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-Break down of Naruto Manga 436 is below-

This is Ibiki T with your weekly manga breakdown, and let me tell you this issue was pure AWESOMENESS!  I’m so excited I can’t even sit still to type this. 

"Sweating to the oldies worked for me, Naruto, you should try it...Richard Simmons wants you to..."

"Sweating to the oldies worked for me, Naruto, you should try it...Richard Simmons wants you to..."

We’ve all seen this pic in the spoiler, but now we can see the detail.  WTF?  Did Naruto and Yahiko Pain go swimming?  What IS that?

Yeah, looks like rain to me, too; why isn’t it raining in the rest of the manga?

Are these Nagato’s tears?  Did he bring the rain again?

Or sweat?  Ew, that might be a medical condition or a symptom of Nagato’s extreme lifestyle…more on that in a minute.

In the world according to Pain, tho…you can’t be too rich, too powerful, too thin or…too sweaty.

 Seriously, take a pill; it’s a medical condition.

There were two main parts to this chapter:  Inoichi figures it out and the great Pain-Naruto debate on Justice and Peace–then in the end a little peek-a-boo bonus for the fans.  (Patience, my young padawan, I will eventually get to the money shot of Nagato we’ve all been drooling over, barfing on and screaming about.)

Inoichi laid it all out so we wouldn’t have to research and post ten onemanga links to follow his logic; it’s all right there in the first couple of pages of the chapter.  Remember these golden oldies from the moldy past? 

Shikamaru, you're a genius!  You said 'bodies' and I completely figured it out!

Shikamaru, you're a genius! You said 'bodies' and I completely figured it out!

1.  Last time on Naruto…Shikamaru mentioned gathering the bodies for information and Inoichi said “Eureka!”  

Is it just me or did Inoichi just gain about 20 pounds in his face?  Jeremiah said manga adds 20 pounds, but I wonder.  Is this a set up for the Nagato reveal in the end?  Plump the regulars up so the freak looks freakier? 

2.  Inoichi remembered going into the prisoner’s head, how the tower was tall and people talked about how bodies were brought in by the ghouls.  Yes, that’s a recap of Manga 424, we discussed it here and Kyouto (nee: outlaw) was the first to mention the key to Nagato was the tower–as a chakra transmitter into those damnable piercings.  Don’t believe me…go here and read his comment.  If anyone can find an earlier mention, I’ll offer up the props.  From there it caught on like wildfire and even people like me, Alec, Jeremiah and punxed were claiming the same thing by the end of November.


Get that man some awesomeness points and some tissue, he just relieved the mental constipation that had stopped up Konoha's intelligence.

  3.  So Inoichi thinks out loud about the tower, and comes to the conclusion we did LONG ago…

…(early November, uh huh)…

…Pain broadcasts from his Tower of Power.


Catch up Konoha nin.

If this is news to you, you might be a dumbass–or you might need to read the comment threads more.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news.

Live it. Work it. Own it. 

We should sell the real Ibiki a special awesomeness bingo book and some covert ops briefs (they have balloons on them, thanks to Renzy).  Question is, are they finally right or have we had it wrong the whole time?  O.O

4.  Closeness of transmitter (Nagato) to transmitee (6 feces faces of Pain) makes sense, so Inoichi and Shikamaru realize at the same time that the ‘real one’ is close by and they set out to search all the high spots for Nagato’s leg chair (thanks, Osensei).

Thank you, Captain Obvious. (This from the guy with a 200 IQ? pfffffft)

Jeez, Shikamaru, Dad took you down a peg and now you’re dumb as hell. Thank you, Captain Obvious. Quick, someone get Shika an infusion of Swayze, I think his brain has flailed.

Great…now on to the good stuff.  Pain spouts off, Naruto counters..ah, the great debate about Peace, Justice and the American Way!! No, Imperialism? er, Fascism? F it.  They jaw about Peace and Justice. 

Pain starts to spout and about this time…my throat closes up.  I want to scream that Pain is a monster.  He’s a douchebag with megalomania…but no…what does he say?  He says something very sensible, something a lot of Nobel Peace Prize winners and Pope John Paul II said (and I’m paraphrasing here):  if you want peace, then bring on the justice baby. k.  Holy frack.

"Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice."  --Dalai Lama of Tibet

"Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice." --Dalai Lama of Tibet

Nnnnuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!   Stop twisting me Kishi!!!!  I won’t switch to the dark side!!!!  Pain is evil!!!!!  Or is he?

I'll show you peace, I'll kick your ass!!!! - NOT the Dalai Lama of Tibet

I'll show you peace, I'll kick your ass!!!! - NOT the Dalai Lama of Tibet

WELL…yeah…ass kickin’ that’s what we came here to see…but here’s the catch…(’bout now my knees are shaking…’coz Pain’s about to talk sense again)…ass kickin’ always leads to more ass kickin’.  OMFG!  Jeremiah and I had THIS off page discussion last week about…ass kicking, justice and lasting peace…it could have come straight from these pages.  So I’m going to share.

(Look at me…no…look at me, serious as the grave now, if I was Jeremiah I’d start this by saying ‘dude’, but when I’m serious, I swear…so let me start with F%#K!)


Pain said er, I said:  Sinking to [the bullies’] level, and claiming the ‘right’ to do so, only allows them to make the same argument.  AND perpetuates the hate that makes sure the fight will survive for generation after generation. (This means taking revenge always leads to more hatred and revenge.)


And Naruto, I mean, Jeremiah said:  …Why not have a scorched earth policy against the oppressor? …Give an inch and the oppressor will take a yard. Tyranny is emboldened by passive behavior, much like a bully is. (This means, kick some ass, kids, kick it hard and leave no opportunity for come back).

I’m gonna leave that sit right there, and not talk about it.  About half of you are muttering WTF?! And the other half are rocking back and forth wanting to suck your thumb–regardless of which side of this argument you tend to sit.  I don’t want to break you or bore you…so let’s just…move along.

Pain leads to the desire for justice, which leads to revenge, which leads to hatred.

Pain leads to wanting justice, which causes revenge and then hatred.

Thank goodness Pain started to sound like a bad Yoda impersonation, because I needed the chuckle.  You know the quote, right:  fear is the path to the dark side.  Fear leads to anger.  Anger leads to hate.  Hate leads to suffering.  And right about now, only Orion’s laughing.

Cue music:  "wouldn't it be good to be in your shoes, even if it was for just one day?"

Cue music: "wouldn't it be good to be in your shoes, even if it was for just one day?"

I was never so glad to see a flashback as when the Gallant Jiraiya appeared in Naruto’s head. (Whew! there WAS a flashback, but Pain had no reason to go there; this is Naruto’s time for honesty and enlightenment).  Trouble was, my favorite perv had no solution for our boy, except ‘figure it out, kid’.  Idealistic hunches, without a way to put them to work…well that’s where they always go wrong.  I mean, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, and nobody thinks they’re starting one.  It just…seemed like a good idea at the time.

And Pain, like Socrates himself, recognizes that Naruto doesn’t have an answer.  He asks that leading question that has put students in the sandtrap since the beginning of mental golf:  oh yeah, if I’m so wrong, smart ass…how would you do it differently…?

Niener, niener...I've got you now...lock in your answer, there will be NO phone a friend...

Niener, niener...I've got you now...lock in your answer, there will be NO phone a friend...

Our beloved hero was never fastest in the wit department.  Oh, he ain’t dumb, but he thinks with his body and muscles.  Pain’s got him pinned.  This is the worst possible battle for our guy…only genjutsu would make it worse:  an argument of ideas and words. Even worse, Pervy Sage left him no clue.

"Why did he have to call on my today when I'm SO unprepared?  I look like a douche..."

"Why did he have to call on my today when I'm SO unprepared? I look like a douche..."

Pain sees Naruto’s defeat, and jumps into the monologue with sudden and complete honesty. 

HELL YEAH!!!!!  We’ve waited weeks for this and now he gets cocky enough to spew.  Baccikoi (bring it), baby!!  Let the evil bragging begin! 

I’ve seen a lot of overconfident blowhards in other forums spouting off about Madara being the Akatsuki leader, and I think a power struggle between Nagato and Madara would make a good story.  But now you know the real story as it currently stands:  Nagato founded the Akatsuki and the whole ‘track down the tailed beasts’ thing is his idea.

Cue evil guy cackle:  Mwahahahaha mwahahahahaha mwahahahahahaha

Cue evil guy cackle: Mwahahahaha mwahahahahaha mwahahahahahaha

We’ve been wondering exactly what was planned–whether the beasts would get doled out to Akatsuki members, whether they would meld together to make a single beast, whether they would just live in that funky rock like a set of nine eyeballs and be like a super-chakra computer?

Now we know.  Sorta.  The beasts are a doomsday device, an a-bomb hovering over Hiroshima in the mist of WWII’s end (thank you EroSennin).  None of this is earth shattering, but it’s HUGE to finally get the straight poop right from the source.  AND…make no mistake.  This is the source.  This is the poo.

Something about that wakes Naruto up, and he sees Pains are after silence and ordered behavior–not peace.  Peace if more than silence and obedience (see the Dalai Lama quote). 

And I almost yelled right along with the knucklehead.  You tell him!  F#ck that guy, he’s so full of SH!T…

I knew it!  You are crazy!  Naruto understands and is about to tell Pain the difference between fearful silence and peace.

I knew it! You ARE crazy! Naruto is about to explain the difference between silent fear and peace.

Naruto counters and we slip further into Pains identity until–finally!!!–we see Nagato.  Perhaps he’s at some nearby mountaintop retreat.  Day spa?  A little wheelchair-ready bungalow just right for two?

(Just Konan and me, and chair-y makes three…in my blue heaven…).

Time for the money shot…we’ve waited months…ANNNNNNDDDDD  NNNNNnnow (ow-ow-ow-ow) the head villain (n-n-n-n) and Akatsuki leader (r-r-r-r), the steal the bijuu mastermind (d-d-d-d), supreme master of hunger no jutsu (u-u-u-u)…in the red corner:  Nagato (o-o-o-o)!

Aw, man, we had it all wrong!!! It's not Nagato, it's Oscar the Grouch!

Would you just LOOK at that trash can! Dammit! We had it all wrong!!! It's not Nagato, it's Oscar the Grouch!

Six arm tubes headed to some contraption behind him (if he’s in Konoha, he sure don’t travel light).

Six hydraulic legs connected to what seems to be a trash can.  A skirt?

Knowing Nagato’s past work with laserhead, don’t rule out a jet or rocket engine.  (I still say the little bitch is going to turn tail and run before this is over, maybe he’ll fly out on his jet-powered-rocket-pack-metal-skirt-o-doom.  I hope so, that’s almost as good as some wick-ed, sick-ed jutsu.  hmm.  Sick-ed.  It’s a thing.  Tell your friends.)

Hmm…let’s take a closer look, shall we; then we can really see how carefully Nagato follows the strictest regimen of diet pills, diuretics and laxatives to maintain that healthy muscle-tone and sleek, skeletal physique.


Anorexia, it's how to know if you've taken your philosophy too far.

Anorexia, it's what's NOT for dinner.


Then let’s blow things up and look at the side view, and you’ll see it…the chakra tubes connected to his arms are plugged into a CROSS beam at his back.  Hmmm.  Coincidence?  Or is Kishi finally bringing another world religion into the symbolism? O.o  If someone doesn’t tackle the Bible parable here soon, I’m gonna hafta…


Generally, blood trickling out or your mouth whe you haven't even been hit is a very bad sign.

Psst, Nagato, blood trickling out your mouth without a hit is...a bad sign.


So, you’ve invaded Konoha, lost your bodies and pinned Naruto to the ground.  Headed to Disneyland, yet?  Hmm…maybe not.  Still, looking, er, good there Nagato, like a real winner.  Konan’s not concerned at all and that cough, well, really, I’m sure it’s nothing.


"I see DEAD people?"  Baby, that's not peace, it's Forest Lawn.
“I see DEAD people?!” Baby, that’s not peace, it’s Forest Lawn.


So where is Nagato headed from here?  What do you think?  Here’s some ideas to get you started, but I can’t wait to read the comments.

Another week, another awesomeness de-motivational poster; these have been something of a hit and this one is my favorite so far.  Enjoy!
De motivational poster Naruto awesomeness style #3

De motivational poster Naruto awesomeness style #3


An incredible issue, and it was great to crack it open with you.


-Ibi T


~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on February 20, 2009.

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  1. Firrssssttt!!!!!!!! Suck it.

  2. Second!

  3. *Summons Reflex, Harsy, Suptertreck, Jeremiah and Ibiki* This was a good chapter

  4. *Third with , summons Maito Guy, 6 bodies of Awesomeness* Dang it Bono you revived yourself?

  5. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  6. Pretty good break down, though I totally disagree with pain making sense, he’s talking about “Justice” for what happened to his country, but he’s punishing all the wrong people imo, it’d be like beating the kids of a murder because he killed ur family lol. Pain is right about revenge just breading more hate, but Naruto is the one that will get rid of all the hate because he wont be punishing masses of people. Naruto punishes the ones that deserves it.. pain.

    We all like to say the Konoha nin are slow for not figuring out pain earlier but that’s easy to say when we’ve seen things they hadn’t. Like taking a test with the answers 😉 lol

  7. Second…

  8. Isn’t that just revenge in the same way. Though its a direct doesn’t it confirm Pain’s point? Naruto is suppose to be opposite of Nagato.

  9. @Penny Second!? *looks above* become my summoning too?

  10. I’m not sure I’m liking this trend where the most powerful bad guys all suffer from some disease. I happened with Kimimaro and Itachi, and now Nagato looks like some coked-out rack of ribs. I thought the good guys were supposed to beat them, not breakdowns in their freaking immune systems.

  11. Damn. Would help to hit F5 (refresh). Like, duh…I’m definitely not second or third.

    Anyway, I was typing away on the other blog – the one from last week – about what I read this morning. I initially had a “OMFG” moment like you, Ibiki, that Pain actually made sense – to a point. Then came the twisted logic and your comment about…truth, justice and, etc that was hashed out.

    Hiroshima was mentioned but it reminded me of the Cold War. (No political smears are intended here…) Then there was President Reagan who beat the term “fear” into heads and demanded that the nuclear arsenal be rapidly increased. Russia, then the USSR, followed suit. Then came the painting of each side as the equivalent of the Emperor (Star Wars). Communism versus Democracy. Hawks versus Doves. You get the idea: “Peace through strength.” But, all “good” (depending on your point of view) things must come to an end: the falling of the Berlin Wall. Pain’s argument is the equivalent of someone putting a gun to someone’s temple and saying “your money or your life.” It also reminds me of something I often do with my kids – I often don’t care who is right or wrong, I just want them to shut up and quit bickering! lol

    Although Naruto doesn’t have an answer at first, he knows what peace is NOT – and it isn’t the robber mentality. At first, I was really afraid he was going to give into the “Propaganda of Pain.” Relief came over me with his rejection. However, how he gets out of this, I am very excited to see.

    We still don’t definitively know about Pa Frog’s status…frog legs or merely badly wounded.

    And, the Konoha brigade reminds me of the term “military intelligence.” Shika’s performance in this chapter makes J’s debate about Shika all the more plausible (See “Shikamaru Genius or Overrated”). Some geniuses just don’t have common sense. Makes me wonder how they are going to organize enough to check out all of the highest hotspots in Konoha. I have one theory though: I’m thinking Nagato/Pain would be at Hokage Mountain.

    Nagato: Ibiki, you said it so well. I think he’s breathing among his last few breaths. What’s he on? A hunger strike until he gets all the Bijuu???

  12. Kyouto: ha ha ha. I flunked in human summoning.

    Btw…I read your prediction. Maybe you should be writing the manga. 😀

  13. @Penny Thank You ^_^

  14. Woot! Ibicki, you must have stayed up most of the night writing that. Awesomeness job!

    @coolbeans- This chapter should be the final exhibit in your overrated or genius post. Overrated it is.

    @Penny- Great comment. I wasn’t sure if you were saying that the cold war is more comparable to Pain’s world view. If you were, you’re missing a critical nexus. Noboby in the Cold War used or wanted to use their arsenol, the term “mutually assured distruction” was bandied about like candy. Pain, on the other hand, wants to build his weapon expressly for the purpose of destroying the “side” of his choosing.

    Your “kids” analogy reminded me of a Bill Cosby skit. When his kids were fussing and fighting in the back seat of the, car he yelled in frustration, “Nobody touch anybody… ever.. again.” I’m ashamed to say I’ve used that line on my two little ones. Would that it were so easy… in either case.

    Kyouto- Kudos!

  15. Gui’s team hopefully will be part of the search for Negato!!! 😀

  16. Hahaha Oscar the Grouch!!!

    Oh and he’s on a cross!!! That is not an accident… he is such a Jesus/Ghandi wannabe, starving himself for peace. Well hate to break it to you Nagato, but starving yourself for peace doesn’t work if no one knows about it, I mean, you lock yourself in a tower and expect everyone to feel sorry for you, but no one even knows you exist cause you have little zombie bodies working for you.

    I can’t wait for everyone’s reaction when they see Nagato’s real body.

  17. ..i think he’s body is like tsunade’s body when used up too much chakra…?

  18. @ msfate – I think so too. Some pointed out that after the Jiraiya fight it was said that if he found out about Pain’s secret it would have been over. But that would have been the scenerio in both fights because Nagato would have drained himself against Jiraiya as well. He may regain his normal size after recovery but be very vulnerable right after or during a fight hooked up to that machine.

  19. *POOF* Who summoned me? Oh s**t the new manga’s out gotta go read…alright hmmm….ah yes! 🙂 Great job on the breakdown Ibiki. Very informational. Very funny. Very philosophical. I admit at first I thought that Pain was actually making sense. But like Bendercu said Pain’s revenge/justice is misdirected. True his homeland may have been the staging grounds for previous wars but that was generations ago. His revenge is directed at the descendents of the people who fought the war? WTF, inherited sin anybody? His plan to make brief cycles of peace sounds like Armageddon over and over again to me. That’s not PEACE that’s FEAR! Pain should’ve said, “I see times of fear.” He’s trying to create times of sadness, loss, and fear where people are to decimated to pick up any weapons and fight. Is that the world YOU want to live in? I will say more but I don’t want to use to much time on one post. I just wanted to get Nagato’s crazy idealistic world idea out of the way first. >_<

  20. Alright moving on this panel here in the middle and on the left is bothering the hell out of me.

    Pain: “But if we have a little chat…then maybe…”

    Then maybe what? Maybe he’ll understand you better, maybe he’ll coopereate and leave with you, maybe he’ll sympathize with you, maybe he’ll even help you out before getting the nine tails extracted from himself and dying? What is your point of reminiscing Nagato? I think I have it but I could be wrong.

  21. heh…i was in the shower gor gods sake..Kyouto! think before you summon…hey guys btw, this reminds me of all the matrix “plug n play” stuff, i mean, let’s just pull the cables before yashiko pain can find a telephone and he’ll die!!!

    Harshy qoute
    “You Don’t Get it! If you die in konoha….you die for real!!!”

  22. Great post Ibiki. Great enthusiasm! This episode was bone-chilling. Seeing the monster he has become… Amazing.

    This blog is addictive.

  23. @of815- You call that a monster??? Decayed cucumber is what i call it…

  24. @harshytkage: Then let us also call it ‘good eats’.

  25. GAAAAAH! Decayed cucuumber is good eatin’???

  26. Can’t wait for the next issue… i would like to see gai team and shikamaru bunch fight konan and the real pain… (i know pain looks weak and would probably be very awkward if he moves the way he is but he has a lot of chakra… he probably doesnt need to move at all and ofcourse he can always use genjutsu) but i still think naruto should be fightin in the end and winning pain over like he did Gaara… thats why i think pain and naruto are having a more insepth conversation then with jaiyriya … well actually am hoping for it coz i really liked the idea when naruto went to rescue gaara and said if i am to become the leader of leaf village i might as well do a favor to the sand,… that would be a better reason for peace at least 🙂

  27. @harshy – i hope it’s not cucumber. i’m allergic @_@

    i personally think naruto needs to finish humping the floor and get up to kick some ass. *grumbles*

  28. So we know that Naruto is going to try to prove Pain wrong – it’s his shtick. He’s a Warrior Therapist (go see TVtropes if you’ve never heard the term).

    I don’t think Naruto’s going to go Kyubbi, that would defeat his entire character – both because he said he would use that power in order to protect his precious people, and also because this right here is a war of ideology, and he *needs* to beat Pain with words.

    I don’t know, one way or another, if Nagato/Pain is going to be “converted” – it seems a bit late for that (then again Gaara was a Crazy!Psycho!Serial Killer and after Naruto was through with him he decided to become Kazekage lol!)

    ANYWAYS – all this to ask, how do people think Naruto is going to go about defending his position that Pain’s peace “is a lie”? What will he say and what might strike a chord in Nagato (before he keels over from anorexia)?

  29. err…how do I change my icon? 😦

  30. speakin of ass…sup assface!

  31. @Ibi great post.

    It was weird there for a minute when pain was actually saying some sensible things but as usual he proved he is a lunatic or Oro on crack.

    Glad Shika the prodigy genius and Ino finally figured out the logic behind Nagato and the bodies.

    What is Naruto’s response going to be next week?

  32. what’s good assface? Did you forget to wipe :-p

  33. heh…oro wasn’t on crack…if you haven’t noticed…keeping legendary swords in ur belly, spittin out wierd hoards of snakes and changing bodies once in a while is completely normal behavious…

  34. Ahhh!! silly me what was I thinking, there is nothing wrong with Oro.

    *Whispers to his imaginary friend riiight riight*

  35. no i didnt forget to wipe.
    jeremiah’s just jealous of my pure awesomeness.
    hmph >:/

    and i think the ability to keep swords in your stomach without internal bleeding or pain would justify the whole ‘oro on crack’ thing. ^_^

  36. @ATL How awesome is your awesomenss??

    Oro’s physique is specially developed to store shinobi equipment. His special indegestion no jutsu comes in handy when he needs to use those weapons.

  37. don’t forget the long tongue jutsu thingy…very handy if you’re out of toilet paper…


  38. @edub – just ask jeremiah. my awesomeness is so awesome it’s beyond the awesomeness of awesomeness.

    it also comes in handy to hide drugs. like crack. *shrugs shoulders* just saying. i mean, he couldnt /just/ be pale due to a makeup malfunction

  39. ummm…he was pale because…ummm…stop STARING AT ME!!!

  40. @ATL- he can’t hide drungs, he’ll ingest em there’ the sword stays cuz it’s rust proof

  41. that’s what i thought tongue boy 😉

    but anyway, i think the manga is moving too slowly. i wanna see more action, more KA POW! …HIYA! *breaks hand on pencil*

  42. wtf, Drungs? Drugs+Dung??/

  43. wonder if he ever used that togue justsu on Kabuto lol jk.

  44. Kabuto is oro’s ex-bitch…
    and remember…oro used kabuto for his experiments cuz he cud regenerate

  45. One last thing 🙂

    Everyone Else: “Aw, COME ON!!!”

    Hey blame Kyouto he summoned me here. 😉 Anyway, basically the whole argument for why Nagato is doing what he is doing is because, “We cannot help but know that people will never understand each other” (Nagato/Pain whichever). Misunderstanding leads to hate and violence which leads to war. Jiraiya knew it and Naruto acknowledged it so he knows it too. Jiraiya believed though, “That someday the day will come when people truly understand each other” (Jiraiya). Naruto accepted the challenge of making other people understand one another thus bringing peace to the world…or ideal peace at least. 😉 But how could this one boy change others people’s hatred, destinies, fates, and ways of thinking. How could one boy CHANGE people to understand one another? No one has the POWER to CHANGE people…right? Wait…what’s this?

    “You are a strange person. You have the power to change people.” – Temari, “Naruto: Shippuden”

    The power to change destiny:

    Overall, Naruto is the perfect antagonist for Nagato. Two people with the same goal. Two different methods. One believes in understanding. And the other is f*****g crazy! 😉

  46. yeah! this is what i’m talkin about!
    i post, i get a reply within seconds!
    Much more satisfying…

  47. dont wonder edub. cuz he did.
    ugh, i just got the chill hahaha.
    but not that oro is part of kabuto (which always reminds me of effing pokemon) he probably licks himself.

  48. i meant now**

    i think nagato is gunna keel over, and i’m so damn impatient.. get to the time skip already!!

  49. I’m just sayin’, Nagato’s real body has some little emo side bangs covering one of his eyes, the same eye that we know that Madara has sharingan, the only one he has ever shown. I’m just sayin’.

  50. Hahahahaha that was funny. watch out harshy might be doing the same right now.

  51. calm down ass-face…
    we’ll get to the so propheecised time-skip soon, but let rotted cucu…i mean nagato have his 30 seconds of fame will ya…he could probably break the record for sickest looking person on earth…
    *goes off to contact Guinness*

  52. well, i’m just sayin’ banditqueen, why would he have both rin and shar? i’m just sayin’
    see what i’m sayin’?

  53. @ATL Why are you so anxious for a time skip? I think Naruto is kind of fun at this age – and we haven’t really had all that much of him at this age, what with Sasuke hijacking the manga >.<

    Speaking of which, are there any Sasuke fans here? Feel free to convert me because I just don’t see it; he had some cool moments before he left Konoha, but ever since he’s well…he kind of sucks now (in my humble opinion)

  54. I never said he did. I’m just sayin’.

  55. Oh! also – who do I have to ask permission to use the beautiful drawing of the kunoichi from the party post for my icon?

  56. @edub- my tongue is of normal length and i’m afraid my alimentary canal doesn’t have extra utility pockets for abusing substances OR legendary weapons…PLUS, my PA is always a hot chick 😉

  57. Oh yeah, Sasuke really does suck. He is such a loser and is sooo stupid. he overreacts to everything and needs to calm down. Itachi should have stolen his eyes, then he would be able to live forever, kill Pein, save the world, and just rule at life.

  58. @banditqueen20 – nagato cant be madra, have you seen him? madra wears clothes, and frankly i am not sure nagatos body could support the weight

  59. @ eiliem- As a Roman General once said, “Si vis pacem, para bellum.” If you wish for peace, prepare for war. As with Gaara, Naruto is gonna have to beat the hell out of Pain then Negato, before he can convince Negato of the error in his thinking. It worked for Gaara.

    Another latin proverb, “Amat Victoria Curam”: Victory favors those who take pains. That fits rather nicely.

  60. “If you die in canadakonoha, you die in the REAL WORLD too!!!”

    @eiliem- noone!

  61. Sorry banditqueen – not an Itachi fan either :S

    I get that his life sucked and stuff but…even if he *HAD* to destroy his clan, everything he did the Sasuke afterward was pretty unforgivable. And torturing Kakashi for three days? NOT COOL.

  62. et tu jdb44’e

  63. @jdb44 – Oh, I think pwnage will happen, I just think that Naruto is going to have to have strong arguments to back his fists, otherwise he’s just proving Pain right (in Pain’s twisted, twisted mind)

  64. @harshy – niiiiiiiiiiiiice!

    @eiliem – i dunno, i just wanna see some outfit changes, see who hooks up, see where everyone goes pretty much

  65. Harshe, you say the sweetest things.

  66. @Harshy – since when is Konoha Canada?

  67. hey…it’s not sasuGAY’s fault that he’l like that..
    i mean…

    (BUT I’M NOT GAY.)

    for the video
    www . youtube . com/watch?v=cL7kcFdGGPM


  68. for some reason, i’m gettin a red badge of courage vibe here.

  69. @jdb- thnx (blushes)
    @eiliem- it isnt…it’s just to signify that i stole borrowed the line from somewhere else…lol

  70. @Harshy – I was wondering when you were going to address the Sasugag question.

  71. @ATL – that’ll be interesting, so you think any pairings will happen behind the scenes during a time skip rather than during the story line?

  72. @eiliem – yessssssir (ma’am in this case ^_^)
    i mean, /some/ may happen during the storyline, but i also think after the time skip there will be some people in the background maybe holding hands, or even holding their kid’s hand. *shrugs* just a thought

  73. Hey, Orochimaru’s not the only one throwing up objects from his body. Remember this Look how big that thing is. Maybe because Jiraiya couldn’t get anything from the ladies…just saying.

    @eiliem: My comment under moderation right now *sighs* basically explains my thoughts on how Naruto will go about his argument. He has nothing to say right now but eventually I think he’ll spout out something like, “You just gotta believe in people to understand and love one another! I can do it BELIEVE IT!”

    Then he’ll break out into song:

    Don’t be angry, don’t be sad,
    Don’t sit cryin’ over good things you’ve had,
    There’s a girl right next to you
    And she’s just waiting for something you do.
    Well, there’s a rose in a fisted glove
    And the eagle flies with the dove
    And if you can’t be with the one you love
    Love the one you’re with
    Love the one you’re with
    (‘Love The One Your With’ by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young)

    I picked that song because it had a rose in it which reminded me of Konan. Plus the “girl right next to you” part also reminded of Konan. And overall Nagato is a sad angry man. 😉

    I digress, I hope you get the gist of what I’m talking about. Naruto blindly even stupidly (it’s a word) believes in others for the better and that’s what will hit Nagato on the head. 🙂

    Oh crap this comment is going into moderation too. NOOOOOOO!!!

  74. @eiliem- thats most plausible….why???…because kishi isn’t very good at depicting romance…reallyy, i’m serious(yup GAY serious…EEEWWWW!)

  75. @harshy – a girl can hope! *waves fist in air*

  76. Ok – I’m getting that NOBODY likes Sasuke (I do not blame you). However! He does have a fan following (not sure why anymore) and more importantly, he’s one of Naruto’s important people so – I challenge you (all of you, yes HarshyT, you too) to find some positive qualities/moments when Sasuke did not suck! (Baby Sasuke moments count…c’mon, he was adorable)

  77. @AssFace- Wha???did i say smfin??
    (*waves foot in air*)

  78. @d-bag… no wait that’s danzo.. @uhm… asslicker – *glare*

  79. @ HarshyT – Haha – Kishi and his romance skillz (or lack thereof). Although, did anyone here ship…*anybody* before Shippuden? Because shipping was the last thing on my mind (except *maybe* for Shikamaru & Temari – the snark people, the snark!) because they were little kiddies but after the time skip they’re teenagers and suddenly there’s sexual tension EVERYWHERE!! LOL

  80. @eiliem – i think sasuke was really cute as a kid, and i liked him at first cuz he had that ‘tough guy’ (MAIIITOOOOO GAIIIIII!) attitude. now he’s like a wet blanket. the least he could do is bang someone. and not a guy.

  81. SasuGAY’s timeline is ass thus you see…i’ll try and make a graph here

    |<===starts off Straight
    |……-…<===moments of hope

    thus far i can say he was cool before but now he’s just a crybaby(who admittedly had bee through a lot, but narto has too, though he has the advantage of being the title character) who’s been violated by oro and now madara..

  82. SEXUAL TENSION?!?!?! WHERE??? 😀

  83. damn typos…

  84. |…….\
    |…………\…<==The “if you were gay” song starts…

    (cries hysterically)i know…the humanity!!!

  85. @supertrek – I *know* I will be shot for this by *someone* but I am picking up considerable sexual tension between Sakura and Naruto (c’mon – the FIRST thing she asks him after NOT seeing him for 2.5 years is “have I become more womanly?” ROTFL

    Er…if that was sarcasm I apologize, my sarcasm-radar is broken

    @HarshyT, I don’t think Sasuke’s lameassness is necessarily gay, mostly I think he’s a complete prick for 1)leaving Naruto 2)trying to KILL Naruto 3)Joining Oro …so on and son on until Google) deciding to destroy Konoha (ass!)

  86. harshy, give it up.
    i give this two epic fails thumbs up

  87. it is common knowledge that the swayze does not approve of such things…(he isn’t anti-gay, neither am i, we’re just anti emo-crybaby’s!) 🙂

  88. @ATL(i called you ATL this time)- whose side are you on???

    *pulls earlobe, alec appears from behind the bushes with a pack of lays and a sword*

  89. Aw crud – I wanted someone to remind *WHY* Naruto and Sakura want Sasuke back and why it would be a good thing if they did get him back…*bigsigh* – I’m going to have to go through the Manga and defend him myself *DOES NOT WANT TO!!!!!*

  90. @Harshy – your ninjas have FOOD!! share plz!

  91. @harshy – ninja doesnt work on me. ask jeremiah. i just make them fall in love with me due to my beauty. *shrugs* eh, what can ya do? *steals alec’s chips and walks away*

  92. @eiliem- hell yeah my ninjas have food, but i said nothing about me having it…the ninja’s work for Arthas…i mean…captain planet…

  93. @atl- hard to believe you seduce ninja’s with your umm…rather unothodox face… :p

    btw…what’s ur myspace link?

  94. Oh – who’s doing the Bible parable for Ibiki? I can’t get much further than…um…theme of sacrifice and…the guy has a cross on his back

    OH! and Naruto as Chosen Child/Messiah person: there we go, he MUST be Jesus…and Whirlpool Country was destroyed in a flood but Kushina escaped with Noah and…um…Suna is in the middle of a desert! (there are deserts in the Bible…right?)

    I’m sorry Ibiki, I failed catechism.

  95. /trecoolismytaquito

    dont ask. i went through a phase where tre cool was like a god to me.. and i liked taquitos. ha. d:

    and dont let jeremiah find out you said that. he’s my own personal ninja *quick tells jeremiah to play along*

  96. Now ATL has the ninja chips! Share plz!!!

  97. @eiliem – you’z gotz some purdy gud pointssss right dun’ therrrr.

  98. *gasps*! And what’shisface – the original Rinnegan dude is Abraham! Or is he Adam? Then who’s Eve? Orochimaro is the Serpent so…HAHAHA Sasuke is EVE!!!!!!

  99. …I’m going straight to Hell aren’t I?

  100. what! harshy’s ninja alec is evolving into ero-sennin
    ero-sennin is trying to learn thunderbolt…
    but he can only know 4 moves at a time…
    Delete attack to make room for thunderbolt?<==YES
    Erosennin forgot “Lay’s Attack” and Learnt Thunderbolt!


  101. @Harshy – I didn’t know Ero-sennin was a lightning pokemon. What kind of pokemon are Ibiki and Jeremiah do you think?

  102. AAAAARGH! Sasuke isn’t eve!!! he’s actually the receptionist at that dept. store around the block who acts like a girl!!!
    (he/she was in the bible right!there was a dept. store..i’m positive!!!)

  103. Ibiki- she’s an unclassified psychic mud normal type pokemon
    Jeremiah ain’t no pokemon!!!He’s actually…well here…see it for urself-
    oh…just give me ur e-mail and i’ll mail it to ya!!
    It’s priceless!

  104. @harshy – NIIIIICE! that was definately one of the top ten best comments ever

  105. @Harshy – but…are there department stores in Naruto? Because…if there are dept stores in the bible but NOT in Naruto then…I don’t know how Naruto can be a Bible parable…*sigh* Ibiki will be so disappointed

    First Rinnegan guy – Abraham do you think? Or Adam? I want to go with Abe (oh god, it’s a good thing I’m agnostic because otherwise the sheer blasphemy going on here…well, at least Hell is warm. But…that means…NO SNOW IN THE AFTERLIFE! AAAAAAARRRRGH!)

  106. here you go guys…
    ttp:// img27. imageshack. us/img27/9806/jeremiahdx7.jpg

  107. jeremiah is like mewtwo, and i’m like mew. he tries, but he just can never be as great as me ^_^

  108. @Harshy – a psychic mud normal pokemon…sounds dangerous – WAIT! Can a pokemon be psychic AND normal?

    Wow…we are veering so far off Naruto it’s kind of…er…how did we get here again?

    Where IS everybody?! Ibiki come back and keep us in line!

  109. @eilem- yup there are…remember, there’s a whole market in konoha, i think we got to see some of it after the sand invasion…
    and i just realised that i got stigmata while i was writing that dept store post…damn…now my keyboards all messy..and did i mention it hurts!

  110. @ATL – that…was…the…funniest thing I have heardinrecentmemory

    I love mew

    Naruto! N.A.R.U.T.O! *Focus* eiliem!!!

  111. @eiliem- i think jigglypuff’s both…lol…hey wait…can’t normal pookemon learn almost anything?

  112. Tch. harshy. I’m psychic metal ancient unknown. Fah. Get it straight.

    @eiliem: don’t be fooled by the cross on Nagato’s back, that ain’t Jesus. Duh, Sasuke is Peter, Sai is Judas…aw hell…I’m gonna end up writing it, aren’t I? MF’r…maybe after some sleep. :P~

  113. @Harshy – stigmata? OUCH and…eww *shudders* oowwww that’s gotta hurt (poor Naruto and HarshyT)

    AAHHH – stigmata! I forgot about that – there, another point for Naruto-Bible-Parable

    also – haha Pain!Jeremiah – what’s his special ability?

  114. I’m actually a fan of Sauske. I don’t think anyone can prove whether he’s gay or not. He’s so disinterested in sex or flirting in the manga as it is. The closest we’ve seen to him being intimate with someone is with Naruto (I think…).

    So unfortunately, sexual preference aside, all I can do is wait to see what he does in the future. I’m hoping he surprises us. I’m hoping he follows in his brother’s footsteps.

    @harshytkage: thanks for the poem!

  115. Ugrahhh how can i read all this O_O

  116. @of813: yeah, he’s still working on his first goal. When he gets around to the second tho, I think we’re going to see a whole other side to that young man.

  117. @of815- that’s not my poem, it’s from a musical, i’ve rovided the link just below it…i was telling ibi about it like just yesterday…

  118. @of815 – YES! Someone who isn’t completely jaded by Sasuke! Convert me please, he’s starting to piss me off and that’s annoying. Actually, it was when he said he was going to flatten Konoha that I stopped giving a damn what happened to him – also his tendency to happily allow people to use and manipulate him is NOT endearing.

