Matsuri and Worrying About Hinata

Amoungst the other Japanophiles...

Amongst the other Japanophiles...

 Hey everyone,

 Matsuri was last weekend and I took a few pics that I thought I’d share with you.  Matsuri means festival in Japanese and this is called the Matsuri Festival, which literally translates to festival festival… ridiculous… I know but it works, so everyone says it.  It’s not an anime convention at all but rather everything Japanese.  So it has booths selling clothes and traditional trinkets, banzai trees, art, bags, calligraphy, swords and so on…

They also have booths recruiting college grads for the JET program, which sends you to Japan to teach English in a Japanese High School for 2 years.  It pays well and they provide living expenses and did I mention you teach in a Japanese HS?!?! I’ll just say that I’d be sent back state side with in a matter of weeks if left to my own devices in a HS full of 17 year old Japanese girls in uniform… (O_O) OMG!!!!

Jeremiah: “Soooo do you like college  guys?” *wink*


Random female Japanese HS Student: “Senseeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiii! Hentaiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!”





 The best part of Matsuri is the food!  This pic is of food row and it’s amazing.  I had a lot of fun sitting outside with family and friends eating several plates of food and sampling off of everyone elses plate.  The weather was amazing, 72 degrees with a slight breeze and the sun was shining without a cloud in the sky… perfect for eating tons o’ food.

Cosplay represented!

Cosplay represented!

You can’t have anything Japanese related with out the Cosplay people showing up in full force and they didn’t disappoint.  I saw more Bleach Cosplay this year than in years past, this Grimmjow was one of the best.  My friend Jeremy took this pic, I was to embarrased to ask any of the cosplay people to pose even though they freakin love it when you ask.  I think partly I’m embarrassed they are dressed up on “not halloween” and part laziness, cause I’m busy eating 🙂  Either way I respect them for having the balls/overies to dress up in public like that and I like to see them. I did see a good Jiraiya (Ibi don’t offer him sex, its not really Jiraiya) and I saw really good female Renji from Bleach (kicking myself for not taking picture now) but I did compliment her on her costume.

So anyway… I just woke up after a long night of Killzone 2 and watching Predator 2 on Bluray at my friends house and I feel pretty rough *blah* I also can’t find my glasses >_< I can’t seeeeee! And I’m still wicked tired…in need of a shower… falling asleep slowly… can’t keep blind eyes open… zzzzzzzzzzzz……….

Me writing this post after waking up from a long night...

Me writing this post after waking up from a long night...



P.S. Would you go to Japan to teach English for 2 years? Do you have a Matsuri in ur city?



~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on February 28, 2009.

82 Responses to “Matsuri and Worrying About Hinata”

  1. first!!

  2. Second! 🙂

  3. LOL, Jeremiah we share a similar thought process! 😉

    Man that looks hella fun I need to got to that next time!!! I wonder if they have any of those in the Maryland area! @_@

  4. ohhhhh i wana go, you lucky ducky

  5. fourth hahaha

  6. third yay!

  7. oops

  8. Ooooooh our first Matsumoto icon…


  9. i would love to go to japan…let alone teach there that would be awesome…all i need to do is finish up college tho….justa couple more years…why cant i get a time skip

  10. @ jeremiah….all we need now is orihime and my

  11. @ shinobimadness – lolz 🙂 I’d like to see a Rukia ^_^

    *Glares at someone in particular, you know who u are!*

  12. actually amongsttheliving has rukia ttp://

  13. wish i knew one of those

    i worry as well

  14. @ Shartina – that’s who I was glaring at… I guess I just havn’t seen it yet. Thanks ^_^ Still shows up as kakashi on my screen… I probably have to clear my cache.

  15. @Jeremiah – I would go in a heart beat plus I could learn japanese for free whcih would be a good deal for me. However no Matsuri in my wonderful city out in the middle of nowhere. Where can I get info about those opportunities.

  16. Predator 2 is horrible lol

  17. @ supertrek: You’re in MD? That’s where I’m originally from!

