Bleach Manga 348 spoiler 100% True Confirmed! (Updated 3/4/09) discussion + Bleach 347 Breakdown and discussion

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Hey everyone,

It was all action and very little discussion once again in the new issue of Bleach but there were a few gems to discuss among the rocks so lets get into it.  Last issue Ichigo was about to catch the business end of Ulquiorra’s Black Cero and Ichigo was being engulfed.


Ichigo wasn’t able to defened against it enough to keep his hollow mask from shattering and was taken down a few notches by Ulquiorra who seems supremely confident, which I don’t blame him considering the form he takes later in the issue.  Ichigo is in real trouble and its not just of losing anymore, he’s going to die at this rate.


Orihime... sweet sweet Orihime... Give us a hug >_< Feels soooo good. ^_^

 So this is where it gets interesting.  Orihime asks Ishida to bring her up to the fight and Ishida agrees… She’s obviously going to get involved but how? Is she going to plea with Ulquiorra for Ichigo’s life?  She’s got some kind of a connection with him going on so who knows how he would react to this.  It would bail out the manga as far as figuring out a way for Ichigo to lose to someone who intends to kill him but still survive to fight another day…

Alot of people have compared this arc to the Rukia/Soul Society arc but I think this is where its going to differ in a major way… what do you think?

If this isn't symbolic... I don't know what is...

If this isn't symbolic... I don't know what is...

Ulquiorra has utterly dominated this fight with zero points going for Ichigo… If this were Mortal Kombat the “Finish Him” would have just boomed and if this were Street Fighter you would expect to hear “KO. Perfect”.  I said it last week that Ulquiorra was one of my favorite characters in the entire Bleach manga, not just Espada, how do you feel about him?

I don't know Ichigo, should you?

I don't know Ichigo, should you?

 He asks a legitimate question… I don’t think he will, Orihime will have to use her feminine wiles in order to save his ass at this point.  I have noticed that Ulquiorra keeps referring to the fact that a “human” could never achieve a respectable level of power comparable to his.  Is this foreshadowing Ichigo’s death and arrival as a real Shinigami/Hollow/Vaizard?

This lost keyboard player for Kiss has apparently arrived...

The lost keyboard player for Kiss has apparently arrived...

 Ulquiorra takes on his final form which appears to be a little batty at best.  He’s moved past Batman into 80’s glam rock territory and I don’t even know why?  He was destroying Ichigo and winning the fight hands down.   I guess he’s going for the shock and aw technique because it really wasn’t necassary.  Perhaps Orihime will see him in this form and get freaked out like Boo in Monsters Inc. ^_^ then Ulquiorra will feel bad and go home… Ha! I seriously doubt that but who knows… either way I think next issue will move the story along a little more than this one did so we at least have that to look forward to.  Let me know what you think in the comments section and we’ll discuss the spoiler as it’s release Tuesday/Wednesday.





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  1. The battle will either move the story along or it will switch back to the other fights. Besides does anyone really wanna see Ichigo get beat up for one more round. It’s hard watching it…

  2. annyone notice the naruto 438 and bleach 348 coincidence!

  3. @ Kyouto – Yeah, I agree… hard to watch. I’m like everyone else though, tired of the fights a bit. Hoping something character development wise happens soon with Orihime.

    @ harshy – Ha! I did notice that.

  4. I wanna see H ichigo.
    I have a feeling summut’ll happen…
    Oh wait of course summut HAS to happen 🙂
    But i think Ichi’ll have sum sorta power up

  5. I think Ichi’s hollow form is going to come out in the best way this time around maybe almost like a hollow armor (almost like an arrancar’s ressurecion) mixed with Bankai. Believe it or not it seems like it is the closest solution. Ichigo is one of the weakest characters, not because of his spiritual pressure or strength, it is because of his inexperience in the battlefield.

    He has won every fight either through luck or through just being really headstrong.

    I think he might get a hollow power since he is in Hueco Mundo and it is the home of the hollows

  6. I’m loving the idea of Ichigo’s death and resurrection into a true Shinigami/Hollow/Vaizard, a lot more than him pulling a full hollow transformation out of his ass. I just dont see him leaving this fight with his life even if Orihime does something.

