Any Ideas or comments for the blog in general?

The Swayze wants to know ur thoughts, tell him here... or else he'll rip your throat out road house style!

The Swayze wants to know ur thoughts, tell him here... or else he'll rip your f**king throat out road house style!

If you have any ideas for good posts or recomendations for the blog in general, this is the thread to do it in.



~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on February 24, 2009.

78 Responses to “Any Ideas or comments for the blog in general?”

  1. FIRST!

  2. …yes that was my idea AND comment for this blog! 😉 Sike I’m just kidding I’ll think of something…eventually. ^^

  3. second!

  4. CHAT ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    CHAT ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ANYONE AGREE?!?!?!?!

  5. Hmm, about the parody project, is it still that?

  6. -You could always to a brief analysis of the Naruto filler episodes. I don’t know how much interest you could get though.

    -I think you need to increase references to pop culture icons of the late eighty’s / early nineties.

    -Perhaps there should be a post on whether or not a small army of mobsters with machine guns could really be completely wiped out by a man, his hunting bow, and a few next of kin with shotguns in a cemetary.

    That’s all I have for now. I would like awesomeness points now.

  7. I have an idea, for the site, however I remember something about it already being in progress. You know the iareawesomeness manga, thing.

  8. @imover9000: Ibiki already does a recap of the filler episodes. Just click on her name and it’ll take you there. Took me a while to find out too. 😉

  9. Get rid of the bleach.

  10. I like the idea of a parody. The innuendo section that was up is pure awesomeness. Not to mention all the other comedy to be made. i.e. Hidan’s head in a jar, like in futurama.
    Or the innuendo in the “Back to basics: chakra” section up. Take a look at the Gai picture, neji and lee are looking to get Maito’s “nice guy” thumbs somewhere unpleasant

  11. Get rid of bleach? THIS IS MADNESS!!!

  12. The Bleach section is awesomeness, and I’m looking forward to that expanding.

  13. I also like the Bleach section. But I’ve held back reading the awesomeness until I have caught up reading all the bleach issues to current *curses slow internet*

  14. You know, I am too, and I’ve heard a couple other people say the same thing. Now, I know the Bleach fans are going to be finding us soon…but in the meantime…maybe some remedial posts to catch the Narutards up on the awesomeness that is Bleach? That might help some of us who are newer to this manga…not sure how to do that tho…thinking (yeah, that is what you smell…my brain frying from effort).

  15. Bleach makes things white, and white makes right!?!
    No… wait… there’s no racial undertones in bleach. They don’t show the fact that his bankai zanpakto has a swastika for the guard on it… or mention that it’s tough on the (overly irish-looking) kid.
    But all joking aside Bleach is awesome

  16. @ Kingcam – that kills me coming from a vet such as urself. But I know it’s not for everyone.
    @ Ibi – that is in the works.
    @ imover9000 – +10 awesomeness points on the reference and besides clicking Ibi’s name there is an RSS feed for her stuff in the right side user bar. I want to increase traffic to these posts but I’m unsure of how Ibi wants to do that.

    The iareawesomeness manga should be starting with the next weekly manga post and the chat room has been talked about before and is on a long list of todoos.

    Thanks for the feedback! I should have done this a long time ago…


  17. I GOT IT! A crossover post relating the Bleach manga to the Naruto manga. You know like character similarites. If this character in Naruto would be anybody in Bleach he/she would be *insert name here*

    Naruto = Ichigo
    Hinata = Inoue (both mine by the way 😉 )
    Neji = Ishada
    Sasuke = Byakuya
    Sakura = Rukia
    Tsunade = Rangiku
    Madara = Aizen

    You get the gist. You can even relate the story lines (somehow. I don’t know just a brillant idea I came up within a few seconds of meditating like Shikamaru. 😉

  18. don’t forget

    Renji=Kiba almost perfectly

  19. @ajd: lol, you’re right how could I not see that, my bad. 0_0

  20. @Jeremiah.. I know the bleach section just got started, but if you still want to expand in the manga spoiler section you could do soul eater once a month. The hard part would be getting spoilers. But I think other things are on your mind before expanding the spoiler section lol.

  21. Hmmm… I am not sure how this would be set up but people seem to want to attack each other on this blog. We can find a way to create a ninja (word) game out of it. *Scorpion Legacy puts himself under genjutsu to finsh college paper, before he puts anymore work on to Jeremiah*

  22. Chat room would be cool. But I’m not sure what the consiquences of that would be.

    Actually sometimes I want some way to private message people on here. I wonder if there is a way to do that properly.

