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-Breakdown of Naruto Manga 435 is below-

Naruto Manga 435

Hey everyone,

This weeks issue started off very strangely.  Partially because it was a low res scan but mainly because of the translation that was provided for us this week by Mee-to-Ichi rather than the usual Sleepy Fans.  I’m sure an update of Naruto is sure to come out from Sleepy Fans since they have already released their version of the new Bleach manga, but until then this is all we have to go off and I’m very appreciative of Mee-to-Ichi to have done it for us.  One thing I’m curious to see is if the translation stays the same on the first line. He murdered Jiraiya (check) Destroyed the village (check) but did he steal Kakashi?! WTF?!

If that line stands then it scares the shit out of me because it makes it sound like Kakashi may be used as the next body.  I’ve said from the beginning that Kakashi is not dead, or at the very least will be coming back, but this line may throw some water on that creepy dead guy camp fire if it is truly what it says.  I haven’t seen the raw yet so if someone has a link to the raw, please put it in the comments section.  Even though this statement may change (and if it does don’t go to the comment section saying, “Hey retard, that’s not what it says!” I know that it may change with a different scanlation!) but we can still speculate on whether or not Pain will use Kakashi as a new body of Pain…

The sound effect on the right is a fart noise... can't you tell by Naruto's face? And I don't blame chubby Pain for his appearance... I look and react the same way just before I throw up...

The sound effect on the right is a fart noise... can't you tell by Naruto's face? And I don't blame chubby Pain for his appearance... I look and react the same way just before I throw up...

Crikeycross (I would have put your icon here but you don’t have one) has to be given credit for laying it down this last week in the comment section exactly how it was going to go down.  Many of us thought it was a possibility but he/she threw it out there and I have to give him/her props for it.

I won't be baaaack....

Chubby Pain (said in an Austrian accent): I won't be baaaack....

This could have went down a number of ways, including draining Naruto of all his natural energy and chakra only to unleash the 9 tails, but instead we got to see a pretty good kill scene reminiscent of Terminator 2.  I know we’ve talked about this before, but these guys just keep coming back like Jason in Friday the 13th (appropriate reference considering the date).  In last week’s breakdown, I showed the remaining bodies of Pain and their official pwn face, but while some people were rendered retarded (Naraka), some had little to no body left (Human), some have now been turned into armless stone frog statues, and Animal realm seemed just down for a peaceful nap.  Do you think there is any chance that she pops up for one last hurra in a couple issues?

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! My F**kin head! I can't believe you just swallowed my head!!!!!

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! My F**kin head! I can't believe you just swallowed my head!!!!!

Pa frog was supposed to be working on some great Genjutsu to help out Naruto and he was finally ready to spring into action when he got sucked in by Banshou Tenin technique.  Naruto tries to do the slow motion dive to save him but fails horribly.  You know what I’m talking about… like in the movies when someone is about to get shot and the hero jumps but it’s in slow motion and you can hear him yell Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! in a funny slow motion voice. Love that stuff.  Pa Frog has got too much talent to be the victim of a slow-mo scene, right?

"mmmm tasty..."

Frog kibob... Random French guy says: "mmmm tasty..."

Gaaaaaaah! I guess not… Pa Frog gets impaled Vorhees style by Jason’s  uhhhhh…. Pain’s machete.  You would think with that much build up Pa Frog would have had plenty of time to amass a respectable amount of power and a decent plan, but things don’t always work out as planned and sometimes you become a shishkabob.  You know the old saying, Live by the Sage technique…. die by the Sage … Pain machete? That doesn’t make sense…  How about…. Might as well Frog rock out with your Frog c**k out… That hardly seems appropriate either…  I quit.  So is this the end of the road for Pa Frog?

The Empire strikes back... will we now see the Return of the Sage?

The Empire strikes back... will we now see the Return of the Sage?

Like I was saying before, now it’s Pain’s turn.  I may have been off by an issue but I knew this streak of Naruto dominance couldn’t last forever.  Last week we saw the full Nelson and a threat of a metal chair being crushed on top of Naruto’s head… This week we get the choke slam (nods @ Rockleex)… so much for nin technique.

Gaaaaah! My f**kin hands! Jesus Christ that hurts! Like... literally... I think this Pain has to be similar to what dude was feelin... Holy sh!!!!!!!!t this hurts!

Gaaaaah! My f**kin hands! Jesus Christ that hurts! Like... literally... I think this Pain has to be similar to what dude was feelin...

Ahhhh the good old religiously insensitive remarks, gotta love em. I saw this and thought of the people that got their panties in bunch over whether or not Naruto is a parable or not… this just throws fuel on the fire.  If they give Naruto a crown of thorns I’m calling Mel Gibson to see if he wants to come over and read Naruto with me and the Swazye from now on. We’ll rename it the Passion of the Sage. If anyone knows the Bible really well and wants to do a post on whether or not Naruto is a parable then feel free to give it a shot…  I can already imagine the insane arguments that will take place in that thread… @_@ It’s making me uncomfortable already…

Stop Tendo Pain without delay... Call today!

Stop Pain without delay... Call today. At these prices we must be insaaaaane! Order now and get two stoppages of Pain for the price of one! Supplies are limited... *offs self*

So after a bagillion (yes that’s a number) issues the so called “intelligence” sector of Konoha may or may not have come up with a plan. With the teaser lines reading “What will Pain tell Naruto?” and “Peace” I’m just going to put two and two together and assume that Pain is going to tell Naruto about Peace.  I’m sure it will be a flashback to when they were younger and it will tell the story of how everything went wrong after Jiraiya left and how they only wanted Peace.  I’m sure it will be a good read and I’m sure that we’ll feel bad for him at the end and I’m sure Konoha intelligence will use the dead Pain bodies’ chakra receivers to track down Pain’s location while Naruto has Pain Monologuing (Nods at Erosennin) as any good hero does when in a bind. I seem to be sure about a lot of stuff.  Let’s all discuss why I’m wrong in the comments section this week 😉



De motivational poster Naruto awesomeness style...

De motivational poster Naruto awesomeness style...

P.S. Even Naruto loves awesomeness!  Check this short clip out.  Thanks to Elfarren for finding it and Ibi for clipping it. I still have NO clue what awesomeness he’s bringing to the table with that motion… looks like Hentai LMAO!


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  1. first losers! ^_^

  2. Ah, so close!

  3. 3rd

  4. lol. i dont really try to be first but ive been in the top three fivetimes so far. not bad really….

  5. 4th

  6. ha! i love the motivational poster!! the video is a little WTF! but hey.. it awesomeness so i can’t object!
    oh n i would love to do the parrable post but im already busy as it is >_< i’ll have fun arguing in the comments though! 😀

  7. top 10, alright! im movin up the list

  8. get ready for a 3 issue flashback sequence the like of which havent been seen since sauskes cryfights about itachi. one battle move, 5 pages of flashback. a battle glare or shocked face 10 pages of flash back. one peice of the intelegence communities puzzle, 7 page flash back……then repeat…. peet and repeet are sitting on a fence peet and peet falls off whos left?

  9. @ coolbean – that exactly what i thought when i first read the last few pages.. i would tell you my real-time reaction of what i thought but it would get moderated because of excessive use of the f-word, s-word and d-word so ill leave it to your imagination to figure out what i said 😉

  10. @Ix ReFleX xI – lol. this is the perfect time in the battle pulse for everybod and their mother to have at least one short flash back. and i wouldnt even be surprised if sausgay runs up and says, “what flashbacks? i am so down! let me tell you about this one time with itachi youve never heard before… oh and this other time with oro…. hmm nm i dont like that story it reminds me of my creepy uncle with the log cabin”

  11. i think this manga was a little confuesing i could not really tell what was going on but i think that the nine tails is about to come out really soon. I dont like pain because naruto did all this work to beat him and nagato can just make more i think all the people left in the village should try to find him i mean where could he be hiding and when they do find him how strong will he be probaly really strong but nothing naruto cant handle

  12. also great break down on the manga i thought the jesus christ that hurts was really funny

  13. “Fascism…You really think it’ll be this obvious? I’m desperately hoping that it doesn’t end up looking like a half term Senator turned President, Speaker San Fran Nan, and Dinjy Harry. 😉

  14. other reputation here.the konoha villagers are retards. they themselves said that pain’s chakra sensors only work at short range so nagato is obviously somewhere in the woods near the crater. why doesnt hinata use byakugan to search the woods for nagato and konans chakra? what happened to shikamaru being a genius cuz i though of this 6 chapters ago and he still hasnt!! WTF!

    some of you may argue that konan and nagato are probably moving around or using some kind of barrier to shield their chakra but my point is why hasn’t shikamaru at least suggested the idea?? if he tried to and found out that they were hiding their chakra, than tsunada could at least send out a few anbu search teams to look for them. kishi really is killing shikamaru and the othere reputation right now -_-

  15. sorry for that first bit. copy n paste screwed up. this is what i meant to say

    the konoha villagers are retards. they themselves said that pain’s chakra sensors only work at short range so nagato is obviously somewhere in the woods near the crater. why doesnt hinata use byakugan to search the woods for nagato and konans chakra? what happened to shikamaru being a genius cuz i though of this 6 chapters ago and he still hasnt!! WTF!

    some of you may argue that konan and nagato are probably moving around or using some kind of barrier to shield their chakra but my point is why hasn’t shikamaru at least suggested the idea?? if he tried to and found out that they were hiding their chakra, than tsunada could at least send out a few anbu search teams to look for them. kishi really is killing shikamaru and the others reputation right now -_-

  16. SWEET!!! One Piece 532 is out, whoops……I meant Naruto 435! hehehe! 😉

  17. I’m still holding out hope that the frogenjutsu may still be in play. Pain made it look just a little to easy impaling Pa with a flick of the wrist. Maybe Pain will vomit out his whole story over the next several chapters, thinking he was in complete control, only to find out he was under a Genjutsu the whole time.

  18. 18th HAHAHA

  19. Here come the flash back for a least 2 full chapter, of how hard the live was for Nagato after Jiraiya left… I hope it won’t be like Sasuke flash back, and it will go straight to the point. I can’t wait Naruto say to Nagato: Where is you God NOW!

  20. Although it seems like pa frog jumps in to attack Pein, I think Pein actually used his powers to draw him in. It also makes sense that Pein anticipated and thwarted the genjutsu because he’s had it used against him before when he fought Jiraiya.

  21. yo jman- pa doesn’t jump at pain, he gets pulled in by pain’s gravitational force…

  22. Yeah, I noticed after the second reading >_<

  23. Jeremiah, when I read “stole Kakashi” I didn’t take it that way. I took it that imstead of kishi wanting to say the word die or dead, he used a word kinda like taken away or something like that. I think this is a clue that Kakashi is still alive but he has just been stolen or taken away temporarily.

    I think its obvious that Nagato is in that crazy tower place back in the rain village. The power of the Rennegan is some kind of Ultimate puppet jutsu.

  24. so, guess what?
    one needs to be registered to comment >_<
    that’s huge!!!

  25. that is a creepy pic pain
    what the heck is it

    naruto boutm to
    be defeted but inoichi and others do something to distract nagato and god realm becomes weak and naruto owns or kakashi comes and saves (still holding on hope)

  26. @ cubsjj2 – yeah I agree, I don’t care what the translation says, I still think Kakashi is alive. It could have said that Pain murdered Jiraiya and Kakashi and still wouldn’t believe Kakashi to be dead.

    As to the second part, I think thats been the concensus for like 20 chapters now.

    @ Pain – yeah it’s been that way for a while… were you trying to pretend to be someone else AGAIN?

  27. and umm..about this issue….well…the story didn’t progress…not even a bit!!!!

    1. pa died
    2. naruto has a black rod in his hands (lol….racist)(<<<one might think kishi actually added a black guy to the series)
    3. shizune…dead (like i care)
    4. still no signs of kakashi, tsunade or anyone….
    5. no hinata…
    6. some weird guy takes the place of shizune…
    7. shikamaru is about to think of something (seriously, does he really needs screening to start thinking??? couldn’t he START thinking as soon as the village got destroyed?????)
    8. shikamaru’s dad (or was it someone else?) tries to add humor…almost felt like someone was laughing at the bush-fire victim…so…un-cool!!!

    frankly the only thing new in this issue was a black rod…or was it a sword (i think it was a rod…pain is too sadist to use a sword…remember how he tried to kill kakashi with a nail)
    the good thing about this issue was to see hungry eating too much…literally…(but that was obvious too…if anyone threw anything at him, he hungrily ate it..even Jiraiya’s ball…anyone could tell that he would eventually die of indigestion)

  28. that’s alien version of mona lisa…here’s the picture:

    (and sorry for not replying…before posting that useless rant)

  29. @jeremiah:
    pretend? when did that happen???

    ooo…you mean the “microtube” thing??
    i wasn’t pretending!!! i was just too…whatever…to use that gay name (curse the wordpress users for taking all the good names!!!)

  30. The chapter was good but the quality was lower than usual. This time it wasn’t even mediocre! But I guess the world is based on Loss and Gain theory. If you want something, you have to be ready to lose something too. And this time, getting to read it sooner was what we wanted and we all got that, just with some heavy quality loss.

    I think I should wait for the high quality version to appear.

  31. Okay I was absolutely wrong on my prediction that Hinta or anyone one of the chunin were going to step in and save Naruto….FOR NOW! But after the 3 capters of flashbacks (coolbeans1 :)) about Yahiko/Konan/Nagato creating Pein sob story. Maybe, we’ll see some action from our favorite ninjas hiding in the back story right now. Now about your post great job Jeremiah nice breakdown! Kakashi being a dead body for Pain, assuming Nagato only uses dead bodies, I don’t think that would make a lot of fans happy to see their favorite character go out like that then eventually see him put out of his misery, because he’s an enemy, like a horse with a broken leg. BUT, if some body has to do it, it can only be MAAAIITTOOO GAAAIII!!! Yeah, just not the direction Kishi should be going in right now the story is sad enough already with Naruto getting crucified and everything, whoops! 😉 I don’t think animal realm is getting back up because she got a double rasengan from Naruto in full blown Sage Mode Just look what Naruto’s first weak a$$ Rasengan did to Kabuto There’s even more PWNage if you flip through the pages. 🙂 As for pa Frog being dead, right now, Nah! I liked your clever idea of this all being a genjutsu but from the looks of it Pein already had his arm extended, the frogs looked like they were just about to do the genjutsu, and then Pein drwas Pa frog in with his Bansho Tenin Plus, on the next page Shima (Ma Frog) even looks distressed and if she’s caught up in her own genjutsu then well that’s utter failure on her part. >_< I believe Pa Frog will be discarded aside and will then be, yes this is MY prediction,….healed by Sakura, Tsunade, or anyone else who knows healing techniques, perhaps Shima? So I think he will live. As for my prediction with the bodies, yeah I too believe they will use the chakra receivers to trace down Nagato and Konan. They will then take all the bodies of the Konoha dead and stack them up into a wall like they did in 300! Then, they’ll hide themselves among the dead and pop out when Nagato and Konan walk by to catch them in a surprise attack! MUHAHAHAHA! Unholy s**t that’s terrible but I couldn’t stop laughing every time I imagined it and how wrong that would be! XD

    Phew, now that I’m done with that I can finally read the new One Piece manga that’s out today! “WE ARE!” *Supertrek starts whistling slowly sidestepping out of the iareawesomness lounge past ninja security* *accidently bumbs into Erosenin knocking him into the girls bathroom which he was peeking in on* *Ibiki notices Supertrek and signals Jeremiah* *Jeremiah pulls on earlobe sending a crack team of ninjas after him* *Supertrek is bought back unconscious with a One Piece manga under his shirt* *Supertrek is put in time out corner with a bloody Erosenin* *conversation resumes as if nothing happened*

    FIN 🙂

  32. oh wow! Master got kind and moderated my comment faster than usual!!!
    @ultimate sharingan user(<<< you’re not a sasu*** fan are you?): see the details in the picture? see how the alien from star wars (maybe or maybe from one of the dbz movies) got into Mona Lisa? tell me…do I gross you out?
    (moderator: Jeremiah hasn’t been moderating in a while.)

  33. @jeremiah: French eat frogs???? *gets ready to puke*

  34. @ coolbeans1 – i agree there should be a flashback or something to slow things down a bit but not a 3-4 chapter sasuke / itachi / madara style flashback … maybe half and issue or so?? because not only do u have the flashback, kishi is also gonna waste time showing shikamaru and them figuring out things about pain we already knew 3 months ago and that will prolly take 4-5 pages already

    oh btw. what did you uncle do to you in that log cabin 😉 (like i dont already know) .. *backs away slowly*

  35. […] More: Naruto Manga 436 Spoiler discussion + Manga 435 discussion and … […]

  36. @everyone – i do agree with the 3-4 chapters flashback, it would only be right to understand and answer alot of questions, like how did madara met nagato and why is he the leader. or what happend to nagato to become so…. so…. dark! and hopefully in a scene or two we can findoutbout where is the rest of the vilage, like yamato, sai, konohamaru, ne-ji, rock lee or everyone’s fave MAAAAAIIIIIITTTTOOOO GGGGGGGAAAAAAAAIIIIIII…. *hope the spelling is correct* and maybe even continue the kakashi, and father meeting in heaven *i guess* or wherever he was…

    oh yeah @ supertrek – pa frog is dead, he saying his good bye’s and going join mr. froddo and dem… with a line in the neiborhood of “it was my turn, naruto i’m proud of you, and so would your father”…..

  37. @ reflex: whoa lets not bring up old memories *shudders* anyhoo…

    Naruto has something up his sleeve…he is not in sage mode, he is not a 100 percent either, hell I think this is the time when Naruto goes beserk.

    Not as in 4 tails but a lot more like the Naruto VS Sasugay fight

    I think that the 9-tails is starting to sense danger at this point and I wouldn’t be surprised if he jumped in.

  38. @burninggace – the nine tails will not come out yet, naruto is not in that much of a jam that he will use the 9 tails, or even allow it to come out, after he promise to get stronger so he wont use it again… remember he never goes back on his words….

  39. The sleepyfans version says, ‘stolen’ as well. It can be downloaded from here.

  40. Hmm…I hope Peins’ monologue with just a page or two of flashbacks…because I really don’t want to give a crap. I don’t want to hear his sob story, I don’t really think there’s anything he could say to make me feel he’s any less of a d-bag. SO…at least whinge quickly (please let him whinge quickly…).

  41. wtf????
    then who is moderating that then??? [moderator: me]
    you know, it’s not that funny if jeremiah isn’t the one to replace that “master” with “master” >_<

    curse the internet for creating things like moderation!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. awaiting moderation?
    that’s a new one….
    *goes back to see if he mistakenly added some links there*
    no…*curses the internet once again*

  43. @ibiki: hello!!! pain-fan here!!! i know i said this earlier, but let me just say that again “pain isn’t a bad guy….just a mislead kid who became evil because of his master (madara)…he is just like haku (except that he is a sadist…and likes to torture himself by showing others that he doesn’t really care)…so, pain will be on naruto’s side…they will kill sasu*** and then madara(on which of course, pain will die quite early and then naruto has to avenge his death too)”

  44. ibiki…is that you? or is it ero?
    whoever it is…well, i wanted to say, “i don’t really care” but i do care…
    *goes in the corner and pouts alone*

    so, guess what…something just hit me…no not an idea…some stupid *** **** threw a paper-ball at me!!!

  45. @Pain: We are all who we are because of our experiences. When things happen to a person (stimuli), the person’s reactions (interpretations) will be formed. I’d say that Pain has poor decision making ability, the clinical term for this I believe is: Douchebaggery

    And, I haven’t a clue as to what you are upset about. What moderation?

  46. I’m still scratching my head at this episode as it didn’t feel that much happened. In reading this more carefully, I noted that after our “fat boy” becomes a statue Naruto says that it is just the two of them. Pain, basically, says, not quite. I wonder who he means. If the translation holds on the title page (stealing Kakashi) could that mean that Kakashi is already “being baked” in Pain’s image? If that is also true, that means Kakashi is dead.

    When I saw Naruto’s hands being nailed into the ground, I thought of Hidan’s rituals – in particular with Yugito Nii. One difference: she was hanging from a wall while Hidan prayed to the “god” of slaughter. I’m wondering if this so-called flashback story (the gospel according to Pain to cover 1-2 issues) is with the hope that Naruto bleeds to unconsciousness (not likely; the healing ability of both Senjutsu and the Kyuubi will trump that). The only thing I say is “not another flashbaaaaaack!?!”

  47. Anyways *ignores Ero and Pain*

    as I was saying I think Naruto will be brought to the point that the fox might be provoked (again remember the fact that Naruto still has little to no control over the fox) I mean I don’t think it will be this week (probably because we are gonna hear pain whine about how bad his childhood was).

    I also think we are getting to the point where some different innate power is going to be unleashed from naruto…I mean like a new kekkei genkai for Naruto…

    Something that has remained pretty much dormant due to the fox’s control…this might be a ton of chapters down the road or it might be just revealed during this battle…

    Kishi is plotting something GIGANTIC considering the past couple of chapters were fairly dissapointing…

    well thats my take on it

  48. I’m glad Pain is talking with Naruto. I want to know how Nagato got to this point. However, at the same time, its stopping the battle and antagonist carry a bad luck streak with that type of thing. Still if there was a good time to try better now and after pinning Naruto than before. I wonder if that is enough time for the others to stop Deva Pain’s body.

    There is another question to ask, where did Pain’s weapon come from. Does he always keep it under his sleeve or is it one of Nagato’s real power?

    (High Quality Version:

  49. @Pain: is what me? wtf did I do?! Whether your master or anyone else tells you to do something…you still have a choice on how you will behave. Getting orders to be a monster does not relieve the soldier from the responsibility for their crimes. Justifying monstrous behavior because of ‘orders’ is a prime example of d-baggery.

    @EroSennin: d-bag it is; I think there’s probably a 10-questionnaire scale for that somewhere. If not, maybe I should write one? The “IbikiT Douchbag Indicator Inventory” or IDII. Peins score will be off the chart. And if that monologue goes on too long I’m gonna…read every word and complain loud and long right here.

  50. Does NO ONE besides me believe Fukusaku is still alive? I mean come on, Kishi can’t kill off main characters like that; Jiraiya, Itachi, Shizune, Kakashi (sike ;p), Asuma, and Konoha! Alright, maybe he can but his killing spree ends here. PA FROG IS STILL ALIVE!!! 😀

    Obama: “Keep hope alive!”

    Supertrek: “….where’d you come from?”

  51. @ supertrek: Didn’t ya know Obama read mangas?

  52. As for the alternate translation it states stole away Kakashi. Words outside the panels are summary, not interpretation. To say he killed Jiraiya, killed Kakashi and destroyed the village would be repetitive. Both stole and stole away are difference ways of saying Pain took away Kakashi’s life. Also seeing the reaction to Shizune’s death, the silence the characters share is from its something hard to say. Ino trailed off when she talked about it, but Shikumaru confirmed it afterwords.

    @Ibiki Everyone has reasons for their actions and things that help push them forward. What Pain is doing is wrong, however battle can end like that, yet its excused when done by anyone else. Flashbacks are there for understanding, I think what Jiraiya said it accurately its unknown how wrong or right something is, but none would blame you for wanting to protect your friends. The people of Amegakure respect him for that reason, he is equivalent to Hokage in the way and would protect the village. Although all of this is complicated in the first place and it doesn’t help knowing how far he takes it.

  53. Then again him turning out exactly the opposite is also unexpected so its not that hard to understand why the character lost those points…

  54. @ Kyouto: “I find your words ‘shallow and pedantic'”…g2 love Family Guy!

  55. Just what makes a bad guy a bad guy then?

    Not often in Naruto do we see human characters that are hardwired to be bad. It’s more likely that they have a disturbing past. Pain obviously isn’t a monster hardwired to be bad – he has some sort of disturbing past aspect. But, that does not make him a good guy. It makes him a bad guy with a tragic past.

  56. @kyouto: I’m not sure you understand what I was saying. I was replying to Pain who said Peins are just following Madara’s orders.

    Still, laying waste to Konoha had nothing to do with protecting friends. Konoha’s destruction also has nothing to do with how the people of Amagakure view him either. In fact, quite a few people in Germany once thought Hitler was taking good care of them, too.