  7. wow hard to say what can happen… i think if cant really die because his real body is still with urahara i think so if anything he just might return to it…idk something. If ichigo does die and become a full shimigami how much stronger will her get… theres too many unknowned knowns….if it sounds confusing its a boondocks refences…lol anyways i just realized that i like am obsesesed with the 4th captain unohana retsu….i really want to see her fight…

  8. The title of this chapter (“The Lust”) is the most intriguing part for me. I’ve had no trouble figuring out each of the ways the characters have been committing the 7 Deadly Sins, but with all the talk of Ichigo dying and his utter feebleness against Ulquiorra, I have to wonder if our favorite Espada is going to use Orihime’s “lust” for Ichigo as a way to turn her into a hollow or even another Espada. Ulquiorra keeps telling everyone that she’s already one of them because she wears their uniform, and Aizen has had him twisting her thoughts with some bizarre form of Stockholm syndrome for quite a while now. Orihime would do anything to save Ichigo and unless Ulquiorra really is being affected by her somehow, I don’t see one of them (Ichigo or Orihime) living very much longer. Between her brother and Ichigo, Orihime has enough regret to fall prey to her inner Hollow …

  9. yeah that does sound possible elfarren…orihime as a hollow would be very hard to picture tho…also her powers as aizen calls them are that that rival the power of god himself… so imagine that…also does any one here remember that hollow at the very beginning talking that told weaker hollows what to do and turned orihime’s brother into one? or was that the grandfisher hollow?

  10. @elfarren & shinobimadness – Your planning on giving Hollow abilities to the woman that can control time & turn her into an Espada. Are you crazy, MADNESS, MADNESS I SAY.

    @shinobimadness – You’re right it was Grand Fisher, apparently its not suggested in the Manga. (ttp://

  11. yeah, i’ve got this sneaky feeling hollow ichigo’s gonna show up, making ulquiorra go like “what is this bloke”? This battle’s far from over.

    Hey, what’s up with shinsui fighting the number 1 espada? could shinsui survive him? And is he the strongest captain in seireitei?

  12. I hope Orihime gets some kind of power up so she is at least on par with the others and doesnt have to be Ichigo’s cheerleader/babysitter anymore with her only involvement being a quick heal after fights. Although bringing Ichigo back to life after his first fight with Ulquiorra was a omg moment.
    I just hope it stays on this part of the story for a bit, all the other fights are boring me right now.

  13. @Ibiki: Even though you made me close my eyes I still HEARD what you said, lol! It can’t be true Hinata MUST live. 😦 These are my reasons.

    1. She serves more purpose than those other characters…Ino and Tenten.

    2. She has yet to prove herself to Naruto and I swear they’re gonna go on a date after this is over.


    3. She is pure awesomeness thus the entire manga wouldn’t be the same without our…my Hinata.

    I want to see if anybody can refute THESE claims! MUAHHAHAHAH!!!! @_@

  14. Oh my…wrong post sorry guys but I will come back to this later. 🙂

  15. I don’t think Ichigo’s going to die. When a shinigami (even a substitute shinigami) dies they go away forever. They don’t get to hit the reset button and go back to Seireitei. This is Ichigo’s soul that’s fighting.

    Remember when a human being physically dies their soul is released and a shinigami’s job is to go down to the real world and release (guide) that soul with their zanpaktou up to Seireitei. Once there in Seireitei (heaven or whatever) they live there for all eternity as souls until they die again and once they die again….well that’s it. The death of a soul is the final straw. In conclusion since this is Ichigo’s soul that’s fighting if it were to die then bye bye Ichigo.

    My prediction is that Inoue or Ishida are going to die because they’re there in their real bodies and thus can die and have their souls go to Seireitei afterwards. Plus, it would anger the hell out of Ichigo allowing him to transform into Hollow Ichigo hmmmm….sounds familiar.

    Inoue: “So I’m not afraid to die protecting you!! Because I Love You”

    *Ulquiorra uses Black Cero and stabs an unconscious Inoue*

    Ulquiorra: “This is just like how my parents were killed by hollows right before my eyes…”

    Ichigo: “OHH…”

    *Ichigo kirks and turns into Hollow Ichigo*

    Ulquiorra: “That’s it…I will show you what true despair looks like”

    *Ulquiorra does his final transformation*

    FIN 🙂

    After doing this skit they both, Naruto and Bleach, do sound pretty damned familiar to me! 😉

  16. Haha supertrek, thats amazing, how did you think of it, its just so wow 🙂
    But i thought that when a soul dies in Seireitei they go back to the real world, reborn as someone else to keep the balance between the two. I think it explained this around the time Ishida was introduced as a Quincy and they told us how shinigamis purify the hollows and send the souls to Seireitei while Quincys destroy it. Its been a long time tho since i was back that far so i could be completely wrong.