    @Ibiki – Sai…is Judas? Do you mean when he was supposed to off Sasuke or at a future date becuase…that would be sad 😥 Although Sasuke as Peter is intriguing 😀

  119. Ibiki – I LOVE your icon: Temari = AWESOMESAUCE

  120. then who’s Mary???(the OTHER mary)

  121. @Harshy – Magdalene? Probably Sakura (no whore jokes please, not funny)

  122. didn’t the church already admit that they were wrong about that…and i wasn’t joking, i meant other coz i’d 4gotten how to spell magdalene…

  123. @Harshy – I have no idea, I don’t keep up with what the church decrees about theological stuff – and I didn’t mean you with the whore jokes, just…people in general (I like Sakura and I know that others do not share that love so…saying that Sakura potentially = Mary Magdalene well…it was practically begging for a whore joke)

  124. hey….i’m no church buff either, heck i’m not even christian, i’m a Hindu(non practicing…lol), here.i just read up on all of that once after reading dan brown and kathleen mcgowan

  125. @Harshy – Haha – oh the lulz of Dan Brown *snicker* probably my favourite part of DaVinci code was when the main character (cannot remember his name for the LIFE of me) asked what Harry Potter had to do with the Holy Grail (LOL)

    Well, given my religious heritage I *should* know better – baptized Roman Catholic! – but my parents gave up on that stuff and I followed

    Who is Kathleen McGowan?

  126. search for “the expected one” same topic different story/ da vinci’s the bad guy in this one…

  127. Whoa…descended from Jesus and Mary-M? How the hell does someone KNOW their ancestor from 2000 years ago! I mean, really!? I’m lucky if I can trace my ancestry back to Europe like, 150 years ago! (a bit further on the French side)

  128. Mary Magdalene wasn’t a ho, some rat bastard was afraid of her and did a rhetorical speculation…what *if* she was a ho…(Rush Limbaugh is NOT a new phenomenon) and of course, it stuck.

    She did however wash Jesus’ feet and dry them with her hair…I’m going with Hinata.

  129. heck…i dunno much further than my grandfather…thouugh i like to imagine that somewhere i’m related to the Swayze clan and christiano ronaldo…that way i’ll have at least some of their traits!
    Now back to naruto!!

  130. @Ibiki – Interesting, who is Sakura then?

    Damn rat bastards and their rhetorical speculation

  131. rat bastartd!!!!

    a Human cheated with a rat and concieved a rat bastard!
    Quick! Someone get the Nobel prize for OddBall’ing!

    Anyways…2 am here so i’m going to sleep now…good night awesomeness!

  132. @ibi – yea, i could see hinata being a creeper like that. she /did/ grow out her hair. d:

  133. @Harshy – I’m sure you’re the reincarnation of Swayze’s twin

    back to Naruto indeed. What were the predictions from the prediction post for 2009? Have any of them been proven right/wrong yet?

  134. but who would joseph and mary be?
    and would that make minato God? 😮

  135. @ATL – LOL, those Rock nin certainly seemed to think that Minato was God 😛 If Naruto is the Messiah/Jesus, then his Mom (Kushina) would be Mary – I would put Minato as Joseph (er…but that’s my weird brain considering Mary AND Joseph as [Jesus]’s parents – also, didn’t Jesus take up Joseph’s trade (carpentry) and we all know that Naruto intends to take up Minato’s “trade” – Hokage :P)

  136. duh. Jiraiya is god in my narutoverse.

  137. personally, i think Kaidozou could fill the role of Josph AND Mary.

  138. Is it possible to edit a comment once posted? Because I accidentally said “Mary AND Joseph as Naruto’s parents” when I meant to say Jesus…>.<

    [please allow me… ]

  139. @eiliem You have to ask for forgiveness from Jiraiya

  140. Thanks for fixing that! 😀

    Now I shall go worship at Jiraiya-sama’s altar

    Aw man, I’m going to miss him 😦 You’d think I’d be over it already, but he was such an awesome character

    Someone had suggested that Nagato had perhaps gotten injured at some point and that’s when he resorted to the Paths – any thoughts on that? Is Nagato stuck in his weird wheel-leg-thingy-chair because of a past injury or is it the chakra expenditure

  141. lol my favorite part about the weekly posts now are those damn motivation posters … *LOL*

  142. @ 「Kyouto」 – why the hell are you summoning me… I TOLD YOU TO ASK PERMISSION BEFORE SUMMONING ME…..
    DAMN IT ALL!!!!!!!!!

    @ ibi – why i are you taking over jeremiah’s spot… he busy or something? (just wondering) i liked it though… good job!

  143. i think he is in his metagross chair because, being anorexic, he didnt get enough nutrients and now his legs ar unable to support him

  144. Look like nagato should take some vitamin C, a lot of warm liquid and take a day off

  145. Johnny Ocalypse (Gamer tag in most games I play) = JHall (Former Alias here) for those that care

    @ Ibi: Good observation on the fat / thin ratio of the characters. I hadn’t noticed it before you mentioned it. I can see that being the case.

    Seems like there are several ways this could play out. Kishi doesn’t often show us something without reason. Naruto still has a clone left back in the mountains. Ma toad is still sitting back, probably getting ready to show some response to the death of Pa, other than screaming. Konoha has a good guess where Nagato is. He’s is dying (seemingly) anyways from his own devices (no pun intended). But, Konan is still there of course. You have to believe that all of those points will make an impact on how the next 5 or so chapters will play out.

    We have several other ends of the plot hanging:

    Sasuke is on his way?
    Danzo is still sneaky
    Where the hell is the 8 tails?
    For that matter, where are his peeps?

    Nothing too bold there, just the easy observations. Now some that will hold me accountable:

    Sorry Sasuke fans, this pretty well seals up that door. He is not going to make it in time for the final skirmishes between Konoha and Pein. Kishi wouldn’t make the plot that complex, would he?
    My guess is that will be a complete seperate arc envolving 8 tails, the rock crew, Madara, etc. Danzo is coming sooner than later. After the fight with Pein in Konaha, that will be the spark for the new arc with the rock nin arriving followed or led closely by Sasuke’s arrival. That’ll trigger the perception to the rock nin that Konaha had something to do with Sasuke taking the 8 tails. War. Time skip.

  146. PS I apologize for such a long post. Its been a while since I’ve spoken up on anything.

  147. or maybe he is made up of antimatter and he has antimuscles that deceptive looks. I might be wrong, but shouldn’t he have a more gaunt face?

  148. @reflex: ma Pimp is working on other awesomeness. O.o *waves hand* …you didn’t notice anything was different…these are not the droids you are looking for…move along…

  149. @jdb44 Thank You

    I believe Naruto will defeat Pain/Nagato, explain his own dreams for peace and take a role similar to The Gutsy Ninja in Jiraiya’s story. Naruto won’t take revenge to keep that promise and show Pain/Nagato & Konan that peace. (Curses on the chance Danzo appears.) I can imagine Tobi’s reaction after learning the Leader of Akatsuki has joined Konohagakure.

    *Learns Pain destroyed Konoha*

    Tobi: …. (I wanted to…)

    *Mandara walks out of the room*

    Tobi: Mother ******, ***** *** ****!


    Tobi: Is that all?

    *Learns Nagato & Konan have also joined the very Jiinchiki they were trying to capture*

    *Mandara starts cursing endlessly*

    Tobi: *******************************************!!!!!!

    *Tobi/Mandara regains composure*

    Tobi: It doesn’t matter, we have both the Bijuu, Sasuke, and Hawk. (OK Mandara keep cool, take it out at the Kage meeting this tomorrow.)

    Sasuke tried to save his comrades when they fighting Killer Bee. There was a brief moment where he realized Hawk was similar to Team 7 and that he wasn’t alone. Sasuke also has a non killingstreak, although his recent promise to destroy Konohagakure is a little close to Pain’s without the peace & fear mixed in. Tobi is a genius at reverse physiology, tell Sasukeexactly how Itachi wanted him to live and watch him do the opposite.

  150. @johnnocalypse aka jHall –

  151. @ ibi – jiraiya should be God. nice choice ^_^

  152. @johnnyocalypse Your probably those stories will separate into their own arcs. Plus everyone seems too far away to make it into Konoha before the battle ends.

  153. @Kyouto – thanks for reminding me of Sasuke’s non-killing rule (philosophy?) I forgot about that. He has had his good moments in the past, but he seems determined to flush it all down the toilet! I mean, when he told Hawk that *they* were using Akatsuki, rather than the other way ’round I laughed – he sounded like such a petulant naive delusional child! And his decision to attack Konoha *still* has me wanting to pound his dumbass face into the ground!

    And then I remember how he was ready to sacrifice himself for Naruto and Sakura against Gaara and I just don’t know what to think anymore!

  154. is it me or do akatski members have to have a messed up body.
    diedra had the hands
    sasori was a puppet
    hidan was a tentacle wierdo
    zetsus a plant
    kakuzu made his trun all negative and grim reaper like
    nagato is a walking church organ
    konans normal, although i think shes ther so its not a sausage fest. lol
    orochimaru, ex akatski, was made of snakes
    im seriously thinking kisames gonna have a boat under his cape.

    i bet tobi and itachi felt left out.

  155. Wait…you don’t think Kisame’s body is weird ENOUGH!!!!? He’s a freakin’ SHARK-MAN!

    Tobi and Itachi have/had their weird eyes

  156. It’s amazing how many comments come out when you leave the blog for much of the day…


    (from earlier post by me) “Hiroshima was mentioned but it reminded me of the Cold War. (No political smears are intended here…) Then there was President Reagan who beat the term “fear” into heads and demanded that the nuclear arsenal be rapidly increased. Russia, then the USSR, followed suit. Then came the painting of each side as the equivalent of the Emperor (Star Wars). Communism versus Democracy. Hawks versus Doves. You get the idea: “Peace through strength.” ”

    Good point; no weapons were ever used. No one wanted to use them. You are correct that Pain doesn’t give a flying leap – he uses it first then loans it to the highest bidder so they make a profit. Yeah, sounds like an deviant entrepreneur in the making.

    Speaking of your young ones: mine are teenagers and need that “don’t ever touch each other again” at the moment. Don’t worry, your young ones will grow and you will be saying the same thing: “I just want peace and quiet!” Hmmmm…sound like Pain?

  157. usually in manga when a villain is fighting for peace he usually turns out to be a power hungry psycho(yea i know the dudes psycho but he is not foaming at the mouth psycho with the dumbass laugh)thank god kishi didn’t take the low road and made Pain sound cheesy and stale, i was really surprised at how clear and agreeable Pain’s plans were and his motivations……….oh and uh am i the only one that realizes naruto still sux i mean pain just took on a whole village and kicked their ass and once again naruto beats up on the enemy while they r fatigued……(still hating sasgay)

  158. @penny… You are so right, comments pile up and I never have the time to read them all >_<.

  159. Seeing Nagato kinda made me sick. I mean, he’s a skeleton with a skin jacket….*barf*

  160. Excellent breakdown! This chapter lived up to so many expectations, now we just need to see them through to the end. Between the Jiraiya flashback and Pain’s speech, I loved how Kishi tied the frog prophecy into this chapter so obviously. We’re coming to the tipping point of their battle to bring the world total destruction or peace, and I can’t wait to see how Naruto handles things.

    To make a few predictions (because I just can’t resist), I wonder if Pain could use the Rinnegan to make himself a Jinchuriki host for all of the tailed beasts? Can you imagine Shinra Tensei with all that power behind it? “Destroy an entire land” indeed!

    For now I see Inoichi’s team catching up to Hinata, who uses her Byakugan to find Nagato, and then Skihamaru coming up with a plan to dethrone him from that freaky six-legged wheelchair. With both Yamanaka’s and Nara’s to use the shadow bind/mind transfer techniques, it would give plenty of opportunity for the ANBU member and perhaps Kiba and Akamaru to do some damage. Or, Neji and co. could have already beat them to the punch, and they’ll arrive as back-up while Gai and Lee unleash the power of youth! LOL

  161. Hell yes to the Power of Youth!

    I still say that there will be talking – Naruto’s “I don’t know” was important, it was a defeat. Now Naruto needs to bounce back from his stigmata and TELL THAT ASSEHOLE *WHY* HE’S WRONG!!!

  162. Naruto should have told Pain the story of gaara. (then gaara would have came out of nowhere and crushed pain). By the way. . .i think nagato decided to call himself pain because he looks like he is in alot of it right now. . a shitload of rods sticking out of him and partial life support, and not to mention muscle deteriation all over . . .serious pain fo sho. . .FO SHOOOOOOOO. lol

  163. @johnnyocalypse – If your going take the low hanging fruit, might as well see if we can pick everything in arm’s reach. What about:

    Maito Gai and Team Gai
    Hinata and her body guard
    Momma’s boy Kiba and Chouji
    Tsunade, Sakura, and those worthless Anbu
    Kakashe and his campfire conversation
    Konohamaru, Ebisu,

  164. Oh and great post ibi T!

  165. Part of me feels er…unhealthily vindicated that Nagato is in such bad shape (blow up Konoha will you, you bastard!) But there’s a little *itty* *bitty* part of me that remembers a sad, shy, desperate child who only wanted to protect his friends…:(

    I’m with Osensei – Gaara should come out of nowhere and *squash* Pain! “Desert Coffin” *CRUNCH*

  166. Damn, hit the submit button by accident, heres the rest.

    Konohamaru, Ebisu, and Iruka sensei
    Sai and Yamato
    Tzetsu and Madera/Tobi could be anywhere
    Where the Hell is Gaara and the Sand nin

    Now who are we missing?

  167. @ eileim HAHA!!!! exactly!! CRUNCH!! lmao.
    Gaara says. “Thats for taking away, MY MOTHAA!!.. F**KIN!!!!! … SHUKAKU!!!!!! . . . . . .bitch!

  168. So basically Pain wants to do what America did to Japan. ^_^ There has been no World Wars ever since the droppings of the Atomic Bombs on Japan. So in a way, Pain is correct(if you think America was correct).

    I think this is Kishi’s way of telling America “F U!” Lol. Btw, I’m an American, and I support America, I just don’t support needless killing of innocent civilians.

    Anyways, remember the Kishi interview? I think he said one of the Akatsuki members will become a friend of Naruto. He also said that during the Pain fight, someone will become blind.

    What I take from that is, Naruto will be able to convince Pain to have faith in people again, and therefore he will becomes Naruto’s friend. Why would Pain change his mind? Pain is slowly dying, his willpower/stubborness might falter, this in turn allows him to change his mind.

    I also think Pain will be the one to go blind, whether from using too much of his powers, or from giving his Rinnegan to Naruto as he dies.

    Why would he give his eyes to Naruto? Because if Naruto convinces him to believe in people again and he’s slowly dying, then it would be his last will to give Naruto the Rinnegan so Naruto can change the world.

    If Pain doesn’t go blind, then it must be Kakashi… or Neji/Hinata(very unlikely). Or maybe Sasuke shows up and Itachi’s crows come out of Naruto’s mouth to peck Sasuke’s eyes out. O_O

  169. @Penny- That’s if I let them make it to their teenage years. 🙂

    Your right, when you boil it all down, Atkatski is just involved in a giant “Shakedown” of the rest of the contries.

  170. wait, if gaara has had his demon removed….can he still control sand? I thought it was the demon not him who controlled the sand.

  171. […] Naruto Manga 437 spoiler discussion + Naruto Manga 436 breakdown Naruto Manga 437 This is Ibiki T with your weekly manga breakdown, and let me tell you this issue was pure AWESOMENESS! […] […]

  172. @mandi: yeah, he can. He lifts Naruto’s hand to make him shake when they say goodbye.

  173. @rockleex- I’m compelled to add a little historical perspective to your comment.

    Granted there are arguments on both sides of this issue, but few historians will say outright that the use of “little boy” and “fat man” didn’t save lives. Without a doubt innocent lives were taken by those to devices. The question is, did those bombs spare more lives than were taken. Historians still argue this point today, but there are valid arguments on both sides. Suffice to say that the bombs were dropped in order to bring the war to an end as quickly as possible and preclude the need for a full invasion of Japan. The bombs were dropped on August 6 and 9 respectively. Japan signed The Potsdam Declaration on August 14, 1945. The Emperor made that declaration just in time to prevent a Coup d’etat by the military, who were determined to continue the war and maintain the polity of Japan.

    War is hell, but 60 plus years later we are still staunch allies.

  174. Some of my posts arent appearing and about 80% of my posts that do appear are not coming through until hours after i post them. So if this comes through later please dont ignore it once seen. ^.^

    Anyways…i just thought of an idea.
    You know how all of Pains bodies are dead? (well of course you do)
    And dead bodies obviously dont age.
    So this means Yahiko died recently?
    Yahiko’s body is fully grown. And if he died as a kid Deva Pain would be a kid. So he must not have died as a child, but as an adult shinobi.

    Pain surely would have created Akatsuki after Yahiko’s death?

    And i think Pain is how he is for reasons including because his best friend Yahiko died.
    Imagine how Naruto would react if Sasuke-his best friend died while their comrades…but we know-what happened against Haku when Naruto thought Sasuke died, Naruto went beserk but he held back at the end. Its the same thing for Nagato when adult ninja comrade Yahiko died, only Nagato probably wouldn’t have held back at the end (no reason to hold back, unlike Naruto remembering Haku’s face) So this probably changed Nagato.
    And he new Yahiko for longer that Naruto new Sasuke when Yahiko died through hard times to, so the Pain would have been greater.
    So maybe Pains still feeling the Pain from the loss of his buddy that may have died recently?)

    (Why are their always similarities between the villains and Naruto? Haku, Garra, Kimamaro, Pain)

    Im really sleepy so i cant type up what im thinking correctly BTW..

  175. Ah school has been killer (we all have had those days lol)

    But anyways its time for Crazy Awesome Theory Time!!!

    by Burning Ace!

    Alright gather around children

    Here is my theory of how Danzo is going to take over Konoha.

    Danzo knowing the situation against Pain (I just have a feeling that ROOT is somewhere out there relaying messages back to Danzo) might help look for Pain as a sign of loyalty. Him and his root soldiers might fight against Pain and then as a sign of respect (Tsunade isn’t looking so hot at this momment) Danzo will offer to temporarily take over the position of Hokage. While Tsunade is in the hospital or getting rest. Danzo will send one of his root soldiers in and kill Tsunade, and also in the black of night kill the two Konoha elders (I forget their names). This will give Danzo complete power as a Dictator and start creating a new root army (come on that dude is on a power trip, he will do that.) and start exiling or killing anyone who opposes the new govt. (perfect example of art imitating life) It will be the The “11” who will escape and systematically destroy the new gov’t with the help of SAI!!.

    That is pretty much the most of it. I think this really is a strong possibility.

    Anyways I wanted to post this earlier but again school has been killer so yeah

    and sorry if its an extra long post

  176. I just read rock lee’s post lol

    there are a lot of similarities between WWII and Naruto aren’t there lol

  177. @ ibi – actually i did notice something different… who r u trying to fool??? your mind tricks won’t work on me!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *calm down reflex… calm down*
    ok… you were saying??? 😀

  178. @Rocklee -I’m can’t see Naruto getting an eye technique – a) it’ll mess up his sagemode!frog eyes (lol) and b) no…just…no, I’m not upset that Naruto has sage mode – it *is* a lot of power, but there are limitations, as we have seen, but give him the freakin’ GodModeSue eyes from Hell and everybody might as well call it a day and go home because it’s over, there’s no more growing to do, ATL can have her time skip and we can come back to a happy little epilogue where Naruto is Hokage and married to Hinata/Sakura/Sasuke/InsertOTPofyourchoice and everybody lives happily ever after

    er…I didn’t mean to rant that long, sorry

    About the blindness thingermajig – I vote Kakshi loses his sharingan: a realistic cost for the chakra he expended but we still get to keep him (he’s alive dammit! …please Kishi :()

    @Osensei – there needs to be more CRUNCH, Gaara hasn’t had nearly enough action for the Bad@$$ Mo FO we know he is – he’s lost every single fight we’ve seen him in since he went Sand Demon on that nameless Sound grunt during the Chuunin arc

    No really – He went out of commission after Sasuke scored a hit during their tournament round (costing Sound/Suna forces the victory in Konoha, incidentally) granted, he *destroyed* Sasuke during their second round but then Naruto intervened and opened a whole can of whoppass on his angst-ridden behind, then in the fight with Kimimaro he would have been skewered – the guy ran through his freakin’ Absolute Defense like it was rice paper! – except that Kimimaro’s deadly illness conveniently chose *then* to call in the grim reaper, and then the Fifth Kazekage got blown up by Deidara (who I still have not forgiven :P)

    Basically, Gaara had better be at the Kage meeting and there had better be some villain he can CRUNCH!

  179. …Holy Guacamole that was a long post! I apologize!

    For those of you like me who don’t have the attention span for long posts here are the key points:

    No Rinnegan!Naruto plz

    I think Kakashi will live but be blind

    Osensei and I agree: MORE GAARA (and Temari plz:D)

  180. This entire post made no sense to me, I couldn’t understand a word of it.

  181. @Eiliem- I’m with you, no Rinnegon or Sharingan for Naruto. However, the yellow flash Teleportation technique is a given. Sage mode plus yellow flash, that’s scary strong. If Killer Bee shows up to teach Naruto how to “Tame” Kyuubi, and the frog key helps him unlock the Yin chakra, the only thing that might,might stop naruto is his damnable defenselessness against genjutsu. I’d like to think that part of Itachi’s “gift” was a defense against the genjutsu those freakin’ eyes provide.

    Naruto, or somebody in Konoha, has to defeat Negato or force Negato to retreat (nods to Ibiki) before any of that can happen. Then what happens to akatsuki, does Madera openly take the reins? Regardless, somebody on the bad guys team better start getting (or show us that they can get) a whole lot stronger. If not, the manga is gonna lose steam, fast. I suppose we’ve got a time skip or two and maybe a nin war for Kishi to keep Naruto in his perpetual race to Hokage.

    In the end, though it goes against Naruto’s nindo, it might be Naruto vs. Sasuke, at the Valley of the End, for a final Senju/Uchiha showdown. Kishi does like symmetry.

    Sorry, just took the long road to say I agree with you that Naruto getting too strong, too fast isn’t necessarily a good thing.

  182. @jdb
    i dont think flash step and sage mode is that strong. if fact i dont think it can be comboed. naruto can make 1 to 1000 clones as he says to itachi. sage naruto can make, correct me 3 clones because its to hard to controll………… ya sounds like flash step is easy to add to that 😉

  183. hey ibi…. did you notice this or no??

  184. i think that image proves he’s on SOME KIND of mountain, so he definitely isnt in the tower like people think…. i guess he does like to travel light ehh ;D

  185. sorry doesn’t* like to travel light…. lol i make so many damn mistake i should proof-read from now on

  186. I had forgotten Garra might attend the meeting. Does anyone find the current situation a little awkward. Tsunade & Danzo (Hokage), Garra (Kazekage), Tobi/Mandara (Mizukage), Killer Bee’s Older Brother (Raikage) and Unknown (Tsuchikage).

    Other than that did anyone notice the flashback images for this chapter. Its not the same as Naruto’s but there was an image of Amegakure and another of Nagato leaning over his family. There was his father, mother and brother. Also there was an image of the summoning statue Pain uses with all the eye closed, though that is little less seen.

  187. i say hokage mountain, what has a better radio sig’ of the village?

  188. not on the faces obviously

  189. maybe, but then when god-realm dropped shinra tensai he would have been hit too… i think it’s on a mountain outside the village…. it would be a lil dangerous to get TOO close to konoha

  190. WoW, that was one log post. But, I enjoyed it. Good stuff!

    -Ty Schwamberger
    Horror Author

  191. no it stops at the edge all the way around the village. the outside gate is still standing

  192. still seems a little to close to the village.. some one would have seen him. he’s prolly near the kage mountain, but slightly farther away from the village

  193. I thought Nagato was on a mountain too, however look at the side of the image. The pieces there look like broken boards, but the surrounding area resembles rock formation like a mountain. Though is Nagato really mad enough to stay inside the very village he used Shinra Tensei in destroying the village the first time and sending giant toads flying to the outside the second time? The intelligence group speculated he was outside of Konoha, either way its a gamble. *laughs at the thought of Nagato & Konan hanging out in Tsunade’s noes*


  194. if anyone want to know what we’re talking about, look here

  195. i think the rock formation just represents a steep part of the mountain they cant go to… since they couldnt go all the way to the top of the mountain, they went as high as they could

  196. lol maybe they got a drink with her and she was none the wiser 😉

  197. @ReFleX – I think Hokage mountain also, it seemed to me that it didn’t get hit too bad, and if you’re niiiice and hidden behind the faces I’d say it would be fairly safe

    Although…in your favour, there is the fact that the Paths used Animal Realm (I think) to summon all the others so that Konoha wouldn’t get much of a warning…which means that Nagato definitely wasn’t inside Konoha before the Paths invaded – if he is on Hokage mountain he would have had to move there at some point after the invasion

    …I changed my mind, RefleX I’m with you

    @jdb- I hope we get a training sequence of Naruto (trying) to learn the yellow flash move…lol, oh there are so many ways he could mess it up. I find Naruto is most fun when he’s trying to learn something.

  198. lol nagato is pretty un-recognizable…. he may be a konoha citizen who walks the streets every day.. that would be hilarious!!!!

  199. @ eiliem – not to mention when konan released her paper clone and went to see nagato, they were in the woods outside the city as seen here

  200. @Reflex – oh yeah…so how far away are they, do you think? And how are the Konoha nin going to track Nagato down? I predict Shika’s going to come up with some ridiculous convoluted – I mean, genius plan to…to…who am I kidding, I have no idea how you track chakra that apparently keeps “changing frequency” (chakra has a *frequency!?*)

    Also…has anyone else ever seen a mountain around Konoha *besides* Hokage mountain? (which, in all fairness, is more of a “tall rocky hill”)

  201. 197th!!!
    that’s dead last…. >_<

    sorry guys, this chapter was way too predictable (and i am still annoyed at the intelligence department….even kinder-garteners are smarter than those dumb-asses -_______-)

    so, will wait for the next chapter and will give my verdict then ^_^

  202. yeah i have seen other hills like hokage mountain . but never “mountains” per say….
    i think he is gonna be on the tallest “mountain” possible OUTSIDE of the village security barrier… i can’t really estimate the distance, but it can’t be too far…. look at the tallest “mountain” in the middle left panel… that’ll probably be where he is

  203. yeah i have seen other hills like hokage mountain . but never “mountains” per say….
    i think he is gonna be on the tallest “mountain” possible OUTSIDE of the village security barrier… i can’t really estimate the distance, but it can’t be too far….
    ttp:// look at the tallest “mountain” in the middle left panel… that’ll probably be where he is

    ps. admins can you delete the comment before this one

  204. @Pain – Lol – but you missed the discussion on Mary Magdalene! And whether, in the Bible Parable that is Naruto, Sasuke is Eve or Peter.

    The intelligence dept need someone more genre-savvy.

    Er…did you count every single post to come to your 197th? *is deeply impressed and mildly concerned*

  205. @ eiliem – it says the total # of comments at the top of the page

  206. @Reflex – they *do* have other hills! …have they always been there? I mostly remember Konoha being surround by lots of trees…which, of course, can be found on *top* of baby!mountains/tallish-hills but…meh, I guess I’ve just never had any cause to wonder about what’s outside Konoha

    What time is it for you guys? It’s 3:20 (am) here and I really should be asleep (but I don’t wanna!)

  207. Its hard imagining it, however, I think the next step for Naruto is Anbu.

    As for the Akatsuki member that will join Konoha, I think it will be Konan. I know this sounds a little messed up, but listen. Under that black robe of her is an outfit. I don’t believe Kishimoto added that detail in for nothing. Similar to other members of Akatsuki its shown later one. If Konan joined Naruto its likely she would stop wearing her robe attire for the one hidden underneath. Now before we take a step further that one good look at Nagato. Notice something, he is plum naked, though he has the most motivation and possibility to change there is little in his attire suggesting he will make a reappearance. Strangely the only thing one could take from that is his very appearance itself, being the bony person that Nagato currently is and in the hopes he would return several times healthy than Rikudou and Maito Guy himself. The logic is strange, however I think these are possibilities and the reasons behind them.

  208. same here…. i stay up this late all the time on weekends however….
    so looking at that picture, which hill do you think he will be on… the right one or the left one?

  209. hey kyouto – you never answered my question from earlier… why did you summon me at the beginning of the post. i dont like being summoned when im asleep you bastard 😀

  210. *cough* umm, hmm… *hides wallet* didn’t your soul want to be near Ibiki’s?

  211. @ kyouto – imagine if they both joined naruto… that would give alot of power to konoha, and they would have a second ally besides the sand village in case there ever is a “War” like everyone is talking about…. it actually seems kinda fitting that they would seeing as they known each other since they met jiraiya and have been partners in akatsuki since pein “founded it” (still not buying that part) kinda like a storybook ending to this arc actually 🙂

  212. @ kyouto – WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?!?!!?!! lol that was really random 😀

  213. @Kyouto – that’s the first time I’ve heard anyone suggest Konan will switch allegiances…and I like it! Your logic is sound – and furthering what you said, Pain really did go to far for a full redemption, I think. If we make the (inevitable) comparison to Gaara (who was a Crazy!Psycho!Serial Killer) he crippled Lee and threatened Sakura but he didn’t kill anyone Naruto knew or cared about, nor did he destroy anything more than the patch of forest they had their show-down on. Pain has killed Naruto’s near and dear and flattened his beloved villaged…

    If Nagato is redeemed – well, look at him, he’s dying as is – I think it’ll be redemption by death. And that leaves Konan, who suffered as much as Yahiko and Nagato, who lost her teammate, and who was once an innocent little girl who made origami for strangers…

    How though, will that conversion come about?

    @Reflex, I say the closer one…and I have absolutely no reason to back that 😛

  214. oh, and i don’t think naruto is gonna go to anbu…. anbu are just a bunch of random filler roles kishi puts in during certain missions where there are no other character available. many people are sayin that naruto is on the verge of becoming hokage. (this arc or the next) i mean… tsunade is all washed up right now, and she didnt really do that much in the way of fighting pain, and then naruto comes back with 3 straight issues of pwnage that tsunade couldnt even do…. seems fairly reasonable to me. the one reason i can think of that may prevent that from happening is that the hokage doesnt travel from the village, and naruto kinda has to if he ever want to get sasuke back. then again, sasuke did say he was going to go after konoha so it may work out as naruto becoming hokage soon…. but with kishi, i guess you never really know ehhh??

  215. @jdb44:

    So you’re saying its okay to kill INNOCENT civilians to save soldier lives? What kind of BS is that? Soldiers exist for a reason, to fight the battles so civilians won’t have to.

    So what if me and a guy had a fight, and even though I was clearly winning, I decided to end the fight quicker by killing his family/friends? That’s right, there’s no excuse whatsoever to kill his family/friends when the fight is between me and him.

    Not only did America kill innocent civilians, those civilians were men, women, young children, babies, and old people. None of them had anything to do with the battles being faught. Not only were they killed in an instant, those that survived had mutations that even affected their descendants.

    Even if Japan didn’t want to surrender, America would have taken all their bases within days. All their base, were belong to us. What can they do without soldiers or weapons?

    How outraged were Americans when they heard of the damage done to Pearl Harbor? Everyone supported the war after Pearl Harbor incident. Remember, Pearl Harbor was a military base.

    Now multiply Pearl Harbor by a thousand(or more) and replace a military base with civilian cities, and that’s how outraged the Japanese should be at America. They have the right to be.

    Funny thing is, America can give whatever BS reasons they want to justify their wrong doings, and no one will ever give them a reality check.

    No country is perfect, not even America. Its sad to see people defending America even when America has done wrong. Double standards for sure.

    How would you feel if American cities were nuked just to “end the war quicker”? <_<

  216. @Reflex – I think it’s too early for Naruto to be Hokage, first he needs some polishing up in politics and diplomacy, and also he’s young and has so much more that he needs to see and experience in the world, especially since his goal (besides becoming Hokage and dragging Sasuke’s ass back to Konoha) is to bring peace and understanding between different people. I think the idea of Anbu!Naruto is an intriguing one, but again…doesn’t that restrict him in a way? It didn’t seem to me that the Anbu got around a lot, unless they’re running Ultra Super Triple S ranked missions once in a blue moon. Tsunade herself noted that Naruto would hate to be cooped up in the village all the time and I think that with Anbu – and Hokage – at this point in his life he’d get restless

    Kyouto-sempai, will you teach me how to summon people? 😛

  217. lol i thought that too, but alot of people have been saying it and if you take the politics out, it actually sounds like a pretty good fit. he’s clearly stronger than anyone in the village at this point.. so really.. why not??? sure he’s hate to be cooped up in the village, but wouldnt it make for a very interesting plot twist (and kishi is known for those) … just a theory, so don’t hate on me too bad please 😀

  218. oh and kyouto…. why were you hiding your wallet??

  219. About finding Pain… Can’t Neji/Hinata just use Byakugan? I mean, if you see a source of chakra with changing frequencies… that would DEFINITELY be Nagato. O_O

    @everyone who thinks Naruto shouldn’t get any more special powers:

    Why not? Just because he may appear to be super strong, doesn’t mean it will be enough to stand up against the rest of Akatsuki… or even newer villains AFTER Akatsuki. Who knows how strong those unknown motherF-ers will be?

    Just because Naruto’s currently the strongest ninja in Konoha doesn’t mean he shouldn’t level up more. Who knows how much everyone else will progress anyways? Should Naruto just sit back and wait for everyone in Konoha to get on his level? I don’t think so. Should Minato have waited for everyone else to get on his level? Nope. Should Madara wait for everyone else to get on his level? Well maybe he does… but all villains have to do that. ^_^

  220. True, however without Tsunade naming the next Hokage that responsibility falls to the advisers, who Danzo just happens to be apart of.

    Although Nagato has dealt immeasurable damage to Konohagakure, the part about understanding each other the way Naruto does with Garra is letting that stuff go. In this situation it would be hard but if Naruto was shooting for something stronger than revenge then it means holding some of that back. I think Konan can join Konohagakure, however I am aware of her connection to Pain/Nagato. She follows him to whenever, however, wherever and then back again. I think that Konan would join from freewill, loss of purpose or as a wish for peace and that promise to Nagato.

  221. @rocklee I agree, naruto should continue to get stronger, because everyone else will. He has so much potential, plus he will have to be stronger if he wants to be Hokage.

  222. @Reflex Something about snacks and being wiser than Naruto.


    From Memory Post Before Summoned User, Draw Blood, Boar (Hands Down, Eight Fingers Bent to own Base, Thumbs against the tips of the index finger.)

    Dog (Right Hand Fist, Left Hand Over – Diagonal), Bird (Middle & Ring Fingers Locked, Index, Thumbs, and Pinkies Triangle Connection, Left Pinkie Furthest.)

    Monkey (Right Palm Over Left, Pinkies between opposite Thumbs & Index), Ram (Right Index & Middle Connected Pointing Up, Close remaining Fingers, Left Hand Mimicking, Thumbs overlaying or pointing up.)

    Smash Palm Into Ground.

    Or you could just do it the easy way *summoned X*

  223. whooooaaaaa.
    and before i continue, i just introduced my girlfriend to the whole series. Pitiful she’s got to watch the whole thing from episode one, but it’s fine. She, like shika, has an IQ level of over 200. Hehe. Won’t be long before you find her down here.

    This release is passively explosive. Like the kind where there’s no real action, but you marvel because you’re compelled to. For once, i can understand pain’s reasoning, even though that’s not gonna change a damn thing. I think the whole thing only get’s interesting now.

    Funny to see how nagato’s actually the one talking through yahiko pain. So if konan decides to be a sissy and pulls on the plug, then yahiko pain is gonna fall like a withered plant. Funny huh?

    Nagato looks really pale, like if he’s found out it would be interesting to know what happens. My guess is he withdraws his chakra from yahiko pain to defend himself. Naruto gets free and kicks some ass, but nagato kills off those who disturb him like flies clapped to death for disturbing people with mortgage debts and job losses in their minds. Just hoping it’s not someone like gai or neji, or even shika. Now i cant wait for the net two releases.

  224. @Last Scorpion: HAHAHAHA, I read all the posts. ALL of them! +_+

    @Reflex: In Tsunade’s defense she is not washed up. She’s just extremely exhausted from pouring all of her chakra into EVERY fighting nin in the ENTIRE village. Don’t forget she’s one of the legendary sanin. If Jiraiya could do fairly well against Pain than so could Tsunade and definitely Orochimaru. We’ve NEVER seen Tsunade fight at her full strength before. When she fought Orochimaru she was already severely injured so she had to release her stored chakra from the seal on her forehead to heal herself up. When she challenged Pain she was already extremely exhausted and the seal on her forehead was gone showing she used most of her chakra healing the entire village.

    @Burningace: Tsunade won’t die! 😉

    @jdb: Naruto can make more than 3 clones in battle if he wanted to in sage mode. He just said he can’t make more than 3 clones in battle without interfering with the two gathering natural energy at Myobokuzan.

    Last 2 points:

    1. (Kinda spoiler for ‘Watchmen’ but not really)
    Has anyone else read the comic book being made into a movie now ‘Watchmen’? Pain’s ambitions are EXACTLY like the one’s of the villain (maybe hero?) in that movie! You have to read the comic book or at least watch the movie when it comes out. The book is great but who knows if they screw up the movie. >_<

    2. The thing about one of the members of Akatsuki will become friends with Naruto. Kishi never said when and don’t forget that Sasuke is part of Akatsuki now. 🙂 Then I read Kyouto’s comment about perhaps Konan becoming a friend with Naruto and I also find that highly plausible. If Nagato does redeem himself on his by his dying breath like Eilem said then it would be Konan’s wish to fulfill Nagato’s dream of peace by helping Naruto (Jiraiya’s second destined student) out. I also picked up on Eilem’s idea of the one to go blind is Kakashi’s sharingan eye. It makes a lot of sense. That’s the price you pay for living after expending all of your chakra!