    But back to my original point, the actions still aren’t justified. Being complicit in atrocities because you were following orders does not relieve anyone of their personal responsibility to not be a d-bag. Pein can talk and flashback all he wants, I’m not going to accept his actions as justified.

  57. I am too bored and drunk to write a post for the issue i just saw the picture facism with akatsuki and i want to drop the idea.. maybe someone write a post making “the devils lawyer” suporting the akatsuki cause….

  58. how you guys doing i’m new here but i been addicted to the preddictions here n in this panel is pafrog in the bubble or pain saying tht “he’s got some real skill himself if thats pain saying tht do you think he is planning to use pafrog as a new puppet ?
    i still believe tht pain is already in the froggenjutso

    i know that pain is like in other level but an old senin that already new about pein n everything he didnt prevent tht like tsunade did it must be a genjutso

  59. I wanted to point out that characters have more thought than that…
    Not that its justified but there are purposes for their thoughts, right now it seems like Nagato is carrying Yasuhiko’s dreams than his own, or maybe its because he would protect his friends he was able to become like that. Peace is a situation where everything stops. Like keeping a promise. Its annoying to hear a character dis because its like skipping over information. I also wanted to point out that is strange whenever a main character causes a effect its downplayed or forgotten about. Hmm, but then again I’m not being clear so… Pain’s ambitions are wrong but the understanding behind them shouldn’t be dismissed? That was the feeling I was getting from the post(s), it bothered me a little…

  60. @burningace: Lol, did YOU know Obama read manga? 😉

    @lizard17: I can’t imagine Pa Frog being turned into a body of Pein. But it’s a funny idea…and an original one too! 🙂

    @Ibiki and Kyouto:…..alright nvm none of my business! But, at least you two agree on Peins actions are Unjustifiable, huh? *just trying to be the cool guy* 😉

  61. @burningace: I think that Naruto is definitely going to master the Kyuubi in some form. look here. Jiraiya has always intended for, ‘Naruto to use that key.’ At the time I simply thought by ‘key’ he meant ability, but in light of the Nagato vs. Pain battle maybe he meant something more. Now, I don’t think that it will necessarily happen next issue or anything, but it’s going to happen.

    @Kyouto: I think that it comes from his palm/wrist area. Judging from the angle that I’ve seen him hold it… comments from the peanut gallery *looks at Ibiki*

    @supertrek: No.

  62. @Everyone: Wow, this place is pretty much dead…RIGH NOW! I bet everybody’s gonna jump on the web and post like a hundred comments that I’m going to have to read when get back my track meet tommorow. If I could surf the web and run at the same time this wouldn’t be a problem. It happened last week and I came back home all hurt and tired but I satyed up just to read iareawesomness!

    Everyone else: “Booooo, shut up we don’t wanna hear your sob story!”

    Guy 1: “Yeah, we already got one coming up and God knows how long it’s gonna be!”

    Guy 2: “Your not the only one with problems buddy”


    Supertrek: “Who said that?”

    FIN 🙂 (Guess who’s bored over here)

  63. @Ero: OMG, that panel could’ve been used in the ‘Naruto Innuendo’ blog. I’ll leave a man of your caliber to figure that one out and what do you mean “No.” No argument, no defense of your theory, no elaboration, just…”No.” Why this is perposterous I demand you explain yourself!

    Ero: “No” *walks away*

    Supertrek: *leaps from tall building* (but in a funny way)

  64. the Rinnegan, the most powerful of the three Eye Techniques could see through Genjutsu n i think that pein well the one controlling the puppets is only using one of his arsenal he havent use any awesomeness eye technique like sharigan or by the hyuga clan is just like the jutso that kisame n itachi use we the fought kakashi team n mmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaIIIIIIIIIItttttttttttttttoooooooooo Ggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiii team at the end he is just gonna had to retreat but he will warn naruto that he havent see the real power of pein …….
    there’s more about pein that sob

  65. @ supertrek: dude just chillax and yes I knew *whistles suspiciously*

    @ ero: Yes I know he had that key but the thing is that has naruto figured how to use it the right way (I don’t remember due to constant head injuries if he has it in his possesion at the moment lol) but yes that is a plausible theory, but I still think it is a big risk of just going to the kyuubi for power anyway.

    I mean the fox already doesn’t respect naruto, unless his hide is in trouble or out of a mere whim he just hands his chakra over to naruto.

  66. @EroSennin: Jiraiya’s been messing with that “key” and the seal since the beginning, I’ve been thinking that’s pretty significant, too. I’m still sticking with my November theory about THAT jutsu being a Fox-Sage thing between Naruto and the Kyuubi. Thanks for also finding another pic of Minato!

    And as for Peins keeping that black rod up his robe and in his hand…well…you know what they say about a rod in the hand…

  67. Is it just me who wants to find out a bit more about pein? I’m not too bummed out by the potential monologue, but then this is the first one I’ll have to sit through week by week… I don’t care how it paints pein really, or whether I suddenly well up in sympathy which is nigh on impossible at this point, as long as it gives Naruto some fuel for the fire!

    Like elfarren said tho, pein is about to make the ultimate mistake… awakening Naruto’s Shrink Mode! His most powerful form! Lets get comfortable…

  68. @ibiki, lol! so… is it a full blown 70s thing or trim South American effort?

  69. @burningace: Chillax?…Chillax? What the hell is that? I can’t “CHILLAX” when the walls with eyes are closing in arou… *SMACK* thanks man. Ahem, the key is in Naruto’s possession The question is does Naruto even know about it and since Jiraiya died before giving it to him personally who will teach Naruto how to use it properly? Another one, did Jiraiya subliminally teach Naruto in their years of previous training together how to activate the key just in case of emergencies?

  70. maybe the S.O.B (danzo ) and his root now that they see that only one pein is left he comes out n they save the day (hope tht mtf get killed lol
    but is a good chance for him to stop pein n not allow pein to take the kyuby
    he can protect the village n make tsunade look bad as hokage thats how coward are !

  71. Sooo, I used to think Pein was a fucking badass in all ways. But recently, I’ve decided otherwise. Basically, he is too chicken to face Naruto, or anyone else for that matter, himself, which is why he has to transfer his powers into 6 other people to defend them, using the excuse that they are the 6 paths of Pein. Seriously?

    Also, he obviously had some strange obsession with Yahiko (maybe sexual?) which is why he feels the need to make himself into him, by taking his body and making any other body he acquires have red hair. Maybe he has some weird complex about his own looks, or he doesn’t want to get his complexion ruined by a single scratch. Either way he seems kinda a wuss on this.

    Finally, the piercings. Does he have them himself? Who knows? But if he doesn’t then he basically tries to seem all badass by having all these piercings, on bodies that aren’t his own.

    I really can’t wait to discover the mystery behind Pein in the next chapter.

  72. in the last page oh chap 435..

    i think whatll happen is that ino’s dad..will sacrifice himself…with the little ino ability they have…that he will posses (idk if that the right word for it) into nagato pains body and sacrifice and kill himself.. so pain himself would be killed..

    but then again…as nagato said..theyre just puppets…

    does anyone think…the real pain..or that one that controls pain would be danzou?
    thats like a 15% chance…not even..but that guy has been creepy since the first time i saw him in the manga…idk..what do you think…i mean he hasnt appeared in any of chapter ever since konoha was being attacked by pain…but doesnt he have the same goal?? who knows…

    this is making me crave for 436….and so on..pls no more of the two week breaks..PLEASE kishi..

    any one knows when the shippuden 2 movie comes out?

  73. @banditqueen20: Yeah, Pain sucks! Who else sucks?…Sasugay! (too easy) Seriously though, I don’t think Nagato is chicken for not coming out because with the rasengan, the chakra level to control 6 immensely strong fighters, and the fact that he was even personally trained by Jiraiya for a number of years would make him a badass fighter to begin with. I’m sure he could sweep the field if he wanted to but like all powerful dictators he feels obligated to send out his pawns to do all the dirty work for him. But I don’t think that’s even the case. Maybe he’s shy? Maybe he’s a vampire and can’t come out into the sun (got my fingers crossed for that one)? Or MAYBE, (this is the serious one) he’s in some ill condition that doesn’t allow him to move around so much just limiting him to use the rasengan with the 6 paths of pain. It seems like Konan has been worried about him throughout the entire fight, especially when he used the Shira Tensei because it shortens his life. Maybe this isn’t the first time he’s used the Shira Tensei and Nagato is running on borrowed time. Too weak to physically fight but still able to use the rasengan from where ever the hell he is. Yep, I think Nagato is in some debilitating condition that has him pinned down to just fighting with the 6 paths for now and whatever nin finds him first will find out this truth. That’s my prediction and I’m laying some serious rep out on the line for this one. What’s my proof you say? Absolutely NOTHING!

  74. @supertrek: You asked, “Does NO ONE besides me believe Fukusaku is still alive?”……..No.

    I’m sure there are, but I don’t think pa toad made it.

    @burningace: We haven’t seem any clue of it. I don’t think that the 9-tails control will happen here, I think that will be a separate arc.

    @Ibiki: Total sage+kyuubi combo, I have said that from the first time I heard that the sage balances natural chakra. And what is the 9-tails? A Natural disaster, the embodiment of pure endless chakra. Now, will Naruto have to control the Kyuubi first? If sage mode is a balance between your own & natural chakras; then on one side of the teeter you have Natural chakra & on the other you have another balancing act between the Kyuubi and Naruto.

  75. Crap, in my post that’s being moderated right now I did not mean Pein had a rasengan, hahaha that’s stupid. I meant to say Byakugan, no…Sharingan, no…Rinnegan…yeah Rinnegan that’s it!

  76. @Ero: Lol, ok I got you so you agree Pa toad made it…WHAT? You don’t agree, dammit! I guess I’ll just have to prove the nonbelievers wrong. Hahaha *hatching plan*

  77. @supertrek: its gonna take a lot more than a sword to hurt Pa

    Besides I am starting get pissed that everybody is dying one by one! Seriously if Kishi keeps killing em off I think I might end up killing off the remaining brain cells in my brain that are left by banging my head against the wall.

    First Jiraiya

    Second Kakashi

    Now Konoha and everybody remaining!

    F***KIN AAAAA * rips out hair from head*

    that is all

  78. Ibiki: I have been going through the entire manga from the begining when I have time, and I have 3 so far (I’m @ 138 8) ) I found this. (bottom panal) Man, Jiraiya is a friggin giant.

  79. “Another one, did Jiraiya subliminally teach Naruto in their years of previous training together how to activate the key just in case of emergencies?”

    @ supertrek: Yes -> Reread chapter 94 (which is called “Key” btw!!)

  80. Sorry to spam. Look at the bottom left hand panel. Anyone recognize that robe Jiraiya is wearing?

  81. i wish neji or gaara would get here and fight pain alongside with naruto, because neji can probably see his weak points with the byakugan and we havent seen neji in a real fight against an akatsuki and gaara so he can have his revenge on akatsuki and after all the sand village and konoha are allies

  82. @ ero: AWESOME FINDDDD!!!

  83. @Everyone: Alright, one last thing before I go to bed. After all I have to wake up at 6 to go off to a track meet when then you’ll will proceed to jump on your computers and type a hundred comments. *sigh* I’m just messing with you’ll. Moving on, this is my argument to Pa Frog being alive for anyone who thinks he’s dead. Here Pa Frog mentions the recovery power of natural chakra The last thing Pa Frog did was gather a butt load of natural chakra into his body before he was pulled in by Deva Pein. Now that natural chakra has no other purpose but to heal Pa Frog’s (minor) stomach wound. Either way being healed by another nin or by himself Pa Frog will not die! BELIEVE IT!!! Oh, and for those who think what Pa Frog meant by recovery was that it only recovers his strength. Natural chakra recovery was compared to nine tails chakra recovery which we have all seen has healed various wounds on Naruto throughout the manga. Most notably the Sasuke vs. Naruto fight where it healed a gaping hole in Naruto’s body. Sound familiar?

    @burningace: Uh…that’s what I’ve been saying the entire time.

  84. Link to Naruto’s wound being healed
    (Of course it’ll be awaiting moderation) *sighs*

  85. Thats Jiraiya’s, I see, its strange no one noticed it until now. Naruto is more like Jiraiya in just personality.

  86. On the following pages I found that the lapels are different, just to keep it honest. I just got too excited, and .posted immediately. I should have read further first. Premature Communication.

  87. I think it’s pretty fair to say Fukasaku is DED dead (thank you, Mel Brooks). Relatively speaking, it’d be like a human getting stabbed by a telephone pole … unless Sakura suddenly gained powers like Orihime’s, he’s not coming back.

    At this point, Pain’s biggest mistake (aside from monolouging, which always spells certain doom) is that he still isn’t taking Naruto as seriously as he should. As far as I can remember, the only real knowledge of what kind of ninja Naruto is came from Itachi, who said: “at the start, he’ll be the one to shout loudly and rush at you.” Doesn’t exactly inspire dread, does it? Looking back, what’s really interesting is that on the page before, it’s Pain who gives Itachi the crazy eye and forces him to tell that to Sasori, as if he already had the order to capture 9-Tails from Madara …

  88. @ supertrek: sorry brain cells aren’t functioning as well (besides the count is going way down by the hour. curse you flashing lights)

    @ elfarren: Nobody has honestly taken Naruto seriously as his enemy….ever! Think about it.

  89. @EroSennin: you’re blowing my mind. I KNEW I’d seen that coat somewhere else! Ha! Yeah, the lapel is different, but this solidifies Jiraiya as ancestor in my mind. I’m still not convinced it’s a sage coat (looks at Jeremiah), but more of a ‘stepping into the family business’ sort of coat.

    And yes, Jiraiya is a giant, and notice Ibiki standing next to him. Jiraiya is 6’4+” and Ibiki is 6’5+”…neigh, stomp. Whinnnnnnnnney. Now…where did I put my riding boots? ;P~

  90. @Ero: The robe Jiraiya is wearing is definitely pre sage mode days in


  91. @ ibiki: wow..just at the comment about crushing my hero with your horse. Anyways yeah thats what I thought too when I saw it. Like Jiraiya has to be at the very least his uncle or some sort of relative, but then again he said that Minato was like the son he never had.

    Also watch out for horse heads *laughs evilly and maniacally…until he coughs up a lung* ouch

  92. i think pa frog will or did die already but what will happen to ma frog she cant just live by herself i think she is gonna die too
    and i have a feeling that bunta is too

  93. @ gaaraplayswii: I hope to god not! too many people are getting killed off its just gah!!!

  94. !?

  95. … That man with the beard, the one carring the second body for animal realm, how many times has he shown up?

  96. Hanzou the war mongerer..i guess that will be flashback. anyway flashback will be useless me thinkgs – Pain is fairly irrelevent to the plot when you think about it. Madara can take care of him anytime and now Naruto can as well. So he is irrevelent.

    I am wandering though, if Pain will retreat now or will he be defeated (the puppet).

    With Naruto pinned down..will DAnzou come out?

  97. Yeah, Yeah I still think Naruto will be taken back to Ataksuki just to be extracted. I just hope we see Nagatos face.

  98. I know what happens in the next issue. I’ve seen 😉

  99. Inoichi can’t trace the person who’s controlling the chakra bodies, and they said something about some frequency changing, this could probably be zetzu´s job…

  100. this is sick.

  101. they got pa……can’t take that one in.

  102. @elfarren- Nice find on “The Key”. It’s a little confusing though. Jiraiya asks in one panel if the key to accessing Nine Tails chakra is heightened emotions or personal danger. Then he says he’ll have to teach Naruto’s body how to use THAT key. Then Juraiya apoligizes to The Fourth. The question is, which key is THAT key?

  103. Alright, i just read the whole issue, and there’s one thing i’ll quickly add…..kishi’s a twisted genius….

    I say this because, for me, this issue has been fantastic for both the good guys and bad guys. So, essentially, kishi is quick to ensure he leaves nothing out.

    Now those who really see pain as a role model would be saying “finally, pain gets to show naruto how badass he is, and not just that, naruto is at the brink of capture”

    While naruto optimists, after reading this, would be declaring “hell yeah, that fat ass absorbed more than he could chew, and now is a monster frog, and not just that, it’s just down to the last pain, what everyone’s been waiting for. And there’s no way in hell that just yahiko pain would leave konoha with the prophesied naruto who is full of surprises.”

    Now, it only makes the manga even more interesting and mind blowing….with both factions at alert now….it’s definitely gotten to the stage where we would now very much start taking coffee to be up for an additional week waiting for the next issue.

    What’s also interesting is the way the other konoha nins are also working tooth and nail to ensure they support naruto, even though pain, honestly, is starting to look like the self-proclaimed god he carries himself to be.

    But, reading this issue and seeing the most of yahiko pain’s jutsu(i reckon he’s got nothing else up his sleeve), i feel he’s reached his climax, and has nothing spectacular or unforeseen to offer anymore. Naruto, on the other hand, has an ace in the hole, the kyuubi and aan extra sage clone) coupled with the fact that konoha nins, including gai, neji, tenten, shika, e.t.c. would be working behind the scenes to ensure they discover all there is to about pain, including yahiko and nagato. So my verdict…….naruto wins.

    Was definitely a good one anyways.

    R.I.P fukusaku……you’ld always be in my heart. Would have prefered it be ma frog, cause i still feel pa had a lot to teach naruto about sage mode. But all is well.

  104. jdb44- good question…i’ve been thinking that one through myself. i kinda suspect it probably refers to the jutsu to completely control the nine tails.

  105. burningface- i understand your pain…..and seriously i can see where you’re getting at. But i think it’s only evident that these sensations and worries are indicators kishi’s doing a brilliant job.

    From my own interpretation, kishi’s trying to do away with the old generation of nins so he can show how much these new generation of nins are fast improving. I reckon it’s just chiyo’s prophecy fast being fulfilled.

  106. yeah…i wish this was the kinda genjutsu from pa frog that pain would already be in the genjutsu, but those kind are the ones of vision. Pa frog’s are the kind that affect the ear. So i really think he’s done for.

  107. helloooooooo…anyoneeeeeeee heeeerrrrreeeeeee?

  108. Yeah

  109. yeah jeremiah, i kinda got a little suspicious on that one part where he said kakashi’s body was stolen. Got me really worried there.

  110. hey schy…..nice, you’re here.
    so tell me what you think of my first post on this thread.

  111. and schy…sorry i haven’t at all looked at your profile, but are you by any chance english?

  112. “or are you gonna leave me hanging, your gonna leave me hanging” (Familiar Quote)

    I’m not sure if Pa is alive or not, he isn’t moving. However I don’t think its Genjutsu. In the page where Pa is first pulled towards Pain, there is a panel on the far bottom left with thought text from Naruto. Its after the !?, the text thought on the left, Naruto is watching Pa fly through the air, “Gramps!!” Also as totalitarianhypnosis stated Pa’s genjutsu focus on hearing.

    (Third Version:

    In the first version translation it says he stole Kakashi, the second is stole away and third is stolen. All three are different ways to say his life was taken. Its also in past tense meaning whatever the meaning it has already happened. The last time Kakashi was seen is with Choji after Shinra Tensei with Katsuya. The body is still there which means it hasn’t been taken, for the time Pain has been fighting Naruto and Konan is gone. Also if something happened Katsuya would have mentioned it. As stated the text is summary, with Kakashi still in that position and the meaning of the wording it suggests states he is dead. Anyway thats all three translations, the original version might be a little clearer on meaning.

  113. @totalitarian
    I think Pein has quite a bit left up his sleeve. I mean when Naruto said “looks like it’s just you and me now” he didn’t seem fazed, because he said, no we aren’t (or something like that) implying the whole Nagato’s true body is hidden somewhere in the bushes waiting to pop out. Then again, I’m kind of a Pein enthusiast as you put it so maybe I’m just hoping he will prove to be a god like he says.

    Oh well. I’m REALLY looking forward to the next one!

  114. I’m glad that Sleepy Fan’s version is out. They do an awesome job. The translations give a bit different interpretation of what is happening…

    Although I voted otherwise, I wonder if Pa is using genjutsu. I’m torn by this as Pain has the Rinnegan which can see past genjutsu. Like I said before, as have others, I think we have at least 1-2 issues of flashbacks intermingled with the Konoha “intelligence” squad finding out what many of us already knew. Question is, who is “pulling the strings.”

    I also see how some of Naruto’s buddies will come to his assistance, but from afar. I think that this may be part of the key to getting Naruto out of the fix he’s in. Big question: where’s Sai and Yamato?

    I saw a theory of Danzo. Remember, he pwned the messenger frog so I wouldn’t put it past him. Interesting theory. I also see some version of Kyuubi coming forward – even if it is just Naruto in his head (the sewer scene). So much can happen here.

    One thing is for sure: Kishi remains as unpredictable as ever. It makes things interesting.

  115. To be honest, I’m really bummed to see Naruto, literally, nailed down in place just like Yugito Nii, the two tails…doesn’t give me a good feeling. 😦

  116. common, there’s no chance in hell that danzou’s the real pain.

  117. yeah i get the point of pain being absolutely badass, but from the techniques we’ve seen him do, he essentially is gonna use shinra tensei all the time, and also bansho tenin, just like FRS, is becoming quite easy to figure out because it’s been seen more than once. Naruto has more aces in the hole to win this one, i reckon.

  118. FRS? I think your right about the predictability of his technique, at the same time the problem is timing when he is going to do it.

  119. exactly. But the same pein who didn’t seem fazed when Naruto said it was just him and pain left was kinda shocked when fatass pein started turning to a frog. That’s what i mean. Generally, this chapter looks bad for Naruto, but this is where kishi’s ingenuity comes in because at the end naruto managed to take down preta realm somehow. In Accountancy/Economics, that’s referred to as W.I.P(Work in Progress). So it’s essentially still a step forward for naruto.

  120. and the whole thing gets even more interesting now because while it seems like pain has naruto, other konoha nins are working tirelessly behind the scene to get to pain. Now that part where ino’s dad declares he’s got a clue is even more interesting, just like the part where pain has naruto’s hands pinned. Actually, i’m hoping naruto can still perform hand jutsus like rasengan and FRS. Reason being pain used a chakra blade to pn naruto’s hands. Scares me.

  121. Umm which post was your 1st post?
    And how *do* you look at other people’s profile?
    And what makes you think im English?

  122. Oh right “this is sick”?
    umm pretty sick 1st post on this thread.
    I think Fukusaku’s a goner.

  123. what does pain mean when naruto says “now your the only one left”
    and he says “not quite”

  124. never mond i read the next page again

  125. Now this is getting wnnoying and i’m going to say it in everyone’s face-

    @Ero- If you go all human psychology/philosophy expert again, i’m gonna go bijuu..(Swayzebi release!), great job with the manga findings though…jiraiya is Bigfoot!

    @supertrek- if you post one more comment longer than my attention span, i’m gonna fart amaterasu up your face( DISCLAMER: THE ABOVE IDEA IS COPYRIGHT TO “JEREMIAH SMFIN” AND NO WAY CONNECTED TO HARSHY T)

    @me- Stop spying on me!

    @everyone else-
    Gather around kids…it’s not usual for harshy to say sensible things, it’s a once in a monthtime opportunity
    Well, here’s something i noticed
    remember that black rod thingy thaat some of you have been fussing about, well, after seeing it a few times it reminds me of our very special kimimaro(ARGH! freaky BONE KID!!!!), and that rod being a chakra recievind thing like the ones on everyone else and pain seems to be able to (re)produce from anywhere(hmm…) on his body.
    I also thought that this theory of mine could be further strengthened(though this isn’t that strong evidence…) in the 15th pic, we see that just after he gets pricked by pains little needle, he experiences the what i call “manga wrath eyes”, those eyes have been seen b4, where?, the kyuubi’s done it loads o’ times…but my thought comes from somewhere far away from naruto, you see, just as naruto gets stigmata by the pricking by pains rod, i’d say it’s similar to Frodo in LOTR, whenever he puts on that gay ring, he feels sauron’s homo gaze upon him, same way, the rod(the ring to gay…umm rule them all) gives a link to naruto(aka frodo)and nagato(aka sauron), just my 2 bajillion bucks…i hate 2 cents, makes me sound poor(which i am…)

    anyways…happy annoying the ass out of me Commenting!

