The Night A Hero Was Born!

This is Scorpion Legacy with what was going to be a Minato, Kushina and Rin Gaiden.   I was going to create three different Gaidens for Minato, Kushina and Rin by creating a story and supporting with information from the manga.   After procrastinating for about three weeks, I decided that just saying something like… “in chapter 123 naruto had an aneurysm, so he must have had a copper deficiency as a child” would be boring to the reader, so I wrote a story about the Kyuubi’s attack on Konoha…


As a full moon casts light into the darkness of night, two people stand in the shadows over a memorial for the fallen.

(Rin and Kakashi stand over the memorial for fallen ninja, dressed in ANBU uniforms)

Rin:  It is such a silent night… You can hear the cicadas creating a beautiful ballad for Obito.

(Kakashi slowly shifts his eyes from the memorial and looks at Rin with a distant sadness in his eyes.)

Rin:  Sensei said Kushina had the baby tonight.  (A smile crosses Rin’s face) You might have to teach Sensei’s child how to be a ninja someday…you should visit him soon.

Kakashi:  (A sad smile comes across Kakashi’s face)…yeah, I will visit him soon.

Rin:  It has been a long time since the day Obito died…(Kakashi turns his head back toward the memorial) I wish to have the happiness that Minato Sensei and Kushina have.

Kakashi:  You know we can never have that happiness…

(A small tear runs down Rin’s face as Kakashi keeps his gaze on the memorial)

Rin:  I know how you feel, but I will always love you…even if you don’t love me back.   (Rin turns away from Kakashi and stares into the moon above the dark woods that cover the land of fire)…Baka…(Rin takes off angrily into the woods as Kakashi slowly turns his head to look at her.  Kakashi looks up at the moon with a sad look upon his face)

Kakashi:  hmm…well I better go pay a visit to Minato Sensei.

(The door opens to a small room in Konoha hospital and Kakashi walks in.  Minato is standing over a bed that holds his wife Kushina and newborn child Naruto.  Sarutobi is standing near the door as Kakashi enters the room.)

Kakashi:  Congragulations Sensei, what is his name?

Minato:  (Minato looks warmly at Kushina) Naruto.

(Back in the forest of Rin sits at the base of an old tree looking at a picture of team Minato remembering the time they spent together.  But suddenly, the nostalgic look on Rins face disappears when she senses a sinister presence at the edge of the forest near Konoha.  Rin runs as fast as she can toward the massive sinister chakra.  Just after frantically clearing the trees she finds a mysterious Uchiha who has just summoned the evil Kyuubi.)

Rin:  Who are you?  Why are you emitting such an evil chakra?  (Rin says in a panicked voice.)

Madara:  (He turns to Rin and says)  That is none of you concern, little girl.

(With swift movements Madara stabs Rin in the chest with his sword.  Blood slowly runs down Rin’s chest as Madara pulls his sword from her chest.  Rin falls to the ground, bearly able to breathe, and coughing up blood.  Madara looks back at the fallen Rin as she was breathes her last breaths. )

Rin:  Kakashi… (Rin says with her very last breath.)

(Back at the hospital the tone switched from happy to serious in the blink of an eye when they realize the evil chakra of the Kyuubi has just appeared.)

Kakashi:  Rin!  (Kakashi runs out the door as fast as he can.)

Minato:  (a very serious tone in his voice) Kushina watch Naruto, I have to protect village.

Kushina:  (A worried look comes over Kushina’s face) I am going too, the village is not only yours to protect.

Minato:   No, you have to stay here with Naruto.  If you die then Naruto won’t have any family left.

Kushina:  No, you are wrong if the village gets destroyed, Naruto won’t have any family left.  This village is my family and if I am not there to protect it what kind of mother would I be.

Minato:  I can never win with you, can I.  (Minato says as the seriousness disappears and a smile comes across his face.)

Sarutobi:  I will watch Naruto, you two go and protect the village.

Minato:  Thank you Sarutobi.

(A massive battle takes place in the village as the Konoha ninja attack the Kuybi.  Kakashi runs past the Kyuubi and heads toward the woods where Rin was.  Minato and Kushina left the hospital and are on their way to the battle. )

Minato:  I have the feeling that someone is behind the Kuybi attack, I want you to follow Kakashi and try to find who is behind this.  I will hold back the Kyuubi.