  225. @Ibiki: Guess I won’t get any credit for predicting Nagato’s condtion on my post here? 😉 February 13, 2009 at 9:58 pm I know it’s hard to read all the comments but I thought I’d just point out this one little prediction and show you how awesome I am at predicting what stuff will happen and things that WON’T happen. *cough* a war *cough* *cough* 🙂

  226. i think yahiko/nagato’s gonna find out he’s wasting his time with naruto, and i really hope it takes just a release to show that. Eagerly anticipating what happens in the next episode. I mean i can understand where nagato is coming from, but it doesn’t change the fact he is a conceited psychopath still. And no matter how logical he may come off as, that mistake of self-proclaiming himself god would eventually lead to his downfall.

  227. kyouto…kishimoto….not much of a difference actually.
    ok, could you try working on next week’s prediction?
    when i see people like you here, i really don’t miss the fact that naruto releases are weekly.
    Cheers, mate.

  228. actually, about konan switching alliances, that’s not a bad idea, but given the fact she’s really close to nagato, i’m eager to see how that plays out. Are we gonna see a “naruto changing people act” again?

  229. “All their base, were belong to us.”

    @rockleex: That was total oldschool awesomeness! LMAO!!

    To everyone else debating who in Akatsuki will become Naruto’s friend … what if it’s Itachi? By “friend” I didn’t think Kishi meant they’d be going out to get ramen together, if you know what I mean. Itachi has helped Naruto in several ways now, letting him go on a couple occasions when he had the chance to capture him and then giving him some of his powers and even by sacrificing himself for Sasuke. That sounds like a friend to me. Just sayin ^_^

  230. @elfarren
    “I didn’t think Kishi meant they’d be going out to get ramen together, if you know what I mean.” . . . or did he?? 0_0 . . . hahah joking.
    But i totally agree, the “friend” has to be itachi. . .C’mon what antagonist gives up his or her power for the protaganist to help with their goals???????
    Game show contestant: “CRAZY PEOPLE!? is it crazy people???”
    Alex Trebek: uhhh sorry the answer was friends. FRIENDS was the answer we were looking for.
    See Alex trebek knows the answers why doesn’t anyone else??? (ohh i forgot he has the damn answers…sly devil) lol

  231. My god….. Sorry to bash on you, but this weeks writing is very poorly done. Simply put, Very boring!!

  232. @ elfarren: Don’t forget about sharkface Kisame!

    He might become Naruto’s friend also considering that Itachi helped him.

    I mean it is a far out theory but it is a possibility

  233. laina: nice. you came out of the ether to tell me that, noob? Get an icon, get some cred and then we’ll talk.

  234. Hmmm…lots of theories floating around here.

    First, I agree with the consensus that the Konoha Intelligence Squad should be disbanded. I mean, c’mon…most of us figured out what was happening MONTHS ago. And Shikamaru, the so-called genius, what was he thinking? It didn’t help that good-old dad knocked him down a peg or two with his “if Naruto mastered Sage Mode…yada yada.

    I still say that Nagato/Pain is on top of Hokage mountain. I think there is a lot of symbolism behind that – he thinks Konoha is too big and powerful and what better way than to destroy the symbolic figure that represents the “Will of Fire” – the Hokage faces. Naruto would get REALLY PO’ed if his “idol” (ok, so he’s been kept in the dark – his FATHER) Yondaime Hokage was blown into a rock quarry.

    As is typical Kishi, there are so many themes/allegories running through this chapter, it is tough to keep up with them. I can’t wait for next week…

  235. @ibiki You are ruthless!! lmao.

    HAHAHA!! I wonder what you’re like in real life. You are the only person on this thread that i wonder that about. no joke.

  236. ok. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Looking at nagato and yahiko makes me understand a few things from the past issues, or rather things kishi ha was been trying to tell us. First, we notice that when jiraiya’s fighting pain, the real pain’s not down there. Then secondly, we notice that the rinnegan is interconnected in its line of vision. Meaning if one realm of pain is not looking and an attack is directed at that realm, he could evade provided another realm sees the attack. Then in this episode, we find that yahiko is not actually a god, but a puppet who is been used to achieve nagato’s goals. I can explain the little i know.

    Now, talking about nagato’s energy loss or health state, it’s safe if we say nagato’s out of energy because he has almost used up his chakra on the realms of pain to achieve his goal of destroying konoha. So if someone was to essentially interrupt nagato, yahiko would be exposed to be the puppet he actually is. And the plan to capture naruto would definitely fail.

    About controlling the puppets, we now finally understand why it is yahiko pain called himself “leader of akatsuki” And also we noticed that all the realms of pain could not act independently so were being stored in a room. First of all, nagato could only speak through one puppet at a time, and not more than one. That explains why it always seemed the rest were dumb around yahiko pain. And of course yahiko, being a friend to nagato, always had nagato’s chakra. Hence what konan said at one point concentrating all his chakra on yahiko pain gave good results but was risky. I think it also explained why yahiko was able to find out about naruto’s location when human realm forced it out of shizune because it was nagato pulling the strings all along. Simply put, all the realms have nagato’s minds and thoughts, so they could share the same vision, the same thoughts, the same feelings(pawnage from naruto’s techniques which nagato pain felt, hence the bleeding from the mouth), e.t.c. Please try to understand where i’m getting with this.

    Then finally, from all i’ve said above, i really suspect nagato and yahiko died trying to protect konan. I really think as a result of the rinnegan’s abilities, nagato was able to bring himself back from the dead, as well as yahiko. That, for me, explains why nagato gives the pains all the chakra he possesses hecause nagato himself seems to me he is not suited for fighting as a result of what happened to him in the past. It could also explain why nagato always let yahiko parade himself as the leader of akatsuki. I’m a bit excited over this, but i’m not entirely sure, so tell me what you think, guys.

  237. @ laina : *Elfarren chanelling Pain* How would you face this hatred, I mean write this differently, in order to build peace, er, make it funnier?

    Not to steal your thunder or anything, Ibiki, but I couldn’t resist, what with the current chapter and everything … LOL

  238. @ Penny: Yeah that is a strong possibility that pain is at the top of Hokage Mountain…lol I was just imagining since he looked at himself like a god I wonder if he was looking down on the fight

    Nagato: “Puny Humans I will crush you!”

    *Shika and Inoichi enter*

    Nagato: ” Sorry I am just actually an anorexic bi*** it was Konan’s idea!”

    Konan: “WTF!”


  239. an one last thing, the rinnegan’s abilities are not awesome because of their line of vision(like we’ve seen with naruto attacking the realms of pain one at a time, and them not failing to suck). They are awesome because of the fact that it enables the user perform any kind of technique(birth of all ninjutsu.) So my verdict. if it’s ever down to nagato and naruto, we would be seeing a nagato doing exclusively ninjutsu, and maybe genjutsu if the rinnegan allows. But i really think before nagato dies off he would transfer all his abilities to yahiko pain. That’s what might even make konan have a change of heart to come to konoha because yahiko has always been the depraved one of the two(between yahiko and nagato)

  240. @ rocklee – i suggested the byakugan thing last week and critized shikamaru for not thinking to use it. i mean you would think it would be obvious since hinata’s already using byakugan to watch naruto fight. maybe when neji shows up with team gai, he’ll suggest that he uses byakugan to search for nagato.

    about naruto not getting any more poser… i think he should, but in his current state there’s not much he could really learn. the only things i can think of are a second elemental jutsu, the fourth’s body flicker jutsu, and maybe some other wind element techniques other than just rasen shuriken. besides that there not really too many MAJOR techniques he could learn. (ps. genjutsu may be an idea as well)

  241. First of all I’d like to say that this is my first comment. I have been watching everyone’s thoughts and theorys since mid Nov. early Dec. so im kinda up to date with everything maybe
    Second.. I’d like to speak on a couple of theories…First the Danzo…he isn’t Madara folks…yeah he’s a snake but no Madara…He grew up with the 3rd Hokage when they were fighting for the spot..*obviously he lost…heheh* so that theory is no good. Next is Tsunade…she’s not gonna die anytime soon but will later on. I think its Shizune’s death that makes Sakura have to coming of age thing since she’s Tsunade’s longest student making Sakura go through it like Naruto and Shikamaru.

    This Pein issue is kinda difficult because it could go a couple ways…Pein/Nagato dies from health reasons…*coughing up blood like kimimaro did…we all know how bad garra and lee got handled…* or shika and ino’s group catch up to nagato and konan.

  242. I kinda got cut off so I’ll post more later….ohh and when is bleach section gonna be ready? Im actually looking forward to it…

  243. @ kyouto – wtf r u talking about snacks for?? ps. i thinl tsunade is going to be the one to name naruto hokage…. i just don’t know when. it could be soon, and it could be in the year 2038. the reasons i say this are,
    1. naruto save her from or way back when she first became hokage….
    2. she has repeatedly trusted him when NONE of her advisers. one example of this is on the save gaara arc and the another was when she wanted to call naruto back from the frog village when pein attacked.
    3. she said this at one point:

  244. @Reflex – they completely ignored our earth shattering discovery of Nagato’s “mountain” just outside Konoha 😛

    Which element do you thing Naruto will learn next? My bet is on water because I’m unoriginal like that, and also it would mean that Naruto could kick Sasuke’s butt on both his elements (haha sucker)

    This is mostly (entirely) wishful thinking on my part, but who else -other than Asuma, R.I.P- do we know who is a wind element user…?

    Temari and Baki!! Naruto should go to *WIND* country and learn some awesome wind techs (plz Kishi!)

  245. Whats going to happen to Pain (AKA Nagato) in the end? ¡_

  246. @eiliem: we didn’t ignore. It seemed like the Intelligence Squad’s rapid conclusion had covered that.

    @shinobimadness: welcome to the comments, always good to see another fellow lurker come out from the shadows.

    @osensei: you wonder about me? A grown up Hinata. In real life I’m more of a Hinata with one hell of an inner Sakura.

    @elfarren: ;P

  247. @ supertrek89 – I agree with your reference to Ozymadias in Watchmen. But I think that Pain is more of an extremist than Ozy. At least Ozy seemed to show a little remorse and uncertainty about his actions in the end. However, Pain seems hell-bent on carrying out his actions without any conscience. He also seems to be spurred by revenge. I hope the movie turns out to be as good as the book.

  248. @ eiliem – i say fire because he can combine wind and fire in his rasengan… you know what wind does to fire right 😀

    ps. want to re-iterate our “Earth-shattering” mountain theory … look here

  249. @ ibi – the reason we made the point because some people still seem to believe nagato is in the tower despite the intelligence department’s breakthrough. we just wanted to put and end to all suspicion… thats all 🙂

  250. hahah im comment 250 take that!!!!!

  251. *cool baens receives hickory farms package* “omfg look at all that cheese” *hinata style faint*

  252. I just thought about this but, I don’t think each of Pain’s bodies are limited to single skills. In chapter 368 Nagato used Deva Pain to detect Jiraiya and released the Rain for Konan’s search.


  253. @ace: That’s so good! Let’s see…there’s the “I am a God” thing and Inoichi, ANBU and company come in and say, “BUSTED.”

    On top of Hokage Mountain (sounds like a movie…):

    Nagato: I am SO much a God
    Konan: pleading the not use so much chakra with merely the thought of being God
    Inoichi/ANBU: FREEZE! Your SO busted.
    Nagato: Wait a minute…it wasn’t my fault. The b**** made me do it
    Konan: Me? WTF? I didn’t…I was brainwashed like everyone else was.

    Down on the battlefield:

    Katsuyu: Naruto, they found the real Pain
    Naruto: What? You mean this guy who has beaten me like bread dough ISN’T real?!? Aw man! Why’d I waste Sage Mode on this guy…oh, and can you help me get my hands free from this nail?

  254. @Reflex – a Fire-Wind rasenshuriken would be wicked! The pyromaniac in me approves 😛

    However – just for the sake of argument – we have seen a Wind/Water combo already

    …could you combine wind and earth? :S lol that would be weird

  255. hmm…that reminds me of an older conversation…now that i think back, all i said were muet comme l’enfer things. and that takes me back

  256. Who is the other character sitting next to Shikamaru? The one with the glasses.

  257. @lorrizi – the blond girl? I think her name is Shino.

  258. “Lightening + Rasengan = ? Ball Lightning
    Fire + Rasengan = ? Small Super Nova
    Earth + Rasengan = ? A granite spinning drill like Gurren Lagann
    Water + Rasengan = ? A disk capable of cutting through anything, like that disk that Krillin made in DBZ”

    this is Orion8301 talking about rasengans in the “whose got the best balls topic.” I think these would all be pretty sweet

  259. Shiho is the cryptographer sitting next to Shikamaru.

  260. @adj – AGREED! Now, (if I remember correctly) I think Kakashi said that Jounin can have up to 3 elements

    …so which rasengans will Naruto end up with?

  261. @kyouto good find. maybe he was focusing all his power into him at the time. I kinda wonder exactly what the Shinra Tensei was that destroyed Konoha was. Was it just force, or all the elements combined?

  262. oh, snap. I kind of called that image a while ago when it was revealed that pain was taking orders from tobi. The idea being that why would someone who thinks of themself as a god take orders from a washed up, ancient nin unless that guy knew something about him that would give him leverage over him. Yeah, pain would possibly win in a fight between the two, but him being crippled makes sense: madara doesn’t have to worry about fighting pain, because he could just go kill the real pain and that would be the end of it, because he’s an easy target it would seem. That being the true secret of pain, and why he stays in the shadows, if madara knew about it then yes pain would probably follow his orders. the tailed beasts may have been his idea, or perhaps not. but i doubt he is really the one who founded the group. Pain would have still been a relatively young kid when the group was founded if you think about it.

  263. @Ibiki Teishi – Thank you. Now I remember her from the code place. She’s the one that wants to get into Shikamaru’s pants.

    Temari gonna kill her and then stick her head on a pole.

  264. @ajd – I think Shinra Tensei was Yahiko Pain’s reverse gravity attack but on a much larger scale

  265. and yes, i think it’s safe to say that pain has lost. He’s already used up a lot of chakra and only has one body left. and naruto, despite being currently pinned to the ground, still has one clone left to use for natural energy. Plus he still hasn’t used the fox yet, and that would heal his hands. Perhaps if pain had to fight the fox with all six bodies at full strenght he could win, but with only one body left and being completely exausted, he would most likely die in the end as a result, just from running out of chakra. god’s commandment vs the 4-tailed transformation waiving his hand and blowing the crap out of everything… I wonder which would win?
    Point being, naruto still has far more cards up his sleeve and pain is down to one, and it’s hardly up for the job if push came to shove.

  266. @milomelo: “Pain would have still been a relatively young kid when the group was founded if you think about it.” Really? You have evidence for this?

    Nagato, Konan and Yahiko were young teens or so when Jiraiya trained them–and he looked to be in his twenties by the size of his tears. Give the kids a decade to grow up and you still have an organization that could have been founded by an adult Nagato up to 20 years prior to the start of the manga.

    Next, I have to question whether Madara was ordering Pain or offering advice in that scene you mentioned. It is an interesting interaction and raises a lot of questions, but without further info, we can’t say what it meant.

    Nagato founded Akatsuki, that’s canon now. Nagato orchestrated the plan to procure the demons. Also canon. Madara’s involvement as advisor, mastermind or confidente is still very much unrevealed.

  267. I think Madara is planning on Pain and the others doing all the dirty work and then pulling out the rug from them and taking over. That is Akatsuki to Madara. Fodder. Only really Zetsu and Kisame are loyal to him.

    Madara doesn’t have any silly notions of phony peace like Nagato. Like every other cheesy villain he wants to rule the world and with the power of the bijus he can. So he goes along with Nagato’s B.S. until they have all the biju. Then it’s bye-bye Nagato and hello Emperor Madara and the Age of Uchiha.

  268. I remember Tobi/Mandara saying Itachi was the only one who figured out that he was still alive. If thats the case then I believe he revealed himself to Pain/Nagato & Konan on his own. Right now Tobi is equivalent to Danzo, he is not the leader but strong adviser. He also makes promises for Akatsuki on its behalf meaning, the same way he formed an alliance with Hawk. I think saying he isn’ the leader is correct, but with his type of influence stating that he isn’t sounds off as well. He is the leader that doesn’t want to be caught as leader, though maybe it would be even more accurate to call Pain/Nagato & Tobi/Mandara partners in leadership. Konan probably has a high position as well, though since because she doesn’t show up when they extract Bijuu she is on the same terms as Tobi/Mandara was, a hidden member. Speaking of leaders, how did Danzo know that Pain/Nagato was the Leader of Akatsuki, who leaked the information or how did he gain it?

  269. the coolbean philosophy of pain (wait the pain of philosophy as told by coolbeans…. umm nm just read it)

    ever since man first left his cave and met people with a different language and culture there has been just one dream….!!!!!…… TO KILL HIM so we dont have to learn his new language *evil laughs*

  270. lol i wish that were true, but us english speakers didn’t finish the job i guess -_-

  271. @Kyouto: I feel like Madara probably is the real leader. Pein is powerful as all hell for sure, but he is a figure head of the orginization. He has motives, in detail. We have almost no clue what Madara’s are, at least not in as much detail as Pein. That leaves a lot of mistery to Madara (on top of his abilities). Why would Kishi keep him so undeveloped as a character without him being more powerful than Pein?

    While I like a lot of the points you made, I still think there is too much evidence for Madara not to be the true leaders.


  272. I think that the only way Madara controls Pain is probably cause of the fact that he is probably the only one who knows Nagato’s weakness.

    He used it to his advantage and thats how he got to be the behind the scene’s leader of Akatsuki. If Pain does die I think Madara is going to reveal his true intentions and use the Akatsuki to his advantage. You know Sasuke will probably be loyal to him (emo douche). It is also a strong possibility that Zetsu will be also joining the Akatsuki. As for the rest time will tell

    I still think Madara wouldn’t have stood a chance against Pain if it wasn’t for the fact that he knew his weakness.

  273. Damnit, I didn’t see that new reply option until after that post. Appreciate the heads up in any case, Jeremiah.

  274. @ajd~your Rasengan comment made me remember something.

    About 1 month ago on NF i created a discussion thread about element Rasengans, if anyone likes to check it out do so. Theres a link to a youtube video on Fire Rasengan there. And ideas about other Rasengan.

    htt p :// rutofan .c om/show thread .php ?p=2 1439669# post214 39669

    ^Thats a link so i dont get moderated uselessly, just join the spaces.

    Meah try not to delete this post this time. The forum commentary is similar to blog commentary and this time its the kind of stuff we type about occasionally.

    [My Dearest Schy,

    If you want to post an original comment and youtube links, enjoy. Posting a link to other links, especially when it’s just some gay-ass forum, then spamming about it…totally uncool.

    To top that off, it’s pretty clear from your post in that other forum that this is a game you’ve been playing with these other places, too. It’d be nice if you could settle down and play nicely with everyone, don’t you think?

    I’ll admit, you’ve made my fingers positively itch, but I can appreciate that you may have just made an error in judgment–and invite you back with a smile if you can handle yourself. You don’t like it? You don’t have to post here.

    Much love,


  275. @coolbeans- During the nin war, Rock nins were told to flee the Yellow Flash on sight. He was so feared for one main reason, his “flash” step. Couple that with the inhuman strength, stamina, and chakra sensing abilities of sage mode and you’ve got a one man nin army. I see no reason that the two can’t be combined, remember that Fukasaku told Naruto that it was impossible to gather natural energy while moving….

    @Rocklee- I appreciate the passion of your argument. I would; however, ask that you go back and read my comment. You erroneously attributed several assertions to me that I never made.

    1.)Never said it was ok to kill innocents.
    2.)Never said that the bombs would only save military lives.
    3.)Never said America is perfect.

    The notion that innocent lives were taken in order to save only military lives is mistaken. An invasion would have caused massive military AND civilian casualties. Also your assertion that, “America would have taken all their [Japan] bases within days” is completely without merit. An Invasion would have been lengthy and brutal.

    As I said in my original comment, there are valid points on both sides of this argument. The US, as with all the other countries involved, engaged in actions that could be considered unconscionable and unscrupulous. In the end, no Country came out of this war, as with most wars, without shattering some of the ideals it holds dear.

    One question though, if The Axis Powers had won WWII, would they have invested billions into the infrastructure of their enemies and assisted in the rebirth of those economies? Today, Germany and Japan are the 2nd & 3rd largest economies in the world. That is an incredible recovery and shows the resilience and strength of the Japanese and German people. It also says some pretty good things about Allied countries and how we handled the peace…after the victory. 🙂

    @Penny- Everytime I see your gravatar, I think, “Oh no, she’s pi$$ed, what did I do wrong this time?”

    I agree, Kishi’s got us all fluttering in the wind, can’t wait til next week’s chapter.

    @Ibiki- I can’t argue with your confounded logic on the timeline.

    However, on Madera/Pain, Canon sshhmaanon. 🙂 Madera is the puppet master. Confidente? The only person Madera considers a confidente is Madera. Ok ‘cept maybe Zetsu. Also. remember the conversation between Tobi and Kisame, when Tobi let’s Kisame in on the secret that he’s really Madera. Kisame tells Madera, “It’ll be easier for me to do my work with you pulling the strings.”

  276. Oh $h!t. Sorry for the long post.

  277. I think the new post are more organized, however it bothers me when I want to scroll up and see previous post, but its not there. Also this means the last comment on every page will probably end up missed. As for the counter I want to say something against it, however there is nothing wrong other than it feels strange seeing it there.

  278. I also have some experience with the comment under box it works however its distracting to see a separation between people responding the previous way and others using the new way. With the page separation its worse to have go back later just to see those. At the same time I think it would be cool to have the summons responding under my post.

  279. For example it might have seemed easier to reply to the ones above instead of using two separate posts.

  280. Shinra tensei kinda reminded me of a downburst, but with gravity.
    (i dk who was talking about that somewhere above) just my thoughts.

    I been thinking, and what elemental affinity did the fourth have??? . . .i would like to say wind. . .and lightning. . . . what do you all think??

    whoever was talking about rasengans, I been sayin this for a while and you know what i think would be the most amazing rasengan. check this out.
    prerequisites: ( when you need prerequisites for something you know its gonna be good)
    Naruto masters all the elements and the fourths teleporation jutsu.
    Okay now
    He makes about . . .6 clones??? put all the elemental affinitys in 1 rasengan and teleports in the enemy’s face!!!!!! GAME OVER
    hahaha like half the country would be gone. And naruto wouldn’t be hurt because he would just teleport out of there. heh heh.

  281. Thanks Kyouto, you just gave me a V8 moment. Guess I just needed your demonstration of how the reply button works. Sure would have made that last post a lot more manageable. Next time feel free to to just slap me up side the head. 🙂

  282. Naruto would become the second Pain before he even realized it. Though you are right it would be cool. As it stands given Minato and Kushina’s background and assumed affinities it would probably be water. The other elements seem a little taken.

    Naruto (Wind Element Rasengun)
    Jiraiya (Fire Element Rasengun – Games)
    Kakashi (Lighting Element Rasengun – Only by returning from current State)
    Konhamaru (Earth Element Rasengun – Unknown Affinity, Grandfather Sarutobi uses Earth Style)
    X (Water Style Rasengun – Unknown Available)

  283. I never noticed “reply”
    But if i use that people may not see the post.
    Like nobody’s seem to have seen my post yeasterday about my Yahiko death theory that only appeared today when by the time its appeared its so far behind its ignored.
    I think a “quote” option would be good.
    And while that gets developed an “edit” option would be cool to.

  284. Theres some interesting ideas for a H20 Rasengan in that link i posted…

  285. Hmmm….Naruto acquiring a water affinity would make more sense of the current filler plus it would be a great way to counter Sasuke’s fire element….

    @Shinobimadness: Welcome to iareawesomeness and thank you for believing in Tsunade! 🙂 A lot folks here believe she will die very soon and I like you believe she’s destined to live a little longer. Of course we all know she will die eventually or else how is Naruto going to become Hokage…retirement? Hahhaha, not for a legendary sanin they go out with a bang! Except for that damned stubborn Orochimaru! >_<

    @Arrun: TY, someone here read ‘WATCHMEN’! Your probably right about Pain being more of an extremist than Ozy. I was just pointing out the similar ambitions. 🙂

    @Burningace: I believe like Kyouto said (gotta give cred where it’s due) that Madara and Nagato share a mutual leadership. Nagato leads in the spotlight, or at least his puppets, while Madara is the behind the scenes powerful adviser. Oh and after Nagato dies Sasuke’s position will not change. He still plans on betraying Akatsuki but we ALL know Tobi/Madara planned his emo a$$ to do that s**t! Tobi/Madara is ALWAYS one step ahead of the game.

  286. But doesn’t that make Madara leader of a larger organization than Akatsuki? Akatsuki is Pain’s invention. Madara is clearly playing a larger game with a lot more players and pieces on the board.

    See, he joined this organization (as far as we know…) late and seems to be subverting it to his own ends. The little mask act with Kisame establishes his subversion, as does his conversion of Sasuke and assignment of missions. That doesn’t make him the ‘leader’ and I won’t buy that until I get a flashback of Nagato being told to start Akatsuki.

  287. @jdb…..I’m so sorry! I don’t want you to think I’m pissed all the time….waaaaaaahhhhh! Usually, I’m laughing my head off at some of the posts. I’m not a grumpy girl, honest! 🙂

  288. Your logic is flawless.

  289. @Kyuoto I think Sasuke might be a better candidate for a lightning rasengan, for one he’s definitely alive. He could learn rasengan and unlike kakashi he probably has the necessary chakra to combine his lightning into his rasengan.
    As for a water rasengan, I am just as clueless.
    I don’t think Naruto will become a Pain as fast as you might think. If the Kyuubi has anything to say about it he won’t make it easy, we’ve already seen that he wouldn’t allow a frog fusion, why would he let Pain in? The only people who could potentially control Naruto are Sasuke, Madara, and any other Uchichas that may be around because their natural Sharingan can control the Kyuubi.

  290. Seriously guys, no one here is listening to me. Tsunade is most definately going to die. I can see another timeskip because I believe naruto would become another missing nin for a while. Konoha basically doesn’t exist anymore. clearly shows that there is no need for a Hokage anytime soon. HAHA xD

    but naruto WILL come back with the help of the 8 Tails

  291. Hey, all of a sudden I feel like checking out schy’s link! ^^

  292. hey super whats up man!!!!! long time no chat!!
    oh n lol i did too… its a pretty bad link ehhh??? 😀

  293. hey jeremiah – nice new updates to the comments section, but when do we get our chat room!!!!! 😀

  294. umm..quick question how do i change my pic…

  295. info about icons is here.

  296. most of the information recieved about Akatsuki was probably gathered by Jiraiya the same way he did to find pein or with his stealth technique he has…

  297. @schy: Holy s**t was that an actual game or did someone mod all of that stuff. Who ever did really hates Orochimaru and Sasuke. Jiraiya PWNed both their asses! lol, great link the moves looked badass! 🙂

    @Reflex: Sup man, yeah I’ve been busy with track and school yada, yada, yada, same ol’ same ol’. Barely have the time to come and post and when I do I miss all the good arguments!

  298. sorry but i the reason why minato was a flee on demand was because of his body flicker… when he would use that technique he had to use those kunai to sense the enemey and he wasn’t in sage mode when he did it in the gaiden series…so in a sense he wasn’t a sage in that instance..

  299. i’ve been thinking the same thing for awhile. knowing madara and seeing his influence so far in the manga, you can’t help but wonder how big things really are compared to what we know now… big enough to start a war perhaps??? 😀 im hoping we find out something more than we already do later this year.

  300. and yet everyone still ignores me -.-…does anyone know what happened to Konohamaru?

  301. Now your just playing with semantics. The question is who’s actually pulling the strings? We know that Negato is the “public” leader, but is he the true leader? Sooo, when Kishi reveals which one is actually the “decider” (nods to former President Bush) who will it be? I say it will be Madera. Who do you say it will be? No wiggling, one or the other.

  302. @Johnny- Yah. And if you get on her bad side, she’ll whack you on the noggin with that logic.

  303. @shinobi- Exactly, my point was that the flash step by itself was extremely powerful. That’s why combining the two would be another step in Naruto’s march to Hokage Tower. The whole “next generation surpassing the previous generation” thing.

  304. I love Tsunade’s face, but when she furrows the eyebrows, people flee for the hills.

  305. @blackorenbai: No one is ignoring you people just check up on the posts at different times like now I just read yours. So now I can answer your post. After Konohamaru hit Naraka Pain with the rasengan it looked liked that pain was down for good or seriously hurt Later Nakara Pain was summoned here So basically know one knows what happened to Konohamaru beacuse he hasn’t been seen since then. Sorry if you feel you are being ignored and you may not get this comment immediately because it has to moderated. 🙂

  306. Not yet.

  307. its ok blackoreanboi i still love you. ps konohamaru is dead in a ditch…… ok maybe pwned in the rubble, thats more likely bc hes gota be hokage after naruto and before narutos son

  308. Does anyone find it strange that people think Kakashi will live yet Tsunade who is also out of Chakra, but is still alive and actually has Sakura directly by to heal her will die and despite the fact Kakashi proclaimed his own death, hasn’t moved, and because of Tsunade’s condition no longer has a source of Chakra. What type of mess? Even Nagato has greater chances and he looks like he is already the walking dead and that in itself is only after he stops burning his Chakra and Konan is able to protect him. (Still wondering about the Sharingun though…)

  309. What will happen to kakashi’s sharingun(if he is dead)? Will they leave it in him or will they take it out?

  310. MOST people think kakashi will live because they WANT him to live. he is one of the most well-liked characters in the series, so people find it harder to accept than tsunade dieing, because she’s not as well-liked.

    i however think kakashi is going to live for a more logical reason…. FYI 2 and 3 kinda go hand-in-hand..
    1. as i said, kakashi is a popular character, so what would happen to sales/fan appeal if one of the most popular characters just… died?
    2. Why is kishi going through so much trouble if kakashi is dead (dead-guy campfire, still showing his body etc.)
    3. There have been 2 people who have asked about kakashi, and neither have been given a definitive answer… just the long, dramatic “….” from tsunade. if kakashi was dead why is kishi still implying that kakashi is dead, rather than just out-right saying it (for shock value). to me it sounds kind of like a suspense building technique, which would lead to some dramatic event where kakashi would be miraculously alive. just a theory but it makes sense at this point in time.

    ps. KAKASHI OWNS!!!!! if you kill kakashi off kishi im gonna burn your f***ing house down…. that is all 😀

  311. Wasn’t Madara the one who ordered Pain to capture the nine-tailed fox?( Chapter 363/Pg17). But when he gave the order he referred to Pain as the leader. So, like you say, I think Pain is simply the face of Akatsuki while Madara pulls the strings.

  312. the only reason why i feel kakashi has a chance at still being alive is the deap campfire thing. We have seen much of his past, well more then some others in his age rage, and one of the things we learn is how and why he dad died. The fact that it shows him meeting up with his dad makes me think we are going to see more of that and maybe find out its not his time, i have no idea how he will live thats up to kishi to figure out (or else |x reflex x| will put him out of a home lol) it may just be b/c i want him to live but i do feel its more than just that

  313. @ miguelisevil i think thats a good question and i hope they leave it in its be passed around more then an eye should be

  314. well, i for one know that if the series was actually called Pein…we would all see naruto as a PRIME enemy…seriously if we put ourselves in Pein’s shoes i think he’s also right about achieving justice.

  315. but the way he wants to achieve peace is contrary to what we know now… besides even if we did believe pein was right,it wouldnt work… you can never, under any circumstances force peace upon people, because it just won’t work (just look at the u.s. policies)

  316. purely to see if my new icon has taken yet oh and fear is not peace, having people fear a weapon is not peace they will sooner or later overthrow the person with the weapon (hopefully) naruto isn’t just looking for peace he is looking for understanding and acceptance

  317. holy nuts batman! i am gone for just over a day and 200 comments pop outta nowhere! well i am not reading them all, but if someone could give me a quick sum up:P

  318. lol. random theories about pein, naruto etc. as usual… nothing really wierd this week

    well. someone did call ibi’s writing boring and ibi proceeded to slap the sh*t out of him… but nothing besides that really 😀

  319. @ supertrek – by tsunade being washed up i meant she used all her chakra, and didnt do a damn thing to fight pein…. sure she saved all the people, but she didnt even put a scratch on pein. then naruto shows up and boom! 5 paths of pain are dead. WTF tsunade… isnt hokage supposed to PROTECT the village, not watch it get destroyed! what if pein had attacked with the massive shinra tensai again…. tsunade wouldn’t have done shit and everyone would be dead. thats what i mean by washed up.

  320. @ supertrek – by tsunade being washed up i meant she used all her chakra, and didnt do a damn thing to fight pein…. sure she saved all the people, but she didnt even put a scratch on pein. then naruto shows up and boom! 5 paths of pain are dead. WTF tsunade… isnt hokage supposed to PROTECT the village, not watch it get destroyed! what if pein had attacked with the massive shinra tensai again…. tsunade wouldn’t have done shit and everyone would be dead. thats what i mean by washed up.

  321. hmmm…see I don’t want to say, and that was my complaint. You know it’s not because I’m afraid of voicing an opinion…or at least I hope you know me better than that. ;P

    It’s that I’ve heard too many d-bags spouting crap off about this one as if (either leader) is established fact when Kishi is quite clearly making this ambiguous on purpose. There is enough evidence to support either argument, so of course, it does spark argument–and most of the people spouting off refuse to see the other side.

    Personally, I do believe Akatsuki is Nagato’s baby. I also think Madara and Nagato go back further than Akatsuki, but my _opinion_ is due to the tone of their conversations and Tobi’s meteoric rise within the organization. Pretty thin evidence compared to Nagato’s admissions in the height of his monologue.

  322. 164 cm….. that is tsunade to me 😉

  323. @ reflex ya she saved EVERYONE guess thats not protection huh 😉

  324. yeah, but what would she had done if naruto didnt show up and pain attacked again???? gotten her ass beat down by pain??? YES!!!!!!!

  325. Was that an order to Nagato? Or Madara’s refusal to accept the assignment? Earlier, Pain asks about Sasuke and Madara reports obediently, very much like a subordinate. So…which one _is_ the subordinate? That page tells you whatever relationship they have is complex and delicious, but it doesn’t *really* tell you anything else.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that Madara is pulling Nagato’s strings–but I don’t see hard evidence that this is the case. We do have the admission from Nagato that the Akatsuki is his organization. I’m sure we’ll get more from both of them later, but in the meantime Kishi wants us to wonder…and argue. =)

  326. @ reflex i guess SAVING EVERYONE isnt protecting the village? ok she didnt kill pain she only saved everyones life… lol stupid medical nin 😉

  327. i agree. from the evidence we’ve been given so far, i must agree that at this current point nagato is prolly the founder. until we know more about madara’s life/history, we really can’t prove madara was the founder.

    one theory i have (kinda) is that they founded it together, with nagato as the leader. the way madara is acting shows that he may have let nagato be the leader so he could be free to work in the shadows / make plots behind nagato’s back (as we see in the scene with kisame) on that note, i want to re-iterate the point that i believe that madara is working on something FAR bigger than what we know right now, and pain may be a part of that plan

  328. as i already said. what would have happened if pain had attacked AGAIN!!!! she would have lost and everyone would have died. oh and if she saved everyones life, how come a bunch of nin were killed before shinra tensai, and kakashi is in an unknown state right now!!!! the whole time this was happening, tsunade was sitting back in that wierd summoning circle guarded by 4 anbu agents not doing SHIT!!! WTF WAS THAT!!!! isnt the hokage supposed to defend the village BEFORE it gets destroyed, not WHEN it does?!?!?!?!

  329. but he couldnt he spent so much power that it was halfway into naruto sage that he could do anything. thats why i dont think hes anorexic hes just drined and had his leg chair cause he anticipated that

  330. Hah! Stand Back!
    There’s a Harshy Coming through!!!

  331. @Reflex I believe your underestimating Tsunade, though Naruto is stronger she is able to fair better. By the time she had learned about Deva Pain’s power she had already charged her feet with Chakra to defend against his attack.

    Also lets say the situation was reversed and Pain was searching for Tsunade with Naruto left defending. The numbers of casualties would continue to climb, kakashi would still be dead and the information he fought for would seem wasted because Naruto himself would not know how to use it, Shinra Tensei, all the villagers, Sakura and the people she is treating, in addition to the intelligence squad dead because Katsuya wouldn’t be there to save them. It only gets worse by taking out Sage Mode which is the one reason Naruto left in the first place.

    Instead of thinking this is all that Tsunade has done, think of how much worse it would be without her. All those slugs attached to all the villagers its not Katsuya alone out there, she is channeling Tsunade Chakra. Don’t get started on the horror if the slug was gone. There is no the Hokage has to protect the village before this or that its what they do in the situation to minimize damage, Sarutobi himself wasn’t able to do exactly as he wanted. Naruto would have been defeated and Pain would be trying his hardest to have a eightfold with Konan and Tsunade’s 160 bust.

    Additionally the only reason Naruto even has a chance of defeating Pain now is the dirext effect of Tsunade’s actions, her saving the intelligence squad, summoning Katsuya and giving her to Naruto so he is able to try to fight Pain in the first place.

    At the moment Pain/Nagato is the second strongest seen in the series so far with Tobi/Mandara only surpassing him because he has the can’t touch this effect. Please don’t take that lightly.

    Naruto is strong and if he weren’t there things would be worse, however, Tsunade also has strength and if she were there it would carry the same effect, for that reason don’t make light of those efforts.


  332. Yeah! phew…I broke a sweat just reading all that…

  333. @Reflex: Just to add on a little even a Hokage can’t use all of her chakra healing the entire village and fight an enemy as strong as Pain two seconds later. Kyouto made a good point. Instead of looking at what she didn’t do look at what she did do and and how worse off everybody would be (dead) if their Hokage wasn’t there. 🙂

  334. Hmmm….all the comments vanished 0_o That sucks.

    Anyways, instead of looking at what Tsunade didnt do, lets look at what she did do. Afterall in accordance to some members thoughts she’ll die soon ^_^ Doesn’t she deserve to be remembered in positive ways?

  335. The comments just vanished to ‘Older Comments’ link. Yeah, I liked it better with all the comments on one page but what’s a lowly member to do… 😉

  336. D-bag hangs his head in shame and says yup, it’s not canon…yet.

  337. how come nobody told naruto about charging chakra in his feet to resist pain

  338. lmao…you weren’t the d-bag I was talking about.

