Bleach 347 Spoiler 100% true confirmed (updated) discussion + Break down of Bleach Manga 346

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Bleach Manga 347 discussion


Hey everyone,

This is the first week that iareawesomeness has done a breakdown of Bleach manga so many of you may be first time readers.  For those few who have never visited the site before, let me tell you that I don’t take myself very seriously, I break down most issues with a tongue in cheek review, and I base most of my predictions and opinions off of emotions and not fact, which makes me wrong a lot but entertaining to argue with.  The site will do the same with Bleach that it has been done with Naruto, which means character posts, goofs and analysis are on the way.  Obviously not everyone that reads Naruto is a Bleach reader so I’m looking for authors to write on different Bleach subjects for the blog like we do for Naruto.  If you’re interested email me at and give me an idea that you’d like to write about. So with out further delay…

One two

If you think this is bad, you should see the other guy! What? The other guy looks good huh? Well, hmmm this is bad isn't it...


Ichigo is having a ruff go at Ulquiorra and I know how the cycle goes but this time it seems different.  It’s not the typical underdog battle that we are used to, where Ichigo doesn’t get any respect from his enemy until he digs really deep and pulls off the upset.  This time Ulquiorra seems to be playing with Ichi and I’m thinking this is going to be the end of the story arc.  Ulquiorra easily cracked Ichi’s hollow mask and as we see later in the issue, Ichi doesn’t change the tide much…


Jeremiah: Shhhh... Inoue... *puts arms around her* it's ok... let me comfort you... Orihime: Ummm errrrmmm is that ur


 Orihime is so calm now… her demeanor has totally changed since her experience in Hueco Mundo.  Who knows what direction her character will take after this arc settles and the character development starts again.  Let me know in the comments section what you think Inoue’s future in the manga will be like.  Until then we’ll vote on how big a part she will be once the dust settles. 

With Orihime back it’s pretty much mission accomplished.  Many of us want to see Ichi win every fight but can’t we keep some in the tank for another story arc?  This arc has been massive and the key was getting Orihime back so is there any reason to have this battle continue any longer?  In my opinion, no.  I’ll explain more after I get an idea of where you guys stand…

If someone tells you to do something to them, it's usually because they like it... Ulquiorra, that kinky freak...

Have you ever had to back peddle because someone doesn't understand the concept of personal space...

 Ulquiorra obviously does not fear Ichigo at all.  He knows his limits, he’s measured him up and he knows that he is just that much stronger.  It’s like in any fight, if the opposition offers you a free chance to hit them then it’s usually to intimidate the opponent.  Sometimes its just for sadistic purposes (see Kenpachi) but not every one is looking to get off on pain.  In this case it’s like Ulquiorra is showing Ichigo that he should run and run quickly, not try to humiliate him while kicking his ass.


I'm... Batman!

After Ichigo fires off Gatsuga, Ulquiorra is completely unharmed and doesn’t even really seem amused at Ichigo’s level of power.  Ulquiorra has been one of my favorite characters since he arrived on the scene so I almost hesitate as I write about his power because I want him to be as strong, or stronger than Ichigo.   Is that a bad thing?

Another thing about that panel that I’d like to point out is that Ulquiorra mentions that Ichigo is “Just human after all.”  This is interesting if you think about the possibility of the next or future story lines.  The Captains have mentioned that these humans may be Shinigami one day when they come to Soul Society.  Who’s to say that Ichigo has hit his limit and Ulquiorra is about to send him to Soul Society the hard way.  What would Ichigo’s limit be if not tied down by the restraints of being human?  Something to chew on considering the situation that he’s in.

Gaaaaah! Who turned out the lights?

Gaaaaah! Who turned out the lights?

The big thing this issue was Ulquiorra’s ability to use black cero or Cero Oscuras as he calls it.  Ichigo gets enveloped in the darkness which he seems to have taken head on.  Is Ichigo going to win this fight or is he going to just barely get away with his life… or >_< without his life.  What do you think?

Well that’s about it for this issue.  I didn’t realize how different it would be writing about Bleach rather than Naruto… I feel like a fish out of water >_< But it’s the first time so I’m sure it will feel like home soon.  Let me know what you think in the comments section and hopefully we can have the same great discussions about Bleach that we do with Naruto ^_^  I’m not sure if the same spoiler hunters from the Naruto section read Bleach so feel free to post links to spoilers once they start coming out in the comments section and I’ll be posting them as they hit the net as well.




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  2. Awesomeness post its nice to see Bleach as well.
    I really didnt think id get 1st though…my net is being completely CR@P!!
    I would have got 1st sooner..

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  4. HOLY S**T IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!! 3rd!!!

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  6. ahh crap big J your going to force me into this new addiction full force arnt you 😉

  7. thank you thank you thank you!!!

    Finally! Bleach analysis!!!!!

    And Ichigo needs to figure something out….I don’t think he’s gonna make it. Someone is gonna have to come save his ass methinks.

  8. I’ve been waiting to see Ulquiorra’s released form for aggggeeeesss.
    But he does sort of remind me of dracula now…even without a released Zampato.
    BTW i think this is the 1st time we have seen a Vastro lord espada in his released form.
    Grimmjaw was a adjuncus. And Noriata im assuming was a adjuncus to. So i wonder what the top 3 espada will look like in there released form?

