Happy Valentine’s Day, COMPLETE


Dumbass! Don't mention Sasuke right now, she's in to you now.

All right lonely hearts, I (Ibiki Teishi) couldn’t let the day pass without pushing a little girly romance into your midst. 

I wrote this a while back for some of my younger readers.  There are a lot of teens who want to read about romance, but don’t have the experience with sex or romance (and the difference between the two) to write a story like this themselves (with hot, but believable, interactions and age appropriate…er…activities).

I will admit it’s intentionally written to be…er…stimulating.  BUT, it’s also pretty innocent in it’s own way, as it should be.  A nice little kissing story with a smoking hot delivery.

Naruto / Hinata fans beware, this is pure Naruto / Sakura and is set to start at about Chapter 330 in the Manga:  just as Kakashi and Tenzou (Yamato) are teaching Naruto the basics of elemental recomposition.  This was inspired by the looks Sakura was giving him when he was doing all that training with his shirt off.  I’ll put up a chapter a day over the next 5 days.  Hope you enjoy!

That pinky means she likes you, Naruto.  You're winning...

That pinky means she likes you, Naruto. You're winning...


Sakura-chan’s Genjutsu Blossoms

Chapter 1:  Genjutsu Daydream (just prior to chapter #322 and 330)
Chapter 2:  Natural Obsession (during #322, and the early part of 330, pages 4-6)
Chapter 3:  Second Thoughts ( #330, between pages 7 and 9; and before the funeral)
Chapter 4:  Itching for a Scratching (right around #330, pg 14 and #331, pg 17)
Chapter 5:  Shattering the Dream (just after 403, pg16; just before #404, pg 3)

~ by 千手 鼾弟子 Ibiki Teishi on February 14, 2009.

11 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day, COMPLETE”

  1. FIRST!!!

  2. Oh my, let’s get started shall we, hehehehe
    *starts to unzip*…what I’m taking off my jacket it’s getting hot in here, sheesh! 0_0

  3. I love that one Ibiki…it’s so cute….

    as for Valentine’s day…bahumbug!!!!

  4. this was really good wow im amazed i think this thing with naruto and sakura explains how he got so strong it wasnt training lol

  5. wait a sec did sakura cast the genjustu lol oh i see shes a freak lol

  6. don’t tell me!
    is it still February 14th there?

  7. No

  8. @ lightice: no it wasn’t training giggidy goo alright


    anyways I will go read it now lol

    Ace out

  9. Damn Ibiki, you’re one naughty girl ^^

    Well done!

  10. Darn, I wish this one girl would cast her genjutsu on me! >__<

  11. Aw, rocklee, maybe she is and you don’t know it yet. @.@ Or maybe YOU should try.

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