    Mostly the use for this is for people who want to exchange information like e-mail, screen names, or something that wouldn’t be appropriate to post.

    The ideal example of this is to have an IM window that you can turn off and on. But I’m not a web-designer, not sure if that’s at all possible.

  23. Yeah – attacking each other on here would be like super-poke stuff on face book. That would be cool.

  24. SUPER-POKE WOOT!!! But my idea first! ;p

  25. I like the idea of a chat room, because if nothing else, it would help keep the comments related to each chapter instead of a sounding board for anything and everything people can come up with ^_^

    Loved supertrek’s idea of comparing Naruto and Bleach, too. Me and my bf were just debating that a few days ago, matching up characters, etc. I’d do it a little differently than supertrek, but think it could be a really good idea for a post.

    Can’t think of anything else for now, but I’ll work on coming up with some ideas …

  26. @Jeremiah- Would it be an option to split up the “last comment” section and have one box (with five comments) for Naruto and one (again with five comments) for bleach. That might make it a little easier going back and forth between mangas, since there would always be a last comment for each. I’m assuming that your expecting more threads, not to mention added traffic, and the additional comments might help us follow the threads s little better.

  27. i think a “manga of the month” section might be cool since most people here obviously have at least sorta similar tastes

  28. i like the nin online thing. how bout a nin passing through the village today? just a small little like hey thats cool kinda thing

  29. you could do a comparison of sakura to Kushina (what we know) to see if naruto would end up with her

  30. id like to see a toung in cheek relation with naruto/ bleech and real world situations and shows. i know its been done in small amounts before but an actuall post from time to time would entertain the crap outa me, idk bout everyone else

  31. If the manga that iareawesomeness, doesn’t arrive then I recommend a weekly breakdown parody of iareawesomeness and its user, originally the idea was like fanfiction for Naruto, however Bleach should be added as well. The idea is to make illusions from those users to characters from the series and put them in positions as if they were in those universes. Hmm, I am not explaining it well.

    Also I think a chat room would be a bad idea, it would direct traffic to there and decrease the number of people coming to the site blog and posting. In addition whenever someone posts something like spoilers or asks a question the areas are now split and because its in the chat room it becomes something inaccessible. Plus those side embed chat rooms have a habit of updating constantly, which messes with the page and people have a greater chance of missing material.

  32. Yes, totally agree 100% with Kyouto, This way I can leave for a few hours (sometimes days) and comeback to the humor and insight. It’s something like, if I ask this, then if no one is currently active, I may come back later for the answer. Plus, chat rooms would be very tough to moderate. Now a system where you can literally enter a chat with someone is a whole nother topic. I kinda wonder how crazy a ventrello server would be.

  33. It would be cool if there were more predictions contests. From next year predictions to next issue predictions. You don’t need to award prizes or anything, just for bragging rights =)

    And please NO MORE BLEACH =P

  34. Bleach stays!!!!

    Naruto and Bleach are my two favorite animes (even though I believe the Bleach story is becoming a bit….DBZish) and the chat thing would be a good idea. A better idea would be a chat between individual members themselves like ajd said.

    Also comparisons to Naruto and Bleach would be kinda funny to read about (speaking of which hands off of Orohime supertrek).

  35. A good Idea I considered about the blogs and all would be a rip off from that Site Digg. How if some one writes something it can be commented on and remain in like a group list kinda thing like that you know what im saying. Its good because it would be focused on certain comments, And it would give people a chance too locate certain chats and ideas and also predictions.
    Gives people a chance too deduce certain opinions..

  36. Answering some of the stuff above:

    Eventually there will be two front pages, one for Naruto and one for Bleach. So the haters of one don’t have to be annoyed by the other.

    More prediction contests are a good idea and I think I will be fast tracking that soon on a small, perhaps monthly scale to go along with the year long one.

    For fans of both Naruto and Bleach, there will be crossover, its already been discussed with some of the other authors. I’m really looking forward to this aspect.

    The iareawesomeness manga is coming out with the new weekly manga posts and I think as it evolves u guys will find it a funny side bit that will bring the crazy world of the commentors and blur it with the Naruto and Bleach world. Nothing serious, just comedic. Commentors will be blended in slowly… very slowly… none at first. The first commentors to be added to the manga have already been decided and probably won’t show up for a couple weeks. More on the iareawesomeness manga is coming in the MySpace page.

    Chat room on a regular basis is not going to happen for the time being for reasons given above but in a compromise we’ve decided on chat events where everyone will meet at the chat site on the iareawesomeness website and a specific event will take place. Whether it be a word nin battle or debate on a specific topic or whatever… this is coming.