    Espada 2 reminds me of that useless old guy thats about to die in the dub in the bount filler. They both sit down lots to…maybe Kubo had ideas from the filler? I thought he’d be Espada 1 actually…didnt Espada 2 say he was in charge now that Aizen is “flamed” I thought Espada 1 would be in charge…but number 1 is lazy….Aizens orders i guess 🙂

  9. @ Ms.Mandi~i want Hollow Ichigo to save the day with his Cero.

  10. WOOT WOOT! Greta job Jeremiah you have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to discuss Bleach with someone here…*looks around with crazed eyes* where the hell is everybody. *feels depressed* This is Bleach people COME ON! Anyway, I don’t think the story is gonna take the kill Ichigo route because they developed his personal life to much in the manga. His school, friends, and family will all be cut out if he’s dead because they wouldn’t be able to see him anymore. Bleach always reminded me of Yu Yu Hakusho especially if you compare the main characters in both anime Ichigo and Yusuke. If you haven’t seen the show I don’t wanna give to much a way but both characters are stubborn, regular humans with high spiritual levels, both died to some degree to become a shinigami/spirit detective, both used to protect their world and the spiritual world. The similarities are uncanny. Basically what I’m saying is that if Ichigo does die it’ll only be for a brief period of time before he’s brought back to his body just like in Yu Yu Hakusho. Yes, Orihime will play a major role in the upcoming story arc because I believe that the story was just beginning to build up her character the entire time for this arc. We’ve seen what she’s capable of doing and next arc we’ll see put it to use. Maybe she’ll even save Ichigo from the brink of death. I’m counting on it. Oh yeah, *smacks Jeremiah’s hand on Ibiki’s shoulder* Orihime’s mine sir! *_* lol, ok ummm…I also can’t wait for the development of the characters like Chad, Rukia, and Ishida. Alright, long enough post I may be thinking about becoming a writing Jeremiah! Ja 0_0

  11. “I’m…Batman” LMAO! XD

  12. yay!! now all i got to do i start reading bleach!!! only 347 chapters to read.. YEAH!!!

  13. Ichigo will go super saiyan you heard it here first…wait wrong anime..

    lol but seriously things are looking bleak for Ichigo, I would love to see Isshin pop up out of nowhere and save Ichigo’s ass lol

  14. @Burningace: Orihime’s is the only one gonna be saving ass here…YEAH! You heard it first here! ;p

    @reflex: Lol, you better start buddy! @_@

  15. I think Orihime Inoue will have lots to do in the manga eventually. Her powers have become mysterious…whats happened to her with these mysterious power ups? I think she’ll play a bigger part latter and have to make an important choice.
    But heck! Its hell of a lot better than preaching on the sidelines just thinking “Kurosaki-Kun” all the time. bed…
    (sorry i just re-read those comments…had to type it :P)

    I wonder if there are beds in mundo? 😦

  16. Well we all know whe loves “Kurosaki-Kun” (dammit) so yeah who knows what she’s thinking when she whispers his name so soft like that under her sweet silky breath…huh…lost my train of thought there. 😉

  17. gosh i remember when scorp tried getting this section off the ground ohh so long ago…

    uliqurra (forgive me on the names i read through the series as rather quickly and have devoted very little time to it in comparison to naruto, i do know the character descriptions, and what not but i just haven’t bothered with the names….) is by far the most interesting character to me and i can’t help but corrilate him into what kabuto was, except he is obviously way more bad ass and won’t have his ass handed to him via a rasengan any time soon. I like him and would like to see him around more. he may be a number four but i think he may be the strongest considering with four captains and ichigo around, aizen has trusted him enough to deal with them and protect heco mundo. But if he isn’t the strongest i feel sorry for ice captain against the number three, and can’t wait for when numbers 1 and 2 fight the other captains.

  18. WHOA, typo I didn’t mean to say “whe” (that’s not even a real word) I meant *she*!

  19. @ supertrek: who wins Hinata or Orohime??

  20. Yeah, he isn’t the strongest overall. Aizen left him in charge because he’s the strongest there NOW after 3,2, and 1 left with Aizen to take on the captains. I also feel sorry for Toshiro (the ice captain 😉 ) because he doesn’t even have a completed Bakai yet, poor kid’s about to get his a$$ handed to him.

  21. At least Inoue has company now…(in bed)
    She lives alone
    Whilst at home.
    Espada 1 Stark-He’s so lazy like Shunsui Kyouraku.

    (oh yes remember peps…
    i was 1st
    in the 1st
    ever Bleach thread)
    Anyways goodnight.

  22. @burningace: LOL….Hinata no debate. Orihime is to damned timid even compared to Hinata. Orihime hasn’t won any battle by herself not that I can remember of and she only has those fragile earrings for her power. Hinata beat the s**t outta those bug freaks back in the filler and she’s a ninja…a sexy ninja! In sexiness though Orihime wins hands down! I think you know why…0_0

  23. what a coincidence. on the first two post i was the 11th vote and the 12th vote, which evened them out to all 33% whew…let me go check out the third one…haha unlucky 13… anyways good summary of this episode…
    i kinda hope ichigo atleast pulls something out his hat…oh wait thats urahara….whoops sorry ichigo….good luck..