  17. @facepaints: I’ll have to sweep through the manga to confirm this but if it’s true then the theory about Ichigo dying could be very much plausible! Thanks alot! Oh, and that skit pfttt…I’m just a genius…or I just happened to be reading the two mangas at the same time in two different window tabs when it hit me. 😉

  18. @supertrek: nice one. Question though. Ya reckon shinsui’s strong enough to face the number one espada? And who’s the strongest amongst the captains?

  19. totalh: You look like a lozenge with tree roots and bunny ears. Please to be going here to get the instructions on uploading an icon with more awesomeness. Be sure to rate your icon g or pg (or it won’t show). Clear your browser’s cache and in a few minutes you will no longer have bunny ears…er, unless you want them?

  20. @Totalitarian: Yamato…maybe…he’s kinda old. Does power wane with age when you’re already dead? 😉

  21. Orihime might have something up her sleeve. Also the when Ulquiorra said that she was already one of them makes me wonder if Aizen had done anything to her with the hygokyou (not sure how to spell that). Also hinting the fact that she wears the same clothes they do. In the anime during the Kenpachi fight she was protecting Ichigo with her shield technique (don’t remember what it was called) but Ichigo tried to get out of it and it repelled him back. Leaving Ichigo confused because he didn’t know that Orihime possessed the power to do that.

    Maybe we’ll see a change in her power level.

  22. @xdang – that’s what I was thinking. We haven’t really seen the increase of Orihime’s powers since training with Rukia…have we?

  23. @totalitarian well shunsui is fighting him and the fact that we haven’t seen him use his shika in battle means he as some level of skill…he’s been a captain for over 100’s of years right when the 13 Gotei was formed with Captain Yamato, Unohana, and Ukitake…so basically yeah he’s strong…I think between those four he’s the third strongest…with Ukitake being the weakest(not for health reasons) but by personality compared to Shunsui…
    however i think the fight between shunsui will be a tough fight seeing as how he’s the primera, which probably makes Ulquiorra look like a vice captain…so it should be good…man i really want bleach to go to the kakarua town arc…i want to see this fight …ahahahah its driving me crazy

  24. i think the only reason orihime has those clothes is so she doesn’t stick out…everyone else is in why not her? i doubt aizen used the hygoken on her but maybe himself,gin and kiname (thats his name right?)…i wonder if kira will be able to help matasumo since he’s lost half her stomache…i hope she okay…wait…her and hinata could die…nooo!!!

  25. So when is Wonderweiss going to pop out and scare everyone?

  26. Ishida says he will regret taking Inoue up above the dome. something really bad is going to happen to her. Killed perhaps? I don’t think she’s going to save Ichigo.

  27. @elfarren i think that kubo used the deadly sins for titles just to prepare us for ulquiorra’s released form- with horns and wings same as devils

  28. i have a question for people…here is a bit of background before it for a sec… When a hollow is killed its soul goes back to soul society right??? ichigo is half hollow so what would happen if he does die… could he go back to soul society and if he does would he still have his hollow powers cause if by any chance he does die then i think his hollow powers will be gone and he will be nothing but a normal shinigami making him lame… or maybe it just kills his inner hollow but lets him still use the hollification… never know…

    About what is gona happen next i think ichi is either gona get taken over by h ichigo and then once again we go to his wierd ass world where he is king and h ichigo is the horse,… they might have annother bad ass fight and then ichigo will learn a special move for his bankai(like some of the captains have) or a special move for his hollification( eg, cero, resurection, ballas, or just a move like some of the arrancar resurections)…

    those are just some of my ideas… but i think the best thing would be a hollification move…
    i really cant wait till the vaizards get to fight the arrancar… that is gona be soooo coooool

  29. Yeah, speaking of bankai’s, they have two stages. So it would be absolutely wicked if Ichigo could master the second stage of his bankai. Imagine this. Mastery of second stage bankai + hollow mask= Brutal overkill.