    Some of the ideas u guys have given are excellent but for a free site with that doesn’t do advertising it’s just not feasible. If it gets to the point where we need to expand and do new stuff I’ll add advertising but I’d really like to avoid that scenerio. We’ve had many offers already…

    Thanks again for all the suggestions, all of them are discussed between the admins and seriously considered. You guys are awesome!

    *nice gai pose*

  37. My Verdicts-

    Chat room: FTL!!!! WTF!! are you guys trying to kill the blog off!, the comments are like oxygen to a blog, and once you have a chatroom, no matter how much you deny it…it will eat into the comments…

    Awesomeness Manga: FTW!!!! i’ve seen how you look jeremiah! it’s KEeeeeWWl!

    A GFX section: FTW!! How about a section with lat’s of images…doctored by us!

    Advertising: FTL!!! Not unless it’s a owned domain…for a free blog, it’s pointless and it just makes the blog look like a “profit whore”, believe me…cuz i’ve been called that when i started off myself.. 😉

    Digg!No Digging Allowed!

    A Staff/popular commenter BioFTWW!! How about a post with various awards given like “best fic writer”, “best crazy dude..” etc..etc…

  38. lol maybe a caption contest?

  39. Who gets first most competition (:
    and there could be a post at the end of the month on who got the most firsts that month and the prize could be they get to post something of their own letting them know how awesomeness they are at sitting up and waiting for a post to get first on ;D?

  40. why are people complaining about the bleach section. Its a great manga which is very very very similar to naruto. just change ninja to shinigami, chakra to riatsu and kyubi to hollow ichigo. Itsjust like supertrek89 said, a lot of the characters are simiar.

    drawing contests would be good. me likey drawing 🙂

  41. The caption contest went so well last time I’d be retarded not to do that again, so expect that back soon. I had forgotten all about that.

  42. and how a bout a weekly/monthly best top 10 comments post, i remember we had those in two posts and they were hilarious!
    it’s like drinking up all the juice from the orange( no pun intended…heck…pun intended)

  43. Lmao hmmm… gokus spirit bomb is kinda like gathering natural energy, wind rasengan is a lot like a destructo disc… the list can go on forever.

  44. now where did that come from….all that power is going to yer head scorpy!

  45. Also I know Rock Lee is Awesomeness but you should put a picture of Madara on the top =D If not that then take the picture from the front page of Minato and put in there.

  46. @ Harshy – Awesomeness Manga: FTW!!!! i’ve seen how you look jeremiah! it’s KEeeeeWWl!
    A GFX section: FTW!! How about a section with lat’s of images…doctored by us!

    I think these are reat ideas… WOOT to doctored pics

  47. Woah, I didn’t think people would actually care about my bleach comment. My bad… You know what’s a real cool manga though, Slam Dunk!!!

  48. I’ve never actually read bleach, I only watched like three episodes and got into fights with my friend on why naruto is better. but it was annoying me because I would click on it, and there wouldn’t be any naruto, and I would be like wtf, where is naruto, but i like the way the site is now. It’s a lot more organized.

  49. Bleach= Blech….(untill i’ve read it anyways… ;-))

  50. @ Kingcam – Slamdunk is really funny ^_^

  51. It’s my favorite manga besides the pwnage that is naruto.

  52. hey jeremiah, i’ve got a few suggestions that is pure awesomenss..
    we have a naruto/bleach section where we rank the characters based on skills and techniques in a head to head competetion.. example captain toshiro vs renji using their bankais and matasumo vs byukua shika…10th division vs or sasori vs pein, orochimaru vs kakazu, temari vs shino and so on.. just to name a few…
    also there could be daily polls of debates that we could have settled by everyone’s opinion.
    well thats what we should try….i’ll try to help with ideas if you need any

  53. @shinobimadness: Or, just to make your idea even more badass do that same thing except with a crossover! Naruto vs. Ichigo, Byakua vs. Sasuke, Renji vs. Kiba! Oh, the debates that would ensue!!! 0_0

  54. Those fights would be pretty sweet. Maybe a little Ichigo+Naruto vs. Pein+Ulqiurra. Oh, Ino vs…..

    Yeah, that would be sweet

  55. thanks…however i think it would be ishida who would be like sasuke…and byuaka more like the old kakashi before he got his sharigan..who in naruto is like kenpachi?