  24. im waiting for the battle between the espada and Shunsui…both the same kinda personality and probably the best of the captains after general commander yamato and ukitake and the 4th Division women captain…whats her name…damn shes gonna kill me next too… *pendelum series for those who dont know what im talking about*
    hey jeremiah you should have a poll and section about captains bankai’s that we haven’t seen and match ups with their release/bankai forms…that would be pure awesomeness…

  25. Oh yeah, the espada Shusuni is fighting is number 1. So appareantly Shusuni is the strongest of the captains to be figting him or at leaast that’s what we hope or another a$$ kicking is coming the good guys way.

  26. I think Uruhara is gonna save ichigo and eventually ichigo will learn how to do a full hollow release. THis means he will probly return to his inner hollow world and learn some new moves besides getsuga and eventually how to control hollow transformation

  27. I don’t think Ichigo will die, his body is still safe with Kon. Should Ichigo fail to meet those duties he would gladly take it upon himself to continue the job, fighting Arrancar, staring at Rukia, using Bankai, staring at Orihime, protecting Karakura town, feeling from Tatsuki for staring, fighting Aizen, biting Renji’s finger, talking to Zangetsu, dodging Isshin’s family moments and getting smacked by Matsumoto for staring. With Urahara around it can go like this for a while.

    Following that weren’t the others left in Karakura training to help Ichigo, and if Ulquiorra is batman does that make Ichigo the joker. I would like the arc to end after knowing what happens to Karakura town.

    I sort of hope Ichigo doesn’t win as easily, right now Ulquiorra is the equivalent of Pain/Nagato in Naruto. Both are clearly more powerful than the protagonists. In addition Naruto and Ichigo have won so many fights by then there needs to be a villain the characters don’t surpass. Also part of you doesn’t want to see Ulquiorra or Pain/Nagato lose.

  28. Pure Awesomeness Jeremiah. Ulquiorra’s line, “Your only human,” struck me as odd, but I didn’t connect the dots. Your theory about Ichigo dying is intriguing. I think it could shake the story line up completely. Ten or twelve chapters of his friends fighting Aizen and grieving Ichigo’s death. Then another dozen chapters of Yoruichi and Urahara training the newly minted, full blown shinigami, Ichigo. Then just as old man Yamamoto is about to lose to Aizen, those three show up and the battle really begins.

    I’ve got a suggestion for one more option on poll question number four. “No, the beast, Zaraki Kenpachi, shows up to save Ichigo’s A$$…again.”

  29. man…there is no way ichigo can win this fight….absolutely no way…

  30. gaaaah!
    Naruto’s ‘nef of a distraction already…i WILL NOT START READING BLEACH NO MATTER HOW GOOD IT IS!!!

    (at least that’s what i swear to myself….and i’ll stick to it)

  31. My new gravatar finally made it just in time. HELL YA, I love Bleach but Naruto a little more.

    Unless Ichi gets more access to his hollow, He is in serious trouble. He has already been killed by Ulqui, and now Ulqui is seemingly unstoppable. I think he’s gonna return a cero of his own imo

  32. oh, sweet it didn’t actually show my new gravatar

  33. What is that! some puerto rican dude with a santa cap???

  34. @harshytkage Just read it during chapter breaks, or whenever you find the the time. I got pretty far during the Naruto Hitus and finally caught up to the newer chapters.

  35. @shinobimadness, is it soi fong?

  36. That is Renji from bleach, his hair is red and he has a white banana. Though thinking about it, from a distance it does look like a santa clause cap.

  37. @Harshyt yeah, it’s only a little more than 6000 pages

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  39. so it did show up. i still see my old one for some reason

  40. If you have Firefox, go to tools and clear your private data, more specifically either your cache or cookies. The image stays because your computer is still reading older data. If you have Internet Explorer clear both your cookies, and check delete offline files if I am remembering right.

  41. now it’s back to the olg one…

  42. heh…so is mine…

  43. @blackoreanboi: D’no, but it would be a break from the (just my own opinion) strict formula that Bleach follows, if Ichigo were to lose.

  44. Woot! It’s shiny bright in here. Congrats on the Bleach launch…I’m still way too behind to comment usefully…but it’s good to see this page up!! 😀

  45. hey ibi… im a lil far behind too… im on chapter #6 😀 …. not bad ehhhh? just a BIT farther to go 😉

  46. thanks 兇漢渦巻 (is that kyotou or someone else). Ichigo is supposed to almost lose, come back rediculusly stronger, struggle and win. Do you think dying the first time qualifies, or is that just him being almost beat? What if his real body dies while he’s fighting and can’t go back to earth? sorry i’m rambling

  47. Just wanted to say how awesomeness it is to finally see Bleach pop up on here ^_^ I’m pretty tired, so for now I’ll just say that I don’t wanna see Ulquiorra lose either. That, and how friggin cool was that to see him unleash his zanpakuto?! I’ve been waiting to see that for forever!

  48. yes, i was actually expecting his mask to resemble an evil knight, but whatever, they pulled it off

  49. hmmm…I just got the portal credits song stuck in my head. This is for the Bleach post!

    “This was a triumph. I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.


    We do what we must because we can. For the good of all of us, except the ones who are dead.

