspense and finally a show down between Team Guren and Team Konoha. There was fu, but no injury, a standoff and hostage situation, a rescue, a mistake that worked out and a Guren Yuukimaru reunion. Kabuto comes along looking like a…I don’t want to say it…he honestly looks like a villain reject from an old Scooby Doo episode. He comes in wearing a baggy cloak with a hood that drags the ground and sleeves that hang past his hands. This ep starts where the last one ended, Naruto bringing down the crystal jutsu house with toad spit! We see some great teamwork by Tenzou (Yamato) moving Sai into action as Naruto takes a typical “Naruto style” lead and fires off his jutsu even as Kakashi tries to stop him. Guren counters, turns the spit to a big pink crystal dragon and shatters Sai’s big ink bird. Priceless! But instead of just blabbing about it, let me show you.

The justu, the action…the…GULP! Did you catch that? Naruto’s frog tongue just ate Hinata, and…that’s all I have to say about that. Then the frog had to get her back up, so there was a little crystal barf. Gamatatsu…I have to say he’s kind of growing on me. Water pistol, toad gullet. And with the manga in it’s current state, I’m wondering if Gamabunta survived or if Gamatatsu is destined to be his successor?

I know, I more puke or snot joke and you'll slap me...but this is funny!

I know, I more puke or snot joke and you'll slap me...but this is funny!

Now, thanks to last week’s special guest appearance by insert unnecessary filler character here, oops, I meant Tsunade…we learned that getting turned into jewelry was actually not a pretty thing. Oh! Look, a byakugan sun catcher! No, not nice at all. Apparently the jutsu crystalizes everything in its path. Everything. That includes spit, snot, flegm, bile and blood. Oof. That means Hinata is one big Folger’s flavor crystal and we’ve secretly replaced her regular blood with rich, delicious Guren crystals.

But then! A miracle! And you all reading the manga should sit up and pay attention.

This is the second time the anime and the manga have converged conveniently at the time of serious character threat. The first time was with Kakashi. The day he went down in the rubble, he was saying “I will survive” in that day’s anime episode. Fan service? Creepy timing? Coincidence? Could be.

Then today. Hinata faces down Pain and it looks bad…THIS is what they give us on Hinata. Twice now. And the anime has been moving backward, marching in place until this very day. This is intentional. Take a look at the clip and let me know what you think…

Hmmm…unusual don’t you think?

Provides a way that Hinata could have rescued herself. Provides a little foreshadowing to her future confession to Naruto. Was it fan service and marketing? Or does it add to the story? Is it a hint? I think we’ve got hints and foreshadowing here and I’m reasonably sure this was planned timing.

But meaning? or marketing?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Team Leaf split up to go after Guren’s squad. Finally the bats are used to lure the enemy out of hiding, but not before a well placed fart joke. What did I say up there? That you probably had had enough of my snot and puke shots…so, here’s something a bit different. Pootin’…and I don’t mean that guy from Russia.

Kiba talks trash and gets his nose bent out of shape.

Kiba talks trash and gets his nose bent out of shape.

Ah, there is nothing like the breath of fresh air from a well-placed fart joke. It’s da bomb! Light a match, er, don’t light a match. Let’s crack a window instead. (Now, young ‘uns…the art to the fart is to use the element of surprise…spring up on someone unexpectedly, but then…disappear just as suddenly. Don’t. Dwell. You could have a real problem on your…uh…in your…)  MOVIN’ ON.

Sanbi's host from Manga 320 Poster; Yuukimaru and his violet eyes from Ep #98

Sanbi's host from Manga 320 Poster; Yuukimaru and his violet eyes from Ep #98

A lot of people have asked how I know Yuukimaru is the destined host to the three tails.  Well, the name of the arc references the three tails, Kabuto’s been doing weird experiments on her, uh, him, uh the kid.  Then we also have the poster of the beast hosts (manga #320).  I think the important thing to remember is the color of the eyes here; my pic reproduced like crap, but in the live anime the color is very obvious and unusual.

I’m looking forward to how he gets the massive scar, but other than that, sure seems to me that Yuukimaru is the Three Tails host from the manga. I wonder if Akatsuki is about to show up to claim their demon? Looks like somewhere along the line he also gets a hair cut.  But it is filler and therefore we must continue to wait and see…wait and see…zzzzzz….wake me when somehting happens, huh?

