How I watch anime/video games…

Hey everyone,

After the positive email response from some of you guys on the Matsuri post I decided to throw up one more quick time killer post to read if ur bored… well… not much reading actually.  I filmed a couple video’s tonight and I’m posting them below.  One is just a quick view of Kingbernardino’s video game setup in his bedroom where I play the majority of my video games.

This next video I talk over while showing how I watch anime… and then I take a walk to Aaron’s house to play some more video games and attempt to rape his GF Zhen but she’s not havin it. LOLZ

The girl on the love sac with the disproportionately sized rack is Leia, who I’ve talked about before… she gets embarrased easily on camera so I didn’t draw attention to her but she is the only female I’ve ever met to beat both Gears of War 1 and 2.

Hope you enjoyed the videos…



P.S. How do you watch your anime? If any of you have videos of ur setups let me know 🙂

***I had a poll on this thread but this post got linked by a rape web site because of language used in the post.  Freaking annoying! Any way, the people coming to see a rape video were really dissapointed and voted accordingly… grrrrr… lesson learned…***


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on March 1, 2009.

78 Responses to “How I watch anime/video games…”


  2. Oh, like I had a choice in voting. I’m like the only guy here right now and I think you’d know if I was the one that voted “Annoying, please stop!” LOL. Seriously though, cool videos I just came from playing Rockband on a 72 inch flat screen tv two nights ago. I saw those drums off in the corner there Jeremiah you need to hook that s**t back up and rock out with your cock out…unless you’re at a birthday party like I was. 0_0 Overall, awesome house, awesome anime, awesome games, and…If you’re throwing an awesome party over at your house anytime soon don’t forget to invite supertrek! 😉

  3. Awesome(ness).

  4. What type of cords did you used to hook the computer & with the tv screen. I’ve never tried it.

  5. ????
    Kyouto…you’ve heard of hdmi for sure….

  6. @Kyouto: The Mac mini has DVI out so you need DVI to HDMI adapter or DVI input on the TV. I believe DVI handles better resolutions than HDMI. HDMI carries audio and video. DVI is only video, you need a separate audio cable.

  7. Afraid not, there are numerous things I haven’t heard of, I watch videos from an old laptop.

  8. プロテガニセト…Hiro Protagonist – Thank You

  9. first of all…we’ll need to know if he even has a DVi/HDMI port on his PC, or he’ll be using Onboard Graphics(looks sadly at his own excuse for a PC…)

  10. btw…how do you know he’s got a mac hiro?

  11. Do either of you have any pictures?

  12. Since i cant vote on polls im gunna type now: Cool video. 😉

    I use my PS3 for internet, gaming and anime…i watch, browse and play my 15 or so PS3 games on my 22 inch LCD TV (that TV’s basicly my computer to) and my PS3 displays picture in 1080p.

    I didn’t choose or have to pay for my TV, (lucky me) and it really is lucky, because if i got anything around 30 inch+ i would be blind (not literally) but i sit on my bed about 1 meter away from my TV, computer, PS3-whatever you want to call it.

    My 60GB hard drive is almost out of space though (mainly thanks to utilities and downloaded anime-and the 800 or so pics i have) But i dont really need about 20GB’s of that so i can delete that whenever.

    And currently i have my PS3, PS2, Video player and Gamecube connected to my TV right now…i didnt see any need to get a Wii or X360, although if i wanted for some reason, i could get them today with the 1500 or so $ i have.

  13. Alright, I looked it up my laptop has an HDMI port to attach screens, however none of the (working) TV’s here have a port to match. *looks at plasma, that thing never turns on right*

  14. Hiro Protagonist FTW! My mac mini only has a DVI output and I connected it directly to the back of my TV. The sound doesn’t come directly from the TV instead I just hooked up decent computer speakers and a Sub Woofer to my Mac witch puts out a good sound. The ceiling is prewired for 4 ceiling surround speakers + 1 center and a SubWoofer but I havn’t had the extra cash to get the speakers I want which cost on average $200 each. Once that goes in the sound will be drastically up graded.