Kushina:  Right, good luck.

(Kakashi arrives where Rin last was and finds her dead body just outside of the woods.  Kakashi holds Rins body in his arms and starts to cry.  Kushina arrives seconds later horrified at what took place.)

Kushina:  Kakashi…

(A shadowy figure steps out from the darkness of the forest.)

Kakashi:  BASTARD!!!  YOU KILLED RIN!  WHO ARE YOU?  UCHIHA!  (Kakashi starts Chidori)

Kushina:  Kakashi STOP! You’ll throw your life away. Take Rin to the hospital and help protect the villagers from the Kyuubi… I AM NOT GOING TO LET YOU DIE, THAT’S AN ORDER!

(Kakashi reluctantly stops his chidori, picks up Rin and takes off in the direction of the hospital)

Kushina:  Who are you?  Why are you attacking the village, Uchiha?

Madara:  You don’t need to know who I am, but this peace is so boring.  This peaceful village sickens me, I bring back the embers of war.

Kushina:  I see.  I must stop you, even if it costs my life.

(Kushina and Madara start to fight.  Madara is stronger the Kushina, but Kushina evades Madara with Hiraishin no Jutsu:  Flying thunder god jutsu.  Minato knows that if Kushina is using the Hiraishin no Jutsu, the opponent is very powerful, and he knew only one person could summon the Kyuubi…Madara.  Minato knows Kushina could not handle someone like Madara on her own; he also knows that he cannot stop the Kyuubi and save Kushina at the same time.  There is only one thing left to do…Sealing Jutsu: Reaper Death Seal.  Minato sends a Kage Bushin via Hiraishin no Jutsu to Kushina.)

Minato Kage bushin:  (whispers to Kushina) Kushina I am going to save the village by using that jutsu.

Kushina:  I understand, I just wish you could have seen Naruto grow up.  (Kushina says, with sadness in her voice.)

Minato Kage bushin:  I wish that too…The sealing jutsu is ready now you have to hold him still so I can grab him, we only have one shot.

Kushina:  Understood.

(Kushina and Minato attack Madara,  Kushina manages to get behind Madara and grab him.  Minato moves to take his soul but Madara breaks free and slashes Minato’s Kage bushin.  With this Minato knows that Madara will not be defeated and Kushina will die.  Minato sees Kakashi passing by with Rin in his arms.)

Minato:  Kakashi! Hurry and tell Sarutobi to bring Naruto to me!

Kakashi:  Yes, Sensei!

(As Kakashi rushes to the hospital, Kushina continues to fight Madara.  Kushina was not doing well, she has wounds all over her body and she is weak from child birth earlier that day.  She rushes up to Madara and his blade stabs her in the chest)

Kushina:  (covered in her own blood, a sword stuck in her chest) I will protect this village and my family by taking your curséd eyes.  (She takes a Kunai and destroys Madara’s eyes. She knows Minato will stop the Kuybi and that Madara is no longer a problem.  Kushina takes her final breath and dies.)

(Minato seals the Kyuubi into Naruto, Kakashi and Sarutobi can only stand by and watch.)

Minato: Sarutobi, I want Naruto to grow up as a normal boy in the village.  You will have to be Hokage once more. I am sorry old friend.

Sarutobi: I will

Minato: (He puts the last of the Kyuubi into Naruto) I love you, Son.

(Days later at the hokage’s office)

Kakashi:  I have to find the Uchiha who…I want revenge.

Sarutobi:  Revenge is a dangerous path, one that you should not travel.

Kakashi:  I don’t care. I must.

(So Kakashi sets out to get revenge, the elders do not trust the Uchiha Clan and Naruto loses his parents.)




~ by サソリの遺産 Scorpion Legacy on February 22, 2009.

48 Responses to “The Night A Hero Was Born!”

  1. first?

  2. sweet im actually first lol great story i loved it

  3. 2nd

  4. *Summons Harshykage, Superreflex & Penny and Jumps Reflex with Kage Bushin


  5. The story was good, not sure thats how it would have gone down but it is entertaining *Summons Jeremiah and pulls his right earlobe to bring out eiliem, Ibiki, jdb44 and totalitarianhypnosis. Third with *Maito Guy appears from out of nowhere* 9 bodies of awesomeness

  6. yeah top 5

  7. @Kyouto…Yeah, I don’t think this is how it went down. I just wrote a story that could have happened with the information we have from the manga so far.