  30. oh kkkk guys its about time i made an account here soo lets get this done well there has to be something that ichigo uses to beat ulqurirra cause he is getting his butt handed to him so maybe he does have a second form of his bankai i mean everycaptain had a second form to it so lets see what happens

  31. @sonicsspeed and @totalitarian
    bankai is the highest form their zanpaktou can go…most of them use thier shika which has become very powerful due to their skill…however, those like byakua just have stronger versions of their shika or toshiro. i dont think there is another level of their bankais maybe just other techinques they have like Kenpachi’s 4th or 5th seat whats his name…(the one who talks about being beautiful…)

  32. found it…its yumichika ayasegawa and he’s the 5th seat, and has a bankai as well…sorry bout that part…

  33. hmm, is it just me or does that second pic where is mask shatters remind you of Shirosaki. But meh, well, apparently, his hollow powers disintegrate too since his eyes returned back to normal. And I found it completely unnecessary for Ichigo to lose half his pants. None of his other fights ever resulted in that. Well, looks like Inoue is about to do something that may end up making Ulquiorra doing something to her. Which will tick Ichigo off and go wild on him.

  34. yeah also ichigo lost his shoes/sandals…who fights barefeet? i guess thats a sign for either calvary or orihime…

  35. i think if orihime does anything its gona have something to do with the time she spend training with rukia… but i doubt that she would be able to take down ulchi… she might be able to buy ichigo time while he fights his inner hollow maybe??

  36. Ichigo’s story is a bit messy, i quickly went back and had a look at some of the important bits so i could try and guess what would happen.
    So we know that Ichigo’s father is a pure blood real shinigami who gave up being one 20 years ago, im guessing about the time he met Ichigo’s mum, and that Ichigo had real shinigami powers inside of him since birth that were slowly activating. His powers get strong enough without him knowing that he starts to attract hollows and thats how he meets Rukia, he takes Rukia’s powers to protect his sisters so now he should have two different shinigami powers inside of him, his own and the ones taken from Rukia.
    He lives his life for a while with Rukia helping to kill hollows untill Soul Society starts to notice, Renji and Byakuya get sent to bring her back and kill Icigo/return Rukia’s powers to her. Byakuya targets his borrowed powers in his attack and Icigo’s original powers hide deep in his soul to avoid destruction.
    So Urahara kills Icigo, well they explain it better but meh, and forces his powers to fully awaken to survive. But Ichigo takes too long in his soul form and starts to tranform into a hollow, he fights this change and overcomes it but his inner hollow is born and from now on will start to grow stronger. It gets soo powerfull that it takes over Zangetsu and starts to fight Ichigo for full controll.
    Ichigo meets the Vizard and has another all or nothing atempt at fully surpressing and controlling his inner hollow. As this is happening inside Ichigo’s inner sideways world his real body fully transforms into a hollow just as he defeats his inner hollow. He now has his hollow mask and no longer fears his inner hollow, he starts training then goes to Hueco Mundo to rescue Orihime. He gets into a few fights, one with Ulquiorra and he DIES!
    I have no idea how this affected him if at all after Orihime used her powers to bring him back to life. I guess its very possible his inner hollow will take this moment to try and take controll again seeing as how Ichigo cant do anything and we might see him full transform and fight as a hollow. Orihime might know something about Ulquiorra from healing the wound filled with his Reiatsu. I cant wait to see and i hope the next isue is more than Ichigo getting beat again.

  37. […] Bleach Manga 348 spoiler discussion + Bleach 347 Breakdown and discussion Bleach Manga 348 -Breakdown of Bleach Manga 347 is below- […]

  38. @Everyone: Er, Ichigo never dies. Facepaints the chapters where you talk of Urahara training Ichigo to awaken his Shinigami powers Urahara does some messed up s**t but never kills Ichigo Lol, he tries though. Only if Ichigo ever gave up was the only instance he would be killed…Ichigo never gave up thus was never killed. Uliqurroa never kills Ichigo either, lol, he did come pretty damned close though Grimmjow says, “I let you bring him back from the VERGE of death so quit your bitching!!” Alright he didn’t emphasize the word ‘verge’ but I thought I would to make my point. He was about to die and was on the verge of death but Inoue brought him back thanks to Grimmjow’s haughty pride. So as it stands now Ichigo has yet to fully and unequivocally die.

  39. Further proof that Ichigo didn’t die in Urahara’s training He says, “As long as I can leave that hole alive!”

  40. @Reflex: One Piece is what’s up, then Naruto, then Bleach, then Soul Eater! A list of my favorite animes from awesomest to just plain awesome! 😉

  41. Lol all i read is naruto, but im about to start reading bleach, Soul eater, maybe one piece, and death note…


  42. (Moderator edited Death Note Spoiler)
    if you’re a “sensi” type, i’d recommend “CCS” and “Tsubasa reservior chronicles”

    if your not a sensi type, then reading them would be “dorian”

  43. in english please kage….