  126. hey look! shit on wings!(snickers at schy’s avatar…)

  127. Wow, how did this get to be about economics? Work in Process (WIP)…hmmm.

    Danzo: I honestly don’t think he will come into play until later but just thought it was an interesting theory. He wants Akatsuki gone and the Kyuubi as a “hidden weapon.”

    I think that the original “Ino/Shika/Cho” (minus the “Cho”) may become crucial to determine whether we get rid of this guy. And…is Sakura so much into her Master (Tsunade) that she’s forgetting about “Narutooooooooo!” ? Haven’t seen her around much lately – or heard from her. I know – many think she’s been useless.

    Naruto’s hands will heal – remember, he has both Natural Energy and Kyuubi’s healing power. I don’t think his chakra network will be negatively affected. It just looks ugly.

    Agreed on @Kyuoto’s assertions about Kakashi. I’ve said this for a while – he’s dead. His trip to the campfire is permanent.

  128. Kakashi cannot be dead, those kinda characters HAVE to hang around untill the main protagonist goes all the way and then they have to say smfin cheesy about how they always or never thought he’d make it this far etc..etc..etc..
    And yes Sakura HAS been useless…

  129. @harshytkage: you make sense.

    Jiraya seemed to react when he was stabbed – saying his chakra was going crazy or something. I wonder what Naruto’s reaction will be.

    Happy Valentines Day!

  130. naruto’s gonna say, get ur hands off me you perv!

  131. but the fact that pain went back to collect those chakra recievers seems to backfire on me and my theory of kimimaro style (re)production of chakra rods…

  132. The chakra receivers could very well be different from the stabbing rods. I was thinking of the black chakra that formed after the Naruto vs. Sauske fight. Maybe the stabby rods are pure black chakra.

  133. naaa….i’m 1 bajjillion percent sure that the black rods aren’t anything like the sasuGAY naruto fight…

  134. ehhhhh…. Yeah, it was a stretch.

    But I mean, will they ever explain why that big black sphere formed around them? Or was that all just for effect?

  135. @ of815: That effect was more of a clash between their chakras and there powered up attacks.

  136. @ totalitarianhypnosis~I dont suppose your familiar with (commenting on) forums?

  137. Dunno Don’t CARE
    Happy Valentines Day!


    ^^Updated sleepyfans scanlation, a little better quality

  139. uh oh.. still says “stolen kakashi” not looking good.

    Sorry for double post 🙂

  140. Raw Version Original:


    奪【うば】 means to rob, take by force, snatch away, dispossess, plunder and usurp. Its already said but with the context its referring to Kakashi’s life. I don’t know if he can return but he is dead. Also for him to return in the first place its something to accept that happened. Though him returning is just positive thought. Yamato is his successor…

  141. カカシを奪【うば】い、(Corrected the Na to Wo)

  142. ganked from a t-shirt I loved into the rag bin:

    Optimist: The glass is half full
    Pessimist: THe glass is half empty
    Realist: The glass is
    Pragmatist: Let’s drink the water
    Nihilist: The glass does not matter
    Feminist: His glass is more full than my glass
    Chemist: The glass is part H2O and part OH2
    Anarchist: Let’s break the glass
    Capitalist: I will sell this glass

    As to the question of whether or not Kakashi is dead according to the word “stolen” I think it’s an optimist/pessimist argument. Stolen could mean dead (the glass is half empty). Stolen could also mean something temporary, meaning he’s coming back and still alive (the glass is half full). Personally, I think dead means dead and any other word is Kishi laughing his ass off at us while he winds us up.

  143. Personally, I don’t even think dead means dead in Naruto, take a look at Garra he has a chapter called “Death of Garra” and he is not dead. So what that one word says is pointless, lets see if we can set the word on fire… I wonder if you can actually burn a word since it can be spoken. hmmm now I have to find a way to burn sound…

  144. …nihilist…

  145. Thanks Ero for that link… I updated the Minato = Sage thread.

    @ Ibi – at some point you’re going to start sounding like a Holocaust denier with everyone staring at you uncomfortably…


  146. I wonder what the outcome will be. The unexpected is that he is dead, but since people believe he is alive it would also be unexpected for him to live. In a situation where the story is pushing for something but never clearly states it and skips over the wording. I could say he will return or that he wont, but what if neither occurs. I still want to push for that last theory though, the one that can’t happen but would be vague. Existing as ghost chakra, not dead but not alive. However, thats probably pessimist even though I was shooting for realist. Then there is stuff like character popularity, artists thoughts, story script, bah its all complicated…

  147. Hey, I made my prediction on this…you gotta give me two more weeks at least. Tsunade’s going to have her hands on the ‘body’ soon, I promise…and if I’m wrong you can all stare and taunt and throw things at me.

  148. Though, hasn’t Katsuya been doing it on Kakashi’s face since she first found him and under Tsunade’s orders? What is this body screwing?

    (Bleh, still nothing)

  149. Alright, time to post another long a$$ post to lose Harshy’s attention…nah, to tired and just got back. I’ll make it short. 🙂

    @ibiki: I guess I’m a capitalist. I would kidnap and sell Kakashi off to a group of horny fangirls dying to see what’s under his mask. I don’t care what…things they would do to him. I would make millions! +_+

    @bumpuss: Dude, I agree with you completely. Pein is absolutely irrelevant to the story he’s just a puppet. I think Kishi designed the fight for two MAIN (note emphasis on main) reasons.

    1. To show off Naruto’s Sage Mode and great improvement in power.

    2. To inevitably have Naruto pinned down by Pein, as if he was defeated, so Pein could tell the whole back-story of Yahiko/Konan/Nagato. So that when Naruto finally reached Nagato we would have that nuisance out of the way and we can get down to some action.

    Basically what I’m saying is after Pein’s little sob story is over his a$$ is grass! The one pulling the strings is Nagato thus he is Naruto’s true enemy. Just ask yourself who was more of a threat and importance to Sakura and Chiyo in their fight against Sasori? Was it Sasori or his puppets? Even though the puppets were strong as hell, remember he had the former Kazekage as one of them, the true enemy and only relevant one was Sasori himself.
    Alright, I’m done I hope I didn’t lose your attention Harshy ;p

    P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

  150. Hey, I resent that I didn’t get credit for knowing that Fat Pain would turn into a frog. Look at the comments last week. Crikeycross’s post comes well over 300 comments after mine. lol. Where’s my credit? Aaargggh!!!!! lol =)

  151. @Last Scorpion- I’m with you, dead’s not dead in Naruverse. As for burning a word, that’s gonna take some thought. Books burn at farhenheit 451 (nods at Ray Bradbury), sound travels at 768 miles per hour, and Ibiki’s milk glass melts at about 1400 degrees celsius. Do we have enough information for Orion or Harshy to create a formula?

  152. @ over9000 – it’s hard to read all 500 comments sorry, I give u +10 awesomeness points and a correction later 😉

    @ Ibi – join the dark side of the Sage… It is inevitable… ^_^

  153. Woot! I also would like a cloak that gives me +2 to agility and strength, but the +10 to awesomeness should suffice for now.

  154. Yeah, and I also said Naruto would get crucified by Pein where Pein will then proceed to tell his life’s journey explaining how he got to where he is now!…Alright not really but I want a cloak and awesomeness points TOOO!!!

  155. Well then I guess I want some awesomeness points toooo since they are being handed out. My justificationis forbecoming a member and getting a Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrvatar.

  156. @Jeremiah: Join you in the sage camp?



    Do you have cookies? @.@

    Nooooooo. I refuse to believe it is a sage coat, it’s a DNA coat. Now, of course the family business happens to be sagin’…

  157. And business is good.

  158. @Ibiki: I dont’ know about cookies but we sure as hell got ramen. 😉

    Ero: Damn, your good!

  159. That was directed at Ero, not Ero saying something…bah, I’m sure you got it the first time.

  160. @EroSennin- That’s outstanding. It’s a little disconcerting that Minato doesn’t have a scroll on his back, though.

  161. I think that the Naruto vs pain fight will end just like this.. and if you read the first four pages the fight should play out something like that.

  162. O.O they are building an army, damn… (The coat Jiraiya wears different in design) The one Minato wears has two versions red and white, white and black. Naruto wears a red and black version. Each had the coats during different points of their life so its probably pushing it to say its an achievement of sage mode.

    Also *Summons Pa Frog* “This is about you and Jiraiya specifically. Otherwise I wouldn’t have brought you here.”(Naruto Chapter 412 Page 11) Take that to heart…

  163. @Last Scorpion Strange, I was just looking at that, your probably right it has a good chance of ending like that. Though Nagato fights a little harsher than that.

  164. @Last Scorpion and Kyouto: Yeah, I’ve been looking at that chapetr since the ‘Minato is a Sage’ debate. The book was an obvious infulence for Naruto in his Sage training and he was named after the character. It was also written by his late master Jiraiya who was killed by Pein. We might get a flashback to the book when Naruto makes his comeback to send Pein to hell.

    Pein: “Who are you?”

    Naruto: “My name is Naruto Uzamaki. You killed my master. Prepare to die!”

  165. Burnt Word formula….comin’ up!

  166. You da man, Harsh.

  167. Well, let’s see, to burn a word…there are many possibilities, you could be reffering to burning the page on which it was, or you could judt make a burning word .gif out of it….but I’ll go with the paper thingy, now I’ll make it as general as possible and use some physical chemistry this time…
    Let’s consider the page to be made up of an element with specific heat capacity “C”
    Depending upon which element type paper we choose, we can fill it up. Now we’ll multiply it with the papers mass to get ACTUAL specific heat…thus…
    C x (l x b x dH)// Since h is so small
    Now we’ll consider the amount of heat that’ll provide enuf energy to it so that it burns (as jdb says 232 degree Celsius)
    Taking up newtons law of heating, we know that the heat loss/gain would be directly proportional to the difference in temperature, so I’ll just subtract room temp. from that(which btw I’ll take 32 degrees to make the calc. easier) since its a difference isn’t linear, I’ll change em to Kelvin.
    So H(net) would be – A x ℮ X ℓ (T1^4 – T2^4)
    A- Surface area for heat gain
    ℮ – Emmisivity of the paper
    ℓ – Stefan’s Constans aka 5.67 X 10 ^-8 J/m^2/s/K^4
    T1- 505k
    T2- 305 K

    You do the math….btw…why the f*ck did I find out the specific heat for it???)

  168. @reflex- Glad shikamaru isn’t being the smart one. He had his time to shine a while back(which was overkill) and yes I like shikamaru but hate it when he is given too much credit.

    @Jerimiah- I think your post is right about Kakashi being stolen meaning Pein new body. Didn’t kishi say soemthing about dark blue happening to him. I’m saying dark blue and pein because In the anime Pein is a darkish blue color. Then again manga nd anime are 2 things but one can theorize

    @pain- Kishi did add a black to the series. I think he is called Bumblebee. If he isn’t black he is at least dark colored.

    Also about Naruto getting “crusified” and making a ‘Passion of the Sage’ I predict Naruto will return to pwng mode in 3 chapters!! Next 2 will probably flashbacks and 3rd one he comes back kicking ass. Jesus did it and so can Naruto. Well Jesus didn’t really kick ass but you get the picture.

    Hoping Fox come out soon or at least is shown in background talking to naruto or something. Its been too quiet and way too long since we’ve seen him( not counting Pa frog’s close encounter ). I always enjoy the fox scenes

  169. Remember Naruto & Tsunade consider Kakashi is dead. Kishi at this points want us to belive he is dead. Even Pain thinks he dead. There is no one that thinks Kakashi is still alive.

    Hence ‘Stolen’ is appropriate.

  170. Harshy, my head hurts. 🙂

  171. that means Success!!!

    just more evidance that no one likes a bitter look at the bottom half of the page 😉

  173. @ero: F^CK!!!! you finally showed me the truth! damn it! i loved it when i thought “minato wasn’t a sage”…**** this world…
    now naruto has nothing to be “stronger than the fourth”

    i…really want to continue my state of denial…but i know that it’s not possible now…god! how i wish i hadn’t followed the link!!!

  174. I got an idea. What if
    Pain is in lots of pain? >_>

  175. “Passion of the Sage” would involve Naruto dying and being resurrected later on. Which actually could happen.

  176. @lastscorpion, that would be really cool if Kishi did that. And happy late valentines day to everyone.

  177. Will someone be my belated valentine???

  178. @harshy… nice job on the paper, but to burn a word out of existence you would need to burn the sound waves of the word out of existence. So basically we would need to create a distortion of gravity so strong that all the matter in the universe would get sucked in. But that would not work since the word was used at a point in time, so it would still exist past no matter what we do in the present. so we would have to go back in time before time itself to stop the creation of the universe.

    P.S… WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE!!!…I hate valentines day *sulks in corner of room*

  179. @lastscorpion- how TF do you burn a sound wave? It’s a wave for GOD dsakes! it’s RESPONSIBLE for the burning of everything, WTF! that’s incredibly pointless to burn something that burns something itslef and in the process creating something that’s a word itself….bah

    *burns up last scorpions mouth*
    YAY! word burnt!

  180. @Harshy… WTF? Sound waves are vibrations transmitted through a solid, liquid, or gas, they don’t burn anything. You make no sense.

    P.S I take it you don’t get the WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE!!! reference. You could never burn my mouth harshy because… *bad music and strange dancing starts*… I am… one of the legendary Shannin!!!… *Gives team of ANBU orders to assassinate harshy then sits back and eats cake*.

  181. @Last Scorpion, I clicked on that link and get attacked by jutsu, wth.

    Instead of burning the word stop the script confirming Kakashi’s death or going even further redefine the meaning of the word itself.

  182. @ Harshy: BURN BURN BWAHAAHA *coughs up a hairball* wtf?

    @ Last Scorpion: The Cake is a lie

    @ everyone: Naruto crazy comeback FTW

    that is all

    Ace out

  183. ty Jeremiah for the credit =),,

    Wish i could take a guess for what will happen next week, but its a blank lol. I kept trying to think what Ino’s dad meant by “bringing bodies” but i haven’t a clue..Maybe he was thinking back to where he saw bodies being brought into the tower in rain city??? not sure but i hope whatever it is helps them find or defeat pain/nagato.

  184. Please update with the translations for the line on Kakashi. All four were posted above.

  185. @Harshy: Wtf dude! *farts amaterasu up Harshy’s face*


  186. Kyouto-san, can you put some alphabet in your kanji? I are confuzzled. ^.^

  187. I’d have to agree.
    If Ibiki is typing about the user with no English letters as a user name.
    Well…please use some English letters, if only 1.
    Because what do we call you?
    In fact its a problem that i dont even know if Ibiki is referring to the user im referring to.
    Im confused to ^_^

  188. Sure though I was thinking everyone would still call me Kyouto because of the Katakana.

  189. Hmmm… I know I am a little late on the Kanji. I also changed my name to one of my other internet handles, let me know if you like the old one better and I will change it back(but I think this one sounds better).

  190. i like cheese does that help?

  191. * coolbeans: join the club…no seriously * walks over toward the cheese building *

    it is a cheesetopia

  192. I prefer it, the name is arranged better for nicknames and typing. *looks at the snoring pupil of a thousand hands*

  193. omg theres a club!!! and a cheesetopia…. how, how in the name of swazye did i never hear of this!!!??!!!

  194. lmao…thank you for translating my kanji, thank you for putting some letters in, Kyouto. We all must make sacrifices, no?

    And it’s more like apprentice (Teishi) to Snoring (Ibiki), but you’ve gotten the idea. ^.^

    Scorp…I like it.

  195. @Ibiki: Hey Ibiki, when is ‘Bleach’ actually coming? I know it says coming soon but is there an actual planned date or is just whenever you’ll have time to get really started on it? No rush, I’m just really anticipating it and Ulquiorra just turned more badass than he was before. You may have no idea what I’m talking about unless you read the manga and I just assumed you did. Do you?

  196. Ulquiorra unleashed his Bankai.

  197. @Kyouto: Yeah, you read the manga too I presume. What the hell is Ichigo gonna do now. His a$$ is in some deep trouble now. He was scared stiff under that hollow mask if you ask me.

  198. @supertrek… Two things can happen Nel or Hollow Ichigo show up.

  199. @Scorpion: Hmmm…I didn’t think of a transformed Nel but I definietly didn’t think of Hollow Ichigo making another appearance. Hollow Ichigo usually does show up at the worse times like when Ichigo’s about to die, there’s no one around to help, and his opponent his unbelievably strong. It never occured to me because Ichigo conquered his Hollow thus dawning him the hollow mask. But reviewing the manga again Hollow Ichigo did say, “Until I appear again!!!” That’s chapter 221 pg.17 (didn’t feel like going through moderators) 🙂 Sorry for the long post just saying good point and elaboratying on that. 0_0

  200. Because I am in the hidden order of awesomeness

    and cheese makes it so much better

  201. At the time everyone is fighting, Nel is a good choice because she has rested. Though, isn’t she unconscious, in addition would need to find Ichigo in the first place.

  202. I’d like to see Hollow Ichigo.

  203. @Kyouto: Indeed she would have to find Ichigo but since he has his hollow mask she could just easily find his powerful reiatsu. Not to mention Ulquiorra’s reiatsu. I think everybody in Hueco Mundo can feel that gigantic force. The last time we see Nel is her waking up on chapter 312 pg. 19 to find Ninoitra slain. So yeah, she’s concious now.

  204. I think Ino’s dad found out a way. He will use their family jutsu to take over Deva Pain’s body while Deva’s monologuing to Naruto(easy aiming). But instead of killing off Pain, he will trace Nagato’s location from WITHIN Deva Pain!!!

    I think Pain wants to kill everybody so that they can all become his puppets, then there will be TRUE world peace. Puppets cannot argue with each other… unless of course, Pain is bored and puts on a puppet show.

    Notice how after Kakashi “died”, he goes on to meet his father. Maybe Pain has something to do with that? Maybe Pain has some control over the spiritual world? Ever wonder why he steals people’s souls? Maybe he wants to find them a better container(body)? Maybe his plan will profit for everyone in the end? Of course, everyone has to “die” first though… Lol.

    Btw, the “key” that Jiraiya wants Naruto to have… doesn’t Pa Frog have it? If he does, I think he’ll give it to Naruto right before he dies(if he dies).


    Interesting point. Neji or Hinata can see chakra with their Byakugan. Why can’t they just use it to see where all the chakra from Nagato is coming from?!?!?

  205. Btw, Orochimaru looked so cuuuuute as a young boy!! XD

    Also, I’m gonna use Jiraiya’s pick up line! 😀

  206. I have updated my name so that it shows how great I am.

    Next week, we will see the most amazing flashback ever capped off with team ‘ino’s dad’ finding Nagato’s location.

  207. Btw, Jeremiah. Thanks for giving me credit for the choke slam comment! ^_^

    Now, I would like some awesomeness points in return… not a lot. But OVER 9 THOUSAND points would do. ^_^

  208. @rockleex: Orochimaru…cute? BLECH *pukes a little…pukes some more…pukes alot more* >_<

  209. @ rocklee – what move do you think pein will do to naruto next week??

    im placing my bet on 1 of 3 things
    a) RKO
    b) Elbow Slam
    c) Sweet Chin Music (super kick to the face)

    lol. what do you think it will be?!?

  210. My hero Jiraiya did have the best pick up lines…and yes I go out late at night doing research on his behalf at times…but mostly its my pleasure lol

  211. @ burningace – going to your mom’s house at night doesn’t count as “research” ok. i’m sorry, but someone’s got to tell you 😀

  212. @reflex:

    I’d have to choose d) The People’s Elbow for sure! ^_^ Or should I choose e) Stone Cold Stunner?

    Anyways, Pain wouldn’t use c) Sweet Chin Music, because he’s not a sound ninja! 😛


    Seriously, he looks cuter than any other kids! Just like Michael Jackson when he was young! 😀

  213. There is something that has been bothering me. In the chapter where Jiraiya reunites with Konan the man with the bear is shocked to see her. Then in the flashback from the body in Konoha he has already met her and even comments on how long he has been carrying bodies. It strange because from the way he said it I was getting that its was a recent meeting, even though he would have probably met her several times before. Though I could be thinking to much since that doesn’t directly state something.

    How was the hidden earth refuge killed by Nagato, both he and Yasuhiko were weaponless and the sword was still equipped to the chunnin, but he is bleeding from the back. Nagato blacked out and used Rinnegan, but what ability was it. Also about Yasuhiko, his logic was harsh but he seemed different when Jiraiya left. Did he die protecting Nagato, he promised to save him next time. In addition why were there rumors they all died in the first place.

  214. @last scorpion
    What causes burning? It’s waves with crazy frequency which transfer “energy”, ever heard of RADIATION?CONDUCITON?CONVECTION? all of them work because of the principle of vibration which in ecsence creates a continuation in the form of a wave…and what the hell do you think are? Do i bloody care that you’re a bloody sannin???, Not ME!
    Haha, you can call ur fraidy assed anbu all ya want but the only things that gonna happen is that they’re gonna piss in their friggin pants after seeing “me”, not me, but “me”.


    *edited by scorpion legacy to show harshy that name calling can hurt peoples feelings.*

  215. Uh Harshy….chill on the power trip yo

    *smacks him on the back of the head and then runs for his life*

  216. “me” will make you will pay…
    “me” will get you…
    “me” will devour you…
    “me” is all powerful…

    “me” will make you will pay…
    “me” will get you…
    “me” will devour you…
    “me” is all powerful…

    “me” will make you will pay…
    “me” will get you…
    “me” will devour you…
    “me” is all powerful…

  217. Eh ace isn’t scared

  218. ooooh…but you will be when you meet “me”…my preeeeeeecious ….”me” will scare you wont you “me”…yes we wills my preeeecious…

  219. I wonder how long it will take them to use one of the chakra receiver rods with a signal strength meter to track Nagato with. Even if Nagato is changing frequencies the receiving chakra rod searches the rf spectrum and locks on to it. This will allow them to find in which direction Nagato and Konan are located. Then using the meter they will be able to zero in as the strength of the signal increases or decreases. Any decent Ham operator would have already triangulated with the help of other friends and have the exact location down and already given to the authorities. WTF am I saying? I don’t think they have access to such high tech equipment so they must rely on one of the chakra sensing ninja using their abliity while holding one of those chakra rods. (Maybe it has to be stuck in them somewhere? hmmmm where to stick it? ROFL) I have thought this is how they would locate Nagato for like forever it seems. I think that it is more than likely to happen as soon as the flashback is over or be in progress till then. As the flashback ends they locate Nagato and the real battle will commence. I don’t doubt that Neji and team Guy realize this on their way back by accident. Neji will start sensing and loosing Nagato’s chakra and deduce that he is changing frequencies and triangulate and suprise him.

  220. schy- alright, is it just me, or are you just being a little rude/sarcastic funny? I’m looking forward to your answer.

  221. ok, so i was just wandering a bit. I looked at the front page of manga 435 a little while and saw myself thinking……is it just me or is kishi expecting us to fill in the lines? Well, lets have a review on this together if you please.

    So, looking at that page, kishi stresses how pain’s strength is unmatched, how “he had killed jiraiya, stolen kakashi and destroyed the village”. Kishi also goes ahead to stress that “he was too strong”. Now if you look carefully at the whole “descriptive analysis” you’ll find kishi is talking, or at least gearing towards, past tense. That, from my own interpretations(which is subject to debate and review of course) tells me pain has reached his climax, and has attained the height of it all. It seems to me kishi is trying to relay a message that all that is left of the whole melodrama is for naruto to surpass pain, hence the vast difference in height between pain and naruto. Same thing happened when kakashi was going to lose in the fight against god realm, when gaara was going to be captured by akatsuki and when konoha was going to fall to pain.

    Now Naruto being the main character(the prophesied one at that) and the current thread of the manga, seems to me we are finally, after the conversation between naruto and pein, going to have a true one on one encounter between naruto and pein without it having to seem both sides are having the edge, just like sasuke and itachi. Seeing that entrance to manga 435 made me realise pain’s pawning spree was over and it was now going to be to the death(the fight) with naruto eventually saving the day, even though i cant help imagining shima’s live is in danger the more she hangs around mourning fukusaku.

    So yeah, that entrance made me feel we’ve seen most of the reason why pein’s the child of prophecy, and hence paving the way for naruto to start showing what makes him the child of prophecy by getting to pein’s level(i.e. the difference in height). Tell me what you think, guys.