  8. I still think Kushina is dead, there isn’t much known about her however if she were alive I don’t think she would leave Naruto in the village alone. Also, Minato’s last wish was for the village to treat Naruto as a hero, he wouldn’t need to do that if Kushina was still alone because she sounded like the type who would make that happen if she had the opportunity. Ither than that as I said the story seemed well planned. I would have liked to see more Jutsu. *Rock Lee appears* The awesomeness it is complete.

  9. @Scorpion Legacy I just missed your comment, will you write more of these?

  10. @Kyouto… I don’t know, if people like this I will. If people don’t like this, I will not.

  11. WTF kyouto… superreflex!!! you faggot!! oh and why the hell did you jump me for you asshole *throws shadow clones off me and attacks you with giant rasengans* … how are those balls for you faggot 😀

  12. Yeah the story was good but you forgot to summons Gamabunta to a least try to fight the Kuubi. And like Kyouto write were is Maaaaaaiiiiiittttttooooo Gaaaaaaaiiiii to save the day!!!!

  13. @ Kyouto: this hurts if you are gonna bring up Reflex and Supertrek you have to bring up Ace it is a rule!!!

    This is a good story a little bit choppy at parts but a nice first start. I think Kushina is alive honestly and I think it is a huge possibility

  14. @Scorpion Legacy: I, for one, always love reading about people’s thoughts and stories about what went down in Naruto history. I think you should write more, and I actually think lots of people on here should write more!

  15. lol in battle ace is the distraction… we gotta have him you know?? 😀

  16. Nicely done, Scorp…looking forward to more. =)

  17. @ reflex: don’t forget I am pretty much the Naruto of the group (before the time skip) lol

  18. @ ace – you mean the sakura of the group right?? all you do is use a kunai and get in the way / distract EVERYONE… us and them 😀

  19. @burning ace: You should totally write a ‘what if Kushina is alive?’ story.

  20. @ reflex: I am so pretty oh so pretty…no…. I am too sexy for my shirt so sexy that it hurts.

    @ of815: I would if I could buddy. I even have a theory about it

  21. lol u think sakura was pretty?? 2 things wrong with that
    1. she ugly!!!
    2. she was 12 you pedophile!!!!!!

  22. *Creates 5 kage bushins and pulls self out the way, two bodies move forward, right then left and three fall back and transform into Burning Ace and prepare Rasengun* NOW!

    @Scorpion Legacy Same here, I enjoyed the story, everyone else as well. If you think of anything else that that you can write please continue.

  23. @burning ace: I bet you’d do fine writing it. A lot of us write so much on iareawesomeness that we have enough material for a short story at the very least.

  24. @ reflex *adds fire element to rasengan* GOUEN RASENGAN! *hits reflex square in the chest* Thats what you get for saying I am not pretty *storms off and slams the nearest door* good day sir.

    @ of815: I think I might do a 10 chapter arc on Minato from his perspective from life to death. I will call the Life and Times of the 4th.

    but I am gonna need a proof reader and someone to help me post this on awesomeness…

    so yeah.

  25. @burning ace: That is awesome!

  26. *reflex turns in to crows and bites the shit out of you* you know im a genjutsu master BIATCH!!!!!!! S*CK IT!!!!!

    oh and awesomness has an editor (elfarren), and jeremiah will make sure the story is good… you just have to email him your idea and he may take it

  27. *POOF* Look out guys SUPERFLEX is here!!!…wait who the hell is Superflex? 😉 Lol, it’s not really a problem after all I am known to be flexible with the ladies if you know what I mean, hehehe. 😉

    Anyway, good story Last Scorpion. Konoha women must be damn tough! Just finished giving birth and fighting off an invasion the next minute holy s**t that takes some heart! Poor Rin didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye and you even had Kakashi crying like a girl (sorry Kakashi fanatics…not really ;p). Overall, I thought it was an interesting back story into what might have happened the night of the Kyubi attack. Madra’s a chauvinistic asshole apparently killing off two girls in one night personally. I mean holy crap it’s no mercy with this guy! The lady just had a baby the umbilical cord should practically be still attached. 0_0 Wait a minute…*pukes*

  28. superflex??? you asshole!! WTF!!!!