  50. Just so people know the names of the current Espada.
    Espada 1=Stark
    Espada 2=Barragan Luisenbarn
    Espada 3=Halibel
    Espada 4=Ulquiorra Schiffer
    Espada 5=Nnoitra Jiruga
    Espada 6=Grimmjaw Jeagerjaques
    Espada 7=Zommari Leroux
    Espada 8=Szayel Aporro Granz
    Espada 9=Aaroniero Arruruerie
    Espada 10=Yammy

  51. I have a feeling that the vizard will start to come into the fight once the captains are on the back foot.

  52. I don’t think Ichigo will lose to Ulquiorra…He will lose to himself (or have Nel save his ass). “the horse will take the king’s place” said by H-Ichigo. If that is not foreshadowing H-Ichigo taking over Ichigo I don’t know what is.

  53. I want to see more of H Ichigo.
    Maybe his appearance will have summut to do with Vizards.
    Speaking of which…i wonder what some of the Vizards Bankai (or even shikai) is?

  54. @ Erosennin – Ichigo doesn’t always win. Remember he lost to Grimmjow and Byakuya before later beating them. I’m thinking the same may be the case here.

  55. Nice 1 Jeremiah, at last bleach is here.hihi..

    The vizards will eventually come out. As what one of them said that, its time to pay back aizen or something, they will eventually join the “fun”. But will ichigo’s father join the “fun”? And another thing, does ichigo’s father’s dress represents more than a captain’s in rank? Well to me it all fits, at the turn back pendulum episodes of bleach. They said that one of the captain has been promoted to be a royal guard. It must means that one of the royal guards quit. Ichigo’s father is the only one, who would fit that part, given his diffrent outfit…

    What do you guys think?

  56. hehe. What’s so funny is the part where ulquiorra goes “kurosaki ichigo, use getsuga.” Love that part. And it’s fun to notice the vizards were once captains in seireitei. That one part where that vizard captain(can’t remember his name) tells Aizen(in the current fillers) he’s noticed him ever since he was in his mother’s stomach is very cool. I’m also looking forward to how ichigo reacts to ulquoirra’s full powered cero.

  57. ok. I don’t really follow the bleach manga as much as i do naruto, so i hope you all bear with me. Does anyone know if espadas i,2 and 3 are now fighting? And i’m sure gin, tousen and aizen are long ways off from fighting.

  58. @ajd no i just found out its unohana retsu who i was talking bout…i had to watch the first penedelum series anime to figure it out….
    @totalitarianhypnosis well Captain Commander Yamoto used his zanpaktou to prevent them from fightin for the moment so aizen, tousen and gin are just chillin in a encasement of fire… so its just the espadas fighting with there faccion or thier equivilent of a vice captain. So far only Ukitake hasn’t unsheathed his zanpaktou if i can recall…
    @ vince 1987 i think ichigos dad was a level of a captain but not a captain since there is limited seating…thats why he had the thing on his shoulder…plus to become a royal guard you have to have been a captain i think based off the manga…i wonder if kind of zanpaktou he has? like son like father?….Does the vizards still talk to urahara, tessa and yoruchi from time to time since they helped them?

  59. @totalitarianhypnosis
    the primera espada is fighting with one of the captains, espada 2 is not and the espada 3 is also fighting.

  60. @shinobimadness
    ahh i see.. But what if he was a captain long before the pendulum starts and he got promoted to royal guard? that would be possible right?

    His zanpaktou might not be like ichigo… i think it would be like his personality.=p

  61. @totalitarian: The anime is not doing fillers right now. They’re currently covering the ‘Turn Back The Pendelum’ arc of the manga. The part where captain Hirako tells Aizen he’s noticed him ever since he was in his momma’s womb was pretty damn cool though. 🙂

    @Everyone else: My prediction is that of many others. The vizards will definitely come in to play to help out the captains fighting over in the fake Karakura Town. If Ichigo is getting his bleached a$$ kicked with his hollow mask on by a number 4 espada and Ichigo is on a captains level. (Remember he BEAT Zenpachi without the zanpaktou or hollow mask and stood toe-to-toe with Byakua) Then the captains down in the real world are in for a world of pain when espadas 3 and under release their forms! I wonder though if they have permission to release their forms in the real world. We already know the capatins took the precaution of releasing their seals to fight at full power without worrying about collateral damage. Anyway, the vice-captains are basically useless as most of them are half dead already and once Aizen and his top espada are free from that fire barrier the captains, and Yamato, are going to need some serious backup. The Vizards! +_+

  62. Here is another spoiler from 2ch, its from the same person for the 3 Naruto Spoilers.

    Bleach Spoiler # 1
    Source: 2ch (ttp://


    446 :名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さい:2009/02/23(月) 01:55:59 ID:9wjIwV6S0
      白夜  VS  ウルキオラ

    白「散れ 千本桜」
          挽回   千本桜影義」

    ウ「鎖せ ムルシエラゴ」


  63. Lol, TY Kyouto wish I could read Japanese though. 😉

  64. actually supertrek kenpachi and byuka could unleash all their power inside seirtei because of their sheer reiatsu strentgh which is why there is a fake karakau town so that they can fight with all they have thats why they had urahara build it…if im not mistaken it was captain commander yamato who asked him right around the time ichigo was training for his hollow mask..

  65. *couldn’t

  66. @chairmankage… im not sure because after they become royal guard not much is said other than the fact they protect the king or god there…beside it would have been right around the time him and ichigo’s mom got together because ishidas dad said its been 20 yrs since he saw him a shimigami and ichigo is around 16 or close 17 now. its possible tho

  67. It’s been just fight after fight for so long, that it’s starting to really lack any character development. After the first arc, Bleach has really become DragonballZ with swords. Bad guys here….go to badguy….fight badguy…..another bad guy is over here……go there….punch him….save world…..power up…..dragonballs.