    Matsuri looks like a lot of fun (with a lot of food!), so I’ll be sure not to miss it next time. I wish I had known about it a little sooner, or I could have made it this year ^_^

  18. @elfarren: Yep, MD is where I reside. 🙂 I’ve noticed you said “originally from”. Did you move away to another state?

  19. MD is for gay pansies named supertrek89

  20. So what does “MD” stand for “Mystic duck”??

  21. MD is the state abbreviation for Maryland here in the US.

  22. I’m HERE!!!

    Now i’m gone…see ya later gauys(Waaaay later…..)

  23. I’ve never been to a Mayuri, what type of food do they have? Also for teaching its sounds interesting just for the opportunity, although wouldn’t you need to know Japanese first?

  24. very interesting post jeremiah, and stop freakin glaring at me! i told you the other day i changed it to rukia ^_^

  25. huh?…i still see kakashi…

  26. @Harshykage Trying clearing your cache or cookie from the tool menu. You should be logged out after you refresh the page. By the time you return thee icon shuuld show up.

  27. More Icon talk….~_~
    My icon’s…..>_<
    Darn u all :cry

    Anyways, glad so many is worried about Hinata.
    Ya know, the fans can have a direct influence towards Kishi, in deciding who lives dies and other things.
    Like in Dragonball…
    Apparently fans didn’t want Gohan to be the hero against Buu, So Akira changed plans…

    Can happen in Naruto to?? If People want Hinata to return, it wouldn’t harm to wish for it and let Kishi know by posting on many, many sites. 😉

  28. @ jeremiah – thanx for sharing the definition of MD 😉 .. i’m glad we got that mystery outta the way..

    thnx for the photos too man

  29. I leave for 2 hours and some timid loser signs on dissing my home state maybe he should tell me where he’s from so I can make this even? Eh, Reflex! 😉

  30. @ supertrek: Yeah, I live in Arizona now and love it. I’m not much for the cold, though I do miss watching the leaves turn and the geese migrating south ^_^

  31. Dude…that’s not WORRYing about Hinata…that’s definitely called something else. Looks like you just wrote your own Hinata story…we’ll be wanting the transcript later. ^.^

    Thanks for the pics.

    The cool thing about most of those teach English abroad programs…you don’t necessarily need to speak any other language. Would I go? Nah. Not to teach English.

  32. @elfarren: Arizona? Holy s**t did you move far away! 😉 Yeah geese, leaves, and all come back to Maryland what’s Arizona got that we don’t have…Naruto? I don’t think so! 🙂

    @Ibiki: Of course he’s worried about Hinata just look how scared she looks in that picture. She needs someone (me) to comfort her…perhaps in a fanfic made at the end of the year. 😉

  33. You sooooo should have got the Renji cosplay pic. He’s obviously one of my favorite characters. I wish there were events like that near me, but i have never heard of one near Waynesville, OH.

  34. BTW, no one better stalk me just cause i gave out my home town. I’m on to you people…*shifty eyes*

  35. Hey everybody! ‘Narutard Party’ over at ajd’s house in Waynesville, OH! You might wanna give us your home address ajd or will never make it! 😉

  36. @Shartina- Nice you got matsumOtO ^_^

    @superstrek- they got beaners like me!! (although i don’t look like one or act like one)

    Wonder if they have one here in LA…..probably since southbay was and is highly populated by Japs.

  37. @ ajd – finding a Matsuri in Wanynesville Ohio isn’t ur biggest problem… finding anything in Wanynesville Ohio is ur biggest problem ^_^

  38. @ jeremiah_ my thoughts exactly only a little more like this


  39. hey supertrek… im from houston texas biatch!!! i would like to see you come down here and do something cuz down here we hunt and kill queers like you… and if you diss texas, we send chuck norris to F*CK YOU UP!!!! if you really want to get a battle going between states bring it on!!!!! (ps Maryland blows!!!) 😀 🙂

    Oh and btw… timid?!?!?!? how the hell am i timid!!!!!! im usually the one who’s posting 20 comments in the span on 5 minutes!! hell, i prolly been admin’d more than anyone else on this frickin site, n this comment’ll prolly just add to that amazing record!!!