  29. btw…. ewwww!!! *pukes* WTF is wrong with your head.. damn!!!!!

  30. damn kyouto…no summoning without permission….and i recall you didn’t sign a contract with the harshy’s either eh…?

  31. pukes just for the sake of fitting in!

  32. I just mopped there!

    *sweeps up puke*

  33. wow. This is a really good story. But wait. The sealing process, i think, is really the most important part here. Minato is almost a god in fact. Just the fact that he had the time to seal the light part of the kyuubi chakra(think that’s the ying chakra) into naruto and the dark part of the chakra(think that’s the yang) is insane. I think madara was somewhere in the shadows watching the whole affair, i wouldn’t say he was actively involved in the fighting. About kushina using flying thunder god, that theory is absolutely exciting becaause if it holds, then naruto would have to learn the flying thinder god. Hopefully he is reffered to as konoha’s “red flash”. But, concerning the issue of the flying thunder god, i thought it was time i threw some light on it.

    The flying thunder god, as we know it, is a space/time jutsu that renders the user completely invincible. Fast in describing this jutsu is an understatement. Why? Because the user is able to go through dimensional barriers. Now i’ll explain why it’s a space/time jutsu. It controls space meaning that as far as the jutsu is concerned, the whole world and it’s huge landmass/distance can be covered with just a step, even faster. To someone seeing the technique, the user enters a dimension, and in less than half a second, comes out of another dimension thereby covering an unbelievable distance in the process. But to the user himself, that “split second” moment could seem more like a day, or more, depending on the user’s wish. It’s more like tsukoyomi, if you get what i mean, where 3 days in the tsukoyomi world seems like one sec in the real world, because itachi wants it to be three days, or he could even make it longer if he wished. That’s what i mean. Now what am i saying? To someone seeing the flying thunder god, minato is sheer fast, entering one dimension and popping out of another faster than the speed of light. But to minato, that time frame where he enters one dimension and pops out of another is more than enough to plan battle strategies, do oodama rasengan, decide the next move, or even enter sage mode(if he was a sage). That’s why that jutsu is bloody scary. So minato could enter a dimension doing nothing, and next pop out behind you with a rasengan in his hand to fnish you off. There’s no countering that.

    But in madara’s case, it’s a space/time/matter jutsu. Now in addition to what i’ve said above about the space/time jutsu, madara’s controls matter. Meaning you could hit him with a rasengan and all he has to do is get himself back to the time before he was hit with the rasengan, and you’ll be completely wasting your time, like naruto and shino were when they were looking for sasuke and had to fight madara. It’s like Inoue’s ability in bleach that is able to heal people back to how they were before they were injured, and a good example to illustrate madara’s ability is the kings seal in the bleach 2 film-the diamond dust rebellion. Now that’s scary. That’s why madara has been able to live all this while, and that’s why itachi said he was immortal, but was an image of his former self. That could mean there’s a price to pay for using the jutsu. That’s why kakashi also said that he thinks madara’s space/time jutsu is more advanced than the fourth’s.

    Now that being the case, you can see that naruto/sasuke are ways off from fighting madara, and they need to be seriously upgraded to even match him. That means i’ld hope naruto learns that jutsu and becomes stronger than he is now.

  34. DAMN Totalitarian, I just read another one of your posts and they’re all this long *sigh*. Ok, I’ll read it. -_-

  35. @Totalitarin: “Now what am i saying?”

    Well, I don’t know. What are you saying? Lol, I couldn’t resist typos are a b***h! Know what I’m saying? 😉 As for the yin/yang thing Yin represents dark and Yang represents light. Not meaning one is good and evil just a symbolism of opposites and balance! *looks around frantically for Ibiki’s gaze*. Phew, anyway as for Madara reversing time to when he did not get hit is not how I believe his space time jutsu works. He “removes” the body part that is about to be hit and makes it appear as if the attack has gone through him. Here Sakura explains the situation. Besides that good post! 🙂

  36. @Harshy – I post it for fun, originally the idea was to show that I arrived before the user before me and see if I could predict who would go for the first place posts. I thought it would work with Bono because he is legendary for obtaining first place though the time I had the chance to try it, I remembered something about him leaving long ago and figured he wasn’t active. From there I decided to summon others instead. However *Pulls out a blank scroll* if your searching for a contract. I also recently thought of a way for kagebushin no jutsu & transformation jutsu but it backfired. Since we no longer have comment threading I haven’t figured out another way to do it.