  222. Ok harshy I think you need to calm down a bit. Yes according to string theory everything is vibrating at a frequency, but fire is the cause of a chemical reaction and releases energy in the form of light wave. I just want to burn sound waves lmao.

    I think you need to chill out a bit my powers are stronger then you think. For example I did not like it when you called me a moron *crying because it hurt* so I will turn back time with sannin powers and stop you for saying such hurtful things (look up ).

  223. harshy- you do sound very lively, full of vigour, don’t you?

  224. @tinman… that could be what happens, I was thinking something like that as well. Or that they will go to the place where the leaf puts the dead ninja. Nagato must know how to get to the secret place where leaf keeps dead body’s, since most of the realms of pain are dead people from the leaf. this could be how the J-man knew all of them and ino’s farther knew animal realm.

    @totalitarianhypnosis… that would fit a shonen manga well in the “have to get stronger” routine.

  225. tinman- absolutely, get your point. But i think pain would be found easily by neji because his byakugan is more like the sharingan that coulf see the colour of chakra. So it’s not exactly a big deal. Also i’m eager to know what inoichi’s plotting. Not very sure how he intends to go about it at the moment.

  226. scorpion legacy- well, but do at least try to see where i’m coming from? Just seems kishi’s expecting us to fill in the lines to be able to predict what’s next.

  227. scorpion legacy- ok, sorry to have to disagree on this one, but none of the realms of pain are leaf ninja, at least i’m bloody sure of that. Not sure the place in the manga where it’s said, but you could google it up and have it explained to you. Either wikipedia or narutowikipedia, not very sure. But you could just google it.

  228. I never said leaf ninja, i said from the place where leaf keep dead people. we don’t know where the pains are from since they all have rain headbands.

  229. ok ok ok…..but just pointing out, they are from different villages with different forehead protectors.

  230. yeah I know, but ninjas like to keep dead people to find out their secrets.

  231. and one more thing, i just think pain is a little arrogant. I mean he keeps calling naruto by the name “nine-tail”. That seriously gets to me, and makes me wanna give him a dynamic entry to the face. What a conceited b******d.

  232. hey…i didn’t say all those hurtfull things….it was “me”….i apologise on his behalf….

  233. Like I said, Ino’s dad just needs to mind control Deva Pain. Then from within Pain, he can locate Nagato.

    And/or Neji/Hinata can just use Byakugan to find Nagato(if he’s nearby). As far as I can remember, no ninjas have used an ability that allows them to hide from Byakugan.

    Anyways, doesn’t Pa Frog have the “key” that Jiraiya wants Naruto to have one day? I think now’s the time for Pa Frog to give it to Naruto.

    These are my predictions.

  234. @rockleex: I don’t think Pa Frog has the key. The key may be stored on Naruto’s body somewhere whether he is knowledgeable of it or not. Jiraiya says here for the key to store itself on Naruto if something were to happen to him. Well, we all know Jiraiaya dies shortly after that so we can assume the key is now with Naruto.

  235. @totalitariadnaevlaeif – Pain calls Naruto nine-tails because that’s all he knows him by. He doesn’t know Naruto’s name cuz he doesn’t care about the ninja. He only cares about the demon.

  236. @supertrek:

    That’s what Jiraiya told the frog to do if something happens to Jiraiya. But we aren’t sure whether or not the frog has stored himself with Naruto.

    Maybe he’s stored in the scroll that Naruto has? Ma Frog just has to match the Key from the scroll with Naruto’s belly then its all good! ^_^

  237. @Rockleex: Perhaps, I’m just saying we can assume the key is most likely with Naruto since those were it’s orders.

  238. @Rockleex: Do you think Pa Frog is a goner so his last mission is to give the key to Naruto before he takes his last breath?

  239. @supertrek:

    I think he’s mostly a goner. He COULD survive if his sage chakra can heal him in time. But I feel now’s his time to go.

    He has already survived 1 battle against Pain barely managing to escape. This time, his luck’s running out. Or rather, he’s glad to act out one last duty before he goes… just like Jiraiya.

    Plus, he’s already done all he could for Naruto(save for the Key).

  240. Will Hinata or Sakura reach Naruto first? Naruto will more likely tell Sakura to look after Pa frog first. I can see Deva doing something to Hinata if she shows up, with him thinking she is Naruto’s other. If he does I anticipate some serious butt whooping coming.. I don’t think Naruto can use the nine tails power here even he had a mind too. Remember the Rinnegan can do all and he is using that now to subdue the fox within Naruto. There is still one clone left at the mountain. Could Naruto have thought this far ahead and himself be the one still meditating. If so can he just be trying to get Deva/Nagato to spill everything only to laugh at him. Then the Naruto pinned thru the hands disappears and the real/last Naruto is standing in front of Pain in full Sage Mode nonetheless. He would then smack Pain with his two big balls and say biaaaaatch eat this. At this point I excpect both Hinata and Sakura to faint from just the sight of this smack down. Then in would come in the Rock shout something like: can you smell what the Rock’s been cooking: and give Deva the people’s elbow. Yo Adrian, I did it!!!

  241. Naruto has the key stored in him already. Jiraiya asked Gerotora of that should anything happen. Gerotora disliked the idea but he didn’t refuse it either.

    Pain knows Naruto’s name. Though formally Pain uses it while interrogating and after Asura’s destruction.

    I believe that Pain’s abilities are connected to the weapon he used on Naruto. There is something strange about it, the victim losses control of their Chakra and the Rinnegan appears. Additionally at the time Jiraiya could sense Nagato from the one using the blade but none of the others. (Jiraiya vs. Pain) (Kakashi vs. Pain) (Naruto vs. Pain)

  242. I think its about time for Pain to get his arrogant little butt kicked. Naruto can shout as that butt kicking is taking place “I’m NOT Kyuubi! I’m Uzumaki Naruto and I won’t die until I become Hokage!!!!!”

  243. @ Kyouto – great comment ^_^

  244. @totallit~Well i do use sarcasm lots.
    But why would you say rude or something?
    Am i supposed to know you from a forum and now your angry that i cant remember you?

    Anyways i want Pain to battle Guy soon. Wouldnt it be epic!?

  245. @Kyouto: The key is there. I posted a excerpt from the manga (on the last thread) that shows that near when Jiraiya first appears in the manga he plans to teach Naruto “that jutsu”. This, read in context, clearly shows that Jiraiya (Kishi actually) planed from the start to have Naruto use the Kyubi chakra.
    As for the poky chakra conducting stick thingy, yep, I agree. There are some of us that think that it has been radiating from Nagato’s ‘tower of power’ (that Kage-condo he lives in, palace of the Rain Village).

  246. here’s what i think

    1- kakashi is dead. if he isn’t then whats the deal with him seeing his dad. He MIGHT come back as a body, but not as the old kakashi we all knew and loved.

    2- Minato probably was a sage

    3-its pretty clear that the weapon probably have similar qualities to that of the piercings. One slice and your done, get ready to get taken away.

    4-Pa frog isn’t dead, he still has to give him that key

    5-Does nagato really have to be a puppeteer? Can’t he have transferred his eyes to yahilko? Or maybe the eyes are nagato?

    6-flashback time has arrived!!! and the village is probably going to use this as a way to organize and do something
    so get ready for flashback, village talks about some sort of action, flashback, village decides to act, flashback and BAM! chapter ends.

  247. @Jeremiah Thank You

    @EroSenin Yeah, you pointed out how far back this goes. Though about the tower its probably right, but that is a problem. Konohagakure has enough of a stuggle fighting an enemy that isn’t there none the less defeating Pain before he capture Naruto or getting to the tower to defeat Nagato in the first place.

    @Boyruns Though I’m not sure if he is dead Pa was injured serious. He probaly won’t recover anytime soon. In addition your forgetting Gerotora has free will and as a toad can move on his own.

    There is something strange going on. Animal Realm has two bodies, however the order each appeared in is strange. When Konohagakure was interrogating the body brought back by Jiraiya the person was alive. The woman Animal Realm brought in became the second realm. Thats odd though if the woman was dead first and brought in beforhand why is she used second and the other used first. He was alive then, and logically died second yet his appearance is first. (First Animal Realm) (Second Anime Realm) (First Animal Realm’s Memory)

    Beyond that there are more things, Human Realm’s eyes were closed during the fight with Jiraiya. Although he was attackked by Jiraiya, that kick wasn’t the type to blind sight.

    Beyond that there are more things to notice. When Human Realm was summoned his eyes were closed. Jiraiya didn’t attack that body yet so did Pain keep that position. In Naruto’s fight each body has their eyes open except Animal Realm. It may not be anything but I am trying to think outside the box.

  248. Question…Have we seen a full scale flashback from a villain yet?

  249. @Jeremiah: Hey, are you going to change to text of the original manga post to the Sleepy Fans translation? Just wondering since Sleepy Fans may be more accurate.

  250. @Ibiki: What about Tobi’s multiple flashbacks when he was talking to a tied up Sasuke in a dark hidden cavern? 😉

  251. @ibi… yes Garra.

  252. @Kyouto: Very good find. The only explantion that I can think of is that the man (aka first animal realm) that bought the body of the girl died very soon after and Nagato decided to make him Animal Realm instead. Leaving the girl’s body for backup.

  253. hmmm…to ‘convert’ or manipulate his victim…I mean, prey…I mean, Sasuke. Is Pain after that here? He’s certainly got Naruto tied up.

    Thing is, Sasuke listened because Madara positioned himself against the Konoha elders (my enemy’s enemy is my friend).

    They don’t want Naruto to join them, they want to disassemble him. SO…why a flashback…? As opposed to more d-bag philosophy, world according to pain nonsense?

  254. @scorp: hmm…to reveal how messed up Gaara was inside, and that, yes, he wasn’t just a freeky kid but a psycho…er, a crazyass Mo Fo…er, a villain. We know Pain’s the bad guy. So if he flashes, it will be for a different purpose.

  255. The flashback is to learn how Nagato and Konan got to this point without it leaves the timeline empty. By introducing the three when they were young and how they orginally were its a problem to leave it unexplained. In addition there was the issue over who was the destined child Naruto or Nagato, thats also taken away without learning about Nagato himself who is essentially opposite to Naruto.

  256. If Pain flashes I’m telling him to put his akatsuki robe back on and quickly! >_<

  257. @ibi… I think pain is going to flash back and show that ninjas are evil and cause pain in the world. It will explain how his friend God realm was killed and how ninjas are evil and need to be killed off to bring peace. naruto will then reply with this… take out the who are you part at the end, but it will go something like that with slightly different wording.

  258. @supertrek89 Thank you, I was think it might also be because of referance. I wonder where he store them though since the are Pain layed down in had six beds by theselves.

  259. @scorp: that one I’ll buy, but I’ve been having a hard time wrapping my head around WHY pain would flashback here. To what purpose? And I’ve been drawing a blank myself.

    To spout off his philosophy? Could be. But you don’t need a flashback to monologue.

    To try to convice Naruto to join him? Pffft. He thinks he’s won, it’s time for the victory lap. Besides they’re capturing Naruto to disassemble him, not re-program him. But, he might try conversion as a means to getting Naruto to sit still, shut up and cooperate.

    To reveal more about his character so we can feel sorry for him? That boat sailed (for Naruto and therefore most of us) when he killed Jiraiya.

    Pain thinks he’s won, so he wouldn’t be flashbacking regrets or connecting the dots in his own memory–like other flashbacks we have known.

    To show Naruto that J-man was really a jerk? Possible, but I don’t think it could go on and on.

    I dunno, I just can’t think of a reason for an extended flashback here. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen, but I’m just not seeing it.

  260. Crazy Theory Time:

    @Kyotou: Beds…nah, I think Nagato stores the dead bodies in coffins whose occupants only rise at sunset to wreck havoc unto the world. Nagato won’t come out now because it’s daylight so he sends his 6 zombie comrades to do his dirty work and collect dead bodies. What am I saying? Isn’t it obvious?…Nagato is the direct descendant of Dracula! I mean just look at this dude and how he’s described “The founder of the whole ninja world…whose knowledge and skills gave birth to ninjutsu itself.” That dude ain’t human and he isn’t from this world! That’s the ‘Prince of Darkness’ aka Dracula (Not Ozzy folks) ;). So now that that’s all cleared up bring out the garlic and stakes and let’s go vampire hunting! 🙂

  261. Well negato as a kid did not like to kill, he adapted this philosophy from his dead friend. Right now he is thinking that he can convince naruto that his philosophy is right. Although he said that he had no feeling for Jiraiya, I am sure he still had something in his heart.

    A second reason for a flash back would be to tell naruto why ninjutsu was made and how it was made in the first place. someone with rinnegan was the creator of all ninjutsu so he could explain how evil ninjutsu it is. After this naruto could want to change this without destroying peoples lives. The sharingan could also tie into holding back the evil side of ninjutsu in another demention.

  262. @Ibiki I was wondering what you meant so I hope this clearer.

    Naruto asked and Pain has him pinned down. The reason a flashback could fit here is because Pain is now in the position to do as he pleases and the konoha shinobe need this time to learn how to stop Pain in the first place. If the situation were opposite and Pain continued going non stop they wouldn’t defeat him. In addition, other villians like Orochimaru, Tobi, Itachi etc recieved those moments and Nagato should as well. It is even more so because he has relationship to Jiraiya and the only one with the Rin’negan. If the flashback occurs after his defeat then it doesn’t fit well. There is also the mystery that Jiraiya didn’t know that readers would like. Additionally, Naruto himself doesn’t understand and is watching his friends killed off, he wants to know why.


  263. @scorp: “Right now he is thinking that he can convince naruto that his philosophy is right.” But…why? Why does he think he needs to convert Naruto? Especially when he thinks he’s won. Especially when Naruto isn’t going to be there secret weapon and is nothing more than the Kyuubi’s packaging.

    See, I can come up with reasons why WE would need/want to hear some backstory, and why Naruto needs to hear some this. BUT…what motivation would Peins have…?

  264. raikage … everyone forgot about him? he sent people to konoha… ANDD … sasuke is going to konoha… they all left at about the same time… i wonder… would sasuke be mad if Pain killed off Konoha for him ? … reconcile sasuke and naruto, HAH! bring on the corn…y … corny… yes i’m lame.

    we also just stopped talking about the 8 tailed… wut he doin? ^^

    this fight just resembles the naruto and sasuke fight … naruto pwns, naruto will loose, pain will get beaten up, but will walk away… kakashi will… err… tsunade/sakura? hah, never… choji has a new move too that kakashi told him not to use??? … maybe shika/choji/ino will trio the last of pains extra bodys?

    it also doesn’t seem like he’s using the other pain’s eyes while they are down… and pain totally took Jiraya’s body… WHERE IS IT?!?!?!?!

  265. … i demand to see a heavily pierced Jiraya!

  266. @kyouto: again, I want to know WHY Peins would need flashbacks.

    Naruto did ask, and he’s going to answer. But unless we can figure out WHY he’s talking, we don’t know how sincerely to take the response. He’s answering a dead man, in his mind. I don’t think he’ll feel a moral obligation to strip away convenient lies and tell the honest truth (which is usually what you find in dying moment flashbacks.

    With the exception of Madara, I can’t think of a flashback by a villain (I think Gaara’s flashbacks only happened once he’d gotten control of Shukaku). All the other villains just revealed their mysteries with monologues. Does Peins have a good reason for getting really honest with Naruto?

  267. Pain was Jiraiya’s student and wants Naruto to understand him both because he is obssessed with Pain and repeating it as well as making it easier for himself. He wants peace through his goal and feels like explaining it.

    Pain is telling Naruto because he is Jiraiya’s student and feels there is a bond. Nagato also views something of Naruto in himself, a relation in thought or situation and offers the understanding he might have wanted himself. Yeah I think thats a good way to say it.

  268. I thought of something, what happens if Tsunade survives. Will she still remain as the Hokaga and what about the Shizune’s position would Danzo fill that roles.

  269. If Peins feel a bond with Naruto…why only refer to him as his demon…?

    Let me be clear. I do think a flashback is coming. But, like when Madara started to spill, I can’t figure out WHY. And it’s making me nuts. >.<

  270. Some thoughts on why Pain is trying to talk to Naruto.

    Pain might be trying to get rid of Madara. Someone as strong as Naruto might help with that if he could be manipulated. It would go with the theme of the next generation of ninja taking over. If there was ever an example of an old fart that needed to be put out of his misery – it’s Madara. Itachi seemed to want him out of the way too.

    Also, Naruto shares a strong resemblance to Yahiko. If pain still has a soft spot for Yahiko, then you’re going to be seeing comparisons between Naruto and Yahiko’s personallities.

    The thing I don’t like about Pain, is that he has these ideas in his head that he is pushing on everyone else. He’s making it everyone else’s business and it’s annoying. Naruto, however, seems to want to protect people that are close to him.

  271. @Ibiki Think similar to the sitation with Garra, Pain sees that relationship with Naruto, or anyone similar to his orginal self. People experience pain and want to know why, he talks about it out of the same curiousity he once had. How Pain refers to Naruto doesn’t take away that desire to explain.

    (Its making me crazy as well, I want to state it clearly to you yet stuggle. Then because of that you have trouble understanding me and still ask why.)

  272. You can also think of it this way, Pain wants to be understood. The flashback is also a climax of the battle and shows how Nagato might be similar or if not why he is able to act this way.

  273. @kyouto- pain doesn’t want to be understood, his very small and petite ego makes up for that, anyways he has many believers so the understanding part doesn’t apply, it’s not even remotely close to gaara, gaara was a victim of his community, here pain is actually a god to his communtiy and i believe he has all the companionship(wanted or unwanted0 that he needs, all that pain needs is to get a room with sasuGAY, maybe then he’ll know what he really means….

  274. @ ibi: Well think of it this way, if Pain goes into a dramatic monologue, he will be following the characteristic of every evil villain since the beginning of time. He will go into a monologue and then he will say that naruto has no chance, and then things will get really fired up and naruto will end up kicking his ass

  275. lol, ace. THAT i’m expecting and can explain. The flashback? not so much, but I’m sure there are things we can’t get any other way and…we’re about to get them. blergh.

  276. I disagree, I’m not stating Pain is victume to his community but situation and thats why they are alike. Pain forces the same situation upon people then explain it. He is more than willing to complete it. Hence show Pain to the World. Understanding something by creating the same feeling to someone else that is his logic. Pain uses peace to help justify that. Give me a moment I want to get a qoute.

  277. “I’m your fellow pupil, we both studied under the same master. We should be able to understand each other our master longed for peace.” (Deva Pain) If Pain didn’t want understanding he would have attacked or left it out. With Jiraiya he continusly stated he didn’t understand.

  278. ahh sadness had a realization moment reading the pain arc again. naruto will die at some point (way down the road) what happens to hinata if naruto chooses sakura. is konahamaru the hokage after naruto dies. who is narutos kids sensei will naruto follow j man and travel the world making it a better place (and doing resurch 😉 ) but never become hokage what cheese is really the best. what exactly does, “i will rebuild uchia in my own way” mean, i thought that was straight forward. will we see shiki/temaris kid grow up with asuma/kureni’s kid or will they have a konahamaru/naru relationship. what is the best kind of deoderant?

  279. @ ibi: well I think the flashback is necessary, but not currently at this moment time….I believe the right time would be when the snot gets kicked out of Deva Pain and there is an actual showdown between Nagato and Naruto.

    I think seeing the actual man will tell a trillion things about the person, instead of looking at the shells of men. However, I have a strange feeling that Nagato is as emo as Sasuke or worse.

  280. @ace: of course Peins’s messed up, he plays with life-sized dolls.

  281. What will happen to Ma Toad?

  282. @kyouto
    she will either lose her life too or stay around to explain to naruto the meaning of being the child of proficy. thats the only roles i see her playing. btw i would lose my mind in awsomeness if boss frog bunta ever thaught narutos kid as the old toad sage. that would be hella cool

  283. @ibi- remember that “WTF” post….maybe it was pein in disguise…

  284. @coolbeans- The ladies on Ibiki’s post have been having an interesting discussion about, as they call it, “ships.” PSI made an interesting comment. What if Hinata tries to protect Naruto and dies in his arms? Her last act is to tell Naruto her feelings about him. How might that impact Naruto’s future. It could really f@#k him up or motivate him even further. One thing for sure, whoever dealt the fatal blow is in for major pwnge.

  285. alright, i’ve seen some people down here talk of a union between naruto and pain in taking out madara. Yes, it might seem you all have a point(a quick flashback to the akatsuki domain where madara ordered pain to capture the nine tails and konan noticed pain was displeased with the order). But having recounted this, i think naruto, being stubborn, and with his promise to avenge jiraiya, would never give in. That then, in essence,is ruled out.

    Second, people say pain only knows naruto as nine tails. hope i don’t come off as arrogant, but you couldn’t be more wrong. I think it’s in manga 430 where at the last page pain refers to naruto as uzumaki naruto. Conclusion: he feels he is a god, with the responsibility to restore his own version of order, so it’s up to naruto to make him realise he is only a deranged, carnivorous, totalitarian, despotic psycopath who derives joy in recreating the hitler effect.

    Having said that, i was just thinking, just like ibiki teishi(really like your comments) said on one occasion that the key to the kyuubi ability would be a kyuubi-sage thing, i just imagined one scenario. Remember the sage tech is essentially a combination, in three equal halves, of physical, spiritual and natural energy. Then going by sequential analysis, it the addition of the kyuubi chakra would consequently make it a combination of physical, spiritual, natural and kyuubi energy in four equal halves. The result? Overkill.

    then some people wonder where yamato and sai are. Remember if there’s one thing both yamato and sai are skilled in, it’s spying on a target. OK i’m not very sure if it’s manga 421 or 422, but just to be sure, i’ll recommend you look up from 420 to 423, and search the first three pages. You’ll notice the point where danzou is telling his gay Root members of his ambition to be hokage, and they are probably in a cavern underground, witnessing the chaos from underground. If you look carefully at the left, you’ll notice the inscription on the walls “yamato walls”. Well knowing yamato could use earth techniques and can hide through walls, would you all not reckon yamato’s spying on danzou? And regarding sai, i really think the time to have him make an apperance is when danzou starts his “operation strike chaos”. I think sai’s appearance would only make a lot of sense then because he would be fighting his past, his former oath of allegiance to root, and would be testing his resolve to be able to make his decisions(the right ones) without following misdirected orders anymore.

    And then finally, good find bu kyoto. If naruto has the key with him but know little of the location of the key, it would be up to the kyuubi, sensing naruto is in danger and out of options to help him activate the key, and i reckon that would result to the kyuubi acknowledging naruto’s strength. This supports my assumption that naruto would have a conversation with the kyuubi. And i really don’t think it’s time for the kyuubi to make an appearance yet. Other than naruto vowing not to rely on the kyuubi, using the kyuubi is like using a forbidden technique or a tech that takes it’s toll on you, which is usually a last resort when you’ve run out of options. E.g. itachi’s tsusano’o, kashi’s kamui(mangekyou sharingan), e.t.c. Naruto still has a sage clone left,and for all we know, there’s still more to sage mode that we are yet to see.

    Ok, that’s it for now. I’ll make one request.Please, for the yamato discovery, help me verify that page. I’m sure it’s in the range of 420’s, just not sure of the particular issue. Arigatho.(thanks in jap, i reckon?)

    Well for now, it’s jana.


  286. ” four equal halves”??
    Four equal quarters??
    Actually it’s 424 when he’s giving orgy lessons to his gay root members…
    nice find there it says “Yamato Works”

    but for the future
    don’t write posts that strain my attention span…lol…though this is kinda hypocritical…

  287. @TotalitarinH: we’ve talked about the Yamato works sticker quite a bit. Some people think it means something.

    I think it’s artist’s graffiti and an inside joke. Yamato Works is the name of an animation production company. The sticker has appeared before.

    Good point about Sai and Tenzou–as members of ANBU they would, of course, be underground right now. We’re about to find out where Sai’s loyalties really lie. Tenzou is loyal to Tsunade, but it’s probably going to look like he might not be for a while.

  288. There are two different ANBU groups are there not? There is ANBU of course which is under tsunades control and then there is ROOT, which is Danzous form of ANBU. I know Sai is a part of ROOT not ANBU because of past events. I’m almost positive that Tenzou is ANBU not root. I could see Sai being underground right now but I can’t see Tenzou being there.