    The TV has 2 HDMI ports and one is being used by the PS3, my 360 and Wii are unfortunately component cabled.

    @ Harshy – I actually say in the video “This is my Mac Mini that I run everything threw.

    @ Kyoto – pictures of us or are you talking to Harshy and Hiro?

    @ Lanif/º – Stop changing ur name, especially to something like that. Please email me so that I can fix ur account for you, its bugging the shit out of me.

    Do you want me to give you reason’s to buy the other systems…

    Xbox 360 – Gears of War 1 and 2 hands down are the funnest games I’ve played on the next gen systems. Also Left 4 Dead is amazingly fun.

    Wii – Mario Galaxy is something every gamer should experience plus Zelda is awesome and Mario Kart Wii is addictive.

    Both are also much cheaper than the PS3 so u could score both for reletively cheap and find the above mentioned games used by now for really cheap.

  15. @ Kyoto – I’ve never seen a plasma without an HDMI port… is it really old or sumthin?

  16. Hmmm thanks maybe i’ll get ’em sometime…
    If its true that the game Dragonball online or whatever its called, is for X360 i will get one just for that (even though getting a console for 1 game confuses me lol) But Gears O W and Gears O W 2 i admit it looks pretty good… (and i always thought it was a 1st person game or over shoulder game (which i dont like) But i actually liked the camera in the games…And then theres Naruto ROAN and BB…
    Darn im stuck. Should i get it sometime or not >__<

    Oh yeah i think my names pretty cool? But i changed it because i was wondering if people would call me SCHY or lanif1. And i called myself something people couldn’t understand, so they couldn’t call me that and was forced to choose lanif1 or SCHY. But i didnt think of copy and paste 😦 Because PS3’s cant copy or paste. Oh well…
    Oh yeah i’ll mail ya buddy 🙂

  17. ha, you guys suck. coolbeans system= concrete walls and floors. an apple-mac2 with black and green screen (makes it hard to read the manga) and ive got that linked with my brand new attari and im saving up to buy that hot new thing i think they call pong!!!!

    lol seriously its not much better than that. so i would like to officially say to all of you 117 inch plasma high def blue ray 7.9 dolby suround sound movie chair blast your brain with lazers shooting everywhere, YOU SUCK!!!! lol jk im just jealous

  18. my sound system is a hot new a-track with genuine mono sound, HELLZZ YAA!!!

  19. @ everyone: wow I am broke as a joke and my 360 recently got the red ring of death.

    The only reason I am online right now is because I am using my bro’s laptop.

    Thanks for making me jealous *pouts and slams the door*

    (P.S. to Jeremiah: Dude invite me for Rock Band sometime, Welcome Home FTW!)

  20. @Jeremiah I was looking for images of the port. I found the information later. However if you guys want to post pictures of yourselves go for it. Though that is your bet.

    About the plasma it does have an HDMI, however its still old and the fuse to the screen blew out. It no longer turns on correctly.

  21. Dueling big screens? Wow…you guys are gonna grow plugs outcho butts. ^.^ Although…I do have you beat on my THX decoding, 7.1 surround receiver (and speakers) with ports for all that gear. To me, the sound is almost more important than the visual.

  22. @ Ibi – I’m sure the THX sound goes great with ur turn dial 1992 tv set. Sound over picture?! Ha! I’d rather play GOW on a 73″ HD with no sound than a tube tv with THX… That’s what ipods are for. ^_^

  23. @ burning ace – red ring of death factory warranty was extended big time if it has 3 red lights. Email me if that’s the problem and I’ll get you a link. My friends just went red ring 3 light and was just going to throw it away even after I told him that because he just went out and bought an elite instead. He gave me the bricked one and I submitted the form online and it’s being fixed now. Free 360 whoot! Anyway, u should get it fixed!