  56. Got it, Kenpachi vs. Killer Bee! LOL, they got the same build and they’re both insanely strong! I think that would be an awesome match! 🙂

  57. i got an even better match….jiraiya vs captain shunsui…both love their women…lol

  58. Lol, ok what about Orochimaru vs. Mayuri! They’re both mad scientist, enjoy body modifications, and have loyal (loving?) assistants that would do anything for them…ANYTHING! 😉

  59. i got one even better …tobi/madara vs captain aizen….both people overlooked as the mastermind behind all the trouble and are not to be messed with….

  60. Blech…

  61. @ Shinobimadness – I would think Aizen FTW but that’s partly because I don’t know enough about the current skill level of Madara.

  62. ***I had a poll on this thread but this post got linked by a rape web site because of language used in the post. Freaking annoying! Any way, the people coming to see a rape video were really dissapointed and voted accordingly… grrrrr…*** lesson learned.

  63. Aizen is stronger however to do anything doesn’t he have to release his sword. The Sharingun works through eye contact and Madara would easily beat Aizen to the point. In addition Sharingun slows movement and Tobi has the ability of instant teleportation.

  64. Someone mentioned that the last Sage clone might be absorbed because of the Kyuubi transformation.

    I don’t think so, because the Sage clone has to be summoned in order for Naruto to have access to it.

  65. Doh! I posted my previous comment in the wrong section! >_<

    Sorry. Admins can delete it. ^_^

  66. what do you say about Video shorts by the members about their crazy own selves!

  67. @kyouto yeah, however if aizen uses his shika, he can make an allusion that will work on anyone…i doubt his sharigan can tell the difference being as its not a genjutsu…also if aizen uses his shunpo,or flash step he’s also pretty fast…

  68. what ever happened to “how i got into naruto”?

    or did i just miss it?

  69. no more “blEch” discussion….that’s completely offtopic…make another post with naruto/blEch parallels if you want

  70. Being able to edit our posts. 😮
    Incase we accidentally spell something like sumeting. Spelling thick as if we’re fick.
    Or incase we do something, like sssss(pam) accidentally.
    or just type summut like “sssss” accidentally. Grrrrr

  71. we should start a religion based on awesomenees, captain planet, and the swayze with jeremiah as our preacher… come on.. anyone????

  72. the moderators would all be ministers, and me coolbeans supertrek and harshyt would be the ones to recieve the offerings and kill the sacrificial “lambs” ;).. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! lets do it!!!!

  73. i got a real idea this time, and someone correct me of you said this…. you know how you have the random “WTF!” posts..

    “WTF?! Asian Kung-fu Generation + Dwarf = Awesomeness ”

    how about you take those and make ’em a monthly/weekly affair, so instead of just throwing them up whenever you feel like it, it could be on a semi-regular pattern.
    better yet… you could rate them so you have like… a “Top 10 WTF!! of the month” post or something along those lines

    just a suggestion so don’t shoot it down to quickly now (siper, harshy.. im looking at you here)

  74. *gets his long range dragunov ready*
    bye bye!

  75. I really like the direction this site is going its more personal than others I’ve seen. Although an archive page where you can reference dead posts would be nice. I am so glad that the posts here are pure content and not those giant posts with one line of content and lots of photos and poems of people posted all over it you don’t have to sort out the junk.
    The supportive pages are great too fan fics, ideas, getting your people involved in literary posts. Its all good. Keep up the good work.

  76. O and I also like where some people go off and start doing webrpg its funny maybe some pages where they can do that too.

  77. i will go with the chat-room!
    it’s much better (and real-time..and saves the time we have to wait till the whole page reloads)

    (seriously, why is there no chat room??? there are so many things about the comment-ors i want to know….come on! put a chatroom in here already!!!)

  78. caption contest sounds cool (the only problem is that we will have to wait for days before someone wins…and finally the most-hilarious one is put below the picture…too little gain for a long wait, don’ you think?)

    @harshy: no…in chat-room we talk about sex…family life…girl-friends…and all the useless info…it’s just going to take another small part below the “short-cut” link…besides…it’s going to be refreshed periodically (maybe it won’t…but it’s not going to be forver there…so, that’s an automatic discourage for people to post important things on chatroom)


    *just read the “we have already taken chat-room into account…we are going through to-do list (or whatever)…but it was fun multiposting*

    so, someone said “remove bleach”
    frankly at first sight i was like “that must be a joke”
    but then i remember…things can get pretty messy when obsessed fans start talking thrash about the other..
    personally, i like ’em both…maybe i like naruto a little bit too much…

    but, there is a “moderator” thingy here…so, it’s none of my’s all upto the mods if that ever happens ^_^

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