  40. @Reflex: Your idiocy never fails to astound me. Houstan Texas you say…no big surprise there. Now let’s get back to Naruto. 😉

  41. Yeah back to Naruto….
    Umm anyways! Isnt “Naruto” great.

  42. Why do you have that icon?

  43. @Jeremiah they sell sharpened swords?

  44. @Kyo ~who me?

    If so I have it because i cant change it. (exept for a black sqare) Im still waiting (after 2 weeks) for my Sai icon to upload.

  45. Where do i go to apply for JET? Kinda remind me of Great Teacher Onizuka..heheh.. I just hope that i wont be assigned to an all boys school though…

  46. yaaaaaa OH-IO wooooooo, oh wait your right not much happens there *hangs head* north carolina!!!! oh no not much there either. i hope my next duty station is okinawa that would awsomeness, SAKE all the time 😉

  47. Ok I represent my state of Texas (btw I live in Dallas but originally from Denton) in saying this. I am here for peace and Texas stands for friend (even though George Bush kinda made Texas unpopular)

    Reflex needs to get off that happy juice (ya’ll no what I am talking about) and get back down to earth lol.

    Stealing food FTW! no wait thats not right

    btw am I the only one that see’s Jeremiah acting like Kon from Bleach the entire time he is there?

    Just saying yo

  48. @jeremiah: sorry mate, i guess you must have known by now that i’m not yankee, so it really doesn’t apply from a yankee perspective. Well i live in chelsea, West London, so yeah, there’s huge japanese settlements there. And i’ve got these two fantastic japanese mates who also reckon teaching in japan is really cool. Well it’s not just in japan, but also in south korea, hong kong and in parts of china. I think they seem to be realising english is quite a prudent neccesity in order to catch up with globalization. Also, especially in times of a looming global recession, with japan hit so hard, there’s also an increasing demand to learn english for international diplomacy, to boost trade which would aid in economic revitalization, and more importantly to attract foreign investmests(Maybe FDIs, means Foreign Direct Investment which could also have arguments against it) and to boost tourism. All these, they realise, including most parts of competitive asia(asian tigers like singapore, malaysia, hong kong, etc) are huge necessities for economic expansion.

    So well, i’ld gladly teach in japan, only i’m fixed with National Geographic Magazine(the Intelligent Investor Branch) at the moment. We are covering issues on global economies given the recession, so we might eventually end up in japan, seeing it’s presently unstable economically and politically. The London and St Petersburg times are also lurking, so teaching in japan would be a good, eventual option to add to the CV.

  49. @cap’nmexico: Little Tokyo’s your spot, man. Cherry Blossom festival is coming up, April 4-5. 😀 See you there?

  50. and great pics by the way. God post as well.

  51. sorry…and each time i type i intuitively glance at this silly icon by my left. Any ideas on how to get rid of it? Cheers people.

  52. If someone goes to one of these types of festivals please take pics and send them to me.

  53. @ totalitarian – check the icon FAQ link on the right side user bar to change the icon and thanks for the info and kind words Brit. ^_^

  54. Hey, jeremiah…please worry about hinata more…and make your thought bubbles larger so we can see your thoughts better..

  55. @ super – houston is better than goddammned maryland!!! up yours. oh and this thread isnt really about naruto (not completely anyways) so yeah.. your an idiot

  56. @Ibiki: AH, I’m jealous now wish I could fly down to Cali and partake in the festival but well I got shcool and what not. It doesn’t help that I’m broke too… 😦

    @Reflex: *ignored*

  57. Get along please. ^_^

  58. º/lanif/schy: not you’re prob, bob. I’ve got my eye on it. But dude, get an icon. Hell, e-mail ME and I’ll fix it:

  59. Hey, I’m trying to discuss Naruto/Anime/Cherry Blossom Festival (lol) stuff here. Reflex keeps wanting to start s**t. I wasn’t even talking to him when he started the whole mess.