  44. @harshyt–are you talking about sinsemilla, cuz if you are LOL…and if not im w/RFlex…dumb it down for us narutards.

  45. Since when did yamuchika have bankai?
    Unless your typing about his true Shikai?

  46. Yeah, I also don’t remeber Yamuchika having a bankai. He’s the guy that keeps talking about beauty right and his hair looks like a flamingo with those different colors in it? 😉

  47. bleach is getting really annoying….i think ichigo is gonna come close to death and a la dbz, orihime will revive him and he’ll be stronger than ever, which is basically what’s happened to this point. he’ll turn super saiyan and own everyone

  48. Well I don’t think he will die mainly because h-ichigo keeps saying it would be bad for him if he died. Kinda like it would be bad for the demon fox for naruto to die. Last time Ichigo came close to death( byakuya fight) h-ichigo intervine. Also h-ichigo told him not to die before the next time they met. My guess is he will be returning soon. My guess is that ulquiora will attack orihime and ichigo will have a talk with inner hollow. He will then go full hollow by releasing his zanpato like an espada. I say because his bankai sword looks tooo normal. Even byakuya said his bankai couldn’t be a bankai. That it was too small. Even his bankai cloak reminds me of a menos grande cloak.

  49. Here is my guess!

    I have seen people mentioning it already, some hollow new power or maybe a next stage like Ulquiorra realeased on that last episode.

  50. Hmm i just read that Ulquiorra’s second release is something only he is able to do out of all the Espada and not even Aizen knew about. Does this mean Ulquiorra is higher than rank 4.

  51. posted at 2ch:




    Translation by Ann-chan:

    Zanpakutou Pop Poll:

    Sode no Shirayuki

    Ressureccion Segunda Etapa
    “Within the Espada, only I have been able to use this second release. Not even Aizen-sama have I shown this form to.”

    It ends with Orihime arriving just as Ichigo gets pierced in the chest by an attack.





  52. i wonder how this is going to play out…

  53. @Everyone: HOLY S**T, Facepaints you’re right his power level is probably higher than then the number 4 dawning his chest, so Ulquiorra could actually be the strongest Espada. if Ichigo beats him now…miraculously…then he could go straight on to Aizen after a little healing by Inoue of course. The chances of all of this happening is pretty damned slim though. I definitely don’t believe it’s gonna work out that way.

  54. Hahaha, look at this motivational poster for all the emo and Ulguiorra fans out there. 🙂

  55. That is pretty funny ^_^

  56. @Jeremiah: Thanks! Ulquiorra is one of the more interesting characters out there and he could make anything look badass!

    @Anyone: I just wonder why he could go to a whole new level and none of the other, supposedly, stronger Espada could. Also, I think Aizen might have secretly known which is the reason why he left him to guard Hueco Mundo and his little pet project. After all Aizen is known for his spying 😉

  57. @ Supertrek – Did you do that Ulquiorra motivational poster your self?

  58. I wonder if all the to Espada are this secretive with there powers. I would like to see all of the top 4 have a secret second release that they have been hiding to fool Aizen into believing they are less powerful than they are because they are planning some sort of coup.
    This second release doesn’t even have to be that, a second release form, they could all just be holding back their true form as to not let him know.

  59. @Jeremiah: Hahahahahahahha… *sigh*

  60. If Ulquiorra is the only one to achieve that second realease form then there is a high probability that the fight (ichigo vs ulquiorra) will get soon switched to the battle on the fake karakura town, or else killing the most powerfull espada just this earlier wont be that fun!

    I think that atleast all the espada below number 4 can release it, that also might be the reason for the vizard to happear and fight those espada 2nd stage.

    By the way, I have a question if anyone knows…
    This guy, what number is he?
    Wonderweiss Margera.

  61. can some1 explain to me the logic of bleach? how did ichigo defeat kenpachi without bankai, and kenpachi is able to defeat nnoitra while ichigo was owned??

  62. @omar101990-I don’t understand it myself, but i think it s because he used zangetsu’s power? Then again zangetsu is part of his spiritual power, so maybe he unlocked this power during his battle with kenpachi? Ichigo had just finished battling Grimjaw and was injured. You can’t expect anyone to beat a guy who is stronger than the guy who you just beat and on top of that be injured. Ichigo gets stronger after every fight after getting healed. Plus Kenpachi has probably been trying to get stronger after losing/tying with ichigo. That’s the best i can come up with.

