WTF?! E=MC Swayze


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on February 12, 2009.

44 Responses to “WTF?! E=MC Swayze”

  1. Firat again? REALLY!?! XD

  2. Edit: *First*

  3. Yes… firat again…

  4. I’m afraid to watch this video in a crowded computer lab without any heasdphones. 0_0 But I’m sure it’s funny as hell and I’ll watch it later. Thx Jeremiah. =)

  5. ok seriously wtf?!

  6. hmmm I think he likes vagina… but I am not sure, He did talk about penis.

  7. songsmith…really amazing…
    too bad the video won’t be around for too long…lol

  8. mmm…those socks. Helen Keller eat your heart out.

  9. Swayze has cancer :S
    And i’m so not getting the title of this topic.

  10. I dont get it either…the title. Oh well its still a lol.

  11. i think its supposed to be a pun to E = MC squared… some random equation…

  12. hahahahaha show me your genitals. your genitals. show me your genitals. YOUR GENITALIA!

  13. I get the title…but maybe you have to see the other WTF post today, what The Swayze and condom-balloon animals have in comment…

  14. not just a random equation spoof of E=MC square but yeah I should check out the first WTF post.

  15. Women are equal and deserve respect. 😀

  16. @ rockleex *Cough* Blasphemy *Cough*

  17. Wow, I’m glad I waited for the computer lab to clear before I saw that video, funny as hell though! 🙂

  18. E=MC Vagina=Mouth

  19. (2+5)x(674/12)= VEGINAAAAAA
    ermmm hmghh ibiki??? can u post any fotos of you???:P
    Just to see the melons:P

  20. You guys… the title isn’t supposed to make sense, that’s why its funny…


    *Rubs temples on side of head slowly*

  21. You should put part one on two, they both have really funny lines.

  22. Poor Jeremiah, they just don’t understand your genius!

  23. BWAH! Punxed. No way.

  24. That was funny, “I’m like Jean Claude Van Damme….” I never want to get in a fight with that guy.

  25. Where was the Chuck Norris comparison in that video.

  26. I’m afriad to ask my mom if he’s going to be in the neighborhood performing.

    Wait for it..

    She might know.

  27. Vagina what? vagina what? E=MC Vagina

    Official theme song yo

  28. cmoon ibiki:PP i know u want to show us how awesomenees u are and how awesomenees “talents” u have:P

  29. LMAO

    The best part of that song has to be the beat … I mean seriously, doesn’t it sound like something straight out of a really bad porn?

  30. @elfarren:

    You watch bad porn? Totally not awesomeness… Or is it totally awesomeness?

    Wait, the correct answer is Swayze(always the correct answer).

  31. @elfarren: Yeah, that Casio beat is kick’n, about as much as the ’80’s turquoise shorts.

  32. @ rockleex: To me, music in porn is ridiculous at best and atrocious at worst, so perhaps I’m biased LOL

  33. LMAO at Rocklee, unsure whether a woman seeing porn is awesomeness or not…

    @punxed…lmao. Wait…since when is being stacked a talent?

    @elfarren and EroSennin: I’m still saying the socks, it’s all about the black socks pulled all the way up. Mmmm.

    @erich…worth the wait.

  34. wait, you guys forgot this one…

    umm yeah… funny to me…

  35. anyway’s nice vid jman…

    i lost the game…

  36. @Ikiki:

    Being stacked IS a talent. Just look at Tsunade when she was talentless: not stacked. When she became talented: stacked.

    Point proven, and I believe Jiraiya would agree. ^_-

  37. @alec: “it’s not a clown car” that’s funny. A while back I was joking with a friend when we saw a huge 18ft dinner table at a antique shop, to which I said, “Oh, look an Irish breakfast nook.” (you may need to be/know Irish Catholics to fully appreciate this)

  38. no i got it i’m part irish and catholic, freakin hilarious… here’s another joke. So there was a protestant man, a catholic man, and a mormon man. They were sitting around swapping stories when the protestant man said “i only need one more kid and I’ll have a tennis duo.” The catholic man said, “all i need is one more kid and i can put a baseball team on the field.” Finally the mormon guy speaks up and says ” one more wife and i’ll have a golf course.”

  39. lol Oh, that’s sick.

  40. lol 18 holes…nice

  41. @ Ms. Mandi you might want to reconsider Jeremiah’s genius U know thin line between insanity and genius. I’d go with the first.

  42. oh, man, Nike is digging the product placement on this guy, I’m sure…

  43. @ibiki: Nike? Oh yeah *cough cough*

    This guy needs a serious wardrobe…oh yeah, don’t want a “wardrobe malfunction.”

    Is it just me or is this guy lipsynching – and doing it badly?

  44. that is also known as “WTF”(see Danzou)

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