    “MD is for gay pansies named supertrek89” (Reflex)

    So I’m just going to say this to you Reflex get back on topic or shut the hell up! Scratch that, just be quiet and stop acting so juvenile I’m sure we can get along. We’re Facebook friends after all. 😉

    P.S. If you’re “just kidding”, which I know is what you’re probably gonna say, you have a f****d up sense of humor! @_@

  60. @ibi- Thanks for info. I’m not 100% sure if I’ll go but see you there if do go ^_^. I’m about 70% sure I’ll go.

  61. while we’re on it… anybody for fanime in san Jose in june?

  62. @ Alec – I’ll go if ur going… let me know.

  63. literally the convention center it’s held at is a hop, skip and a jump away from my house (well actually about 15 minutes on the light rail) so i’m just seeing who’s interested…

  64. @ supertrek – lol i know we are “facebook friends” , but i have barely been on this site the last week or so (you can thank me later admins 😀 ) and im itching for a fight!!!!

    oh and how long did it take you to realize i have a f***ed up sense of humor???? you should have figured that out weeks ago 😉

    oh. and to keep this on topic, what were your 5 favorite foods at the festival? 😉

  65. @reflex and supertrec.
    fight fight fight fight…. ohhhh not jouvenile, nm. as you were then

  66. @reflex, you look like the mayor of candy land. take that heh heh

  67. @ coolbeans… i meant look at the bottom of the video game / anime post… sorry bout that

  68. It’s Not Over…
    this fight is killin’ me(not actually)
    but it’s the only one…(currently)
    It’s Not over…

  69. no… i really want to know

    “It’s Not Over…
    this fight is killin’ me(not actually)
    but it’s the only one…(currently)
    It’s Not over…”

    what was that from

  70. if you wanna know i just changed a “Daughtry” track to suit me…

  71. @jeremiah: Nice pic! You look like I do after a tough weekend with the kids. lol

    Ah, man! I wish I was back in CA…was born and raised there. Now, I live someplace cold: Minnesota. Jah, sure, you betcha it gets damn cold…brrrr. It has been below 0 (F) more than I like this winter. Sunny, in the 70’s; that’s SUMMER here. lol

    Thanks for the pics. Looks like lots of fun. 🙂

  72. OH THANK GOD! Penny is here to turn this conversation into something articulate and understa…drop the Supertrek thing? HarshyT nobody drops me! *smacks Harshy upside his head* Hehehe. 😉

  73. yeah no one drops supertrek!!! *throws anti-supertrek poster discretely in the garbage*
    thats better 😀

    (y did you want to drop supertrek??)

    Ix ReFleX xI

  74. oh you’ll regret that…

    “you can’t save yourself
    well It’s now the time to breakdown…
    it’s now the time to break up you shmuck…
    you wont keep together now…
    it’s now the time you breakdown…”

  75. Yeah, while you’re babbling I’m lighting gasoline set around you in a circle on fire…I’m truly sorry about this. If you have anything to say I will deliver the message to your loved ones.

  76. yay, spam… -_-

  77. *worrying about Hinata*

    *whistles to self*

    *sees Ix ReFleX xI peeking around from behind a garbage can*

    *suspects ninja battle*

    *walks the opposite way*

    *whistles to self*

  78. no i’m too lazy to that stuff, i’m just a commentor who remembers things far beyond what can be found on this site currently and remembers the era before ero-sennin and ibi… but no worries i just know spam when i see it *eyes intently at the last fifty or so messages*

  79. Spam?? O_o
    Hentai?? o___º
    Whats happening here 0_O

    I hope Hinata survives and Pain kills Inari instead….
    But that’ll mean Inari’ll have to became a major character….-_-
    I hope he learned ninjutsu in the last 4 years ^_^

  80. mmm… delicious hentai!
    Would I teach English to these fine students – YES! and just like Jeremiah, I would be thrown out of Japan, or possibly be givven my own “ero” title

    Perhaps Ero-debuketsunoana (pervy fatass?)

  81. Are

  82. I TOOK THAT PIC OF GRIMMY!!!!!! I feel special.

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