  68. @ imover9000 – Very true. I liked the first story arc better but I think some character development is on the way very soon…

  69. @shinobimadness: Actually once Kenpachi’s eyepatch was taken off he fought Ichigo at his full power then inside of Seireitei. And Byakua unleashed his bankai inside Seireitei so he was fighting at his full power too. Captains are allowed to unleash their full power, their bankais, when fighting inside of soul society. It’s only when they are fighting in the real world that they need permission to release their seals and fight at full power. Which is why yes, Yamato had Urahara create the fake Karakura Town so all the captains can fight at full power without worrying about seals and stuff.

  70. @jeremiah – I really hope so. As much as I love the fights, they’ve kind of made a mockery of Bankai and sword releases. If everyone can do it, why in the world are they so surprised each time. It’s like when everyone started turning super saiyan just to make another DBZ reference.

    I’m waiting for the next level. Ichigo’s going to go full hollow or something. Maybe he’ll unleash another level of sword release beyond bankai. However, there hasn’t been any foreshadowing of another possible level, and we all know that foreshadowing is a necessity for manga to have a story arc change.

    I have a feeling that Ichigo is going to die again and have a Jesus moment (or Superman after Doomsday moment) where he comes back to life stronger. Oh wait, they already did that. Ulgy alread killed Ichigo once. There’s only so many times that Bleach can recycle the same storyline.

    My guess is that the Vizards are going to interfere and rescue Ichigo, but I don’t know if they will even stand a chance against “Batman”

  71. @imover9000: Wait when did Ichigo die? I can’t seem to remember this. Can you point out that chapter please?

  72. @Supertrek- In the first chapter, in order to become a shinigami, Ichigo let’s Rukia skewer him with her Zanpakutou. That started this whole journey. Although he didn’t really die, he did become a substitue shinigami.

  73. Yeah I see, so Ichigo didn’t really die as I thought imover9000 was saying. Going back to chapter 1 I just noticed something. How could Ichigo’s dad let that happen to his own family? If he had the power of a captain even then how could he let that weak hollow almost kill what’s left of his family? Presumably he was faking his injuries and his unconsciousness to let Rukia handle it. But when she got beat how would he know Ichigo was going to step in? He couldn’t have anticipated Rukia was going to make his son a shinigami that night could he? Even though why take the risk? Is his secret that important that he should risk his own family’s safety?

  74. no..i’m referring to when Ulquiorra ripped out his heart right before he fights Grimjaw. He’s dead as *#!$. You don’t live after your chest is punched through.

    Here’s the episode where it happened…

    ulquiorra kills ichigo

    Remember? Grimjaw has Orihime bring him back? Or am I mistaken? I just assumed that since his chest was punctured, and he was lying in a pool of his own blood not breathing that he was dead.

    Anyways, here’s who I think is going to show up to fight Ulqy.

    Sorry for the long post as usual

  75. @Supertrek- That’s a good point. Make’s you wonder whether Tite had thought about Dad being a Shinigami from the outset.

    One other thing…Kenpachi fought Ichigo with his reiatsu fully released and I believe it is said that Kenpachi has the largest spiritual energy release of all the characters. However, he doesn’t have a relationship with his Zanpakutou…err doesn’t know it’s name, so he can’t go bankai, nor can he even ask it for any strength or assistance. After his battle with Ichigo, he asked his Zanpakutou for it’s name, but got no answer. If he and his sword ever get in sync, The Captain Commander better watch his backside.

    Also, when Ichigo was about to get pawned by Espada number V, Nnoitra, who came to Ichigo’s rescue? Zaraki Kenpachi… And Kenpachi defeated a fully released Nnoitra.

  76. Ichigo technically did die his first fight in las noches. Inoue reversed time to bring him back to life. So, yes, he has died.
    seems pretty dead

  77. @Jdb: Hmmm…you’re probably about Tite. A lot of manga artist/creators come up with stuff they didn’t think about before halfway through the manga. Ichigo’s dad will probably explain his actions that night once Ichigo finds out about him. You know just to clarify why he almost let his family die. 😉

    My brother and I always joke about the consequences of Zenpachi ever releasing his bankai. We think he’ll become…oh I don’t know…a God maybe! Rivaling the God being protected by the Royal Guards even. 🙂

    About the Nnoitra thing yeah that got me a little confused. Ok, follow me here. Even though Ichigo was already hurt we KNOW he couldn’t have beaten Nnoitra because he was the number 5 Espada. Ichigo BARELY managed to beat Grimmjow the number 6 Espada with his bankai AND hollow mask in play. But here comes Zenpachi 199 chapters later (From chapter 113 to 312) and he’s beating a fully released Espada and all he had to do was use TWO ARMS. If I remember correctly Zenpachi was beaten by Ichigo without his bankai OR hollow mask. So how did Zenpachi become so strong and Ichigo comparably so weak? We saw Ichigo’s training and growth in those 199 chapters, his bankai and hollow mask, but we never saw Zenpachi’s. All we can gather from the fight with Nnoitra though is that he fights with TWO ARMS now, lol big deal. His jump in power is insane from all the facts that happened between those chapters. We know he trained after his defeat by Ichigo by what he said, but what the hell did he do to become so much stronger than Ichigo? I’m putting my bet on steroids. 😉

  78. @Supertrek- I really look at the first Ichigo/Kenpachi battle as a draw. Kenpachi, said Ichigo won, but Kenpachi left the battle under his own power, whereas Yoruichi had to help Ichigo. That was when we first saw the true form of yoruichi, woohoo, but I digress. Steroids it is.