  339. Welcome, badger. You bring up a good point. What is that slug on his shoulder doing anyway? Just along for the ride? I thought she was supposed to advise?

    I do think that means that once the intelligence squad finds Nagato, there will be some slug-radio action.

  340. Whew!

  341. i think pa toad would also agree with me. also i am wondering how much more can that slug will remain ( it’s chakra should be over already)

  342. Hey Jerimiah and Ibiki, this new format makes it tough to follow the conversations. It’s not linnear like before and the recent comments can bounce all over the place within a single thread. Plus the older comments being on a different page makes it more difficult to find the threads once they have fallen off of the “recent” section. You can’t just hit the first recent comment and work back to the comments you’ve already read. I know it’s a work in process, but it seems to have made things more dificult.

  343. that “intelligence squad” made jiraya’s sacrifice worthless so i don’t expect too much from them. my hope is in maito gai and neji’s byakugan

  344. I don’t like not being able to see a previous comment. It is like entering into a conversation that you missed. lol

    @jdb: “I love Tsunade’s face, but when she furrows the eyebrows, people flee for the hills.”

    Ah, I see you are kidding. I didn’t realize you were referring to the pic. I like it – she’s a tough girl! 🙂

    As far as what Tsunade has done/not done, let’s see…she didn’t have a Bijuu sealing to deal with so she couldn’t do the heroic thing and die that way (Yondaime). Orochimaru has been done in by his “apprentice” so getting killed off that way is out (Sandaime). However, she IS a medical nin – and one that is considered a pioneer in the “medic nin” trade. As a medic nin, she is not to attack unless necessary. A medic nin’s role is to defend/avoid attack. She sees her role as a way to support the village by keeping the villagers safe and healing is part of that. If she were to die by “going hero,” she would be going against what a medic nin is supposed to do – to treat and to heal.

    Naruto is the power ninja so let him fight for himself and his village. There are other shinobi who can do the other things that a Hokage “is supposed to” do (ok, so Shikamaru is having a bad day or two – broken leg, you know). And, that is what Tsunade is doing. Back to Naruto: She knows that she doesn’t have the strength that Naruto has. If Tsunade dies of anything it will be due to the weakness brought on by exhaustion of tending to so many wounded/killed with her tensei jutsu. Her special jutsu reduces life span so it would be logical for her to go that way.

    @coolbeans: I believe the actual measurement is 160 cm (remember the “code” our beloved “Pervy Sage” left?). 😀 I will say this: even if she is exhausted, that 160 cm is going to save her. There will be no way she’ll ever look like our new anorexic poster child, Nagato. lol

  345. Maaaiiiiittttoooo Gaaaaiiii won’t be able to get near Pain – Shinra Tensei (draw in/repel). Our “handsome green devil” (NOT! – to me, anyway) is taijutsu; close combat.

  346. Man, because of this new format, I am sure more than one person on here is going “WTF is she talking about?!?” I feel like I’m jumping around in the comments…

  347. i think that shinra tensei can be used only by pain and nagato only offers the chakra needed. i miss maito

  348. yeah! it’s cool to reply to comments when you have a blog with less number of comments…(stares at his own)…but on your “times square” blog…the linear format is waaaay better…so j-man, hopefully this was a test, unfortunately taking the natur of the blog and the log conversation pattern, it becomes hard, especially now that there’s a older comments seciton, i’d say bring the old system back 🙂

  349. um…it’s 106…did I mention that Jiraiya is god? And I quote his scripture? ^.^

  350. Damn! it took me ages just to figure out where you’d commented…

  351. Yeah, i realised that as soon as this was available.
    Before long everybody will use this reply system and then new comments will be scattered everywhere, so we’d have to read entire threads everytime just to check for new posts.
    Thats why yeasterday i posted that a quoting option may be easier.
    (I forsaw this straight away :[))
    But just wait until the post count is very high and people are replying all over the 100’s of comments. It’ll be chaotic.
    Every day, people completely missing new comments, that was posted in random places lost 100’s of comments back. Will anybody ever notice if i reply to comment 123 for example?
    And if people do thst all the time=:(]

  352. gaah! shis is so freaky…now that there’s a counter, i know i’m not alone but still no-one replies!
    Gaah!I’m Not alonE!!

  353. Hmmm… I kinda like the new set up, but I see how it can be confusing if your comment gets pushed back into the older comment section. -_+

  354. I STILL WANT A CHAT ROOM!!! lol j/k jeremiah ^_^

  355. The intelligence squad solved Jiraiya’s code in two chapters. Then there were kept stupid because of plot. It’s called Plot Induced Stupidity. Kishi couldn’t drag this story out if everyone was figuring out everything. So characters had to put there brains on ice for sake of plot. Frankly it’s annoying, but it’s common in manga.

    I don’t really have much hope in Team Gai. Maito Gai and Neji have become irreverent characters who never appear in the manga. They are minor characters so I am not expecting much from them. The Intelligence Squad has Shikamaru who at least has done something in Shippuden and is relevant. Maybe his I.Q. will go back to being over 200 now that Kishi has finally gotten the stupid question about the real body out of the way.

  356. an IRC channel for iareawesomeness would be cool!

  357. i am bored, someone entertain me

  358. Harshytkage hires monkeyphant a lapdancer…having fun now?

  359. arent you the one supposed to be getting fun outa a lap dance? and how much am i getting paid here

  360. still i would like to see a conversation between maito and nagato. pure gold

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    Do you have the patience to experiment with it a few more hours (now that the 100 cut off is gone)?

  362. now i’m getting confused…straighten things out for me will ya!

  363. i think its pretty simple, if i am giving you a lapdance, what are you paying me, i am not cheap.

  364. heh! much BETTER!
    Except that it’ll make following conversations easier AND harder…i mean if someone replies to a comment posted earlier, noone will know…i have an Idea to fix this!
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  365. agreed

  366. dude! i hope you’re not a dude!

  367. uhhh….i am one in need of money…

  368. Well, what I do is click on the top right and it will send you right to the comment that people are talking in.

  369. I’m afraid you’re right about manga coverage of team gai…and now i r depressed. Sigh. Although, once this battle dies down (and it is winding down)…somebody…please…I NEEEEEED a Maito Gai…

    Sigh. Team Gai is going to get a sweet filler plot in the anime, maybe *they* run in to Team Pommes Frittes (for our North American friends, that’s fries with mayonnaise…) or Killer Bee.

  370. but shouldnt you be checking the goods on whoever is giving you a lapdance BEFORE agreeing to one?

  371. lol that would be kinda cool

  372. WTF R U GUYS TALKING ABOUT!?!?!?!?!

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  380. what the f*ck are you guys smoking!!!!

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  382. Well the last five are the most important, no need for any more then that lol.

  383. dont worry ibi. no one would ever “bitch slap” you cuz their too scared of you *cowers in a corner* 😀

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  396. what lapdance thing? i was under the impression it didnt happen, and therefore your argument is void

  397. yeah! what lapdance…i didn’t have no lapdance…you’re talking trash…just forget about it…i mean you can Forget something that didn’t happen….so FORGET about it..

  398. lol…now everythings mixed up!

  399. WTF! start reading from some comments up and you’lll LAUGH YOUR ASSES OFF!

  400. i am so lost now, i was just getting used to the new format

  401. Hey…you know what? Now more than ever…I NEEEEEEED a Maito Gai…somebody…please…hit meh…

  402. hey. i didnt do anything

  403. lol, what a great read, no matter what we did to this thread, ibi just made it that muh better 😛


  405. stupid moderation….(indestinguishable muttering)…thinks its all..

    mine is longer 😀

  407. @monkeyphant…that wasn’t what I had in mind.

    OK, the rest of you monkeys…let’s get back on target.

    Is Maito Gai going to be left out of the Manga at this point, but pop up in a sweet anime filler arc?

  408. i disagree, a picture says a thousand words, so technically, i said maito guy 500 times

  409. i think maito gai is gonna show up and give god realm a boot to the face ( not really, but you can dream huh?? )

  410. Pure Awesomeness!

  411. in the danzou fight. for sasuke to come back, im guessing sai will have to die (probably at danzous hand), and if naruto and sasuke team up against danzou it would be an unfair 2 on 1, so it would probably be root and danzou vs naruto sasuke + others and their respective teams leaders

  412. and that means MAITO GAI!

  413. btw – monkeyplant. WTF WAS THAT PICTURE!!!! GOD-DAMN MAN

  414. nagato: i can see peace
    maito gai: dynamic entryyyy!!!


  415. @reflex – got a better picture? ibi asked for a maito gai, so i went all out and BAM! found that little jewel. besides, as i said above 1 piture = 1000 words, so i really said maito gai 500 times. im pretty sure thats the biggest maito gai explosion yet (literally, i mean look at his pants 😛 ) and above all else, how was that for dynamic entry…so eat me 😛

  416. lol by wtf i was referring to his pants… WTF MAN!!!! lol

  417. to be completly honest, i didnt even notice that until right after i had hit ‘submit comment’ but i decided to roll with it

  418. What skills do u’all think Zetsu has?
    Maybe he’s a twin that….umm didnt quite separate right?
    Or maybe he can split like Sakon?
    But his skills must include summut to do with the 2 of ’em. Thats more or less all we know about the guy…..

  419. why’s everyone so quiet now?

  420. Maito Gai and his team will be subjected to anime fillers like they usually are. Hey, I have a question. Does anybody remember when Gai and his team were fighting copies of themselves in the anime! That was freaking sweet! Was that a filler? I think it was on the same arc where Naruto and Kakashi were chasing after Deidra. And Saskura and Chiyo were fighting Sasori.

  421. Because you turned the volume down on your PC? ‘_’

  422. I think the Team Guy battle against clones was Manga.
    There wasnt filler in the 1st 50 or so episodes of Shippuden…not after 85 fillers of Naruto.

  423. @supertrek89

  424. god super – you ask one question and everyone get in your face and answers it for you… damn these people are aggressive 😀

  425. By “everyone” Theres only…well ya mean just me and stupidbadger. Yep aggressive ^_^

  426. @ reflex: what? that didn’t make any sense…they should answer for him…shouldn’t theY?

  427. yeah but as soon as he asked, 4 people immediately answered with the same answer…

  428. I’d like to see the Kubi ask Nruto why he’s trained with all these different people but never trained with him. I’m just looking for the Kyubi to be injected back into the story line. maybe Naruto could let more of the Kyubi out under control with his sage mode.

  429. of course we answered him. we all follow captain planet creed after all

  430. BTW its been 12 days and we have another 100,000 hits
    1,099,927 is how im reading the hits.

    BTW the blue thing on the right which tells us who’s viewing “X” right now. Well…
    Does “X” stand for this blog or this page? I think Jeremiah typed page, however the number hasn’t changed on my end regardless of page….so…

    And also about the blue thing that tells us how many “nin” are viewing “X”…
    Well is it people in all, or members. “nin”seems short for ninja, possibly a reference to us members?…

  431. @ erich: I don’t think the Kyuubi itself is stable in it’s current position with the sage chakra. I think Naurto needs control of the frog key to be able to do that. I agree with the part that the Kyuubi needs to be inserted, but I don’t think it is going to go to that point until he finds the truth about the 4th and Jiraiya.

  432. I think last week there was a discution of who should fight Madara. I as well as others agree that it is Sasuke’s fight. However if Naruto keep along his current path I believe he will be more than strong enough to handle all enemies. With that said if Madar kills Sasuke in a fight I believe this would push Naruto over the edge if all else failed him which it would against Madara I believe he would take the seal off to get enough power to beat Madara.

  433. since sasuke is going blind he needs madara’s eyes. after that he’ll be a match for naruto with kyuubi

  434. @erich22: Interesting. Lot’s of people are starting to wonder how Naruto will interact with the Kyuubi now that we’ve seen Killer Bee and his Biju. (Did I get that right? Biju?) I’m kinda waiting for another Naruto/Kyuubi conversation. Someday we’ll find out what the Kyuubi’s real personallity or agenda is. It would make sense if the Kyuubi could be reasoned with just like when Naruto first started summoning toads.

    @burning ace: Good points there. The question I have is: “What will make the Kyuubi respect Naruto enough to finally create a real synnergy between them?” I wonder if it’s as simple as just increasing Naruto’s power level.

  435. @erich22: I’m actually thinking that on a certain level Naruto should fight Madara. For a few reasons.

    1. Madara had something to do with Naruto’s parents dying. We haven’t gotten all the info on that yet. Especially if Madara is a liar.

    2. Naruto seems to be increasing his skills in a way that syncs up with who he is going to fight. I think people are seeing that he’s going to learn something like Minato’s space-time jitsu. And that move addresses Madara’s space-time jitsu. And that’s just one example.

    3. Fans of Naruto want to see him beat the sharingan whether it’s Sauske or Madara.

    4. Madara is shaping up to be one of the main bad guys – the baddest of the bad. And seeing how Naruto is the goodiest of the good, a confrontation would make sense.

    Those are a just a few of the reasons for a Naruto vs. Madara fight.

  436. @ of815 .. you make ssome good points. I’m not saying that he doesn’t or wouldn’t have the right to fight him I just think all in all this Sasuke’s battle. After all why would they keep making Sasuke stronger and introducing his past more if it wern’t motivation to kick Madaras ass.

  437. @erich22: true, plenty of reasons for Sauske to fight Madara too!

  438. @jdb44:

    My comment wasn’t an attack on you, it just sounded like it. Its just the weird way I word things. Lol.

    For example when I said “So you’re saying its okay to kill INNOCENT civilians to save soldier lives?”

    I honestly have no clue on how I can word it without making it SOUND like I think you actually said it. >__< Lol. So technically America is worse than Pain… lets see how people take this. 😛 (I’m just joking people)

    Anyways, lets get back on topic. ^_^ Or is this related to Pain enough that its considered on-topic? O_o

  439. What the? My comment got cut in half. O_o

    Anyways, I know there are two sides to the Atomic Bomb argument. But I just believe that the other side of the argument is BS. ^_^

  440. does anybody else besides me see the resemblance from nagato in his real body to mojo from marvel comics…. heres a link just so you can visualize better

    another life lesson from nagato….Crack kills


  441. @ of815: The only way Naruto will get the respect of the Kyuubi is to pretty much show that he can repress the kyuubi’s chakra on his own and also defeat people consistantly to get enough respect. Almost like Ichigo and Hollow Ichigo. Eventually they will start working together, they won’t be buddies but I think that they will have mutual respect enough to work together…well at least that’s my theory

  442. sidebar.php

    WordPress has several features right, how do I use them.

  443. @burning ace: Yeah, I’m with you on that one.

  444. can’t wait to see naruto controlling the nine tails thx to killer bee (if that happens i will make supertrek’s comments about how he called nagato being sick, look tame by comparison hahah jk supertrek loved reading your gloating comment there were effing funny

  445. @Stupidbadger: Thanks for the link!

    @Reflex: Only two people answered my question and sometimes people post responses to questions at the same time so more than one answer to a post pops up…s**t happens. 🙂 I kow you’re just loking out for me though, you got my back! 🙂

    @urisas: Someone recognizes my true genuis! HAHAHAHHA! Thx for the compliment and I wish you luck in your hopeful prediction. @_@

  446. @ super – yeah i thought i saw more than 2. i was fixing to tell you to watch your back or something man… damn stalkers!!! 😀

  447. Yeah stalkers you gotta hate em’…now where the hell did Ibiki go! 0_0 lol (joke…)

  448. idk where she went… oh she read what i wrote about her on facebook last week when i was mad….
    yyyyeeaaaahhhhhhhhh i know.. im so lucky -_- (im j/k… she’s not mad.. thank you god! 😀 )

  449. heh. well i really think as long as the issue of sasuke getting to fight madara is concerned, it only gets plausible at this point, given madara is an enemy of the uchiha plan, and that itachi himself confirmed that. People might think sasuke is stupid but i really think sasuke is a lot sensible, even though i think he’s a little childish. The fact he “took out” orocchimaru is huge proof he knows what he’s doing.

    Again, someone recalled that danzou is not madara’s brother. OK. You might have a point when you say that, but danzou is definitely, AND I MEAN DEFINITELY, an uchiha. So don’t be surprised when you see him unveil his bandaged face and you see a sharingan staring at sasuke, with sasuke saying “what is the meaning of this?” Danzou has ties with the village of the hidden mist(the traning ha made sai/root undergo in that village, zabuza’s/kisame’s village,) and madara also has ties there as well(kisame referring to him as mizukage-sama, or madara-san.). Now it’s obvious that there’s something danzou and madara both know that they were trying to prevent the rest of the uchiha from knowing, and that itachi also knew. That’s why the theory of madara leaving stuff out in his narative makes a little sense. Remember danzou was also the one who compelled the elders to carry on with the mission of killing off the uchiha clan, and compelled sarutobi hiruzen to give the directive. You think he could have used a powerful genjutsu on them? Well it’s left to this forum, and maybe kishi, to answer. Danzou, also knowing how the whole thing played out, ordered sai to take out “a potential threat to konoha”: sasuke. That, obviously, was connected to the whole uchiha massacre. That was the reason why itachi came back after the third died to warn danzou to stay clear of sasuke, and also wanted sasuke to become stronger by becoming a missing nin, so he would be free from the madness of danzou. Anybody remember the kakashi-itachi fight at the river where itachi used tsukoyomi on kakashi? Good. Now wanna know one good reason why itachi intentionally failed to kill off kakashi?(remember kakashi kept wondering the same thing as well, saying itachi could have killed him if he tried?). The reason is simple. Itachi knew that kakashi could teach sasuke how to use the sharingan,(and kakashi really did teach sasuke, remember? Copying lee’s taijutsu and all). That was all part of itachi hoping sasuke could become stronger, so he could withstand any threat from danzou. Danzou wanted the whole uchiha wipped off for a reason he and madara knew too well, and that’s why he saw sasuke, being a survivor of the uchiha clan and strongly possessing the uchiha abilities, as a huge threat.)

    So danzou is an uchiha somehow.

    Again, someone said he sees naruto becoming a missing nin. There’s no reason for him to become a missing nin as you put it. Naruto feels attached to konoha already. But i see him going off to train to become stronger. I think in the process he’ll run into killer bee who has stuff to teach him. But one thing’s sure. Naruto would not be around when sasuke shows up in konoha because he’ll be off training for a re-encounter with pain.I’m really looking forward to all that.

    Ok. I understand this might be a little annoying to read, but can’t help the long posts. That’s it for now. Jana.


  450. sorry totallitarian totalitarianhypnosis but i cant believe that danzo is an uchia and none of the elders or the 3rd would know of that when the whole clan was wiped out and the fact that they mentioned that sasuke was the only survivor other than itachi*except madara because he was supposedly dead* also why would danzo withhold having a sharigan which could have helped him when him and the 3rd had a fight to become the next hokage… idk maybe im just over reacting…but good theory though

  451. exactly. I would like to think you were present when danzou fought the third. It also reminds me of the first versus madara. Madara with his space/time/matter jutsu, his eternal MS and his kyuubi could not even kill the first. Could you explain that? Probably goes to show the extreme power of the senju. And mind you, naruto is a senju. Read that and hit back. You might understand that the feud between the senju and uchiha lives down to naruto and sasuke, as it transcends from the 1st and madara, and possibly from the third and danzou.

  452. besides, you’re forgetting one thing. The sharingan is concealable. Members of the uchiha could conceal it and use it only when necessary. kakashi can’t conceal his because he’s not an uchiha.

  453. and again, to support my theory above, remember tsunade, when asked about danzou, said danzou cannot stand her because she is the granddaughter of the first and because she follows the third’s philosophies. Doesn’t that kinda fit in with the feud between the senju and the uchiha? Please coe forward with what you all know, and do well not to leave anything out. Jana.

  454. @totalitarian: “Now it’s obvious that there’s something Danzou and madara both know that they were trying to prevent the rest of the Uchiha from knowing, and that itachi also knew”

    So are you saying that Madara and Danzou are in cahoots? That they planned the Uchiha massacre together or at least sought similar goals and formed a mutual relationship? It’s hard to believe that because even though Danzou’s and a$$hole he still loves Konoha in his sick and twisted way and presumably Madara was the one responsible for the Kyubi attack on the village all those years ago.

    Now Danzou may possess the sharingan or he may be missing an eyeball for all we know. 😉 But I also believe that Danzou posses some sort of eye technique and the most possible one is the sharingan. It’s definitely not the Byakugan or Rinnengan! (Unless Danzou is Neji’s father! *Gasp*) The only problem with the theory is that if he is a Uchiha like you said and Uchiha’s can hide their sharingan why is he covering up one eyeball with a bandage when he could just conceal it? Presumably if he was Uchiha who has the sharingan he would have it in BOTH eyes and could conceal the sharingan without bandages right?…yes. PLUS if Danzou was a Uchiha wouldn’t the elders know about it. They didn’t trust the Uchiha’s thus kept them to the level of police force. They would never allow a Uchiha to rise so high in the ranks of government. I don’t see how a Uchiha born in the village can hide that he’s a Uchiha either. There’s birth records and all them were being watched.

    As for Naruto being a senju now I think most people agree with that but there is still no underlying proof. We do know that the descendants from the first hokage bloodline are senju but there is no link linking Naruto to that bloodline. His mother was from the whirlpool country and there is no information on Minato’s parents or lineage. He could just be a very talented ninja born in Konoha or even from a different country or village.

    Phew, I do feel sorry for anybody who has to read our posts Totalitarian. 🙂

  455. supertrek89- now if you read the link posted up below, you’ll find that naruto’s dad’s a senju, and that automatically makes naruto have the senju blood in him. I mean if your dad’s japanese and your mum’s chinese and you’re brought up in japan, what does that make you?

    About the doubt that danzou’s a senju, and your point that if he was born an uchiha there would be records proving that, i suppose you mean to tell me that when senju hashirama “defeated” madara, there were records proving that madara was dead? Or i suppose you mean say how you’re not surprised at all that the then tobi whom we all thought was a goof suddenly became madara? Or why it is even that madara wears a mask exposing only one of his sharingan? Well prof supertrek89, go on, i’ll listen.

    My point is that most issues of relevant importance all of a sudden are thrown into limelight given kishi’s twisted idea of drama suspense. So, going by that, your logic would be wrong.

    About the issue of danzou exposing both eyes with the sharingan, we all know that the moment danzou came up against prof sarutobi hiruzen he was done for, hence all the bandages and scars on his body as testimony of prof hiruzen’s strength. In fact, in kishi’s interview, kishi himself said hiruzen(3rd) and minato were the strongest hokages in konoha. What more proof do you need that danzou would need more than a sharingan to beat hiruzen? So it’s no surprise he has all those stitches and bandages all over. I’m just saying that with the given trend of events it’s easy to conclude that danzou is an uchiha or has strong uchiha leanings.

  456. To many long comments ‘.’

    Pages take long to load cause all these comments on a single page.

    BTW Ucihia=FTW

  457. @ lanif – I tried to limit the number of comments on the page to show only 100 but people freaked out on me.

    And I’d rather long meaningful comments be posted that add to the thread than short meaningless ones.

  458. I just added a front page feature, let me know if anyone has any problems with it. Or what you think of it…

    Front Page

  459. @Totalitarin: Alright, I’m just gonna come out and say I had a little trouble reading your post and I’m assuming English is not your first language. No problem with that it’s just that you may have read my post wrong from what I really wrote. For instance I NEVER said Danzou was a senju, lol that would be ridiculous. 😉 The link you gave NEVER says Minato is a senju. True it showed his face on the mountain with the rest of the Hokages but of course…he was a Hokage and the rest of the Hokages definitely were senju. But the link you provide is no definitive proof to Minato being a senju. Most of all though I AGRRED with you in the belief that Naruto was a senju. All I was saying is that there is no adequate proof that Minato was a senju because of lack of information so there is no adequate proof that Naruto was a senju either. I just believe as you do that Minato and thus Naruto share senju bloodline.

    And dude, if you read my post again you’ll find I AGREED with you that Danzou may have the sharingan and thus would make him an Uchiha. From what your previous post was saying, “So don’t be surprised when you see him unveil his bandaged face and you see a sharingan staring at Sasuke, with Sasuke saying “what is the meaning of this?”” (Totalitarian) you make it seem like Danzou was hiding the sharingan with his bandages. My fault for misinterpreting but yes your theory about him getting the wounds from a previous fight with Sarutobi is possible. But once again if, “What more proof do you need that Danzou would need more than a sharingan to beat Hiruzen?” (Totalitarian) If Danzou had the Sharingan how would the elders ever allow him to rise so high in the government? See, these are just holes in your theory about Danzou being an Uchiha that I was addressing. But again I AGRREE with you on this!

    When I was saying records I was referring to ever since the Senju controlled over Konoha they were closely watching over the Uchiha clan. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept records of every Uchiha born in the village. So wouldn’t they know if Danzou was a Uchiha if I am correct? And yes there were records proving “Madara” was dead. He should have been but something happened which we don’t know of. I don’t know why you brought this point up or why you’re talking about Tobi/Madara so could you explain further I’m a little confused…. That is all. :0

  460. Ibiki: Whoops! You’re right. It’s 106. My bad. My thinking was, uh, bass-ackwards. 😦

  461. @Jeremiah: Well, ‘The Night A Hero Was Born!’ is under the category of INTERVIEWS when I assume it should be under the category of FAN FICS. ‘Naruto Manga 437 spoiler discussion + Naruto Manga 436 breakdown’ is also under the category of INTERVIEWS when I assume it should be under the category of WEEKLY NARUTO MANGA BREAK DOWNS AND SPOILERS. Besides that I think it’s a neat idea.

    (note: I’m not shouting the words I’m just highlighting them to distinguish them as ‘categories’)

  462. I think you were just seeing the other posts under neath it. You click on it to go directly to that thread. The other posts underneath it are just the newest posts.

  463. WAIT…now everything’s different now. Now ‘Back To The Basics: Chakra’ is under INTERVIEWS. I guess the newest entries appear at the bottom no matter what. Oh well, it’s only confusing at first. Np here anymore.

  464. Alright gotcha!

  465. Yeah, I see the confusion though, it has to display at least the newest huh… hmmmm

    I’ve got an idea… a fix is on the way.

    Thx Supertrek

  466. Nice, it seems fine to me when I click on the link ‘Front Page’ under your comment. The only thing is if you click on the link ‘Front Page’ over in LATEST AWESOMENESS!!! there is nothing under ‘Scroll down to read the Newest Post’. Sorry if this is a bother just trying to help out. @-@

  467. Before i even noticed you added “front page” Jeremiah, i googled “I are awesomeness” because my bookmark wasn’t working and found the Front page. Its cool.
    BTW sorry about my useless comments…its just i cant think of anything to type. And if i dont type anything, it would almost be considered ignoring the blog…and that wouldnt be nice…. ~”. `

  468. @ lanif – I wasn’t calling urs useless, I was just making a point that I don’t mind insightful long comments.

  469. @ supertrek – thx… I’ll fix that too… somehow… all of this is for the Bleach launch so that people who don’t want to be spoiled on Bleach or Naruto (if they only read one or arn’t up to date on both), then they won’t be.

  470. @ totalitarianhypnosis – i agree with you that danzou would be an uchiha, but i dont think the bandages cover his sharingan. quite the opposite in fact, i think they cover his lack of one. everyone thought madara had died, but he obviously did not, so why cant the same be true of his brother? maybe danzou is madaras brother and the bandages are just there to cover up the whole where his eye used to be…before madara gouged it out.

  471. talking if danzou….anyone remember Kaidozou?
    he’s the one who did it!I’m positive!

  472. i blame the schools

  473. @ Jeremiah~No need to be modest, you know as well as i do that typing “BTW Uchiha=FTW” is useless. Its pitiful.
    …But thanks.
    Looking at long comments just gets me depressed. *sigh* 😦

  474. so what powers does the senju bloodline come with?

  475. we aren’t even sure that senju is a UNIQUE clan or not…let alone a bloodline…

  476. im just wondering ’cause if they could stay on par with the uchihas then it must be powerful, but i hadnt seen anyhting to show the extent of its power

  477. Isnt the Senju the 1st Hokage’s clan?
    Im sure this wont help because im sure you know this.
    But isnt Woodstyle the thing that comes with the 1sts bloodline. .

  478. @supertrek & totalitarianhypnosis:

    Danzou is not an Uchiha. Birth records would have shown that he’s an Uchiha. But he could have stolen a Sharingan eye, thus he needs to cover his eye with bandage(like Kakashi). I also agree that he worked with Madara.


    It would be interesting if Madara only took one of his brother’s eyes, and his brother was actually Danzo. But that means Danzo would be as old as Madara. I’m certain Danzo was born around the same time the Third was.

    But it would make sense if Madara and his brother can switch bodies with people. Madara probably took Obito’s body, while his brother probably took Danzo’s body after the fight with Third Hokage.

  479. no woodstyle was something only the 1st could do because he had both water and earth elements, and yamato can do them because he has the first’s dna in him. the only thing i can see with the senju clan is massive amounts of chakra

  480. @monkeyphant:

    Not just anyone with Water and Earth can do Wood Jutsus. They may have Water and Earth element, but if they don’t have the bloodline like the First and Yamato, then they won’t be able to create wood.

    I posted a comment explaining it in the topic “Back to the Basics”.


    1) Maybe the Kekki genkai of being able to use wood is just rare?

    2) Or clan members weren’t doing incest and breeding with each other in Senju, like Uchiha.

    Explanation of 2)
    I think it was mentioned somewhere that if Sasuke would restore his clan by having children (of course with a non Uchiha) it would reduce the chance of sharingan appearing. (Uchiha breeding with non Uchiha=50% chance of sharingan occurrence…and that chance would decrease for newer generations) Sort of like DBZ with tails….
    1/2 Saiyan=50% chance of tail.
    1/4 Saiyan=25% chance of tail.
    With the Senju, not being a fan of incest would mean:
    1/2 Senju=50% chance of wood Kekki genki.
    1/4 Senju=25% chance of wood Kekki genki.
    And that would decrease with generations…maybe its why lots dont have wood style and the 1st was lucky to get it and talented.

    Explanation of 1)
    I bet not every Uchiha could do sharingan.
    The 1st was so good at wood style it was able to defeat Madara’s perfect M sharingan.
    So maybe wood style is nearly as rare as perfect M sharingan? Rarer to utilise it to such a degree and being able to obtain it-looking at my above theory.

    Oh And im sure Madara said Senju was a clan…(or at least it was back then) Tsunades more or less the only one left?

    Okay the explanations where backwards (2 before 1) but i cant copy and paste and if i press R1 and [] All that i typed will be deleted so ill post now.
    …Did i help?

  482. Hey do you think Madara hates Sasuke’s family?
    It was Sasuke’s family that became the new head of the clan once Madara left…
    You think Sasuke’s family was like 2nd in command and serving close to Madara years back before the leaf was made?

  483. @Rockleex: Yeah, I know I also mentioned birth records. I’m just showing the holes in Totalitarian’s theory and my belief. I don’t even fully believe that Danzou is a Uchiha but I can’t help but to think that’s it’s possible too. 🙂

  484. @lanif:

    Nice theories.

    Anyways, Tsunade’s not the only Senju left. There’s still Asuma’s brothers. Konohamaru and his cousins, and many more we just don’t know of yet… I think. ^_^

    At the very least, we still got Konohamaru who’s bound to follow in Naruto’s footsteps.

    By the way, it could be true that Madara hates Sasuke’s family.

  485. @lanif1: Hmmm…maybe but I think Madara’s grudge was genrally with the whole Uchiaha clan but it could have been geared more towards Sasuke’s family if you’re right.

  486. This post is mainly about Pain.

    Someone mentioned that Nagato might have already died, which would explain how he looks. Well here’s some more stuff to back it up.

    Jiraiya says to Konan, “Rumours that they’re dead are all lies, aren’t they?”

    Well, maybe they DID die. Maybe Rinnegan has special abilities that can bring Nagato back. Maybe Nagato himself is a puppet to his own chakra, kind of like Sasori. Which would explain why Nagato needs a huge machine with him all the time.

    Yahiko probably died trying to save Nagato(Yahiko said he owes Nagato one), and Nagato probably died trying to save Konan(I have reason to believe they’re siblings). Who knows, maybe Konan herself is dead. Maybe its just her chakra running through the papers now.

    Anyways, someone also mentioned that Nagato is merely acting upon Yahiko’s will. I think not.

    Although Yahiko wants an eye for an eye. He also points out that an eye for an eye won’t work. The revenge will just follow a cycle. So he wants to get stronger in order to protect everyone. If Nagato is acting upon Yahiko’s will… it may be that Nagato’s MISUNDERSTANDING Yahiko’s will.

    From this page:

    Nagato says “I just wanna keep them safe, no matter what kind of pain I have to go through.” Maybe Nagato killed himself on purpose to be ressurected as a “God”, in order to protect his people.

    Here, Jiraiya says Rinnegan is without doubt the strongest of the three eye techniques.

    In the next page, it is stated that Rinnegan is “a tool of God that would bring salvation when the world was in chaos… or a weapon that would destroy all creation and return everything to dust.”

    Well if my theory is correct… then Nagato will give his eyes to Naruto as he dies, because Naruto will be able to convince him to have faith in people again. This would allow the prophecized child AND the statement about Rinnegan to be true.

    Rinnegan is a tool of Nagato, who claims himself as God. Nagato(God) would bring salvation to the world by giving Naruto his Rinnegan.

    In the end, ALL of Jiraiya’s prophecized students will have saved the world. ^_^

  487. Isnt the Sarutobi clan separate from Senju?

    I didnt think Konohamaru was related to Senju…

  488. To further prove the theory that Nagato is dead, here are some links.

    Here, he says he lives in an infinite universe of pain. That could mean that he killed himself, and resurrected himself. But since he’s alive and dead at the same time, he constantly feels infinite pain.

    Of course, he believe that the more pain a person feels, the more they will grow. When you feel infinite amount of pain, you become a God.

    In the next page, he further talks about how he couldn’t comprehend certain things until he became a God.

    The way he talks about his former self is different from just gaining massive skills and proclaiming himself as a God. It sounds more like he has died and become a “God”.

    Yea, I know this theory doesn’t have much backbone. ^_^

  489. @lanif:

    Are they?

    Darn, I might be mixing things up. >_<

  490. yes, indeed, sarutobi and senju are seperate clans

  491. Kakashi has permadent sharingan because it was implanted just like Madara’s, Right?

  492. this is random but, this is intresting:

    Its a family tree type of thing. idk. i was bored.

  493. @lanif well to have a kekke genkai u have to be good at 2 elements like haku was with water and wind or like yamato said with wood of water and earth and be able to do both elements at the same time… just check out the back to basics with chakra..its a good brush up…

  494. Hello, I’m new to the post, but have been reading the awesomeness for a while now.
    I just have to ask it… does anyone else think that Nagato’s leg-chair resembles a Protoss Dragoon?

  495. @ prawlkage – lmao! Yeah it does look pretty strange. I know a lot of people think he’s stationary, I still think he’s mobile… It’s got legs! ^_^

    Thanks for reading 🙂

  496. Hell, if it’s a Pain invention, it’s probably got sirius radio, rockets and tivo. I bet Konan is standing by with a snuggie when he’s ready to call it a night.

    Are there wheels on the bottom of those legs? or are they going to ‘walk’? Still, I bet it won’t be long before Konan fires up the turbo boost and blasts off for the tower.

  497. @ Ibi – they’re already in the tower… do we look whiter today… We got Bleached today.

    U should join us Ibi, join uuuuusssss *said in ominous tone*

  498. mmm…I don’t think they’re in the tower…this is the remote satellite link up.

    lmao…I’m on my way…I’m catching up with all the new posts! (and your smile is definitely brighter…)

  499. There are spoilers from 2ch, all three are on the same page and posted by the same user. They may be in parts.

    Spoiler # 1








    Spoiler # 2
    Source: 2ch (ttp://
    105 :名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さい:2009/02/24(火) 08:50:57 ID:Xo+tjDo9O











    Spoiler # 3
    Source: 2ch (ttp://

    109 :名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さい:2009/02/24(火) 09:17:40 ID:Xo+tjDo9O






    ペイン編 完

  500. @shinobimadness:

    No. Being able to use two elements at the same time doesn’t mean you have Kekkei Genkai, no matter how good you are.

    But!!! Being able to use two elements at the same time to CREATE A NEW ELEMENT means you have a Kekkei Genkai.

    For example, Kakuzu had all five elements. He still wasn’t able to create wood out of water and earth. He still wasn’t able to create ice out of wind and water. No matter how much he trained, its still impossible because he doesn’t have the necessary bloodline limit.


    I think they DO use the tower, but I also think Konoha’s too far away that they need to move in closer in order to get transmission, or to use less chakra for transmission.

  501. There are spoilers from 2ch, all three are on the same page and posted by the same user. They may be in parts.

    Spoiler # 1








  502. test post…

  503. Just to come back to what i typed about-Madara possibly hating Sasuke’s family more in his clan…
    Wouldn’t it have been the second head of the clan (Sasuke’s family) the makes the final decision to chosen if Madara should leave? (of course it would be a joint clan decision to an extent to)

  504. @Jeremiah:On the front page u wrote 426 & 427 naruto has to be 436 & 437.u written manga 426 breakdown & manga 427

  505. Supertrek89- alright matey, that’s it. Maybe english is not my first language? Reckon you jumped the gun there. I’m English by the way, a Londoner, so i hope next time, just in case we had to be involved in cross commentary, this casual use of sensitive statements would be avoided somehow. Turns out most of the time i punch my keys i’m either a little excited or i’m listening to heavy metal. I’m sure other nobles in this chat room can excuse that. I don’t see why pointless sarcasm should be the order of the day for you.(and yeah, my bad. I meant to say, in my previous post, that danzou was an uchiha and not a senju.)

    Back to the topic at hand, like i said, my theory was, and still is, subject to criticism. I don’t see myself changing the beliefs of people in this forum. I just try my best to share with people what i already found out and i think is due for review. Thanks to the support of people like ibiki teishi, kyouto, and a few others they all understand that and take pains to read it.