  24. ok i dubbed the naruto shippuden 2 game off the internet, so i’m not very sure if there’s any later than that. I’ve got a playstation 2 and an x-box 360, but not a lot of time in me hands. Played the naruto game,however, and it’s a classic. Got the bleach one as well. Apologies, seems i’m striving so hard to stay on topic.

  25. oh ok i connect me laptop to me plasma screen for the anime sometimes, but for the games all the time. Sometimes it’s easier watching it straight off the computer though.

  26. and yeah, my plasma’s a 54 inch LCD, so the gameplay’s pretty excessive, and the sound systems even make some game scenes frightening. well depends on the games in question.

  27. @Jeremiah: is that an OLD joke? Turn dial, pssht. My plasma just isn’t as big, but then…my guy probably isn’t overcompensating by buying stuff that’s TOO BIG. (of course that’s in the living room…don’t even get me started on the whole headers, ceramic coat vs. not, resonator vs. no resonator, dual pipes or one BIG one, that I know entirely too much about right now…)

  28. bigger=better 😉

    I actually disagree with that statement though…
    😦 ?

  29. My home system is not so hot, 720P HD 35″ (Like the others in Ibiki’s life I like classic bikes: 60’s Vespas, Tritons etc.. I’m working on a ’54 Moto Guzzi Zigolo right now) But, my new travel system is 2.66G on 1GHz FSB w/6mb L2 cache (T9550) 4G ram (it will run 8G, but I would have to run 64bit vista, I don’t think Ubuntu will work at that level) and Duel 320G HD, 516M allocated video w/ 256M shared on a 17″ 720P screen (I still like half life), My HDMI port puts Naruto on the 35″

  30. Wow, do you guys live in some sort of sci-fi future that I don’t know of?

    Fingerprint sensors for locking/unlocking doors! >_<

    Anyone here with a PS3 gotten Killzone 2 yet?

    You’ll be kind of frustrated with the aiming for the first hour or so online, but once you get used to it you won’t even notice it. And every kill you get after that will make you feel like God. ^_^

  31. @EroSennin…omg…you have an old VESPA? (a REAL one, not made outta plastic?) Back when we were desperately, desperately poor (knock wood), the hot pink vespa had to go so we could eat…insanely jealous…we still miss her terribly.

  32. Here’s a link to some video footage from our last Game-a-Thon, a 24-hour gaming “event”, attended by the same ten or so geeks every year. It’s a music video that my husband made, and it’s freaking awesome considering the crappy video quality/limited footage he had to work with. (The whole thing was filmed on an old digital camera.) There’s a rather long introduction; go ahead and skip to about 2:40 for the music video if you want.

  33. …ummm yeah, I have a tv, a PS2, and an old laptop that won’t connect to my schools network, but it all works out in the end. 😉

  34. Damn, I wish had had that type of system… I have a 3 year old 28 inch 1080p in my room that I am playing star ocean on right now (people keep inviting me to street fighter >_<). There is 9 computers in the house the oldest one is like 6 years old (I keep them in good shape). I don’t have a car… I can’t keep up with the insurance and it is a pain in the ass to park around my place. I can barrow a car if needed but the truth is that you don’t need it where I am from, anything is a short walk from the house or five minutes on the subway.

  35. @ Rockleex – we’ve got that game. KZ2 is dope.
    @ PSI – I’m gonna check that bid out when I get home, sounds cool.
    @ Erosennin – the whole vespa thing officially makes u much cooler than me 🙂
    We are into beach cruisers, sadly no beach in AZ.
    @ Ibi – I can see ur boobs threw the top of ur shirt.
    @ Scorpion – I miss the Boston mass transit, nothing here but a light rail like San Fran has…

  36. @Jeremiah: That can’t be right; I know this one guy who has ocean front property in Arizona.

  37. @ PSI – u should buy it from him, I’m sure he’ll throw the Golden Gate in free.