    Where could Tenzou be? Mission? He was never mentioned by Naruto as not being in the village when he sensed everyone but I’m pretty sure that was to just get us worried about Kakashi.

  289. @Ibiki: I have been re-reading the whole Naruto vs. Oro (Sai introduction), and have been wondering the same. I’m not sure if the arrival of Naruto causes Danzo to fold this hand. It would be true to form for the manga staple, “This changes nothing,” attitude to rise up, but I think Kishi will have him try and hide in the shadows again, until a teary eyed chidori chases the shadows away.

  290. @bjb: I’m thinking Tenzou is Tsunade’s root sleeper cell.

    @Ero: I’m all for a teary-eyed chidori. I’m impatient for return because THAT struggle is intriguing me more than Pain v. Naruto.

  291. @total: I think you raise some good points. I’ve been wondering about Sai and Yamato/Tenzo (I’ve noticed Yamato works in both the manga and in the anime – must be either a code or an inside joke). Sai, I think, will have to make a stand: Hokage or Danzo. However, I also think that his loyalties to Naruto will also come into play with him.

    Yamato/Tenzo could be anywhere given his abilities…not sure if Naruto was even thinking about him when he mentioned the ability to feel others’ chakra.

    The other thing is that a flashback is inevitable. However, I think that Pain will try to connect with Naruto. These are two individuals (ok, Pain is debatable – he may be borrowing a corpse), who have experienced loneliness and isolation due to circumstances beyond their control (war/the sealing of the Kyuubi). Naruto tends to find/attract the ones who have felt isolation and loneliness. There is a potential basis for connection, along with both studying under Jiraiya. However, Naruto is strong-willed, has a strong moral sense and has a strong sense of self – despite his mental “simplicity.” He won’t be totally “roped into” Pain’s assertions.

    I was reading Coolbeans’ Chapter 4 and was trying to picture when the fanfic took place. As a result, I ended up re-reading a fair chunk of the manga as I got into that. For the part I read, it was about the translation of Jiraiya’s simplistic code – “the real one isn’t there.” I’m wondering if, when all is said and done, Naruto will remember this and, in combination with what is discovered by the other Konoha ninja, put “two and two together” and come up with a solution – as well as a way to kill Pain. Thoughts?

  292. tell me if i’m wrong, but why wouls yamato be with the altimate D-bag…he isn’t Root!

  293. @harshytkage: not sure if you are referring to my comment about Yamato/Tenzo but…he isn’t a D-bag. I know he’s in ANBU – he’s loyal to Tsunade. I was merely commenting that as far as his location, he could be anywhere given his Doton abilities or that he is merely on a mission. He’s an unknown quantity as to what his impact will be in this situation. That’s all. Didn’t mean to imply he was a D-bag. Personally, I think he’s pretty awesome.

  294. Some one explained on here onece about the Yamato works thing showing up. It has nothing to do with the Yamato in the story. It has to do with something the artists do. it shows in other mangas as well. I’ll have to find a scan that has it.

    @Penny – they already figured out what Jaraiya means in his coded message, “The real one isn’t there”. That was Jariayas way of saying that non of the 6 bodies is the real pain. Everyone else had that figured out a long time ago. Naruto just finally understood completely when the slug explained it to him in the last manga.

  295. Why does it seem like the days are going slow?
    It feels like the next chapter should be out by now.
    Or at least a spoiler anyways.

  296. There are three spoilers one stating Danzo is Pain. Another stating Pa survives and starts to sing and a final one with Japanese translation with Pain showing his idea of peace using the Rinnegan and Naruto yelling you call that peace. The Danzo/Pain spoiler is a prediction from a orum as well as Pa surviving. The peace spoiler is a text translation by a user at NF.

  297. Okay thanks…
    So what thread on Naruto forums are the spoiers actually on?

  298. I’m not sure, found the spoiler posted elsewhere with NF as the source. ( I can tell the other two are prediction because of the posts I saw a few days before.

  299. *sighs at comment moderation – cheats the system*

    I’m not sure, found the spoiler posted elsewhere with NF as the source. (ttp:// I can tell the other two are prediction because of the posts I saw a few days before.

  300. I believe that spoiler is a also fake. I’ve seen that particular one in several places.

    I understand the boredom factor – I can’t wait to see what happens next. However, I believe we’ve got a narrative coming…

  301. @Totalitarianhypnosis: I have an unlimited attention span.

    I think I mentioned something about Naruto helping Pain get rid of Madara. I suppose I wouldn’t expect a team-up either.

    Just wanted to mention something about what Naruto stands to learn, if pitted against Madara. Naruto learned sage mode and a new Rasen-Shuriken, then stood a chance against Pain. If he is going to stand against Madara, he needs something to counter Madara’s space-time jitsu (orange-flash Ibiki?). He probably needs something to counter genjitsu. And it wouldn’t hurt if he had control of the Nine-Tails.

    Someone out there had a theory that Naruto had a very subtle genjitsu bloodline technique that no one knows about – because Naruto tends to be able to change people and make friends where you would least expect him to (like with Gaara). It’s a running theme, and I always thought it would be interesting if Naruto formed a ‘peacekeeper’ technique, much like Sauske and his sharingan.

  302. Okay thanks, how did you know NF was the source though?
    I cant understand a word of that language.

  303. I’m pretty sure that the next thing that Naruto is going to get that will make him stronger. I mean much much stronger is the key that Jaraiya had told to go to Naruto. The episode where we see Jariaya talking to the big frog scroll and arguing as to weather or not to let Naruto have the key.

    I don’t think Naruto will fight Madara at all. Here is what is most likely:

    1. Since Sauske is eventually going to come back to our side or at least as much as someone like him can, I believe he will be the one to kill madara. He will find out that the reason Itachi was set up the way he was is because of Madara and fight him. It’s really not Naruto’s fight in the least. Madara didn’t kill anyone close to Naruto and since Pain is in charge of Akatsu not Madara then there is no reason to fight him.

    2. Naruto will be the one to finally kill pain for good. He has to because of the fact that they killed Jaraiya. As well as almost killing Kakashi and probably killing pa frog.

    3. Naruto or Sakura will kill Danzo. Most likely both of them but Sakura will get the finishing blow because Tsunade will be killed by Danzo. It’s the most logical way for her to die and he wants her dead pretty badly.

    Don’t get mad because I told you the ending!!!

  304. Who actually *wants* Danzo’s head? (Danzo dead)

  305. @SCHY Click on the first spoiler, it opens and the text shows. It says Trans By Hatifnatten on NF above the translation.

    Here is the second half it was posted by a user after noticing it was incomplete.

    Short translation by @stream on NF:
    Ino’s dad says Pain is probably on top of a mountain near Konoha, so as to transmit chakra better.
    Naruto and Pain continue their conversation

    What Nagato wants is peace and justice
    What Naruto wants is peace and justice

    So they want to go to the same place, they are just using different means

    (Lots of talking, don’t have time to write, wait for ohana to give the rest)

    We finally get to see Nagato.
    He looks like a greedy Orochimaru (looks like Kishi has too few different characters)
    He’s in a kind of wheelchair moving on all fours
    He’s got lots of rods in his back, and holes here and there on his body

    Konan: You’re using too much chakra
    Nagato’s bleeding from the mouth
    Nagato: Peace is so close…

  306. At least if this spoiler is fake we should know pretty quickly.

  307. Huh? I dont see “NF” anywhere.
    All i see is a very annoying language. 😦
    4 spoilers and there all not understandable.
    Sooo…thanks for posting that 2nd spoiler half just now 🙂

  308. I actually do have faith in the new spoiler. It seems to fit better in my head than a long boring ass monologue about how he was in love with Yahiko and how he wanted to be with him forever…a bit harsh but it’s schools fault! Anyways I am looking forward to the next chapter.

    Ace out

  309. Holy s**t, if that spoiler is true then my theory about Nagato being in some kind of debilitating condition, hence the reason he couldn’t fight, would be right! That was my post here; (it’s not a link) supertrek89 said this on February 13, 2009 at 9:58 pm. (I’m looking for some props here) 🙂 PLUS, if that spoiler is correct then Pa Frog would also be alive which I have been advocating ever since the chapter came out, sheesh take that nonbelievers! Now that I’m getting to full of myself the spoiler will prove to be false or Kishi will change everything at the last minute with “Haha Supertrek” written on the last page of the new chapter just to screw me over. >_<

  310. Scratch that Pa surving spoiler but I stick with my Nagato bad conditon thingy and I still believe Pa will survive! >_<

  311. Choji was the first to defeat Asura Pain. Though I guess thats kind of hard to judge considering the dude was moving afterward armless and all. Ino has skills as a medical ninja, however her move itself is one hit one chance. Similar to how Choji’s ability is determined by his physical attack if she uses her improperly the effect is negated.

  312. I posted in the wrong tab.

    @SCHY Did you scroll down to click the spoiler

    Ecco qua lo Spoiler:

    SPOILER (clicca per visualizzare)
    突然ナルトの目の前に長門とは違う輪廻眼を宿した人物が現れる。スゥっとナルトをすり抜けたか と思うと後方 で叫び声が。振り返るとそこにはその輪廻眼の宿主が殺戮を繰り返している姿があった。


    Trans By Hatifnatten on Nf
    well, in this spoiler Pain talks about peace, pain, world etc. (his usual stuff).
    Naruto looks into his eyes and transfered outside konoha.
    It seems pain showing some stuff to him. Landlord with rinnegan, some slaughter.
    Pain: “That’s an answer. That’s…”
    Naruto: “Are you kiddin’? You call that peace?”.

  313. Yeah i clicked on all 4 spoiers.
    The language i dont get @_@

  314. @bjbthe1: I do think Sauske will return to our side. But on the subject of whether or not Naruto will eventually fight Madara – I disagree that it is not Naruto’s fight.

    The Kyuubi was likely responsible for the death of Naruto’s parents. That could make Madara a direct tie to Naruto, if in fact Madara was the one responsible for unleashing the Kyuubi on Kohona. I’m not sure when it will happen, but once Naruto finds out the truth behind Madara – it’s going to get personal. I actually don’t see how it could be more obvious.

  315. @supertrek89: Even if the spoiler isn’t correct. Props!

    I must have missed your comment. Nagato being in such a debilitating state would make a lot of sense.

  316. @of815
    you make some good points i never thought about before and about half won me over. naruto just doesnt have the tools to firght against a sharingan user. im still not convinced untill naruto goes through some big change, learns a new skill set or itachis power he gave him is reveiled. if he does fight madara in roughly the power range and skill set he is now it wont be alone and he cant win by himself. i see it being a short fight naruto gets stomped and has to learn power level over 9000 to come back at a later date

  317. maybe ma frog could teach him some basics of genjutsu while she reviels the mystery of the child of prophasy deal. anything to give him at least a basic defence against it, he can will himself through the rest

  318. @coolbeans: Absolutely. Naruto is not ready. There is something Naruto absolutely needs to learn. Some variation of the space-time abilities that Minato had. If he doesn’t have anything to address Madara’s space-time jitsu, then he’ll get stompped like you say.

    What is for sure, though, is that I want to see Naruto find a way to beat the sharingan.

  319. @of815 naruto will find a way to combo with it. durring his elemental training he said “so i have what sausgay needs to be stronger” that was with the fire. but they also have a reacuring theme in naruto (especially shippuden) of duos that work great in tandem

  320. @coolbeans: That fits nicely. Sauske should eventually have just as much, if not more, of an agenda against Madara. Good call on the genjitsu thing.

  321. @of815 and every one
    ahhhh coolbeans is out of both cheese AND BEER!!!! ahhh the world is going to end what can be done to end this torture

  322. Rikudou has strange ears. (ttp://

  323. i wonder how many diferent levels of naruto can we see , i mean he using the kyubi chakra without any transformation or losing control there’s a reason why the 4th sealed in him n if i remember well the frog with the key scroll said, that naruto has no control of the kyubi chakra yet .
    and pain said that a war is coming they had lose the balance do you guys think that there’s other village with more power of akatsu after all they just an organisation

  324. I think the number of level seen with Naruto depends on the nine tails comparative skills. Most likely though it will remain at 4, if the chakra was split then it has around half the power. Then again it could also be like Sora’s case, less power but with all 9 tails. The seal on Naruto weakens over time so yeah there should be more.

    Maybe, Pain is the Leader of Amegakure, so the news of his defeat alone could backfire. Jiraiya also mentioned they were secretly already in a civil war so its possible. However, if there is an entire village stronger than Akatsuki as a whole then its a big war.

  325. i know but i what i mean is that for him to use the kyubi chakra he need to used most of his regular chakra n _
    i wanted to see nartuo able to beat the crap out madara n sasugay since the sharringan at the end will be his enemy

  326. The whole spoiler kinda paints a picture of the game killer7. im not sure if anyone played it. but it seems nagato is like harman(this dude that is bound to a wheelchair and has dif personalities) and his “personas”(kinda) that nagato takes are the 6 paths of pain. its not dead on exact, but similar. Spoiler To Game.

  327. That was in response to Kyouto’s posted spoiler.

  328. @lizard – That is true, though Naruto’s Chakra can just be pushed aside sometimes as well. I don’t know about him defeating Sasuke but given what Killer Bee was capable of it shouldn’t be a problem so long as he isn’t amaterasurized. Though for Tobi/Mandara I think it is a problem of being able to hit him in the first place, seems like he has to expect it to defend correctly.

    @0sensei I haven’t played it however the personally thing did cross my mind. It was back when Jiraiya asked if he was Yasuhiko or Nagato and answered “We are Pain” It is pass lunch in Japan, the spoilers might come out soon. Speaking of personalities… I am Nagato, I am Yasuhiko, We are Pain (Reference to Kaizo and Danzo joke theory) At the same time Pain did tell Jiraiya that Yasuhiko died long ago.

  329. I figured out the name of the bearded man from Amegakure. リユウスト – Riyuusuto. His partner’s name is ユウダチ – Yuudachi.

  330. @of815: Thx, I just hope the spoiler is correct so I can finally get a prediction right for once, lol. 🙂

    @0sensei: Dude, Killer 7 is an awesome game and nice comparison! But I thought it was the Garcian who had the multiple personalites? Ummmm…..Spoiler to Game! 🙂

    @Kyouto: Never thought of the fact that since the Kyubi’s chakra was split in two that Naruto may not be able to get 5 tails. Perhaps 4.5 tails, lol that wouuld look weird. Or, the other good point you made with Sora that if Naruto does get 9 tails it could be a weaker version of the real Kyubi, say half it’s original power. Also, if Amegakure tried to attack Konoha because of Pain’s death;

    1. They would turn back because there’s nothing to destroy. 🙂


    2. They would get immaculately PWNed because both of their leaders, and strongest shinobi, would be dead.

  331. hello again!!! i am back once more, ah haha! what did i miss…other than the theory contest judging:P sorry ibi. on the plus side, new monitors are very nice and shiny, and above all, unbroken! whoot!

  332. I think this is the original post for the Pain Spoiler. ttp://


    262 :367:2009/02/18(水) 01:03:11 ID:V+kmi7WN0







    コナンが 「長門もうチャクラを使いすぎているわ」
    長門   「もうすぐで平和が…」

  333. @supertrek89 Not to mention half their own Anbu is underground waiting to take over Konohagakure. The word chaos comes to thought.

    @monkeyphant Welcome back!

  334. Just found Fahim’s spoiler here:

  335. ok I’m getting visions of Kneau Reeves in that liquid emulsion he was confined to. Lying there with wires connected to implants with his life force being drained. Does anyone else see a Matrix connection?

  336. Darn Fahim’s link in earlier post still being moderated..

  337. Holy **** Thats not a WheelChair!!!

  338. I think this confirms the spoiler. After that the walking dead look better. Here is the link again. (

  339. Wheel….chair….??
    So whats going on?

  340. looks like the machine is fixing to disengage and flush his puny arse out.

  341. part I am talking about is toward end.

  342. If the spoiler is accurate, Negato is more of a freak than we thought. That machine doesn’t appear to be very mobile though. If it isn’t, Inoichi’s mountain top theory loses plausibility.

  343. A glimpse into the tower of power beats the hell out of a whiney ass flashback. These akatsuki guys just get more and more twisted…although what else do you expect from a tower shut in who conducts his life through puppets?

    It does have me thinking about Madara and what freakishness is yet to be revealed.

  344. @jdb44 – whatever it is he’s in looks like it has legs like a spider so it could be very mobile if Nagato controls it with his chakra.

    As to the mountain comment, I think they will originally think it’s a mountain because he probably seems really high up but it’s because they don’t realize the size of the tower.

  345. I think your gonna get that flashback whether you want it or not. Seeing how Negato looks today(if the spoiler is accurate) makes the flashback a little more palatable. We’ve gotta know how he came to be in his current condition.

  346. @Jeremiah- I saw that, but then he’s got all those black chakra poles/hoses/conductors(?) connecting him to a what? Is it a power source, a supercomputer, or just the mountain overlooking Konoha that he crawled up on his spider legs?

  347. @Tinman: Not sure if I should have seen that before or after my cup of coffee. Either way, that scared the living s*** out of me. It also made me think of this page in the manga: (sorry but I couldn’t get the link to “take”). This takes place when Jiraiya is “torturing” the two underlings he accosted with his frog transformation jutsu (and how we find out how he earned the name “Sannin”).

    I’m with Ibiki: WTF?

    In trying to find the link above, in Jiraiya’s “torture session” (does a feather count?), there was mentioned something called “Heart of Blades.” Is that a technique? If so, is that yet to come?

  348. One last thing: can we say “flashback, flashback, flashback?” Get ready for Pain’s version of “peace.” One thing is for sure – it will be twisted.

  349. So Pain and Naruto want the same thing but have different ways of achieving it.
    And Nagato looks VERY big in comparison to Konan…With rods and receivers coming out of him. Hmm reminds me of the lazer head (inside the head). This is getting creepy. But the 3 rods/receivers coming out of each of Nagato’s arms seem to be for the 6 Pains i think. 6 rods, 3 for each arm and theres 6 Pain’s.

    But whats with all this techno stuff? Nagato’s just a big crippled antenna giving out signals.

  350. @ jdb44 @ It’s that giant tower that Jiraiya saw. You can see behind him 6 connected directly into the wall, which would control the six bodies of Pain. The thing he’s sitting on looks like it has legs and they don’t look fragile. I’m just guessing but I’m going to say that he can go mobile, I’ll even say combat in that rig.

  351. Looking at the surroundings in the pic i think it’s outdoors… it looks like he standing on a slab with a wall behind him, all of which looks like rock to me.

    Also i agree that it looks easily mobile if not like a spider then who’s to say he didn’t fly there? I mean he made God realm fly.

  352. Originally i thought the tower in amegakure was like a radio tower and nagato was sending his chakra out something like radio waves to the other pains.(maybe used for long distances??) But now, like bendercu said above, the area that he is in does look sort of rocky. . . . . so now i believe he is a radio tower in himself and doesn’t need the big tower he stays in at amegakure to transmit. He is just like a portable radio dj/talk show host. Trying to promote peace through his music that he plays on his radio staion. YEAH . . . 96.6 THE PAIN!!

  353. OmfG!!!Nagato looks like ….damn he looks like a freak! why can’t akatsuki just look normal and be powerful…sheesh

    *pukes after looking at it again*

  354. I just wanna put it out there that I…predicted that Nagato was in this kind of condition read my post here; (supertrek89 said this on February 13, 2009 at 9:58 pm!) Yes, I know that I’m great and I’ll receive all your praises and worship later with all the modesty I can muster! Gifts and frequent bowing are welcome to. Jeremiah you don’t HAVE to give me credit in the next manga breakdown, but if you must and insist on doing so go ahead. 😉 *sigh* Sometimes I even amaze myself. 🙂

    *Reality Check*

    Jeremiah: “I ain’t giving you s**t!”

    Supertrek: “I can’t even have s**t?”

    Jeremiah: “Nope!”

    Supertrek: “What can I have?”

    Jeremiah: “Some damn humility!”

    Supertrek: “What is this…humility?”

    Jeremiah: *smacks himself on the head and walks away*

    FIN 🙂

    (This is just a joke people but not my prediction I was right with that.) 🙂

  355. dang it!…supertrek seems to be on a roll…

  356. @ Osensei and Benderacu – I’m not saying you guys are wrong but my first question is, why would he plug himself into a random mountain by Konoha. Did he build something into that mountain before the fight started? There is a plate built into that wall in the mountain as well, so there is something that he’s attached to in the mountain itself… any thoughts?

    I’m leaning toward being in the tower though the rocky surface does raise questions.

  357. @Harshy: I have connections with Kishi…I am Kishi. 😉
    And I’m terrible at predicting most of my own manga BUT this time I may have gotten it right. 0_0

  358. @jeremiah. I have no idea man. Thats why im lening on that i hope the tower isn’t cleaned very often because i have no idea why he would be connected to a random wall. lol. Hey maybe it could be there for suppport. like his body is all bones and he can’t hold up all those rods by himself?? i dk just random ideas.

  359. @Jeremiah, Osensei and Benderacu-
    I’ve always thought, “look to the tower.” If Negato has to plug in, then the question is, to what. Can he turn a mountain into his transmitter, does he have to have altitude? I’m still leaning towards the tower, but the picture is a bit ambiguous.

    If he can go mobile, what is the maximum stretch of those rods. I assume once they’re unplugged, he loses control of the Six Paths. How powerful is he once all of his chakra is funneled directly to his own, creepy body?

  360. @ jdb44 – yeah, I imagine once the last body of Pain goes down then there is no point to him being plugged in and then he can go mobile. I also wonder if his appearance is in part due to him lending so much chakra to the 6 bodies. Perhaps he’s completely drained. I wonder if he’d look normal if he disconnected himself and restored his chakra.

  361. @Jeremiah- And..He could finally end up being a damn scary antagonist.

  362. I’m kinda leaning with Osensei here, i dont think those 6 cords are “plugged” in for power amplification, more that they are for support or something along those lines. I mean what would the point in the rest of the rods be if the cords are all that “plugs in” to the 6 bodies.

    Also, i agree that his appearance prolly has alot to do with the 6 bodies, prolly from when he turned konoha into a big hole in the ground lol.

  363. ok. i’ll try being brief. I really don’t think yamato has anything to do with Root or anything. I just reckon that with his dotun abilities he could possibly be spying on root. simple. and then i really don’t think naruto or sakura have a lot to do with danzo at this problem. Now i’ll tell you what? sasuke is not stupid. thing is sasuke’s aware danzou wants him dead, dead to cover up the whole chamber of secrets of the uchiha affair. He still has it fresh in his mind the whole confession from madara, and also sai even openly confessed to sasuke that danzou wanted his death, which even confirms what madara said. So the thing is, what really happens when sasuke arrives, because sasuke is coming for sure.

    well then, can wait for next week, even though pain is a dead man starting from next week.



  364. idk, to me he was more scary when all we knew about him was the “puppets” now he just looks like some old/weak thing lol

  365. yeah old CREEPY! weak thing. . . .Naruto in sage mode could probably break everybone in his body with a flick of his finger. I hope he disconnects soon and looks somewhat normal. and fights one on one. because come on . . .the rinnengan is all . . .shit i dk. like i expected more i guess.

  366. harshy- where have you seen nagato? Are you using genjutsu on kishi or something? If so, what kind of genjutsu are you using on him? Those that affect vision?

    Would love to know if you’re the next itachi.

  367. @Jeremiah: yeah, I’m guessing mobile AND combat spectacularity once the bodies get severed…and that there will probably be some stop gap self-destruct or save-me-at-all-costs mechanism (like Deidara, like Sasori) once he actually gets engaged. I’m looking forward to tower invasion and tired of playing with the dolls.

    I still say there will be a retreat here, with or without Yahiko’s body. And no Naruto–unless they let him be taken as a way to find the tower. @.@

    Konoha will have to regroup before sending a strike force to the tower. And there will be a struggle for a new Hokage. So…tower invasion is a long way off. boo.

  368. well ibiki, not too bad, but i say yahiko’s gonna have his ass handed to him. Would really rock to see that. He’s too conceited for a “god”, and personally i think kishi did a really bad job molding his attributes, characteristics.

  369. First things first. We can all say it together, FLAAAAAASH BAAAAAAACK. Then to the tower…Or perhaps, Dynamic Entry.

  370. seriously, can anyone tell me where we’ve seen nagato? and if he’s been seen, where is he actually?