    @Reflex – *Runs to attack from the side, throws kunai ,second body appears from behind both holding rasengun in one hand, jumps into the air for the attack. *Breaks free from underneath the ground, clones angle attack ,places hand together connecting konoha’s secret technique sacred taijutsu 1000 years of death* (Did you think the other bodies just vanished 5 kage, 3 back, 2 side plus original body.*

    @Scorpion Legacy – Was the comment on revenge a comparison for Kakashi to Sasuke?

  37. In a way yes. Kakashi told Sasuke that revenge would no help him, this says that Kakashi tried to get revenge at some point. Minato killed obitos killers, so Rin is the only one Kakashi could have tried to get revenge for.

  38. supertrek89- ok there’s one thing i’ll have you do for me. Going by your logic, you’re inferring that all madara needs do before he’s hit by a jutsu is get remove his body part that is about to be hit by the jutsu and replace it after the jutsu wears off. How about when he was hit with amaterasu which he practically didn’t see coming? Going by your analogy, madara should be dead.

  39. wtf!!! now i got the guy who’s name i cant even read attacking me!!! (渦巻兇徒) what is up with this blog!!!!! *3 reflex clone appear from under ground and use fire element to attack all of 渦巻兇徒’s clones…. * now where is the real one at?!?!?

  40. @totalitarin: It’s not my logic it’s what was clearly explained in the manga. Read it yourself I provided the link you can’t get anymore bonafide proof than that. As for madara being caught on fire he can “remove” the part that was on fire and make it reappear back in place without the fire on it. That’s called space time no jutsu. Remeber when he was surrpunded by the bugs he made himself dissapear and reappear without the bugs on him. Same thing with the fire.

  41. *surrounded*

  42. @supertrek89: Is it possible that Itachi didn’t know how to turn off amaterasu? I think Sauske accidently found out when he was fighting Killer Bee. It might be that Madara could just turn off amaterasu, therefore defeating Itachi’s plan to catch him off guard. I’d have to read back, but it seems like maybe being able to get rid of the amaterasu fire was a bit over looked.

    *whistles to self*

    *walks into the middle of the ninja battle*

    *sees Ix ReFleX xI getting attacked*

    *walks back the other way*

    *whistles to self*

  43. @of815: Or that could’ve happened but I think if you have the power to disperse amaterasu you only have power over the amaterasu you cast not someone else’s. Plausible theory though.

    *whistles to self*

    *walks into the middle of the ninja battle*

    *sees Ix ReFleX xI getting attacked*

    *jumps into fray and steals pizza back from Reflex*

    *walks away whistling to self* 😉

  44. You should have had the ultimate twist and had Minato try to seal Madara with the death god, miss, and accidentally grab Kushina’s soul. That would have been F’d up!

  45. @Reflex – *Observes opponents kage bushin’s position and directs Rasengun into the ground to create a smoke bomb and temporary interrupt the fire. Jumps from the fire as kagebushin are released, then moves through the smoke and out of the fire to throw three kunai with explosive tags at opponents clones, uses their fire attack to rapidly ignite the tags causing an explosion to stop each of the opponent’s bushin.*

    @Reflex & Others – (I meant continuing it in the other thread its hard to stay on topic here, when specifically talking about another person’s story. In the Naruto 437 we are able to ask and answer question about the chapter, forming predictions, excreta. This makes it generally easier to continue than here because it won’t be off topic, so lets go there. Only post it when responding to an on topic discussion. Kyouto.)

    @Scorpion Legacy – Sorry about the posts, anyway please continue with these types of stories. Next time show more jutsu, or sometime to further bring in the moment.

  46. @ 渦巻兇徒 – try to keep you attacks nice and simple ok?

  47. @Kyouto, I like your style in that comment. I could see that defiantly being a good animation, mostly because images speak louder than words. Do you prefer directing?

    @lastscorpion, nice post BTW. It seemed to progress a little fast, but it transitioned well…from a reader’s view here

  48. ok this is a pretty nice story but this couldn’t have happened. Kushina and Rin weren’t mentioned as yet so we don’t know anything yet =] haha. And Minato only sensed Madara duhhhhh. haha but i loved your story. It made me sad as i read on.

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