Kabuto comes in and scolds Guren for leaving Yuukimaru and in general acts like Big Man in the Clubhouse. It really doesn’t help that he…looks like a bad imprsonation of a crappy Scooby Doo villain reject. All he needs is a teal colored mask with goofy glowing eyes. His sleeves and hem are both too long and…he just looks dumb, ok?

And I plan to get away with it, too...

And I plan to get away with it, too...

Anyway, Kabuto takes Guren and Yuukimaru for a ride in a boat. Suits the kid up in that funny hat of mystical drug experimentation and barks at Guren, reminding her that THIS mission might put her back in the running to be Oro’s next…erm…batting glove (well, you come up with a euphemism for his reincarnation jutsu. ish.) Kabuto offers the kid a fistful of pills and…well I’ll let you see…

Now, I ask you, do you think Michael Jackson has anything on Kabuto in this scene? Chilling. Blech. Guren almost stands up to him, but in the end thinks better of protesting and encourages the kid to play along with Kabuto. Sanbi starts to appear.  See you in the comment threads.


-Ibiki Teishi


~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on March 4, 2009.

21 Responses to “Naruto Shippuden 98: Kabuto pulls a Jacko, Naruto’s frog eats Hinata’s crystal”

  1. Fiiiiiiiiiirst!!!

    Bono sucks balls…

  2. *faints* You do realize the world is gonna end now, don’t you Jeremiah? You just got first on you OWN blog…

  3. fuck i haven’t been first in forever…

    lol, but it’s only like the third time you’ve bee n first…

  4. I don’t think he’s ever been first. We should throw him a party.

  5. yeah he’s been first for a third time… trust me i counted like a month ago

  6. My brain just broke for a sec.

  7. or do you wanna go? we’ll do this right here and now… *rolls up sleeves and starts jabbing the air*

  8. @ PSI – is ur icon a female Shikamaru?!?! How bizarre…

  9. 0_0

    Are you kidding?

  10. I only ask because I have to. I’m incredibly gullible.

  11. ha! jeremiah got first for once!!

  12. @ PSI – ^_^ yeah I was…

  13. Whew. I seriously had this whole long post where I wigged out a little, before realizing your post may have been tongue-in-cheek. I’m getting better; a few years ago I would posted it without a second thought.

  14. Wonder if Ibi told Jeremiah in advance about this thread, like she said a while back, so he gets 1st 😛 Well who cares Jeremiah’s 1st 😀

    When i saw that filler episode and Sanbi…i thought of that myself to…
    What if Yuukimaru is the Jinch? (filler version)
    He looks a lot like it. And i suspect it even more so since Ibi commented on there common eye colour.

    BTW what’s your eye colour people? ^.^ Mine is a deep Blue 🙂

  15. Hmm…when did this post become part of iareawesomeness? Good job, to whoever did it these episode breakdowns deserve to be put in the limelight too! I wonder how many people actually watch the fillers though..or even the anime. I DO beacuse I have lots of time on my hand!!! 🙂

  16. Hey about Yuukimaru being the 3-tails host. I was wondering the same thing a few weeks ago so i looked it up on naruto wikia.


    if you read the Yukimaru page it states more similarities like the flower type weapon the 3 tails host has. But they seem to think Yukimaru is at most just a relative and I have to agree. The 3 tails host looks like a powerful ninja, while Yukimaru is just a helpless young boy/girl. Also the 3-tails is lose right (but half retarded) so I really doubt Yuki is the host.

    I still want to see why he has a connection to the 3-tails.

  17. I have a think for Hinata.

  18. I bet you think about Hinata….in bed….:D [) D

    Or maybe you mean “I have a thin*g* for Hinata”?

  19. It’s the new way of saying i’m thinking about something or someone.

    I have a think for Hinata. I think she should live!

  20. I have a “think” for Hinata for other reasons. *_*

  21. In regards to this Series: It is the best Naruto SERIES I’VE SEEN. i have to admit,when I looked at the product page I was Initially turned off by the fact of an all japanese language track.However,through some helpful research I found out that this set does have english dialogue on it.As it is Naruto Shippuden is a personal favorite anime’ in my house and is shown currently on disney xd every day with new episodes on wednesdays. I Plan to buy two copies of this set one for me and another for my friend on his birthday.It’s an AWESOME series. I’m glad i was wrong about it,A first time for everything.

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