  371. yo, i got a new pic. of nagato. Figured i put the link up to it, since everyone discussing him. its a side few and pretty big.

  372. THe plate yall were talking about i think its just part of his walking machine.

  373. ddddyyyyyyynnnnaaaaaammmmiiiicccc eeeeeeennntttttrrrrryyyyyy bbbbbyyyyyy mmmmmaaaaiiiittttooooooo ggggaaaiiii

  374. There is another pic out, it’s def outside in a mountain area.

  375. @ totalitarianhypnosis – are you serious? Look at the top of this post. There is a picture of him and in the spoiler vid. They’ve shown him.

  376. @of815 – I’m not saying that Naruto wont fight Madara I’m juss saying he wont kill him. We already know that the 9 tails killed his father because his father is the 4th and he died sealing him away. We don’t know about his mother yet but I’m sure it is the same. That still doesn’t compare in the least to what Madara did to Sauske. He killed his entire family and his clan and then tricked Sauske into killing his own brother. Naruto’s mom being killed and his father “Giving” up his life doesn’t compare one bit. Sauske will deal the final blow there is not other bad guy left out there for him to kill.

    There is the Possibility of Danzo who I believe is Madaras brother. But I don’t think Danzo is actually responsible for the death of the Uchiha clan. I think Madara is setting him up.

  377. @Ibiki- Deus ex machina to the rescue. Is Kishi making a pun at his own expense?

  378. i found a new pic. of nagato and its a side view……just awaiting moderation..

  379. I have said this before but I wanted to post it again. I think that Sakura will be the one that finally deals with Danzo because I believe that Danzo will be the one to Kill Tsunade in order to take over Kanoha. I think once Sakura learns to summon the slug (I forget his name) then we all better be prepared for Tsunade to die. She can’t die until Sakura learns to summon right? We have all seen that picture with Naruto Sakura nd Sauske all standing there with their respective summons behind them. Naruto has the frog boss, Sauske has the snake boss, and Sakura has the slug.

  380. nagato looks creapy as hell dude. if his 6 bodies are taken out theres no way he can fight.

  381. ok i know im a little late, but there have been discussions in the past on what the raikages team was up to….

    this shows his only problem with konoha is that they didnt kill sasuke. he is sending a messenger to tell tsunade he is going to kill him, and then he is going to meet with the other 4 kages to discuss the akatsuki problem.
    the only issue with konoha i could see would be if tsunade sticks up for saskue, or if naruto becomes hokage and doesnt allow it.

  382. @bjbthe1: The slug’s name is Katsuyu. Katsuyu is female but has a more subservient tone with Tsunade than Banda (Orochimaru) or Gamabunta (Jiraiya/Minato – HA! the sage/Naruto).

    Not sure if Sakura has the ability to summon – yet. We’ll see.

    To all: In looking at him again and in reading the posts…its hard to tell WHAT he is – except a nighmare waiting to happen.

  383. @renzy- Raikage didn’t just send a messenger, he sent team Samoi, and they were trained by Killer Bee… And they should be arriving in Konoha sometime soon.

    @Penny – Nightmare indeed!

  384. @ jdb44 – are they going to Konoha or after Sasuke? Pretty sure they are going to be hitting up Sasuke. A messenger is being sent to Konoha.

  385. @jdb44:

    One thing I wanted to add about Katsuyu that I forgot…

    Given that Katsuyu has the ability to spew acid that cuts through rock – makes toxic sludge look like plain mud – I say, get all of those slug clones together, give one good hit of the acid, peel away the rock and…ta da! You’ve got our “nightmare” ready for pwning! 😀

  386. I put the new pics up.

    @ Renzy – he may only look weak because of all the chakra he’s put into the other 6. Hypothetically he could return to normal by the time they reach his location.

    Then again… he could just be super creepy and that spider robot he sits on may be really quick and strong… I’m sure it knows Shinpo! lmao ^_^

  387. What was that spiderman villain? octavius? blech.

  388. @jeremiah: thanks for the updated pics. Now I am convinced: this looks like a combination of Dr. Frankenstein, Orochimaru, and any other horrific villian-type I’ve ever come across. Yuck!

    My first thought upon seeing the face was: Yeah, that’s Nagato – the dark haired kid that Jiraiya “saved,” the one who had the power he couldn’t control (Rinnegan). I remember in the manga during his fight with Pain, Jiraiya said that he “felt” Nagato’s presence during the entire battle, but couldn’t figure out where he was or what happened to him. Well, now we know.

    I’m not so sure that Nagato’s going to fully recover. Tensei techs for their usage require the caster to “give up” some of their life force/life span. Konan was deeply concerned about that when the Shinra Tensei jutsu was done over Konoha. She thought he had crossed the line into insanity (but then, that counts the entire Akasuki group, right?). Apparently, he wants the Kyuubi so badly that he’s willing to do all and give all to get it. His condition may be a reason as to why. I may be wrong about that one.

    That spider/wheelchair/stilts “thingy” – weird. It kind of reminds me of a life support system.

  389. @Penny – Thanks I wasn’t sure if she was a female slug or not because they refer to her as him several times in the manga. The voice in the anime always sounded feminine to me. Plus the Manga has called females him many times in the past so it could just be a translation thing.

  390. @Jeremiah- In chapter 429 on page 9, the first panel shows Samoi saying, “Got it.” The next panel shows a note addressed to the Hokage, from Raikage.Then the in 4th panel Raikage tells Team Samoi. “I’m counting on you.” If Samoi isn’t going to Konoha, that whole page is confusing as hell.

  391. Nagato and his Iron Legs of Doom…I could write something very dirty about that…but I won’t. I wouldn’t consider him weak just because he looks it. Look underneath the iron skirt and I think we’ve got a problem. You think laserhead was a douche…

    Locutus plus Octavius plus a little Mussolini…mmm…tasty villain goodness.

  392. @Penny- I’m with you on the “nightmare,” and actually hope Negato is a nightmare come to life. The stronger the villain, the better the story… that is, if the protaganist wins.

  393. @ jdb44 – hmmmm I guess u are right about where they are headed unless the note says… sorry we had to kill your emo Uchiha and it is to be delivered afterwords… LMAO 🙂 jk

  394. I kinda saw it coming in the worst way. Seriously like I imagined Nagato except as this blob thing like Tetsuo from Akira (check it out if you didn’t get the reference).

    I think Yahiko is Nagato’s body because Nagato got hurt….which explains the holes in his body…and Yahiko gave up his body (since the similarities between Yahiko and Naruto are there.) to see his friend live.

    That began Nagato’s descend into madness which in turn used his master Jiraiya’s former enemies (which I am pretty sure he heard about through Jiraiya himself at some point please if someone could find the evidence plz let me know) and used them as his puppets since he himself wasn’t able to fight. At the loss of his friend he thought peace could be achieved by starting the world again (almost like a reset button) and put him as the supreme leader. This caught the attention of Madara and then Madara probably persuaded to be like the general or strategist of the group while masquerading as the playful Tobi. Pain was made the leader for more than one reason (he was nearly indestructable, and he had the track record to prove it.) This in turn probably is the reason Madara left pain in command

    Thats my theory

    Ace out

  395. Nice new pics 😉

  396. Good points ace. I thinks its also possible Nagato lost himself when Yahiko died, and unable to face the loss, just animated him instead. Maybe he’d been wounded in the process, too, though. It will be interesting, but I don’t think we’re going to get that bit of the story until the guy’s regretting his past sins on his death bed.

  397. Tachikoma!

    @Jeremiah I am remembering that roid raging football player vs. retarded kid joke. I think Nagato overdosed.

    @Ibiki Can I still keep you to that Tsunade comment? *buwhahaha 2 chapter away*

    Its going to be weird seeing Konohagakure jumping Nagato/Pain, even stranger watching Konan defending him.

  398. @ burningace – the proof ur looking for is in Jiraiya’s words while fighting Pain. I’m too lazy to look it up but he recognizes them.

  399. @bjb: Yeah, you may be right about all of it. I’ve seen Katsuyu as a female in the anime, too.

    It seems that most of the non-English languages “default” to the masculine gender when something is unknown or is in the plural. In English, we have “neuter” or “neutral” (and no jokes about spaying or neutering).

  400. @kyouto: yep. Tsunade is still toast, but the peins battle has to die down enought to get to it. I predicted early March weeks ago.

  401. @ jeremiah: I know but I am too lazy to look up the chapter thats why I asked haha 🙂

    Where is Ero when you need him sheesh he is the one who usually points the stuff out to people.

  402. @totalitarianhypnosis’s old post:

    I think it would be plausible for Naruto to learn Kyuubi control. Physical, spiritual, natural, and Kyuubi energy all in one. Why?

    Because if you look at it, learning how to control natural energy and Kyuubi energy have their similarities.

    If you take too much natural energy in at once, and can’t balance it with your other energies, then you lose control and turn into a frog.

    If you release too much Kyuubi chakra into your system at once, and can’t balance it with your other energies, then you lose control and turn into a Kyuubi.

    In theory the only difference, when trying to tame the two, is that Kyuubi chakra would supposedly be harder to balance.

    Anyways, Kyuubi chakra slowly eats at Naruto, while Sage chakra slowly heals Naruto. Perfect combo.

  403. @Ibiki Teishi – You will be right about Tsunade when Danzo Kills her and Sakura takes out Danzo 😉

  404. @436 spoilers:

    I agree with Jeremiah that Nagato only looks all old and handicapped because all his chakra are being split into the Pains.

    With the Rinnegan, he’s supposed to have all 5 elemental chakra, all sorts of forbidden jutsus, etc. And now we find out he’s just a crippled man relying on machines and rods. WHAT ABOUT THE RINNEGAN!!?!? >_<

    Hopefully he’s not permanently damaged/crippled from using the Pains. I want to see him use Ninjutsu techniques on a whole other level… like OVER 9 THOUSAND levels!!!

    Seriously. There would be no point to building up the Rinnegan like it has all these secrets, then turns out its just a puppet master eye technique. -_-“

  405. ha. . . so i guess it was something sort of support. big ol crucifix looking thing on the back of nagato’s . . Leg chair??? it doesn’t got wheels. lol.

    @rockleex You pretty much just took the words out of my mind and wrote it down. thats pretty much exactly why im all like . . . .eh . . with the rinnengan.

  406. It makes us sympathise for Nagato.
    So we therefore get turned to the dark side.

  407. hmmm.. This gives me a thought… So pain is really Swayzing the akatsuki, Ghost style? His spirit is making pottery with akatsuki right now…

  408. Seriously, the Sharingan was the least hyped eye technique, and so far, it puts ALL OTHER EYES to shame!!! >_Byakugan>Sharingan.

    But so far it looks like Sharingan>Rinnegan=Byakugan.

    In fact the Rinnegan hasn’t even proved that its better than the Byakugan. -_-‘

    Nagato better gain over 9 thousand experience points and show us what the Rinnegan can do… or else. <__<

  409. What the… WordPress messed up my comment.

    The sentence after the word “shame” was supposed to say “Rinnegan > Byakugan > Sharingan”

  410. Well, I am just playing devil’s advocate, But I don’t see sharingan users being able to make copies of themselves all with the same sight. I think one reason he has these paths of pain is so he can coordinate techniques and obviously bring back the fallen paths while the other paths are fighting. Obviously, the secret has been found out and the paths have been defeated, but has anyone else actually attacked konoha and done the things that this one ninja has? No, not even Madara, and Itachi, They came under cover of night. Pain came in broad daylight. Attacked the entire village, and is still not done yet. I think his arrogance has led to his ultimate defeat, but if naruto would not have killed hell realm we would still be seeing 6 paths of pain wrecking havoc. This would not have been possible without the rinnegan.

  411. Lol, does anybody remember the movie ‘Wild Wild West’ starring Will Smith and Kevin Kline? Remember the villain in the wheelchair who had spider legs attached to it? If Nagato has to walk in his machine he’ll look something like this minus the top hat and mustache of course. 😀

    P.S. pssstt…I predicted Nagato’s condition a week ago when the last chapter came out (supertrek89 said this on February 13, 2009 at 9:58 pm) Yes, I’m trying to milk this for all it’s worth because I finally got something right! 😉

  412. @Rockleex: How is Byakugan greater than Sharingan? The Byakugan can see chakra points…cool. The sharingan can warp time and space, catch people on fire, see moves more slowly, and kickass genjutsu. Am I missing something here?

  413. I don’t see why everyone thinks we haven’t already seen alot of the Rinnegan’s power.. i mean it gives him the ability to control totally 6 bodies at a time, that’s a pretty big deal.. not to mention the “forbidden jutsu” allow him to make the bodies in the first place. All of the powers that the pains use are negato’s powers, his Rinnegan is what gives those to the bodies. The powers the pains use are much more interesting than being able to use all 5 elemental chakras considering we’ve already seen all of them.

  414. I have been reading this blog recently and really like all the insight I have gotten from ya’ll. Maybe one of you pro’s can answer me this. I know that minato sealed the yen and yang parts of the kyubi in seperate places. One is good and one bad, but I don’t know which one naruto has sealed in him the good or bad. Also, I definately agree with the thoughts on sage mode helping naruto’s body from being destroyed by the kyubi chakra. However, until naruto learns how to extend the length of sage mode I think it is a mute point. Anyway, back to the question. Will naruto have to release the other half of the chakra before he will be able to co exsist with kyubi or will he have to learn how to control the part sealed in him first?

  415. Yeah I wouldn’t underestimate Nagato, he may not be up to the task of fighting hand to hand but if he opens his eyes on your candy a$$ your done for! Can we say, “Of the three great eye techniques they are without question the most powerful” ( WHAT?!? Stronger than Itachi’s, Sasuke’s, and Madara’s sharingan…YES. Stronger than Neji’s and Hinata’s Byakugan…Hell Yes! So what do we get…uber PWNage without lifting a finger!

    And come on guys, if you think Nagato will grow more meat on his bones and be able to physically fight against any shinobi if he stops feeding chakra to the bodies then…yeah. It’s possible to lose weight over time from to much strenuous activity. But you can’t recuperate in day or two and look like your regular self from resting. Well, I could be wrong this is Naruto after all; ninjas, jutsu, talking animals,….Orochimaru! Hell, anything’s possible after that! 😉

  416. Naruto is seald with the nine tailed fox’s yang chakra. It is difficult for him to control it however, though Yin isn’t nessaryly good either. As for the Rinnegan it allows the user mastery over all five elements and can also see barriors which is how Pain entered Konohagakura. Its unknown if sharing bodies is part of that power however if that is the case its already more than powerful. Do you see any other Shinobe ripping out souls, using gravitation and repulsion or revieving bodies with a single summor while controling 6 other bodies each with separate powers.

  417. @Igodowns23: Are you a girl or boy, lol, just asking you don’t have to answer that! Please, in fact SON’T answer that. Anyway, Jiraiya says here that the Yin (dark) chakra of the nine-tails was sealed with the Shiki Fuujin (somewhere in another dimension or whatever). While here Jiraiya says Minato sealed the Yang (light) chakra of the nine-tails into Naruto. As for my thoughts on Naruto controlling the chakra. I think he needs the “key” to control the Yang chakra in him first. The Yin chakra is God knows where. Read the last two panels on this link if you want to come up with any conclusions on where Minato’s and Kyubi’s Yin chakra are. Whoops sorry for the long post! 🙂

  418. mmmmkay, I’ve answered this question about 4 times in comment threads. I guess I should make a post or sommat, because it’s just going to get asked over and over as Naruto’s training advances.

    Yin and Yang do not represent good and evil. They represent two halves of a balanced or completed whole.

    The idea is that yin energy is more passive, so it is associated with shadow, femininity, still water, darkness, night time, valleys…you get the picture.

    Yang energy is active and brash. It is associated with brilliance, masculinity, moving water, light, day time, mountains…again, you get the idea.

    If yang energy is loud, yin energy quiet. The idea is that neither energy is good or evil in and of itself, but that there is an appropriate time or place for each kind. For example, screaming “spirit, spirit we’ve got spirit” during a moment’s silence for a funeral…would be an example of the wrong energy at the wrong time. Yang energy during a funeral = bad. Yin energy during a pep rally might also be bad.

    The energy itself isn’t good or evil, but ideally you need both to be flexible enough to deal with any situation correctly (to have balance). Hope that helps…

  419. u know wat ive been wondering for a hell of a long time why the hell couldnt the byakugan see the chakra that is bieng transmitted and were it is coming from?

  420. The Rinnegans power is to use weirdo tech stuff from the future, 😉
    Lazers in head. Giant antenna Nagato that sends (digital) signals.
    Does this stuff, belong in Naruto?

  421. @supertrek:

    My post messed up.

    Anyways, the point I was making is that the Rinnegan is SUPPOSEDLY more powerful than the Sharingan and Byakugan. But right now, it seems like Sharingan will still pwn Rinnegan ass.

    Who’s the true leader of Akatsuki? Madara… NOT Nagato.

    Sure, controlling dead bodies each with their own techniques is awesome. Its looking like the best puppet technique so far.

    But the eye doesn’t seem to give the USER himself that much power(other than puppet techniques).

    Like Kankorou, he controls puppets, but he himself doesn’t have the puppet’s abilities.

    I want to see what Nagato himself can do with the Rinnegan other than using black rods/machines/dead bodies.

    The range of abilities that the Rinnegan gives to its user pales in comparison to the Sharingan… so far.

  422. @lightice:

    Exactly, I was saying a few days ago that Neji/Hinata can just use Byakugan to find any strange chakra force(huge chakra force too) around Konoha’s perimiters.

  423. I think Nagato’s power is divided in to 6 or 7, for certain reasons that im to sleepy to type.
    How else did Nagato kill that ninja in the past?

  424. @ rockleex – The only reason the Rinnegan seems weaker than Sharingan is because we all know the secret behind the bodies, w/o knowing that u’d be stuck fighting the bodies and the Sharingan would prolly be next to useless against all 6 bodies of pain. Like the old saying goes in regards to fighting a sharingan user, numbers win and there are 6 pains. I doubt the sharingan eye tech. would do anything against the pain that absorbs all jutsu.

    Also and prolly more importantly Negato is still somewhat young (specially compared to Madara) so he may not have fully unlocked all of the abilities of the Rinnegan. Also negato could just be a mediocre user of the Rinnegan, where as Madara is prolly the best user of the Sharingan.

  425. Also another thing, i seriously doubt u could trap pain in any genjutsu as he can just turn off the flow of chakra to the body that is caught in it, if it would effect the body at all. Not to mention the bodies aren’t really just puppets as they relay information back and all at once to give the user a huge tactical advantage.

  426. There’s even less Rinnegan users than M sharingan users.

    I do hope Rukudo wasn’t crippled like Nagato.

  427. @bendercu:

    Well if Madara used Sharingan against Nagato(not Pain), then Nagato would be screwed.

    But like I said, SO FAR, it looks like Sharingan is better.

    I SERIOUSLY hope Kishi has more tricks up his sleeves for the Rinnegan.

    Nagato’s supposed to be in Madara’s league… but as of now, he looks to be more in Sasori’s league. -_-“

  428. Hey i just noticed.
    Is Nagato’s lower half covered with bandages?
    Or has his legs been replaced with something else?
    (looking at pic 2 where more lower half is seen) its the wrong shape and length for legs…
    Darn black and white. >_<

  429. Thanks, for the clarification on the yin and yang stuff. and Godowns is just my last name. It is pretty unique so I use it as screen name all the time. However, when you talk about the yin and yang being light and dark, still and active as a balance why would good and evil not be part of that balance. I am not saying that it is just good and evil, but everything in the universe has a polar opposite to balance things. Positive and negative, light and dark, still and active, good and evil, happy and sad. Only one without the other would throw things off. ie.. we would not appreciate the good days we have without having gone through some bad ones.

  430. The Sharingun is an evolution eye, meaning it keeps chaninging. The Rinnegan is legendary ahnd less known about, it isn’t shared through bloodline so it remains a mystery. However from the start it offers the user abilities the other eyes don’t at their starts. Since Rikudou was the last known user its unknown of its full extent and if there were more how it would advance. For example if they Rinngan changed the way Sharingun did by taking others, eyes or thr4ough strong will. Similar to how the byakugun doesn’t advance because they aren’t eye crazy. For another thought imagine if Nagato did use Kakashi’s body. An entirely new eye technique might appear all together. On the other hand the rinngan is a starting point meaning other eyes may hold different potiential. (As a joke Kishi once noted that if Byakugan and Sharingun users had a child together that person would have the Byakugun in one eye and the Sharingun in the other.)

  431. @godowns: Exaclty right on the last bit, but here’s why it can’t be good and evil. Good, by definition is always correct, upstanding, and desirable. Evil, by definition is always undesired, wrong and brings the bad.

    The yin and yang are only proper/correct when they are in harmony, allowing each person to move from activity to passivity as each situation requires.

    Some (generally westerners) like to say yin is evil, when it is merely passive. It is right that plants can rest from the sun by having the moon at night. They may grow more during the day, but that doesn’t make the night evil (and always wrong).

    er, quick…what is the sound of one hand clapping? (flap, flap, flap…der…)

  432. 1 Sharingan and 1 Byakugan….
    Hmmm, that would mean only 1 M sharingan tech though.
    But blind in 1 eye.
    And also when the Doujutsu isnt active, the eyes would be as they are unactivated. (1 normal Hyuga and Uchiha eye) lol
    what if Byakugan and Sharingan were in the same eye?
    When the user goes blind would they lose Byakugan…to….?

  433. I hate moderation jutsu’s that last an hour….
    I’d like to stay up to see if it gets through but im sleepy.
    Night lolz.:)

  434. Hey anyone? Say if you had one wish to be granted a ninja technique or tool(sharingan,shuriken, shadow clone,etc) what would you choose?

    I would choose Rinnegan, because school has started and I would have liked to take more units. But with my Rinnegan I could take 6 times as many units and wash my dogs while taking a driving exam go on a date, work out , and go on recon missions(sounds ironic). But where to find the dead bodies…hmmmmmm

  435. @jacolo265: Yeah, but you’d end up looking like this (link provided by bendercu 🙂 ) lol. So I would choose the Sharingan but not over use the MS and go blind. How would I get the MS? Hehehehe *glares at best friend*

    @Penny: Someone changed their picture. 🙂

    @Rockleex: Yeah, I’m sure Kishi will pull something out of his hat to make the Rinnengan more badass than it already is.

  436. Ok someone tell me if I’m wrong here but…
    in the spoiler didn’t it say that nagato had blood coming out of the side of his mouth or something? so if hes being that hurt from overusing his chakra then why in the HELL is he thinking its ok to have a flash back with Naruto? thats wasting time and energy and hello! his other pain could be attacked any minute! But no, let him have his talk and get himself more injured? doesn’s make sense.

    also… i think rinnengan would be the strongest out of all the eye techs becuase can neji destroy all of konoha in one blow? no.
    can sasuke? well maybe a little with that lightning tech of his…maybe. Neji wouldn’t last 2 seconds with pain and really, neither would sasuke…well maybe. all pain has to do is pull an enemy towards himself and stab them with his black poles (like he did to pa frog).. not that hard! plus both a byakugan and sharigan user wouldn’t see the attack coming cause pain really doesnt use hands signs does he? he kinda just says the words and BAM. again, like he did with pa frog, he kinda just stuck his hand out and pulled the frog towards him…. idk

  437. @bbgurly: Lol, Ibiki was asking the same question but for a different reason. Why the hell is Pain reminiscing? I forgot what conclusion they came to but my personal thought is that Nagato wants Naruto to understand why he is doing this. Not Pain but Nagato. Naruto and Nagato were Jiraiya’s most important students. (Not including Minato here on purpose. He was important but Jiraiya thought these two were the destined) Nagato may feel a connection with Naruto because of this, and if he is to tell anybody his reasons and plans for some understanding, besides Konan and Yahiko, it would be the one and only…Naruto.

    As for rinnegan being the most powerful eye technique. I completely agree and you gave some great reasons. 😀

  438. @ ibiki thanks again.

    @ jacolo265 I would take Kage bunshin, because when you dispelled the clones then you would have all the knowledge from the classes you took.