  38. damn.. nice setup….can’t wait till mine is that good.
    i still got to run the wire through my wall to my tv (i gotta get my own place first -_-) but i got everything else besides the movie theatre chairs. i think ill pass on the finger scanner thing tough 😀

  39. heheh…all you guys showing of ur belongings…i’ll blow all yer minds away-
    this is what you’ll find in a normal Indian home, most probvably you’ll find less and sometimes you may find more-

    A 21 inch CRT TV…
    No Game consoles…if you don’t count those old 4-bit and 8-bit cartridge systems(dunno where my old one is, lol, i haven’t seen it since i was 10.

    Yup in our country, someone who has a PS@(forget a PS3) is considered privelidged

    Ah…and not to forget my supercharged Gaming rig-

    A “MASSIVE” 80 Gig HD
    A 17″ CRT Monitor
    A Sucky MSI mobo which can’t handle shit
    An even more sucky 3.06(OC’ed to 3.8) P4
    Absolutely “STUNNING” onboard graphics that cry while rendering 720p let alone 1080
    A Normal 2 speaker set with no sub-woofers/woofers.(JBL)

    see how technologically advanced everything i have is?
    Oh and i forgot to mention my Nokia 3500C, 1.5 Inches of PURE MADNESS!!!!

    So J-man, what were you sayin about free xbox 360’s,???
    And schy, now you can buy me one like you promised, YAY!

    (and did i forget to mention why i hate my country so much…)

  40. oh and yes…
    i hate apple fanboi’s
    but i make exceptions for everyone here since they’re so awesomeness

  41. finally a post i can put this on and not get moderated for!!!!
    if any of you awesomeness readers has xbox live, add me
    My Gamertag = xCAx IReFleX

  42. PSN ID = xI-ReFleX-Ix

  43. Reflex I thought you never had PSN…? 😦

    Well i dont have KZ2 (1st person game)

  44. @HarshyT: *High Five* I’m high fiving you right now because you’re as technologically underdeveloped as I am…perhaps you have more than I do even, lol. As for everyone else I hope you’ll choke on your gigabits and rams. 😉

  45. So when do i get the privilege to edit my posts?

  46. Man you gotta awesome settup. I do most of my watching off the computer I use for my image creation and such. Just a a 19 inch moniter.

    You guys live in a wonderland of glorious media.

  47. @ º – when did i ever say i never had psn??? and who r u??

    @ supertrek – HAHA YOUR POOR!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Reflex. Stand down and please do be walking away. I know supertrek will, because he’s too cool to be a comment thread tw…*sigh*…I’m gonna censor myself and say twit.

  49. done worry. i just got killzone 2 (WOOT!!!!!) so i wont be on this site for another 2-3 weeks.

    you won’t have to put up with my sh*t any more ibi.. happy?

  50. I have a 360, and a PC, thats really it cos all my other stuff gets passed on to my little brother and sister. But i have a decent Pc with a 30′ widescreen LCD monitor, so thats alright. but i really wish i had a setup like that one for my xbox, i mean, TWO huge screens! WTF!?

  51. aw, Reflex…then let me just say…

  52. lol so much for admins not hating me eh?

  53. thanks for everyone’s Goading supportive comments on my Sucky cool setup…

  54. ReFlex…I thought you were saying goodbye. WTF? I thought you were JOKING.

  55. hehe… using my own stuff against me.. very clever 😀

    oh n i am going to be playing killzone 2 alot… ill try to stay out of your hair though…….

  56. @coolbeans…at least you have the love for cheese…that’s what’s most important.

    does anybody still own/play a working nintendo?

  57. @harshytkage: You make the best of what you have. I have ‘two’ 17 inch CRT monitors hooked up to my computer that take up half my desk space. But… at least I have two monitors!

  58. @domo yes, yes i do

  59. i have an old gameboy lying around somewhere….you know the one which was monochrome and looked like shit…

  60. @ domosempai and coolbeans – I do too! ^_^ I’m a retro fanatic! Email me when u get the chance… I’ve got some cool stuff to show u…

  61. @ lanif – ur icon finally worked huh?