    Jeremaih- God bless your heart. I’ll rather see long, meaningful forums discussing topics at hand than short ones explaining in detail the pleasures of lapdancing, or ones describing “SEXUAL TENSHION” with so much enthusiasm.



  506. @ibiki teishi- Alright hon, this one’s for you. I noticed you were a little disagreeable with the fact that madara was the true founder of akatsuki. Well, i might have to disagree there, i’m sorry. Madara’s entrance is supposed to be special, and i believe he plays the role of the most important villian in the series. Anyways, if you look at this post You’ll find itachi telling sasuke about the history of the uchiha clan and explaining that madara founded akatsuki after he was defeated by senju hashirama and hid in the shadows after he founded it. No doubt the idea of the tailed beasts could very well be pain’s, but don’t forget madara can control bijuu with his eyes, and also needs them for a reason undisclosed, or maybe quite in conjunction with pain’s reason.

    The analogy of madara and pain heading akatsuki could be equated to that of a company owner and a company CEO. Take for instance Bank of America buying over Meryll lynch makes them automatic owners of meryll lynch, thereby giving them the right to appoint a CEO. Or more like a university chancellor and a vice-chancellor. If you notice clearly, madara refers to pain as “leader”, saying “we would not tolerate failure from the leader”. That reference seemed to me like “remember why you are leading, cause if you don’t, there would be dire consequences.”

    Ok. Madara obviously, given itachi is right, founded akatsuki at an age pain and his agenda were nowhere(actually chouji described pain as a man between 25-30). So it would make more sense that someone as powerful as madara founded akatsuki and appointed pain to take his stead while he stayed in the shadows. Hit me back if you’ve got any questions. Arigathou.


  507. really sorry for the long posts, people.

  508. Just sum ideas:

    Sasuke shows up in the tower where Nagato is, takes on Conan, defeats her maybe and takes out Nagato.

    In the mean time, Naruto goes NTF on Pain, or some Konoha ninjas intervene, stall for time.

    Here’s another idea,

    Shika and the others find Nagato’s hideout and take him out.

  509. right, just thinking, but does anyone reckon kisame is going for the 8 tails? i have a feeling he is, but would only get at the 8 tails after the 8 tail’s taught naruto how to control the kyuubi. And remember the 8 tail’s once said water was it’s weakness. What do you all reckon.

  510. @totalitarianh: the only thing you should be apologizing for is your condescending tone, HUN. I have to admit, I almost didn’t read the rest of what you had to say after that…and really, just skimmed it as it was.

    As for response…you believe the second hand account of the guy who’s been drinking Madara’s kool-aid or the first hand account of a freek in a trash can? The point is, neither is established as fact. Both sources are unreliable. And no one sensible should be spouting off about knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt who the leader is.

  511. @everyone how can the 8-tails teach naruto how to control the 9-tails when there relationships are different? the 8-tails seems more passive than the 9-tails…which wants to take over naruto’s body? its like if naruto gives him an inch the 9-tails goes 4-tails….lol i dont see the 8-tails teaching him …maybe im overreacting again..

  512. @shinobimadness – How do you know the 8 tails wasn’t like that at the begining? So far all of the tailed beasts we have seen that are not in control are vicious and out for blood even the weakest of them all the 1 tail that Garaa had inside of him. I would imagine that until someone is able to control the beast they are wild and unbroken… like a wild horse. Once you tame the beast their personality will change and their mood will calm. I bet all of the tailed beasts behaved this way. Lets see what happens to the 3 tails in the anime and we’ll see.

    On a side note of all the tailed beasts we have seen in action the older ninjas all seem to be able to control their beasts but the children can’t… Coincidence?

  513. @ totalitarianhypnosis – Did you notice that in the latest manga Pain is the one that is claiming credit for creating Akatsuki? I hear what you are saying but the fact is you can’t trust an evil nin’s word about anything. So far we have 2 huge villains and both claim to be in charge. No proof either one of them is right at this point.

  514. I think it’s possible that the reason for the violent nature of the nine tailed fox is perhaps because only the bad/evil/malicious half of the chakra was sealed with Naruto.
    The 8-tails may be more passive (from what we’ve seem so far) because it is the entire demon sealed within Killerbee. Either thqat, or years of Killerbee’s bad raps, and the racial oppression present in the hidden cloud has made the 8-tails wuss out.

  515. @bjbthe1 well i think the 9-tails is maade when hatred is manifested in a form of the 9-tails. so essentially the 9-tails is pure hateor rather the collection of it.. idk about the other ones but its plausible they are different…

  516. @ Ibiki – regarding Pain’s inventions, and his chair having tivo… I also hear that Lazerhead had 3 more uses we had not seen. he also contained a beer cooler, a grill for tailgate parties and his mouth served as Nagato’s toilet. (Nagato forgot to put that in his chair)

  517. @prawlkage: damn it! I hate it when the party gets so out of control the beer cooler gets pwned. Worse than that, all the guys are gonna be writing their names on the walls in the side yard. Great! Just fan-freekin-tabulous.

    I kid, but really, the point is I seriously doubt Nagato had time to become a robot and cybernetics expert. And yet…there are the toys.

    Who plays Q to Nagato’s Bond, huh?

    I doubt it’s Konan, the welding torch would tend to be a problem…although…I like the image of her bent over the sparks, little bits of paper flaring all around.

  518. @shinobimadness:

    The point is that the 9 Tails, like all other Tails, can be tamed by its owner… if the owner possesses the necessary level of skill.

    Its possible for Naruto to tame the Kyuubi, because the Beast relies on the owner’s survival for its own survival. If the owner’s too weak, then the owner would put himself AND the beast at risk. When in mortal danger, the beast would have no choice but to take over to ensure their safety.

    If the owner is strong enough, then the Beast would be able to trust the owner for both of their survival. When that happens, the owner will be able to tame the beast, and use its full power while having full control. ^_^ There will no longer be a struggle for control within the owner’s body.

  519. @ Ibiki – The cooler gets pwned! I love it!
    As for Naga-Bond, I bet he takes his drinks shaken, not stirred just before he hurls them back up along with the meal Konan just cooked for him. (and risked burning over a stove all day for)
    His Q was probably Sasori, until Chiyo/Sakura pwned him. Now he’s left with whatever lame gadgets that Kisame (usually seafood-based technology) and Zetsu (plant?-based tech?) can come up with for him.

    Nagato: “Hey Kisame whatcha got for me?… OH…that’s great… more starfish shurikens…(grumbles, and then mutters) “at least it’s better than those damned macaroni pictures Zetsu keeps giving me…

  520. @ rockleex – I think eventually Naruto will gain control over the 9 tails. It seems to be the next logical step in his development. Right now the 9 tails is like the creepy guy hanging around at the playground, tempting naruto with a candy bar. “Hey kid, c’mere… you wanna be more powerful huh huh huh”

    Either that, or he comes up with yet more uses for rasengan – perhaps a Ramen-shuriken-no-jutsu “Spiraling noodles of death!”

  521. @ibiki great post dude.(eerm chick:P)….
    Finally the sensitive side of our leader:P That was a rly cool issue… If u think of it pain is like naruto of the rain village… I dont wanna see naruto lose neither pain die.. I rly want THE bad guy to step in.. so pain and naruto realize that they got nothing to seperate and fight for the same cause… I am proccesing in my mind that pain is rly no evil guy he just see the peace from another point of view.. He’s looking for peace but doesnt rly know whos the bad guy to kick his ass so he turns to konoha.. So i got to theories in my mind.. Real bad guy steps in (madara or smthig) naruto and pain fight him (u know how the stuff works like garra and stuff) and pain dies or pain creates his hidden vilage and allies with konoha (but can they forgive 27k losses from him??).. i rly think that in the next issue someone will step in like team guy or killerbee or sasuke or madara or raikage team… I mean WTF where are they coming from???? MARS???? and team guy was suposed to be near the vilage if they spoted those birds back then.. IF THEY CRAWL THEY WOULD BE FASTER WTF..

  522. @ Punxed – I would also like to see the “real” bad guy about now… but I have the sickening feeling that we are going to see a little of the same as with Gaara.
    I just can’t see the leaf allying with the rain village after so much destruction. Naruto will change Nagato – he’ll feel sorry for Nagato, since he is looking alot like a piece of teryaki ninja-jerky. Then Naruto will mistakenly sneeze on him, and kill him. Immuno-deficiency-no-jutsu

    I think Team Gai must have run back to get some of that Curry of Life (from the anime) it’s taking long enough…

  523. Naruto “ok dude i understand u lets fight no more.. i would invite u for a cup of ramen.. but u destroyed it..”
    Pain “eerrrm sry dude.. dont worry i am in a spot near konoha… it is so special that police cannot find us here.. i am rolling the joint while u are heading here..”
    naruto “ok dude ill just go grab some chokolate ok??”
    pain “kioooolaaaaaaz:P (means right away:P)”
    naruto gets there..
    naruto “omg dude ur like a zombie..”
    pain “Mendoksai m8… i was at Dr.Lekrtoluv last wednesday and i used to many amphetamines like 6g on my own… i havent eaten since then..”
    naruto “ooo cool.. maybe u got something more from weed now??”
    pain “ye i got 2 pieces of MDMA but i saved them for amekagure.. want someee??”
    naruto “suuuureee.. but i see u got a bitch here… let me just call for sakura to blow me after dancig..”

    sakura gets theree…
    naruto “sry bitch that MD took me out SO MUCH FEELINGS:P… come here boy…”
    pain “ooo narutooooooo”
    konan turns to sakura
    konan “as they are making out… wanna blow 3 lines of coke and then make lesb sex???”
    sakura looks at her in a nobleed way
    sakura “Sure… whatever…..”

    The End…
    P.S. amphetamines makes u like zombie:P

  524. damn!!!!!
    at first: you all are very blind -.-
    1. minato was no sage, fukasaku said himself that naruto is the following student right after jiraiya, dun remember the chap, and i guess theres no doubt that jiriaya has logically done it before minato even lived.
    2. did u ever consider the name “Nagato”? it means main port (think about it) and one of the destroyed cities by a-b was Nagasaki, strange coincidence right?
    3. damn u really dont consider that Pain or Nagato wasnt referring as god to himself this chapter, he said to naruto: “we are just ordinary people”, that shocked me!!!
    nagato is dead of course, but only the nagato as a human, as an ordinary person and he was going to be a GOD, dying can mean very much different ways.
    4. whats the last name of nagato? i guess it has to be skywalker, nagato skywalker and darth pain, there are many SW coincidences too^^
    5. damn folks u have to choose for fukasaku or tsunade to die, cuz u forget one thing: who the f*** except those 2 shall tell naruto about his parents? Oo
    think it must be one of these 2.
    6. we need maaaaany informations about N/Y/K, otherwise we never know the full truth about akatsuki and all, so maybe nagato is coughing blood and will tell naruto all about it or its true that konan will be a friend to naruto.
    7. we know nearly nuthin bout minato and kushina! i guess tsunade has to tell all bout em, if the story will make sense then naruto should be a partial senju, if thats true then he’ll never get any eye technique (yes its a kekkei genkai and only geniuses got those gifts, naruto gets all by hard training and faith!!! and some destined happenings before him.
    8. why u all worry about genjutsu for naruto? if naruto gains control about foxxy then he has the ultimate genjutsu-blocker!!! remember when Bee has nearly killed satch when he tried a genjutsu!!!

    there were any more points i forgot for now, but i will show ya these l8er on, now i just read how u ignore me or be shocked by reading my truths 🙂

  525. @totalitarian: Dude, what’s up with all of the negative energy coming from you? Maybe you should turn off the Heavy Metal when typing and mellow out with some Beethoven. I didn’t jump the gun when I assumed English wasn’t your first language. Your previous post read like…well…if you spoke another language frankly. This is what I said.

    “Alright, I’m just gonna come out and say I had a little trouble reading your post and I’m assuming English is not your first language. No problem with that it’s just that you may have read my post wrong from what I really wrote.” (Supertrek)

    I’m sorry if you were offended by that but I never meant to…hurt your feelings? Honestly, I don’t know what’s up with you and what the hell did you mean by pointless sarcasm? I responded to your post straightforward and I even pointed out the arguments where I agreed with you! And WTF is this?

    “Jeremaih- God bless your heart. I’ll rather see long, meaningful forums discussing topics at hand than short ones explaining in detail the pleasures of lapdancing, or ones describing “SEXUAL TENSHION” with so much enthusiasm.” (Totalitarian)

    Hmmm…I wonder who said that! Who cares if I blurted out “SEXUAL TENSION” lol (Not TENSHION) Sometimes this post calls for a little humor and FYI I was still on topic about Naruto. If you bothered to read the comments above that Eiliem and I were discussing the sexual tension between Naruto characters specifically Naruto and Sakura! It seems like you’re out to get me because I criticized your theory a little. Did you not say,

    “like i said, my theory was, and still is, subject to criticism.” (Totalitarian)

    So stick to what you said and don’t get your panties up in a bunch when somebody actually criticizes you alright. And once again I AGREED with you on some of your theories I was just pointing out holes in them that contradicted BOTH of our shared beliefs. So where’s the beef man calm down. And I apologize to anyone else having to read this (angry I admit) post it is only directed towards Totalitarian and his attitude towards me over a little criticism. If you want to respond to my post Totalitarian try losing the attitude first and I won’t respond with a post like this! Peace.

  526. lmao…welcome back punxed. I missed you…I think. ^.^ Please tell me that wasn’t a dramatized version of your week down at the cafe.

  527. the amphetamines and lektro me:P the md 2 friends and the chicks some girls i wish i was with them:P

  528. Gaaaaaaaaah!
    Too many long posts at once…

  529. just read mine supertrek only writes rubbishish garbages oO

  530. Flame post seems to be the hot topic at this time…

  531. well if u dun answer to my post…
    and be honest, trecky has some really crazy posts here 😀

  532. heh…nothings crazier than Kaidozou!

  533. not even the Swayze? Oo

  534. kaidozou is a decendant of the swayze…didn’t ya read my entry in the fanfic contest?

  535. well no i read this for 3 weeks and im registered since last week, cuz u just overlook many facts from the manga i only wanna show em to ya.
    only wonder who would win in a battle between THE swayze, rick astley and uri geller Oo

  536. “Captain planet would intervene and teach them a very vauable lesson”

  537. but uri geller is tha master of tha universe, he called the aliens in german television!!!! 😮

  538. but captain planet would teach him that doing that is harmful to our environment!!!

  539. well seems captain planet got some comparable power like naruto Oo

  540. nooo…
    “the power is yours!”

  541. well it seems to me that the power is more to make people understand each other what is a bit similar to cpt. planet o.O

  542. i’m getting confused now…

  543. well then… just.. ahm… say anything to my original post plzzzzzz^^

  544. btw totalitarian meant tenshin(-han), he spoke about dragon ball 😀

  545. @salami: a lot of the ideas in your post have been discussed, argued and knocked around here before. You might want to put the sage response on the Sage or Surreal post to get a better reaction.

    Scorp addresses a Minato Gaiden in The Night a Hero was Born and Elfarren discusses a Naruto Kekkei Genkai in Back to Basics. You may want to comment on those threads. ^.^

    Welcome, you’ve got some good ideas there. I think the fact that Nagato doesn’t talk like god is the best one to start a convo with on this page. So…why _did_ he drop the god act and say to Naruto that they are just people?

    I think if you post one idea at time, you might get a better discussion going with folks.

  546. heh heh.. ibi screwed up the link in her comments 😀

  547. I’ve been trying to figure out since the Pain vs. Jiraiya fight, just how old is Nagato?
    Jiraiya trains Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan when he is much younger – by my interpretation, Before he took on Minato as a student. Is there anything indicating that Jman had his sage training prior to the rain village war? (with Hanzo) At any rate, this would make Nagato at least in his 30’s, possibly older. If it weren’t for a few members like Itachi, and Deidara, Akatsuki would just be a bunch of Moose Lodge members trying to look younger so they could go clubbin’

    Not sure if they give Kisame’s age anywhere, but I’ve heard that he makes his own Omega 3 fish oil – does wonders for the complexion

  548. I don’t think Pain/Nagato or Itachi are lying, its been said before but Tobi/Mandara founded Akatsuki. Both Pain/Nagato & Tobi/Mandara have the will and reason to do as such, so is it really so far off to say they both lent the part in its creation. In addition Tobi/Mandara is running things on his own, leader or not it doesn’t seem something as simple like betrayal, he tells Pain/Nagato afterward and he also orders him at the same time. I believe it may be plausible to say Tobi/Mandara is one of the reasons Pain/Nagato created Aktsuki. In addition

    Following a different thought, what would it be like if Pain/Nagato could use Genjutsu. I have thought about it, Nagato mastered every Jutsu Jiraiya taught him by 10. If Jiraiya had known specific Genjutsu or Nagato learned it later on?

  549. @Reflex, quit being a douche. If you want ownage, baby, just ask.

  550. I thought I saw a useful post by salamiyo but it was just “rubbishish garbages” so I just ignored it, lol jkjk. @_@
    Tsunade or Fukusaku living in order to tell about Naruto’s past is a good point. As for me I believe they’ll both live, but don’t forget about Kakashi. He’s old enough to have been alive when Naruto was born and was close to Minato (was his student) so he also has some valuable info to give Naruto. So he has to live too. 😉

    @punxed: Lol, wtf just happened in that story? The image of Sakura and Konan doing drugs and having lezbo sex will now be burned into cranium forever now. 😀 (Completely ignoring Naruto and Nagato >_<)


    “I think it’s possible that the reason for the violent nature of the nine tailed fox is perhaps because only the bad/evil/malicious half of the chakra was sealed with Naruto.” (Prawlkage)

    The chakra that was sealed into Naruto was the Yang chakra (Light). The Yin chakra (Dark) was sealed with the Shiki Fuujin. Neither Yin or Yang represent evil or good respectively though. They are a symolism for opposites and balance found in the universe.

  551. @ ibi – im not being a douche… im just trying to lighten the mood 😀 … if you think im being a douche or that i should just stop kidding around and i will. no prob

  552. The next WTF post:

    girl 1: would u take us for a ride on your BMW?
    BMW-driver: even to the end of the world!
    soldier: hey, i’d like to drown some vodka, girls!
    girl 1: just a second!
    girl 2: where do you live?
    soldier: right here- daytime at work, and at night in the clubs!
    girl 1: which work???
    soldier: contract of course!
    blonde girl: contract?? marriage contract or what?
    girl 3: army contract, stupid!
    BMW driver: hey, don’t you wanna ride on my car?
    girls: forget it, take yourself for a ride!
    narrator: it’s about time for new heroes! with contract based service in ukrainian armed fores!

  553. @ supertrek – thanks for the info. For some reason I thought he had the rich, delicious, dark chakra sealed within him. Not the “light like a rice cake, and just as flavorless” chakra.

    Damn, now I feel some predictions coming on. (maybe after another timeskip)

    Naruto uses Jman’s key to unlock “that” jutsu.
    Now he has the dark chakra, which is more like Darker chakra, as the 9 tails is pretty nasty to begin with.
    Naruto then sees Kiba, and dialogue is as follows:
    Naruto: Hey momma’s boy… nice jacket…
    >>* KICK TO NUTS *<<
    Kiba: Ow! my nuts… and Akamaru won’t “comfort” me without peanut butter… MOOOOOOM!
    Naruto: This IS a nice jacket… I’m going to be a total PWN MACHINE with this!

  554. @Reflex: we’ve talked about this. That comment wasn’t to be funny it was a ‘joke’ to make you look big and me look small. And, again, that makes you look like a douche. But I’m tired of you nipping at my ankles, “as a joke”. If you really want to go…let’s go…I’ll even give you the first swing.

  555. If my previous post isn’t good enough, which I doubt, then this passes with ease 😉

  556. @Reflex – I am not sure, however if Yasuhiko, Nagato & Konan were around the same ages when they met then Choji’s guess, 25 – 30 is accurate. If we assume that when Itachi joined with Tobi/Mandara before the creation of Akatsuki, Yasuhiko dying beforehand, Nagato becoming Pain, then Pain/Nagato and Konan joining with Tobi to form the organization Nagato should be 25-30 years plus based on Yasuhiko’s body and the additional 7 years making Nagato at least ages 32 and 37.

  557. GAAAAAH! Ibi’s going to fight reflex!
    *summons a reclining chair, beer, and pizza*

  558. @Ibiki: Looking for a lot of fights nowadays are we? 😉

    *joins prawlkage for that pizza and brings his own fully automatic vibrating full body massage reclining chair* Can’t beat that. 🙂

    Hey, what happened to that hilarious Korean ice cream commercial? It was hilarious. Must’ve been moderated and sent to the comment graveyard. tsk tsk tsk *insert funeral music here*

  559. @ ibi – i joke around with half the people on awesomeness (burningace, supertrek, coolbean, jeremiah etc.) … if you think im attacking you personally trying to “make myself look big” and “make you look small”, then your mistaken.

    i know you only know me from the internet, but if you did know me in me real life, you would know that i am a very light-hearted person. i rarely take ANYTHING seriously, and im am rarely serious… if i ever am serious, then you know something is wrong… i am sorry for the misunderstanding, and like i said, i’ll just stop kidding around from now on… promise

  560. Wait, nvm I can see the links again thx nighthawk00 I nominate the Korean video for the next WTF post by the way (Can I do that?)!

  561. *sits next to prawlkage and summons popcorn and jolt cola*

  562. @ super – i dont wanna fight ibi cuz im scared of her but i will fight you!! come on bring it!!!! (ps. your already in a genjutsu so whatever you do is pointless 😀 )

  563. WTF, how’d this happen I just wanna relax dammit! 😦

    *stabs Reflex in the back*

    After you’re dead that is! 😉

  564. @ 渦巻兇徒 – why did you send that comment at me??? i didnt say nothing about that *tilts head and stares at you with confused expression*

  565. @ super – lol i know you wanted to relax… that’s what makes you so vulnerable 😀

    oh and what part of “genjutsu” did you not understand. Giant reflex head appears in the sky and looks down at you. super super super… so, do you want to die?!?!

  566. *Prawlkage and supertrek sit back, drink, eat pizza whilst Ibiki unleashes PWN technique*

    *Ibiki glares at Prawl for being a wiseass, but he vanishes in a cloud of pine-scented smoke, yelping like a whipped dog*

  567. hey i said i wasnt gonna fight ibi DAMNIT… attacks prawlkage with genjutsu… you die with supertrek!!!!!

  568. I confused you with something prawlkage posted.

  569. No wait, all are comments are going to vanish with Jeremiah’s space-time-no-jutsu if we get into another fight like we did last time. Remember that with burningace? 😉 But if Ibiki fights you and beats the living hell outta ya since she’s a moderator I don’t see Jeremiah deleting HER posts. So I’m going to sit in that chair and eat pizza and drink some ice tea with Jeremiah and Prawlkage while Ibiki beats the s**t out of you. 😉 *laughs his ass off*

  570. hey jeremiah what u say to my thoughts i invented today? =)

  571. ok if i have to fight ibi, then………………
    I SURRENDER!!!! *hands headband over to ibi*
    *walks over to the couch and steals supers pizza* GIMME THAT DAMNIT :D:

  572. *Prawl watches Jeremiah intently… awaiting earlobe signal*

    Prawlkage then calls forth the rest of his ninjas from the hidden fat village, and stands by for orders.

  573. Prawlkage awakens from reflex’s Dial-up internet genjutsu realizing that he is now no less than 10 posts behind the topic

  574. agrees. so what do you think will happen in 437??

  575. u ignore my original main post of today 😥

  576. @Reflex – I am unsure, there was something in the spoiler above however I haven’t looked at it deeply. Still though I wonder why Nagato isn’t using the shape shifting technique he used for Itachi and Kisami (Also Reflex please read the post in The night a hero was born. If there is a reply here, then lets keep on topic and discuss at the same time and that should get rid of the need for jerimiaha time space jutsu.)

  577. sorry i been arguing with these people

  578. @ 渦巻兇徒 – ok i gotcha

  579. in 437 we will see Gai and Lee eating the curry of life, Neji plays a fiddle an watches Konoha burn.
    Shikamaru will challenge Deep Blue to a game of Shogi, in which Deep Blue (the 80’s chess playing computer) tells Shika he’s not as smart as he thinks. Shika gets Pwned. Inoichi becomes slightly fatter, and begins to look more like a member of the akamichi clan.
    Kiba stays huddles next to mom and scours Konoha’s ruins for a jar of Peanut butter…..
    Naruto summons 5 frog robots and forms VOLTRON
    Frog-Voltron-no-kage fights Emo-tep Nagato and Pwns all!

  580. @ prawlkage – WTF!!!!!!!!! lol good ideas but still.. WTF!!!!!

  581. he is neJI, not neRO -.-

  582. I just used my new randomness technique.
    Also, I forgot to throw in that Danzou gets PWNED by Tony Danza, as he was tired of not “being the boss”

    AHH! my Pizza is here >POOF< *reverse summons to debugakure (fat village) giggling like homer simpson*

  583. *salamiyo releases his silence-no-jutsu*

    wake up all!!!!

  584. Paul stops stuffing pizza in his mouth, only to notice he can speak again. Thanks Salami, and goes right back to eating like chouji.

  585. With every thing said I think Madaras ultimate Goal is too take all the Tailed beasts for himself giving himself ulitmate power or true immortality, I think madara and Nagato are like even as Ninjas go but they have differant views.

    I also think Maito Guy and team will encounter Nagato and either capture him because pain will be pathetic in Taijutsu well against a Byukagann anyway and the others.

    Im just predicting that if Nagato were captured this will bring all of akatsuki too Konoha with Sasuke and team Hawk.

  586. WOW @.@. AWESOMENESS!!!! It’s lelulalilo! missed you, guy. 🙂

  587. I am soooo curious as to what happens next to Naruto!!!!!
    Great site!
    I think that if you are a serious-kick-@SS villian and you lay waste to the village, you kinda want an easy exit out strategy. . . I think Mr. RoboSapien 9000 will be able to turn tail and then, that Paper-ho gonna make them a paper plane and George Jettson their way out. Ha! Ha! J/K!

    Imagine if naruto could send his rage through the chakra blade that Pein stabbed him with. . . That would be crazy! That would give him a real nose bleed! HA! HA!

  588. Somehow i see nagato gettin screwed in the a$$ by madara for the tailed beasts.

    also i bet pain will convince naruto into giving them the nine tailed beast like it only causes u and ur friends truble so give it to me and be a normal boy like all the othr kiddies….just my thoughts

  589. I agree, even without proof yet, Nagato seems like he is being manipulated by Madara.

    BTW, did you see we’re already at 1.1 million hits? Sorry for randomness. Don’t be like me! Stay on topic! Unless the topic is getting lame! I prefer Twizzlers over Sweedish Fish! I think Pain is trying to let Naruto know he really cares for him, which is why he needs to kill him and take his inner beast for his personal needs! Purposeful fragments!

  590. Itachi said Madara created Akatsuki, then pain said it is he who created Akatsuki… Im just confused

  591. second test post…

  592. There is a new spoiler out, both versions have the leader conflict between Tobi/Mandara & Pain/Nagato.

  593. I get it, so the length is the issue. Its still reads it the same or there is interference.

    Source: Unknown
    Japanese Script:
    ゼツ(すげぇ炎で炎を食い尽くした!燃やしたい所を目視しピントが合うだけで、その視点から 黒炎が発火す る。
    イタチが倒れてるサスケに触ろうとすると、サスケの体がグチャっと溶ける。大蛇の変わり身( 笑)
    イタチ(シャリンガンはチャクラを見る目だ。強がりはよせ。もうお前にチャクラが残ってない のはわかる。
    イタチ(天照を回避した大蛇丸流の変わり身の術。バレにくく良くできた変わり身だが、あれは多 量のチャクラ を使う。)
    サスケ(確かに俺にはチャクラはない。さっきの火遁で全てを使いきったからな‥だがあんたを殺 すのに何もせ ずにここに来たと思うか?

  594. Someones best guess at what this says

    Madara & Kisame talks or “reviews” the fight between Sasuke and Itachi.
    Konan and Nagato are talking
    Konan mentions Madara
    “even if you get the kyuubi, madara is still in the way”
    Nagato says that he will deal with Madara when the time comes.
    Zetsu appears
    “Madara wants you to hurry, 8tails have escaped, send your squad to intercept.”
    Hinata and Shino have found Nagato’s hideout, chapter ends.

    Confirmation: Pending
    Link: ttp://…476853&page=20

    シカマル達は カツユを通し動けるものに2人1組のチームを作り

    ガイ班は ネジが吹っ飛ばされた蛙を発見する


    天道  「増援?」
    ナルト 「何ででてきたヒナタじゃそいつにはかなわ・・」
    ヒナタ 「ウン」
    ヒナタ 「これは私の独りよがり…」
    ヒナタ 「今ここにたっているのは自分の意志」
    ヒナタ 「ナルト君を守れるならこの命失ってもかまわない」
    ヒナタ 「私はナルト君が大好きだから…」
    ヒナタ 「柔歩双獅拳」



    長門 「俺の両親も俺の目の前で木の葉の忍びどもに殺された

    ナルト ヒナタが目の前で惨殺された事により


  596. Hinata to the rescue, HELL YEAH! And are we actually gonna see Shino fight? Oh my…can’t wait!!! *_*

    Confirmation: Pending

    シカマル達は カツユを通し動けるものに2人1組のチームを作り

    ガイ班は ネジが吹っ飛ばされた蛙を発見する


  598. I am posting the spoilers in parts, there is more than one.

    Confirmation: Pending


    シカマル達は カツユを通し動けるものに2人1組のチームを作り

    ガイ班は ネジが吹っ飛ばされた蛙を発見する

  600. 話はナルトに戻り。。。ナルトは天道に黒い棒を体に数箇所さされ

    天道  「増援?」
    ナルト 「何ででてきたヒナタじゃそいつにはかなわ・・」
    ヒナタ 「ウン」
    ヒナタ 「これは私の独りよがり…」
    ヒナタ 「今ここにたっているのは自分の意志」
    ヒナタ 「ナルト君を守れるならこの命失ってもかまわない」
    ヒナタ 「私はナルト君が大好きだから…」
    ヒナタ 「柔歩双獅拳」

  601. 「ザシュ」


    長門 「俺の両親も俺の目の前で木の葉の忍びどもに殺された

    ナルト ヒナタが目の前で惨殺された事により


  602. Source:
    Verification: Pending

    Pein: Naruto, we live in a cruel world. If you trully wish to bring peace to it, now is your only chance.
    Naruto: …
    Pein: Come with me. your death will not be meaningless. I need your power. I need the power of Kyuubi!
    Naruto: No…I can’t…I…promised I won’t die untill I become Hokage…and…and you destroyed my village! I will never forgive you!
    Pein: You leave me no choice. you willl come with me with force then.
    *Pein is doing some seals* Dark element: Soul bind!
    *some black chakara is appearing at his hand, it look kinda like a liquid nitrogen, just black. he’s attempting to attack Naruto with it.
    unknow person: Hakke: Kuushou!
    Pein is being blown away from Naruto.
    Naruto: ugh..Neji!
    *Team gain appeared*

  603. Gai: what the hell…happend to the village?
    *Pein is standing on his feets*
    Pein: Byakugan…how ironic…
    Gai: did…you did this!?
    Lee: he has an Akatsuki cloak…I must have been him…
    Tenten: *with tears in her eyes* you will pay!
    Pein: more rats…I’ve had it with you people.
    *scene goes to Nagato*
    Konan: Nagato, you mustn’t! You may not survive this one!
    Nagato: war has it’s sacrifices!
    *Pein is forming a cross with his hands*

  604. *Someone’s hand is grabbing his shoulder*
    Tobi: Pein…stop that…
    *Everybody around is like “!!”
    Pein: why are you stoping me…?
    Tobi: …
    Pein: I expect an answer.
    Tobi: are you actuallly questioning my orders?
    Pein: Ineed I am.
    *they are watching at each other*

  605. Tobi: …we lost the eight-tails. you must retreat now.
    Pein: I thought you vouched for Sasuke…
    Tobi: I was… wrong.
    Pein: heh…but capturing the Kyuubi child is not an easy task. next time he may get even stronger.
    Tobi: don’t worry, after we’re done with the eight-tails, I will capture him myself…
    Naruto: you sonofabitch…who are you! why are you helping him!
    Tobi: It all won’t matter for you in time…but as for now…
    *Tobi is doing some seals*

  606. Sealing jutsu. Light tracking mark!
    he created some symbol on Naruto’s forehead.
    Tobi: grow strong Kyuubi kid…as you can no longer hide.
    Naruto: damn you…
    Tobi: time to go.
    *Pein is flying away, while Tobi is teleporting*
    Naruto: Damnit…what am I going to do now…
    Naruto: “!!” that chakara!
    *scene goes to some ruined area*
    *Kakashi is crawling out of the rocks*
    Kakashi: I’m not done yet!*he has a difrrent shaped mangekyou sharingan.

    Next chapter: Unwelcomed Guests!


  608. Phew thats, all of it both of two spoilers involving Tobi & Pain, one with Konan & Zetsu, the other with Kakashi. Anyway please discuss…

  609. *Bah, leaps out of the way* I guess it comes down to whether we see Tobi or Zetsu once the pictures come out.*

  610. Dudes I saw the Spoiler for 437 naruto has got 6 tails and ther is something on top of him that looks like “SUSANO” must be the power Itachi gave him.

  611. I will wait until tomorrow when everyone’s awake or else I’d be talking to myself. 😉 Kakashi crawling out of the rocks with a new sharingan and the appearance of team Gai are sure to spark some interesting conversations. Plus Pein retreating with Tobi, damn can’t wait!!! +_+

  612. I knew it F**K yeah I knew Kakashi would live I believed he could fly….what no

    anyways YES!

  613. I don’t think you will have too, I just saw pictures and unless they are very good edits then there is a clash between the Tobi spoiler and Naruto going Kyuubi. I am confident the first picture is fake, however thr second looks so real that its wrong…



  614. @ kyouto (or whoever the person above me is): Yeah the 2nd one looks incredibly realistic

    like OMFG Kyuubi and that is Naruto’s body!

  615. Worse, its the skeleton of the Kyuubi and there are five tails. Pain/Nagato doesn’t look afraid, is that a bad thing?

  616. i think there are actually 6!

  617. This issue an the next will finally be amazing

  618. 1 more thing, if hinata is dead, im going to be pissed

  619. Crazy, if this is actually true I can confirm some predictions. Kakashi lives and 6 tales come out. By the way… Tsunade! Don’t Die!

  620. Your right there are six, I missed that. This confuses me a little, it would be strange for both of the pictures to be real. The spoilers would blend together. Though at the same time it could be that the spoilers just match the pictures and in that case not as strange.

  621. I’m also hoping Tsunade lives.

  622. I am posting another spoiler, I only looked briefly but I can sort of tell its confirmed with the context.

  623. んじゃバレいくぞ!
    Here come the spoilers.

    シカマル達は カツユを通し動けるものに2人1組のチームを作り
    Shikamaru’s group. Katsuyu continues moving; One two-man team is formed. A search for the real body was ordered.

  624. ガイ班は ネジが吹っ飛ばされた蛙を発見する
    Gai’s group. Neji discovers the blown away frog.
    Neji: “Why is Jiraiya’s frog summon in a place like this?
    Gai: “Whaat?”
    Something serious is going on…

    Back to Naruto’s conversation. Tendou black rods are stabbed into multiple places in Naruto’s body.
    Due to Nagato’s chakra, not a single finger can move anymore.
    Mama frog goes to Naruto.
    “That kid Jiraiya and Papa and everyone have entrusted their lives to you
    That’s why, don’t be deceived by him” Mama shouts something like that.
    Tendou uses Shinra-something, Mama frog’s dead? Note: Shinra-Tensei

  625. らにナルトの前に現れたのはヒナタ
    Furthermore, Hinata appears in front of Naruto.
    天道  「増援?」
    Tendou “Reinforcements?”
    ナルト 「何ででてきたヒナタじゃそいつにはかなわ・・」
    Naruto “Hinata, why? Get out. This person will just brush you away”
    ヒナタ 「ウン」
    Hinata “Yup”.
    ヒナタ 「これは私の独りよがり…」
    Hinata “This is my happiness”.
    ヒナタ 「今ここにたっているのは自分の意志」
    Hinata “I am here now of my own will.”
    I remember my old self… From here I was thinking of cheering you on in a variety of ways,
    yet I was always rescued by Naruto-kun’s smiling face.
    ヒナタ 「ナルト君を守れるならこの命失ってもかまわない」
    Hinata “If it’s to protect Naruto-kun, my life doesn’t matter.”
    ヒナタ 「私はナルト君が大好きだから…」
    Hinata “I really like Naruto-kun that’s why…”
    Hinata recklessly attacks Tendou.
    ヒナタ 「柔歩双獅拳」
    Hinata “Juubusoujiken” (Gentle Step Twin Lion Punch)
    Hinata’s technique hit’s God Realms Shinra Tensei.
    Hinata was thrown to the ground…
    Tendou drops down and uses the chakra rods on the unconscious Hinata.

  626. ヒナタの体からドクドクでる血
    Blood is flowing out of Hinata’s body.

    長門 「俺の両親も俺の目の前で木の葉の忍びどもに殺された
    Nagato: I have killed my parents and Konoha’s shinobi in front of me as well. Affection… (remembers something)

    ナルト ヒナタが目の前で惨殺された事により
    Naruto: You’ve murdered Hinata in front of me…. Because of that… Chou Kyuubijin 6 metamorphosis!!! (6-tails. The writing is a mess). Note: Super 9 tailed man 6 metamorphosis lolol
    Eyes are visible, coming out in front, a black figure, A 6 tailed-animal wearing the skull of a youko (fox demon)
    Even seeing this really horrifying figure, Tendou (Nagato) is unfazed.
    Tendou (Nagato) “Let me see if your Pain is comparable to mine.”

    The end.

  627. Source:2chan & ttp://
    Status: Confirmed (Personal View)
    WSJ Spine: ttp://











    You may now cry!