    About the eyes, didn’t it say somewhere that roduko was the first nin with special eyes, and that the sharingan and byakugan are evolutions of the rinnegan. Not necesarily better but more specialized in their own right. I do believe that sharingan is the best because of how it has evolved even more within individuals, but kishi just hasn’t really developed the story line with the byakugan like the sharingan. I think that byakugan would be extremely useful in medical jutsus because of being able to see the chakra points and flow. If Hinata learned medical jutsus she might be able repair the damage done by rasenshuriken to naruto, because she could see and therefore heal the damaged cells and chakra flow in narutos arm. Better than Tsunade and Sakura. Just another good reason why Hinata will end up with Naruto.

  439. I think reminiscing is what “good” badguys do when they have the upper hand… they monologue. lolz


  440. Since Nagato is like the chakra radio station of the ninja world what should his channel be called? Or does he deserve a whole satellite that controls many stations?

    Pump up that chakra and tune in to

    The RIN-NEGAN 67.76.*

    “Pure chakra, no commercials”

    $50.00 for and annual plan.**

    * Requires special black chakra receiving rod. Sold at your local hidden village for $9.99. Available for shipment anywhere except for the Hidden Leaf Village due to some complications.

    ** Due to some technological difficulties( darn you Konoha) RIN-NEGAN will be be out of business for quite a long time.

  441. wait….what about the possibility that nagato is now a higher sentient being…maybe he’s just using his own weak, f*cked up body as a radio tower(see those things plugged in and the transmitters out of his back!), maybe even that ain’t the real nagato, maybe he’s gone bijuu like and become a tub of lard/chakra.
    Anyways, only one person can find that out!
    This is a job for KAIDOOOOOZOOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!

  442. If only Kakashi could have sucked God realm into oblivion with his sharingan. It wouldn’t have made for a good story, but it would have been the smart thing to do.

  443. Can’t everyone see that Nagato is the ultimate Handicapable badass.

  444. @Jeremiah: tell me if i’m being ……… but in last interview kishi said that 1 akatsuki will became friend of naruto?what if it is pain/nagato?i think he realises his sins & while on deathbed he gives rinnengan to naruto so special hidden bloodline(rinnengan) will be revealed.just a thought to chew.nagato will change like gara.

    Thats even GAYER than naruto getting the Sharingan!!!!

  446. MuaHahahahaha!
    Bono’s new album got leaked!
    Serves you right for being first all the time!

  447. I don’t think Tobi would take it too well if Nagato & Konan left. Then again he seems content with Sasuke.

  448. it looks like very few people visiting this blog today.what do you think?

  449. i think not…

  450. No actually, i agree with you….

  451. OMG! is there noone out there!!!

  452. Hmm the comment that was awaiting moderation was deleted >_>
    (Jeremiah: I don’t know what it was but I’m sure it deserved it lol ^_^)

  453. *Notices that silence is golden,then steals it and heads for nearest pawn shop*

  454. It’s the quiet before the storm. Everyone has said their peace about the spoiler and we all await the release of the manga. Doesn’t help that there are no new posts out today. There are some in the works but none that I’m aware of ready to post…

  455. Ahm hi oO
    I think u didnt mention what pain said after he fought jiji to zetsu:
    We’ve never won if he would have found out our secret.
    In my opinion this means, that if Jiji wouldve found tha real deal bout nagato and pain and if hed found the real nagato, he wouldve taken him out easily.
    I see that this has to be the end of the theory of nagato being a great fighter, the pictures are the proof, anything except this wouldnt make any sense.

  456. Naruto better not get any Eye techniques or I’ll stop reading the manga outright. He already has more power then anyone in the entire series. There isn’t anyone that can stand up to him one on one, including pain. I can’t count him as one on one when he has 7 bodies. Him getting Sharingon or Rinnengan would just make it so Naruto couldn’t lose ever again.

  457. Man, Nagato needs a value meal. That is the fiercest wheel (leg?) chair I’ve ever seen, I keep waiting for him to yell something about big ‘O’. (I know, too easy Ibiki)

  458. @ salamiyo – very true… we forget the little stuff sometimes.

  459. Check this out if ur bored:

  460. @bj
    i think there are some secrets left bout naruto.
    i think in my opinion we need to consider 2 developments:
    naruto – nagato
    naruto – sasuke
    that are the main allegories or antagonists.
    nagato had a lot pain, he never knew his parents, had only his friend who were all to him, same with naruto. i guess or better i predict that nagato and yahiko have some comparable relationships like naruto and sasuke (the fun is if u look at them nagato looks a bit like sasuke and yahiko like naruto, but their characterics exchanged 😀 ). i think maybe nagato killed yahiko by himself (or rinnegan did it 😉 ) and in that fight he got injured heavily, what gave birth to the 6 paths. well that a pretty tough prediction but would make sense though.
    the next development is sasukes techs and narutos.
    naruto got FRS and sasuke all those oro stuff etc.
    sasuke gets MS and control s tsuku and amaterasu, naruto gets sage mode and has perfectioned the FRS.
    the next step (in order of a final battle between sasa and naruto) would be sasuke getting susano or even EMS and naruto has to get control over kyuubi (to avoid genjutsu) and maybe to dodge amaterasu he needs hirayshin.
    well thats what i think what could happen.

  461. I’m fairley certain that there is gonna be a another nin war, as I was reading back issues (Gaara captured arc) I saw where there was talk of one of the past ninja wars being due to a missing hokage (I think the sand’s strongest that Sasori killed). This lead to mistrust with the other nations, and war broke out. Now, with Killer Bee playing hooky, and Sasuke being the last one seen with him (not to mention past hostilities over the Hyuga clan), I think war is looming.

  462. @ero

    think that is unnecessary to find out, cuz u already know who will make peace again 😉

  463. True enough, but it is the battles that I am actually interested in. The last big war is where Jiraiya, Oro, & Tsunade got named the legendary three. Wartime is where the 4th’s fame as the Golden flash emerged, not to mention Kakashi’s dad’s fame as ‘Kohona’s White Fang.’ The nin that are coming of age are going to make names for themselves, and that is when all the supporting characters bust out with crazy new jutsu.

  464. @Jeremiah~Basicly it was a link to a forum where somebody described Nagato in a interesting way.
    I found it funny.
    Quote Kaname tousen:
    = Nagato lol”
    ln the spaces were 2 pictures.
    The top picture was a skinny guy from some sort of manga.
    The picture bellow was a Metagross.

    So put the top picture on the bottom one and you get Nagato.

    (Metagross looks like Nagato’s “chair” lol ^.^)

    [But the link you put up contained no pictures, just a bunch of gay forum commentary, so I canned it. -Ibi]

  465. I’m with you, Ero. We’ve gotten the gist of the shinobi world, trained with the kids and watched them grow. It’s time for some adult problems…war, politics and the perpetual struggle between idealism and realism. AND, beating the odds with heroic new moves and jutsu kicks ass.

  466. Nope, no ninja war sorry guys. 😉 Sorry to burst your blood filled hopes and dreams but there willbe no ninja war while Naruto’s still alive. He’s the boy with the power to change hearts, destiniy, and fate itself. Naruto would never allow another ninja war to breakout, and if he has to prevent from one from happening BELIEVE me when I say it but he’ll stop it at all cost! I can see a collapse of negotiations and a brink of war but Naruto will step in and do some heroic s**t preventing it at the last second. Maybe he’ll die trying? *End of manga prediction but not really*. 0-0

  467. @ salamiyo
    Nagato is indeed a great fighter and it doesn’t matter how you look at it. It was reported that he killed hanzo (the same guy that named jman oro and tsun the legendary sannins). He is great hands down. Jman could’ve killed his ass, and thats if he had known pain’s secret. If u’re fighting a great fighter and you know his weakness what do you think will happen? You guessed it, you’re gonna kill/or defeat him.

  468. OH…supertrek…you must be completely high…no WAR?! Bwahahahahahahahah. I amerteratsu fart in that general direction. There will so be a war. I…bet you…name the stakes, cowboy.

    (and no fair betting on my clothes, Jeremiah covered that one O.o).

  469. @bee
    u r wrong, hanzo didnt fight nagato, he fought pain, i need a quote but back to when we heard about salamander killed by PAIN and we see a picture with tendou pain on it, so it was after yahiko died and pain came to life, so it says nothing about nagatos real bodys strenght.
    i think its like supertrek says, that he, nagato himself WAS good and got injured and stuff that forced him to be pain (i said maybe a fight with yahiko himself) and now hes only the antenna.
    i actually think that gave nagato more belief in himself being a god that after he nearly died, he found THE way to become a higher being, i think pain is stronger than nagato ever was, think of it!
    because pain allows mistakes (revive) and can attack 6 times more than nagato (6 bodies hehe) and in addition he shares the same mind an can see everything the other bodies can see ( the biggest advantage in comparison with kage-bunshin for example).
    well thats what i think, its not the only thing to only know the weakness, mostly the weakness is the real problem but the only option you have to try to win 😉

  470. @Ibiki Teishi – I hope there is no new Ninja war. The reason I like this manga so much is that it doesn’t try to mimic real life in anyway. Yes there are obviously problems and love and fighting because what story would be complete without it? But another Nin war would just ruin the way Naruto as a character is. Besides they deal with enough “adult” problems as is. Masters being murdered and them having to get revenge. People being kidnapped. Towns being destroyed. Friends turning bad and abandoning thier homes. Not to mention the chance that the 9 tail could destroy everyone around Naruto at any time. They have more then enough “Adult” issues to deal with. Heck the issues the dealt with when they were 12 were harder then most “Adults” I know ever have to deal with in real life.

  471. @bj
    that reminds me of the dialogue between shikamaru and naruto, when he says that its all fun being a child and so on, but they have to grow up and become adult.
    makes me think a lot about “adult problems” being so childish…
    well the mimic thing is wrong, naruto has a lot in common with some real religions and a social situation in asian countries more than i think 1000 or more years ago.
    there will always be mimicry in fiction, nearly everything is influenced by anything other 🙂

  472. @Ibiki: HAHAHAHA, a bet for Ibiki’s clothes…what…no betting on clothes? Damn you Jeremiah! 😉 Fine I accept your bet. If I win…YES…you have to write me in a fanfiction involving me and Hinata! ADULT!!! Oh my…*slips into fantasy dream* *nose bleed* Ahem…if you happen to win (which will never happen!) 🙂 Matter of fact why don’t you come up with something for me? It’s only fair. But I must warn you I’m allergic to hard work, chores, and kissing a$$…but I will kiss your a$$ if I’m required. 😉

  473. well i think my names so unknown here some (crazy oO) people dont recognize me!!! :O
    better listen to me predictioner 😉
    well i was thinking that it must be funny, if kishi would read all this what we write he mustve shit himself from laughing how wrong we all are 🙂

  474. @salamiyo: Don’t worry about it. Everyone listens to everyone here because we all sound alike to a certain degree. Something like;

    No, Naruto will do this next…
    Hinata’s cute…
    Sakura’s a waste of time…
    Sakura can kick your a$$ anyday…
    I wonder…what the hell is under Kakashi’s mask…
    Naruto, whoop Pain’s ASS already…
    How many ninjas does it take to screw in a lightbulb…

    You get the gist and any prediction is welcome here as if anybody here actually knows what they’re talking about, lol…I do and I’m the only one! 😉

  475. then name yaself into “TheOnlyOne” 😉
    yeah well hinata is cute and so on but she would be no fun in some bedlike situations oO
    sakura is a better domina……..
    btw as hinata fan in this spoiler pics i see konan got very nice qualities too Oo
    the only thing is that i dont know anything about her character…

  476. @salamiyo:

    One Word: Paper

    …wait, that doesn’t make any sense!

  477. @supertrek: a$$ kissing…I like the sound of that…you never should have mentioned that, a power hungry megalomaniac like me gets off on that kind of control. O.O (fiction, boys, I write fiction…) But there is some comedic potential in you having to kiss my online ass for a full week. pRon, er, I mean Fanfic between you and Hinata?…you’re a sick leetle monkey, but I accept that challenge.

    @Jeremiah: would you care to be war judge whatever you rule goes?

    Hmm…and because I’m generous, I’m going to put a time limit on this, so supertrek has a chance of winning even if he’s right (possibly even if he’s wrong): ninja war will break out by the end of calendar year 2009.

    Shake on it?

  478. @ supertrek: paper describes only the shape of her body oO
    but i think shes more a typical emo girl doing this what the Oober-freak-emo tells her :/ (nagato… or was is sasuke? dunno theyre all the same…)

  479. What?…Oh Ibiki, sorry I was busy writting my victory speech for the end year 2009. 0_- Yeah, I’ll shake on that *shake shake shake* and done! Prepare to write me and Hinata in for some steamy action! 0_0 *nose bleed*

  480. well even though i think the idea of another ninja war would be badass, im betting on ibiki

  481. @ Supertrek and Ibi – I will be the Tina Turner to ur Thunder dome… Two may enter, one may leave! Who owns barter town?!

  482. need moderation:
    well im registered since today, did i miss something about the relashionship between zetsu and madara?
    is it known who is tsuchikage?

  483. Shit…get your grimy hands away from her supertrek!!!!

  484. @ Jeremiah – if i had to guess who owned barter town, i would guess the swayze…but im just spitballin’ here

  485. @supertrek89, Ibiki: Maybe you guys already virtually ‘shook’ on this bet. But if he wins – I can see the supertrek89/Hinata story being a little too generic. By that, I mean I might be able to switch my name out for his and stuff.

    You guys could do a combined situational romance comedy round robin – built from Ibiki writing in Hinata’s parts, and supertrek89 writing in as himself. Give supertrek89 a chance to fail.

    Gosh… My game developer mind thinks there could be a Hinata dating sim.

  486. 0.+ *Places hands together and connects Index and Middle Fingers* Konoha’s Hidden Technique Sacred Taijutsu 1000 Year of Death *Stabs Supertreak* If your betting on Ibiki’s clothes for a fanfic how am I going to ask her to write a story for the site based on the users?

  487. Anyway about the war, its possible but there doesn’t seem to be conflict between villages to start. Though the Kage for Sand and Sound were absence during the attack on Konohagakure the villages maintained the same allicne even strengthened new one. Since Orochimaru was using both it was seen as an individual incident. However, Pain is recognized as Amekage and if he falls Amegakure may attack. Though that is a guess since the leader position is self gained, however that doesn’t stop then from know what Pain is doing.

  488. damn thats why i asked!!!
    but u ignore my question cuz u think its irrelevant!!!
    it IS important to know the relashionships between th akatsukis and the villages!!!
    u see, tobi seems to involve all akatsuki left, it seems as if he wants pain to die, for me it looks like he wants to get rid of him, at this point the other members seem to have bonds in any way, madara and pain may not, of course tobi will use them all for his own plan.
    i asked this to get know if maybe zetsu is tsuchikage or mybe a friend in iwagakure. then we have the frontiers for the war:
    konoha, suna and kumo vs iwa, kiri and amegakure + some small villages maybe.
    seems as if something like this constellation was a war scene before bcuz the uzumaki village was goind under too.
    plz dun ignore me.

  489. Ah, it seems I’m the underdog on this bet…just how I like it! 😀

    Oh and Ibiki when you write me that fanfic you can take the 89 out of my name and put in 69 if you know what I mean!
    *laughs pervertedly and fades into the background* 😉

  490. @salami: no one’s ignoring you, dude, there just isn’t any info. You’re asking why Jack Frost paints the windows white and we don’t even know if he exists. But fine…I’ll speculate.

    I think the primary place for conflict is Killer Bee, team mayonaise and the crying Raikage. THEY are about to start something over a misunderstanding, otherwise there was not point to show any of them in that much detail.

    Misukage (Tobi) may just start anything whenever he damn well pleases–and it might be a way for him to off Nagato once peins have done what they could for Madara.

    I also wonder at the silence from Suna–is there something brewing there we’re not going to find out about until too late?

    With Akatsuki going around harvesting all the demons, the kages will naturally be uneasy, suspicious and a little trigger happy. All it will take is an easy whisper of who is responsible (Konoha!) to have them all marching off for revenge or the return of their ‘property’.

  491. @ibi:
    wasnt blade killing jack frost? oO

  492. The only thing is the crying Rakaige is after Akatsuki and not Konoha hence no village war. In fact the Raikage seems to be on good terms with Konoha. He’s basically saying here, “Don’t worry about Sasuke I know he used to be a part of your village but we’ll be taking care of him from here on out.” The gathering of the Kages is to stop Akatsuki and prevent this from ever happening again. Akatsuki is the common enemy becase the collecting of the bijuus affected all of them. Don’t all the powerful villages have at least one. Alright, sorry for any spelling mistakes got to get to practice quick! 🙂

  493. The Tsuchikage was shown in a reference with the other kages including Sarutobi. There isn’t much info on it, however Zetsu and Tsuchikage have a differe shape at the least. My bad, about not mentioning it, I didn’t refresh the page before I posted.

  494. need moderation again:
    suddenly a question came to me, i remembered the time they fought zabuza.
    remember zabuza fought mizukage = tobi, but when he fought kakashi it seems as if he was seeing sharingan the first time.
    any ideas what happened?

  495. Tobi was a past Mizukage or Zabuza never got as close to defeating Mandara as he wanted, never seeing The Sharingun. Remember Tobi has the abbility to make attacks pass through him. In addition the eye only shows through his mask or may have been unactivated.

  496. or maybe we have a masquerade.
    well tobi will be intersting as he ever was^^
    ahm well an old question but, i cant get it, why as tobi found the ring of dead sasori, he asked zetsu to join and zetsu seems as if he didnt know anythng about tobi, later on it seems everything about tobi is clear, dunno its strange to me, like there re 2 tobis…

  497. Tobi hid his identity until Itachi’s death. It had to seem as if he were a new member. Zetsu like Kisame probably understood after Tobi removed his mask.

  498. The only conflict I see happening between villages other then Pains is between the Raikage and Naruto. When the note gets to Konoha… scratch that. What’s left of Kanoha and Naruto finds out they are going after Sauske, He will try to stop them. I don’t know if Tsunade will help in this because as the leader of her village, one life (especially of a runaway, Possibly Traitor) is not worth the lives of the rest of the ninja and village. That and a good amount of the ninja are dead because of pain (But not Kakashi) so their forces are weakend.

    Here is what will happen. Naruto will want to stop the Raikage. In the process he will find the 8 Tails the annoying killer bee. Everyone get excited because this is when/where Naruto will be taught how to control the 9 tails. The only one that could actually work with Naruto on this is Killer bee….(which I find very unfortunate cause he just wont shut up).

    Then Naruto will use his special ability to change everyone for the better and convince the 8 tails to go home and stop the search for Sauske.

  499. well that would be pretty simple xD
    but well i like theories u know,
    wuddaya think, how did tobi meet nagato and how/why did he join akatsuki and was made “leader”?

  500. If there is any significance in /Pain/Nagato & Konan’s relationship to Tobi/Mandara it will be revealed in a flashback. Pain has a strong desire for peace but believes it can only be obtained through power at the same time Tobi might want that power. Both of their goals collide when capturing Bijuu.

  501. damn there r so many questions, kishi can never answer all of them…

  502. BWAHAHAHA Ace lives!

    @ supertrek: dude whats this I hear about you having a fan-fic? (damn it I should have made that bet first!)

    I don’t believe there will be another ninja war….pretty much close to it…maybe a chance of it breaking out….at the most the so called “war” will last a day, but I don’t see it going past that. I don’t think Naruto will let it happen. The final climactic battle of this series will happen at the brink of war. It is going to be a rematch between Naruto and Sasuke…and you know I am right

    SAY IT!!!!

    *assumes everybody says it*


    That is all..

    Ace out

  503. @supertrek: Are you mad? (crazy not angry) Of course there will be war, oh I may not know how long (The War Chronicles?), but there will be war.

    @bjbthe1: Sorry, it will be like life, or rather like history. The history of the manga, and real world both. Have you ever noticed how most tales (not just manga) include a cataclysmic climax (no comments from the peanut gallery)? Now this is a common human lore, not to mention that manga happens to come from the only country to ever have 2 Atomic bombs dropped on 2 major cities. The generation to witness (and survive) this is still alive, and are people’s grandpaarents, parents, aunts, uncles etc…..

    I don’t know why people keep looking for the end of the series. As long as it is prime time in Japan, and a major marketing tool for games, toys, subscriptions etc…, I don’t see it going anywhere. There will always be more story to tell.

  504. Amen Padre Ero.

  505. Exactly. And, I might add, only the young and foolish try to climax too soon. ^.^ (sorry…I couldn’t help myself…damn I’m silly today.) ;P~

  506. Whoa….didn’t know ibi had it in her (bwahahaha lol)

  507. @EroSennin: Agreed. As long as there is money to be made Naruto will exist. But unfortunately this means stretching the story out as far as it can go. And with the idea of a timeline, history, progress – there is only so much Naruto can learn before the story gets out of hand. But there is plenty of story left. I would think two more “three year” time jumps would be valid. So that’s like what… 600 more episodes?

    And then the question is… Will Naruto still be a virgin when he’s 22?

  508. you guys seen the new spoiler yet?

  509. Dude, the question is, is he still technically a virgin now? I mean, come on, if you have a choice between Right-sama, Left-sama or a kage bunshin with sexy no jutsu…which would YOU pick?!

    mmmkay…I’ve done enough damage here today…I think I need to go make something…that creative energy gets a little pent up and frustrated sometimes…sorry all.

  510. lol ibi… are you doing any illegal substances today?!?? 😀

  511. Wait… So…

    Step one: Kage Bunshin
    Step two: Sexy Jistu on the clone(s)
    Step three: Pleasure self

    I say that’s not de-virgin-izing. Just like cloning himself to pleasure a future girlfriend is not an orgy.

    Jman said himself that Nagato can use all elemental jutsu.

  513. Well he does have so many bodies that he’s bound to have a talent for each element.

  514. Well he has so many bodies, that he’s bound to have a affinity for each element.

  515. Wait! Hold up. Naruto always keeps his word that (amongst others) is his ninja way. He gave his word to help that priestess (Shippuuden Movie) create another priestess…say’n is all…just..uh.. put’n it out there.

    @of815: uh-huh, uh-huh, No.

  516. well im tired, its 2:31 where i live,
    the last thing i say today:
    watch the nagato on the metagross-chair again, if u exactly look at the chair u see that it and a rod in nagatos back are in the shape of a cross, the picture seems to be made in a golden cut, so its even more showing the jesus-nagato, taking all pain on him to die for the sins of all people maybe oO
    well good night, see u.

  517. WTH happened here? Kage Bushin masturbation…WTF! >_<

    Erosenin’s right (not about the war of course) about there being a good streak of Naruto left! Just like in every manga there’s always a stronger badguy and bigger threat out there somewhere. Why don’t they show themselves when the weaker badguys are about to take over the world? I think they just know those weaker badguys are going to fail and they say, “Alright now it’s are turn! Lets see how far we get before we get stomped in the mud hole. First though lets let the good guys rest and level up so they can kick our asses when we try to kill everyone they love.” Something like that. Anyway the thing I’m looking forward to is the return of Orobuto. (Orochimaru fused with Kabuto) You can take that in any direction. 😉

  518. hey super… it was ibi’s idea… DON’T BLAME ME 😛

  519. don’t worry guys, I’m still alive. I know you’ve all wanted me to contribute a little more than I have been. But… It’s hard because my computer’s not that fast. So wipe away all those tears and turn them into intelligent conversation and i’ll be back faster then you can memorize asdf;lksajd;lkjasd;lkjsad;ljsadl;kjsad;lkjsafdlkjsdf;lkjsadfqweporiuqwerpoiudslkjhadg.,nmeqhewrqweoiuryadflkjasd,nabdglajdsf;alksjdfboobsboobsboobsadsf;lkajsdqewrpoqiuflakjda,.nadflhsad;lkjasdf;lkajsdf;lkjsadlkjasdfqeoibvagvagavagvagvagvagvagads;flkasdf;lkajsdf;lksajd;lkjdragonballzdragonballzbobbafettbobbafettadf;lkjasdf;lkjsadf;ljpqoewiruqpewoiuqerlqkehadlkjI’moff

  520. @salamiyo: Wow, I never thought of it like that. Nagato taking the pain of others and dying for their sins
    *choir of angels sing Halleluja*

    Ah…wait a minute he wants others to FEEL pain and he’s pouring all his chakra out to make it come to reality. That’s why he’s dying. Ahahaha, you almost converted me there salamiyo. (lol, just a joke)

  521. hmmm…so escalation to the point of…WAR mebbe?