  62. @ Jeremiah~yep ^.^
    IIbi told me that the only thing that she needed to do was change the PG on the icon.

  63. Lol, look it’s “s**t on wings”! For real though my gravatar keeps changing from my original pic (Superman) to my new one (Superman vs. Goku = Awesomeness)! Is it because I use different computers in the 24 hour computer lab? Aren’t all there IP addresses the same? Sometimes my new pic shows up sometimes it’s the old one, anyway I could fix this?

  64. @ supertreck – only on ur screen.

  65. lol we would love to contact eachother through myspace or facebook BUT we don’t know each other’s myspace or facebook… see how that works out there??

    oh, and when did we post some one else’s personal info, cuz i never did anything like that.

    @ /_) I/ /_) – are you by any chance schy or no??

  66. @ Reflex~Ummm yes ‘_’
    My myspace or facebook accounts dont work for me properly…

  67. @ Reflex – ur personal Myspace is friended on the blogs Myspace like many other readers are so if Schy wants to get a hold of you he can friend you from there… except I don’t think he can use MySpace…

  68. so. did you add me yet schy (are you lanif1??)

    Also @ jeremiah. i was thinking he was schy so that why i said that… and if he wasnt i wanted to at least knoow his name cuz its kinda hard to find someone’s myspace if you don’t know who they are -_-

  69. Yeah im lanif. 😛

    Jeremiahs right, i cant use myspace…well actually i can, but my email (Reflex may or may not know it) It isnt compatible with Myspace (for some reason…) and myspace tells me its not a real email address o_O
    So for once its not my PS3’s fault.
    So since i have to make up an email address…i cant confirm it, basically meaning i cant comment.
    But that still means i have Myspace account its a total random name, i think it was called Bobby ffre or something?, i dont use it. But if you wanted to look…. 😦

    BTW I suppose i would be able to use Myspace if somebody makes me an account………

  70. @Lanif & Anyone Else: If you want to befriend me in Facebook just get it through Reflex’s MySpace account cause I don’t use that garbage! 😉 Oh yeah, don’t stalk me or anything and let me know who you are when you send me a frined request…it helps alot.

  71. lol i dont use myspace that much. i just use it for people who don’t have aim (looks at u super) OR facebook… i rest my case

  72. Cools vids dude. Just thinking about all that anime makes me wanna watch mine now.

  73. Im now saving for a mac mini!!! Sweet vid…Learned alot from the a guru of Two of my most fav things to do(games and anime)

  74. So Harshy, have you seen Slum Dog Millionaire yet? Or is it a “privilege” to see it from where you live? 😛

  75. Seriously, what do you do for a living to afford all of that stuff!

    I hook my HDTV up to my PC as a second monitor and that works in a similar way. I still need a seperate desk and small monitor for normal computer use. But when it comes to anime or films I walk across the room to my TV – much more comfortable.

    Still… how do you watch all that anime, play all those games and still earn enough to fund it all? I am genuinely baffled!

  76. I get $60 a week for going to school (even though my leaving year was 2008)

    And i dont spend that money, it sits in the building society accumulating. <_>
    £800 (about $1500)

    Thats where my money spawns from.

  77. @rocklee- lol…no it isn’t a privelidge…i mean we’re technologically backward here(in material only, i probably know more tech than all you put together….i know i sound like an arrogant bastard there(did someone mention pain?) but it’s TRUE!), but keep waiting, i’m going to make a parody video an jeremiahs vid and ask the mods to put it up(if they think it’s worthy that is(yeah right…like they can judge that(holy crap…this is the third bracket within a bracket(now i’m gettin lost(wowzer…i’ve lost count(i think i’ll stop now))))), i hope the brackets are right :p
    anyways, i’ll do the parody in a couplle of weeks and you can have all the fun you want!

  78. jealous =(

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