  628. i swear i’ll murder kishi myself if hinata dies…

  629. There is another translation, lets see differences, Pain’s family is murdered in front of his eyes in one as opposed to kill them himself. Pain says that will I feel your pain, but my pain exceeds yours.

    Shikamaru they want to find the real one of Pein, so they built groups (2 people in a group,which who can still move)
    Gai group find the frogs which Pein defeted
    Neiji:Why Jiraya’s frog here?

    flash back to Naruto, Naruto attacked by Pein,and counld not move
    Frog MA:Jiraya and Frogpa gave their hope to you so you could not lose!
    Then Pein kill frog MA

    Hinara appeared in front of Naruto
    Naruto: why you come here?
    Hinata: hmm… this is my choice and will
    [Hinata’s flash back about Naruto]

    Hinata: If I can protect Naruto, even if i died, i was glad.
    HInata:because I like you ,Narutogun.

    Hinata attack Pein
    but Pein knock her down, and Kill(?) her.
    Pein: My parent were killed just in front of my eyes like this.

    Naruto turn to SS6…….
    Pein: I feel much pain than you…

  630. In the spoiler pic, the black text next to Kyuubi Naruto says something along the lines of:
    “There are 6 tails…!! Naruto boils with past emotion!!”

    And the last panel with pain he says..
    “That’ll do…
    But… my pain exceeds yours.”

  631. Basically Naruto is about to become the second Pain. He might even start thinking like Sasuke.

    @Harshykage don’t do it, there are X bodyguards with loaded guns oh and here is the catch you don’t see in the movies they can aim right. Still it is hard to take in. Kakashi would feel sad though…

  632. Lol 6 tails.
    But that Kishi interview did mention that the Kyubi would appear in early 2009.
    So….maybe Hinata’s added to Pains kill list and i’ve heard another frog dies, so it could potentially mean 5/6 kills for Pain now. (unless Hinata’s the one to go blind)

  633. Fahims got his Naruto spoiler video up on youtube peps.

  634. Yeah, I saw thanks, however I am a little anger, why are people denying the spoiler and calling it fake. I understand that Hinata getting hurt isn’t easy to take in but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Its like Nagato said unexpected events. It bothers me that its so shocking people are turning away, thinking about it what else would cause Naruto to go 6 tails, a form he has never gone to before.

  635. You know.
    When Naruto went 2 tails, some of his clones were in pain and some even vanished.
    Well Naruto still has a clone in frog land right?
    Wouldnt going any further than 2 tails cause the clone in frog world to vanish, causing Naruto to absorb the sage chakra and go sage kyubi?
    I’ve been thinking maybe (i dont believe this myself BTW) but maybe, going 4 tails + sage chakra=6 tails? (Would that mean [if the tiny chance that was true] since 4 tails+sage mode=6. And 6 tails-strength of 4 tails=2. Sage mode=strength of 2 tails?)

  636. Not sure, though if that were the case wouldn’t Naruto hold the possibility of turning into a toad. In addition in order for sage chakra to work the body receiving is stationary. I understand the Kyuubi’s chakra going to the clone, however is the reverse plausible? Maybe because the kyuubi has that effect the sage chakra is able to do so. I was also thinking however that because of the Pain the clone would disperse in that situation, but I don’t know the answer.

  637. @ ibiki teishi, thanx man I havnt been around for 3months ive been kind of locked up… Anyway I watched like 8 or 9 episodes of Naruto it was Awesomeness. I see this spoiler and its real cool that Naruto has formed 6 tails But it looks like hes outta control I wonder if he looks any differant when he is in control..

    There where so many posts on the Spoilers
    1. saying Kakashi crawls outta rubble with new MS, If so being half dead might of awakened some new power inside his MS….Or I hope its true and all but wtf if Madara put one of Itachis eyes in him….And rah rah know
    2. Madara comes and says this and that too nagato and they retreat and Sasuke is now possibly in Danger,
    3. Madara comes back and challenges nagato about the reigns of power, reavealing that when the time comes he’ll take him out
    4. Konan and Nagato speak about Nagato and he says when the time comes he’ll take care of him so Nagato being The best Eyes and all could perhaps do something amazing
    5. Hinata dies, I really hoped she wouldnt but, by the way she was concerned I thought she might die it makes my eyes water a lil
    6. Now Naruto is marked on the Forehead but we wont see the mark because of narutos forehead protector and still with all narutos power madara speaks like he can still own him

    If sasuke comes back and sees the Village all destroyed and all maybe this could change him, But I still think hes gunning for Danzo.. But Team Hawk will perhaps join the forces of the Light.

    If this was a long post I hope it was intersting 🙂

    Did my Icon come up my icon pic is black I cant see it.

    Damn I love this site.

  638. just found a spoiler and if its true this fights gonna get huge!!!

    the groups split up to find nagato
    ma toad tells naruto that pa toad and jeriah beleived in him and that he shouldnt give up.

    HINATA tries to fight pain and admits to naruto that she likes him before shes knocked aside and stabbed. upon seeing this naruto starts to go kyubi and apparently goes 6 tails.
    at the very end pain says “Let me see if your Pain is comparable to mine.”

    now this sounds pretty real, cause thats exactly what pain would say.

    heres a link

  639. thers also a pic of naruto in six tail mode on thie site, he has the skeleton of the kyubi over the chakra now!!! KICKASS!!!!!

  640. The real spoiler is up! Hinata better not die! It looks as though the first points for the prediction contest are about to be given out in this issue ^_^

  641. @ IBI T!!!
    Dude .. . . . you told me your a real life hinata right??? okay . . . . . if you read the spoilers . .wel . .okay you probably have. you might die!!!… jus joking with you. Don’t take it as a death threat. And don’t blast me with your words. . . .they do alot of damage. ha. Okay another question how do you e-mail other people around here???

    6 TAILS!!!!!! who else has wanted to see this??? rais of hands??? . . .4??? just 4 . .REALLY?? .. hmmm . .i expected a different result . . .my bad, i’ll just go kill myself 😦 .

    I wonder what is gonna happen wth the other clone . . . ?
    oooo . . .maybe naruto will be all hurt after the 6 tails and then someone will call the clone back so naruto can disperse him and go sage so he can like heal himself. eh eh??

  642. @ Osensei – the clone is the wild card so to speak. If you want to contact someone other than me, do it through their myspace. If they want to talk to other people on the blog then they are friended on the blog Myspace. Some people just don’t want to be emailed by people on the blog, which is completely understandable.

  643. If Naruto is in Fox mode, is it the Fox who fights or a berserker Naruto cause I was thinking if its naruto trapped within the Fox then couldnt Naruto summon Sage Chakra too gain strength too overpower the fox, Kinda like Fukasuka and Jirayai but naruto being fukasuka and the fox being jirayai.

    Like Ying and Yang a balance of chakra.

    And what is the Key all about then if naruto can unlock more chakra deposits of the Demon Fox, you know the Key jirayai gave the lil frog that got away.

  644. @ jeremiah. Thanks man. Appreciate it.

  645. Just something too get off my chest before I goto sleep, If narutos special power is too change people in away that people become his friend and what not then narutos ultimate outcome with his special power is too change the Fox within, kinda like the dual personality that Garra had before he lost his bijuu.

    Thats why Minato might of known that the fox would be best sealed in naruto because of that ability. Thats what I think and Im sticking with it, its my only logical thought of the whole thing.

  646. @ lelulalili
    ummm. .. yeah . .but how do you know that the “NEW BORN BABY that naruto was” even has that special ability???

    shit i’m just saying for all you know that little new newborn could grow up and be a slasher or something.

    Sounds right though. I mean he could change the fox. but . . .i dk if minato put it there because he knew narutos special ability. wait. . . .do you mean like a bloodline trait??? because if thats naruto’s bloodline trait ima be pissed off and i swear i will stop watching/reading naruto.

  647. @ lelulalilo – I like the idea of him changing the fox for the better that does sound like something that could definitely happen. I believe Jaraiya had said something about Minato putting the 9 tails in him for protection. It does seem to pop out of him when he is in danger to save his life and the ones he cares about.

    @ Osensei – I really hope he doesn’t have a blood line limit because that my make me stop reading. How many abilities is Naruto going to have? What’s after he has a blood line limit, an Eye technique? Talk about one ninja being more powerful then any other ninja in the world. I mean right now he is already stronger then Minato was. and he is stronger then pain as well just doesn’t know enough about Pain to have a clean victory.

  648. Looks like I’m already +1 for the prediction contest ^_^ I’m totally agreeing with everyone else, though … if Hinata is really dead I’m gonna be pretty upset. She totally just pulled a Sakura (when she bit that Sound ninja in the Forest of Death) and I was totally hoping for more from her … we’ll see when the manga comes out tomorrow, eh?

  649. Wow, what a spoiler!!!!!!!!!! I really hope hinata doesn’t die. If she lives that is the perfect into to their romantic involvment during time skip. Who was calling for that Harshy? We will soon see what the six tails release has in store. fox rasenshurieken anyone! And he will be able to wield them from his tails Yesss!
    Back to reality. Pain really doesn’t seem worried at all. I am interested to see tobi/Madara, and the Power stuggle in akatsuki to emerge. Evil leader co-ops usually don’t last especially when things start messing up. I am glad there is at least one completely healthy team in konoha now. Thank you gai sensei, you didn’t have to walk on your hands all the way, we needed you. I figured shino would be the one to find Nagato. I think this sets up Naruto learning about his family and past and the flash tech. I just hope kyubi doesn’t go out of control, and hurt anymore of Naruto’s friends. Not to mention physical damage from fox chakra. Sorry for rambling

  650. I dont mind if people want to contact me, i think i’ve let loose enough contact info for those purposes.
    BTW Jeremiah, i’ve been to the Myspace page for i are awesomeness, its cool. Only problem is…my email is apparently not real 0_o so i can only view the page.

  651. good for you lanif/schy….and if you don’t mind telling me…what is “lanif”?

  652. @ bjbthe1
    he is not stronger then minato was. That is crazy. GO home for saying that.

    And doesn’t everyone in the manga have some sort of trait from there clan. I’m not asking for like a crazy ass bloodline trait. just something that defines his clan from the others.

  653. The longer I look at the picture of the 6-tailed Naruto in Kyuubi form with skull face mask…. Can anyone else see the Ghost Rider astride the Kyuubi’s back much like when Nicholas Cage was riding his firey motorcycle…… Remember his power, what was it now.. something about his “Penance Stare”…. Look into my eyes Pein and feel the pain you have caused for so many!!!….. OOOOoooOOOO!! can you say catatonic. Ok someone wake me now.

  654. @osensei: I don’t mind being e-mailed, but Jeremiah’s right about contact through myspace (/ibikiteishi). You can also get me through facebook (you guessed it, Ibiki Teishi), because the fan fic authors wanted to find me there instead.

    I will post my e-mail,, BUT please do not post your e-mails–if I see them I’ll delete them (I know double standards…but I worry about you all). *index fingers together, flexing*

  655. “lanif/schy” almost “lanif1/SCHY” my user name on a forum…so memorable…anyways lanif=final backwards.

    I’ll be sad if Hinata dies. 😦

  656. hmmm…is she really dead? I don’t want to believe, I really thought of the original rookies as sort of untouchable in the list of characters who might die. At least until they are grown. But it does makes sense to start seeing character death there as well. It did get a sudden response, didn’t it? The tails are cool.

  657. I like 6 tails. I think more tails would result in more of the Kyubi’s body forming. And when all of the Kyubi’s body is formed it would mean 9 tails=Kyubi would come out.
    And yeah its sudden for this to happen to Hinata. Theres been so many deaths since the TS. But i hope she isnt dead.
    Although if she doesn’t die, that means somebody else will.
    The Kishi interview has been true so far and Pain hasnt killed 6 yet. Pain cant die until he’s killed 6.

    But check this out.
    If Hinata+Kakashi is dead, Pains kills would be:
    And whats her face…granny frog.

    That would mean 6, meaning Pain can die. And i read somewhere that Konan says to Nagato, “if you keep this up you’ll die” and Nagato, replies like “sacrifices must be made for piece”
    Maybe Pain has reached 6 now and is ready to die??

  658. I saw the spoiler – whoa, is all I can say.

    My main question is: what’s with the chakra rods? Can anyone clue me in? Is Pein trying to make them into his “puppets?”

    Seeing Naruto in his 6 tails persona is rather frightening; mostly the skull. I guess this is defined as an “extreme” situation. I wasn’t sure if he could get that many tails as the Kyuubi chakra was split by Yondaime – correct me if I am wrong.

    To be honest, I think Pein is seriously underestimating the power of Naruto in Kyuubi form and will “live” (that’s debatable given Nagato’s condition). His healing power will be astronomical in speed (holes in the hands) and, I believe, will overwhelm Pein.

    Hinata: Hmmm…I believe that she is dead and that puts any Naruto/Hinata match into the “no” column.

    And…just how long is it going to be before our Konoha Military Intelligence Unit (oxymoron; Shika and Co’s gang) to figure out where this anorexic nutcase is? Geez!

  659. At least the Kyubi should be happy now that part of his body is finaly out now (even if is just bones)

    Killer bee is supposed to invade “Konoha” right?
    Well what IS left of it….its a crater.
    If Killer bee is going to invade *Konoha* not a crater. I think some time would have to pass for rebuilding.

  660. F**K MY LIFE!!!! >_<

    Three predictions wrong in the ‘Prediction Contest'(That damned Kyubi and Itachi’s power showing up)
    AND Pain DARES TOUCHES HINATA!!! To top it all off she’s possibly gonna DIE!!! @_@

    I’m declaring war on Kishi!

  661. i hope hinata doesnt bite the bullet, she was awesome.

  662. Ok, that comment was a little overboard and I let the anger get control of me. Just like that weak A$$ Naruto let the Kyubi take control of him AGAIN! Ahem, I may have lost the prediction contest already but I will humbly step down and eagerly await the declared winner whenever all the answers are revealed. As for declaring war on Kishi…that still STANDS!!! Watch your back Kishi or you’ll find an angry fan in your bed…sleeping with your wife!

    Alright, that may have been a little overboard. I don’t know if he even has a wife. Can somebody confirm this for me so I can get on with my reven…research! *_*

  663. @ salamiyo – Most of your points make sense except number 5. There are plenty of people who could tell Naruto about his father. First off the Key is the one who I think will tell Naruto. When the Key finally decides that he is ready to weild the 9 tails power he will tell him. That is one possibility.

    The only one I can think of that really deserves the right to tell naruto is Kakashi ya know the man trained by the 4th! The man that learned Rasengan from the 4th and helped him create it? Tsk Tsk didn’t think that one through 😉

    Basically anyone of the adults alive could tell Naruto though Everyone knows who Naruto’s father is, Shikamaru’s dad, Choujis father, Hell even Danzo knows.

  664. @ Penny: HINATA is NOT DEAD!!!

    I am sure of it (grows a tail and a hollow mask) GRRRRRAAAA!!!!

  665. @ 0sensei – Sorry but I have to stick to that theory about Naruto being stronger then the 4th. We already know that he surpassed Jariaya and the 4th in tecniques because we were told that when he blew up lazer head. If you don’t remember this crucial moment then I think it is you that should go home my friend 😉

    He is NOT as smart as the 4th nor does he have as much experience as the 4th but in Raw power he definitely surpases him I mean he is the 9 tails. The 4th couldn’t kill the 9 tails so he had to die in order to seal him inside of his son. Since Naruto is the 9 tails he is then definitely stronger then the 4th or anyone in the manga for that matter (remember I’m talking just power)

  666. I don’t think this is the end for Pain, remember he went to Konoha knowing full well the power of the bijuu’s (the tailed beasts) and knowing full well that he had to take on both the village and possibly the beast too. It would be kinda sad to see Pain lose against a 6 tailed Kyuubi.

    I think, with the appearace of 6 tailed Kyuubi, the slim chance that this is a genjutsu has been reduced to practically zero.

  667. @ supertrek89 – What do you mean Itachis power showing up? Am I missing something from the spoiler?

  668. Let’s think rationally here. How could Ma frog die from just a Shinra Tensei? No one hit with a Shinra Tensei directly has ever died from it. I’m not talking about the HUGE one that was directed at the entire village either. That had Nagato bleeding from the mouth with all the chakra used for just that attack. This one just seems to be the regular ‘get out the way’ Shinra Tensei so how could MA Frog be dead just from that? Plus the spoiler video doesn’t say she dies. All it says is, “Pain uses Shinra-Tensei on her…” As for Hinata being stabbed by black rods while she’s unconscious…NOOOOO DAMN YOU PAIN!!!! She better not be dead dammit! >_<

  669. @bjbthe1: I was referring to the image of Susano (the skull thing on Naruto’s back) showing up with the 6 tails. Remember Itachi used that power when fighting Sasuke and Itachi gave some of his power to Naruto. So I assumed Susano was the power he gave to Naruto.

  670. Long Post.

    I am assuming as Naruto gets stronger so does his Nine Tail transformation. Only because 1. in order to control something strong you must be stronger than it. Not necessarily saying Naruto can control the Kyuubi just saying the Kyuubi has to put out much more chakra to take over Naruto’s body.

    And the skull thing I think it’s just the fox taking it’s shape. It’s only at 6 tails. When the fox completes it’s transformation it will look like the kyuubi. When it was 4 tails all you could see was chakra. Now at 6 tails you can see it’s skeletal system forming. Soon the demon fox will be recognizable.

    Naruto just needs to learn to control it.

    but lookin forward to the manga though

  671. @xdang: I see, perhaps you’re right I didn’t think of that.

  672. So what’s the verdict? Do we think Naruto has control over the 9 tails while it only has 6 tails and wont end up hurting Hinata or will he hurt her and once again vow never to use the power of the 9 tails again?

  673. @supertrek89

    I may be wrong but how can Itachi leave Naruto the power of Susanoo if that tech can only be used by a sharingan user ,, it can’t be used by Naruto for that reason alone
    ` As for the Kyuubi i think “xdang” has the best prediction as more of the fox’s tails come out the more we’ll see the fox
    ` About Hinata i think Sakura will be able to get to her in time and save her if not it;s gonna be really sad to see her die because we never seen her prove herself to Naruto yet soooooo maybe she will live on
    ` And the most important thing is that team Gai is back and neji i think will be the one to find Nagato if not than the team will be there to fight Konan i thinkm that Neji or team Kurenai are the ones to find Nagato but we also can rely on Ino’s body transfer to seek them out trough a hawk like the Hidan & Kakuzu arc can’t wait for the next few mangas they will be AWESOMENESS !!!!!

  674. @ bjbthe1 now that naruto mastered the sage arts i think he has enough will and power to suppress the kyubbi’s chakra ” If Sasuke did it back in the 50th ep in shippuuden why can’t naruto do it now UPS forgeting naruto dosent have sharingan” maybe his will alone will do the trick
    ~~~~~~~ back @xdang being wright, just look at killer bee when he was fully transformed we could see the bull-squid thing fully flesh that goes to show he had complete control over it in it’s full form so that’s were naruto need’s to go to be able to control the fox ~~~~~~~but as see the 8 tails and bee look like there really good buddies~~~~~~~~~ i think that really matters in the relation between the bijuu and the host….. anywais i went a little out of the way here so back to the spoiler i think Ma frog dosent die hinata holds on by a thread and naruto beats yahiko pain who knows maybe it’s time for a kakashi revival pic soon we’ll see can’t wait to see it

  675. hmmm quite interesting…
    But did any of you come to think that the power which itachi gave to naruto is a weapon against the sharingan? His powers maybe, could neutralize any MS attacks? Its possible though, since itachi asked naruto on what he will do when sasuke go against konoha…

  676. i wonder why the 5 tails was skipped, and what it lookds like. and how huge do you think the 6 tails is? it seems to get larger with each tail, the 4 tails was like double naruto’s size

  677. but doesn’t the spoiler say that naruto names his transformation this time…that could be a signal that he’s in touch with himself….

  678. @Chairman Kaga² that’s a good point and i thik it’s the closest to a good prediction i heard about Itachi’s gift “Of corse he didn’t leave Naruto Amaterasus or Susanoo or Tsukuyome because their alll SHARINGAN Based tech AND NARUTO HAS NO SUCH THING he dosent have SHARINGAN so it’s either a power againts the Mangekyo Sharingan or a way to control the 9 tails i guess Kishi really want’s too see us suffer but i feel that we’ll get an answer soon enough

  679. @ Chairman Kaga² – That is actually the number one posted theory about what Itachi has given him. I think that is what most people think. That Itachi gave him something to deal with Sauske’s powers.

  680. @harshyt – just cause he lnows whats coming doesnt mean he is n control. like when your sick and puking, you know when its coming, but you cant stop it. poor analogy on my part:P

  681. yeah right…every time i puke i give a rad name to it
    “Harshy’s puke nuke 3000”

  682. i think perhaps this time we should stay more on topic…or risk ibi’s wrath 😛

  683. Aw Hinata… Say it aint so…

    Pain has used Shinra Tensei in a few different ways. If the power is to simply add a physical force to an object, then there are many uses for it. Blowing up a village is just adding lots of force from one point in the middle to the outer rim, adding it to houses and such. The flying is just a matter of adding force to his whole body, up and away. The frogs were saying their bones were broken – so it could be that Pain can pinpoint the ‘bones’ of an opponent. I’m betting he could kill ma frog if he wanted to pinpoint organs or bones, but maybe he didn’t.

  684. OMG!!!!! NARUTO IS 6 TAILS!!!! =] it also looks awesome! i can see so many similarities with bleach and naruto now haha. naruto is definately gonna pwn because there is still 1 more sage naruto

  685. I like that fact that as soon as Awesomness starts to cover Bleach, Naruto has some sort of transformation that resembles a Hollow…..Coincidence???? I think not!

  686. uh…bleach hasn’t got anything over naruto…yet…not untill i’ve read it anyways…

  687. This is the best thing that has ever happened, especially for Hinata…now naruto knows hinta wuv’s him and we can look forward to little naruta hinata babies…assuming she doesn’t die…did she still have a slug with her?

  688. I was just thinking…count the dead people! pa frog..One, Kakashi…two, Hinata…Three, Shizune…Four, two more and we get six, could Pain bring them back somehow or Tsunade.

  689. i forgot about that other clone…does everyone remember the anime (not sure if it was in the manga) when naruto caught up with deidara? when he lost it and went demon fox, the clones vanished. so we could be about to see naruto in demon sage mode, BUM BUM BUM!

  690. In response to a post above, I dont think Naruto has control over the 6 tails.
    In the spoiler at 0:43, it showed Naruto in 6 tails saying summut-and im guessing it was summut like a growl/roar. And no sane person does that.

  691. that’s true, if naruto’s sage clone vanishes then that means he’ll get sage powers…. Demon Fox Sage Naruto….I can’t wait to see what kind of powers he has now. maybe a rasenshuriken mouth attack haha. or maybe bone prison rasengan….

    haha now i can tell that when naruto reaches his 9 tails it’s going to resemble the actual kyubbi 100%…bones around his body…then the flesh for the bones….. actually….now that i think about it. maybe unleashing the 9 tails summons an actual kyubbi just like how the 8 tails did it.

    The 8 tails guy had the 8 tails demon chakra (chakra of all 8 tails) but also somehow summoned the demon ox/octopus… hmm interesting…if we think about it, Gaara did summon his demon too

  692. Hinata NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This can’t be….SOB……… Naruto rape/pwn/destroy his ASSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!(keeps yelling at monitor while)

  693. well at least super cant get a fanfic now, not that i thought he would win in the first place

  694. @ monkeyphant – I remember that episode and not all of Narutos clones dissapeared there were at least 2 holding the dead body of Garaa even when he was done turning. They were all in pain though.

    @ blackoreanboi – Unfortunately he wont get the Sage clones power. If you remember from past episodes He, or someone else needs to summon the sage clone using the giant scroll he brought with him, otherwise the sage energy wont come to him. They don’t explain why but they do say they need to summon one of them in order to receive the energy. It may be it is way too far a distance for the natural energy to travel in order to get to him but that’s just a theory.

  695. 2 Characters not going to die, Kakashi and Hinata! C’mon People if you have read every episode then you know that’s not how Kishi works.

  696. I hate hate hate hate HATE to say it but I have a terrible feeling Hinata is dead. Why else would Naruto say u murdered Hinata right infront of me? This is so sad… i thought that the rookie 9 were basically off limits! this isnt fair! 😦 please let there be some kind of miracle for her to live! *going to go cry in a corner now*

    oh and the six tails looks AWESOME! the whole bone thing is freaky but gives it a new bad ass look. hopefully now pain will be put in shame.

  697. Yes all tails=bringing the Beast out. Thats why i think more flesh will appear with more tails now and at 9 the flesh will be complete=Kyubi.

    Actually thinking about Garra…even the Ichibi had different possession levels, since it has only 1 tail it was different though.
    I think Garra’s basicly always in an equivalent to Naruto’s 0 tail mode.
    And when more parts of Shukaku appears its the equivalent to more tails.
    Garra’s half possession may count as 5TK
    While The perfect possession=about 7.5 tails
    Then letting Ichibi take control = 9 tails equivalent (beasts out.)
    But i think Shukaku was weaker anyway, if Naruto could pwn his half transformed state without going 0 tails.

  698. i’ m really sorry for naruto turning to his dark side. before he had yamato to help him, but now yamato is missing(maybe he is underground with danzou?), so i am asking myself who will stop him. that of course if pain does not defeat him…

  699. how about i just go on and say it….Pains gonna rape that 6-tails’s ass…

  700. @ harshytkage i doubt that. naruto has to avenge his master, pa toad and his village

  701. badger: Yamato underground, maybe even trapped under there…or worse (I doubt it, tho, you know roaches). Kakashi, who had the paper seal Jiraiya gave him is down for the count too. Sakura’s seen this before and seen him get put back in the cage…but…how?

    I think Naruto’s going to do some damage here before he’s back to himself, and not just to Pain. Maybe Pain will be able to subdue the Kyuubi enough to get it back under control? Making him look like a hero…in crazy upsidedown Danzo as Hokage world…

  702. @ ibi – lol i wondered where yamato was too….

  703. anyway, it would’ve been nice to see naruto smashing pain’s vision of peace with real arguments, then breaking his neck

  704. @ lanif1 – I hear what your saying but they have already said that the order of strength goes by the number of tails the creature posesses. On that note that is also why they need to get the 9 tails last because they need to put the strongest one in last.

    I think we think Garaa’s 1 tail was so strong because A)It was the first one we had ever seen besides the 9 tail and B) Naruto, Sauske, and Sakura were so weak in that fight they couldn’t even hurt him.

    Think about it When Naruto faced him he had nothing other then his Kage Bushin and his summon which he just got and could barely use. They were weak and pathetic. I bet if Naruto faced the 1 tail (at the same level as it was then) now or even in the last story arc he could beat him without having to summon the Frog boss

  705. @ jeremiah – good riddance. i wanted hinata to die *looks intently at jeremiah’s reaction…..*

    nahhh im kidding. i just wanted to see how you’d react. 😀 … i said this with kakashi and ill say it AGAIN with hinata…


  706. naruto already saved gaara with the help of chiyo. maybe he learned that technique and will use it for hinata and kakashi since he has so much chakra

  707. WTF SERIOUSLY WTF wat does kishi think hes doing? nah this is a joke if he kills hinata oh my i agree with reflex ill get the gas to burn his hose the hell down. i hope she finally tells naruto how she feels im tired of seeing flat chest sakura and naruto it upsets me. but wow dion kyuubi lol ill i can do is this *get on knees and says a prayer for pein* AMEN HE IS GONNA GET PAWNED I MEAN HE COULD BARELY BEAT KAKASHI HE IS GONNA GET PAWNED LOL


  709. Umm…Naruto did nothing to save gaara except to add his chakra to chiyo’s…
    This chapter is pure awsomeness…tough luck for hinata tho…so long pain…its been not so nice knowin ya

  710. Hmm i dont know why i didnt see this coming. With Hinata dead Kishi will have no problem with NaruSaku pairing. I thought it was going to be NaruHina because i couldnt see Kishi breaking Hinatas heart but i guess he decided to break her neck instead.

  711. @ theyellowflash i know, but i don’t wanna see hinata or kakashi dead

  712. This sucks! Hinata can’t die yet… she’s got to be “the one” for Naruto. There has to be at least ONE Naru-Hinata Hentai. And the burning question is “Where the F*CK was douchebag Mcbyakugan at?” I bet he was peeping in on Genma.

    Future predictions:

    Yamato will show up to try and stop 6 tails. Sai will be with him, and Sai will be wiping a “Yamato milk moustache” off his face.
    Yamato will expend all his chakra tryiung to contain 6 tails, and probably die in the process.

    Deep Blue (80’s chess playing computer) finally finishes it’s shogi battle with Shikamaru

  713. Kishi may pull a fast one on all of us. I think that this has all been a genjutsu… *hides in corner hoping it’s all true*

    Ok I don’t REALLY think it’s all been genjutsu.
    Hey, at least we get to see the kyubi again, maybe he’ll show us some slides from the inside of naruto, where he’s been vacationing since the bridge battle.
    Kyuubi: “…About time… I’ve been cramped up in this bastard for like.. 60 chapters or so, I gotta take a massive 9 tailed dump”

  714. @burning ace: I see you are a Hinata fan. Don’t get me wrong, I like Hinata, but am not especially a fan of hers. I also like Kakashi but also think he’s dead, too.

    No sense in going “kyuubi” on me…:D (Joke: Fake smile, Tsunade’s fired up and ready to obliterate anything in her path)

  715. In looking at the kyuubi/six tails again, a question came up for me:

    If Naruto were to have all nine tails, would he become the demon fox itself or would he be able to perform something similar to the “playing possum” tech that Gaara used when he had Shukaku? Only thing I’m afraid of is that Naruto going full nine-tailed Kyuubi will ensure that he dies…(ducking for cover from the potential backlash lol)

  716. This whole time I was thinking about stuff like, Naruto needs to beat him to show he can protect the village, to show he has grown, to show his maturity, to follow in the footsteps of Jiraya and the 4th, to overcome the need to use the Kyuubi’s power, to go against Pain’s mentallity.

    But there is a point where you just have to say f-this! Naruto! Destroy him! At any cost! 6 tales? Hell, bring on a 7th!

  717. If Hinata dies though… I would be SHOCKED if Sakura didn’t give Naruto some love after this is all over.

  718. Doesn’t anybody see my point of view…Naruto is going to DIE if he goes beyond a certain point while using the fox. There is only so much a human body can take. The Fox’s chakra is acts like a poison to Naruto and he keeps regenerating. He keeps on cutting his life down like Tsunade the more he does that

  719. @of815: Hope Naruto is recovered enough from going Kyuubi to be able to give Sakura some love…lol

  720. @ of815 – I agree… we NEED to see Naruto go all out… time for him to have his “Goku” moment, and just kick the living (or zombie?) Sh*t out of Nagato/yahiko

    I think maybe Sakura Will NOT give Naruto the love… something to continue the parallel of team 7 and the sannin.

    IMO the entire village should be lining up after this battle to give Naruto a bj

  721. @ Penny:
    Idk think Naruto would die if he were to unleash all 9 tails. I mean Killer bee had all 8 of his tails out and look hes just fine! just a little tired ^^

  722. @burning ace: To be honest, I agree with your concern about Naruto. He won’t have any sense of reason whatsoever the more tails he generates. At six tails, he definitely has the mentality of the six tails. In addition, even at four tails, he sustains significant body damage. I’d hate to see what happens once he gets out of six tails form…to me, this is the scary part.

  723. @bbgurly: Killer Bee was ok so he was able to control that power somehow. I don’t get it…

    Naruto has, I think, more power and chakra to be able to contain. Is he strong enough to be able to contain the chakra enough to live afterwards?

    One thought I had: Did he, or someone, summon his last sage mode Kage Bunshin without us seeing? Natural energy would protect him…

  724. I know we’re all suposed to feel that Naruto has to “outgrow” the 9-tails power, but let’s look back a bit at the history of the manga. When the voting poll for the best battle was up, what were the top-ranking battles – NARUTO/Kyuubi vs. [your name here]
    I’m not saying that Naruto shouldn’t continue to develop and grow, and learn new skills, if he doesn’t it’s practically MANGA LAW that he would then have to die at the hands of someone stronger (enter Konohamaru fuzed with captain planet/swayze)

  725. @ Penny: oh btw not a Naru/Hina fan but I want her to live too many people dieing you know I really like her character I would love her to beat Neji lol. That’s what I thought too about the sage chakra…well we will have to wait.

    Gah I hate waiting: (Starts growing a second tail, hollow form grows stronger)

  726. @euu89 and everyone else: Naruto couldn’t even control the 4 tails so I’ll doubt he’ll be able to control 6 tails after skipping 5 so suddenly. Naruto looks like he’s gone berserk again and the only one’s who’ll be able to stop him are *drum roll please* Let’s count em’ down!

    1. Yamato (highly unlikely because he was BARELY able to suppress the 4 tails)

    2. Tobi/Madara (Yes Tobi, beacuse he has the Sharingan which can control the Kyubi and he needs to take Naruto in unconscious not in crazy 6 tails form!)

    3. Kakashi (Yes, the wonderful return of Kakashi with a new sharingan to put a muzzle over that yapping fox!)

    4. Pain/Nagato (Out of sheer force of power maybe he is able to fend off the Kyubi long enough for it to run out of steam allowing Naruto to gain back some control. They don’t call the Rinnegan the most powerful eye technique for nothing. I wouldn’t count on this scenario though because I believe we’re all hoping in our hearts the Kyubi bites Pein’s head off!)

    5. Sasuke (As much as I hate to say it and this is the MOST UNLIKELY situation but he also posses this sharingan and is headed for the village. Maybe he’ll be disgusted when he sees Naruto’s rampage and loss of control and puts the Kyubi back in it’s place…again.)

    Lol, wait I thought of an even more bizarre scenario get ready…

    6. Danzou (Just what the hell is under those bandages and is he related to Tobi/Madara in any way? To put it more blatantly does he posses the SHARINGAN? There have been many theories floating around the vast internet concerning this and iareawesomeness has had it’s fair share of debate with this topic. Well, only time will tell and perhaps very soon! 😉 )

    @Monkeyphant: Oh I will get my fanfic BELIEVE IT!!! 😉 That’s why they’re called FAN FICTIONS. The fans can make up anything they want and that includes bringing characters back to life for a night or couple nights *winks at Ibiki* of hot steamy action!!! *nose bleed* 0_0

  727. hey guys*sniffs* u smell that *sniff sniff* i smell an @ss whooping for pein *yells* DO U SMELLELELELELLELELELLL WAT NARUTO IS COOKING!!. lol. i dont think hes gonna die if he goes nintails i mean kishi is gonna think of someway to make sure he doesnt die i mean if he dies when he goes nintails they might as well had stopped at 8 tails since no one could go 9 tails without dying. why is pein acting so tough hes about to have a foot up his @ss about knee deep lol poor him i kinda feel sorry for him lol

  728. @ace: I’d LOVE to see Hinata kick ass against Neji. What a cocky SOB…if there’s a character I detest, it’s Neji.

    I’m going nuts, too, regarding Naruto (Tsunade ready for her high jump/destruction kick…); I hope he used the Sage Chakra left behind…If I know Kishi, he’s full of surprises.

  729. @penny (again):

    idk I have seen a lot of theories for the bushin thats still at the mountain, and personally I think that anything could happen to that clone.
    It could poof away from too much pain (like when naruto fought deidara and his clones), ive read that the clone could combine with transformed naruto to make a sage kyuubi (which is unlikely), or the clone could survive and come back into use somehow- being summoned after Naruto uses Kyuubi and the sage chakra healse him (which idt that happens)
    But for me, I’m still not sure…

  730. i would think tht the chakra would be different between the beasts so there would be different side effects and as far as hinata goes I think tht she brought it on herself…(she was being stupid to go and appear in front of pain even when naruto told everyone to stay away….more failure to add to her list…but glad tht she finally told him how she felt…to bad its too late)…

  731. hey wat if naruto is leaving the clone theer so it can heal him with the sage chakra after he gets out of the fox mode just as a precaution or some how the sage a fox chakrea is mixing or protecting him like the sage layer and then on top the fox layer? hmm i wonder. it would be nice if naruto just killed pein in one move. i think after he beats pein in 6 tails hinata is gonna supress the 6 tails power with her love <33 cause sakuras love got her smacked when she tried to control it/ talk to naruto lol ahh that was funny

  732. @ lightice:

    I totally agree, why is Pain acting so tough? infact, many villians haven’t flinched when they have seen the fox, or naruto in fox form.
    Orochimaru, Sasuke, even Deidara wasn’t freaked! I mean come on! Do these guys have such a high opinion of themselves that they think they can take on a demon, more than that too, the king of demons????
    I mean come on, show some respect eh?

  733. Well lets see…oh yeah Nagato/Pein thinks he’s God! That would make any conceited figure unafraid of demons that could PWN him in two seconds. But of course that wouldn’t happen because that would be…boring. So instead I give him a minute before he’s dead or retreating with a chakra rod shoved up his pompous a**hole!

  734. hahahaha nice one supertrek XD

  735. @supertrek
    lol yup

  736. @ supertrek from above post

    I forgot about Yamato being BARELY able to control 4 tails… he’ll die for sure… sai will have to find someone else to ink his bott-hole… err.. uhm.. bottle

    I think Sasuke will show up long enough for some other character (insert randomness) to yank his eyes out and stuff them in Naruto so that he can gain control of the fox.

    Sasuke then wanders the earth as a blind male “companion”

  737. For the record, naruto with sharingan = gay

  738. @lightice & bbgurly: Lol, I try. 🙂

    @prawlkage: …well Kishi did say someone was gonna go blind…but I think you may be a little off there. lol 😉

  739. @supertrek89 sasuke is going blind

  740. @ supertrek – it was either “sasuke goes blind” or “Sasuke’s transgender experience” arc.
    The Sasuke becomes Tranny Jane – the most popular girl in Neo-Konoha (name for new Konoha after rebuild)

  741. ooh, i get it… now that naruto is in “fox mode” he release his clone (like they said, it hard to consinrate at sage thing. couple issues reward… when dad frog explained reason of 3 clones) and then when naruto gets his sage shakra his going to pnw over fox ‘cos fox cant handle sage-stuff… in the end fox transformed frog and upgrades himself more poverfull. Baybe naruto learn to control his new biuju frog thing and pwn everyone at everywhere anytime, just using spoon and left feed.