  79. @Jdb: Didn’t Yachiru (vice-captain) remove Zenpachi from the battle? But yeah I agree that it was a draw and Yoruichi said it herslef. Oh and Yoruichi’s true form is WOOHOOHOOHOO indeed! 😉

  80. SPOILER for those who have not read Bleach up to chapter 116! Yoruichi’s true form! 😉

  81. Yah, but I assume Yachiru was sitting on Kenpachi’s shoulder giving him bad directions on how to get back to headquarters.

  82. […] Source:Bleach 347 bSpoiler/b discussion + Break down of Bleach Manga 346 « I b…/b […]

  83. ttp://
    Yachiru did help him away, and I can’t imagine how exited Kenpachi was to get back into training. I think Ichigo needs to learn how to get better without relying too much on his hollow. I want him to be captain level BEFORE he uses his hollow. who knows how much experience it really takes, but hey Ichi could do it.

  84. @Ajd and Imover9000: What…dead? Lol, no…it’s just a gaping hole through his chest anybody can live from that right…right? 0_0

    Lol, alright seriously though he didn’t die but he was pretty damned close Grimmjow says, “I let you bring him back from the VERGE of death so quit your bitching!!” Alright he didn’t emphasize the word ‘verge’ but I thought I would to make my point. He was about to die and was on the verge of death but Inoue brought him back thanks to Grimmjow’s haughty pride. So as it stands now Ichigo has yet to fully and unequivocally die. 😉

  85. coooool man!!!

  86. Source:2chan



    More from the same person:



  87. Here are different translations of the text.

    [Bleach] Ichigo takes the Black Cero blast, a portion of his mask is broken.
    Meanwhile down below with Orihime and Ishida, Orihime expresses that she’d like to go up and help.
    Ulquiorra mentions a huge gap in power between himself and Ichigo, and that he’ll show him just how large it is.
    -see above-
    He says he’ll clearly show just how different their levels are.
    Ulquiorra states that he’ll show him what he’s like when he fights seriously.
    Ulquiorra completes his transformation (hinting he wasn’t through transforming before)

  88. ブリーチは黒いセロを食らって一護の仮面が割れてずたぼろ
    Ichigo’s mask got broken because of the black cero.

    Inoue expressed her thought to Ishida that she wanted to go up there.

    “I have shown you how big different our power are, so why do you still want to challenge me?”

    Ulquiorra asked Ichigo, which he replied

    No matter how different our power are, I’ll continue to fight you.

    After he said that, Ulquiorra seems to decide to give him a lesson (j/k) Well, actually it said it seemed he will seriously go on Ichigo

    Then, Ulquiorra transformed into another form. Fin~

  89. Bleach fans rejoice according to the spoiler Ulquiorra has a second form, Isshida and Orihime awant to help and Ichigo is about to get his arse kick very very very badly after Ulquiorra transforms into his second form. Still cool though…

  90. And Yammy is still at rock bottom. lol

  91. Aizen VS Head Captain Yama
    Who would win?

  92. IT would be nice to see some spoiler pics…

  93. What? Ulquiorra’s not done transforming? What is he going to grow a gadget belt and a mask now? 😉

  94. @ supertrek: Maybe SS Batman?

    Dananananananana Ulquiorra wait thats not catchy….I will stick to batman

  95. ok dont get me wrong i love bleach but i am so sick of this fight its like round 9 with these guys and all ichigo has done is die and get his ass kicked, i want to see the vizards i want to know how his dad fits in with all this, this fight has not moved the plot at all and frankly it needs to end. I love forawrd to the flaming i know is sure to come lol

  96. I don’t think this is the end for Pain, remember he went to Konoha knowing full well the power of the bijuu’s (the tailed beasts) and knowing full well that he had to take on both the village and possibly the beast too. It would be kinda sad to see Pain lose against a 6 tails Kyuubi.

  97. @Lanifl
    Aizen probably. I dont know why but i kinda like Aizen and Gin to win…ahahah.. I really think Gin is the coolest bad ass antagonist ever!

  98. moderator: accidental Naruto comment deleted so nobody gets spoiled accidently.

  99. Damn, wrong thread 😉

  100. Gin looks like he is gonna turn on Aizen at any second…I don’t know I have this stinkin feeling that he is going to turn to be with Matsumoto.

    I just have this weird feeling about it. It is more of a hunch but it seems to be true

  101. Not seems to be true but as in it feels like it is true

  102. @nighthawk00
    are you lost?

  103. @nighthawk: lol, you might wanna post that in the ‘Naruto Breakdown’. This is the ‘Bleach Breakdown’. 😉

    @burningace: lol. XD

  104. btw wtf is up with my icon i changed it like 3 days ago to something kick ass and it wont switch over any ideas on how long it normally takes?

  105. @ urisas – Well, it usually doesn’t take that long. When you go to edit ur profile pic does it show the image you uploaded? If so, this may be an image that WordPress doesn’t like due to format issues. Try a different image. If it doesn’t show when you go to update it then it never loaded.