  63. @orelhas2: Wonderweiss is not an espada but he has the power level of one. Where the hell is he now…I don’t know but I’m currently looking for him.

  64. @ omar – naruto is the same way. naruto lost to rock lee who lost to gaara, but naruto beat gaara (chuunin exam arc people) that shit happens all the time and there is no way to explain it so don’t even bother asking

  65. this is the first time, ive ever seen your blog, and i love it, haha just thought i should say that.

  66. honestly, remember back when ichigo first fought grimmjaw and sinji had to come and bail him out, ichigo saw how easily sinji won with a cero. well i think ichigo will have a talk with zangetsu and he’ll show him how to use a cero and bam blast Ulquiorra out of the water… and save the day again.

  67. @supertrek – He is an espada, I have to go work now but when i get to home ill show you proof 😉

  68. I have allways been intrested in Wonderweiss aswell because we see him being created using the power of a fully awakened Hougyoku – – so he should be powerful. It was never said he was a espada and none of the 10 got replaced for him.
    The last time i remember seeing him was with Tousen – – but not sure where he is now with Tousen in the real world.

  69. I heard somewhere a year ago that Inoue uses her powers to reverse time on the Hougyoku. (and that destroys it??)
    Yeah….’_` (retarded?)

  70. @orelhas: Wonderweiss in not an espada but he could be. Here read this He’s just a very powerful arrancar. Also you can read this The espada “are the top-ranked arrancar in Aizen’s recently-acquired army of hollow-shinigami hybrids, the most powerful hollows under Aizen’s command, and the main rivals of the Gotei 13 and the Ryoka.” In order for you to be an espada you don’t only have to be a powerful arrancar in Aizen’s army, but you also have to be ranked (have a number). Wonderweiss is currently “unassigned” so while he may be powerful and under Aizen’s command he’s not an espada until he gets a number. Thank You for reminding me about him though. I’m very interested in his growth and importance to the story line and I wouldn’t be surprised if he became an espada soon. 🙂

    @Facepaints: Oh God thank you! I couldn’t find that little bastard anywhere after the fight with Urahara. >_<

  71. Bleach and Naruto when i wake…..
    Naruto and Bleach already in Japland….

    I really wish the Bleach spoilers would have some pics…

  72. @/_)I/ /_): Hey, I got an idea let’s go to Japan shall we? 😀 Maybe we can catch some hot Japanese chicks, no…I mean catch the animes earlier, yep. 😉

  73. is it just me or has anyone else noticed that during battle, Ichigo is the only bankai user who actually does not say the name of his bankai (tensa zangetsu). I found that peculiar; could that be the reason why his bankai is so weak. I doubt it, but I thought I could just throw it out there to be discussed.

  74. @supertrek89 – Seems like you are right! This is what confused me.

  75. @orelhas: Ah, I see that would confuse me too. 🙂

    @Spidercarge: I think after a certain number of times you just get so used to it and don’t need to call it’s name. Just say, “Bankai” and the sword knows what you mean. 😉 That case would be for Byakuya who also says “Bankai” when calling on his swords second form too. He’s been around for hundreds of years though so him and his sword are in total sync with each other. Perhaps you’re right when Ichigo called on his swords real name in battle he beat Kenpachi without the bankai or hollow mask…maybe you git something there. I also don’t remember ever him calling on his swords name to reach his bankai, hmmm…

  76. I think Ulquiora’s second form is like a bankai to arrancar.

  77. BLEACH is out!!!! Thing don’t look good at all for ichigo….not good at all.

  78. @captnmex hahah thats an understatement

  79. @supertrek…well i think ichigo’s zanpaktou is always in his shika form so he kinda doesn’t need to call it…which is because of his faucet like reiatsu….

    anyways cant wait for 349 discussion…man ichigo got a cero to the chest…now he’s a hollow….lol sorry for the spoiler who ever hasn’t seen it yet…

  80. @Everyone: Lol, for a second there I thought Ulquiorra pierced Ichigo’s neck with his tail!

    My reaction, “WTF that’s so unnecessary and uncalled for you grouchy bastard! You couldn’t just stab him in the chest or something?” *clicks on next page* “Oh”

    @Shinobimadness: True, but we’re just wondering why Ichigo doesn’t have those one-on-one personal chats with his Zanpaktou anymore. A relationship can go down the drain if there’s no communication after all. 😉

  81. what rank am i?

  82. @Pain: I don’t know you’re a moderator couldn’t you rank yourself over 9000 if you wanted to? ^^

  83. @ Pain~16
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