  742. Oh no! After naruto defeats pain, they’ll have to rebuild the village again.. like they did after Oro’s invasion. that will make this the 3rd time they’ve rebuilt making it
    KONOHA 3 – watch out for the invasion of the Angels

  743. cifixer: good point; sage mode and Kyuubi don’t mix. Well, so much for summoning theory…

  744. @prwalkage: Is that an Evangelion reference? +_+

  745. @ supertrek – Yes it is!
    *summons the great big book-o-manga lore*

    Also, Naruto is going to lose to the Kyubi, but instead of going full nine-tails he just gets all huge and deformed like Tetsuo, and it will be up to Kaneda (Canada?) to save him.

  746. @ cifixier – I’m not sure NAruto can maintain clones when he goes tails out. If you recall back during the rescue Gaara arc, his clones were in a great deal of pain, and barely able to function, and that was only with 2 tails showin’

  747. OOOOOOOOH! Time for cake

    *The DebuKage will re-summon himself later*
    [cries because he hears”better summon yourself, no one else will” ]

  748. wait a sec. wat the hell is pein gonna even do anyway wen they start to fight? wait i kno push him back, pull him forward, then push him back and then pull him forward. i mean he cant cut naruto i mean oro legendary sword couldnt even scratch naruto he cant touch him. he cant hurt him i think its time pein bend over and takes it like a man lol sasuke will help him with that. its over or maybe now will will finally be able to see the real power of the rinnegan and are the rods still in naruto? because if they are that could cause a problem since he can draw or insert chakra using the rods. hmm….

  749. I do not know if anyone said this yet, to lazy to read. From the spoiler the skeleton looks like sausano from Itachi, could that be it??

  750. @edubkage: Iamstrikr was the first one to mention it and I also thought the same too. Xdang came up with an interseting theory though which I took a liking too. This is what he said,

    “And the skull thing I think it’s just the fox taking it’s shape. It’s only at 6 tails. When the fox completes it’s transformation it will look like the kyuubi. When it was 4 tails all you could see was chakra. Now at 6 tails you can see it’s skeletal system forming. Soon the demon fox will be recognizable.” (Xdang)

    I guess we’ll find out next issue or the issue after that or the issue after that…

  751. that is true it does make sense but i am a little wacko

    TY for getting me caught up

  752. @prawlkage – okey, i may a little overdone that… but dad-frog said, that if he do lots of thing naruto might lose his focus and clone can’t gather sagechakra. and fox and frog-stuff can’t stand each others so i guessing that if naruto loss his control by deamon fox clone *puff* and then when naruto get his sage chakras something terrible coing to happen…
    @lightice – Maybe pein bush fox in space? 🙂 ;D

  753. Orochimaru stated he would die if he continued battling Naruto while he had 4 tails. Deidara choose to retreat, the man had no arms so I won’t fault him for that. Sasuke was surprised momentarily and then smirked. However, Pain/Nagato just gave serious fear me look Yamato & Danzo used. I think Pain feels more than prepared for this scenario since its also what he came to Konohagakure for, aside from retrieving the chakra receivers from his previous body.

  754. This sucks… it’s kind of stupid that naruto manga gomes 1time at week and also just 17pages… 😦 it has bothering me long time… it like you wait whole week and then in 10minutes it all over again… pretty lame

  755. naruto found his inner hollow. next charpter: zangetsu.

  756. hmm not sure what to think of this chapter until i read it…but i hope hinata is alright…would hate to see her go and not tenten or anyways i was thinking the same thing about the sage chakra and the fox with either reflex, supertrek or rocklee in the back to basic section…(sorry i forget which)

  757. @ shinobimadness – You mention Ino, tenten, and pain and I get a great theory – NAgato didnt become pain because of all the suffering in his life, he became that way because he NEVER got any. Konan will even reveal that he is more like a little brother than anything else. Soooo.. he’ll “rod up” Ino, Hina, Tenten, and Konan, Tsunade, and I guess Shizune (while she’s still warm lol)
    and find the 6 paths of pleasure.

  758. @prawkage
    oh i get wat your saying a 6 way i mean paths..>_> lol

  759. hahaha… i bet jiraiya would be rolling in his grave if he heard about tsunade being a part of that 6 paths…lmao

  760. @ bjbthe1
    okay man, i came home. lol. I guess strength as in brute force sure i can understand he has surpassed both. But intelligence goes a long way in the ninja game. plus all the fourth has to do is teleport around and slice heads, my son. And to top it off sure naruto is the 9 tails but he doesn’t even know how to use the fox’s power after 3 tails. So naruto “WILL BE STRONGER” than the fourth, no doubt. But to say right now he has surpassed the fourth. . .i dk man i need more stuff out of naruto to agree. . . .. like. . . .maybe. . . a flee on sight order??? ha no no like . . .shit. . . .i’m having a hard time thinking. OH like…. no that won’t work. . . (help someone). ha. Na just like more intelligence and genjutsu stats. i saw something that showed his stats after the time skip. one of those data book things and he is like . . .looowwwwww on those more hokage important stats. and jiraya was like . . .SHIT!!! in alot of stuff. . .not including sage stuff though. but we all assume that the 4th was stronger then jiraya so his stats must be like OVER 9000!!! lmao. higher. . .i probably don’t make much sense. sorry for long post my sons.

  761. WTF. If the spoiler is right, instead of Dyyyynaaammiiicc Eeeennnttryyy, we get, “Whaat? Something serious is going on…” That’s not the Maaiiiittttooo Gaaaiiiii we know and love.

  762. get me right??? so like stats wise naruto>jiraya>fourth

    with sage mode im guessing jiraya>naruto>fourth. . . as in overall stats. . . .not just brute force.

    . . . man im hungry i need to eat, i don’t make sense. be back later

  763. @ prawlkage: I would start crying too if I didn’t get any sheesh…damn my stomach is starting to burn

    (Starts growing third tail and can form cero now)


  764. @ burning ace – Nagato has a good reason to cry, and just look at him… as if the concentration camp-physique wasn’t bad enough, he has alot of unecessary body piercings, and he’s crippled… poor bastard NEVER got any… oh hell no! I’m starting to sympathize with the enemy – I’s probably destroy a village if I were in his shoes..uhm chair.. uhm cyborg?

  765. @ prawlkage: As Ibiki said….IT IS THE METAL FLYING SKIRT OF DOOOM!

  766. Ahh yes, the skirt-o-doom… this could tie into my “sasuke becomes Tranny Jane” arc

  767. I have to make a correction…it would be Sasujane if that actually happened

  768. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW! the mental image of Sasujane just popped into mind… damned skirt wearing so-and-so, wanting Sai to come and ink him/her
    on the lighter side – Shikamaru could wake up after being drunk next to sasujane and sasujane says “think your way outta this one b*tch”

  769. Uh too far but….

    @ someone: PHOTOSHOP!!!


  771. Ok, last bit -o- nonsense for the evening…

    Pain’s skirt-bot is equipped with playstation 1, e loads a disc, and unleashes yahiko’s other jutsu “Banjo Kazoo-iin”

  772. I believe that Hinata learnt alot from Naruto she learnt what it meant too have Guts if it were Hinata in a bad postiion naruto would jump in risking his life and thats what Hinata basically did.. Thinking back on the other time Hinata protected Naruto when he was out of it when she had that new move she created and she was spinning around killing all the bees, I dont blame Hinata for being a hero that was her expressing herself too naruto, she loved him who wouldnt protect the ones she loves… If anything even though Naruto in Kyuubi mode I hope he licks her wounds and shes healed or that he does something un expected..

  773. @lelulalilo: In my heart, what I really want is for Naruto to save Hinata somehow. For gods sakes give him a girlfriend. Then Sakura can sit there and be jealous.

  774. i totally agree hinata all the way

  775. i think danzo is madara full stop for all the reason’s we already knw same marks on face s=ameish hair both hav ties to mist but hate tsunadae blah blah blah, and i think the reason he has his one sharingan and has it cover as dano is bcoz which he got the enternal mangekyou he couldnt turn it off, its like the opposite affect to going blind, once u get it it stays on for good, but u start to lose it and ur eyes will go normal thus losing the sharingan but keeping ur sight, bcoz madara only shows one sharingan and he doesnt use his mangekyou maybe bcoz he doesnt hav it anymore…. and tahts y danzo/madara covers his one sharingan eye and has one normal eye.

    if you wana reply email me, ***moderation jutsu***

  776. The Sharigun actives and deactivates in each form, I don’t think Mangekyo Sharingun is any different. The users sight would remain, that doesn’t stop it from changing to initial forms. Tobi/Mandara wouldn’t have named it The Eternal Mangekyou Sharingun otherwise. I believe there is more freewill given with it than stated. It is possible that it might apply like Kakashi because of the forced operation method, however his ability of being unable to deactivate it could stem from more than a single thing like the lack of the genetics and blood ability the Uchiha have built up to control it. Recently I was also thinking of how Tobi/Mandra would act as Danzo, after Kasami mentioned that Tobi was also Mizukage it made me wonder how he would time the idea of being in both villages without notice. In addition what would also occur for the Kage meeting.

  777. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it can’t be… Hinata please STAY ALIVE!!!

  778. Hmmm.. i say Naruot pawns pain n falls unconscious.. village blames him for hinata’s injuries(i refuse to believe she’s dead!), village’s destruction,child labour,poverty in the world and anythin else they can.. naruto leaves village.. hinata wakes up n leaves after him… 3 year time skip.. Naruto and Hinata stand in front of Konoha ->

    Hinata: Its time
    Naruto: Yes, now they will feel my pain… muahahahahahahahaha !!

    No ..seriously… ^_^

  779. Things are looking very gloomy for the village hidden in the leaves as of late.

  780. I’m just hoping everything we’re seeing now (i.e. Hinata getting stabbed with chakra rods) is some sort of really freaky genjutsu.

    Hinata can’t die now, not without Naruto realizing at least to some extent Hinata’s feelings towards him, without which Hinata’s death would not be able to create as big an impression on Naruto that would be possible if Naruto knew about Hinata’s feelings.

    [Sorry for the long sentence :P]

    I have a dirty feeling Kishi’s messing around with us.

  781. @ someones post above this – actually we have no proof that sage and fox chakras dont mix. all we know is that the fox doesnt like sharing naruto’s body with old men…i mean frogs. and in the sage training naruto had to learn to control chakra better. it was like having the pie cut into 3 instead of 2. so maybe he has a little more control because hes now had practice mixing 2 chakras and physical energy, just now its a slightly more (by which i mean holy s*** it will friggen rape you) unstable chakra.

  782. I never typed Shukaku was strong ‘_’
    As i mentioned Naruto kicked half Shukaku’s but. And defeated him without going 0 tails.
    I was typifying possession equivalents…but in terms of strength equivalents…The Shukaku is probably about Naruto’s 1-4 level strength IMO.
    By the Japan now have this weaks jump. >_< ^_^

  783. Huh?

  784. ummm…about that theory of…never mind…

  785. Once more the great debate, Pain/Nagato & Tobi/Madara the creation of Akatsuki. Itachi stated Madara formed Akatsuki and his within its shadows, however Nagato personally states his creation of the organization and the reasons for its existence. Once more even Tobi aknoledges that Pain is the leader of the group, wait WTF was that an order while still telling him that he is the leader. Is it stronger advisory? I believe there are two ways this can play out, opposite but revolve around the same points. One possibility is that Tobi/Madara placed the idea in Pain/Nagato’s mind and from there he created the organization. The opposite however I think makes the stonger argument if readers are choosing to be wordy. Pain/Nagato created the idea of Akatsuki and Tobi/Madara is the one who physically founded it. In addition Nagato’s idea may have been swayed through Madara.

  786. guys, i wanted to ask a question. Have we finally witnessed naruto’s ‘that jutsu’?Is this ‘transformation’ is what jman was teaching naruto?(sorry ended up asking 2 questions, just couldn’t resist)

  787. ttp:// (Pain & Tobi Twisted Speaking)

    ttp:// (Tobi/Madara – Founder)

    ttp:// (Pain/Nagato – Creator)

  788. I don’t think so, I thought he was referring to the very same jutsu that sealed the Kyuubi in Naruto. Also yes, Jiraya was trying to teach Naruto to better control the Kyuubi because Akatsuki was after him.

  789. @jeremiah: hinata only injured & if i’m not mistaken in the frame isn’t that chakra balls?(small frame of naruto)(look closely to speech bubble.)

  790. @supertrek89- right mate, i really think i’ve had enough of your wussing.
    At this point, i’m a little convinced you’ve got nothing to offer.

    You’ll have to turn that conviction around, and i’m giving you the opportunity to because i’m a little understanding.

    So for now, begone.

    @ibiki teishi- really sorry for my earlier tone. I wouldn’t like to have you stop reading my contributions as it is. Cheers mate.

    Now, it’s welcome to the forum for me.

  791. Aww man what happened to the reply section of this blog? =[. This blog should have a chat for members only!!!

    Hmmmm this genjutsu theory could be true….you know….it would be pretty funny if Madara casted a HUGE genjutsu on everyone to make it seem like the village was destroyed…I understand if Kakashi is dead but I still can’t believe the whole village was destroyed…Ichikaru Ramen can’t be gone, once naruto realizes that then he’ll skip 7 and 8 tails and go straight to 9.

    hmm naruto doesn’t have MORE chakra than Killer Bee. They should have just about the same amount because Killer Bee is well…obviously the 8 Tails Host. I wonder why Naruto hasn’t opened the seal on the gate yet.

    I want to know what happens when sasuke kills naruto…
    What does kakashis face look like?
    Will they ever show Kakashi Gaiden on T.V.?
    What happened to Jiraiya’s body?
    What does Danzo think now that the Village is completely Destroyed
    When is Killer Bees rescue team going to reach Konoha?
    When is team Hawk going to reach Konoha? and what will they do?

    Well I’m basically out of all theories now.

    Maybe this Naruto story will end just like the Evangelion anime…In the end the whole thing will just be a dream.

  792. they will have to show kakashi gaiden at some point in the anime because they will need to know the rin and obito story before they start talking about them when kakashi fights pain and “dies”

  793. really hope nothing happens to hinata.

  794. ok. I just looked at what seemed like the spoilers for 437. If it’s what it is, then i reckon it would be a little too shabby to see a kyuubi transformation pretty soon. I still think there should be more to the sage features kishi should introduce to us. Hopefully it’s a fake.

  795. wooooowwww. OK. Not sure if it’s just me, but if naruto is talking to pain in kyuubi form, then it seems to me he’s now got some measure of control over the kyuubi.

  796. No its real, that much was obvious the moment it was posted and there was a thumb in the picture. Hinata was hurt and fact is with her injures and confession of her love to Naruto she may be dead. In addition Ma and Pa focus on sound genjutsu and the six tails is a form that hasn’t been seen before which helps get rid of the dream theory. Beside more people would feel disatisfied learning this was all Genjutsu because it would attribute to a waste of time or just screwing with the readers badly. Sometimes the situation becomes dangerous but in order for there to be danger there should be risk, which in a story means the auther is willing to go into despair in the first place.

    (I also looked for an image of Pain that could match the version in the picture, I wasn’t able to find a match. Then there is the scan of the spine… If I’m wrong though you will be able to relax easy right?)

  797. @totalitarian: …just stop talking already you’re making it worse for yourself. I thought this was settled already but it seems that you want to continue agitating me. I don’t come to iareawesomeness looking forward to argueing over a matter that should’ve been settled a week ago. I criticized you GET OVER IT, lol my crazy theories and comments are subjected to criticsm too! Posts and comments on this blog are up for constructive criticism and you said it yourself,

    “like i said, my theory was, and still is, subject to criticism.” (Totalitarian)

    So yeah, you can go away now unless you have something better to say…matey. 😉 And I won’t say “begone” because I’m a little understanding too. So yeah, just go away and come back after you check your attitude at the door.

  798. @rockleex- ey up matey, i came up with the theory that nagato could have already died. Dunno, but in addition to your findings, i’m starting to believe it was really possible.

  799. @supertrek89- sounds much better. i prefer this post of yours compared to the initial ones i thought were provokingly and insidiously sarcastic. But i want to let that go. I’m willing to see you contribute to my future posts, it’s just i don’t like sarcasm that’s constructive directed at my character, and like i said, i’ll let this go. I see you’ve come up with brilliant posts more recently. Cheers.


    And, by

  800. @supertrek- by the way, i suppose we can now chill out over a bottle of irish scotch or something.

  801. @totalitarian: Now that’s what I like to here! Cheers mate! 😀 One more problem swept under the rug to rear it’s ugly head another day. 😉
    *shakes totalitarians hand*

  802. sorry matey, i, in my earlier post, meant to say “constructively directed” and not “constructive directed”

  803. I don’t drink but I’ll join you over a nice cup of…Naruto anyday…that’s if the manga comes in ramen form. 😉

  804. in fahim’s spoiler nagato said he killed his own parents. is that a good translation?

  805. @supertrek- yeah, sounds wicked to me. Ramen would be awesome. And, back to the topic at hand, i just think it’s a little early to see naruto in kyuubi form. I would have very much loved seeing a more self-confident, stronger, and reliable naruto in the vein of an enhanced sage mode, or more still a collaboration nijutsu in sage mode with gamakichi for instance (like what happened in shippuden 97). What’s also funny is how jiraya said in the fillers that naruto should have a strong affinity for water element. I just feel a little disappointed seeing the kyuubi already. Makes me believe naruto could be captured for real.

  806. @stupidbadger: Yeah, I was wondering about that too. If the translation proves to be correct than I guess Pein/Nagato will have to go into a flashback later on, hopefully after he’s defeated (fingers crossed), about him killing his parents.

    @totalitarian: Exactly, that’s why I said in the prediction contest that Naruto wouldn’t go into Kyubi mde beacuse I had the hopes he could finally win with his own power. But alas, admitedly Naruto came back strong, confident, ready, and prepared but after Peins smakdown on him and his village he’s finally lost it and gone Kyubi on us again. Damn!

  807. @kyouto?- oops mate, seems you’ve changed your name. Anyways, i’m not saying the spoiler’s fake. I’m just hoping it is because the kyuubi transformation was a little too sudden. You would agree with me you’ld love seeing that only when naruto hasn’t got an ace in the hole. But in this case, he’s got a sage clone somewhere. And let’s even try to excuse his kyuubi transformation to hinata’s “death”. The thing is he didn’t go beserk when he heard kakashi “died” or even when pain confirmed he killed jiraiya. I would have just loved to see a little bit of composure from him, that’s all.


  808. HA! Hinata’s dead! I called it! I are awesomeness and everyone else is lame! BWAHAHAHAHA!

    Excuse me while I go brag on some other forums.

    PS: Poor Hinata. 😦

  809. PSI, you got some nerve I should shove…oh…”PS: Poor Hinata. ;( ”

    Alright I’ll let you go this time! 😉

  810. I know, I’m bragging to the wrong crowd. I’m not happy about Hinata’s death. I’m just, you know, validating my awesomeness.

  811. I’m going to say that she’s not dead dead… much like Chouji’s father…

  812. hmm…too much of an ambiguous body count in this battle. If I have to choose between Kakashi and Hinata to be saved, tho, I’d have to go with Kakashi. And…I don’t want to say this.

    He’s already pulled that trick with Chouji’s dad, if he does it with Kakashi and Hinata also, that will be overkill. SOMEBODY will be dying.

    If I have to choose between Hinata and Kakashi, I think Kakashi would be more valuable to future plot than Hinata…much as I like to speculate romantical issues…

  813. I agree. I think Hinata’s death would actually serve a purpose, here, whereas Kakashi’s death serves none. Unless, you know, he became a Pain body for a few minutes. I think it’s too late for that, though.

    Plus, and this is the major thing, in my opinion…Kishi has already teased us with Hinata’s death once, in the chuunin exam. Remember when we thought there was a chance Neji might have actually killed her? This was near the beginning of the series, and Hinata was a relatively unexplored character, and Kishi was killing off ninjas left and right. There were a few minutes there where I thought she was going to do exactly what she did in this issue: confess her love and die.

    This is it. She’s just finishing what she started three years (of her life) ago.

  814. Ok even though I believe Hinata is not dead IMO that if she is, this could lead to Naruto finally spilling his feelings to Sakura and the begininning of their love affair. Oh yea and a new baby to boot…. The combination of Naruto being able to hold tremendous amounts of chakara combined with Sakura’s ability to control this chakara could result in the birth of the first Super Sayan for Konoho. All this w/o the burden of the Kyuubi. I always thought that Hinata would be forbidden by her clan from marrying outside so the Hinata/Naruto thing would never be allowed to happen. And Kishi must love American westerns because the cavalry always and I mean always arrives late so it is time for everyone to start arriving at Konoho. The arrival of Team Guy, Killer Bee, Sausgay, Yamato (just where the hell has he been anyway?) and perhaps others. With Killer Bee’s arrival I beleive that Pein will be forced to retreat and live to fight his war of pain again. Either that or the combination of the 8 and 9 tailed jinchurikis and others will overpower the last Pein and with the loss of power Nagato will just die himself with only Konan to witness his death… Rest in Peace Nagato…

  815. I think the Hinata thing will be more clear once the new chapter is released but when in doubt refer to rule number three of the “3 rules of manga“.

  816. @Tinman: I don’t think Sakura needs to be informed that Naruto loves her. 🙂

    @Jeremiah: Argh, where is that list? I gotta go find it.

  817. hinata cant be dead!

  818. Let’s see… if we apply the Dragonball formula to this we have:
    Saiyan Monster = Uncontrollable 9 tails
    Super Saiyan = 9 tail enhanced power (see Neji beatdown)
    Super Saiyan 2 = Sage Mode
    Super Saiyan 3 = Kyuubi Sage Mode combo

    Since Naruto still has an unused Shadow Clone in Sage Mode, this may setup nicely for a Super Saiyan 3 (aka Kyuubi Sage Mode) creation.

    Sasuke has already demonstrated his new power with his control of Ameratsu… It time for Naruto to 1 up him with his control of the Kyuubi.

  819. Why does everyone think Killer bee is on his way to Kanoha? didn’t he say he was going to travel the world and enjoy himself for a change? I don’t think going to start a fight is exactly what he meant.

  820. i have proof that kakashi isn’t dead..hhahahahah but i’ll never tell..okay u guys talked me into it… remember when kakashi was teaching sasuke the chidori and said that his limit was two? well he said if he tried to force it a third that it wouldn’t work and that his chakra would be reduced to zero as well as a negative effect on his body right… well naruto in sage mode couldn’t detect kakashi’s chakra because he had forced his mangekeyou sharigan and thus ran out of chakra as well as the negative effects which is why they think hes dead becase he has no chakra…its around episode 75-78 in the anime when i was watching the naruto vs garra fight….never gets old…

  821. @bjbthe1 yeah i was thinking the same thing… i still don’t think killerbee is gonna teach naruto to control the kyuubi..

  822. @PSI maybe not but he has to say it cause as every man knows a woman loves to hear a man profess his true feelings of amore’ for her.

  823. @shinobimadness. Zero chakra = dead.

    @Tinman. 😀

  824. Omg Omg Omg
    Hinata best not be dead?
    6 tails is definantly going to smash up god realm
    it said in the last chpater that nagato was already screwed for chakra ?

  825. well she’s obviously dead or mabye naruto is gonna have to make a choice between hinata or kakashi

  826. Just speculating, but if Jiraiya, Kakashi, Tsunade, and Hinata were all killed by Negato, and Negato escaped. At some point in the future, Naruto might end up fighting his two former senseis, a former Hokage, and his now dead future wife.

  827. “now dead future wife”

    My brain hurts…but my husband is blasting Portuguese pop, so it’s making it hard to concentrate. 😀

  828. Sounds rather surreal. How about…former (now dead) future wife. 🙂

  829. We’re all so focused on Kakashi, and Tsunade being dead, but what I wanna know is “WHAT ABOUT SHIZUNE!” …Oh?!? She’s already dead?… ok, well screw it.. Back to Hinata.
    I Don’t think she dies yet. She’ll confess her love, and somehow survive to show Naruto “that jutsu” in the backseat of naruto’s 80-something camaro.

  830. Of course, if Naruto gets a beat-up old car, he’ll also have to grow the nine-tailed mullet… *shudders at thought of a super-powered redneck*

  831. well guys…you’re just not getting it…

    you see, every single time naruto has shown a considerable power-up, pain hasn’t flinched(but well sometimes but they were “the kid actually has some moves” and not the “Holy Crap i’m dead” flinches), Pain has supreme cinfidence in himself and as the manga progresses i’m beginning to feel it’s “just” not his ego… 😉

    So i’ll betcha pain will do sumfin drastic( Which MAY lead to him killing himself…)

  832. @ Harshy – I think Pain will do something drastic, maybe he’ll actually EAT a meal, instead of hurling it up. That would also lead to him killing himself.

    Aldo, I hate to say it, but I think you’re right. Naruto is going 6-tails on him, and he seems unconcerned. “Tis just a fleshwound”

  833. pein is going to try to drop an A-bomb on Naruto. The fight between them will be lame probably because neither can hurt each other. . . So Its going to be team GAI and whoever else trying to stop negato b4 he drops the bomb on Naruto and disappears with naruto.

  834. @prawlkage: Thanks for making me laugh with that NaruHina image. Naruto with a mullet…yikes. But you have to admit, he already has the top half.

  835. @harshytkage i think pein is one badass ninja. everthing naruto throws at him he’s thinking to himself like thats it? i.e i think pein new what he was getting into because most of the other jiriken we’ve seen transfomed into their bijuus so why wouldn’t naruto right?…

  836. @jeremiah, renzy : OK. Sorry to spoil the party, but i feel hinata is dead. Reason?

    – in the naruto vs neji fight, when neji was giving the speech about the relationship between the head and the branch family, it became obvious neji is a genius and, according to hyuuga hiashi, inherits the hyuuga kekkai genkai strongly. Then hiashi said “so a member of the branch family is going to surpass the head family?” It also became clear after neji lost to naruto and genma(the match referee) made this statement about caged birds. The essence was that irrespective of the circumstances, with hardwork you could change your fate. Naruto made him realise that. I think hinata’s “death” for me gives room for this opportunity to be tested, for a member of the branch family with the cursed seal to defy all the odds and become a head of the hyuuga clan.

    – another reason is having professed her love for naruto, something she found a massive challenge, it would not be difficult to believe she “died” after voicing her conviction, giving it’s something she really wanted to achieve that meant a lot to her. More like saying she’s played her part in the series. Get what i mean?

    – final reason, and going by what ibiki teishi said about kishi’s revelation of pain killing six people, it would seem that delaying pain’s kills would mean most characters are not developed in due time.

    Thats kinda what i think.


  837. heh…pain ain’t bad ass…he’s just an ass…

  838. @totalitarianhypnosis. I agree about Hinata serving her purpose. To me, her confession was always going to be the very, very last thing she did.

    @others: I mean, let’s suspend reality for like a second and pretend that Hinata isn’t going to die. WTF? So that means either Naruto starts dating her, despite having had zero feelings for her before, or he rejects her feelings, or he hides from her and avoids her. Which of these outcomes seems likely? And which of them make you want to scratch your brain out just thinking about it? Kishi is not about to turn this manga into a soap opera. NaruHina ain’t happening, and she’s dead. Finito.

  839. @shinobimadness@ i belive you could be correct, about kakashi not being dead that is. I have here precepts from the kishi interview, but i’ll downsize so i get rid of extemporaneous detail. Hope you bear with me for that

    “Kishimoto’s interview at Jump Festa 2008
    Interview with the manga-ka of Naruto”

    1. Is Jiraiya dead?
    Kishi : He lives…………………………in your heart.
    Naruto has to be grown up. Shikamaru also needed to be grown up. And Sakura will have to be grown up, too. Lee? Lee doesn’t need to be grown up anymore.

    2. What’s gonna happen next year?
    Kishi : Started with Sasuke vs Itachi battle.
    I’m gonna write about mainly Sasuke next year. And Kakashi and Sakura, after that. Especially Kakashi. I can’t tell yet but a huge event will happen to him.

    3. What kind of way of ending do you do with Sasuke vs Itachi battle?
    Kishi : I can’t tell. But I have kept this waiting to manga readers for a long time. So I’ll have to make everyone gets content with it.

    4. Describe the color of Sasuke vs Itachi battle.
    Kishi : Glossy-Black

    5. Describe the color of Kakashi story which you just mentioned about.
    Kishi : Dark Blue

    6. You said you’re gonna write about Sasuke, Kakashi and Sakura. What about Naruto?
    Kishi : Naruto has to wait.

    So i believe this kinda holds.

  840. I don’t know…dark blue would be a good color to describe dying, yet being reunited with your estranged father in the afterlife…

  841. and one more thing, looking at naruto’s kyuubi transformation, if it’s really true tomorrow, then fans of j-man(jiraiya) have a lot to scream for. Reason? Because they’re gonna show more on jiraiya’s time with naruto and what he taught naruto. I mean, all so suddenly we see naruto doing a jutsu for kyuubi transformation, meaning he’s transforming at will. Not just that, he’s going six tails and even speaking to pain in the kyuubi form(reference from that bloke’s spoiler up this forum, don’t know his name), showing he’s aware of his environs and has learned controlling the kyuubi to some degree. There’s a lot that would need to be explained, and i think j-man would play an important role in this, hence a flashback on naruto’s training with j-man.


  842. Maa. But you can’t write about what dead people observe in this world without turning the Naru-verse upside down.

    Kakashi will be further explored.

    Lee…hmm…doesn’t need to be grown up more…because he’s GONNA DIEEEEEE????


  843. what really makes me loathe pain(a git in my reckoning) so much is how come he acts so cool in the face of six tails. Well that probably means he has something not yet seen, probably a sealing jutsu like the one used to seal the tailed beasts in the sealing statue. Another reason for he’s being “calm” could be cause he’s already a dead bum, and dead bums like yahiko pein have no emotional reactions whatsoever.

  844. @ibiki teishi- awww… sad cause that could be lee’s fate? Alright then, don’t worry. I could always be your lee. hehe.

  845. It makes sense to me that Pain still isn’t flapping his hands. Mainly because Naruto is still under control. This controlled kyuubi usage is new and interesting, but I don’t think it’s the final form of Naruto that we will see in this battle. When Naruto starts to crack, so will Pain.

  846. @ibiki teishi i think that kishi meant to say that naruto, shikamaru and sakura will lose somebody close to them thus they will mature. lee won’t lose maito.

  847. @totalitarian i think its shuzune for sakura for the mere fact that she has been around tsunade for years…and sakura has been taking under tsunades wing so it makes sense for shizune to be of’d so that sakura can mature even more and help tsunade out ..

  848. I understand that in the Spoiler Hinata says “I Love you” or at least we think so from the spoilers translation, but how many times does Hinata say something to herself softly and no one hears it? LIKE EVERY TIME SHE TALKS! I think she does say it but is not talking to Naruto she will most likely be facing pain with her back to Naruto and saying all the things she normally says to herself, “I will try hard just like Naruto”, “I wont give up because of Naruto Kun”, “I love you Naruto Kun”.

    Besides Fahims spoiler doesn’t say anything about Hinata professing her Love to Naruto so I don’t buy it. I believe she may have said it but I don’t think it’s to him.

  849. Pain is the next generation Swazye madness. *Pain looks at 6 tailed Kyuubi* God Realm: Pain don’t hurt. *Nagato whispers to himself*
    Nagato: Did I really say…, the hell it doesn’t my thoughts were the opposite. *Konan watches Nagato dance around in circles* Konan: Is he possessed? Hey your bleeding!!Nagato Thoughts: Pain don’t hurt?! Bah!?

    Does anyone know if the raw is out yet?

  850. two reasons why pain is calm:

    1.thats not his real body, he doesnt know that the rest of konohoa are looking for him. So hes probably feeling quite safe.

    2.hes fought biju before, he is a member of akatski and the 9 tails was ment to be itachis to capture, so pains probably caught one already.

  851. Speaking of what the dead people are doing…
    Right now Whitefang (Sakumo) is explaining to Kakashi that there is this really awesome card game going on inside the deathgod. And that if Kakashi will use the sharingan to copy Rainman’s jutsu, they could both stand to make a fortune.

  852. What i think about Pein’s calmness is that they have already fought against every beast from one to eight, and all that we have seen so far have used thier full power. and if the other Akatsuki members can win fights against six and seven tails, and Sasuke survive against eight. then i think the *Leader* should be able to hold his own against six

    He must be prepared in some way, he must be ready for Naruto’s six-tailed power, or he wouldn’t have come. i just hope Konoha can withstand the impact. Remember the difference between Red-Eye and one tail? multiply it by two and you get the diffence between four and six tails. and we all recall that absolutely fucking EPIC battle against orochimaru. the devastation was immense. I think the leaf village is going to be even worse off after this fight ends.

  853. HOOOLLLY FRICK! I think I’m scared for Nagato! RUN NAGATO RUN!!! You don’t get it Nagato, 6 tails Naruto is actually a Hollow!!! Have you seen what Hollow’s do in Bleach…

    …not even Swayze-Norris Fusion power can defeat the Hollow Fox.

    lol, just joking

  854. @PSI- no. i just mean yahiko’s already a dead puppet and so has no emotional reactions.

  855. @ elasticated – I’m pretty sure that Pain is overconfident in his victory, since they have most of the other tailed beasts. (run free killa-to-the-bee)
    I’m really hoping that Naruto in 6-tails will be what makes pain crap his leg-chair, and then die a very skinny death.

    On the bright side – Yamato Walls – Yamato’s contracting business is going to make a fucking fortune on rebuilding Konoha

  856. @total: Nah, I got what you were saying. I still think we’re going to see at least a wide-eyed holy 5h17 moment. If only on Nagato, but we’ll see it.

  857. @shinobimadness- na matey. What i get from sakura having to grow up is sakura having to withstand utterly difficult, unacceptable situations. Shizune and tsunade dying would count as one.

  858. @prawlkage: LMAO!!! XD

    @Shinobimadness: YEAH, Tsunade must live! Let Shizune take her place in hell for Sakura’s growing up lesson…ummm…rest in peace Shizune. 😉

    @Everyone else: There are only two reason for Pein’s calmness.

    1. He has some secret weapon and hasn’t fully revealed his full power to Naruto yet. (A.K.A. an ace up his sleeve)

    2. He’s too damn confident because he thinks he’s God or something which would make it all the more satisfying if Naruto stomps a new crater into Konoha with Pein’s last body! 😉

  859. but i honestly think there should be a huge ruckus over naruto going six tails. I mean if naruto can control this transformation then there’s all of a sudden a massive development kishi’s trying to hide, being the funny person he is. Aren’t we eager to find out what that development is?

  860. @ Prawlkage. I agree, i think for the first few panel he’ll be like:

    “I have more Pain than you, you cannot compare to me. She will bring you more pain, and you will know what it feels like.”

    Then Naruto’s gonna fucking vapourise him.

  861. Just remember the unbelievably, explosively, incredible epic battle with four tails. One punch to the flore sent up a dust cloud a mile high, and when he did that Super-Kyuubi-tailed-beast-awesomeness-Swaze-Norris-Planet attack. That, That was just, Incredible.

    I absolutely CAN’T Wait for this issue

    I’ll probably stay up until it comes out. and that’ll be like 5am here in Liverpool, which is nearly six hours away.

    I’m gonna be almost too exhuasted to enjoy it

    And i have school tommorow.

    It’s gonna be a long night.

  862. @supertrek: Regarding Pain, it is the second one; he’s too damn cocky. I think he’s used up his main “ace” – blasting Konoha to Hell (given Nagato’s oh-so-healthy appearance). I mean, if you thought you were a “god” wouldn’t you think you were invincible, too?

  863. @ elasticated – Paul (aka Prawlkage) Giggles like Homer simpson at the thought of a vapourised pain.

    After he’s vaporized, Naruto gathers the steam that was pain, and takes it to the hot springs where everyone in Konoha (that arent dead) enjoy a relaxing hotsprings steam bath. “Let Pain steam your troubles away”

  864. @elasticated ninja- well that’s the point. I don’t think the leaf village would suffer side effects as a result of naruto being taken over by the kyuubi. The point is, from what we’ve seen from the spoiler, given it’s valid, naruto can now control the kyuubi to a certain measure. The fact he swore not to use the kyuubi again for the fear of hurting those dear to him, and next thing he’s using the kyuubi, even summoning it with a jutsu hand seal, means he’s developed something powerful. And did you see, he was speaking to pain in kyuubi form, something he never did in his fight versus orochimaru. We need to know what’s going on. I really think this would be a hot topic for the next week.

    So yeah, konoha seems safe to me.

  865. @ totalitarian – I can’t wait for this issue. If everything is ont he level, this ought to be one hell of a battle.

    >NEXT TIMEFollowed by< Konoha block party ***NOTICE – due to the near-complete destruction of Konoha, the Konoha Block Party will not be aired anytime soon. In it’s place, stay tuned for the Danzou Variety Hour***

  866. Hello all Im new….
    I have enjoyed your site very much over the past few weeks, Thank you.
    I have a Q…
    It was mentioned that kishi said pein would kill 6.
    Was it mention 6 main carachters, or 6 total.
    if six total (im hoping) theres still hope for kikashi and hinata

    Also im sorry to say but if danzo is some how related to madara, I think madara would be his dad. And the reason he’s covering his sharingan and so crakny and militant. Is well lets face it due to birth defects from madara’s old balls. (sorry big daddy reference) he’s got to be well ove 150 yr old by now. Those thing cant still work?

  867. @elasticatedninja- hey matey, you mean liverpool like northern England? Funny i’m in london meself, though it’s a little far off. Ok yeah. I agree it would be fun waiting, just don’t know what time it comes out.

  868. In about five hours. Ish.

  869. I wonder if the manga readers of japan also have forums and blogs about spoilers(to them they aren’t spoilers). I wanna know what their complex minds have to say about this.