  106. yea it shows when i go to the page maybe it is the format, thx

  107. @Jeremiah
    Ey, thanks for adding bleach thread here… Always a job well done!

  108. @urisas
    hey, the pic looks good on you!;p

  109. @ kaga – thx ^_^ good to see u commenting.

  110. @Jeremiah
    Hehe.. Ey, i was the one who sent you the theory “Uchiha Madara “Swayzed” Namikaze Minato Ghost style!” if you still remember it..

  111. I see, so my picture format is the reason i have a crap icon.

    It would be nice to see Aizen and yama’s Bankai…i suppose Aizen may not have a Bankai, he may have used his Shikai to create a fake bankai…although i doubt it.

    And maybe Vastro lord espada have 2 levels of release or summut…(S+B+H+U~[1st letters of names]) a vastro lords abilities is stronger than a captain afterall (doesnt mean stronger overall) But 2 releases would be an ability. And if Vastro lords > captains
    Then Vastro lord espada >Vastro lords > captain.

  112. @ Kaga – Ahhhh yes! Insanity at its highest level. ^_^ I really dug that. Hold on to it, we will do another theory post soon.

  113. @ lanif – I would imagine that Aizen’s is on a similar level to Urahara’s… just a guess.

  114. @Jeremiah
    lmao! Ok, i will.. I’ll also wait for that theory post too!

    @To all
    I believe aizen has a very strong bankai, if not, unique… I could never imagine the strong espadas could not do anything againts him and just follow his orders. Therefore, his bankai is a very powerful one.

  115. I think there is more to the espadas following Aizen than just his bankai. Remember when he put Grimmjow down to one knee with just his Riatsu when Grimmjow got up and left the table early? To be able to do that to Grimmjow must take an insane amount of Riatsu!

  116. Quite insane indeed… Not to mention how fooled Gotie 13 also suggest that he is very clever.

    (Cleverness + Totally insane Riatsu) x A one of a kind Zanpakutu = power over 9,000!!!!

  117. *how he fooled Gotei 13

  118. WOOOOOOOOOT its finally here. Thanks for making this

  119. I wonder if Aizen has used the Hogyoko for himself.
    Why Wouldnt he Gin and Kaname be a Vizard? If they were still just captains Gin and Tousen would be weak…

    There was an official captain stats guide i saw somewhere (cant remember where, but it was about 2 months ago) but it was inaccurate.
    Kenpachi was weak, because brains+Kido pushed him down (even though he doesn’t need it)
    Yama and Aizen were the strongest with i think 450 points each.

  120. Ichigo will win, he’ll summon up the power of the hollow garden, go to the hollow tree and defeat Ulquiorra with wholesome goodness, and a bit of chocolate and fudge as well. Also he gets “rewarded” by Orihime

  121. Forgot to mention the hollow tree contains the souls of thousands of dead keebler elves – thats where the chocolaty power comes from

  122. OK, i’m calling Ulqui resembeling a death like knight

  123. i think aizen has way more reiatsu than probably the other 7 captains excluding the captain, unohana, ukitake and shunsui seing as how they are the longest running captains..also to use the hygoken(sorry for the spelling) you have to have twice the reiatsu of a captain…he may have atleast as much as kenpachi… i fear for the general commander because aizen is one tricky bastard so he probably knows what he can do with his bankai to an extent…ohh well looks like we gotta wait to find out.. **crosses fingers urahara gets involved**

  124. I think that ichigos dad could have been the captain of say the 10th squad befor histugya as he is fairly young. This could have been cause he fell in love with ichigos mother. cause in the turn back pendulum arc there is no 10th division captian present and no 11th division captain present and they say that the old 11th division captain had just lost a fight.

  125. Doesn’t Ichigo die in the first arc after his fight with Renji and Byakugan (lol). Urahara has him in that hole and his soul chain thingy is being disolved….remember? Don’t you have to be dead to have your soul chain thing hanging out your chest? He then starts to go hollow and overcomes it for the first time to regain his spiritual energy.

    It was a long time ago, but something like that happened. Anyways, my point is that Ichigo is constantly on the cusp of death to gain more power so he really is like Goku and Vegeta from DragonballZ

  126. Chapter Summary~ Posted by Annie From BA
    Forum: ttp://
    Quote:Continues from the last chapter, after Ulquiorra shot the black cero at Ichigo his mask is completely destroyed. The impact is so strong that the top of a dome is gone. The whole Las Noches shakes and even Ishida and Orihime could feel it. Orihime calls Ishida and asks him if his power could carry her to the top of the dome. Ishida wants to reject her request but meets with her pleading eyes and word. He couldn’t refuse her.

    A scene cuts to Ichigo and Ulquiorra. His mask is gone but the black/golden eyes remain. His bankai coat is gone and only has a hakama left. Ichigo tries to gain his balance mid air but Ulquiorra appears and kicks him makes him hit the dome. Ulquiorra tells Ichigo even though his form and attacks are similar to arrancars but the difference is too great. He says while it is clever to act like a hollow yet using shinigami or human powers, it doesn’t make humans equal to the hollows. Ichigo’s still persistent, he slowly getting up, holding his sword tightly while his eyes are slowly turning into human he whispers, “Getsuga….”

    “I said this is useless!!!!!!” Ulquiorra screams and hit Ichigo with his sword. Ichigo hits the dome. Ulquiorra follows him and grabs his neck lifting him up from the ground.