    And no, reflex, my brain is a wacky enough place as it is without introducing ‘substances’ of any kind.

    @Ero: I loved that bit…I must have watched it ten times just to watch everyone behind him have an aneurysm. You think she collected on that already? Personally, I thought he lost “it” during the jutsu scene during the (yes, this is the technical term) climax of the movie. (O.O)

  522. Wassup Reflex? Don’t worry I wasn’t blaming anything on anybody. The posts were just…interesting?

  523. lol i know… i just wanted to throw that part out there 😀

  524. War? Pfft! Not in this lifetime! (or before 2009 😉 )

  525. super – have you seen the new spoiler??

  526. well that nagato is a religious allegory is fact i suppose.
    it has been said that nagato really looks like jesus on that pic before i did, i only wanted to make clear how its exactly.
    well jesus wanted to make people feel pain, too, i think he wanted peace too though oO
    well nagato got his own way showing people the pain.
    a nice quote says “u cannot hate enough to love”, u can take that for nagato too, he wants people make feel pain so much that they won’t do pain to other people, like its in the bible or like kant says that u shouldnt do things to others which u dont want that people do it with u, well thats only a different interpretation of nagatos means and how u can find it in the bible.

  527. @Reflex: Yeah, it’s up top. It says; [Spoiler] Naruto Manga 436 [Confirmed]. It’s a youtube video I’m sure you;ll find it just by scrolling up. 🙂

  528. @ super – theres a second one retard!!!! LOL

  529. ???…last time I’m helping you out.

  530. Ok before I lose my sanity from all this pervertedness….

    A.) I flippen forgot about OroKabuto. I think he might play a major role in creating a new ninja war…considering his many “allegiances” to different countries. But I still think at the end of 09 there isn’t going to be a ninja war. He doesn’t really have an agenda anymore and he is just there to make Naruto’s life kinda hard (as joker is to batman its the best analogy that I could think of) I think our favorite sage is going to have a hard time against him since….wait wasn’t he the closest to kill Naruto?

    B.) Nagato thinks in his mind it is the right thing to have them feel the same amount of Pain that he felt for the world to understand the true meaning of peace. That is his ultimate goal.

    To go through horrific experiences, lose everything, and come back as a hardened insane psychopath. Yeah that is very logical.

    Those were the two points I wanted to make…

    Ace out

  531. SOOOO WHATS GOING ON IN AWESOMENESS LAND!!!…. ummm… so… the guy that looks like a wrinkly diseased siskabob is Nagato… ummm…yeah……………I have a dancing dwarf in my back yard…HIGH FIVE!! *holds up hand and looks around at the reluctant faces of awesomeness*

  532. What’s up Scorp I’m about to go and watch ABDC! Dancing Drawf in your backyard hmmm…? Ah what the hell, HIGH FIVE! 😀

  533. THat dancing dwarf kicks a$$. Double high five from me!!!!!

  534. Nagato is very skilled however both of his arms are connected into the machine and that is a problem. Pain is able to use techniques freely but Nagato limits himself by keeping his hands hidden.

  535. Yes, the high five is back in style and Negato can’t join in, I think we just found his weakness…-_+

  536. Everybody seems to forget about Jiriyas message “the real isnt with them”

    Ok hopeuflly this isn’t the real message because anybody intelleigent person could come up with that theory.

    Maybe it means more then just the real one is controlling them from a remote location. He might be sealed off and only would come out when needed

    give me feedback please

  537. @salamiyo: Pain is acting against against Kant’s universal maxim. If he thinks he’s doing the right thing, he would be implying that everyone else should dish out pain and be murderers. It doesn’t make sense for all people to be murderers, therefore Kant says Pain is in the wrong.

    Pain needs to tell himself he’s a god so he can be exempt from these rules.

  538. Here is the translation from the raw:

    page 1:
    Title: Peace
    Left column: The feelings of a man respected as a god… The feelings caused by “pain”, that so many men could not approach

    page 2:
    Ino dad: I understand now! The position of Pain’s real body!
    Shika: You got something?
    Ino: What is it!?

    Ino dad: Yeah… When I looked in the head of that guy from hidden rain that Jiraiya-sama caught

    Ino dad: He was carrying dead bodies with his friend from the village
    Rain guy: We’re carrying dead bodies to the highest tower of the village. You know what is in there?

    Shika: Carrying dead bodies?

    Ino dad: Yes… You were right on the money before

    page 3:
    Ino dad: Listen… To begin with, in order to transmit the chakra signals, the receiver should logically be nearby

    Ino dad: Then… that guy said that among all the towers in hidden rain, it was the tallest tower they were carrying dead bodies to…

    Rain guy: Actually… The rumor is that Pain-sama is dwelling there
    Ino dad: In hidden rain, the rumor is that Pain was inside of that tallest tower

    Ino dad: Then that girl appeared as Pain… It was the same girl whose dead body was being carried to that tall tower…

    Ino dad: It would mean that this tower is the place where they create Pain bodies by embedding those black stakes-like receivers into dead bodies

    Shikamaru: So what is the connection with the position of the real body?

    Page 4:
    Ino dad: To transmit the chakra signals, the most efficient place is… To transmit as far away as possible, he had to be in the tallest tower!

    Anbu: I see… which means

    Ino dad: Pain’s real body is on the highest place of Konoha…

    Shikamaru: All right! Let’s investigate thoroughly tall places

    Page 5:
    Naruto: Argh…

    Pain: You asked me why I was doing this… But if I told you, it would probably change nothing…

    Pain: But we could talk calmly once… What about it…

    Pain: My goal… I already told Jiraiya-sama… I said it earlier

    Page 6:
    Pain: To bring forth peace and have justice

    Naruto: Peace…? Justice…? Don’t fuck with me… Don’t fuck with me…

    Naruto: My master!! My professor!! My friends!! My village

    Naruto: You did all this, and yet you keep babbling so proudly!!

    Page 7:
    Pain: Then… What is your goal?

    Naruto: To take you down! I’ll bring peace to the shinobi world!!

    Pain: Really?… That is wonderful. That is what is justice

    Pain: But… My home, my friends, my village…

    Page 8:
    Pain: You, ninjas from Konoha who treated them like I did this village… How could I let you be, speaking of peace and justice?

    Naruto: …!?

    Naruto: What do you mean!?

    Pain: The fire country… And Konoha have become too big… In order to protect their interests, it was necessary for the large countries to get possessions through wars. Otherwise, the countries… and the villages would have starved

    Pain: But the fighting ground for the wars of the large countries was our small country and village. In the process, our country was devastated and ruined

    Page 9:
    Pain: After many wars, the large countries became stable. Leaving much pain in our small country

    Naruto: ……

    Pain: You and me, the same thing opened our eyes. Jiraiya-sama said to try to have peace

    Pain: Between you and me, there is no difference. We are working for justice

    Pain: The justice I brought on Konoha… And that you are trying to get me, it’s the same

    Page 10:
    Pain: The pain of losing what is important to you is the same for everybody. You and me, we both know that pain

    Pain: You for your justice… Me for my justice… We are ordinary humans who got spurred on by the name of justice

    Pain: But if you call revenge justice, that justice begets more revenge…

    Pain: And the chain of hate begins

    Page 11:
    Pain: We are living it, we know the past, we foresee the future. I know this is history

    Pain: Humans will never understand each other

    Pain: The shinobi world is ruled by hate

    Page 12:
    Naruto: ……

    Jiraiya: Even me, I know that hate runs rampant in this shinobi world

    Naruto: …Hate?

    Jiraiya: I thought about what to do with the hate… But I don’t know yet what should be done…

    Jiraiya: But at some point… I believe that the time will come when humans will truly understand each other!!

    Naruto: Sounds hard

    Page 13:
    Jiraiya: If I don’t find the answer, I’ll leave it to you to find it
    Naruto: Yes!! If you ask, Ero-sennin, I have no choice

    Naruto: ……

    Pain: In order to make peace, how will you face this hate?

    Naruto: ……

    Pain: Let’s hear your answer

    Page 14:
    Naruto: …… I don’t know… that…

    Pain: Me… In order to stop the cycle of hate, I founded Akatsuki

    Pain: I can do it… For that, the kyuubi… That power is necessary. Using the power of all the tailed beasts, I’ll make a bijuu weapon scores more powerful than the power which destroyed this village. Enough to destroy a country in an instant

    Page 15:
    Naruto: !?

    Pain: I’ll make the world know true pain. The fear of that Pain will restrain the fighting… It will lead the world to stability and peace

    Naruto: …But that’s it… That peace… It will be a lie!!

    Pain: Humans are not that smart. There is no other way to get peace

    Pain: …Soon, that pain will be healed, after a few dozen years have passed. The dissuasive power will decline, and humans will quarrel again. This time they will use the bijuu weapon themselves, and reinstate the pain

    Naruto: ……

    Page 16:
    Nagato: And then peace will arrive again

    Nagato: …Inside this cycle of pain, temporary peace will be born… That is my wish

    Page 17:
    Nagato: *cough* *cough*

    Konan: Nagato… Don’t force yourself too much… You already used a lot of chakra
    Left column: The peace that Pain=Nagato is looking at with these eyes…

    Nagato: Peace is before our eyes

    Bottom: What will Naruto do after listening to Pain!? Next, rapid development!!


  539. @of815- Immanuel Kant also posited that an action could have terrible consequences and still be considered moral, if the action was motivated by an act of morally valuable duty.

  540. @of815 Actually Pain plans to distribute the bijuu to neighboring as a weapon. Akatsuki planned to give that power indiscriminately to stir up war. Pain believes that the fear of that power and its availability would bring peace.

    @itachitchy The message was the real one isn’t there, it makes sense given the content. In addition Konan choosing to guard him, her general concern and Nagato’s original body help confirm it. The reason it eaiser for the reader is because of the fact seen from an outside point of view. Even then though I wasn’t guessing Nagato was located at the highest point in the village.

  541. @EroSenin The translation, where did you get it. Are you the one that translated it?

  542. naruto will join akatsuki… after pain has told everything about himself and his dreams, naruto start grying and then they feel connection. something inside naruto says that it’s okey to kill for good reason and he will go in peace whit pain. but he can geep his bijuu

  543. jeah… after that manga start follow naruto and konoha at different site, like saske. now naruto get change to “save” sasuke-kun exept they distroy konoha as brothers when sasuke tell naruto that 4th. was his father and when 3th. came back in game everybody start hated naruto… whau… no timejump
    sry double post

  544. Simple observations of the Naruto girls:

    Hinata – she can see through anything, so she won’t be surprised by anything that ‘swings’ her way. She has the ability to strike your chakra points and get your mojo flowing. Plus, she dances at night by waterfalls sometimes when your camping.
    Sakura – she has a kungfu grip. she’s got the most stamina so she can run all night like a machine. She can make your insides tingle with chakra, and she likes salty chocolate balls, or soldier pills for short, before she goes to bed.
    Ten-ten – She can do a double backflip from anywhere onto anywhere……She only talks when absolutely necessary, and she collects toys that she can bring out at anytime.
    Temari – she’s tall, busty, and a FAN of the goodguy. You definitely won’t finish last with her. She’s mighty good at blowing stuff too.
    Tsunade – of all the female ninjas, she has the most experience and could teach you a thing or too. she’s not shy of anyone, and with the ability to change her appearance, she doesn’t mind keeping the lights on.
    Kurenai – she can make your dreams come true with genjutsu. If you think it, she can make it a reality. Her only weakness is she can’t keep going if you RELEASE.
    Ino – With her mind-transfer jutsu, she’ll really screw with your head. She’s always looking for the right guy to give her flower.
    Konan – One word: Papercuts. Stay away from this biznitch.

  545. I think it is all a load of Bull from Nagato. This is his little line to try and keep Naruto from fighting, while he tries to recover, he is at his limit. It is a great strategy to buy time. I am sure Naruto is spent too. But Naruto always wants to see the good in people. Some one is going to seperate them. I think is just about time for the rapidly growing GRAND ENTRANCE OF MAITO GAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gai doesn’t do anything slowly, so I think the title of the next manga is a clue. I am already looking forward to 437.

  546. I got it here.

  547. @ supertrek – what do you mean???

  548. @EroSenin Thanks, teach me jutsu.
    @Reflex You didn’t post the link to the new spoiler and because of the wording thought you were refering to an older one. He was trying to help by pointing out the location and you ended up calling him a retard.

  549. lol i called him a retard cuz he’s a friend man, and i did post the right link… i triple checked it

  550. 436 is up!!!

    Checks it out!!!

  551. already did… boring cuz of the damn flashback… i want naruto to pwn him already!!!!!!!! GAHHHH!!!!!!!

  552. Naruto Manga 436 out on OneManga.take a look.

  553. It’s out, pain sounded smart at first but then he started to sound stupid and radical.

  554. @jdb44: Then it’s just a question of if you think what Pain is doing is morally valuable. I just read the translation above. Naruto, I believe, is right. The peace would be a lie.

    @Kyouto: Didn’t pain also want to destroy one of the big countries first? Like, to display power?

  555. No, you posted the link in the same one you called him a retard. The two before that were vague and absent of that indication. Though it says new because you continued asking it can be taken as a referance to an older one. Its not that you didn’t post the right link but that it wasn’t in your previous posts which caused the Q & A. It is hard for me to continue speaking on another behalf so, that should be all.

    About the group going after Nagato, how likely is it for them to get pass Konan?

  556. …. that was part of the joke… dang i must really be too vague with these things. the reason i asked him he had seen the spoiler was cuz i knew he would tell me it was at the top of the page. then i was gonna tell him about the SECOND spoiler, but no one seems to have caught on. oh well sorry supertrek…. my bad 😀

  557. @of815 I don’t remember, but for most part it wasn’t in this chapter.

  558. Pain is so emaciated that he is existing on will alone. I don’t think he even eats food just chakra.

    The weapon would be like our nuclear bombs only there would only be one floating around so someone would use it not just stockpile them trying to see who can get the most and resulting in a stalemate like we did.

  559. o and don’t you just love how greedy some people are.
    A juitsu that can blow up a whole village isn’t enough they have to find one that can blow up a whole country at once.

  560. wonder what my new avatar looks like

  561. @Kyouto: I guess what is more of a clear difference is Pain doesn’t believe in people, and Naruto still does. I’m simplifying it a lot, but I hope that makes sense.

  562. OMG, Pein is an emaciated anoerexic freak, I am scared!!!! I’m okay if he dies now. His hair is like wannabe Madaray Uchiha status. I think someone needs to give him some weed so he’ll eat, I mean that’s a cure of anoerexia. I mean he really has a problem.

  563. i dont believe i have predicted here before, so this will be a first. i mean there have definatley been some odd theory’s and such, but i am truly gracing you guys right now:P so naruto is currently nailed to the ground, whats he gunna do? he seems to be just about reaady to go on a ‘change you for the better spree’ with pain, but i doubt that will work. this will cause naruto to get angry, which means he will let the fox loose. but the reason behind becoming a sage was so he didnt have to use the demon fox’s chakra. so he will force it to stay dormant, showing some real control over it for the second time (first being getting it). he will try his final clone and that will fail, and he will take something of a beating, and the fox will try again, to no avail. and then finaly, just as he is on the brink of defeat, he will unearth his kekkei genkai. no i know there has been talk of this before, and for the most part it has been shunted aside (much like supertrek is postponing coming out of the closet until after doesnt get the fanfare) but think about it. whatever itachi gave him will be saved for when he fights sasuke or madra. and it wont be the fox until after he meets killerbee and learns to control it. and the single clone will not be enough against pains ability to fight with gravity. and i defy you to say he doesnt have one. we know almost nothing about minato, he coulda had one. and all we know about his mom is that she was from the whirlpool village (correct me if im worng there) and she had naruto’s attitude. she definatley coulda had one. and on top of all of that, do you recal the conversation kakashi had with sasuke around the zabuza fight? (help me out with a link to this convo harshy:D) kakashi say’s that some ninja’s have alot of chakra, even more than him. and then i believe he makes a refrence to sasuke having even more chakra than him due to his kekkei genkai later on (again a bit o’ help here ;)). well naruto has by far the hugest amount of chakra out of anyone, and its been said many a time. so if he has all that chakra, like someone with a bloodline limit, and we cant proove he doesnt have one, and all the other options can be accounted for, doesnt that mean that now is a prime opportunity for it to show up? well thats all i have on that topic…for now. just throwing in my two cents, or more like a buck 25 with how much i wrote:P

  564. @shartina True, however less people do notice when a village is destroyed and disregard it or take as a rumor. When its a country people feel more unconformable. Still the scenario is harsh.

    of815 That sounds about right.

  565. @monkeyphant I don’t think Naruto has one, however there isn’t proof that he cannot. Personally I think he has a better chance being saved by the power Itachi gave him.

  566. @monkeyplant & @kyoto: i don’t think u read the kishi interview which has been posted on this blog that interview kishi said that naruto’s bloodline & his family history will be revealed.

  567. @monkeyplant: what a coincidence I just wrote a story about a theoretical bloodline limit for Naruto.

  568. bah…pain humbug…i actually thought he was making some sense in the beginning, i mean, i half expected him to stop fighting and join forces with Naruto(silly me…), then he went all bullshit mode about short stretches of peace in hatred…WTF…then he goes all hannibal like and says “i see peace”..WTF…retard…

  569. Pain = Osama Bin Laden

  570. Nagato, everybody knows you never go full retard.

  571. I don’t think so, for him it make sense. Pain doesn’t believe in people and wants to ensure peace remains. Nagato plans to create weapon people will continue to use and the fear caused by it would make others feel restricted. He believes that peace would be forgetten and people would use the weapon to regain the fear and understanding that stopped them from war in the first place. The logic is strange, there are things he hasn’t predicted it could backfire. The same idea applies to Bijuu an example of how the idea might turn.

  572. @Davi: I totally agree. That is precisely who I thought of when I read Pain/Nagato’s diatribe to Naruto.

    @harshytkage: You said it well. I was reading what Pain was saying. And, he was making sense – only at first – then he talked of how war brings peace and that’s when I got disgusted. That is the argument of the many countries still at war. Warped thinking.

    Although it appears that Naruto doesn’t buy into Pain/Nagato’s argument, his “idk” comments really concerned me. I don’t know why, but they did. Perhaps it was that my very first thought upon reading this was “WTF? Is he (Naruto) even thinking of giving into Pain/Nagato??? Does he see his power/his life as something to be sacrificed for the greater good?”

    I hope that Inoichi and the gang find that lunatic on life support and shut him down…Creepy!

  573. To follow up with my previous comment, I read the exchange between Naruto and Nagato/Pain again. Something about Pain mentioning history made me remember the arguments made over the US having nuclear weapons a number of years back and using that strength to prevent war (aka the Cold War). The country now known as Russia began to build up their nuclear arsenal as well as a so-called deterrent. What was amazing was that people bought into this argument – until the Berlin Wall came down.

    Pain’s Bijuu “nuclear weapon” is supposed to bring peace. Pain is arguing that the Hidden Villages did the same with the Bijuu; they just sealed them into people and some, like Danzo, think of them as merely weapons to leverage. Like in the US, we did have peace with the increased nuclear arsenal but there was a lot of fear. Although fear will create peace and justice, it won’t last. Kishi brought some heavy themes into this particular chapter; ones that we’ve all debated for years and still don’t have answers for.

    As far as what Naruto does, idk. Now that I re-read it, it makes sense that he may be really considering his argument and coming up with one of his own and questioning Pain’s reasoning, as he usually does. Naruto is not a total idiot. I am hoping that my initial reaction is incorrect – that I’m the total idiot! 😉

    What happens? I think it is going to take a combination of the Konoha “tower location” squad and Naruto to get rid of this “thing” called Pain…

  574. @kyouto- so pain sez that everything is peaceful in a DICKtatorship….still retarted…

  575. Audio Test


    [audio Baccikoi Baby.mp3 - ]

  576. Where did you hear him claiming dictatorship? The idea is to make the weapon easily avaible. There wasn’t any mention after the death. It’s ok to disagree because the logic is gennerally wrong though its annoying to not understand and boil it down to that. Most people when they think of peace only think for that instent, he is trying to predict action. The thing Pain isn’t see is how that weapon would be the cause of wars reguardless of the fear it brings. Similar to the Bijuu people wouold try to obtain and that doesn’t garantee they would stop.

  577. there’s only one answer to that…


  578. I think Naruto will say something like in Jiraiya’s story or people understanding each other. Though, since I don’t remember him going into ths much detail into it, I am having a hard time knowing how he will say it.

  579. Hey, I just realized something. That jutsu that pain used to destroy konoa was from the power of the tailed beast he already captured! this is just a theory but I think that is why he is so strong. he is using the tailed beasts power already and once he gets the 9 tailed beast he,”can destroy more than the village, he can destroy an entire land”

  580. Is it just me, or was Shikamaru kind of retarded in this one? “Huh? What? I don’t get it!” Use your brain!

  581. Yeah sort of.

    Why did i get the feeling Shizune was gunna be a new realm.
    Makes no sense.

    I think Pain just needs a body for the realm that can revive other Pain-if he wants the 6 back.
    Maybe there’ll be 8 Pain one day.

  582. Should summons be counted as Pain? They have the same eyes and chakra receivers. Though, I guess they lack individual abilities.

  583. @monkeyphant – The reason that Naruto has so much Chakra is because of the 9 tails inside of him. They say this over and over again throughout the Manga. Kakashi is actually one of the first to say it when discussing the Chakra amounts. He tells Naruto that he has even more Chakra then Sauske because of the 9 tails.

    @Spanky – In the Kishi interviews I saw he said bloodline but I didn’t see bloodline limit. Everyone has a bloodline including, your bloodline is your past family. He may have done that so people don’t think Naruto has a bloodline limit. If he does have one at all it wouldn’t be an Eye tech though it would be Minato’s Yellow flash if anything at all. I personally don’t think he needs any bloodline limit considering he is the strongest Ninja in the entire manga including killer bee. Not saying he would live through releasing the 9 tails fully but if he did no one could stop him.

  584. and when yamato tell naruto to stop relying on the nine tails chakra, then teaches him how, he has the insane amount of chakra still because…? and spanky, no i did not read that, i honestly havent read a single kishi interview

  585. man for a second I thougt Pains speech was going to be cut short when I saw Naruto crush the ground beneath his pierced hands… false hopes……

    I forget who mentioned it, but I was also disappointed Naruto didnt have an idea of how to create peace, but then again he is only a teen, and thats a near impossible problem to solve- unless u do it Pains way O.o

  586. @bjbthe1:

    Naruto doesn’t have a ton of chakra because of the Nine Tails.

    In fact, Naruto was the only child fit to be a host to the Nine Tails BECAUSE he had a huge amount of chakra. This was explained by Jiraiya, I think.

    Someone with little amount of chakra would die or be consumed by the Nine Tails the moment it was sealed into him.

    When Naruto was learning the Shuriken Rasengan, Yamato told him not to rely on the Kyuubi’s powers because he’ll hurt his friends in the process. Yamato also said that Naruto’s huge amount of chakra was held back because the Nine Tails’ chakra was leaking through.

    Thats why Yamato had to make sure the Nine Tails was sealed at all times during Naruto’s training so Naruto would have maximum chakra capacity.

    The Kyuubi does NOT help increase Naruto’s own chakra in anyway, it only gives Naruto an extra set of chakra(Kyuubi’s).

  587. @Ibiki:

    Sexy-no-jutsu clone sex?

    Wouldn’t it dissappear right after you insert? Lol.

  588. Only if you’re an animal…man, what are they teaching you boys these days?!

  589. Sex Ed… 😛

  590. @Kyouto and Reflex: Oh jeez, sorry guys I didn’t mean for you two to argue over that post. Thanks Kyouto for explaining my position. I was kinda busy recently and couldn’t respond myself *sigh*. And Reflex don’t worry man it’s all cool. Next time though don’t be so roundabout. If you just wanna show me something just say so. 🙂 And don’t go around calling people retards,lol, especially when they’re trying to help you out. 0_0

  591. Coming out of the closet? WTF! Where the hell did this come from? Or am I missing something important like a joke perhaps…?

  592. I say just get along 0_o

  593. BOO?

  594. Hmmm.. I don’t think Animal will recover. He will end up a loser.

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