    I believe naruto also has feelings for hinata in some ways. Maybe he just doesn’t show it. Hinata give all the obvious signs that she likes naruto. Remember that one scene when Hinata was doing the water dance using her chakra? and naruto saw it but “didn’t” know it was her? Well C’mon i’m sure if he was a ninja at that level he would definately know.

  870. @Jennooon: Weird name, says Supertrek89, lol 😉 . Welcome to iareawesomeness and since Jeremiah and Ibiki aren’t here to show you around I’ll give you the Grand Tour! 🙂 If you look to the left you’ll see the insane asylum where we keep our craziest members safe and quarantined *camera pans to the left and sees HarshyT foaming from the mouth and rolling around in a padded cell* If you look to your right you’ll notice the 24 hour waiting room where are most dedicated (stalkerish) members await the next post just to say ‘FIRST’ *camera pans to the right and sees Bono sitting at his computer eating ramen noodles and refreshing iareawesomeness every two minutes*…

    Alright, lol just a joke I always wanted to do with a new member. Now back to your question….I don’t know. IMO though he probably meant total. Jiraiya was a main character and Shizune was a minor character not so major. So he probably meant characters we all know to some degree. You got me thinking though when you said “total”. Lol, if we’re literally talking about total Pein has killed far more than 6 characters with that Shinra-Tensei that wiped out three-quaters of the village. 😉

  871. Woo! Time for the Hokage to issue that baby-making order to all the ninjas. Gotta get that population back up!

  872. @PSI: WOOO!!! Count me in! 😀

  873. you would be the first to comment on that supertrek

  874. @Reflex: Indeed I would be, I can’t let the other perverts in here take up on Tsunade’s offer before me could I? 🙂

  875. i would fight you over who gets to start first, but im scared of jeremiah’s time space no jutsu so… i call second 😀

  876. Lol, back to the post at hand though who are the future baby makers of Konoha? There are an uneven number of boys to girls. Konoha’s boy to girl ratio is all screwed up; 2 guys and 1 girl on a team? That sucks, one of the guys must feel like the third wheel eventually. 😉

  877. jennooon – madara is only about 100 years old, though

  878. @supertrek: I wonder if it’s possible to hold the SnJ for nine months? 😉

  879. @PSI: 😦 I am sad to announce that I have no idea what SnJ stands for thus I feel left out of the I’m sure well planned joke…and yes I even googled it! *hunches shoulders*

  880. LOL…oh, sorry. Sexy no Jutsu, AKA Oiroke no Jutsu.

  881. lol…sexy no jutsu… ^.^

  882. JINX on you this time, PSI we’re even…

  883. Lmao, now I feel like an idiot for googling it, thx though! Wait…omg are you reffering to what I think you’re reffering to? Ibiki was talking about that a couple posts ago but on tempoary basis (…chokin’ the smurf…) but you just took it to a whole new level! 0_0

  884. i just found a new way to annoy everyone!
    Thanks totalitarianhypnosis!


  885. Oh s**t…A Harshy, did you read my comment above? I depicted you as the craziest guy on here, or one of em’ at least. It’s around 5:41 pm, now Jennooon will always look at you like your insane, lol XD. So what craziness did you come up with now? I’ve read all of his posts and I can’t find anything…well I don’t know what’s going on in your mind either so I will wait and see.

  886. @ super – only you would suggest SnJ you perverted son-of-a-bitch.. 😀

  887. can anyone say “Itachi’s powa”?!

  888. and why can’t i see my real gravatar? wtf

  889. @red: give it a bit, besure to refresh your browser and clear the cache. You should be seeing it soon.

  890. Naruto versus pervert.

    -Sage mode/fox chakra combo.
    -Summon two or more shadow clones.
    -Sexy no Jitsu on original body + clones.
    -Sexy girl versions appear with tails and fox ears.
    -Includes sage mascara and sage eye liner.
    -Sexy no Jitsu knockback nose bleed.
    -Two giant blue balls of Rasengan while pervert is distracted.
    -Ultraaaaa Combooooooo!

  891. i think naruto actually has some kind of feelings for hinata…i just saw the filler episode 98 i think, and when he found out hinata was kidnapped in that crystal he seem kinda worried like he does about sakura…i think naruto sees sakura as a sister that he has to protect now rather than a possible gf…although it would be cool for him and sakura to be like j-man and tsunade relationship…maybe hinata and him and sakura become like them…hmmm im gonna go crazy if hinata does….

  892. ibiki: but both pain and madara have both claimed to be the founders. So it’s really hard to say which is cannon, since both come up. Pain most likely yes was the one who came up with the idea of collecting the tailed beasts. But on their age when the three of them were first taken in as pupils, I think that’s not so clear. Because they seemed a lot younger than teenagers when it began. Not that it matters, because it would seem that even if the organization existed before pain, it didn’t take on its current form until pain arrived and they started collecting the others. But it seems safe to assume that the plant guy was with madara the whole time. So it seems more likely that the three of them came together at some point and founded it at the same time.
    But still, it’s not so much that it seemed like he was ordering him around, it’s more the way he talks down to pain on top of that. So yes I may be wrong and they may just be mutual partners that don’t really like each other but work together to acheive their goals, but if he is taking orders from madara, it would most likely be because madara knows his secret. and the fact that he is crippled like that is one hell of a secret. screw the fact that pain is just 6 animated dead bodies. Because that secret means that pain otherwise probably isn’t nearly as strong.

  893. Sheesh. Even the first page makes it obvious. She’s dead, dead, dead. I mean, that’s a pretty clear confession!

  894. The manga is out, a cleaned version of the raw is one csimanga & raw edit of the original is on manyou. I can see why people believe she is dead, those aren’t minor injuries and the fact her eyes are always like that doesn’t clarify her status, dead or knocked out.


  895. The funniest thing happened, I was reading the manga, and Hinata told Naruto that she loved him, then when Pein attacked her she let out an Eek and I was overrun by uncontrollable laughter. I feel really bad now especially if she’s dead.

  896. I laughed about that, too.

    Also, I see no evidence that Naruto is control of the six tails.


  898. I dont think she is dead yet. But a weird that a skeleton on top of him?

    only 6 tails pfft..that bads..would have expected 8 straight away..


  900. Gah. Seriously. Looking at the first page again is making me cry. I’m literally all watery.


  902. 437 was even more intense than the last one! Oh man… is there any chance in hell that he didn’t kill her?

  903. Hinata worked out the timing of Pain’s attack, it was great to see however the movement didn’t go through. Ma is probably wondering why no one decided to inform her she was the distraction. (The comment above will show up later for anyway who wants to see.)

  904. I’m gonna go on the record of saying NO.

  905. I dont think she is dead yet. But a weird that a skeleton on top of him?

    only 6 tails pfft..that bads..would have expected 8 straight away..

    where is Yamato?

  906. @supertrek. hahaha lmao cuz of what you told the new guy. I dk why i picture silence of the lambs when i’m readin it. lol.

    NOOO FUCKING HINATA. . . . damnit. . . . i dk naruto better start raping this bastard. because this crazy. i dk how many freakin people died. j, ma, pa, shizune, maybe kakashi people say tsunade is going soon also, the damn bigger frogs were worth less so ehh whatever. But freaking hinata did no wrong whatsoever, she was never a bitch in the story, maybe a little pathetic in the beggining but she held her own eventualy, GOD. . . . . well . . uhh shhh . . .

    naruto better do something cool next chapter. . . . . .it better be something far greater than epic. . . a new word anyone??

    oh what if tsunade gives her life to save hinata???? .eh ..ehh??? (just came to me)

  907. Why the heck is Peins jutsu so freaking strong????

  908. for one brief second, hinata was prolly the most badass of the rookie 9. i was like ‘oh shit haa hit the fan now biatch!’ and then i remembered that she gets killed by pain. i think i would have prefered any of the other 9, i mean what about ino? noone likes her! as for the new word with how crazy naruto will go, i suggest legendarily dopetastic

  909. Killing Hinata is pretty F’d up, probably the most emotional I’ve gotten about the manga myself actually, but Kishi had to make us really hate Pein again before he is killed.

    I suppose that effectively ends any possibility of Naruto/Sakura now too.

  910. @sensei. Word beyond epic = awesomeness… how bout swayzeness?

    and i’m pretty sure hinata’s dead. it sucks & all but it’s clearing a path for the naru/saku mash up that i’m sure will occur.
    don’t expect tsunade to save her… kakashi’s first in line for that.

  911. at least for the near future

  912. Naruto is about to tear Pain a new vagina.

  913. @johnnyocalypse – no nessisarily, i mean sakura could get the rebound here, or naruto could totally play the emotionally scarred mini-hulk card –
    naruto: ‘i am so strong, but it still wasnt enough!’
    sakura: ‘its ok you tried your best’
    naruto: ‘im a failure like sasuke’
    sakura: ‘its ok, come here’ – input supertreks unhappening fanfic minus hinata, plus sakura

  914. NO NEVER NARUTo AND SAKURA SHE AINT DEAD *CRYING* nah i think osensie is right time for tsunade to die i mean cmon if sahe told him that then died i wont lie the manga would be pretty gay damn cant wait until next weeks episode they should of had 2 this week. wait… im seeing the future i see pein .. and naruto .. and i see a foot…. and its about thigh deep up in peins ass… wait its narutos foot lol

  915. That crossed my mind, but Sakura is too proud to come to Naruto, especially when he goes ape Sh*t about another girl being harmed/killed.

    To those that think Hinata is not dead. I wish I could think of a valid reason for her to live, but its not in the cards. Her ultimate purpose was to have Naruto go Skeletor. Possibly a failure speech as well.

  916. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hinata Noooooooooooooooooooooo Why her why breaks down crying One of the Most Sad Chapter Ever

  917. @Monkeyphant That crossed my mind, but Sakura is too proud to come to Naruto, especially when he goes ape Sh*t about another girl being harmed/killed.

    To those that think Hinata is not dead. I wish I could think of a valid reason for her to live, but its not in the cards. Her ultimate purpose was to have Naruto go Skeletor. Possibly a failure speech as well.

  918. i think it would be sweet if naruto got her eyes thoug, like a reminder of what he lost or something, how B.A. would that be? let me answer that for you, pretty friggen badass. in case you havent noticed bayakugan is my favorite dojutsu

  919. I have a feeling we aren’t getting a manga next week.

  920. i love how on page 15 pain just casually asks “Do you hat me?” … lol that is classic!!!!

  921. damnit….it doubled. I’ll call it a night with that. Hope to see a wrap up in the morning. Good luck Jeremiah

  922. sorry… he said “Do you hate me?”

  923. ahhhh this arc is to good!!! i want the next chapter already.
    and no way, no way can hinata die after finally gaining courage thats so not kishi…… hmmm well not kishi when he rights about leaf nin. she bust out some boldness like that and then dies, i call no balls on that one

  924. HAHAHAHA! Ok, one more thing

    @ReFleX Yes. While I was reading it the first time, it didn’t strike me that way. But thinking back on it and imagining him saying is with a slight bit of child like concern/casualty. Funny.

    @Kingcam That seems plausible to me. Likely.

  925. ttp://
    why didn’t hinata just attack here??? WTF!?!?!?

  926. @ReFleX damn you, I want to go to bed. haha. Also, why not remove the stakes from Naruto first?

  927. Awww.. i almost cried when i saw the cover page … (haven’t read the rest yet… dont wanna see hinata dyin 😥

  928. What if Pein just made like he stab Hinata 2 Bring out The Deamon Fox N Naruto to see How PowerFul It is.

  929. hinata have big guts sakura should be more like hinata n she finally told naruto about her feelings when before she was all shy but that was a good manga this week i hope naruto kick pain ass n he can fuse the kyubi n sage mode with the clone that he have left
    when i though that pain was almost out of chakra he still got a lot more than wat i thought

  930. For a second I had this weird flash of, like, Hinata not dying and Naruto suffering amnesia after the battle and not remembering that she confessed. Heh. They’d be right where they started. Not that that’s going to happen, but, you know.

  931. @ johnny – i like this chapter but i dont get kishi’s logic here!!!

    why doesnt hinata attack from behind;
    why did pain say that;
    why didn’t ma frog attack from behind with that excess sage chakra she had;
    if this is the last of the 6 peins, why don’t shikamaru and them attack and finish him THEN go look for the real one;
    WTF is taking gai and them so long… they couldn’t have been that far, and isn’t gai supposed to be super fast!!!

    i understand kishi is doing things like this to set certain things up, but the logic in these is very choppy

  932. oh and why did the anbu agent say that the villagers will have to help them when the villagers haven’t done shit so far!!!!
    Where the f*ck is yamato, sakura, sai, and the other 500 ninjas in the goddamn village!!!!
    how does nagato still have enough chakra to use shinra tensai 2 more times AND use his chakra on naruto if he was almost out of chakra last chapter??
    why can’t katsuyu help fight pein!!! back when the first met tsunade, katsuyu was f*cking huge!!!!! i know naruto told tsunade not to let anyone interfere, but there’s a point in the battle where that no longer applies!!

    WTF KISHI!!!! (you guys want me to ask more questions cuz i got plenty)

  933. yeah maybe she IS dead…..or maybe this is how Tsunade dies, by saving her

  934. f*ck hinata…. i want tsunade to save kakashi first!!!!

  935. No, if anyone saves Hinata it will be Sakura. Tsunade saves Kakashi. Who saves Naruto?

  936. aw i forgot to read above. someone already said that…yeah I would prefer Kakashi over Hinata too

  937. @ ibi – Maiiiiiiiiitttttooooooooo Gaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii saves naruto!!!

  938. milomelo: Pain’s admission and Itachi’s statements are both canon–it’s not a matter of either or. Clearly this is a complex situation, and soon enough we’ll get more information that will either determine who is lying or deluded (and possibly some hints why). Maybe we’ll even find out why both statements are true. Until then, we wonder and keep looking for clues.

  939. @ ibi- hopefully there both still alive and wont need complete saving (gaara style). cuz i dont think kishi would sacrifice tsunade AND sakura for kakashi and hinata.. besides they don’t even know that technique

  940. holy shit

  941. I know not everyone may agree with me, but the best moment in the manga so far was Jiraiya’s death. The Sasuke-Itachi fight was around the same time frame. Best part of the manga so far, by far. My opinion.

    It’s excellent now as well. I’m just worried that Kishi is killing off all of the interesting characters. I imagine most people here liked Jiraiya (obviously I do). Everyone likes Kakashi. Tsunade is cool. Do we really want to see all of these people killed off and be left with Sasuke, Sakura, Shikamaru and Naruto? I’m sorry, but Killer Bee, with his rapping and everything feels kind of gimmicky to me. Unless there is a time skip and certain characters grow a freakin’ personality, this could get quickly become a manga about power levels.

  942. You know whats funny? Every time Naruto gets pissed and becomes possessed by the demon fox, its because he thinks somebody dies, and guess what? They don’t DIE!!!!!!!

  943. WHOA – Crowning Moment of AWESOME Hinata!

    Although if Kishi lets her die here it will be the worst cop out in the history of EVER! I personally believe that Naruto will end up with Sakura – just the whole direction and time spent on their relationship would suggest that (I rooted for Hinata until Shippuuden). But for him to resolve the tension of that love triangle by offing poor Hinata after only her second moment of AWESOMENESS in the entire series…weak man, too weak.

    And if Hinata does pull through this (which she has to for what I thought was a very satisfying set up to suffer epic fail) then, depending on how much longer the manga runs…well, maybe I won’t discount her from the running just yet 😛

    (I know, I know – crazy fangirl, turning a moment of self-sacrifice, character strength and integrity, into a shipping matter, but if she dies, I’m reading that he was too lazy to properly resolve his own story lines)

    Also – Naruto going kyuubi – Made. Of. Win.
    (by which I mean I did *NOT* see any of that coming…until it happened)

  944. Man. Hinata was so freaking awesome right before she died that *I* almost made out with her.

  945. i cant wait to see what happens in naruto vs pein now… oro could barely handle 4 tails at nearly full strength so how will pein do against 6 IN HIS WEAKENED STATE?? sounds like a no contest in naruto/kyuubi’s favor, but i don’t know………. guess we have to wait a month or so for kishi to drag the fight out before we find out -_-.. i hate waiting like this!!!!

  946. i just realized that hinata is part of the main familyt of hyuuga. they are going to be pissed off for this. not even a little pissed, but pissed levels over 9000. and how scared would you be if you knew that like 200 ninjas with no pupils we coming after you with a blood fued? not to mention a demon skelator fox? i think if i were in pains position my metagross skirt would have collapsed under the amount of shit that would otherwise be going into pants

  947. and thats saying something because pain does not eat!

  948. @monkeyphant lol 200 ninjas with no pupil hilariour never actually recognized that lol

  949. @ monkeyphant: I just can’t believe you actually made the Pokemon reference…I knew it looked familiar!

  950. …………………….. No F$@King way. How can Kishi do this to Hinata? She was so innocent. I mean c’mon, the girl had suffered since childhood. She had no confidence in herself. It looks like she had thoughts about committing suicide.
    Then comes along this boy who no one liked and was looked down upon. She was amazed at how this boy never gave up to earn people’s respect. She was inspired to work had and to have more confidence in herself. Eventually She developed feeling for him but could not confess her feelings.
    Now when she finally is brave and confesses her love for him, what happens? She F#!%en gets killed by this as#@ole.
    WTF is Kishi thinking?!?!?!!!! IF this meant to make us feel the “PAIN” then i get the message. BUT WHY Hinata???? WHY F_ING HINATA!!!! I know I should be excited about Naruto going 6-tails but shit this really ruined it for me. F$@k tearing him a new vagina. Naruto/Demon Fox better JUST TEAR HIS ASS APART!! Rip him to shreds. Then go find Nagato ass and rape the shit out of Konan’s ass. Make Nagato feel the PAIN he likes so much. Lets see how much he likes it. Then rip him to shreds and eat him up. Then shit his ass out. Next chapters better be beyond epic after reading this one. Only hope i have is that hinata isn’t mortally wounded or that Pein was just screwing with naruto because they don’t show her body when he stabs her. Her body was behind some ruble. Hope she isn’t dead…..

    PS- my bad if I was too emotional about this. Been a very hard week for me with my mother being sick and all.

  951. ok i will give credit to someone else (im not sure who) but they said it like 4 posts before me (way way up there)

  952. I think whats going to happen is that Naruto is somehow going to get the blame for everything. The villagers probably don’t know whats actually is going on. Heck most of the village don’t even know Naruto has the demon fox in him. Remember that it was top secret. They are just going to see the demon fox that destroyed their village years ago. Hinata’s death is somehow gonna be blamed on him by Neji and Hinata’s father who both aren’t there. Neji along with team gai is about to arrive to a destroyed Konoha with a Demon fox in it. Destroyed Konoha+Fox+dead body= blame on naruto who is the fox. We still don’t even know how much damage Fox is going to do, but it will be a lot. When Naruto went 4 tails he created a huge huge crater. His one blast ripped off the trees for what i can say a mile in radius. That one nija group trained by 8tailed are going to arrive and witness this also. they are goign to report this to their Kage. I wonder if they even know about konoha having the 9 tails since it was a big secret. The other nations will eventually find out and blame konoha for losing their own tailed beast. Naruto will be either hunted down or exiled from konoha. It wont be pretty for him. HE will be alone again like when he was young. Then a time skip happens or something where the mission is find NAruto.

  953. Anyone else wondering how Ma Frog died? It looked like she got pushed xD

    And I think Hinata isnt coming back. I think Kishi was planning her death long before the pain invasion arc.

  954. I submitted a comment were i was letting out steam but it won’t show. Is it waiting for approval?

  955. One thing to notice is that Naruto seems to be in the middle of a transformation. There is like… fleshy chakra sticking to the bones. Maybe next time we’ll see Naruto turn into some version of the fox – complete with bone structure, flesh, and fur?

  956. @captnmexico21 – that would certainly be a change of events, but I don’t see it happening. I mean Tsunade is somewhere witnessing this, along with other ninja. why wouldn’t they vouch for Naruto? Although I do agree that if someone doesn’t do anything soon, the village will just get more damage with six-tails loose now

  957. oh yeah I forgot to introduce myself….I’m new to posting but I’ve been following the site since the Itachi vs. Sasuke fight

    Hello! I’m a dude, who wears glasses…

    I’ll try to post more often from now on

  958. Nice, a Yamashiro Aoba icon. You’ve commented before, but it’s been a while. Hope you will post more often. 😀

  959. wow.. all this talk of hinata dyin scared me so bad i was holdin off on readin the chapter.. but now tht i’ve read it i somehow feel better.. Hinata was awesomeness… and the way she was “killed” is too neatly set up.. Her nody is hidden by rock outcroppings so u cant see where he stabbed her.. n b4 he does it he looks up to watch naruto’s reaction.. granted he’s a pscho who has already finished off like a quarter of konoha without remorse.. but still.. there’s hope.. This is just how Kishi wud set it up.. Like Jeremiah said.. 3rd rule of manga.. so until there’s a funeral with her nidy in the casket.. there’s hope.. ^_^

  960. And i was also disappointed.. i heard talk about Naruto having control over he kyuubi chakra and using hand seals to change form AND speaking legibly after gaining the 6 tailed form.. whereas the manga shows he just lost control.. and gained more tails this time bcoz the level of emotion he felt after seeing hinata’s “death” (yeah.. hope lives!!) was far greater than anythin he’d ever felt b4 (awwwwww…)

    And all he can say is Grrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaawwwwwhhhhhh….

    P.S: In case it wasnt clear.. i’m a NaruHina fan.. hehe..

  961. I just watched 437 Damn He Stabbed Hinata with out Mercy dammit, That Fucking Pain Talks about how no one will really understand each other, well Pain Obviously understands how Naruto feels he just doesnt Practice what he preaches…Dammit Hinita really grew Up she aint so Shy she is a new person now and after all she confessed her love for Naruto…

    Sage Naruto Decimated 5 Pains I believe God Pain Wont stand a Chance against a 6 tailed Naruto in berserker mode.. He is going down, Nagato is at his Limit and he dont look too Healthy.. There has too be some new interferance now.

    When I saw Hinita with that Cool move ready too Fuck pain Up I thought Ooo Yea (BoooMM) Hinita is down for the count shit Stabbed NOooooo!!!!!! HIniitTTAAaaaa!!!!

  962. I just had a thought because we really couldnt see Pain stab her and the way it was all done, There is a possibility that Pain Stabbed her somewhere not life threatning and drew some blood, Just too see what Pain Naruto would actually Express as an example too make Naruto understand that its all Pain and Rah rah rah…

  963. I was really excited to see how it would all turn out; ready to see Naruto’s Kyuubi transformation. Upon reading it, I have mixed emotions. I’m very happy that Hinata came out of her shell to finally, finally profess her love to Naruto – as well as come to his defense. I was also laughing a bit in seeing Naruto’s initial reaction to Hinata’s confession – shock. Just shows how clueless some can be when it comes to noticing something like that. Then, there’s Maaaaiiiitoooo Gaaaaaiiiii….about time he showed up!

    The other half of my emotions, disappointment, is that Naruto went to Kyuubi. It was rather impressive that he immediately sprung to 4-tails – and that the chakra rods merely dropped off like they were never in his body (so much for Pain controlling him that way). I do understand why Naruto felt the way that he did – guilt, confusion, pain…maybe others as we don’t know how Naruto truly feels/felt about her. However, I believe he played right into Pain’s hands. Pain wants him to feel hatred; wants him to feel pain on the magnitude that he did. Naruto gave into those emotions, understandably, but…it’s what Pain wanted.

    Although I like Hinata, she is dead. There was debate as to whether Pa Frog was dead – now it is confirmed. I think there will be the same with Hinata.

    Now that Naruto’s in Kyuubi form, is he going to blow Pain away? Can’t hurt Konoha anymore than it has been…

  964. Another good chapter. Hinata has grown and changed. Naruto helped her conceive her own “way of the ninja”. I don’t think Hinata is going to die. I just wish we could have seen what happened inside naruto w/ kyubi before he changed. I would have liked to see that conversation. Well I hope we get to see if the kyubi transformation will do any good against pain. Remember that Madara is there somewhere watching so I think that is one reason pain isn’t batting an eyelid. How many shinra tensei has pain done since his recovery from the big one? at least 5 or six he must be at a critically low chakra level, unless those rods suck out chakra and transfer to nagato. Can’t wait till next week to see if kyubi will wipe the floor with god pain without hurting anyone else. It is about time for Danzo to show his cowardly face also. I think the next 2 or 3 chapters are gonna rock like 431 and 432 did. I want to see some cool 6 tail kyubi moves put right down god pain’s throat.

  965. ok. After reading this issue, there’s only one thing i can say. and that’s AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW……..

    But amidst my temporary senile melodrama, there’s a couple of things i’ve noticed that i’ll quickly want to share with people in this forum, and that’s prob what i think would show next week

    – it’s now finally clear to me why the kyuubi rejected naruto’s fusion with pa. I mean, it’s time for kishi to introduce something new in the next paragraph. Fusion with the kyuubi, that is. It would make huge sense that naruto, being a host to the kyuubi, would be able to fuse with the kyuubi to create something totally over the edge. And i think he’s gonna do that because the sage clone in myobokuzan would come to him now that he’s in kyuubi mode. So ibiki was right.

    – pain, by saying “that’s it, but my pain exceeds yours” means he has something up his sleeve, and it makes me feel he would easily have it his way next chapter.

    – obviously naruto erupting into fox mode means kishi want’s to get this fight done with, so naruto’s more like telling pain, “ok this is my final move, so if you have any tricks up your sleeve now’s the time to use them.” That’s why i think pain’s gonna come out with a bang next episode.

    Anyone tried to wonder what would happen when naruto fuses with the kyuubi, a sage-kyuubi thing? That would be something totally new, and awesome. Might not be in the next chapter, but i’m predicting the next two chapters.


  966. oh, and just to add, my girlfriend and my 43 year old mum are freaking out over naruto. Damn kishi.

    @igodown- how do you know madara’s watching? It’s not been said anywhere.

  967. @captainmexico- sorry about your ma. I can totally understand how you feel. I’m sure kishi’s made provision for people like you and things would get from warped to normal in the next release. Once again, and on behalf of jeremiah, ibiki teishi, kyouto and everybody, sorry about your ma. Hopefully she gets better.

  968. that sucks that pain killed hinata. i was really looking forward to seeing her land her attack, it looked epic ^_^

    also the partial skeleton on the fox. intense.

  969. i think zetsu is probably watchin. not madara. You know he’ll run back to madara and tell him like a little BI (BLEEEEEEEEEEEEP)

    @monkeyphany . . hmmmm legendarily copestetic i like it. But one word. Like lets se if we can mix
    awesomeness. . .legendary ,epic. . .oh forgot swayzeness @ thanks namikaze88 .ummm . . .like all those words together. then we get (_________??) bleh lol

    @ ibi yeah your probably right bout sakura saving hinata, she needs to do something bigger then jsut smashing the centipede. then after she can just help naruto too. they are in the same area. Or i think naruto might save himself with his last clone, (if he doesn’t use it before the battle is over)

  970. @penny- i agree with you, i was a little disappointed when i saw him spring to kyuubi form as i kept thinking “why when he has an extra sage clone in myobokuzan?” But i think next week would be particularly interesting, cause we may as well see something new, given the possibility of a kyuubi-sage fusion with that extra sage clone. Now he’s in kyuubi form, that clone’s supposed to come back to him. Would be a totally interesting concept.

  971. Thank you for the warm welcome Supertrek. The tour will come in handy now I know where I am to be stationed! As for my weird name, it’s a nick name supposedly it means crazy girl.
    Psi ~ As for the baby making order… I got this weird visual of shino making a secret jutsu bug cocoon thing to surround the nin clans men and women. And all you see is asses and elbows.
    Osensei ~ I’m a girl… but it was funny I agree!
    This whole taking the eyes thing I don’t think Naruto would do it. Out of not wanting to mutilate the dead for personal gain.
    Cheers!!!! jennooon

  972. Let’s have a pole as to who we would rather have seen Die (or at least get seriously injured) for Naruto.

    If someone’s gotta die, my money’s on Ino, or Tenten. Maybe Kiba, then Naruto adopts Akamaru.

  973. What kind of dog is akamaru??

  974. @ totalitarianhypnosis – I know what you mean about not wanting him to go into Kyubii mode but he can’t use the sage clone in his current situation. He needs to Reverse summon the clone and then release once the clone is there in order to get the sage chakra. Problem is he can’t do either of those things right now. What Grandma toad should have done is summoned the clone for Naruto and that would have given him the sage chakra he needed. Stupid Grandma Toad!!!

  975. Akamaru is a ninja hound – but looks like a sheepdog and a lab had a bastard offspring.

  976. My vote tenten she doesn’t go on missions with her own team.

  977. ooo…just had a bad thought. Last time Naruto went Kyuubi he hurt Sakura. Foreshadowing at work? Is he about to make sure Hinata doesn’t come back? Jeez…that would…that would be awful. Pretend I didn’t say that.

  978. i think what kishi should do is have pein defeated and what ever he had planned for konan play out… then after that while konoha is being rebuilt he should do a gaiden like he did for kakashi but for pein explaining his reasons so that we can actually see what he means by having felt more pain than naruto in the last picture of the manga…like like a filler to answer our questions about nagato’s status, yahikos and konans after jiraiya left and right before akatsuki…

  979. I still think naruto will get the chance to kill pain but not do it. I don’t think pain is going to be like garra, I think he will be more like how sasori was just before he died.

  980. The only way I can see Naruto killing pain is if by saying “Grow up” Kishi meant killing someone.

  981. ok, one thing’s for sure. Pain might feel he totally owns, but the next chapter’s gonna be total awesomeness from naruto.

  982. i’m disappointed right now, with all.
    naruto = 6 tails, very disappointing
    pa = dead
    kakashi = dead
    HINATA MY LOVE T___T = dead…..
    if it turns out that kakashi and hinata are confirmed dead then i stop watchin these mangas, u see sometimes it gives more tnesion to the story if some1 important dies, but if he kills all the characters i love and these characters im reading this sh*t then theres no reason for me going on.

  983. I don’t think this is the end for Pain. He’s going to survive this and get killed later. And that just pisses me off.

  984. @ibiki teishi nagato observes the searching party and decides to protect his skinny ass and he flees. 6 tailed naruto becomes the village’s problem

  985. I think Naruto’s gunna pwn all…..
    Or not??

  986. @ibiki teishi-yep i agree. I reckon his sixth kill’s fast approaching, don’t ya?

    @bjbthe 1- the thing with reverse summoning of the clones is it would work if naruto’s ok. In this case, naruto going kyuubi would mean his real body as well as his chakra have changed form, so the clone of his real body and chakra would have to be dispelled. And when that happens, there’s a possibility the sage chakra would go into naruto for something totally new.

  987. Dunno, but i have a sneaky suspicion things would be a little different now naruto’s in kyuubi mode.

  988. wait …….. how is naruto even goin to use the last clone during 6 tailed mode?? . . no one can summmon is back except pa, ma, and naruto. those first 2 are dead and naruto doesn’t have enough sense in this mode to summon is back himself, and even if the clone does get summoned back he can’t disperse the jutsu because he still doesn’t have enough sense to do it. He’s like a animal right now. The last clone is gonna have to come after he’s done in fox mode, he might bring it back himself i assume. . . .but man i wish he could have gone “6 tailed sage-fox of CATASTROPHE MODE!!!” im putting copyright laws on that lol

  989. hey when’s the manga review for 437 coming out. Lets see how fast this bono bloke is. He always comes out first but never contributes afterwards. Is that a policy?

  990. @badger: I’m afraid so.

    @totalH: I’m not convinced. Did Kishi say 6 in THIS battle or 6 altogether? I wouldn’t be betting on 6 kills yet, this is going to draw out over time, I think. Could be very wrong of course, but he’s a really nasty villain, and Madara hasn’t matched him yet in sinister unlikability…about the time Madara gets there we can say buh-bye to Peins.

  991. Here is a weird prediction… MAYBE… MAYBE… Naruto is actually gonna take control of the Kyuubi mode… like the 8-tailed beast kinda has control on his mode. I think that would be awesome, but i REALLY hope Naruto in Kyuubi mode doesn’t destroy Konoha more, maybe he WILL be in control and make sure nuthin happens to everyone. Maybe he will be shown yelling at the Stupid Fox in him and telling him to go away and let him fight. I think Naruto either has control of the Fox OR Naruto will gain control and turn back to normal. He can’t destroy the village and people more! That is against his beliefs, he wants to protect them and that is what makes him IN CONTROL

  992. Osensei: I think that clone is going to be the thing that saves Naruto from his foxy-self.

  993. hmmm i dk how though . . .i think it’ll save his life rather than from his foxy-self. i just don’t see how it will be able to get close to naruto. unless . . .the clone.. reverse.. summons.. Naruto??? . . .but umm na i doubt that. becuase i’m not saying nobody else can reverse summon the clone. but the only people that really knew the clones are over at frog mountain are pa, ma, naruto, and hinata and the other guy that was with her (since they were watching the battle). pa is pretty much dead, i assume ma has the same fate unless she isn’t and does the reverse summon for the clone. Or hinata gets up and reverse summons(assuming she even knows how).but man . . .i dk . . .i think the only hope is ma frog not being dead . . .but i think she might be dead.

  994. @0sensei what about gamakichi? since kishi likes the idea of each generation surpassing the previous, maybe it’s the time for naruto/gamakichi combo to excel minato/gamabunta

  995. @ stupid badger. yeah dude your right!! That leads me to something else where the hell is gamakichi???? . . i could have sworn he was summoned also. . . he could possily do the reverse summoning for the clone. But . . .he hasn’t made a peep. The last place i noticed him was like in chapter 430(might have it wrong) when he was riding on gamabuntas head and naruto was on him.

  996. @totalitarianhynosis: The chapter was exciting, bittersweet and, by the end, absolutely PO’ed me. Hinata’s growth was so awesome to see. Her explanation of the journey she took in her growth was touching; especially as to how Naruto inspired her. Throughout the anime and manga, all she wanted was acknowledgment from him and for him to love her, of course (as far as who DID love her; all my money’s on Kiba). It would have been nice to hear something from Naruto right she died before his eyes, but…

    The kyuubi transformation, is part of what PO’ed me. He was doing so well as suppressing the demon and, well, it backfired. I don’t blame him for feeling as he did – only the mutants in the black/red cloud gowns wouldn’t feel anything. He had other options – the clone in Mybokuzan – but, that won’t happen. The kyuubi and sage mode won’t mix as demonstrated with his attempted fusion with Pa Frog. One question: who is left in Myobokuzan? Who is the “leader?”

    What finally got me was Pain – his arrogance and his feeling like he got Naruto into a “check” situation. I was really starting to get PO’ed when the rods went into his body. Then came the “Do you hate me?” question. My blood boiled by then. I suspect that Pain has one last move – one that could kill Nagato. I say for Naruto to take one tail, obliterate him until there’s nothing left – think Orochimaru.

  997. gamakichi took tsunade to safety and now probably he enjoys a cup of tea with her

  998. @stupidbadger: Didn’t Naruto tell Tsunade to go have tea anyway? I think you’re right – Gamakichi joined right in.

  999. @penny- exactly. I really get your point and all, but what i’m wondering is there had to be a massive reason why the kyuubi refused fusion from pa. Ok look at it this way. Fusion from pa is supposed to be extra powers, and the kyuubi would have none of it. But then itachi gives naruto some powers, which, to be honest, could be to control the kyuubi or anything, and the kyuubi’s indifferent. Gets me thinking. Thing is, if the kyuubi emphatically refuses fusion from pa, and there’s an extra sage clone now naruto’s in kyuubi mode, anything’s possible. And don’t forget, in the fight between naruto and deidara, when naruto started going kyuubi the clones disappeared. Looking at all these things, there might just be a rare chance to create something entirely unprecedented in the naruverse, given as well there’s no substantial evidence naruto’s sage clone won’t mix with the kyuubi. I’ll have to commend ibiki teishi on her view that the sage clone could be what would save naruto. That’s another way of looking at it. But one thing’s for sure: that sage clone serves a particular purpose.

  1000. @penny “do you hate me?” question bugs me too. why does he feel the need to annoy and push naruto to his limits? is this a way to show the superiority of his theory about peace?

  1001. @ Stupidbadger…Maybe he wants to see the true power of the Nine Tailed Fox and getting Naruto angry is the only way to do it?????

  1002. @penny- and one more thing- i don’t think it’s the kyuubi that won’t mix with sage mode during the attempted fusion with pa. If that were the case, naruto wouldn’t be able to go sage mode in the first place. I reckon it’s the fact that pa, via fusion, was going to disturb a certain balance in naruto’s body which could disturb the kyuubi somewhat. Maybe we should talk about this, i’ll be here.

  1003. i too want to see the full power of the fox, but i have the common sense to keep the distance 😉

  1004. tsunade isn’t gonna die. only grandma chiyo knew that jutsu.

  1005. @stupidbadger, totalitarianhypnosis and Russ: You all raise good points. It’s possible Pain wanted to see what the Kyuubi powers could do and did so by “baiting” Naruto into anger. He couldn’t get Kyuubi any other way. In one frame, Pain, in his thoughts, made the comment that the anger changed him (Naruto) and he seemed surprised. It would add some weight to that argument.

    I’d really like to see how Naruto gets out of this one. All I keep thinking is that the closer he get to nine tails, the chances increase that he will die. I hope that Ibiki is right; the clone saves him.

  1006. One other thought that I had: let’s see how many people have a grudge against Konoha and want to obliterate it out of existence: Pain (obviously), Sasuke, Madara…can’t think of any others. All of those grudge-bearers (sorry Sasuke fans, but truth sucks), were impacted by decisions of the two elders (whose names escape me at the moment) and, our friendly militaristic, power-mad nutcase, Danzo. I think all three of those Konoha old-timers should be bathed in hot oil, drawn and quartered

  1007. @badger: maybe Pein’s just a dick all the way through.

  1008. ^ yep about right lol

  1009. to be honest i missed orochimaru’s pure malice, but pein has a good chance of surpassing him