    “Why won’t you drop your sword? You’ve seen the difference in our powers.”

    “Difference in powers….so what?” He stars right back at Ulquiorra, “If you are stronger than me so I should quit? I know from the start that you are stronger. Until now, no matter how many times I see your strength it won’t change my mind…”

    Ichigo smiles intensely at Ulquiorra, “I will defeat you, Ulquiorra.” And that makes Ulquiorra let go of Ichigo.

    “How ridiculous, Kurosaki Ichigo. Your words are of those who don’t know the true despair.” Ichigo looks confused at Ulquiorra before feeling the change in Ulquiorra’s reiatsu.

    His long white coat is gone and the only left is his wings revealing his chest where liquid like blood is flowing out from his hollow hole. The lower part is covered in something similar to black fur. His arms turn black from the elbows to finger tips. His white eyes turn black and the marks under his eyes are wider. The hollow mask turns into the horns.

    “If you don’t know then I will tell you. This is the true form of despair.”

    A note:
    -Seems like Ishida has inner monologue regarding whether he should accept Orihime’s request or not.

    -A guy comments Ulquiorra’s form resembles the Devil Man.

    -Ulquiorra raises his voice for the first time.

  127. Uh oh, somebody finally got on Ulquiorra’s nerve enough for him to *gasp* raise his voice! Lol, the only thing that would make this better is if Ulquiorra’s face turned red from anger! XD…but alas it’s only black and white. 😦

  128. […] Bleach 347 Spoiler 100% true confirmed (updated) discussion + Break down of Bleach Manga 346 Bleach Manga 347 […]

  129. orihime is going to die and H-Ichigo is going to show up.

  130. what’s all this with ulquoirra stealing the show? Ichigo hardly even gets a break, and next thing he unleashes something new. But do you all think it’s time we saw a whole hollow ichigo? That would be monstrous strength.

  131. Another theory is that Orihime could get killed or captured, then Nel saves Ichigo and takes him someplace safe to teach him a new attack or something like the Espada’s released form.

  132. @ totalitarian it would be awesome but it would forever keep ichigo a hollow…remember when he was learning hollow ichigo said if he even lets his guard down he’s gonna take him out…well if he goes full hollow theres no coming back….so i doubt he’ll let him take control just to fight ulquoirra when HE came there to save orihime ….however it is a good idea

  133. @shinobimadness-well not necessarily. Ichigo’s used it before as a defence mechanism. I mean not the full hollow form, just from the chest area to the head. What i’m talking about is the hollow mask covering ichigo’s body. What i believe you’re talking about is the struggle between ichigo’s real personality and his hollow personality. His hollow personality told him he’ll accept to be controlled by him because he is stronger(ichigo won the battle between him and his hollow personality,) but should ichigo ever wane in strength, his hollow personality will erode him.

  134. thanks thats what i meant to say

  135. Ichi’s gunna have to do summut otherwise-FAILURE (will be tolerated by us…)

  136. man . . .i gotta start reading this manga. . . . starting from chapter 1

  137. Thank you thank you thank you thank yooooooooooooou…… for getting bleach analysis on too. THANK YOU!

  138. nice pic stagged…i wanted to have urahara but chose shunsui

  139. I think batspada is going to beat up ichigo real bad… inoue is going to repair him… then urahara will get them all just in time… meanwhile back on earth the vizaados are easily going to rid of espadas… aizen going to run away because he is just playing…. i think he just wants to lure the vizaados out and test their powers… his real power is in the final arrancar that he is developing – the most powerful hollow type… the ones still developing for which he has left batspada protecting menos whatever the place is called… that is when we will, i think, get to see vizaado real power, urahara’s power and when ichigo will defeat batspada… that is why i think batspada is going to win but ichigo is still gonna live. AND….:) I am sooo happy! Thank you very much… 😐 I know I am saying that too many times but 😀 still THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I AM SOOOO HAPPY!

  140. @ shinobimadness .. thank you… just search google images for urahara 😛

  141. i would really like to see captain unohana get involved with ulloquia*can never spell his name right* because she went to hueco menos with the intent of fighting and healing…plus we never seen her fight so it would make sense for her since ichigo is messed up…comeone his shoes are gone and half his clothes are gone…she’s gotta step in because renji, rukia are fighting, and kenpachi/byukua are recovering from their previous fights…so it would only fair if she gets some screen time…we haven’t seen her bankai and only part of her shika…

  142. Damn, another great chapter! Ichigo was extra badass in this one even with half of Ulquiorra’s foot shoved up his ass. 😉 Now only if Naruto would grow some cajones like Ichigo and say some macho s**t. Not, “I don’t know…I just don’t know…” (Naruto the pussy) WTF is that Naruto make me BELIEVE you’re the destined child dammit. Get up and kick some ass…wait what’s that…6 tails awww s**t it’s about to go down!

  143. So when the heck is the next weekly Bleach update? Sunday, Monday?
    I was expecting a Fri….. or Sat at latest.

  144. @º : Lol, I had to copy and paste your name because I can’t find the degrees icon on my freaking keyboard! Anyway, I believe they may have a shortage of writers. They had their hands full already with just Naruto going on, but don’t take my word for it because I really don’t have the behind the scenes access to the inner workings of this site. I wouldn’t expect the Bleach update to come out until Sunday…maybe even later if I’m right though.

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